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Full-Body Magic Circle

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A serious workout not taken too seriously! This full-body workout uses the Magic Circle to add dimension to exercises like the Rollover, the Hundred, Spine Stretch, and the Push Up. Meredith adds a few extra inner thigh exercises demonstrating how the use of these muscles deepens the work and strength in the powerhouse.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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May 21, 2010
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All right, we're going to start standing up today. So if you would please stand with your feet facing one another, uh, in the inner linings of the feet facing one another feet parallel to one another is probably a better thing to say there. Um, and then just be there for a minute and collect your thoughts and find your feet. So shift forward and back over the feet, putting a little pressure into the toes and then leaning back and putting pressure in the heels and then back and forth a couple of times. Just swing like you're swaying in the breeze and then find a place where you feel solid over the center of your feet looking for alignment from the other knees or just in front of the ankles. The hips are just up from the knees. Start lengthening the spine and as you lengthen the spine up, reach the arms down the middle of the thighs, the middle of the size of the thighs to be precise. Inhale. As you exhale, allow your head to drop down to your chest, fold forward, and as you fold forward right away, commit to lifting up to the center of your body so you're creating a sense of support or a feeling of being lifted up or held up from the ceiling in yelling at the bottom, excelling. As you start rolling yourself back up, feel the pelvis shifts slightly forward, maybe feel the backs of the legs a little bit to help you find that restacking the spine all the way up until you arrive at straight with [inaudible]. Do Your eyes forward breathing and again, feel the rib cage expand.

Feel that contract as you fold the headphone word. Lift up through the abdominal so like the abdominals are resisting the spine traveling forward and then by deepening that contraction, let the spine hang a little lower. Inhale. Exhale. Rolling back on. And we're going gonna do that one more time. We're going to inhaling at the top hidden healing at the top. [inaudible]. Okay, I'll try and get my queuing together. Holding flowers, feeling energy upwards, but relaxing the spine foe.

Whereas the Chin is slightly pulled towards the chest, the top of the head reaches the Mat. Inhale, bend, both knees try here to lengthen out the spine so your chest reaches forward towards the top of your kneecaps with that XL. Try to keep that spine really close to the legs as your leg straight. And again, inhale, allow the knees to bend, pull them energetically inwards and exhale to stretch. And by energetically inwards, what I mean is that they just stay parallel. So as we bend, a lot of us will want to poke the knees out to the side and we're just trying to avoid that inclination as you bend in straight. And three more times can you potentially allow your spine to travel further forward. Pull the femur as the thigh bones deeper into the hip sockets.

Allow the low back to relax last too, and stretch. Pressing the heels into the ground. Can you find the backs of the legs as you bend your knees? Exhale to stretch the legs back up. Anyone have their circle right in front of them? No XL to roll up all the way.

You can keep your knees a little bit soft if you feel like you need to protect your low back there. All right, and then we're going to pick up the circle and we're going to turn and face sideways on the map. I think I'll get off the mat off the mat. I'm really indecisive today. Sorry about that. Bring the arm straight out in front of you.

Point the toes away from the heels and then guide the heels towards one another. Think about squeezing the thigh bones together so there are inner thighs from that place present to the ring. Notches from the front of the body but also from the back of the body. So pull the shoulder blades down. As we inhale, we're going to bend our knees and our elbows. Note here just before we come up that the hip pelvis wants to be just underneath the spine so you're not leaning forward. And here we go.

We press out and we've been pulling the ring into the chest and we press out. So we're trying to get this mind to come straight down. Over the hips, which are cramping. In my case, keep going. Please don't. I'm stuck. Oh, this is going to be my best class ever. Welcome five more Ben. Little faster. Field the shoulder blades and reach away from the hands of the hands.

Reach forward in three to press forward and guiding the knees to the back of the room and press forward and we'll stretch the arms. Stretched the legs, lift the arms up over the head. Keep that energetic inner thigh work. Inhale, travel to the right. Lift up and over. Feel that right. Oblique stretching left to oblique. Stretching sales in coma.

Oh, okay. Chrissy. Inhale, reach up and over to the other side and exhale to come back. I don't think I can get it together, so bear with me. Lengthen up and over. I must say. Maybe I'll stop talking and just make pictures and excelling to lift up and reach up, up, up, up and over and excellent to pull up from here.

Drop the ring down. We're all going to turn towards the back of the room this way. So the right toes I think for all of us are going to be facing forward and we're on our left toes. We're going to bend the knees into a lunge position. Then the back knee, bend the front knee, pull the ring to the chest, [inaudible] stretch the arms forward and straighten both knees. Bend the knees, lunge down towards the floor, pressing into the front of the hit from the back of the head and press forward. We inhale to go down and we exhale to press up and we inhale to go down working in her thighs towards one another and exhale to press that go and five more times a little faster.

