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Mat Workout

40 min - Class


Learn and practice exercises like the Rowing Series, Mermaid, and Backstroke as Adrianne adds exercises traditionally performed on the Reformer to this intermediate Mat workout. Enjoy the variety and intensity of this accelerated class while continuing to work with precision and control.
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Okay, ladies, let's get started. Have you guys lay down on your bags to begin? Okay, we'll do a little, um, high, some beginner, intermediate, maybe a little bit of everything. We'll see. Can I have you see how your buddies are doing today? Bring your feet together and your plotty stance. So heels together, toes apart and exactly. And just stretch back. Take your arms up. Take a nice deep breath in. Begin to lower your arms to your side. Exhaling.

And as you exhale, start to pull your navels deep into your spine. Lifting them up two more times. Nice deep breath in. Begin to ring your lungs out. Really exhale. Feel your rib cage start to slide together. Start to squeeze your bottoms. One more time. Stretch back. Nice deep breath in.

And exhale. Slide your arm. Shoulders down, opening up your chest. Bring your knees into your chest. I'll have you go into your hundreds. Start to lift your heads up. Take your arms and legs out. Take your legs to a comfortable level and begin breathing. Nice deep breath in. Five, squeeze your bottom. Exhale. Two, three, five.

So as though you're reaching for the opposite side of the room, long legs. Exhale, 35 exhale, two, three, four, five 40 do squeeze your bottom. So you are wrapping the thighs here and pulling deep into your tummies. [inaudible] sorry. Five 72 lots of energy in your arms. Exhale, 83 x five 92 x three four five 100 bend your knees. Drop your heads. Go ahead and sit up for a moment.

Have you grab onto the back of your thighs. Doesn't drop your heads so your knees are open, but your heels are together, toes apart, and you're going to begin to round backwards. You'll stop when your arms are straight. You want to think of curling your hips underneath you so you begin to squeeze your bottoms. Stop when the arms are long, and slide your shoulders down. Take a nice deep breath in. Don't pull it the arms, but pull in with your stomachs. Exhale. Come on up.

Sit up tall for a moment. Let's do that again. Start to round back. So you're trying to articulate your lower back. You want to try to get each vertebra to touch the mat. So concentrate on that midline and slowly come back up. If that's too easy, reach your arms out long and just come on up and come back up.

So let's continue with that. But those of you who feel you can handle this, go ahead and begin to straighten your legs and around down for a full roll up. Arms up to 90 degrees. Begin to take a nice deep breath in. Curlier heads up. Feel those shoulders. Pull down deep into the ribs. Come on up and around, over to the toes. And now we're going to start to go a little bit quicker. Shoulders down, feet soft, tight. Nice. Deep breath in. And exhale.

Peel off that mat around over. Round right back now. Three more. Nice deep breath in. Pull in as you come up so there's no popping up. Okay, come on down. I'm sliding back myself. One more time. Nice deep breath in, rounding and articulating over. You'll lie back down and arrest. Bring your right knee into your chest, give it a little stretch, and then take your leg up. Think of that leg really reaching from the hip, up and out, left leg as long. Still squeeze your bottom.

Begin to circle the leg, not letting your hip smooth. They stay really still. So left leg should be still as well. Now a little bit bigger and up to the nose. Now reverse that five times. You can go really big with these. As long as your hips are stable. If they're moving, then it's too big.

So be conscious of that last one and bend your knee. Get the leg of stretch, switch legs. If you feel you're not supported on the mat, you can bend the opposite leg. The one that's just resting on the mat. Otherwise more challenging. It's like straight. All right, so five circles each way. Go as big as you'd like. As long as you're not using your arms. Keep your arms really relax. Three and your hips really still. Four. Five, reverse that. Cross in and up to the nose. One soft feet. So don't sickle your toes. Three and four and one more.

Five venn journey. Go ahead and sit up. Lift your bottom. Sit at your heels, drop your heads. Start by holding onto the back of your thighs. Really get a nice c curve here so your heads are down, your chins are looking, your chins are tucked to your chest. Begin to inhale, go back, exhale, come back up and balance. Inhale, take it back. Exhale, come on up and balance. Grab onto your ankles. If that was hard enough, continued the same way. Otherwise, hold onto those ankles. Keep going and he'll go back. Exhale, come up and balance. Think of staying, keeping your head between your ankles at or between your knees, rather as you're moving.

