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Traditional Wunda Chair

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Junghee Won Ph.D. teaches a traditional Wunda Chair Workout for the more advanced practitioner with an emphasis on precision. She takes your workout a step further by detailing the purpose of the movement as well as the muscle focus of the exercises. Explore Teaser, Push Down, Table, Mermaid, and Horseback, among other exercises.
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May 14, 2014
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Hi, I'm Joni won. Uh, here it is, Amy. Okay. Hi Amy. Thank you for coming here, being my body. Um, so we're gonna do that. You see, uh, when that's your workout today. Um, just so you know when the chair, uh, so you can, if you have a wound that you're at home, so you can, uh, just work on it as you see, um, how we do. So maybe you can learn something or you can challenge yourself more.

Okay. So I'm gonna Start 200 to warm up. Um, so we're gonna just lay down. So here on your back, there you go. So Benjamin is your chest. Good and stretch lays out whatever you feel. Rebel. So inhale and exhale. And you know, two, three, four, five extra two, three, four, five in an extra two, three, four, five.

She has a very good form. And I said two, three, four, five, five and extra. Two, three, four, five, six. If you have a good phone, just use it. Why not? Right? And I said [inaudible] by, you know, and I said two, three, four, five, almost done, right? And I said, two, three. We're going to do one more time. Breathing and breathe out. Two, three, four, five. Good. Bend your knees and you're going to step off. Okay. So that's the warm up already.

Then we're gonna do the push it down. So push it down for me is like a roll up on the mat. So I think is a perfect, uh, to do the next exercises. So I'm gonna twitch like this and Amy's gonna do that. Push it down. So usually one foot size out from the edge of the board and toes apart, usually together so you can engage in your heels. Just one second here, heels, all the way here. Everything's engaged into those center lines.

So here, down tier two. So you're going to work on the, you know, thighs too. And so right here, um, Zap. So cue work on the back of your legs and pull you up dominant. And now as you roll down slowly so people can see exactly what it's supposed to look like. And here you're gonna push it down. So he is engaged. You don't want to let the hip is off. So hip engage and roll up.

Good. And again, inhale. And as you exhale, stretch the spine and down. So a little more here, pressing down and really push it down and the push in the back so you can really stretch and come back up or more time and press down. So stretch, open up your back and now you feel that. Okay, I can hear the word Bendale Bossa. So bring the para up and then stretch. Hold it. And again too, and stretch your back too. And one more time and stretch back here. Three and there you're going to just roll up and all the way up. All the way. Stretch and open your arms. Okay. So just the simple ah, yeah, it feels good. Your bad. Right.

And they'll be going to do the pull-ups. Okay. So I do, this is a, the chair was on the top. Amy Is pretty much, you've already lied to me, but anyway, so we would do here. So one of the Taiwan on the bottom, that's what I set up and hands on top of the chair. And you put, um, yeah, you're gonna. Yeah, just be natural and then push it down. So stand on the [inaudible] together with the plot is a sense. And then your hands is right here. [inaudible] bring your shoulders over your hands and keep chin on your chest, pull your pals in and out. And then you bring the Para up slowly. So you want to see right here, we're on the seeker.

Keep your hip lower and then you want to push it down the petro with the your powerhouse. And again up hold the holder hold and keep engaging your heels. You're back with the legs and thighs and up here and there you go. And press it down. That's it. So we did adjust the three times as the hands back on top of the chair, one foot down and there is a pair of carefully and then we can go a little one more, little more challenge.

So this time I'm going to make a little bit lighter now. Really go crazy later. Well, I used to work with one spring, but that's what we, the Romana but, but we are going to steer too, but it's a little bit lighter so you can challenge because I saw Amy was doing really, really well, so I think or she can handle the lighter spring. So here up [inaudible] very good. So keep engaging your back. That's good. And come down and again, lift up here.

So work on the seeker and lower down and up and hold it up. So keep your lower your tailbone under. That's it. So more work on the seeker. I can feel Amy's working hard. Don't hurt your stomach and you want to slowly come down. All right, so hands it back. One foot down and Rudy's a pedal. Very good. Did you feel okay? And then lastly, do we gonna do the, uh, sitting position? So you're gonna sit on here.

Basically this way lays open. So this is a, um, precedent, I mean the, a straight Rachael forward. So flex your fee. But what I do just a very little bit. So just a little bit precedent, that's all I feel. That's it. Only that much just to get the feeling of the your tricep and lat and then release. Okay. And again, press down. Feel that. Yes. Perfect. Now putting the stomach a little bit that there.

