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Upper Back Mat

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Utilizing movements from both the equipment and the Mat you will enjoy a clear yet gentle focus on upper back extensors and spinal rotators. Perhaps you will enjoy the view from the other side of the room too!
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May 29, 2010
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All right, we're just gonna start with a couple of standing roll down. So what I would like understand on the ground for a moment. So take a moment and just relax your arms and then shrug your shoulders up into your ears and then really relax your eyes high and then shifts perhaps a little forward. So you almost feel like you're going to fall, topple over the front of your feet and then shift way back as far as you can supporting from the front of the body and then shift again forward shifting from the ankle joint and then shift back and then find the balance in between those places so that you feel at the top of the head is directly over the center of the feet. Fingertips reaching down the legs. Inhale, as you exhale, we're just going to start a standing roll down. Let your head fall forward. Heel as you round down, a sense of yeah, commitment already to work in the front of the body, letting the head relax, feeling the shoulders relaxed, but in place. Inhaling at the bottom. Exhale, begin your journey back upwards.

And as you do so look for where you might feel a little tight, where you might need to take a little more time to articulate the body. Standing tall, taking another breath when you get there. And we go again. Feeling the head heavy. So almost yes. So the heaviness of the head carries the spine forward while at the same time we're lifting up towards the sky with the abdominal muscles to support the rounding of the fall falling forward of the spine. Inhale at the bottom. Exhale. Feel a commitment to the just below the belly button.

That's where you get started from. The tailbone reaches first towards the floor, maybe slightly between your legs. And then we roll all the way at setting yourself back up tall. Had just over the center of both feet. Let's do one more rounding. Supporting it. Thinking about balance, checking in with both legs.

Are they both weighted evenly? Inhale, as you get to the bottom, can you pull your abdominals even deeper to let your spine lengthen further forward and exhale. We come up the rest of the way, all the way until we're standing. Alright. So we're going to begin by doing a little bit of footwork. So reach their arms down the size of the size. We're going to bend backwards or bend the knees. And as you bend the knees lean backwards.

So literally take the hips back like you're going to sit in a chair now from this place in a squeeze the Tush and then push from there. Pressing the arms down next to our hips. Inhale, we sit back. So letting the trunk reach forward, letting the hips reach back and then squeeze through the back of the legs. I nail band. Try not to take a lot of tension in the feet or in the shins. It's okay not to bend so much at the knee, but let the trunk move forward instead and press go on a little faster.

He didn't heal bad. Look for back of the legs, not only on the way down or on the way up, but also on the way down. So there's a push pull mechanism and last to breathing in to breathe out energy through the upper back. Breathing in to breathe. Saying at the top, I'm going to lift the heels at not a lot, maybe about an inch. Inhale, bend the knee, balancing the weight over all 10 toes and press. Ah, same energetic. Sit Back to press forward. Finishing the extension of the hip of the knee, keeping the heels as best as possible relatively still. Now the ankles will wobble around a lot, who we won't do.

Want the heels not to go up and down a great deal. Last five, a little faster breed to press the arms down. Breathe, breathing. Lengthen the spine forward and breathe. Last three, two more. And last one, lower your heels down. Rotate the heels so that they touch. Knees are now facing away from one another and once again, allow the heels to rise slightly away from the ground. Feel the squeeze of the heels, connects you into your inner thighs. And we beginning to exhale. Squeeze the thigh bones together.

So it's not so much about putting pressure around the knee as it is working from higher up, right up close to the pelvis, close to the source, working through the abdominals in both directions. Feeling the arms work with purpose. Last for harassing for three harassing one more time. Hello, how are you? Heels to reach down. Step your feet wide, not super wide, a little bit wider than your hips. Feet turn slightly forward, but also out arms at our hips and we're still sitting back and pressing up as you press up and go down. Feel that you're trying to drag your heels towards one another.

So in that way we find the musculature in the insides of the thigh, bending, leaning back. Imagine if you will, our rope or something pulling you back from the waist. So there's an active contraction backwards last for finding that upper back, finding me inner thigh, committing to making it a full body movement. One more. And then from there we just rise the heels, continue that energetic inward. Paul, bend the knees, stretch the legs, continue to sit way back. So Helen, try to take your chest forward and your body back towards Wendy [inaudible]. So it's like a back and up sort of a thing.