So you want to keep the space between your knees and ears. Little one more time. Nice deep breath in. Come right back up through your center balance and place your feet down. Okay. Lift your bottoms. Lie Back Down, bringing in your right knee, right hand on the ankle, left hand on your knee. Bend the opposite leg and extended up. The lower your extended leg is, the harder it becomes to support your powerhouse. Be conscious of that, so keep it at a level that you can control it. Squeeze your bottoms.

Look at your tummies. Here we go. And switch one switch, one switch to switch to going, but be very conscious that your right knee lines up with your right shoulder, left knee, left shoulder, and start to really get into that powerhouse. Scooping in, in both knees, in heels together. Double Ek stretch. Nice deep breath in. Bring it all together. Inhale, hold it out there. Stretch a little bit longer and then come back in. Inhale, exhale. Get the wrap in the thighs and come back in. Swoop your heels on the mat and lift them back up and then come in. So down, up in, not dropping your chest. Keep that chest lifted and one more nice deep breath in.

And exhale, drop your neck. Take one leg up, reach for the calf, add your head and pull in. Pulse, pulse switch, pull, pull. Use your bottom two. Transitions to the legs aren't just falling. They're working and switch. Pulse, pulse, Paul, Paul and Paul Paul, one one, one last set. And Bend your knees. Drop your heads. Okay. Both legs up. Not much of a pause. Lift your head, looking at your stomach, about two to three inches down there. We're right back up.

Here's where you really have to work on curling up in your sternum to get just the tips of the shoulders on the mat. Open your elbows and exhale two more, and bend your knees going into your Chris Cross. Good. Keep those hips still. No rolling. Hips here. Two right knee, right shoulder, left knee, left shoulder. Look towards your back elbow. Really stretch. Get the shoulder off the mat last set and go ahead and sit right up.

Open up the feet, take numbers forward. Nice deep breath in. Exhale, go as low as you can and come right back up. Squeeze your bother's. Exhale, think of really lifting that lower back as you round down. Three more energy out of your heels. Bottom still squeezing. Two more. Excellent up. Think of the crown of your head, touching the mat. Last one. Exhale and up. Bend your knees. You'll need to move a little bit towards your feet as you're going to roll again for open leg rocker. So you'll take inside of the legs, you'll take your legs up. You might have to slide down to your calves.

The higher you reach, the harder it becomes. So hold where you have control. Let's start down by the calves. Drop your head, just get the control of it and then come back up, bouncing on my mic there and go back. Come on up. Sit as as you can. Then challenge yourself and walk a little bit higher. Tuck your Chin, control it back. Come on up. Sit up tall. Good. Three more sea curves. Take it back. Come up, lift, lift, lift.

Walk Up to the arches. Walmart two more times and he'll go back. And if those are too easy, don't lead with your head to make sure you grow your chin to your chest as you come up. Then lift your back. There you go and close your legs. Walk down your legs into a corkscrew position, little circles, center and around and center. Careful not to tense your shoulders or your next hair. Now let's think of going a little bit bigger. Keep your heels together.

Think of going to 45 degrees to the right center, left center, 45 degrees to the left, 45 degrees down, 45 degrees over, back to center so that they become pretty big and a little bit quicker out and center and around and center. No shoulders last one and enough bend your knees. Go ahead and sit right up. Go into your saw. So legs are apart, arms are up to the side, keeping the head still. You're going to twist. Reach for the toe and come right back up and center. Here's where your feet might move around.

You want to try not to let them shift so your hip stay really still. Hold this stretch. Really try to get down on the knee and keep sitting on that left hip. Then come back up and turn really scope your tummies. And then center.

One more teacher stretch up and center. And last one is stretch and center. Okay, let's flip over to our stomachs. So you'll just lie down. Yeah, that's fine. Okay. Hopefully. Yeah. All right, so four heads are down. That's it. Feet are together, hopefully, unless that's not comfortable. All right, you're going to first push into your palms and come up off of your chest.

