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Mat Workout

45 min - Class


Wendy Le-Blanc Arbuckle teaches a Mat workout using the Stretch-eze® full-body resistance bands to create space and an energizing effect in the body. Through traditional exercises such as the Roll Up, Roll Over, Teaser, and more, you will explore the opening of different parts of your body and develop an awareness of form and three dimensional movement. While a few exercises in this class may require a partner, the majority of the class does not.

To purchase a Stretch-eze® or to learn more about it, click here.

Prior to taking this class, it may be helpful to watch Wendy's Stretch-eze® tutorial.
What You'll Need: Mat, Stretch-eze®

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Jun 19, 2014
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Thanks Wendy!
Thank you, Hydie....let me know what you learn about your Pilates practice as you explore with the Stretch-eze band, xwendy
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Lovely class, Wendy. I thought it was a fabulous progression of fundamental to advanced matwork exercises that really showed off the Stretch-eze's contribution to Pilates. Or should I now call it Pilat-ease?! It seems that practitioners of all levels of Pilates work will find something valuable for themselves in this class. Also, after being with you in Austin, I am so grateful to have this video available to review as I play and explore with the Stretch-eze at home on my own and with my clients - which reminds me, I also need to check out the Stretch-eze videos on the Pilates Center of Austin website. Duh! Cheers!
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Hi Wendy, so great to have you here on pilatesanytime. And I loved the stretch-eze class! Now that I got more stretch-eze bands from Kimberly, I teach classes with them and my students are thrilled. I hear the "wow" and "huuh, that feels so great in my neck" and see the smiles on their faces. It is such a great experience, - after an hour of working in the band I feel so much more springy and bouncy and soft in my movements..Everybody: you have to try it! And Pilatesanytime - please more classes with the stretch-eze- bands!
Thank you so much, Silke! You are so right that the Stretch-eze is a WOW! When we get in touch with embodied sensation and awakened perception, it shifts how we use ourselves in any movement. We hear words like "embodiment, and neuroplasticity", yet we don't really KNOW what they mean till we EXPERIENCE them in how we move. I will be teaching more about this in my workshop in September in Huntsville, Alabama...please come and play! // s.html
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Wow! I really enjoyed this class. Any chance of more classes using the band?
Thank you, Mary, I agree. The Stretch-eze band offers a whole body approach to understanding Pilates on a deeper level. Yes, we will be doing more with the band..., but also notice that in my other classes, I am having you embody yourself in the way I am cueing you to move, as though you are using the band. Play the band in this class, and then watch another of my classes and notice that you have much more grounding from foot to heat...and lateral support (from the band) to help you find your midline lift and breath into your back..which is whole body health, just as Joseph Pilates envisioned!
Lots of interesting interoceptive and proprioceptive feedback- definitely will have to check out more videos of the stretch-eze!
Definitely, Kayleigh, you will discover an amazingly deeper connection with your own body, and an access for clients that is truly inspiring to you and them! Also, go to the Stretch-eze Facebook page for more information and teachers sharing about their experiences, xwendy
Wonderful. Hope you will do more classes with this, Wendy. Thank you! I'm wondering if I can adopt the Stretch-eze, using it as a prop for Thera-band classes?
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