One and going down as low as you can with that back knee. Two and three two, four, two five two left. Reached the ring back overhead. Travel back through center so you're back in the second position. Lower the ring down in front. We're going to start from scratch. Bend the knees, pull the ring into the chest and press.

So energetically pressing into the ring. The press will feel a little harder as the arms go straight until the abdominals working the neck in alignment with the spine and our thought is active. Last for two, press guiding the knees backwards as you bend to one last one. Hold the arm straight. Raise them over your head. Okay, we're going to the left. This time we're reaching up and over.

Now it's definitely the Righto Blakes that are gonna pull you up. Think about getting taller as you come up and then inhale over to the opposite side so you feel that sideways stretching and then lift up. Pull up out of it. One more time to either side. Reaching across to lift and last time to lift. Turn the opposite direction. Drop the ring down in front of you. Lift all the way up onto the back toes.

And Jennifer, you should be in parallel alignment with your feet so your foot was turned out. Just turn it in a little and be on your toes. Then both knees pull the ring into the body, straighten both legs and stretch the arms. Bend both knees, lowering down and squeeze that back leg glute as you straighten the back leg to try to find a stretch to the front of the hip. Here's five and last for a little faster or to pull in to press right last two and one coming all the way up. Raise the ring back overhead. Turn your body back through center.

Lower the ring down in front and just heel toe your feet in. Bring the ring just in front of your chest. It's just in front of your chest. Step one leg out to the side. Before we go anywhere, maybe just look down and or feel for the hips to be straight across. From there, we're going to press into the ring sand heavy on the straight leg or the length. It's not out to the side. Lift the leg and from there press into the ring and lift the leg.

It's a tiny lift and it goes slightly behind you and three, imagine the abdominals or the waist doing what rings doing so it's cinches. As you press into the ring, Jennifer, see if you can drop your left hip down towards the ground a little bit. So the leg that's lifting is going to lift a little less. Here's four, here's three, here's two, and here's one step that leg back, shift onto it. Slide the other leg out. Take a moment, check that the pelvis is square and then pick up the leg. It's not going to lift very high.

It's going to go slightly to the back as we press and press and feel the back of the body contracting to squeeze the re how much you're squeezing. The ring is less important to me as how much you feel the work from your stabilize those from in between your shoulder blades and underneath your shoulder blades. Last three, two more and last time and then slide that like back in. And with that we're going to come down onto the mat. Put the ring just in front of your shins, keep the feet separate and then push the ring into your shins to guide yourself up a little bit straighter. When you feel that you've achieved a straight spine, pick up your ring and then exhale slower your body down so you're going to pull back on your hip bones and around, down towards the lower back. Inhale the air.

Start excelling as you use your breath to pull yourself forward. It's the intention of curling first, staying around until the shoulders are over the hips, and then lifting the spine. We're going again. Exhale, rounding back. Feel the shoulder blades heavy down the back. Inhale, pause and exhale to come forward. If the ring, by the way ever feels too much or too heavy or too distracting, put it down. Everything can be done without it. This time. Inhale, raise your arms. Exhale, lower your arms and follow the ring back forward.

Sit up tall. Exhale, roll back, guiding the spine down where it's talking about how this finding a place where you feel in control in heel, raise the arm, go as far back as you can without lowering your upper body. Exhale, the arms push down through space and we follow the ring forward to sit tall, go and two more times like that. Xcel roll back, feeling energy through the insides of the legs, potentially a little energy to the backs of the legs. Arms, Huh? Arms down and rolling up. Drilling forward in at the last moment we restack the spine over. They hit this. Is it rolling back? I lied. It's not it, but it's the end of this one. Arms reach up through space. Exhale, they come back and uh, going once again to the low position. And again, I encourage you to find a place that feels like it's in control.

So don't go so low that you feel a lot of low back tension. Feel a lot of ab tension please. And we're going to imagine that the ring's a steering wheel and derive to our last exhale. We come back to center and he'll turn the ring on its side, bring the upper body with it and XL come in, he'll turn. The pelvis is very still. As the body moves, the upper body moves through space.

Couple more times. Let's go a little quicker. Inhale to exhale back and he in. He'll big rotation in. Exhale back. Last one. Try not to let the feet change. Last one to the other side, come back, bring it all the way down and as the head touches, the arms are just gonna stay right over the chest, walk your feet a little closer to you and then pick up one leg, stabilize the pelvis, pick up the other leg for the spine. Twist the ring should stay exactly as it is as we take both knees to the left. Exhale, he's the right side of the waist.

