Traditional Wunda Chair<br>Junghee Won Ph.D.<br>Class 1636

Traditional Wunda Chair
Junghee Won Ph.D.
Class 1636

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Love the class and attention to detail. But if you look at Mr. Pilates photos is work on the wunda chair, teaser was never done this way. Legs were always just parallel out in front.
Thanks for challenging class.
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Lovely teaching! And it's so nice to see Amy's capacity and form recognized:)
Wonderful class--Thank You!
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I love your spine stretch forward set up. So much easier to set up properly! I too love teaser from every angle then flip for horseback. Great tool for those who struggle with horseback!
Feel all my muscles in 20 mins...great!!!!!
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So GREAT! Love watching your classes. MORE MORE!
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I love your teaching style, I was smiling the whole way thru!
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Loved it! Thank you!
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Junghee is so much fun to work with.....not easy by any means and she sees EVERYTHING!!! You can get a lot out of a workout in a short amount of time, as we can see in this powerful and clear workout. Thank you Junghee!! I felt great afterwards too!
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that was wunda-ful and no, I never said that before, Thank you PA and Junghee
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Thanks fantastic Diane! I love it.... Wunda-ful! :)

Yeong Cheol C
very nice. good.
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