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Yoga/Mat Fusion

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In this Mat workout, Connie brings the peace of a yoga practice and the power of a Pilates practice together for a wonderful fusion. This fusion trains your body and your nervous system to speed up and slow down when necessary. Connie makes sure you know the differences between certain Pilates and yoga exercises so you can get the best of both disciplines.
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May 22, 2014
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Hi, I'm Connie burrow and we are going to be doing a yoga [inaudible] fusion core class and just go at your own pace. Ladies. If something doesn't feel right, modify it. I'll help you modify it. Okay, so bring your feet right underneath your hips and take your fingers and make a diamond. Put your pointer fingers on your pubic bone and your thumb on your navel. Press your pubic bone into your pointer fingers and slide your tailbone long. So we're not going to press all the way forward like that.

We're just going to slide the tailbone down. Wrap your shoulders to your back. This is your diamond in your low belly. This is going to be your scoop. In Yoga, we call it [inaudible] Outta bond up and in PyLadies. It's the scoop. So pressing into that diamond. Inhale and bring the diamond up and underneath your sternum, keeping your tailbone long and exhale and make a deeper setting with that diamond into your sacred in how?

Pull the diamond up with your breath and exhale, pull the diamond in with your breath and take your hands down, palms face in towards your thighs. Do the same thing in hell and bring the diamond up underneath your sternum and exhale and bring the diamond into your sacred. One more time. Inhale and up, and exhale at it. Now we're gonna add some arms to this, so arms come up on the inhale, you're drawing your abdominals in and up and exhale down, keeping the lift and making a deeper setting with your diamond. Inhale, how lengthen your spine x help deeper setting for that diamond. Last one in how lengthen your spine. Leave your hands there.

Turn your palms to face forward. Curl your chin towards the chest and start to roll down one bone at a time. Head comes in, neck, shoulders, all the way down. Tap your fingers to the mat, allowing your arms just to hang, keeping your head between your arms and your arms on either side of your ears. Roll Up. Start it from your tailbone, tailbone as you in help holing the diamond up. So keep your arms even with your ears all the way up. Yes, and allow those shoulders to melt down your back and lengthen and grow taller.

Pull the diamond up. Exhale, curl your chin to your chest. Come up and over as if you're coming over a fence post in front of you, releasing the shoulders back behind you. Release your arms. Now keep your head in and walk your hands. Three steps forward. Big, big, big steps. One, two, three, and come into a plank position. Now walk your feet forward onto your map and hold plank.

Separate your feet about shoulder distance or hip distance apart, keeping the diamond drawing up on your inhale and exhale, the diamond comes into your sacred. Keep this pulled up and into my hands. I'll push it. Yeah, and inhale and exhale. Now Curl your chin to your chest again. Round your back like you're going to do elephants. Come back up and over your fence post sinking your heels down, keeping your back rounded so it's not downward dog.

Walk your hands back. Yes, thank your heels down. Sink your tail to your heels, keeping your arms next to your ears. Slowly round up. Start it from your tailbone. Press down into the legs. Inhaling all the way up, ringing that diamond up with you. Shoulders slide down and exhale. Release your arms. Good.

So we're going to try to stay in that rounded position. Downward dog will have its day, but right now we're going to do the rounded position. So arms come up on over your head, drawing the diamond up under your sternum. Exhale, curl your chin to your chest. Come up over your fence. Post shoulders melt towards your, towards your ribs and walk out. Three big steps. One, two, three. Come into plank.

Hold and breathe for leg pull front. Lift your right heel and roll back over your left foot. Come forward and lower that foot down. Lift your left foot, roll back over your right and come forward and roll back down again. Right foot comes up, roll back and come in and lower and left up. Come back and come in and lower.

Come back and into the rounded position. Head comes in back rounds and walk back. Come up and over your fence posts. Curl your tail towards your heels. Arms. Stay next to your ears as you round up and you can bring your arms up. Shoulders melt down your back. Go ahead. Let's do that one more time. So inhale in length and pull the diamond up.

Exhale, curl your head in. Come up over your fence post keeping your shoulders melting towards your hips. Big steps out. One, two, three. Bam, you're there. Good job. Draw your abs in and up and lift up to downward dog. And here you go. Now lift high on your toes. On the inhale, keep your ribs in your back.