Drag the lakes back through center and go to the other side. Just shifting across the pelvis one side and come back and over to the other side. The movement will perhaps be slightly smaller than it would be if your arms were on the ground. You can use that range of motion to challenge the position. Really get across to this side. I'm bringing it back. I'm coming across to this side and bringing it back.

We're going to go one more time. Mobilizing the lower body wall. The upper body stays stable and still last one to the other side. Coming back. Place the feet down on the ground and then reach back. Put your ring behind your head just at the base of your neck. The hands are going to go just opposite the eyes on the opposite side of the pad. All right, so before we get going, I want you to push your hands into your ring just a little bit, but with the intention of pulling the shoulder blades down.

So it's that lat contraction that allows pressure on the ring. Breathe in. As you breathe out, we're coming up into the chest. Let the head be totally relaxed into the ring and curl up through the rib cage. Inhale, pause, exhale. Lengthen the spine down. Feel the ribs moving away from the pelvis, but the abdominals continuing to draw down. Exhale, we lift again, shoulder blades, drawing down. Head heavy.

It's the ribs pressing into the mat that's creating a movement upwards. Inhale, pause, exhale. We come now. Okay. Again, so with the ring, we've got a chance to have something to relax the head against, to feel what it feels like to be totally relaxed through our neck, lower down. Additionally, we don't have to have the hands behind. The heads of me potentially feel slightly easier.

So use that as an opportunity to look for more within yourself and really Stan. So as your teacher, I can give you movements but I can't make you look for more. That's your opportunity and release. We're going up again and we're going to change it. So Xcel, we lift, hold the lifted position and breathe in. As you breathe out, turn your right rib towards your left hip. Inhale, come back to center. Exhale, lift up and over to the other side.

Notice if your inclination is to pull up away from the ring with your head and if it is, try to combat that by arresting the head and by focusing more on the center of the body rather than the neck. Inhale, we come back to center. Excellent. We've got one more to go across to the side and back to center over to the other side, back to center. And we release down to the ground. Breathing in again, breathing out, lifting the head and chest up from here. Slide your legs a little closer to you. So your toes are barely touching the ground. And then with your belt, pull the thighs up towards you. Inhale, reach down, touch the toes. Exhale, guide the legs. We're right back and lift the chest towards the thighs as they come towards you and he'll touch the toes. Exhale to come back.

If this is creating tension in your neck, it's always okay to put the head down. If this is creating tension in your low back, don't lower your legs as much. Reaching down to pull back, reaching down to pull back. Last time, reaching down to pull back. Pause there, stretch the right leg out and pull the left knee towards the chest and change. Sorry, pulling the thigh towards the body from just underneath the chest or from deeper in the trunk than the muscles of the fat and g and lift to the leg as the leg comes to the chest. Last four, three, two, one. We're gonna rotate to the bend knee here or reach across the body.

Try not to fall back as you come through center and left. Keep the heights. There is where the challenge lies in last five to both sides. Four, three, two and one. Bring both knees in, gently reached down and put the feet down on the ground.

Take the ring from behind your head and put it on the ground and reach forward to put the ring between your legs. So try to, although the ring is going to be wider than your foot position, try to keep your foot as parallel as possible. Like you're like you didn't have a ring harms at your sides. We're breathing in. We're gonna do a inner thigh exercise. Put your hands on your hip bones. As you squeeze your ring.

I want you to feel an energetic pull downwards with the abdominal muscles. Didn't heal. Resist opening the legs and Xcel to press again and he'll resist opening and press again so that hands are there so you can get some feedback. What's going on in your body. You shouldn't feel any shifting in the pelvis and you can sometimes feel if one leg is working harder by the pressure and just underneath your hands.

Last one reached down and put your hands to your sides. Exhale, roll yourself up, leading with your hips, rolling the pubic bone up, following the pelvis with the spine, knees over the feet, energetically reached the knees forward and pull the heels back and we're squeezing again for five. I imagine again that the trunk is doing what their rings doing. Here's three and two and Keith, this squeeze start coming down from the chest. Find the middle back, reach the arms and the direction of the feet. One vertebrae at a time comes all the way down into the ground. Release the tailbone, release the legs halfway and squeeze again.

Five, four, three, two, one. Articulate the spine up. Curl that hips. Lift the pelvis, stretch the knees towards the fee. Finding the backs of the legs as well as the insides of the legs. We squeeze again.

