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Mat Workout

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Ruth Alpert teaches a restorative Mat class for those who have been spending too much time traveling or sitting in their office chair. Using the foam roller, Ruth takes you through a series of exercises to open up and stretch your ribs, shoulders, hips, neck, and even your shins and feet! You'll feel a release of tension and connection to your body after taking this class.
What You'll Need: Mat, Foam Roller

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Hi, I'm Ruth Alpert and this is going to be soft foam roller class. I just got back from a two week trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and I drove. And it's about 14 hours. I break it up; t...


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I haven't been on a plane or driving or sitting for a long period of time lately but i must have been needing all this opening and stretching and relaxing anyway, because WOW it felt sooooo good ! I'm sure i shall find lots of other good reasons for taking this class again soon ;) Thanks a lot for this lovely treat, Ruth. And Pilates Anytime :)
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This class is a 'must do' for anyone who needs a little releasing. Ruth is light, funny and generous with her teaching.....can't wait to do this one again and again!
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Amazig. I feel really new. Thank you very much.
Thanks Anne, Amy and ZA. So glad you enjoyed my class. I really appreciate your comments!
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I feel so great during and after your class. I just had a rough week, and have given a lot of Pilates class. Your class is like a gift for myself. Many thanks
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Quite wonderful, Ruth, and thanks so much!
You are welcome!

I teach this class every Tuesday at Montecito Yoga studio in Santa Barbara, and inevitably new things come up each the repertoire in growing! If you know anyone visiting or in the area send them over. It's a drop-in class, 12:15 every Tuesday.
You must have done this class especially for me! I just returned home to Georgia, we drove to Texas and onto Arizona to visit friends and family! After 4600+ miles! this is exactly what I needed. I am a certified mat instructor with Balanced Body, and currently teach classes at the Y. I love using the roller as a prop, and after taking your class, I am definitely using your routine in my class on Monday! Thank you! Love the corkscrew visual !
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This was just what I needed after a 50km bike ride. I now feel fantastic and open and tall. Thanks.
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Thanks for all your comments everyone. Yes, you all got it! Exactly for that, for each of your circumstances.

But please insert, because I forgot my favorite thing: in the first part lying lengthwise on the roller, add towards the end, sideways "ironing". As if your shirt is all wrinkled and you're ironing it by going side to side. This can be true lateral, or lengthening one side while shortening the other, creating a half-moon shape, sort of. I do some of each, since they're both useful.
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