And exhale, lower your heels and high lengthening your towel towards the wall and exhale down through your heels in how lift and lengthen. Exhale down. Let's try to flatten that out, but don't untuck. There you go. Lift up and exhale down. Beautiful. Last one, lift up high. This is tendon stretch and exhale. Now running right heel goes down. Left knee bends and go for a run.

Out and out. Pressing your heels down, keeping the hips still in space. Tailbone curls under belly to the back. Yes. Pull your ribs in. Yeah, and two more. I'll try to flatten that out, but keep your tail talks and one more. Good job. I right. Press down into downward dog and then curl your back. Head in and walk back. One, two, three arms. Stay next to your ears. Curl under with your tailbone first.

Keep those arms next to your ears and shoulders. Slides a slide with my hands. Slide, slide, slide, slide, slide. Good. And inhale, grow taller and exhale. Curl your head in. Good. Diving over your fence post, keeping the shoulders melting. Walk out. Three big steps. One, two, three. Hold it there.

Keeping one piece. Bend your elbows back towards your sides and come all the way down to your belly. All the way down. Good hand. Stay underneath your armpits. Release your feet behind you. All 10 toenails on the floor. Find your diamond. So elbows press towards the ceiling. We're going to do swan.

Wrap your shoulders to your back. Lift these up. Yes. Now pull your elbows. There you go. Pull your elbows towards your side and lift your eyes, nose, chin, and chest and come up. Stretch your shoulder blades wide, pulling the diamond up away from the floor. And exhale, go all the way back down again. Shoulders slide down your back. Wrap your shoulders to your back, leading with your eyes. Eyes come up. Where's your diamond?

Pull that diamond up on the inhale and exhale. Make a deeper setting as you lower back down. Swan one nickel. Inhale, find your diamond. Pull it up as you lift your chest. Look straight ahead, turn your head to the right RQ. Chin down and around to the left. Keeping your shoulders still and come back to center. Exhale and hold.

Lower your hips down just a bit. Yes. In how? Lift the diamond underneath your sternum. Turn your head to the left. Arch your chin down and around to the right and back to center. And exhale, pull yourself longer to come down pulling with those arms. Good job. No push down into your hands. Bring your hips up and over your heels for the rest position.

So this is not child's pose. It's the rest position. So this is from Palladio's. We're lifting the ribs up off your thighs and your seat curls towards your heels. Lift those hips up just a bit off of your heels and round your back strongly with this up. Yes. Now inhale, rounding your back more. Exhale. Find the deeper setting for your diamond. In how rounding the back.

Try to sit back over your heels and exhale, come up onto all fours. Tuck your toes under and press back and into downward dog. So I want you to walk forward so your feet are on your mat, so have your feet on the mat. Great. Pull your right knee into your chest. Keep your back rounded and your ribs pulled into your back.

Right knee comes into your chest. Square your hips off. Now come forward into one legged plank or stork and pull out his and exhale right back out. Keeping your knee tight to your side and inhale out. Forward lengthening and exhale, pulling up through the diamond. One more time. Inhale heel to seat. Pull that heel into your seat and exhale all the way out.

Take that same leg and stretch it to the ceiling for Arabesque one. Open the hip, keeping the right leg on its own side. Reach the right leg and left arm in opposition to each other. Stretch. Lift up on your left toes and sink back down.

So keep their left hand down. Keep your left hand down. You're going to stretch in opposition. So it's here. Lift your hip up. Yes. Now stretch your left arm really far forward and stretch your right arm, right leg and opposition. Pull your ribs into your back. There you go. And lifting lower on that back leg. Lift up off your heel so the back heel comes up and the back heel goes down.

Lift your back, heel up, and your back heel comes down. One more time. Lengthen out through that side. Keep your ribs in there and calm. Bring that foot all the way down to the floor. Come forward into plank. Remember we did the right side, not the left, so I don't get messed up.

Slowly lower all the way to the floor. Great. Bring your right heel into your seat and take your right hand and grab the ankle. Press that foot away and lift your chest up with the pull and exhale and pull longer through the chest to go down. Knee moves in opposition to that. Inhale and float your chest up. Find your diamond, pull it underneath your sternum and exhale, pull your chest forward and pressure. Need back and opposition. One more.