Five and four and three arms are long and straight. Neck is long. And relax. Exhale, we're coming down. Can I do that just one more time here. So make the most of it. Here it is. Ah, energetically pulling the waist through the floor, underneath you and into the earth. Last one. Articulating the spine, reaching, creating space.

Between the bones as it peels up away from the ground. Last five squeezes, gave it away. You got to can usually look down the line of your body while you're up and see if both legs are squeezing evenly last time here, and then bring your body down, damn controlling it and released to tailbone. Reach for your ring with your hands. Take just a moment. Bring the bottoms of your feet together and let your knees reach down to the sides and then stretch your legs out in front of you and bring them together.

Stretch your arms over your chest and then with the intention of not lifting the ribs off the mat, start to reach your arms over your head for the roll up. Inhale, lift the head and chest. Exhale, draw down through the abdominals and peel the spine away from the Mat. Inhale, exhale. Start from the pelvis or the tailbone and the pubic bone reaches up towards the bottom of the front ribs. We roll all the way down to our back. The head touches as the arms reach overhead. Here we go.

Inhaling to lift as you exhale. First think of curling forward and then as you pass through the no man's land lengthen up away from the pelvis. No Man's land is in my mind. The place in your body that feels like it comes down in one piece or that doesn't round or articulate, that's the part of your body that is probably the most challenging and that you need to focus on the most curling hop, ah, creating a long round spine. As you exhale, roll down to use the weight of the ring to remind you to keep your shoulder blades heavy, reaching back, lifting and rolling up [inaudible]. If you want more of a challenge, we'll start here. Roll back.

As you do so raise your ring up in space around the all the way down, back of the head touches arms are almost already there. Lift the head and chest. Keep the ring just over the head and peel and drop the ring down in front and roll back. Start to lift the heel down the confer control. Think about the inner thighs. Think about the back of the legs, the glutes, squeeze the hamstrings. Press down, we lift up and drop the ring down front.

Inhale. Exhale. We're rolling down or reaching the legs. Forward feeling. Okay, good control. This is our last one. Lifting. Rolling. Yeah. I mean Neil, to exhale and come all the way back down. We just gotta get ourselves up. We're going to stay up when we get there. Rolling up. The ring can stay lifted or it can drop down in front of you.

You decide. And then do take a stretch forward. Hook the ring around your feet, reach towards the ring, wherever it feels comfortable for you to hold. And then bend your elbows, guiding your spine a little further over your legs. [inaudible] all right. And then come up and do some spinal rotation. So it would take your ring, stretch your arms out in front of you, and then note the rectangular shape that you've created between the ring your two arms in your collarbones. Keep that shape consistent. Turn towards the front of the room. Let Zero exhale. Inhale, unwind back through center. Keep the feet flex and together. Exhale, ringing out this fine. We turn the opposite direction and you know we come back.

So as you rotate your spine, think of lifting up away from the pelvis. Inhale back, keep the glutes dye. I'm going to make a change and heel back. Exhale, turn. Inhale, stretch your arms overhead and grow in the direction that the ring is moving. Lower the ring down, exhale and come back to center. Go all the way around.

Inhale, reach the arms up, lengthening upwards in the direction of the ring. Xcel the ring goes down and we come all the way around. So it's a long breath. Inhale, left reach, hold. Exhale. Give yourself a little more. Inhale, lower the ring and come back to center. Exhale, turn. Inhale, guide the ring up, shoulders down, opening through the chest. Exhale, give yourself a little more. Inhale, return the ring down and come back to center.

And from there we're just going to open up the legs for the spine stretch. So let's start with our knees bent for a moment. Both hands on the top of the ring and spine straight. A not a big deal. If the ring travels forward or back, it will probably more than likely travel slightly forward. So sitting tall. As you exhale, start to round yourself down and as you do so, put pressure downwards on the ring, not from pushing on it with your arms as much as from pushing on it with your abdominals and then allow it to go forward as a spinal lengths and through the legs. Inhale, pause, start drawing the navel back towards the spine and as you restack the spine, that's where the arms are. The shoulder blades get a little heavier.

We sit tall in healing again. Exhale, drawing the head to the chest, curving the spine forward, pulling back on the abdominals. As we continue to move further and further in here, an exhale to roll up. So it's a really nice place to remind ourselves where the shoulders should be in. Let's do one more exhale. We crawl forward and he also pas and XL. We come. All right, stretch the legs. Take a breath in. Adding the extension starts the same curl flower, sending the ring over on its Ed, and from there, press actively in through the upper back, down on the ring.