So want to connecting from here, here into the powerhouse house and then release and do it against a little bit engaging right here. So this is engaging a to the power house and then release on more time. Pull your stomach in and a little bit trying to challenge your chest a little bend over, little more deeper back. Hold it, two, three and then really? So do it again. Inhale and press down with the abdominal building, engaging your arms and your stomach and release. One more time. Inhale who you have done in there you go hold two, three and then just release all the way. That's all.

And then we're going to do fine, right? And then you want to put your feet on top of the chair and you're going to be right here. So I'm going to pull this in so you have more space and you're going to do stretch. So Benji elbows or pull your body towards your legs so she can stretch here. The Bat. It was nice, right?

Inhale again and extend a little more. Good. Nice to see. It's good stretch here. Yeah. And then release. Now you can do, put your hands on here and just a little bit precedent, just like what you did before so you can engage your arms, your, uh, shoulder blade and your stomach, and then release again. So make sure I'm going to get off of here. So you want to write good. So sometimes people pull the chair means you are doing wrong, so the chair should not move.

So Amy is not moving the chair aero. So she is really engaged at a muscle and press and are holding it. And there it is. And now you're going to lift your lace up there. You gonna press to three and then everything's released to gently and again, press and up. Hold it abs in a thigh, shoulder blade, everything and release. One more time. Press and up low abdominal in. Very nice. Very nice.

And then that's all this is a teaser. Okay. So really stuff. You're right. Okay. Now let's do the table top. It's more about your buttocks. So, uh, we need it, you know, to make a farm. So that's what I like. So you're going to sit on your face that way. Okay.

So here, without pushing down the pedal, you want to be hands back like this. Fingers back right there and then, yeah, put your toes and you're gonna without pushing down the pedal. You're gonna lift your bottom up. So I may look between bottom, I know it's a challenge. So you feel that backpacks are here. Of course you want to pay the hamstring, keep anger, just straw. And then you want to push it down a little bit and then up. Okay. Press down.

And then I'll press it down. And there, not like more pumping, pumping, pumping, good pumping, pumping, pumping. And last one up and hold. Keep lifting the parallel up. Lower your hips down gently. So this is if you want to work on your bottom, this is a good exercise. It's very challenging, but it's a really good four here and make us strong. And from, let's just do one more time so can, they can really see the pumping motion. So without pushing down the para, you did a well and as high as you can and then yeah, have to be careful not too far. Yes. Good. Five and 6 cents.

Seven a nine 10 stop. And their loyal hips without pushing down the pedal there very well. You felt right. And then step, puff. Okay. Very good. Now a lesser duty, uh, something with your arms. So I'm going to do one spring, always arm exercise is a one screen.

So I put the one spray in the middle and we're going to go to here. So phase two, this way you want to stand the right here. Okay. So onto your stomach. Ribcage is out of the edge and then push it down the pedal right there. So I made sure shoulders over your hands and then when you get into the pose, you, you feel was a year on sicker Patricia, so you can adjust for yourself and he was always a lower than your bottom line.

Little bit. Okay. And then you will, rib cages always lifted up. So you don't want to hang down. This is a hanging, so you don't, you're not engaging your powerhouses. So you only lift your powerhouse. And here's a lower than your bottom little bit. And then just bring the para up. [inaudible] so this is just one and slowly down and again up. There we go. Some measure when you lift, keep the long line, everything neck to the heels. Everything's along and up.

So right here, there you go. And then come down. Now from there, and then you're going to pump [inaudible] elbows. Bring the better up. Press one, press two, press three, hold it. Now lift your Peda. Okay, this is a swan. And then come down there.

Now you're going to move your hands a little bit to the center. One Hand right there, and then to those side. So this one is harder to get into the right position because sometimes the people, you'll lose the position. So here you're going to pull this aside. Okay. Lap The side of the ribcage and then bend the elbow, bring the pedal up and press the, hold it again too and press and hold it. So she is not collapsing here. I see she's working really hard. One more time.

Press down and hold it. Okay, very good. So, and then we're going to change other side. Good. Because can you show the wrong way? Because the people to go like this is the collecting again. So you want to push up here. Okay, so bend and press and Bend and press and hold a little bit and then then press the hold a little bit. One more time and bend the press down and hold it and both the hands on and then carefully release the Para Up. Yeah, put your hands back. They already go.