Lifting your stomachs. Come to where it's comfortable. If that's too high, just stay down on your elbows. All right, so shoulders down. Look to the right, squeeze your bottoms, drop your head. Look left. Look, center. Look left down around to the right look center. Come on down and rust. Come up onto your elbows. Lift your stomachs. Feet are together, but you're turned out. Stomachs are up. So your hipbones are off the map. Gazing down right kick, kick, left, kick, kick, continue. What you're trying to do here is get a stretch on the top of your side so you really have to lift your stomachs and squeeze your bottoms. Kick, kick, kick, kick. One more set, right kick, kick, left, kick, kick and lie all the way down. Hands behind your backs, right chick on the mat. All right, so now both feet.

Kick your bat them three times. One, two, three. Drew up the feet, stretch back, keeping your forehead down and switch cheeks and kick one, two, three and stretch back. You know, start to make that a little bit faster and switch. One, two, three. Reach. Switched cheeks anchor. One, two, three. Stretch. Tried to touch those feet. Keep the feet on the mat. Switch. One, two, three. Rich. Last one a little bit quicker in one, two, three. Stretch in half. Sit back on your heels. Give your backs a little stretch.

I'm gonna have you guys lie back onto your stomachs. Going into a swimming exercise both arms forward. Your head is down, heels together. Start with your right arm up, left leg up. When you lift your leg, they'll make sure both hip bones are down. You want to roll to that right hip and then switch arms. Which leg? So opposite leg opposite or and switch. Continue. Switch and switch. Now begin to paddle.

Arms and legs move at the same time. Lift your head out of the water and one to 20 counts. Three, six, seven, eight usually bottoms nine, 10 and ten nine, eight, seven, six, four, three, two, one and rest. Sit back on your heels. Each stretch. All right, we're going to turn it back over. Sit back on your bottoms this time theater apart. Why don't you face me? Yeah, so you don't have to turn around. We'll hold onto the back of your heads. Drop the back of your heads back of your legs, and then you're going to begin to lie back down just like you did in the beginning. Remember, it's about your spine, so you have to find those vertebras.

Even put your hand back there if you need to kind of fun what your spine is doing, where it is. If it's not there, stop yourself. Pull it in and then lie all the way down. Relax your feet. Take a nice deep breath in. Reach for those thighs. Feel how you're coming off the bat from your spine, from your back so you don't want this roundup, so take it really slow. Get in there, pull pool in, round forward. Sit up tall so it's too bad. Again, you might have to stop yourself as you're going.

If it's too easy, put your hands behind your head and continue. Or if you want more challenge, I should say, up over tall. If you are, have done this many, many times, you can straighten your legs all the way with your feet flexed. Take it back down, but same consciousness as you're moving. Nice deep breath in. I want you to go really slow. Usually we go pretty quickly on these, but the slower, the harder because you really have to get right into those ribs in and then over and then tall and around.

Now let's just go ahead and push those shoulder wings down. Squeeze your bottom. Yeah, set one more nice and slow. This is where you want to pop up. You have to keep pulling in over. Sit up tall. Continued to lie down. Now this time we're going to add three quickly.

As soon as your head statue come on over left. Now open up your elbows and keep them wide, especially at your come up over tall. Articulate that down and not too wide with your feet only hip with the part over tall. Continued to lie down. Last one. Exhale energy out of your heels and you're still flexing. Getting that stretch and then lie back down to rest.

Okay, lie on your left side. You should never say rest cause we don't rest much in this class anyway. All right, hip on top. Next if on top of hip, both legs forward, getting ready for your front kicks set. All right, so make sure you're kind of under the same. Swing your legs pretty far forward. Almost off your mat there. Theater soft working from your hip to the top of the knee.

Take your leg up hip level so your leg is straight and feet are soft, relaxed and you're going to kick that leg two times toward your, towards, you know, little one and big one. And then take it back. Kick, kick to your nose. Swing the leg back. Kick. Kick up three. Now that you're a powerhouse, upper body, ribs bottom should all be still so nothing is wobbling but the lake eh, kick, kick to Nav and back. Seven end kick kick Safi s eight to more. One more kick, kick and 10 take the leg back on top of your leg, leg on top of the leg. Take your leg up towards the ceiling. Come on down and reach the leg out in school.

Ease your bottoms up as you're moving. So you're moving your leg. It's good moving up and down. You have to be conscious of that powerhouse again. So tummies are in that tailbone has to really work on staying down. So it's really in your bottom and your inner thigh. That's it. Now get the stretch out of it. As you pull up into that, or two more and down. And one more. Up and down, right into little circles. Five each way. And one, two, three, four, five, reverse one too long. Even though you're circling.