As you extend your spine forward on the diagonal. Exhale as you roll back forward and up. Inhale from the top. Exhale, send the ring forward. Keep the low back long as long as possible so that it can find a stretch and then send it forward between the legs. Inhale, allow the upper back to start working. As you put pressure downwards on the ring, send the chest through the ringer, right towards the heels of the hands.

Exhaling as you fold back forward and articulate this spine. Uh, let's do two more. Rolling. Never ever, ever did a shoulders creep up into the ears. The neck is always long lists, lots of space between the years in the shoulders. Inhale and Tabak extension, opening through the chest, pressing the mid back forward.

Exhale to reach back down and come all the way out. This is it. It's the last one. Exhale, press forward. Inhale, find your back extension. Support that position with your abdominals. And then little exhales as you press down with the upper back and, and, and, and four, three, two, one.

Send the ring away forward and come all the way back up to sitting. Bend your knees, put the ring between your legs, hands behind you. Feet parallel to one another and not super wide here. So try to get them at least in line, just outside the hips. So from here we're going to squeeze the ring. We're going to pick the pelvis up, you know, for us the pubic bone up towards the ribs.

We'll roll through the spine and as you do so, there's an energetic reach forward so the knees are sending themselves out over the toes, lift the chest, get this shoulder stretch, look up, but also slightly forward. Excellent. As you roll back, drop the chest, but keep the hips high, curl down or through the spine, bringing the hips back towards the arms as far as you can before you have to straighten out the back. Exhale we go again, rolling the pelvis, lengthening the spy, feeling the backs of the legs working as you work to open up the front of the legs, lift out like an accordion, reaching the knees away from the arms. Exhale, we curl the huck pressing into the ring, keeping the inner thighs active and going all the way back through neutral spine. Here's our last one. We come up. Can you reach out? Yeah. Uh, looking for stability in the shoulders, meaning try to lift up away from the floor as the pelvis comes back through. And with that, sit down, keep the ring where it is between your legs and hold on just above the ring behind your knees.

Shift back and then elongate the back into a straight spine. Float the feet up in the air. We're going to do a modified open leg rocker. Press into the rink, curve the lower back, roll back, roll up, and then continue to press into the ring as you lift the spine, wondering if the inner thighs will help us. I think it will. You see what you think. And Hello? Let's do two more. Rolling back.

And then lengthening up, using the upper back to help you stabilize or to help you create that long spine rolling up and lifting. All right, so at the feet down on the ground and take the ring, place it down between the ankles. Once again in a shift back. This time we're going to pick up the legs to see if the legs can reach up towards straight. Now you can continue to hold the backs of the legs or you can reach up and hold onto your calves. For the real open leg rocker, here it is. Roll back, Rola, and come back to a straight spine. And again, rock back and up, holding the shoulders down as a spine list. Traveling slightly on the diagonal, backwards down. Ah, last time. And lef bend your knees, let go.

Keep your legs as still as possible as you tuck your tailbone until you're just up off your shoulders. Turn your palms to face down. Press out through the legs if you wish. They can also go up towards the ceiling. I'm gonna do the a hundred a little differently, and here it is. Going to raise your arms up. Exhale, press down with your arms and press into the ring so it's a long breath. Inhale, open, and exhale. Press. Inhale Open. Imagine two smaller rings just underneath your hands that you're trying to put pressure into. Big Breath in, feeling up, and then closing everything down or solidifying the work through the center.

And and last for feeling up and pressing down. And three, two press two and a beautiful place to look and see if the legs are working evenly. Last one, hold. As you inhale, lift a little bit higher. Bend your knees, lower your head and chest. Then with the back firmly planted on the mat, send the legs forward on the diagonal for the rollover. Inhale, bring the legs to vertical. Exhale, rollover. Flex your feet.

Press into the ring and slowly reaching your heels in the opposite direction. Place the spine back down onto the mat. One vertebrae at a time, coming down at the bottom. Boy the feet lower them keeping the back flat and he'll bring them on. An exhale. Turtle Rollover, looking for stability for strength. Flex the fee, squeeze the ring and articulate the spine back down. Can I do two more? Point the sheet left up.

Xcel rollover. Flex the feet pressing into the ring and slowly reaching the heels and opposition. Drag the spine back down. The ring comes just across the face, across the chest and down point. The fetal last one. I wouldn't, might not lower the legs quite that far, Jen. I'm just maybe about a 45 degree angle and rolling all the way back down. And then when you get to the bottom, bend your knees, retrieve your ring and roll to your side.

