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BASI® Mat Flow

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A challenging Mat Class taught in the style of the BASI Pilates® Flow Sequence and aimed at experienced practitioners willing to go deep and work hard. Practice methodically exploring the standard intermediate exercises as well as more advanced exercises like Side Bend and Side Kick kneeling.
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May 25, 2010
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All right, so sitting up nice and tall. Reaching the backs of the thighs is hang on gently and guide yourself up a little straighter. In fact, lift your chest and just think about sending the front hip bones forward a little bit so the chest rises like you're yawning through your spine. And then exhale, just drop back a little bit through the ABS. So just slightly round, and I didn't really mean to start us moving that fast. I want it to give us a second, but that felt good. So relax into it.

Don't shove anything yet. It's just the beginning. Lifting the back, maybe giving yourself a little bit of extension and XL to curve. So my intention today is to move and to encourage everyone to look for what you might want and what you might need in your body. And as you go through the class, look for that within yourself in healing tower. Just gonna stay straight now and then moving the spine, truly moving the spine, rolling back, finding the bottom of the ribs. If it's appropriate for you to let go, let go.

If you want to slide your arms down the sides of your legs, you will breathe in at the bottom. Start. Exhaling, think about going forward as you roll up so it's not just up and down. It's curvature of the spine. Lift and lengthen the spine, tall, excelling. As you start to travel down where it's, feel the pelvis move first. Curve the spine. I'm breathing in and starting the breath out. As you roll back in yelling. We're just going to do this a couple more times.

Looking for mobility in our spine. Exhale elsewhere around down, looking for a little inner thighs, heaviness in the shoulders, lots and lots of abdominal work. Inhale, raise your arms. Exhale, lower your arms and travel forward. Keep the shoulders just over the hips before the spine straightens and then lift up. One more time like that. Exhale to round back, and then those abs up or right away. Inhale the arms up. Exhale, bring the arms down and bring the spine full as you set up this time, turn towards the front of the room. That's all right. Inhale, exhale around down that side of our spine. Inhale, raise your arms up to go across to the other side, keeping the lower body still exhale, roll up that side of your spine and continue excelling as you transfer back to center. Inhale, rotate. Exhale around down, tucking the tailbone under. Feel solid in the hips, in the legs, in the lower body, totally in your reach.

Up and across. Exhale, roll up that side all the way up, growing tall, reaching up to the top of that and continue excelling as you transfer center. Here we go again. Rounding down, no working with the breath, feeling energy in the movement, but also looking for a sense of, I don't know, solidarity. Was that a word? Solidness. Solidarity. I don't think it's the word. Look it up after class, but that's what I think of anyway, so although we're doing fluid movements and this is going to be the last one on both sides, we want to find a sense of strength maybe is a good word of solid ness of control of power, and where do we gather that power from? From within.

This is it. Oh, Louis up in, over. Curling up. Turning us back to center and with that we're coming all the way down. Guide the feet a little closer to the hips. Place the arms down on the mat, placed the head down on the mat. Inhale, we're going to the pelvic curl rolling through the spine, lifting the pubic bow, lifting the low back, the mid back, the upper back lifts a little but mostly stays with way to crush your shoulders. Exhale, we round. I just tell myself I'm going to try not to talk too much, but it never seems to work very well in healing at the bottom flat in the spine. That tuck that you've just created, travels forward is your spine, comes with it, and just thinking about nice fluid movements go in three more times. Here's one.

Feeling the backs of the legs engage. Exhale, roll down. Feeling the arms of reach in the direction of the spine. Legs stay parallel evenly weighted through both feet. Here's to guiding the knees over the feet, feeling both legs working evenly. [inaudible] and last time rolling herselves up, stretching the arms away, stretching the neck in the opposite direction is the tail Buh excelling to come down, pick up one link, pick up the other leg, raise your arms so that they're just over your shoulders and flattened through the scapular. We're doing the spine twist.

Transfer the lightweight towards me and XL to come back. And then over to the other side, lifting one hip off the floor, but keeping both shoulders down. Pull the abdominals away from the knees as the knees travel to the side and then look for more work as you come back through center. So you want to find the feeling of the work happening from deep in the trunk, closer to the spine than the belly button or feel the belly button drag towards the spy so that they're connected. Last one, uh, sorry, one more on each to be even traveling through center across to the other side. From here, raise your head and chest. Keep your arms right up near your ears.