That's it. Last four times pressing through the upper back three. The pelvis moves backwards as the chest reaches forward too. Here's our last one. Lower the heels down and set the feet back together. So with parallel feet, go back into the position with that we started with in the very beginning of class, leaning forward at the ankle joint. Then hold a little bit of a shift forward with the heads.

Lots of Ab work where we're rising up onto the toes and we're lowering down. Now the heels are going to come up perhaps as high as you can in space. As your heels go down, feel the top of your head reaching high as your heels lift up, feel your arms reaching down. So again, a two directional movement, rising up, preaching down, barely touching the feet to come right back up again and we'll go four more times. Lifting up to calm down. Feel the work, not just happening in the feet or the calves, but all the way from the top of the head, squeezing through the glutes last too, and one more. And we're going to hold at the top, bend one knee rural through that bottom foot and then go up to change. Keep a slight energy or high energy, slightly forward up and rising up as high as you can. Keep the in scenes of the legs reaching towards one another as though they're magnetized.

Yeah, yeah. And last one, both sides and then up and slowly lowering the feet down. Okay. And then we're just going to sit down on the mat, stretch the legs directly out in front of you. And we're just going to start here stretching all the way forward over both legs. We can do a few exercises today taken from the equipment. If you exercise is taken from the Mat, let your arms reach up to they're about shoulder level. You're still more forward than you would be in an irregular roll up.

Then pull back on the ads, but continue reaching the chest forward so there's a deep contraction through the lumbar spine. Roll yourself all the way down through your spine as the back of the head touches. The arms are already traveling overhead. Breathe in, lift the head and chest. Starting your exhale. Curve the spine forward this time. Don't go all the way but sit round. But with your shoulders over your hips. Next how we roll down, reaching the feet energetically forward or feeling that as we go up and go down or more about the down. I guess that there's a, not only a movement of the spine but of a lengthening of the whole that feed travel in the opposite direction is the head and as the head comes off, the legs are still reaching for the spines, trying to get longer. As it rounds about three more times you articulate the spine back of the head touches. Look for control lifting, pressing the ribs down as we curl through this fine, heavy, heavy through this shoulders. Last two, rolling back the lift to come up.

One where to go rolling all the way down and we're going to go down and at Pierre, keeping the legs strong, keeping a little bit of a hug through the inner upper arms, traveling all the way down to the back. Again, reach the arms down to the mat, bend the knees, finding a neutral spine or the tailbone down. Using the abdominals like there's a lever between the belly and the FIBA and pick up one leg. Then pick up the other leg without shifting the pelvis at all. Arms in a low v position needs together two spine to a supine to the front of the room or to the window and back. Okay. Just looking for a gentle rocking motion.

Not so much about the stretch or not even at all about the stretch, although you may experience some stretch. Look for the word okay. For the deep contraction of the abdominals for the knees to stay lined up with one another for the belly. Be pulling away from the knees as and knees travel to the side and then deepening to Durag the legs back to your center. A couple more times. [inaudible] last one to both sides. Last one to the opposite side and we come back. [inaudible] raise the arms up over the shoulders, reach the arms back behind you.

Inhale as you exhale, lift your head and chest, pressing the ribs down. The arms are going to reach past the pelvis. Nice long collar bones. Neo. Work your way back to the mat. Bottom of the ribs are down. In fact, the whole low back, the whole back should be trying to stay pretty flat in the hilly. Come back x. How we push and imaginary solid through spaces.

We curl even higher up off our shoulders. Any, oh, we come back last two times. Using the breath. The full extent of the breath might help us to go deeper, so really wring out the lungs sitting here. We're going to reach the right toes towards the ground. Inhale, exhale. Change size is allowing the legs to pass by one and a half feeling again, that magnetic energy through the insides of the thigh. Bones and change. Not a lot of work through the thigh.

All the works through the trunk and we'll do four, three, two, one. Both knees up, raise up through the arms and lower the body down. Exhale, lift the head and chest again. Stretch the legs out if you wish you for the a hundred if not, they can be bent. Breathe in and breathe out. Two, three, four, five strong, strong ABS. Strong breath [inaudible].

I think about curling forward. [inaudible] and 63 four big inhale and seven to three. Four pumping from just underneath of the shoulder blades. A two, three, four, five. Last two full breath cycles. Inhale, bend the knees. Exhale. Try to pull the thighs towards the chest. Picking up the pelvis just a little bit. Inhale, let the tailbone come down.