Keep thinking that Lake Lincoln and it doesn't tighten up or pop up. Alright, so now let's have you take, um, let's go into some hot potatoes. You'll take your right foot, tap it lightly on the mat in front of you. Five Times. One, two, three, four, five. Accent depot is going to try but, and one, two, three, four, five and excellent up. And one, two, three, four up and one, two, three, four up and three. One, two, three, up, one, two, three up. So the accident's about, up to up one, two up, one up, one up, one up, one up, rest the leg. Okay, let's go into some big scissors. You have to use that supporting hand to help you. I'm going to swing your legs forward one forward, one back. That's it.

And then we'll get a little quicker to really get the stretch to go as far forward as you can, as far back as you can and to, and last one four and back and rest the legs back on top of each other. Um, flip over to your stomachs. Palm on top of palm. Four head on your hands going into your transition. Beats. Uh, let's say Candace, move a little bit over to your left with your legs. Your torso is fine. It does.

It's like dad, I'll get you straight. All right, so both legs are long. Make sure there's weight on both hips. Really stretched from the hips out long so your legs are really working on lengthening. Start to lift your legs up in. Clap your heels together for 20 counts in one, two, three, four, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and 10. Nine eight, six, five, four, three, two, one and rest over to the other leg. So you're flipping to left leg on top. So lying on your right side.

Alright. Yeah. So now your left leg is on top, hip, on top of hip, same thing. Other side. Swing your legs forward. Let's go right into it. And front kick, kick, kick forward. Swing it back. Keep your upper body from moving. Keep those ribs stitched together too. And kick. Kick. Sorry. Kick, kick, front and forward. Fight and kick. Kick six and kick. Kick. Pull your ribs together.

Seven kick kick eight. Make sure that a shoulder does a roll forward. Nine last one, kick, kick and 10 leg on top of leg. Going into your up and down. Start with the leg up hip level and take your leg up and length and bring it back down and up. So as soon as your leg goes up, your hip kind of falls back. You have to work on pushing it forward again and keeping it right on top of the other hips. Three, four, really get the stretch to work those inner thighs for five.

Six. Let's do eight, seven last one. Hopefully that was the same on the other side and circles and one, two, three, four, upper body still and reverse. One, two, soft knees, four and five rushed or leg going into yours, a hot potato. Take your leg up. Begin to tap the foot. Five taps in front of you. Two, four, five, accent up. And now five behind. One, two on your heels. Three, four, five up and four. One, two, three, four. Up. One, two, three, four and one, two, three. One, two, three. Up. One, two, up. One, two, up. It gets quick. One Up, one up, one up, gets tired. Two and rest. Alright.

Both legs back on top of each other. Scissors, Richard. Legs out long. Use that supporting hand. You'll need it. Keep your tummies powerhouse. Solid and swing friends. One, one, two to try to stretch as you. Scissored. That's it. Long, long leg. And one more set up, up and rest. Okay. Lie back onto your backs. Um, once you to flip around so you can see feet together. We'll start with some single leg teasers. So one leg up. Let's start with your right leg up.

Both knees are glued together. They stayed together the whole time. You can kind of Shimmy your left foot forward a bit. Take both arms up. If you want to take out the arms all the way back, that's fine, but don't let your backs just pop off. You should still be working on keeping that back nice and flat. If you keep the arms in 90 degrees, you'll find it a little bit better.

Take a nice deep breath in. Start around up just like you did earlier in that roll up. You want to really work on getting your stomach to pull down into the mat, peeling your vertebrals off. You'll come up to where you can. You want to reach for the back room and then control it back down and keep those knees glued together and down. Now if you can't come all the way up, just go to the tips of the shoulders, but otherwise continue for everyone else you hold. Then you reach for the back room, pulling in and continued to lie down.

Now we're going to add on a little bit. Come on up. Whole [inaudible] twist to the left center. Grow Tall, round, back to and nice deep breath and come on up, twist right center talk. Lie Back Down. One more set and come on up. Twist left center tall, lie back down. Last one, you round up, twist right center talk.