I'm gonna put [inaudible] and to keep the ring or put the ring, re put the ring between the ankles. It's truly is my best teaching ever, isn't it? Okay. So once you've got your ring in between your ankles, you want to turn your knees slightly inwards, not internally rotated, but just so that they're are absolutely parallel to one another. Once you've got that defined lie down on your side. All right, so we're doing this side leg lift this for you, Jen. Keep the inner thigh squeeze. This is for you.

Reach the legs away from me. I was like, you're trying to pull them into the ocean and then they'll hover eventually. So hold there. We're going to lower them halfway down towards the Mat and we're going to lift him back up lower than halfway down. So although with the ring in between the thighs, there's slightly more leg activity than normal. How much can you transfer the energy into your middle body?

Go down and we go up, can do whatever you want with your free hand. It can support you. It can reach up into the air, it can reach down on the thigh. I'm going to go about five more times reaching out enough and and Adena and and last three, last two. And when hold the ring up, everyone put your hand on your top thigh. If it's not there already, slide that arm towards the knee on that side. Reaching up through the upper body so you're now you're shortening your ways in.

He'll take, come down, continue to squeeze the ring XL to slide the arm up using the obliques on that side to reach. See if you can reach out and touch that outside knee and come down or go in three more times keeping the ring lifted. Um, uh, your bottom room's helping you balance. Good question, but you can play around with not using it at all. Last one. So if you want a really good challenge, try to pick the arm up off the ground and lower down and come all the way down from here to transition. You're going to take your ring and put it on its side. Take the bottom leg out from underneath of it. Put the ring back up, right, put the bottom leg back through. And there we are.

So we're going to do some leg changes. I recommend putting your hand down for balance, but that's up to you supporting through the waist. You're going to lift that top leg up, [inaudible] externally rotate and then bring it down in front and down, behind and on, in front and down behind. So you're just making a pretty consistent arc over and back of the ring. What I know Christie's caught me cheating and I, I'm admitting to it and I'm still going to do it.

Yeah. Alright, last two and when why? Bring the leg back, flex the foot, slide the leg forward point and bring it back. Keep it clear of the ring and take it slightly behind you and flex and bring it forward and point to pull it back. You have to use your abs to support you as a leg travels backwards or it'll bring you with it.

Last three back to, well, it goes just over the top of the ring stays high and spaces you come back one more. Keep the leg back behind you, reach it away from you. You can drop it down and you can pick it up and then slide your front arm out. Just find a stretch and then we're going to reach you. Bend the back leg, which back and hold onto the foot as you pull your knee back, press the hip forwards. You're trying to get your knee behind your hip, but you're also trying not to arch your back. Nice. Good. Stretch to the front of the hip, through the front of the leg, and then bring let go of the leg. Bring it back under the ring.

Pick the ring up, turn onto your back and take the ring with your hands. The same leg that was just working. Um, I'm on my left with whatever one heart's still goes into the ring, just about the ball of the foot. Underneath that inside pat, bottom leg is anchored onto the ground. Start with the leg straight up and then just lift your head and look and see that your pelvis is straight across. Oftentimes we need to adjust a little. From there you can put your head back down and guide the leg as close as you can towards you without any shifting in the pelvis and without bending the knee. Note, if your shoulders are lifting, they should be pulled down. Let support from the upper back.

We're going to bend the knee and I want you to think about activating the back of that leg or dragging the heel to the hip. Then pull down on the ring from the upper back more than the hands and stretch back up. Inhale we bend and exhale we stretch. Here's another place where it's helpful to think about the femur leg bone sliding deeper into the hip socket. So let's actually think about the concept of sliding instead of forcing just two more. Maybe you can get the leg a little closer to each time and last one and we're going to take the ring in the same side hand, but the opposite hand down on the hip just to secure in your mind as well as with your intention that that hip is staying down on the ground.

Take the leg out to the side and then transfer the ring back through center. Change hands as you start to pull the leg across the body initially keep the back of the hip down so the pelvis is still flat on the ground. Yeah, we could just stay here for an hour. If it were up to me. And then allow the hip to start to come up away from the floor, bend the elbow and reach a bent elbow down. Or then if you make it to the ground, great. And if you don't, all right, if you want more of a stretch, try to pull that leg further back towards your ear as you drop this hip, that stretching toward the opposite foot.

All right? And then we come back to center. Carefully bend your knee to set your ring down for a minute. Let's reach behind the thighs and rock up and then just change to the opposite side. All right, so we're all the way down. I'm putting the ring between the ankles, positioning yourself all the way down on your side. You can getting out of the sun.