Inhale up and exhale. Go longer. Release that foot and bend your left one. Reach back and grab that one. Pull it in towards your seat and keep your hands right underneath your armpit. Lift the off. There you go.

Lift your eyes and press your foot away to stretch. Look straight ahead. Keep pushing that foot away to get that big stretch and exhale. Go longer to come down. But inhale and stretch and reach.

Lift your chest up to the stern to the ceiling, and then exhale. Find the deeper setting for your diamond. One more time. Inhale, pulling that up. Now lengthen and opposition. Your left knee goes back, your sternum goes forward and release. Lower that foot to the floor. Come up onto your elbows for single leg kick. So elbows here and fists in front. Good.

Looking up as straight as you can. Find your diamond. Bend your right knee. Kick, kick and switch. Kick, kick and switch. Looking straight ahead. Length in the leg to go down. Reach your chest forward and opposition to your leg. Lengthening. One more, right? One more left and lower all the way down.

Forehead on the Mat. Then both knees and take your ankles in your hands. Reach back. Same thing. Find your diamond in how? Push your feet away as you lift your chest. Diamond comes up to your sternum and exhale.

Make a deeper setting. As you lower that chest back down. Inhale and lengthen and push your feet away. Bring the diamond up to your sternum and exhale and go back down. One more time in how length in the feet away. Really reach your chest forward. Chest forward, chest forward, lift and exhale and release.

Release your feet. Hands. Come to your lower back, stuck one on top of the other. For double leg kick. Turn your rate face, cheek to the floor, legs, hands high, and your back and you're just going to stack them. Keep worrying about your finger and both heels, both knees bend, kick, kick, kick. Lengthen your legs. Lengthen your arms and reach up. Stretch yourself in opposition and turn your head to the left and arms. Come back. Bend your knees, one, two, three and stretch and reach. Chest forward, legs, back, and opposition and come down and on, and a two and a three and stretch.

Pulling the abdominals up and lower back down. Last one. Really stretch your neck out with this one. Reach up. Reach your neck longer to turn your head and lower down. Bring your legs down onto the mat. Hands Underneath your armpits. Press back into child's pose. Yay.

Joy Your abdominals in. So let your let your whole chest rest between your knees. Separate your knees and just let that go. Oh God, yes. Take a breath into your low back, into your hips, into your shoulders. Reach in the arms long and come back up onto all fours. Tuck your toes under and press back into downward facing dog for stork on the left side. So keeping your back round and bring your left knee into your chest.

Hug that heel to your seat as tight as you can and come forward and into one like a plank or a stork and roll right back out and inhale and come forward. Pull the diamond under near neath your sternum. Exhale and go back out one more time. And holding that knee tight to your chest and exhale out. Hold that. Lengthen your left leg up.

Rotate your pelvis on your left Femur and stretch, or your right Femur, I guess. Yeah. Now stretch your left foot and your right arm and opposition making like an x, reaching longer, reaching longer. Go ahead, lift and lower on the back foot. Lift and lower arabesque. One lift and lower. Reach your toes for the ceiling. Resist coming down as you lower your heel. One more. Good job. Lower that foot down to the mat. Come forward into plank and bring your right knee to the mat.

Come up onto that knee facing the water for sidekicks series. Yes. So you're going to come up on the knee, lengthen that leg out and bring your hand behind your head, great length and the leg out and bring it even with your hip. Curl your tail under. Pull your diamond up to your sternum and then make a deeper setting, keeping your elbow open and your ribs in your back. Kick your leg forward and bring it back like you're sliding on a glass top table.

Should be that smooth and forward and back and keeping the chest open. Find that diamond and big circles been around and up and around. Two more. One more. Hold it lifted up even more and lower down and stand on two knees. Come all the way up.

Knees even with your hips for chest expansion. So bring your feet hip distance apart as well. Arms down by your sides. Reach your fingers for the floor and your head for the ceiling. Find your diamond.

Inhale and pull the diamond up under your sternum. And exhale. Pull it into your sacrum. Reach your arms straight forward and keeping your shoulders on your back. Anchor your armpits. All right, chest expansion. Hinge back at your knees.