Exhale, pull the fives to the chest. Inhale down in three more, just a little faster. Support your head if you need to. Two more. Just be aware it'll make the abs work harder. Last one, reach around for the tops of your shins. Hug the legs into your chest. Reach straight out onto the ground with your left leg. Reach around the back of the right leg, hugging the thigh close to the body. Check out the line of the pelvis.

It should be straight across and then stretch the leg towards you, trying to keep the FIBA and close to the body and he'll fold the knee back. Exhale, stretching, maybe even a little closer to you this time. And as we do that three more times I would like for you please to look for a sense of trying to pull the fiber towards the body with the abdominals or create space between the trunk and the Fi. Yes, you're using your arms to keep it like stationary, but what can you do with your middle hold there. Let go of the leg, flex the foot. Inhale, circle it into the body, out in or out. Exhale, bring it across again.

So there's a stirring motion in deep in the hip looking for stability everywhere else. One more breath cycle. Pause at the top so you can get that same feeling of abs in to pull the leg back more and then swing it to the side across the body and pull up. So again, now we're going to probably feel the musculature in our leg working more, but it's still all about the ABS. What can they do for you? Shoulders down, neck, heavy. Last breath cycle. Bend your knee, reach a hold onto the outside of that sigh with your opposite hand and just gently twist the spine. Take your gaze over your opposite shoulder.

Bring yourself back through center. Stretch out that bottom lane. Bring up the other leg. If you've got the right leg anchored onto the ground, pull the thigh close to the chest. Make sure that that hit didn't pull up towards the shoulder on that side. And here we go. We draw the abdominals and we stretch the legs. Here's a place where you can ask yourself what it means to not force or can you feel a sense of yes. Stretching and yes, maximizing that work but also relaxing into it, allowing the musculature, the length, and this is our last one. Again, focusing on the abdominals, pulling the thighbone away from the hands and we let go.

The leg will come back slightly, flex the foot and we swing it into the body for us around an exhale. Breathe in. As you swing the Ligon catch anchoring through that bottom hit last breath cycle here and what law hold at the top. Reverse it. Reach out around, info around and pull up. Every movement has its own breath. Let the breath be full. Last press cycle here. You kneeling for one circle, exhaling for one circle.

Pause there. Can you pull the lake closer by deep in your abdominal contraction and bend and reach across to the outside of the thigh with the opposite hand turned towards the hand that's holding the thigh, I guess to the right if we're all at the same place. Allow the head to travel in the opposite direction. Bringing yourself back through center, bending both knees, both knees into the chest and then push the knees into the hands to find an optimal curl, meaning lift just above the shoulder blades, tailbone down, back flat from that place. Reach the hands behind the head and then lightly stretch the legs towards the ceiling. Externally, rotate the hips, lower the legs to where you can sustain a flat back. Maybe not even that.

Just on the low diagonal, and then pull and press for the frog or the hip where we pull to press forward. Work actively in both directions. You may always put your head down. You may always lift the legs up higher. Try to feel that the head just rests in the hand last time. We're going to set. Point the feet, drag them towards you.

Separate them a little bit. Circle them down around and pull down around and pull it. It's not a foot movements. It's a movement through the hat. Last three polling and two pulling up. Here's our last one. Bring it up. Take it the other way.

Exhale down in the alo around and back. Exhale, press keeping the back stationary. You can always make a little shelf with your hands to support the lower back if necessary. Let's see, three or around two all around that is it around everyone. Pensioners, place your feet down on the ground. We're all going to take the hands and make a triangular shape. Put the hands just at the base of the sacrum.

Just kind of reaching the fingertips in towards the tailbone and how this is going to arrest on the hands, the elbows just like so I was kind of point out to the size and then we pull the shoulders down. All right, from here we stretch the legs up. It'll help keep the low back stable. We're going to externally rotate again and open the legs and then squeeze them back together and push them out to pull them in. Can you again look for not just leg movement but abdominal usage. How can we focus on bringing the legs together, not just with the legs and about 10 more, a little faster out and, and, and, sorry, go ahead.