No, I should I shift? Can you see me now? Okay, so a parallel Lang's, it's worth it to have a quick look down the front of your body. Make sure you're nice and straight. And from there, we're gonna reach the legs as far away from the top of the head as we can until they just hover up on their home and it's a smaller, so we go halfway back to the start and then we reach out and up again. I'll encourage you to focus as much energy as you can in your waist. So we've all done this without the ring. How can you use the weight of the ring to help you challenge the exercise?

Continue to put a little bit of inner thigh pressure into the ring. That will probably help you go deeper in your abs. And we reach out and up. And uh, and I had an up and on and last for trying the abdominals in. Firstly, you wanna recruit the muscle that you want to feel mentally before the movement happens. Last two. And here's our last one. Oh. And then we had the hand on the thigh, almost forgot that part. And then reach up towards the knee.

So that bottom arm is helping. You can use it, but don't push off it. So don't grip with it and really on just allow it to be on the ground at work. Rib to the hip side. Ben knew lateral flection and then coming down we want to do three more. Any heres where you can decide if you want to create a little challenge by potentially trying to pick the Arma and release down.

If picking the arm up makes it distracting or makes you lose it completely, don't do it. It's just like a piteous party trick. Last one. Okay. Do you have any of those? And release down. All right, so put your hand down. Shift the ring on his side, take the foot out, shifting back on top, put the foot in, but the other foot in, nope, we didn't do that. Alright, so we're going to externally rotate that top pit and then we're going to lift the leg and bring it forward and lift the leg and carry it behind and forward. So using the hand for balance, but also be aware of any tension that might be being collected in the top of the shoulder there. So that's a lesson on how we can, yes, use our hand but also use our upper back for stability here, guiding the heel down, keeping the toes a five and I think we just did two more last time.

Taking the lega flex. The foot is going to stay just over the top of the ring and to send the leg forward and pointed back. Use the back of the leg to support the pelvis as it travels backwards as well as the abdominal and forward and as the leg travels forward, think about pulling it towards you from the abdominals and back. Are you going to go five more times? Keep the like in a consistent height and four keep that bottom leg super active holding the ring still for you. Here's three.

And then we just reached so like back and we reached the hour forward and if you want to soften your bottom knee, now is the time to do it. Just reaching the leg, the fingertips and the toes and the opposite direction. And then Ben in the back, neighbor around for the foot with your hand start before you pull the knee back to push the hip forward and then guide the knee slightly behind the hip. Again, work on not Chrissy. You could move your head back just a little bit. You're not totally squared. Yeah, just [inaudible]. That looks better.

All right. What did we do? We brought our leg back between the ring. We picked it up and bent our knees and flipped to our backs because I can't do it without crushing the microphone on that side. Okay. Pick up the leg. Put the leg that was working inside the ring. Pick up your head. Look down at your pelvis and make sure you're both hit bones are in a straight line. Then put your head back down. Pull the leg towards you without hiking the hip, without bending the knee, without creating a lot of tension in either the lower back or the neck.

Then bend the knee, drag the heel towards the hip. Pull down on the ring by pulling your shoulder blades flat against the mat and press up through the heel of the foot. Inhaling, as you've engineered, anchoring through the opposite leg, XLV abdominals, draw down as the heel presses the opposite direction and to do that three more times and her reach and as you reach each time, as that leg starts to open up, can you give yourself a bigger stretch? Maybe no is the answer and that's fine, but just look for what you can look to challenge yourself. That's one. Hold the ring with the same side hand, but the opposite hand down on the leg that's on the mat and just start to pull the leg over to the side. Keep anchoring through the backside of the pelvis.

Both sides. Try to feel both side hips evenly on the mat, both back hips and then bring the leg across the body. Exchange hands as you start to cross the body with the leg. Don't lift the hip yet. Keep it reaching heavy so the leg probably won't move much. Initially. It's always worthwhile to think about creating space in that side of your waist or pulling the hip away from the ribs on that side. And then from there start to lift the hip up.

Just bring the leg with you as you guide your elbow towards the ground. It might touch, it might not. What's most important is that you feel safe. If you want a bigger stretch, still pull the ring back towards the ear on that side and then when you're ready, come all the way back. Lower the ring, put it down onto the ground and just rock yourself up.

Okay, so we're going to head over to the hands and knees and we're going to do, we're going to use the ring to practice the pushup. That's when I favorite tools if you will. It helps. So what you'll do is come to your hands and knees. The ring is going to go somewhere just underneath the ribs. It can go sideways, it can go into your chest. I haven't found a perfect position for everyone because everyone has a little bit different arm length and trunk length. So just find a place where when your hands are on the mat, you can feel the rings underneath you a little bit.

