Class #176

Eclectic Reformer Flow

70 min - Class


Class begins in a traditional way by rolling back onto the carriage before Footwork. A great way to check in with your spine! This class highlights intermediate exercises and takes a good look at the shoulder and upper body work offering variations on Rowing Back, Sitting Chest Expansion, Hug A Tree, Rowing Front, and Salute. The class moves along with Short Box Series and some killer side-overs with a port de bras that will help you find your obliques and/or deepen your connection. Long Box Pulling Straps with a long breath pattern and a great adductor stretch complete this classic yet eclectic workout. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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So why don't we start this way since you're all seated on your reformers and check that you've got three red springs. I think that's what we checked in with and our head rests are up. Uh, sit right near the very front of your edge of your mat. Courage feet on the front platform. You're gonna turn yourself facing. Yeah. Face your foot bar. Oh face. Yeah. Okay. There we go.

We'll face our foot bar and you can either put your hands behind your knees or put the hands right at the edge of the carriage. And let's do our nice entry to the mat. So take a nice inhale everybody together and by contracting the abdominals, we're starting our class. Now let's roll the spine back. This is a great way to check in to see how stiff or mobile the spine is. And we're rolling all the way.

Ideally our shoulders land right by the shoulder rest. Of course her head lands on the head rest easily. Arms are going to come right by the sides now and we're going to start with some footwork in this morning. I want us to do or this afternoon turn out first from the balls of the feet. Just take your heels together, lift them slightly. Again, organize your knees, shoulder with the parked, no wider than, and just take a second to feel the heels nice and firm.

Level your pelvis. So sense of almost stretching your tail more toward your heels. Open up the chest and sink your rib cage down and we're going to press back on the inhale. Here we go. Inhale and take it back and exhale. Bring it in. Only eight reps today. Inhale, press and exhale in. So again, I like to think as soon as we're starting to the press away from the bar, the inner thighs are starting to engage. The hamstrings are waking up.

Exhale, pulling in. Inhale, pressing out, and exhale, pulling in sync in the ribs. Inhale and exhale guys. Two more. Breathe into your back and exhale. Come in and hold now just close parallel that said, our heels on the bar, flexing your feet, squeeze your legs together, press away. Inhale and exhale.

Coming in eight repetitions and trying to see if you can breathe wide or into your back, holding the integrity and the inner thighs up into the abdominals. Ah, two more times. And in last one press and in slide your feet down to prehensile. You've got the nice long wraps of the toes on top of the bar, not just the toes. I should say that more of the foot and a doming over the top.

I'm going to just adjust you slightly go a little more. Does that okay actually cause I know you had something a few weeks ago. Here we go. Inhale length and back. Exhale and coming in a little more over. So even though the Dome of the, you know, doming over the top of the bar, still try to get the heels to go down a little bit.

All your eyeballs tuned in. Inhale. Exhale, hamstrings, inner thighs. So the toes over, heels under [inaudible] last one. Press out. There we go. And in, okay. Balls a feet high. Relevate and if you can get your toes also up. Yes, you're really right on the metatarsal heads. Here we go. Inhale.

Lengthen up and exhale coming down. Maybe it's a sensation. Now exploring all of that length that you have through your whole spine, through the top of the head, heels are lifted, tailbone is anchored down. Breathing in to the sides and back of your rib cage. Work in your ankles.

Two more. Now this last one, press up and stay there. Let's drop the heels down and pull them up and lower them down and pull them up again. Easy and lift. Lower and lift. Four more down and lift.

So it could be like a flex relevant today with the feet. Two more with both feet. Last one. I want you to stay up there. Now we're going to do a slow walk first. Inhale, right heel down. Exhale both up left down and both up. Inhale down and both up, down. And here's the tempo.

Stay with that and lower and up. So I want to see that the distance between both heels, one is down, but the other one is lifted. You've really got the prancing ankles and lower. And how about the stomach and how about the spine and up? That is the precision. Now let's go a little faster.

Inhale and inhale and exhale and exhale down. Dow still show the up in that little brief pass. Eight, seven, six, five and four, three, two, last or no. Show your Relevate gorgeous. You guys, bend your knees, come down and just shake your feet a little bit if you need to. Now we're on three reds.