Straight out on the street to one and your knees. Well, your knees in towards your chest are heading into the coordination here at the ref exercise from the reformer. So arms straight up into the air. Uh, starting with the legs, a table top. As you exhale, you're going to lift your head and chest and stretch your legs. Go and slow for the first one. Open close. Look for control in the pelvis, rebound the knees. And release the trunk, the breath. Exhale, lift, extend, open. Open-Close. Inhale, bend, pull deeply and continue. Inhaling to come down. Exhale, left open, close bend and release arms. Then just over the shoulders, XL, press open Claus Pole.

And here's four more and back and three clothes. Shoulders reaching down as your knees are bending towards trunk. That's your opportunity to look for more in the waste. This is it. Rich, open, close, pull. Reach for the backs of your legs, rock a couple of times back and forth through your spine.

And then rock all the way up to sitting. All right, so we stretch our legs out and to do the spine stretch forward here. So starting with this straight back, arms on a high diagonal a bit. Everyone bend your knees for just a second so it's not too hard to sit up. Where you're wanting to think about is creating a force. So just let your arms kind of reach up in through space and then feel that you're, I guess trying to pull the arm bones into the shoulder socket so it's gonna be a lot contraction just underneath the armpits. If he can stretch out your legs.

If you can't keep him bent, it's fine. As you exhale, curve backwards. There's a deep abdominal contraction there. Continue excelling as you reach forward. Shoulders away from ears. Inhale, press down on an imaginary surface and extend the spine forward. Exhale as you pull backwards away from your arms, bringing your collarbones wide with you and sit up again. Exhale as we round, pressing, pulling the abdominals back as we send the spine forward. Inhale, press the arms towards the ground, kind of just hovering in space. But we get that oppositional rechecks how we pull back and we lift up.

And let's do just a couple more exhale as you deeply pull back through the abdominals. Press down and take the spine as far forward as you can. Not by reaching with your neck muscles, but by reaching with your spine. Inhale, we extend forward. Exhale, we draw backwards and lifter. Nice work. Here it is. Last one, rounding back, progressing lane ending up. Ah, and forward. Rounding Back Alice. Yeah. And bring your arms down and uh, Benj come up onto your knees. Face me and I do an arm series here. So it's the single leg side, arm series. Um, take a hold of your hands with just class them together and then try with your hands. Collapsed. Collapsed. I can't say that word class, but lean forward a little. Emily, you're back here. Okay. So pull on your hands, try to feel 'em. You can sit, you can be sitting on the ground hell.

And if it's not great for your knees or the box cram, okay. Pull your hands apart. Feel that as you do that you're trying to engage the muscles between your shoulder blades. Now keep stay where you are. Take your let go of your hands and see if you can't that same energetic pull away of the shoulder blades without actually gripping anything. We all got that, that feeling. Okay. So our first movement, turn the hands to face back is not that. It's this. So the hands go right next to the ears.

For those of us with tight shoulders forward is going to be a little better with the elbows in with the hands. As you exhale, try to stretch the arms kinda lightly through space. All the heaviness is in the upper back feeling the shoulders move down away from the ears and heel. We rebound and as we bend we try to pull the shoulder blades away from one another. So it's never about pressing them together or squeezing. See if you can feel a sense of the spine getting longer as the arms reach. Definitely working the habs. And Inhale Paul Xcel.

Press shoulders heavy. So it's not a push with the arms that can create a lot of upper neck tension or neck tension. But can we lightly almost relax the hands up, let there be less tension in the fingers. More attentive in the below the shoulder blades last to pulling down and reaching, finding a strong center and coming down to reach up and bending the yards. I know I bring the arms around to the front fists. If you can remember to alternate the hand that's on top.

Here's where we get that pull. We're going to reach the elbows away from one another. Stretch the arms out, no squeezing. So, um, stay here for one moment. Pull the shoulder blades back. We, I think can all feel that. That makes us a little bit, I, for lack of a better word, Nikki, let the arms reach out instead and then as you bend your arms, pull the elbows away from one another. So it's going to be that continuous lengthening away and we bet letting the upper arm move and then following through with the elbow and then following through with their rest and then folding the risks and folding the elbow and letting one hand come on top of the other and reach stretching slightly forward. Notice if, if you are leaning back at all, that's something that oftentimes happens or arching through the reds. Try to maintain a strong sense of center. This is going to be our last one.

