Class #169

Mat Workout

40 min - Class


Adrianne teaches some high powered moves and stays true to the pace of an intermediate to advanced mat workout. These are exercises for the more skilled Pilates student still learning the intermediate level. Adrianne finishes class with some wall exercises and a few arm weights. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights

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May 27, 2010
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I thought this class was for a beginner. Thank goodness I have a little knowledge of basics. Class moved a little faster than I like for a beginner just learning basics. Definitely a good routine something to push myself to get stronger.
Level 1/2 is beginner to intermediate - so, it can get difficult for those just learning. Thanks for keeping up and giving it a try!
In my initial search, I chose no props, but this class used weighted balls.
Helen~ Thank you for pointing this out to us. I have added Hand Weights as a prop for this class.
I've taken >30 or so classes and transitioned from level 1-2. This class should probably be labeled a level 2, if only because of the pace. In the 37 minutes that I watched, there was only 1 specific rest of 5 seconds. Other than that, only constant transitions between fast-paced reps of the basic Pilates moves. No suggestions for modifications were given for those who couldn't achieve the positions (e.g., Teaser), and Adrienne gives little instruction/reminder about how to perform the moves. In addition, the class starts with the 100's with no warmup, as if it is part of a longer class.

That said, when I feel like I very fast-paced basic workout, I might use it again. It also has a long section at the end with arm weights and wall, which are helpful but should be explained in the indexing.
Michelle ~ Thank you for your feedback. Adrianne was trained in a particular style that moves a little quicker and uses transitions to flow from one exercise to the next so there aren't breaks. We have decided to keep the class as a Level 1/2 because it is appropriate for those who are moving up to the intermediate level. If you try this class again, I hope you like it more the second time around.
Hi Michelle, after reading your comment I looked back at the video (2010) - You are correct! This class is by no means a 1 (basic). It is a high intermediate class, another words to take this class you need to know the intermediate level and are strong enough to move forward toward advanced moves. The description is correct - however we need to change this to a level 2 with the addition of rollover. I apologize for the mislabeling and will see about changing that. Thanks for your input - always good to catch these things.

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