So stay down here because we did a lot of extension, a lot to go stretch a little bit here and then just the Rola naturally. Okay. Okay. So you understood the dia, narcolepsy. [inaudible] okay. Now let's do the, um, I love a teaser. So I know many people don't like it, but I think a teaser is a great exercise. Support, strengthen your pos and your butt toxin everywhere.

So if you do the teacher way, I think that you have really powerhouse. And I see Amy body has really good powerhouse. So, so are going as a teaser. So you're going to sit here, okay. So when you see you're going to sit in the middle kind of, and then you put your hands on here, so easy to set up and then bring your knees up. So made sure powerhouses in and Rachel is up here. So toes apart, heels are together. Oh of course. Again, all engaged in down there to the butt all the way and reach your hands up to here. Good seeing she has to go strong powerhouse.

And you're going to bend the elbow, sit down like a boomerang and the hands base. So find the para there. So hands towards your fingers or to our Geo and they keep the reach lays out as you press it down. So lengthen out, this is restaurant as you press it down and then call up. So keep your lists and energy out. And again, that's it. Very good. And see shoes are doing really well. And again, I knew it. And all the whale and the reach your hands at your toes, hold your balance and then let's do it against elbows down.

And then you put, put your hands on there. And now there's some, everything's, it goes down and then you're gonna, everything's goes up. And again, everything's a down good and everything's all very nice and everything's down very good. And everything's up. And reach your hands with your toes. And there'll be sharp teaser, little by little higher without gripping. There you go. And bend journeys. It just be natural. And then you're going to set off. There you go. You're okay. All right.

Now let's do the a mermaid. The Mermaid is great exercise and we'll open up the side. So we're gonna do the, uh, uh, kneeling where I made. Um, okay. So here it'll be here. Good on your knees. And then, yeah, so both arms up to the ceiling and then just the right hands are down. Good. And I like to go a little bit this way. Okay. And make sure here I'm really stretch it out right.

And then yes, a little bit tie shorter. You do. Okay. I can feel that. Okay, so for us it, so you can open up the side here. Good. And then come back on right. And again, may she or he is there has to be even right on up to here. So it has to be square here so you can really stretch it here. And one more time for us down even here so I can give you a little more stretch so you can open up your side, right? And then slowly come back. Okay, now we're going to do other side. So how was it good was good.

I like to go stand up. Cool. Because my case is always a, when you're in delay you want to get the rest the so you stretch your knees and then get into other position again. That's what I like to do. So you want to face it that way. I'm going to just change it in a chair so, so people can see your beautiful face. Okay. So here, arms off. So just so you know, left-hand, do down good. And inhale, always lengthen first and then you go side or push it down.

So this is the ones that are the strength of size. This is opening the sides. Okay. And come back up. And again, inhale and excess side. Very nice. Keep your knees important. The knees are down and then stretch it all the way. And one more time. You know, do, do we do those three times? Other side? Yeah. Okay. So we're going to do three of course. Good.

And slowly release. And then just to stand up. Alright. Very good. Okay, now let's do, do, um, I don't know you own too heavily or not. Uh, we're going to do the a horseback. Okay. You okay with that? Okay. So I'm gonna show the horse back to the sideway this way so people can see what looks like it. Good on screens. What's that? Are we good on spring? Yeah. Yeah.

Okay. So just one second step up, Amy. So actually you know what we do horse by what we get into the pose this way. So people go strengthening. You get onto the pose like this. Okay. Yeah. Use Your pod house together. Woo. Nice. Very good. That's this.

You'll be okay. Okay. So here you can literally sit further back. Good. Okay. You just put your hands, I'm here. And then I want to hug the chair with the, you know, thighs above the kneecap actually. So you might want to go literally farther, a little bit here. So you want to find the right position for you. Can you lift your bottom with that? But yeah, use your hands. There you go.

And then I want use your brown, the sake of your lower back par if you can. Very nice. So you might want to look down a little bit. So see, this is a more eye opening. Does you know bad? So, and Russ, so this is very harder to I understand, but it's a very good exercise to engage in your powerhouse. Again, just like a teaser. So if you have a good teacher, I, I believe you can do this. Really. So, so here you want to use your inner thigh strength really hard and of course you're gonna to feel the bottom because we doubt the bottom, you know thigh on using Dennis. Isaiah actually is a very hard and so everything has to be engaged and then your low abdominal pain and the working on the seat cover is a, the purpose of the exercise is so you want to generalize and a stomach stomaching good. And then you want to find your balance. So with the bottom up they are ego. So she is creating the long stick curve, not like really extreme long line.

