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Postnatal Mat Workout

25 min - Class


Connect with your baby and your body in Daria Pace's beginner Postnatal Mat workout. Explore traditional Mat exercise variations with your baby, such as the Hundred, Rollup, Leg Circles, and Single Leg Stretch. This class is a great way to spend time with your baby while fitting a workout into your busy life.

Please be advised that before performing ANY exercises with your baby, the baby should be able to hold its own head strong and stable, as well as have the ability to almost sit up on its own.

For additional options to include in your workout or daily routine with your baby, please see Chapter 2 of this class. While Chapter 1 does not require any props, Chapter 2 uses the Magic Circle, a Ladder Barrel, and a Baby Bjorn.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Magic Circle

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All right, next we're going to do the teaser. So bend your knees so that your feet, your knees, and your hips are at a 45 degree angle. So rolling back, opening up your lower vertebrae, stretching you these, your lumbar, you're going to bring your knees together. One leg comes up, maybe get a toy if you need to, and then roll back just a little bit. Only targeting your lower vertebrae and up. And two more on this side and up. And one more.

And now change legs ion roll back just a little bit. Deepening and, and, and, and three and rest forward. And we watch, and this is a really fun way to really get back into power house and reconnect your body.


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Thank you Daria and Viva Stella and Jen and Lily, this was Absolutly delightful!! This has given me the insentive to offer a Mom and baby class at my studio. What a beautiful way to bond with your baby and get back in shape at the same time. Viva Stella and Lily loved it too -:)))). Precious!!!!
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Just a great way to start the day, whether or not you've had a baby. LOTS of helpful feedback using the wall. And since I don't have a ladder barrel at home I just used a regular folding chair for that section. Also, so much useful feedback for me there! Thank you, Daria!
adorable- does Gratz sell babies?
I can't wait to try this with my little 4 month old baby girl tomorrow! Will post how we got on with it! ??
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I wish there were more online Pilates classes with baby!
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I agree, Lina! I would love more Mommy and Me classes posted on here. Leah Stewart sells a postnatal dvd that is awesome, it has a mommy and me segment.

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