I'm going to have a say on three red for some single leg. So let's go right heel on left leg, tabletop position. Pelvis is level. All right, inhale, press the right leg back. Then exhale, bringing yourself down again in press. And so tracking parallel hip, knee, ankle.

Ah, just one more. And we're going to add a little something. So on the way down, stretch your left leg over your bar. Now it's going to come back in. Inhale to tabletop. Exhale, stretching. Long [inaudible]. Explore the space in front of you. Reformer with your foot. So way out in front of your reformer. One more time. I told a fib one more cause I had another thought. No, stay right there. Okay, I'm gonna use your, so let's take a stretch of your left leg.

Just hold your leg there. Can your pelvis be really level? So the tailbone is stretching again to the foot bar. You're not holding yourself in a tuck. All right. And just take one more breath in. Exhale, bend the knee and we'll come down and we change sides. So just four with tabletop and then we added the extension. So left heel on.

Here we go. Inhale, lengthen and yeah, so sourcing the hamstrings back behind that left leg last one plane. Now as you come in straight in the lower right thigh hair and inhale pool XLU. Long Gate again too. It's just something I think about. Explore this space in front of the reformer with the stretch whale.

Okay, last one. You'll pull in hold. Now take your right leg long. I'm just checking how your hamstrings are feeling. Of course we want a little more extension of the leg reflection, I should say at your hip, but not letting the pelvis come back into the tilt and almost oppose it by sending your tail the other way. All right, that's plenty guys. Bend the knee and come all the way in and let's pause. All right, I'm not going to do single leg on the ball of the foot, so why don't you come on up without putting your feet on the floor to just come up. Yep. Kind of spiral yourself sideways.

Reach in with one hand and take away to the reds and put on your blue. We're going to go down for the some abdominal work, some arm work. So roll on back down. You might choose that same roll down that we began class with. Okay. Reaching back, feel your handles. Bring them all right on up into your hands, knees up into the table, top position, and just be there for a moment.

Really feeling the weight of your shoulders back. The weight of the ribs down. Femurs really dropping into the joints of the hip are going to do about a just for chest lift. Okay, so with the arm pole, let's inhale on the action today. So inhale, arms down, chest up, exhale and lowering back. Gorgeous. Inhale axial. So when you come up you can actually scan down your front. Look at the level pelvis that you have.

X CLV lower. Here's our last one. You're going to stay up there to stay there through your breath. Out The a hundred pumps in twos and so she's good. Now. Legs up to vertical. Inhale. Exhale. Drop the sacrum. Good. If you're ready, lane's five to 10 inches lower.

The lower the legs. We've got to lift the chest higher. Yes. Good. And lower the legs. A few more inches if you've got it. There we go. Good. You guys.

One more level of the legs and inhale and exhale and [inaudible] and last breath cycle. Now Bend your knees in, lift your arms and bring your head back down. I'm going to allow you to put your feet down just for a second. All right, cause I know a couple of you need a little moment for your neck. Ah, okay. That's it. That's all coordination classic. Uh, with the, the setup. So bending your elbows, forearms are vertical to the ceiling. The upper arm is not resting on the mat. You'd get that real from tug in there. Now today, let's take a breath in first where you are. Exhale, press up to the hundred brisk open, closed, just the legs open, close knees, elbows, and your head can come back down again.

[inaudible] open clones, knees, elbows, and it's up to you. You don't have to lower your head. You can keep the head up. And again, lengthen. Open, close bend, bend length, open, close, bend, bend two more and Lynch, open, close, and last one. And now go ahead and again, lift your arms this time, not letting your feet drop. Six arms circles. That's open the arms out to the T. Inhale, exhale to the waist and back up above your shoulders. Sure, this is a familiar thing for everybody, so okay, where your shoulders are touching the shoulder rest.

Try to make a little gap so that you're not shoved onto them, but you're actually pulling down away from them. And one more this direction. Feel your rib muscles. Exhale. All right, now reverse. Change your breath. Inhale down. [inaudible]. Exhale. Circle. The reason why I want you to pull against the tension and lengthen your spine.

Kind of make it a little hourglass with your waist on your inhale. [inaudible] oh all the way around. Three more long and strong last time. All right. And then go ahead and put your handles down and come up off of your backs everybody. Yes. And I will lower our foot bar now. Just move it. Yeah, out in front.