Press your arms backwards length and from your knees out through the crown of your head and exhale and come right back up. Find a spot on the wall or the water to look at. Hinge back. Inhale, hold it. Turn your head right, left center and exhale. Come right back up. Do it again in hell. Hinge back, left, right center and exhale up and lower your hands. Come onto your left knee. Four side kicks on this side. So line yourself up on a straight line.

Lift the outs leg to hip height and point your toe. Elbow wide. Find your diamond. Pull it up underneath your sternum and curl and pull that diamond deeper. Front and back. Slide your leg on a glass top table. Sweep it back from the diamond.

The diamond brings your leg forward. Reach it from the diamond. And one more. We found your weakness. Whole hole and big circles. She had no weakness in the reformer class butts. This is pushed this hip away this way. Yeah, so keep going.

Pull yet. Now do it. Pull your diamond in and go in the other direction. Sorry guys. And bend that knee and stand on two knees. What? Bring your arms out to the side. Inhale, lengthen and exhale. Sit down onto your right hip for a mermaid.

So mermaid stretch first. Take your ankle side hand and grasp the ankles and bring the other arm up. Scoop pulling the diamond up underneath your sternum and inhale and come over. Trying to lay that out through your waist. Exhale, come through a t, palms face towards the ceiling and down onto that right elbow. Turn your palm up towards the ceiling. Yes.

And bring that hand straight forward. This way you guys. Yeah, so it goes that way. Beautiful. So yes, straight forward. That's it. Now pull your waist away from the floor. Inhale and pull that waste away. Exhale. And make yourself longer from your left knee through your left hand, from your right knee, through your right hand. Reach. Inhale, lengthen, and exhale. Come through the tee again and stretch.

Good job. All right, so side plank. Bring your right hand to the mat, stretch your legs out. Take that top hand right in front of your pelvis and come up and into a side plank position. Top foot in front of bottom foot. Yes. And bring your arm up towards the ceiling. So this a side plank in yoga and Pilates, it's mermaid t and we're going to do mermaid twist.

So take that top hand under your inside elbow and pull your hips up towards the ceiling stretch and then come right back through and bring the arm up to the ceiling again. Good job. Do it again. Up in, under, pulling through, and then back and into the center. Hold it there. Bring your hand down to your side. Lower and lift the hips down and come back up, down, and come back up, down and come back up. Good job. And reach the arm up over your head. Turn it into plank, both knees to the floor and sit back and into child's pose. Job Breathe. Let yourself take a little break here.

So part of the reason why I love the yoga and pilates as we train our nervous system to speed up, and then we also train it to slow down. And that's the point of this, is to get that nervous system to slow down again because you just did something hard to speed it up. All right, come up onto all fours and sit on your other hip. You're going to sit onto your left hip, yep. And face this way and bring your arm up. So to grasp your ankles, bring the other arm up, stretch up and over, sending your tailbone. So pulling up on the inhale, pull the sternum up and exhale through the t and over.

Left elbow to the floor, palm up and right arm over your head. Curl your tailbone towards your knees. Stretch. So left hand, left knee, right hand, right knee. Reach an opposition. Inhale, lengthen and pull your waste away from the floor. Exhale through the tea and over n stretch up and over for side plank on this side. Left hand comes down.

Bring your right hand in front of your pelvis. Stretch your legs out, top, foot in front. Come to a side plank, right arm goes up and stretch up and over your head. Reaching long and snake through op and underneath. Reaching the hips high towards the ceiling, lengthening out both sides of your waist and come right back and into the center. Arm Up. Let's do that again. Lift your hips up, sneak through and twist. Reach and exhale. Come right back up and hold.

Lower the arm down to your hip and Lauren, lift your hips three times down and come up. Get that big stretch. Keep your shoulders rep to your back, find your sternum and pull your diamond up to it. Last one, big stretch up and over, and then turn into plank. Knees down, and child's pose. Excellent. Drawing the ABS in, giving your nervous system a chance to relax. Turn your palms down. Good.

Okay. Come up to a seated position on your heels. Hands down by your sides. Tuck your toes under and roll back over your toes and come to a squat. Yes. Draw your abs in. Bring your hands down next to your sides and walk your feet forward into Dandasana. So feet forward. Yup. I'm bringing those people. Oh, I, that's like it. This one is like, when you're doing this, it feels like 10 and stretch on the reformer. So hands come back, sit down on your hips and lengthen your legs straight out in front of you.