Reaching out, entering the arms. As you exhale, lightly reach the arms, reach up and then press them down. Can you look for the idea that the arms are barely, they weigh nothing that if anything, with anything, it's the bones, the scapula and bones of the spine staying steady. Inhale, the arms come down. We feel the shoulder blades Clyde down.

As we lightly reach the arms up. Here's our last two, sending the and the shoulders down. And then, and here's our last one. Bring the arms all the way down. Let the head just go to one side. Does everyone okay on their knees? Okay, we're going to stay here for another minute. Go over to the other side, goes to the head, and then bring the hands up. So here's, I'm doing a different exercise in the middle of the arm series.

And here it is. It's an lean. We're gonna reach up and over RMC, straight across Exa from the muscle that you feel a stretch and pull yourself up right and longer. And I'll go across to the opposite side. The arms just move across like an airplane. It's not the [inaudible]. So think about the spinal movement rather than just a reach with the hands and back one more time. And then we're going to reach away down. Bring the hands a little closer to the body and reach the fingertips down.

Turn the hand over. I'm coming. Helen, I'm going to help you for just one second. Look down. Bend your elbow, push up. Inhale, bend the elbow. Exhale pressed right up into the air. Maybe just be happier with something to touch. So as you're reaching the arm up and this shoulders reaching down the back, it's about three more, Lisa. Maybe a little forward with the elbow. Yeah, last one. Now from that place, can we energize that sideways so much that we like Leigh? Lift up. Oh, I know. I feel you. Even though I would just was here for a moment, reaching across to the other side, looking for both hips to be stable.

Reach the arm up, shoulder down, eyes down and impress. On Paul and press again. There's a force, imaginary or otherwise against the hand against the shoulder blade. It's about four more reaching out. Enough in bed. Three, two event too. Here's our last one. We're going to come up [inaudible]. Shut that of that arm. [inaudible] and sit down. I'm probably cross-legged if that's a comfortable position for everyone.

I'm just going to face you guys so I can see. All right. I'm going to do some rotation in office and back extension. So what I'd like for you to do is just bring your elbows out of the shoulders, palms down, and fingers just in front of elbows. I think you'll be just fine cause we're not gonna go out. We're just going to go up. All right, so from here we're going to inhale and rotate the elbows forward.

Now don't try to squeeze your arms behind you because that won't feel good. Reach the arms up in space. Try to extend the spine on the in the direction that the arms are moving. And then at the very last moment, just try to pull the shoulder blades down, which might cause your arms to reach backs up, rebound the arms, turn the palms in, rotate the trunk, exhale. Inhale, return to center, keeping the elbows wide, reaching them away from one another in how return to center.

Turning the palms down, rotating the arms back and you get up that rotation through the shoulder joint is what we're looking for. And then send the arms up as the arms go up. We're energetically growing the spine. We're building the spine and then it's just a slight pressure backward, not a big one. Rebound the Elvis, Rita ribs back just a tiny bit. Emily, return the hands to face the ears. Turn the other direction, rotating the trunk, bring it back. So even here, we're looking for whole long lifted spy and then come back. Turn the palms down. See that one more time?

I'm gonna [inaudible] I was forward stretch up. Not About Archie in the back. It's Bible lengthening the back. Maybe your arms won't even press back at all. Maybe they'll just pull down a little more than rebound than that. That's where this shoulderblades drag the arms in space.

Palms turn in and a turn one way. Bring it back home. Turn the other way from deep within, bringing the arms down to your sides. Oh, touching the ground if possible, or just reaching kind of on the diagonal. Helen will work. Take your head over to one side. As your head travels to the side, reach the hand opposite slightly further away. Well the Chin through the center of the chest.

Pick up the head and then we're just going to go to the other side, letting the ear reach over towards the shoulder. Feeling this fingertips go the opposite direction, bringing the head back through center and coming up. Change across your legs. Turn Your House, sit with your hands facing one another. Open up the hand. So what we're looking for is not just hand movement, but a literal rotation in the in the shoulder joint. From there, lightly reach the arms through space.

Lightly reach the arm through space. So now we've got our arm straight out to our sides. Turn your body in one if steam as you rotate. Lots of spinal movement. Inhale to come back. Exhale, reach the other way. Inhale to come back in center. Lift a little taller.