Alright, and then slide one leg back. At the moment you're not putting a great deal of pressure on the ring, so it's just kind of balancing underneath you. Slide the other leg back. All the rules of the pushup. Apply, meaning as you bend your elbows, guide them inwards, end towards you. And don't lift the shoulder blades. Lift up, let the ring support you. Here is where it helps. And then pull yourself up by pulling the shoulders down the back.

We're going to do that for sure. More time. [inaudible] the elbow guiding the shoulder blades down the back. And imagine that your abdominals would do the same work that the ring is doing in a situation where you didn't have the ring. Try to find that feeling. Now lifting up through the ams. Last one, all of us guiding inwards.

Shoulderblades pulling down the back. By the way, the ring might remind you to keep your belly pulled in as well. Bend your knees, rest for a second. We're going to do one more set. They wouldn't feel it differently than normal. Yes. Okay, I got one. Yes. Let's do it again. One link back, shoulders down, followed by the other way, a little bit of a inclination of the pubic bone towards the side of the ring. And we bet shoulders down and we pull up with the abdominals as though we're going to lift up off the ring and, and press and three, two press. Never ever, ever. We just lying down on the ring.

This is it. Bend your knees and just take the ring out, set it to the side and sit back for a stretch. Okay, good to do a little bit of extension and here is how it goes. So I have a quick look here. Um, this is what I'm looking for. Uh, for those of you who know the Swan on the chair, this is my version of it. With the ring, the ring may travel slightly backwards or slightly more than likely, slightly backwards. So anyway, the head will start down. You'll start by pulling in the abdominals and energizing the legs. As always.

Then drawing the shoulder blades down. You'll start to put pressure on the ring and as you do so, the head will come past the arms and you'll pee. It's like you're trying to pull the ring towards your chest to lift your chest. I'm not lifting as high as I can go with my lower back. I'm trying to really focus on feeling my upper back sensors working.

And then I'm going to articulate my spine back down. So inhale, exhale, guide the shoulder blades down. Think about lifting the chest from right behind it from where your bra line is, perhaps, or maybe just above the bra line. If you're wearing a sports bra, right where the sports bra comes in between the shoulder blades and then articulate back down. So allow at the minute you start putting pressure on the ring, let the head lift up so you can come just a bit higher here and then don't go too high. But think about that is what you're looking for. And then releasing back down.

So as the shoulders pulled down the back and a v like shape, that's where you're going to create the work that you want. And then really he's down. If it feels too weird to have the hand super close together, separate them head a stop for a second. Don't just lift from here. I want you to pull this way. And as you pull this way, that's when the chest, Huh? Yes. Different. Good. And then really smacked down. So I'm having a hard time trying to explain it.

It's a feeling of trying to pull the shoulder blades down to lift the bus spine up rather than just pushing down on the ring to lift the back and then articulate downwards. When do your head still just a little bit behind [inaudible] yeah, just, it's kind of when you come up into back extension, it's lower than it needs. It's like lower than your arms. Better. Okay. Is that, is that plenty? No more.

One more. I never know. It's not plenty. One more then. Okay. And then just, um, as you're, when you lower down like your back, have a chance to settle, press yourself back so that you're sitting on your feet. Give yourself a moment in rest position. And let's just end here today. So we're going to give ourselves a couple of moments in a couple of deep breaths here. And as you stay, it's a good place to feel the breath. So as you're breathing deeply, just feel the intentional expanding of the rib cage, the broadening of the back, and then pulling upwards away from the thighs of the abdominals.

And then exhale, let the ribs close down. So you're just resting, you're just breathing here, feeling the expansion and contraction of the ribs. Big Breath in the back, expand and release. And as you start to release tension from your body, start to release any tension that you may have accumulated in your mind. Listening to me, try to teach you that when you're ready. Let's have one big breath for our bodies.

One big breath for our minds and one last calming breath for our spirit. And we're done for the day. Thank you for bearing with me.


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excellent class. really works whole body.
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This is awesome! all the basics but with the ring. I'm taking these ideas to class tomorrow thanks so much!
Wow, Cindy. This is an old one! It makes me so happy that people are still going back to when we were starting out. It also makes me realize how far we have come. Much love to you!
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Great class ❤️😘
Thanks for going deep into the archives for this one Candace! It really brings back memories.
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Just found this one and loved doing it. Although it's 8 years old it's still so relevant. Thank you.
Thank YOU Shona!
This was one of my VERY first classes.
Pilates is always relevant!
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Thank you so much Meredith Rogers for this ring class- loved the open leg rocker variations💜 Brought the ring and PA with me on vacation. Always time for Pilates
Thank YOU Patti for digging deep to find this class.
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So glad I found this hidden gem of a class! Thank you!
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