Shoulders right up over your hips, palms face forward. Great. Wrap your shoulders to your back. Send your tailbone down. Find your sternum, lift this, the diamond up and underneath your sternum and make a deeper setting. Press down into your hands and lift your hips up for leg. Pull back. Try to keep your heels down. Try to get your toes down.

Look down at your toes and pull the belly in. Yes. So keeping that. Yeah, and sit right back down. Seat to your hands. Lift back up again in how? Pull the diamond underneath your sternum. Exhale and hold. Looking down your belly. Lift your right leg up and kick it to the ceiling and lower it back down.

Left leg up. Inhale, sternum up and back. Down, right leg up, keeping the diamond moving underneath your sternum. Last one up and sit back down. Good job. Arms come up and over your head. Find your diamond. Inhale up. Exhale and fold forward or a forward fold. Stretch. Flex your feet strongly and try to get as low as you can.

Go and still pull your belly back so this isn't so much a hinge as it is a pull back and opposition with your scoop. Stack yourself up one bone at a time and reach your arms straight forward. Hinge back off of your hips and backwards one bone at a time. Palm face towards the floor. Bring your arms up and over your head. Keep your ribs plugged into your back.

Bring your hands back to the ceiling. Curl your head through your arms for roll up and roll and scoop and roll and scoop. Pulling that up. Flex your feet. Reach your palms towards the floor and shoulders. Slide back. Now come forward over my hand. You can do it cause you're so flexible. Good. Keep going. Keep going. Yes. There you go.

Like your hands are sliding on a glass top table. Stay there. Curl under. Enroll back, curl, curl, curl. Send your tail to your heels in opposition. Keep your ribs in your back as you bring your arms up and then bring your arms down. Crawl onto your mat if you're off. So bring your whole body onto the mat for single leg stretch ab series. Sorry.

Bring your right knee into your chest and hug it with both hands. Curl your head, neck and shoulders up and float your left leg to 45 degrees. Slide your right hand down to your ankle and keep your left on your knee. Keep that knee on the center line. Looking at your belly button. Find your sternum, find your diamond. Yes. And float the left leg.

The 45 yeah. Now pulling in, switch in and switch opposite hand takes the knee so that hand is going to bear. All right, hold right knee in. So the reason why we have the opposite hand on the knee is so it stays in the center. So if you switched your hands and pulled, you'd be pulling your hip out of alignment. So we want to keep that hand in. So this is, this is a really big stretch. Pull it in. Yeah. Yeah. Heel to your seat. Now pull your heel to your seat. Yes. All right, let's do it to the other side. Big stretch on the other side.

So pulling that knee into the center, pull the ankle down to your seat. Yes. Bring both knees into your chest and lower your head down. Turn your head right just for a little rest. Turn your head left. Come back and into the center. Curl your head up. Look at your belly button for double leg stretch.

Reach your arms and legs in opposite directions. Inhaling, pull the diamond up. Exhale, sweep your arms around vendor, knees and hug. Inhale, pull the diamond up with your hands. Look at your belly button. Exhale, pull around and hug. One more time. Stretch out, reach and pull around and hug and lower your head down. Turn your head left and right, trying to keep yourself nice and still in the rest of the body. Lengthen your legs to the ceiling. Curl your head, neck and shoulders up, and take your right ankle on your hands for single straight leg stretch. Left leg to 45 Paul Paul and switch Paul Paul and switch.

So bottom leg only goes to 45 and you're going to imagine that you're sliding on a ramp right there with that bottom leg stretching out from your seat through your feet. Bottom leg stretches and reaches on that ramp. Good. Last one, and bring both legs together. Stack your hands behind your head for double leg, lower lift. Push your hands into your head, elbows wide and push your head into your hands.

Now see if you can fold just one more inch at the lower ribs. Yes. Elbows wide, pushing your head and your hands. Lower the legs down to three. Scoop and lift down to three scoop and lift. Pull the diamond up under your sternum in opposition to your legs. Then exhale, scoop and lift. One more time and exhale, scoop and lift. Hug both knees in. I will spare you the crisscross cause I'm nice.