The same movement with the lower half of the body, but the arms are going to reach across to the opposite side. There's our exhale, high in yell, Crossover and change and crossover to change. If you don't feel anything in your abdominals, that's a problem. A, you should be definitely lifted up off your shoulder blades. You should feel the center really strong and you should be trying to go further as the body comes up. So that idea of curling forward. Let's do three more. Here's one, here's two, Eh, here's three. Come back to center. Both hands on both knees. Push your hands into your knees, pull your chest forward more the double leg stretch. We reach out, circle the arms around, pool the knees in from deep within the body and re as the arms travel over head.

Tried to narrow them towards one another and challenge yourself not to fall down. So as the arms go back, the chest is reaching forward. The highs continue to stay forward. Last four, pulling the shoulders away from the ears as we come around to the side. So not wasting any movement, finding work in all directions. I believe this is going to be our last one. Let's hang onto the knees.

Curl up just a little bit higher. Stretch the right leg, reach it away from you and change. Now can you find a sense of lightness through the hips, through the legs? Again, we're solid through the trunk, solid through the pelvis, but as the legs change from side to side, they are quiet. Doesn't mean they're not engaged or working, but don't shove. Don't hold back from the front of the hip as the leg straightens out.

Oh three more. Here's one and and two and and three and three hands behind the head. For the Chris' grocery you travel across and across. Reaching across to the ribbons. I again play with the idea that the legs are light, not relaxed and without losing precision, but not taking up a great deal of energy and lots for just a gentle inner thigh pressure.

Two to one. One bringing back to central lifts your chest, stretch your legs externally, rotate the legs, lower the legs down and drag them back. As they lower down. It's important that they stay. The back stays flat and then we pull them back up. Pressing down in here, digging down like there's a fishing reel behind your belly button attached to your spine and attached to your thighs. And that's what's pulling them on.

One more. Bend your knees, lower your head and chest. Place your feet down on the ground, stretching your arms along your sides or back into the pelvic curl crawling up. So looking for the back of the hips this time to allow the front of the hips to open up in healing. We hauled stretching the arms. Long exhale. We come down chest one vertebra, one bone, one rib bone at a time. Then all five bones between the bottom of the ribs and the top of the pelvis.

So I think that one more. There is often times a tendency to let go of the ABS or to stop working them as we get around the lower back or to not work them as hard as we can. So let that be your focus at the curvature of the lumbar spine. Be the focus now coming up into the shoulder. But here we go. We're rolling up through the spine, keeping the left leg on the floor.

Final, just a little bit more energy in the, in the pubic bone. Reaching above the hips. Stretch the right leg to the ceiling and it's exhale down and flex back to keeping the pelvis level the arms straight, the neck long [inaudible] last for reaching out to pullback. Reaching out to hold at the bottom. Bend the knee as you put it down. Notice how much, if at all, your pelvis is shifted. Look for a good, strong, stable center. Again, pick up the opposite side. Stretch it up and here it goes. We go down, back, back, pushing through the back of the thighs.

The leg travels down to keep the hips lifted. Five last [inaudible] oh three Paul and one well that's it for the knee. Back in and slowly curve the spine down, letting the muscles of the back relax as the muscles, as the front work. Too many PLA. That's fine.

Coming all the way down. [inaudible] stretch the right down onto the ground. Bring the left knee into the chest, hug around the back of the thigh for three times, keeping the fly close to the body. We're going to stretch the leg. And so whether or not the leg goes straight as unimportant at this point while we're trying to do is keep the thighbone close to the body, both hip bones down on the ground. This is it. Reaching up. Try to let the foot relax, walk the up, the leg holding on towards the top of the ankle, guided a little closer toward you, and then lift your body with intention.

Pulse it. Let go slowly. Change legs and actually stay here. Let's walk down and the we'll strip just this leg and then we'll go. So thigh, class two, the body three stretches, so give it all you got. A good idea here is to think about the thighbone sinking deeper into the hips to allow the thighbone itself to get closer to the body. And he is the last one.