Press the arms back and down. Lift the chest and the eyes the smallest amount, and then reaching hands across the shoulders. Hold onto the outsides of the shoulders and let the chin fall forward towards the chest. And then slide the hands down the front of the body. We'll go again. What's important? Go. Let's all go together. I'm just going to move my legs out of my way. Here we go.

So the show rotation happens. We don't want to bring our arms behind us just still where they lay and then stretch the arms out. We're still super strong and super straight, so as we open the arms, we're not pushing the ribs forward. Then we're going to turn lifting up to rotate and come back home. Your arms are just held outwards. Still come back [inaudible] as you reach your arms slightly downward, lift your chest a little. It's not even an arch, it's more of a just I'm going [inaudible] up, eyes up and then reach the hands across the shoulders and drop the chin towards the chest and with that turn all the way down onto your side.

Lying down with the legs stretched out to the side for the side lift. Just a couple. It's a warm up, the bleak, so really, really strong through our middles little, I always think about talking because I'm a big back archer, but maybe not all of us. We'll have to think about that. I think most of us in this room anyway, I'm, here we go. Reach the legs away from you and let them hover from here. Put all of your energy into your trunk, lower the legs a little bit, but try to lengthen them away from you and lift back up.

So can we as we do this movement totally or for the most part, eliminate the legs. Can we make the legs like a natural weight and feel the work in the waist so that as the legs lift, we're not hiking that hip towards that bottom red. It's a long contraction, a lengthening contraction and we're going in the direction of our, our feet are reaching away from where. Okay, let's do two more reaching up and down and up and up and then really seem down. Take the back leg back and the top arm forward and just reach out for a stretch.

Just pulling the toes and the fingertips oppositionally to one another and then come back when you did the sideline hip series. But think we'll bend our bottom knee today just to modify it a little bit for balance. So the top leg is going to be an external rotation. From there you're just going to lift your leg up. Imagine like a, so from center there's your marker. You're going to hit center, go up, go up above center and back. So it's small about the size of a small dog up and forward, up and back. So it's going to feel that outer hip working about two more times.

And one more time. We're heading into a circle. So keeping the rotation in the hip, bring the leg forward, start to reach it up, feel the rotation in the hip joint as the leg travels around and then forward again looking for them. Strongest trunk available to you, stretching the leg away from you as it goes down hand felt right, could even put your hand or just arm right in front of your abdominals to check and make sure they're working or to feel any movement of the trunk. You could also put your hand on your pelvis to check and make sure it staying still two more times. If you're looking for the best range of motion that you can find. Last one, and then we go the other way. So the squeeze the glute press back, reach up, go way on front end, sweep back again. Thinking about turning the hips. So as Lee comes forward, you're trying to keep the knee turned up and here's three more.

Reaching out and reaching back and you're reaching last time for the day. Oh, bringing the legs all the way back. Then the knees line them up together and then just help yourself out. Once you get up to sitting, take the bottom leg and slide it out from underneath the top leg. So the bottom foot is now up against the the leg that was on top thigh for the mermaid. Both arms up to the sides.

We are going to the pointed knees so that way, that way. Here we go. Inhale, reach the walling from the spine away. Anchor with this Shin on that side. Place the hand down on the ground, perhaps slide it away slightly. As you exhale, turn the ribs, the abdominals, the waist, the chest, reaching the hand around. Towards the other hand, inhale as you open back up. Exhale like someone's pulling you from your arm. Engage the muscles on that side of your waist. Lift Up, put that hand down and reach the opposite armor. Now we get it all.

Get a good stretch, but can we engage those muscles to pull back up, sending the arms down and hit? I see I'm down wondering what will help Helen X. Hold a turn. Try this. Uh, just stacking the legs might be better. Like so there instead of this, stack them up and then we unwind and we left. And then we reach over and then we lift [inaudible] and this is our last one. Reaching away, placing the hands, turning the, I mean reaching up and then come all the way up the leg that's parallel to the edge of your mat.

Bring it across the center of the body. Stretch out the bottom like if you wish or keep it bent. We're just going to stretch the hip that we've already worked. You want to pull the knee right into the chest. Keep the spine elongating upwards as you just gently relax the hip down towards the ground.

Straight to the back is the bigger your stretch is going to be. And then go ahead and let go of that. Liquid's just going to swing our legs around to the opposite side. Slide all the way down to the side, bringing the body into alignment, toes in line with hips, maybe slightly forward if necessary. Head down on the arm and engaging through the trunk. We pick up the legs, we reached them out, out, out, out, out to lift them up.