I'm a nice hug your knees into your chest. Good job. Only we are going to do corkscrew. So bring your arms down next to your sides. Lengthen your legs to the ceiling and wrap your seat like you just zip tied your sitz bones together so they're not going to come apart. Zip tied them. Bring your feet over to your right shoulder, down and around to 45 degrees back to your left shoulder and hold at the center over to your left, down and around. Scoop up and lift the center.

Last one right and around and center and left and around and center and hold it there. Press your arms down and lift your hips up. Peeling up and peeling right back down again. So in Yoga we call this hello Asana. As you bring your feet back in [inaudible] we're doing a roll over.

So flex your feet as you rolled down your spine this time. Roll back and flex your feet and separate them about mat distance apart. Now Glue your heels into the sea, into the wall behind you. Separate your feet, map distance and roll down your spine. Reaching those legs in opposition to your role. Go down 45 join your feet back together again and do that one more time.

Up through the center. US enough. Flex your feet gloom into the wall behind you as you roll down your spine. Separate them. Yes. Come to 45 bring your feet together. Now stay there at 45 separate them again and roll up with your legs separated.

Flex your feet in hell. Asana. Join the feet together. Zipping your thighs, roll down your spine. We're down a 45 separate mat distance apart and roll up and over. Flex your heels strongly. Zip your thighs together and roll down. Keep your hips there. Lower your left leg down, flat to the Mat for one lake circle.

Flex the bottom foot and anchor that side. Cross over to your left shoulder. Down and around and up and over. Around and up. Left one. Reverse the circle out to the side. Anchoring your hips. Scoop up and around. Lengthen your right hip a little bit more. Zip Tie. There you go. One more. Hold it there. Walk your hands up to your ankle.

Lifting your head. Now see if you can take your big toe a yoga tolac. So you're going to take it between your thumb and your forefinger. Yep. Right hand comes down to the floor. Hold it. Hold it. Now lower your head down.

Hmm. Relax your shoulder back. Flexing the bottom foot. Good. Now bring it to about a 45 degree angle. If you're not there. So you're good. We're gonna take that foot over to the side and stretch out through that hip.

So it's going to come to your left and take your right hip and attach it to your left inner thigh. So if we were standing up, we'd be doing like a triangle. Okay. Or reverse triangle. Press that hip down. Lengthen this. Yes, flexing the foot strongly. Bring it back and into the center. Crawl back up again and take it in your other hand. So Yoga Toe lock on this hand, left hand comes down and presses your thigh into the floor. Press that thigh, pull it back towards you if you can, and lower your head down.

Keep your thighs zip to your inner thighs, lip tied together, your sits bones zip tied together and let that leg come out to the right. Keep your left hip on the floor, so wherever that is for you, this is fine. Keeping the left hip and reaching out long through the leg. Flex this heel for me. There you go. Good. Breathe into it again. We're [inaudible].

We're training the nervous system as well as the body here. So press out through that standing leg like you're standing on the floor. A beautiful job, and bring that leg back and into the center. Hug it into your chest, John. Yeah, both knees come into your chest. Hug your knees tight. We still have to do the other side. Let me forget it.

Curl your chin to your chest and rock forward and back on your low back. Like what? Rolling like a ball. Finally come up. Hold it. Reach your chest forward. Reach your arms forward. Turn your palms to face each other and lengthen your legs out for [inaudible]. So stretch, stretch up here. Up here. Yes.

Stretch, reach. Turn your palms to face each other like you're squeezing something right there. Squeeze something between your knees and arms. Come down, left leg stays up, right leg goes down. As you roll back down onto your back, palms down next to your sides. Flex the bottom foot as if you're standing on the floor. Point the top zip. Tie your sits bones together for one leg circle on this side.

Bring it over to your right shoulder, down and around and up. Over, around and up. Scooping deep into the low belly. Reverse it, anchoring your hips. Don't kick me and around one more time. Hold it there. Crawl up your leg. So this might be your good leg. It might not be. Hold and breathe. Keep standing on the floor. That's the with the bottom leg.

Now come up to a yogic toe lock with the opposite hand and the other hand comes to the floor. Lower your head. All try to keep your sits bones zip tied together so your hips are all squared off and draw down and into your right shoulder blade. Broadening the collarbones. Yeah, good. Slowly bring that foot over across your center line oil. Press out through your heel and press down through your sitz bone.