Walk up the leg, reach around the Shin and guide it to word you. Let go. Change legs or going slow. Reach the bottom leg down as you got at the top. Lay back. Don't hold onto it yet and then hold on and change and then hold on. Animal adding the second pulse. Here it is and a little quicker. Whoa. On two and one. Two.

So even though it's fast or can we find that same amount of focused stability? Try not to hold onto the leg for dear life. Try to lift the chest towards the thigh as you pull your thigh bone to your chest. [inaudible] think the idea, just like when we stretched of the thighbone, going deep into the hip socket will be helpful. Hold hands behind your head. That doesn't work. Arms forward.

And here we go. Same pulse. Reach back and her each back. Looking for stability in the trunk here. That's important to us. [inaudible] just the top leg pulses. Last one going to go to this leg in the air and rage. Let the leg reach slightly across the body.

Continue to pulse it towards the body. Reach up away from the ground with the shoulder blades. Last too. Wow. One more. Oh, I'll bring the bottom leg up.

Lower the head down, bend the knees. Well, the knees into the chest. I personally like to widen mine where you can hug them straight and foolish. Bring them back together, stretch them out on the diagonal that you can sustain with a flat back and deep abdominals. Inhale, bring towards vertical XL to rollover. Inhale as you separate flexing your feet and then keeping the spine along with the intention of maybe lengthening more lower the toes. Exhale, ruled him through the spine. Chest first rib by rib, bone by bone. As the hips come down the toes. Point they circled to touch together. Inhale, exhale. We roll over flex and separate. Lower if you want to, but if you have to back your spine up to move your feet down, it's not worth it. Points he'd circle and touch.

Inhale to vertical XL. Roll over. Separate and reach down and down. Can I do the reverse points? Circle separate lift or rollover. Flex. Glue the legs together. Deepen the abdominals is a legs. Reach down and guy, the knees are right across the nose as you rolled on through your spine, pointing your feet separate in here.

Flex together and roll down, Eh, last one. [inaudible] [inaudible] as the tailbone comes down, lift the head and chest up. Sturt. Lowing the legs to where you can control for the hundred. And we in here for five and exhale, look for more. [inaudible]. [inaudible] well long full breasts on your next inhale. Pull your legs. Oh the way towards your chest.

And exhale. Push him down and he'll pull on up. Exhale, push him down. Feeling the pump coming from underneath the shoulders. Exhale, push down. [inaudible] this is it. Inhale, exhale, press. Inhale as you bend your knees away into your chest.

Treader lift your chest towards your thighs without lifting your tailbone and lower your feet and lower your body and stretch the legs out along the mat and raise the arms up over the head. Shoulders lift the head and chest. Curl through the spine. [inaudible] think tall. We're just gonna do a few here. So again, just looking for mobility of the spine, moving the pelvis collarbones long and wide. We've all got something we need to work on. I'm personally working on even this in both sides of my body, not gripping the seat. What do you need?

Relaxing into the movement. So here's an idea. If we just push and push and push and push, it's takes up more energy and perhaps we can do better work than just trying to be a part of the movement. Instead of forced the movement, feel it naturally like it's a part of you. Mm. An exhale, Rolla, stay there. Bend your knees, reach forward over your thighs by and pull the ribs back. So I don't know, I'm getting a stretch in my low back, but not everyone will exhale. Roll back.

Find a place that you can maintain somewhere between just behind your pelvis and right at the bottom of your ribs in your re. Reach your right arm back. Look at it. Exhale, bring it back in. Heel. Reach the opposite arm, turning through the waist. Exhale, bring it home and we turn way reach big and bring it back and reach big and bringing it back one more and come up and stretch the legs all the way to straight and just send yourself forward. Good moment. They're getting prepared mentally to do a little bit of back extensions.

It's coming. Okay, so let's start with the spine stretch forward. It's an exercise from the Cadillac reaching the arms, spine straight. Firstly, arms are up on the diagonal. [inaudible] so on this to create an imaginary force the shoulders pulling down the back like you have something heavy that you're pushing on. From there.

Exhale, curve the spine. Reach the feet away from you. Push that imaginary tension down. Reach the spine forward over the legs. There's our exhale. Inhale. Lengthen the spine. The RMC down in front. It's like you're pushing down to pull up. Is that a good thing? I don't know.