Lie Back Down. All right, switching legs. Left leg is up, knees are glued together. Arms are up to normal ones. Peel off that mat. Reach up as high as you can and then control the movement going down.

Really be conscious that you're working through your center, that you're not falling one way or the other. Lift your backs and continue to lie back down. Soft, soft feet. Here comes the twist. You're going to come up, reach for the toes, twist to the right center. Lift and lie back down and right back up to his left. Try to stay tall up, lie back down.

One more set you come right back up to the toes. Twist Center, lift and down. Last one, come on to the toes. Left Center, tall, lie back down. Go ahead and give your legs a stretch. Just pull them in. That's it. Drop your feet. Alright, let's have you bring both knees in this time.

Getting a little more challenging here. Going into a regular teaser and take both legs up. Take your arms behind you. You're going to start to lower your legs. And as soon as you get to about 45 degrees, you want to try to come all the way up. Reach for the years you really grow tall on your back.

And then continue to lie down. But keep the legs where they are and come right back up to the toes. Reach for the years. We'll round back down. One more time to the toes, to the ears. Back Down. Bend your knees and rest. Alright. Have you guys sit up? Place your hands underneath your ankles and drop your head. Your hands.

Heads down. Good. All right, so you want to try to get into it, that seeker of a tight little basket you can hold onto your ankles here. [inaudible] more advanced. It's holding onto the arches. Just more limber. So now, so you didn't have her hold onto your ankles for now, then is it for you? Okay. Okay.

Feels better than okay. Go where it feels better. It's tough. Yeah. You for elbows too. Alright, so find your balance and others take your feet off the mat, trying to stay around. And so this is very hard to come up on without hopping and that's really good actually because then you're getting into those deeper muscles. Tuck your tins and begin to roll back and then come on up while the clap in. Just a moment. Nice. Deep breath and go back and exit up.

Alright, now if you know these, we're going to try to clap your heels together three times. One, two, three, round, back, keep your, tends to your test. One, two, three before you come up. So three claps to go back. Three claps to come up. One, two, three. Up. One, two, three. Go back. Keep your chin tucked to your chest. One, two, three, up to two. Three back. One, two, three. Up. Two more. One, two, three. Go back. One, two, three. Come on up. Drop your feet. Go ahead and stand up, walk to the back of your mat, but still face the same direction. We'll go into some pushups. You'll take both arms up, you know, walk down your legs, walk out into a pushup position. Hands Underneath your shoulders. One straight line. So in other words, make sure there's tummies are really lifting.

You're still squeezing your bottoms and you're going to try to bend the elbows into the ribs and come up. Don't have to go very deep into it. Go to where you can. Keep that body nice and straight. So really scope, scope, scope up in here. So you're pushing your whole body up one more time. And now walk back to the feet. Round up one vertebrae at a time. Wait is towards the toes. One more set. Try to keep your heels together here. Nice. Deep breath in and walk down.

Walk out, find your plank. So straight from your neck down to the tailbone. Good. And begin to pump three to five times when keep lifting your stomach. Get those elbows to skim the rib cage. Three so it's not out with the elbows, but end to end one. You'll walk back once again, rounding and articulating to come up, shifting the hips on top of the ankles. Let's step forward, lie back down, and then go into a little backstroke.

So you're going to bring your knees into your chest. Okay. It's kind of a coordination exercise. Your hands are above your forehead. Do this on the equipment, but you can also do it here. He'll stay together. So you're in a plotting stance. Let's just practice the arms and legs. You're going to take a nice deep breath in and take the arms and like straight up. Now exhale, open the arms or legs, not too big.

And now inhale, lift your head and reach for your toes. Hold it. So now you're in your hundred position. Really stretch into it. Just the tips of the shoulders are off, pulling your stomachs in and then come back. Go ahead, drop your head. Inhale, arms and legs up. Exhale, arms and legs open and hale reach for the toes. When you're reaching your wrapping, the thigh, squeezing and really getting that back to anchor.

So you might have to lift the legs to a comfortable level to make sure your back is supported and then come back at, okay. Again, inhale up. Exhale, open. Inhale, heads come up, you reach for your toes. Hold, hold. Really pulling in your stomach, dropping those shoulders and come back in. So now we're going to make it a little more technical. You're going to try to keep your heads up the whole time. We'll try to do about three sets and the accent is on the in with the feet.