Try to attach that sits bone down to your right heel. So we're going to take that. Oh yeah, Mama. Yes. Okay. Bring it back and into the center. Crawl up again and switch your hands. So the same hand takes it yoga. Tolac the other hand comes down onto the thigh. Keep your head up there.

Yes. Stretch that hand down. Now put your head down. Good. Keep pressing into your right side, right side and slowly let that leg come over and to the left. Keeping your right side anchored. Draw down why? Through your collarbones. There you go. Beautiful. Stand tall on the bottom leg. So we're gonna pull that. So back. There you go. Beautiful. Keep that hip down.

Go ahead. Bring the knee back and into the center. Bend it into your chest and hug it tight. Oh, bring me other knee in. Good job. Now bring your arms out to the side. Palms face up. Glue your sitz bones together. So you're going to zip tie those sitz bones. Come into a tabletop position with the legs and slowly let your knees come over towards your right elbow.

You're going to let the left hip come off the floor into a supine twist. Go all the way to the floor. If you can. Keeping your knees squeezing together and heels in more towards your seat. We want to try to stack your knees up so you can come here. I'm going to put this underneath you and now you can push. They feel that. Yeah.

So stack your knees up and stack your hips up and that's it. Feel awesome. Now really pull this around. Oh yeah. So good job. Um, with the left do bleak. Pull your knees back up and into the center. So leading with the left Oblique, square your hips off again, and tabletop position. Let the knees come over to your left elbow. Try to keep your collarbone wide and your chest open and square your hips off.

I'm gonna put this here for you. Good job. And just squeeze your knees together, trying to square your hips and your knees off. You're much more open on the side. You feel that? Oh my gosh. Much more now. Twisting around. Beautiful. Breathe into your right side. Yeah.

Now leading with the right oblique. Pull that righto bleak back to bring your knees back up and into the center. Hug your knees into your chest. Breathe into your low back. So inhaling, pulling the diamond up and underneath your sternum and exhale and pull the diamond down and into your sacrum. Bring your arms out to the side again and slowly lower your feet down to the floor and extend your legs long across the floor from your hips. Internally. Rotate your feet, your legs, and externally rotate internally, externally, like your windshield wiper.

Ring your legs internally and externally. Keep going fast as you come in and out, in and out, in and out, in and outreaching the legs along. Now bring that to stillness. Close Your eyes and let yourself sink into your mat. Let yourself just be part of the mat. Each exhale allows your body to sink further and further towards the foundation of the building and further further into the center of the California.

Should we lease into the earth. Breathing each exhale coming deeper and deeper into the earth. And once we're down there, we're not so different from everybody else because we're all part of the same earth. We have to remember that all part of the same earth. Okay, take one more deep breath in and one more deep breath out.

Ah, yeah. Bring your right knee into your chest and then your left and right. Roll over onto your left side and come keeping your eyes closed. Come up to a seated position sitting on your sits bones. Keep [inaudible] the diamond coming up underneath your sternum and back towards your sacrum. Closing your eyes again, sending your tail down and into the earth. Rooting down through your sits bones, pulling in through the low belly.

Keep that length as you lift your arms up and over your head. Palms touch at the top, lengthen and grow taller, and then exhale, bring your thumbs down through your center line and right to your chest. Wrap your shoulders to your back, made a piece of your yoga practice and the power of your [inaudible] practice. Stay with you. Walk with you. I'm be with you, not Ms. Day.


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so happy to find a class for Connie here. I loved the class Connie. I hope to see more for you on Pilates Anytime
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Connie, fun class -- as always!
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Unfortunately this was a bit hard on my wrists, so had to stop :(
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Love this video - great mix of yoga and pilates
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I felt this was more advanced in certain areas than a level 2.
Tracey85 ~ Thank you for your forum post. After reviewing this class again, I feel Level 2 is still appropriate because it is not as difficult as our Level 2/3 classes and an intermediate student should be able to do the exercises in this class safely.
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Outstanding class. Also a bit difficult for my wrists so I modified planks and movements. Lovely cueing and positive reinforcement.
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Excellent class!!!!!!
Great class and pace, thank you. I agree this is level 2, but requires a lot of wrist work.
Thank you to everyone who has commented on my class. It was my honor to teach for Pilates Anytime! Hopefully, I will be back!
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