Exhale. Roll back. [inaudible] excuse me. Come over. All the way back up to city. Sit and tall. Inhale. Exhale. As you scoop your belly and Anna Round your back down that same exhale, breath transfers into the forward motion. The body goes forward, the belly pulls back, press down on an imaginary resistance. As you pull your spine forwards, it's a push. Pull, oppositional feeling. Exhale, roll back from there.

Yeah, and any help to CITA. One more time. Rounding legs, reaching energetically forward. Squeeze down, shoulders down, abs, down, abs, back, arms forward, spine, forward, inulin in the body X. I'll bring it home or bring it back and bring it up. Bend the knees, reach one hand around one knee, the other hand behind you and pull. Twist, supporting from the middle with the back arm up. Let go over the front arm.

Turn the opposite way and twist again. Can we play with the idea of not forcing, but being gentle with ourselves and I think that that will oftentimes give us a little bit more. Come back to center for the spine. Stretch forward, arm strain. Breathe in. Prepare. Exhale. Fold the head forward. Pull the ribs back, lengthen the spine all the way out over the size. Hadn't straightened to the back extension. Inhale there. This time the arms are raised at near the ears. The spine goes flat.

We're reaching long on the diagonal. Exhale, travel back forward and articulate the spine up as the spine stacks up. The shoulders get heavier and heavier and heavier. Inhale, exhale round. So allowing ourselves to link, breath to movement in, yeah, feeling, feeling the long lines of the body. Exhale, folding back forward and rolling down Lincoln. One movement into the next. Paying attention to the articulation of the spine here. So as the head goes down, the chest reaches forward, their ribs start to draw back.

The part of the belly engages and restocks helps you. Ribs knit together as you come up or go on one more time. Rounding. Feel the energy in your body as you lengthen this far. Now feel the release as you dive back forward and come on back. Place your hands behind you legs together for the back. Support hands can be faced out or faced in.

Reach the chest up away from the floor. Pull back on the APPS for support and here we go. It's an exhale to reach the toes towards the ground, to lift the hips up, chest up, eyes slightly up, but also slightly forward. As you look forward, your hips come down, you just tap and you come back up. Chest rises through the shoulders and we sit down. This chest goes forward, the ABS pull back and three more.

Raising and lowering the bar, looking for energy in the backs of the legs. Good place to focus so that the spine isn't taking all the effort. Lower back. [inaudible] specifically last to reaching, reaching the top of the head back and sitting down. Here's our last one for the day. We first we it, how's your hips come down?

Lean forward to your arms. Come off the floor, flip the pounds over the spine, twist. We're going to go to the front of the room first. It's a double post, twist, twist and center and then turn. So never forcing, always just looking for a little bit more by being gentle. [inaudible] if you're gentle with your body [inaudible] and I'll probably give you more. I Dunno, it's working for me and you know, one more to each side.

Turn and and lower the arms down. Bend the knees, shift the pelvis back or shift your weight back so you're leaning behind your pelvis. Hold on. Incl with the spine. Pick up the other incl. Okay, here we go. The open leg rocker around the lower back. Just actually stay there for a moment. See if you can come out of that. Do it one more time around.

The lower back was without letting the upper back change at all and then less so. That's where we start our movement from. Hello, background back Rola and then we lift up and the low backgrounds and we go back and we come on, I'm looking for ease using the upper finish, the extension of the spy. Let's do two more. He has a good place to look for evenness within your body. Rocking and rolling into one side or the other. Your feet shifting back and forth. Pause at the top like Oh, lower the legs.

Sit Up. [inaudible] flex the feet, arms to your sides for the saw to the front of the room. We turn. Take that front arm and reach past that outside for the back arm reaches against an imaginary solid. It pushes you. Inhale, lift up on the diagonal and exhale back to center a, what I meant to say, and I'll say it differently, is create an oppositional pull. As the front arm reaches for the back arm pulls back and that can perhaps lift and come center, give you a little bit more rotation. And now we're moving with the breath. We exhaled, paying attention to the stability of the hips, paying attention to the length of the spine in all directions.

So here's our diagonal line. Here's our straight line and center. We're trying for a straight back forward, but most of us are going around a little bit, a little lengthen and center and turn to reach to line. And this is [inaudible]. Sorry, did I say last one and then move more. That's what I always do. And back turn to reach to lengthen and come home. And with that [inaudible] bend your knees.