Feel that as they go back down. So it's always a reaching away to move in. Heel down and exhale. Okay, so can you find the bottom waste as well as the top waste and you find the middle of the waste. It's not all those who are definitely working that top waistline.

What can we do with the rest? We're going to go three more times here. Here's one, here's two. And he was three. Lowering the lanes down. Take the top leg and reach back. Stretch the arm opposites so that you get a good stretch to the waist, maybe through the hip and then coming back through center for the hip work. So you just spend your bottom knee, a little top leg reaches out and away and then we're going to go an external rotation there and lift the leg touch slightly front of center lift and go behind. Did I forget something? I feel like I forgot.

So that's coming next. Good. Smarter than I think. So up in for the heel is what reaches down the toes. Face up three more. Q and a one.

Okay. And then the lake comes back center where it, here's our circles, we go forward, we keep the pelvis strong as we lift the leg, sending the leg to the back and then bringing the leg forward again. So looking from rotation, mobility, movement in the hip, in the joint as we focus on keeping the pelvis strong and stable a couple more times, the last one and then taking the leg to the back. We go back, keep the knee turned off facile. He reaches forward and back to reach just five. So we're really make him worth it. Last do and last time here and then go ahead and just bend the knees and stack them. Set up. I think in hindsight, I'd like to do the reverse of what we did before. So let's do the stretch and then follow it with some mermaid.

So the leg that was just working straight legs, perfectly fine, or you could also lie down on your back and do the figure four stretch. So the goal is is to get a stretch through the back hip or the working half of some sore and lifting the spine up nice and straight and nice and tall. Maybe even shifting slightly forward into the hat. Okay. And then the leg that's on top, or with that we were just stretching travels out to the side. So we've got our arms straight up, spine, straight up.

We're going to lean in the direction away from the m straight shin. Place the hand on the ground, turn energetically through the waist knots and really important that you are using your abdominals. As you rotate, inhale, come open. Exhale to lift up from that side of the body. Place that hand down and reach up and over. Re-Engage you. The waste grow tall. Lift up, arms come out to a t, shifting away. Turning the body, looking for a good stretch, reaching out, lengthening up to come over.

And last time anchoring through this shit. I'm actually pushing my foot into my thigh a little bit to stabilize, turning the body all shoulders sting down coming back. And Laura. Oh that and that. Thanks Lisa. Alright, come on to your knees. Want to do the knee stretch? So here's how it goes. I want you to bring your hands just underneath your shoulders, pretty close to you. Knees underneath hips.

And then from there draw the shoulders down away from the ears and round the [inaudible] spine. So for all we're going to be doing here is once we get into that round spine is just intensifying the curvature. So on the XL you won't see much. It's just a pressing my abs in and pressing my hips towards my chest and my chest towards my hips to try it around more and he'll really stop a little exhale, do it again. Little pulsing breasts and relief and harass. One more time like that. Maximizing the curve in the lower back. Okay, I'm going to give you an option if you are happy with what we just did.

Stay there. If not, curve the toes under. So the next movement is, is secondary to that. It will start the same, but as you exhale you will pull the knees up. Okay. So shoulders down away from yours. That's super important. Set the spine curve and then exhale, look to deepen that curve. And with that depth, the knees just hover. Maybe they barely come off the mat. Maybe they don't set them down and curve.

And again, there's like, um, an imaginary rope or cord pulling up at the waist that's letting you hover up off the mat. Let's do three more. So you curved to hover the knees and really press the chest in the pelvis, close together, correct last time. And then lower the knees and uncurl the feet. Okay. And then roll yourself up. So I'd like to do an exercise taken from the reformer. Two exercises. In fact, the pulling straps. So what we're gonna be doing is moving the arms.

They're not gonna move a lot and there will be some traveling up and down through the upper body. But I'd like for you not to do, please is just arch the back and press DePaul this forward. So with that I imagine, I don't think we need to hold on to anything imaginary fingers facing downwards and slightly in front of the body. Now as you pull back just slightly past your body, reach down towards the ground and just list the chest a little and then reach the arms back. And as you pull the arms back, it's as though you're trying to pick your, if you don't mind, pick your chest up from right underneath the ribs and then reach forward. So it's definitely not a big bend. If anything, it's a that again, that sense of getting taller through space and pressing. So it's an action that we often do lying face down.