So you'll see it as we're moving heads up already, looking at your stomachs. Inhale, arms and legs up. Exhale, open together. Reach. Sorry, I'm in your way. And hold, hold, and then come back in. So inhale, arms and legs up. Exhale, open. Inhale, reach for the toes. Hold, hold, come back at. Let's do two more. Inhale up. Exhale, open together. Reach, hold, hold. Come on in.

One more time. Inhale up. Exhale, open together. Reach, hold, look at your tummy and come on in and rest. Alright, go ahead. Sit back up. Do a little [inaudible] rolling. So both legs are straight or straight as you can. And together we'll start from the chest. So the posture exercises a little bit of arms to, you're going to start from your chest, you're going to take a nice deep breath in, arms go up, and then exhale, squeeze your bottom, grow taller on top of your hips. Inhale, lift. And as though you're pushing through some pretty thick gear, you want to lift your backs up length in the back of your neck, so you'll start to feel a stretch. Inhale up, exhale down. Inhale, lift, exhale, lift your backs up, up, and one more time. Inhale up, exhale down.

Inhale and exhale. Now let's take that to the hips. Heads down. This time your feet are flexed, you're rounded into your seat, and as you're moving, you're pulling into that navel and inhale, stretch. Now keep reaching out with the arms and pulling in with your stomachs. Squeeze your bottoms, but begin to sit up tall. Take a nice deep breath in and exhale, always growing tall in heels. Stretch. Exhale, sit up. Tall, nice, deep breath in.

Try to sit right on top of those hips so you're not back here. You're really lifting your spawns two more from the hips and he'll stretch. Exhale, tall, deep breath in. And exhale. One more time. And inhale, reach alone. Exhale, sit up. Tall, nice, deep breath in. And exhale. Go ahead and cross your legs. Indian style. Yeah. Okay. You didn't take your arms up into a diamond shape behind your head.

You could do this with weights, otherwise we'll just, you know, it's more about the resistance. You want to stay tall in your backs, you're leaning a little bit forward, not totally forward, but enough to kind of clear your ponytail if you had one, and you're going to start to push out with your arms. As soon as you push out, think of those ribs pulling back in to your chest, stretch down, arms all the way out. Bend the arms back end again. Press away. Close those ribs. You're really working on stretching the muscles and strengthening them at the same time. Grow Tall, don't hunt your upper back. Good. And, and let's see those roots pull together. Exhale, push it away. So really deep, good reach, reach, reach, filling in the back and in two more and exhale, believe it or not, these really do work in the arms nicely and last one. It makes nice long muscles Ed. Reach.

Open the arms to the side instead of tall. These are some hugs. Nice deep breath in. Bring the fingers together and exhale. Sure. It might look like you're just working your arms, but you really are working on tightening those abdominals and back muscles and deep breath in. Push their away. Exhale, Walmart. Inhale and exhale. Recross your legs. Same thing, but reverse the breathing.

It feels a little bit different because you've read, crossed, not getting used to one side. You're going to exhale. Inhale, try to keep the elbows lifted, so no droopy arms. Exhale. Inhale. Each time you exhale, you want to feel everything pulled together and tight. Exhale and inhale. Last one, exhale and inhale the restaurant arms. Let's go ahead and stand back up. Or actually, I'm sorry. You know what I'd like to do since we're on the mat? All right.

Can I have you guys sit back down? Let's do a little mermaid stretch. See, you'll sit to the side and you're going to hold onto your ankle. Ideally, your knees should be as close together as possible. If that doesn't feel comfortable, you can open them up. That's it. Your hand, take the opposite arm up and then you want to try to bend to the side as far as you can. I'm just kind of stretching that side out. Keep pushing that hip down so your guys right here. Push it down, bend your elbow, go a little bit deeper and reach out. Try to keep your arm close to your ear as you come back up. Then you're going to switch arms.

This one you'll go down to the elbow and you can bend. You want to think of keeping a straight line from your shoulder to your hip, so everything between that should be flat. So again, those rips. Bend the arm, reach out, pull your ribs in even deeper and come back up tall and switch and reach. Just try to keep your next relaxed stretch. It's a nice stretch and come back up and again over. We'll do three set. Keep pulling your stomach's in.