Let's just come up all the way, all the way onto our hands and knees. Not Hands and knees sneeze this way. I'm not sure what to do. Okay, so put your hands on your hips. Just find neutral. And that means the front hip bones directly in front of back hipbones arms out to the side, shouldn't need a huge amount of explanation for us. Straight arms. As you inhale, take your body over to one side. So keep the arms straight across, reach and stretch the waist, keeping the pelvis still.

As you exhale from the side of the waist, that stretching, we pull up and center and then go the other way. And Paul up and center finding strong work through the waist. Good stretch and back. So imagine that. So as you go to one side, let the leg that you're pulling away from be heavy towards the ground, but relax it around the hip joint. And I don't remember which direction we started to do you. This is going to be it.

I'm going to go all the way back to that, the front side. As you do. So you're going to pinwheel over, stretch out the leg, look for a little bit of a [inaudible] activity in the back of the hip, making sure you're not arched and behind the head with the hand behind the head. We're not pushing. They had. Let's move. Bring the leg forward and stretch it back. Press your head into your hands, or an a better way to say that is relax your neck and to your hands so it's not the hand that's de grant grinding they had forward.

Excuse me, it's cramping. Are you cramping? Oh, we're all cramping in here, but we fake it, right? Just kidding. Okay. Reach that leg away. Lifted a little higher and take it back lower to the ground. Lift it and bring it to the front. Lift it it back.

Lift it, bring it to their front. We're going one more time to the back to the front. Bring it to this side, slightly in front of center. Slide the bottom leg out to Meta. Opposite arm comes straight up through. Here we are on the side. Bend. Bend your knees and come down. Do you want to change positions? Are you happy?

Okay, so here we are. The side bend. Inhale, straight up. Exhale as you lift the bottom hand, lift the waist, turn the eyes at the last moment, reaching the top arm overhead. Inhale. As you travel back to your story line and Xcel as you sit down in heel, Tacoma. Exhale to lift from the waist. Look down at the Hannans, stretched the top arm away from the feet and he'll back to the straight line and bend the knees. Doing that one more time coming up, going on this time if he can. If you want to hover the hips, nice stretch to the waist, but stabilize the shoulder. Lift tobacco bend the bottom knee lifts the leg that was just lifted.

Reach your top arm over your head as you take your leg behind you and stretch and then bend the knee so it's right next to the other knee. Continue your spine reaching in that direction. You sit down into the hip [inaudible]. Yeah. Okay. Roll up through the spine. Back on the knees. I remember which leg was working in, which like wasn't straight down. It's out to the side. Let's just do a couple of side bins.

So we're getting to Ana. Reach off to one side. Xcel from the obliques. Get Taller, rise up out of the pelvis in a times. Anyway. A lot of people carry a lot of tension in the pelvis, in the hip joint. Can we travel away from it and relax within it? Yeah.

This is going to be, yeah. Oh, I guess we'll have to do one more after this. Last one. Thinking about going up as you go over and coming home and here we go. Over into the sidekick position. We reach that bottom arm down, lift the top lane, check that your back is in art. Stretch your leg out, hand behind the head. All things stable.

Flex and kick forward and reach back. A sense of trying to reach away from the hip or although the hip joint is working, how much can we [inaudible]? I don't know. I can't really say relaxing. If we're all cramping, can I? We can try. Can we pull away from it away from the tension? Last too. [inaudible] like goes down. Are going to take it to the back. Reach it.

I've tried to take it higher than it was. Bring it to the front. Bring it over. Last one. [inaudible] lifted on. Stretch it out lower to the ground. Stabilize the bottom shoulder. We're coming to the side bend.

Take this bottom leg out from underneath top arm reaches up. I'm going to bend our knees to start from the bottom, so inhale out into a straight line. Exhale. It's the waist that the work. Imagine you're between two panes of glass. You can't turn forward and you can't turn back. It's only then eyes that turn and he'll come back to the straight line and XL Tibet.