But here can we utilize the fact that we're not having to lift off the floor or resist gravity and really try to challenge her up the upper back muscles? We're going one more time from here. Find that position. Stay, rotate the palms face forward. Inhale, the arms are going to reach out to the sides into a t shake. Exhale. As you pull your arms to your sides, lift your chest. Inhale, return like a standing set up to neutral as your arms come back. Xcel, press down and lift the chest slightly, Huh? All right. It's okay to have the arm slightly in front of you. Inhale ribs and abs in. Exhale, just guiding yourself taller.

And we're going three more times. Open out and pull back and open it up and pull back. Here's the last one I can figure up for. Back pain for a long lengthening, lateness in the body. And with that, if you're on your knees facing where you're facing, just reach down towards the ground. Tuck your toes under so that you can roll over. If you basically were just coming up to standing, if, if it's better for you to just come to standing, do that, have stretch the legs, take a breath, and as you exhale, articulate up through your spine, lifting up from the center. Okay.

So we're going to play around with that knee stretch idea by going into the full pike. So everyone's done familiar with the full pike on the chair. Here is here it is on the mat. So you want around down. It's okay to keep the knees soft rolling down. Your hands are going to come to the floor if it's not okay for your hands to be on the floor. It actually works pretty well to roll up the mat and give yourself something a little bit taller to touch. If that's a, if that, if everyone's fine. Here we go.

So the hands are on the ground quite close to the seat. It's gonna be the same perfect talent. The same feeling that we just did of trying to press the pelvis and the chest together and with full focus on the abdominals, we rise up onto the toes. So try to eliminate the work in the feet and just feel that it's coming from the waist. [inaudible] try to be nice and light on the hands. Nice and light on the feet and the action of trying to around the spine more and pull the belly in and find it's almost a defiance of gravity perhaps.

And allow the heels to roll back down and like everyone can feel their abs. Yes. Yay. Hey, Randy's ponytails popping. Okay. Okay. And then the last one, look for your best. Try to lift the toes all the way off the ground. Is it possible? Probably not. And then release and stay where you are. Oh, let's actually come up for a minute. So just rolling up through this.

Fine. Putting that much focus into the abdominals to riser. All the way up to standing, standing tall in heel, folding ourselves back forward. It's going to do a couple of stretches. Alright, we'll let this one hang forward. When you get to the bottom, let's bend the knees a lot. Just the low lot. Keep the abdominals working, but just by, I don't know, I like the feeling of trying to pull or relax the femurs deeper towards the inside of the pelvis and then let the spine almost cascade over the thighs. It's like it's spilling out.

Breathing into the stretch, letting the back open. Taking just a few breaths here. Feeling a full expansion of the back of the body. Now as you exhale, the perhaps going a little deeper into the abdominal muscles. Let any tension you have in your body flow out through the top of your head.

I'm gonna start to come up. If you want to walk up, put your hands on your thighs. You can or we can just start rolling ourselves, Huh? Oh, heaviness and the shoulders. Feeling the new mobility in the spine as you stand tall. Inhale, raise your arms out to the Sida. Now your gaze to travel up towards your hands. Exhale, relax the arms down, gathering energy and heal. This time let's bring the arms up forward. Scooping up space. Floating the arms down to the side.

Just one more like that for the day. And you know, raising the arms forward. How's the arms travel upward? Look for that sensor lengthening or being taller. And then as the arms come down to the side, we let the shoulders be heavy. The neck relax. Yeah, just come all the way down right next to the size where they belong and one more big and just letting that air all the way. And we are done for the day. Thank you for coming.

Okay. Thank you.


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Thanks so much Meredith! I love your upper back work, I have a problem with my left shoulder rotation (because of improper posture) and it has been great for strenthening the correct muscles on that side.
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A Meredith class I had never taken! What a wonderful end of summer surprise. Ironically I had just read at that in anticipation of taking a reformer class one should practice the movements on the mat. Seems like this would be a great place to start. I feel long and stretched. Thank you.
Another oldie ... glad you enjoyed! :)
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This is my favorite class so far! Thank you!
iOS Hooray!  Glad you found it.iOS 

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