And then you can put your hands down the para and they keep pulling the powerhouse in and you're going to keep the table on down as you push it down a little bit deeper, a little by little right there and then come back. So as you go down you have to put a stomach in more deeper so she doesn't fall off and come back. Go. There we go again. Little by little or she has a very strong abdominal I can feel and come up. And then when you press it down, so you're going to push it down trying to use your heel of your palms if you can. There we go. So it's more challenging actually. I know. And point your toes actually. Yeah. Press down.

Now you're going to pump three times. There's a vendetta was straight and to deeper stretch. And third one even deeper. Holden now slowly roll up. Now hold it. Keep your bottom up. You join a thighs. Arms off local. Local. Yeah cause I'm holding you.

So palms up way. And then you went to maybe three circles. Keep the round. The sicker rips in two and three and hold it. Now Flex your feet. Bendel will sit down and sit there. Evil. Okay. Alright, but intense. Okay, now you step on.

My good thing is we don't do, you know, over and over. Don't do that again. So we have, because we have a lot of exercise. All right, so now I'm gonna wrap up with this year going up. Okay. So we're going to use the two springs. So usually two springs. I use the one at the top, one on the bottom. Okay. So because Amy is a very strong, I can challenge her her.

I'm so open to the side and you're gonna arrive foot. But she down, we do control Lepto foot on top of here. Right? So I like to see more toes over the edge right there. And then you can live when she, because she has a dental background so she can open up a little bit. That's the, you know, both dancers even me, so open. They know how to engage the inner thighs so it doesn't have to really power. So here and apps and then a little bit lean forward slightly good.

So scoop your stomach in and then rise up very good. And slowly come down even when I'm up here so you can feel more lengthening upright and all the way up and all the way down. One more time, all the way up and hold it there and open your arms to the side and then your arabesque with the [inaudible] if you can. Very well. That's good. Right? Oh, hold on. So we can handle a little bit forward. Maybe that's good. So here and then you're gonna stretch your leg.

Yeah. Now, right leg to the side. All the way to the side and front. There you go. Now No, stay there. And then you can do the just surpassing [inaudible] and then back tie up high arabesque again. Now find your toes to the, on the apparel. Yeah, find, do your pedal and then push it down. Cube. Lift your powerhouse and slowly come down. And then you're going to change your legs. Okay. Control.

Very good. I have a side, I didn't give you a hard time today. Okay. So little bit toe there and then made sure always needs the ABA. We are to align when you come out, you don't want to pass over your toe. Okay. Because that's too much. You need pressure. So that's who I do want us to say.

Okay. So and get your powerhouse and the rise. Yeah, you can go rise and come down slowly and go up and then slowly come down. And how many times did I do? [inaudible]. Okay. So we have one more then and stay there and then arabesque. Yeah, and stretch your leg and to the side all the way forward and then passe and Arabesque again, and then lower your leg down, find the pedal and keep, lengthen your spine and then come on. Shore down. Beautiful. I'm not done yet.

So upon, she wrote it down this leg control release now. Okay. Very nice.


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Love the class and attention to detail. But if you look at Mr. Pilates photos is work on the wunda chair, teaser was never done this way. Legs were always just parallel out in front.
Thanks for challenging class.
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Lovely teaching! And it's so nice to see Amy's capacity and form recognized:)
Wonderful class--Thank You!
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I love your spine stretch forward set up. So much easier to set up properly! I too love teaser from every angle then flip for horseback. Great tool for those who struggle with horseback!
Feel all my muscles in 20 mins...great!!!!!
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So GREAT! Love watching your classes. MORE MORE!
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I love your teaching style, I was smiling the whole way thru!
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Loved it! Thank you!
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Junghee is so much fun to work with.....not easy by any means and she sees EVERYTHING!!! You can get a lot out of a workout in a short amount of time, as we can see in this powerful and clear workout. Thank you Junghee!! I felt great afterwards too!
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that was wunda-ful and no, I never said that before, Thank you PA and Junghee
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Thanks fantastic Diane! I love it.... Wunda-ful! :)

Yeong Cheol C
very nice. good.
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