Okay. Working with their breath. Use the full exhale to get up. All the words you can in your body, Mac, and come down. Last one, we're checking up, coming back. However the hips, lower the bottom arm down, lift up away from the ground, lift the hips back out. Then the bottom knee. Lift the top leg, stretch it behind you and turn slightly reaching your fingers in opposition breathing, stretching, and then start to bring that knee down just to keep the body turned in the direction that you are.

As you sit your hips down towards or past your feet. Okay, I'm just going to turn myself around so I'm headed back the right direction. Let's come on to our abdominals. The single leg kick. So place the elbows underneath the shoulders and I play with the set up just a little bit.

What do I want to say first? I'm not sure. Pull the elbows, not forcing back, but just guide the upper arms backwards a little bit. And as you do start to lift the Ab so you've got a little bit of back and a lot of ads. Then with the intention of lifting the chest, continue to pull the arm bend slightly back. So now our stomach is all the way off the ground. Pubic bones probably really heavy. Press the chest through the arms to the best of your ability.

And then however the legs are probably not going to look very high. Keep them parallel to one another and then we're going to kick one in and stretch it out. And it's a double pulse and the breath is breathing and keep breathing in and be that I am, ah, the legs are passing each other in space. So one's coming in. Inhale. So it's not four kicks in one leg. Is that what you're asking? No, I was asking her that you can kick kick certain, I dunno.

No, I'm passing. [inaudible] so as one leg straightens the opposite like then as that straightened, yeah, that like, and this is going to be the last one right now. Stretch both legs out, lower the legs, lower the body, slide the hands back so they're just underneath the shoulders. Press with the shoulder blades, reaching down the back of your chest up so you're on your knees. Round, back. Sit on your feet. [inaudible] and then rural back up. So you're on your hands and knees heading into the front. Support slide. One leg back.

Slide the other leg back and just be here for a second. Feeling solid, finding the abdominals and the relax. Point. The right foot lifted off. Five, four, three, two, one as you put it down, do so without anything else changing in your body. Pick up the last one. Fine. Place the foot down. Great. Reached the top of the head forward or reached the heels back.

Bend the right knee, slide it under the body, stretch it back. Bend the left knee, slide it under the body. Stretch it back. You're pulling your leg in just like an abdominal exercise from the abdominals, while at the same time you're looking for tools, stability in your body, a couple more. Last one, and your elbows point them towards you. Lower your body towards the ground. Bring your arms out to your sides.

So the elbows are going to be wide or they elbows are going to be at about a 90 degree domain. Lifting up away from the floor. We're going to work on our shoulders. So with your inhale, pick up your hands. With your exhale. Pick up your elbows with your inhale and with good stability. Let your head and chest float from the floor. With the exhale, reach your arms on a high diagonal, but feel the shoulders reaching back, relaxing back towards it. Really Bend your elbows, pulling the elbows apart, spreading the back wide. Lower the head down, rotating the shoulders, lower the elbows down and reach the hands. We're going again, reaching the hands first.

Start right now to keep the legs strong, the abs strong, elbows in your head, chest. Exhale, reach up on a high direc in your ribbon. Excellent head, chest. Inhale, elbows and hands. We're going that one more time. Here it is. Annual hands. Exhale are feeling the movement within the joint had chest. Exhale, reach. Ah.

Anyhow, rebellion lover. They had lower the elbows. Lower the hand holding there, slide the arms overhead using your abdominals first or try to lift them all the way off the ground. I think most of us in this room can do that or all of us. Pick up the legs only as much as you can without letting your stomach reach back down and then hover the arms and then from there. Don't worry about how high it is yet. Reach oppositionally. Oppositionally right arm, less leg, left arm rightly. Pay attention while we do this.

A little slower and a little smaller than perhaps is necessary. That is are both sides working evenly? Can you tap into the side that's not working as hard? And then we're going to quicken. Breathe in, breathe out. Two, three, four, five. Breathe in stillness through the trunk.

Maybe that you then pay that one more down. [inaudible] oh, the lanes. Stretch the arms out to your side. Lower everything down. The arms are going to reach out like a t. Try there with your hands on the ground to pull them away from one another. Once again, recommit to the ants. Recommit to the strong stable legs. Pick up the arm, bring your arms back to your sides. Pinky fingers in, palms to the ground.