Push that opposite hip down. Come on up the last set and over and stretch. And last one. Oh, we rich. Come on up. All right. Then you're going to switch sides. Sitting tall again. So first, think of lifting up so you're not slouched good. And then you're going to bend as far over as you can. Keep pushing those ribs in. Bend the elbow, go a little bit deeper and then, or reach out and come on up. Pulling everything together and over down to the [inaudible]. Oh about reach, not forgetting about that powerhouse. Naval discipline. Come on up.

Two more. Sets it over and bend, reach, shoulders relaxed. Good and over. Keep pulling in. That's it. Lengthen your sides. Really lift back up. And last one over. Reach the one up.

Last one I did two this side and then three sets and then come up and then I'll have you guys stand up. Sure. Yes. This time I am. All right. Heels together. Toes apart. Back into your plotty stance. Weight towards your toes. I'd say getting that wrap in the size. Make a fist with your hands and you're going to zip up the body. Come up.

And as though you're blowing up some thick, heavy dynamite, you want to push that down. Open your chest, slide your shoulders yet or lift your next nice long next. A little lifts your stomachs, wrapping the size and then come back up. So if you had weights as like you could, you want to really use that resistance on the down to grow tall in your backs and still rapping. And three more. Damn lengthening. Getting that feeling of weightlessness in your spine.

Left long, gating it last one. [inaudible] tall. Okay, let go of your arms. Let them just relax. Nice deep breath in three big circles when careful not locking your knees. Two and three, reverse your circles up. And Dan.

Oh, okay. Every time your arms come down, you should be growing taller and exhale. Let everything relax somewhat. You still want to wrap, you still want to live, but you do want to start to relax. Your arms and your neck start to drop your head and you're going to round down to the hips, right about to the top of the hips, and then just relax even more. Tried to let everything, all that energy just dropped. Weight is still towards your toes.

You're trying to keep your hips as close to the top of the ankles as your kid. Then you're going to give [inaudible] those arms a little pushing. Begin to circle them five times. One, two, three, four, five, and then a little push to reverse. Keep that attacking. There you go. Go a little bit lower to three. You might have to soften your knees a little, four and five, and now you're going to begin to come up, but take it very slowly.

Get those hips to really push forward, wrapped the size, weight to the toes, soft in their knees. Take your arms straight up. Nice. Deep breath in. We're going to go back now, but this time you're going to go all the way down and try to reach for your ankles and give yourself a little stretch. That's it. Good. Now walk back out into a plank position. That's it.

Keep your heels forward so you're really up on the toes. Go into nice playing to make sure your hips are down there. Squeeze your bottoms, take your right heel up and just stretch it back and switch feet and opposite foot. But keep lifting your tummies and be conscious that your hips are squared and switch. Stretch back, stretch forward and switch. Stretch back. Stretch forward and hold.

Come up into a pike and then you're going to walk your feet towards your hands. As you're walking, you're lifting your stomachs. Come all the way between your hands if you can. Again, you might have to bend your knees here. Try to get yourself news between the knees. You can grab onto the ankles if you'd like for an added stretch.

And then you're going to start turning around up. Good. Keep the weight towards your toes as you come up. Careful to lock your knees. Both arms come up, come up to the tippy, tippy toes. Nice deep breath in, and exhale. Go to a flat foot. Shake yourselves out. You guys are done. Okay, thanks.


adrianne is my favorite for classical instruction... the modifications for teasers and neck pull that she taught in this episode were actually harder than the real exercises for me!
I agree with Claire. I love this class - when will Adrianne be teaching again?
Thank you both for your lovely comments, it's true with modification comes greater control. Glad to hear you felt it! I am now just returning so, should have something up soon! Thanks so much for taking!
I agree with you all, this class is amazing. We look forward to more classes!
Ditto, what makes this class so great is the minimal set up. At level 2 we know what we're doing and its nice to be able to flow from one move to another seemlessly and without a lot of dialogue. Thanks for the great class!
awesome class
Great your style.
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Adrianne Rocks!
Great classical pilates class! I love learning new modifications, I always appreciate that,Thanks!
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Adrianne, I have taken this class too many times to count and you make me love it that much more each time. I feel totally invigorated and refreshed at the end. Thank you for the challenge, variety and keeping me coming back again and again!
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