Inhale as you reach your arms to your side, stretch them away from one another. Exhale, bring them back. Here's another place. Who are, can we, instead of shoving into the joint, relax or reach away from the joint that we're trying to stabilize. I know, I know. And overhead and bend your elbows. Bring them next to your body. Lower head and chest. Press up onto your hands and knees. Round the spine and sit all the way back.

All right, coming up, back onto our hands and knees. I it and back extension with the cat stretch. I know it's a lot tired. Yes. Okay. Um, just a few. Just a few knees, just under hips. Hands, just under shoulders. How about you into here? You're missing anything. Okay, so let's just start from a neutral flat back.

As you exhale, bring your pelvis forward. Now, there should be some strong intensity in the front of the body, but how much by intensifying the front can you allow the back to stretch, to move, to relax? Inhale, as you come back through neutral. Exhale as you send the spine slightly forward, feeling the shoulders reach into your back pockets and lengthen and heel back to neutral. So how can we as advanced practitioners, exhale, flex the spine, take a fundamental movement and create more challenge? I'm actually, the fundamental movements are, in my opinion, the very hardest. But anyway, what can we find them? Can we look for? It's another moment where we've got to look within ourselves. Can you stretch the back anymore? Are you truly challenging your abdominal? Inhale, lengthen.

Can you take your head in your spine in two separate directions or your tailbone? Exhale. Extend. Yeah. And release a one way. Extend and slide the legs out. Friends' support and do three pushups here. Guide the elbows towards the body. Shoulders reaching. Yeah, lift the hips up. Walk the hands to the feet, trying to keep the hips lifting straight up.

Breathe in and breathe out. [inaudible] hello in the hips. Depressed slightly forward guiding spine. Inhaling at the top. We're just going to stay unless anyone wants more pushups. I didn't think so. We're just getting here. Okay, finishing. Let your head rack relax. Let your upper back relax.

Feel that as the heaviness travels through your spine, it's supported by the front of your body. Folding yourself all the way down, kind of taking stock of yourself. Hang down at the bottom for a moment. If you want to bend your knees, please do. In fact, let's all bend our knees just a little or maybe a lot with bent knees. Can you look for in your body a sense of deep abdominal work to pull the Femur as deeper into the hip sockets to get that sense of sinking in words.

And with that can you just spill out a low back to spill out over the top and just breathe? Couple of long fluid breaths. Gathering energy, releasing tension. One more. Oh, I can't come up yet. Sorry. One more. And with that, keeping the knees soft, in fact, maybe a lot bent.

Balancing the weight on both feet, preparing to come up, lifting up through the center has you come up, feel the spine just as heavy as you went down, maybe even heavier. Look for a stretch in all parts of your back. I'm all the way up to standing. Raise your arms up towards the air right towards the ceiling. Lift the chest energetically, so not much of an arch.

It's just like you're pulling out of your waist. Press the arms out to the side. Take us flat back forward, folding through the waist, supporting through the front or coming all the way back up. [inaudible]. All right, done. Thank you for coming.


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No apologies EVER for talking during your sessions please.
Your vocabulary, your thinking, your verbalizations:
"nuances" "thinking about" "intentions" "looking for" "giving permission" "checking in with your body" "what can you find" "what do you need" "feel ___" are what keep me returning to your classes every day! Hopefully, Michelle B who is fortunate enough to take your classes personally and told me about this online program will tell you how much I appreciate learning pilates from you.
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Subtly challenging class with some intense back work. I worked hard in this class and really felt it, thanks!
Thanks for the comments ladies! Joni...Michelle has told me about you and I am thrilled that you have found us. Maybe someday we will meet in person. Until then....keep practicing and thank you!
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An oldie but wonderful!! I love Meredith's pace and flow
Wow, Alison!
This is one of my very first classes on PA. Thank you for digging in the archives and taking class with me. Awesome!
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Hi Meri! This was such a considerate class. I don't know how else to describe it, but my body and mind really appreciate it. Thanks :)
Hi Sook Wern! It makes me so happy to see people returning to these older classes. This was one of my very first. It's fun to look back to the beginning. Glad you liked the class and hope you are well and happy.
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Wow! That was amazing!!!! Thank you so much Meredith!!!!
Thank YOU Malgosia!
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Found this deep in my queue! What a fantastic workout. Deep controlled work at a great pace. Got a little sweaty. Thank you so much. 
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