And I think I'm going to have you all with one read for this next school round a blue if you're feeling a little necky in, you know, neck and shoulders. So kind of play it with what you need. Turn and face the back of your reformer. And let's take the head rest down. I addressed all the way down. Alrighty. Good. And then go ahead and have a seat. Bend your knees, put your feet right on your headrest handles.

No break down some of the parts of the rowing a little bit. Alright, so pick your arms up and just feel the, the ropes. Nice and long there for a second. Yeah, I was going to say, you can scooch back if it feels too loose in the straps by any means. Wiggle back a little bit. All right. And then find some, uh, focus of back extension from your tail through the top, back of your head. Nice and elongated rib cage is in some, a little more ribs in. There we go. Okay. Now that's one place with the arms, but I'm going to challenge us a little bit. Turn the arms inward, so a slight internal rotation. Good. All right.

Now focus on the shoulder blades and draw them down. Let's inhale. Pull the knuckles towards your chin. [inaudible] exhale, reach back out. So what I'm wanting you to feel, you of course, the source of your lap. The maintenance of back extension or sitting extension.

Yeah, but also the upper back, the back of our shoulders, your deltoids, probably your biceps a little, maybe even elbows back, back, back, back, back. If that feels too easy, by all means. You could take your knuckles to your forehead if you wish. Pool. Yes. Good. And once again, just inhale, pull up. We go in the spine. In the stomach and then exhale, arms forward. Great. Now elongate your legs. If you want to. I'd like you to, if you can, if it feels too bound up in your hips, you can stay bent, Nene.

And then just bring the arms down by your sides sitting chest expansion. Excuse me. So let's start with the arms a little bit more right alongside the seam. Alright, so once again, um, on the reforms you might feel your thumb on the side of the wood. Can you feel that? So as you pull your arms back, it's just what I think about.

Trace the wood with the finger or the thumb. So let's inhale pool and exhale. Return just to the sides of your seam. Yeah. So trying to fill up the lungs, which are in those ribs, which should expand your ribs.

Kicking your arms back behind you. That's my thought process for more X. Hey y'all. Good. You guys and our sternum. Ever important. Focus at the top of our spine in the front. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Good. And pause. Okay. Try this with your arms where they are. Can you guys all then go into spinal flection?

Just keep your arms where they are. Yeah. So rounding over make that really be about the stomach muscles. All right. And your lats of course. Now let the arms kind of coast forward. Ah, maybe so far that you actually tap your bumper.

Y'All feel this topper. Now let's go with maybe six more repetitions of the arm pole while you inhale. This is challenging. So that scoop of the stomach, here we go. Inhale, exhale all the way you can find your bumper. How far back with the arms, as far as you can take them without hiking the shoulders up. Is that clear? Ish?

Yeah. So what I'm going to do to you is make you flex your spine more. We're incurred there you go there you feel that? So now there's a lot more activity right through your obliques. And he's intercostals scoop. Scoop, scoop, scoop. Yup.

Because of your flexibility, you know, cause you could just probably hang over your thighs and not feel your abs. I'm thinking I lost count is this last one. Let's make that the last one. I didn't tell you how many did that. Did you all feel your tummy muscles? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. And roll up to a vertical spine. Thank you. Is that spring? Okay. Okay, we're going to round back over again.

Same thing now, not the full rowing facing this direction, but the arm pattern of the rowing. So over the rowing facing back. So once again, go ahead and just round over if you're not already there. Find that same contraction in your belly. Okay. I want you guys to pull the arms back again on your inhale. Now keep the rowing arms. Exhale, they lift a little higher.

Circle from the sides around to the front without finding the bumper. Inhale, pull back up and around with the arms. This is challenging, you know, to stay out of the neck so your arms may not need to come to you high is absolutely fine if they just kind of circle horizontal in the space. [inaudible] two more times. Yep. Cool. Got It. Sources low lats to pull the arms back.

Ah, yes, that is enough. Go ahead and roll up to vertical spine and just rest for a second. Good job. Okay, we're going to continue with some hands and straps, but this time turn the other way toward your foot bar and we're going to sit Indian cross-legged. [inaudible]. Okay. Now the hand position, we've done a few different ways to hold the handles.

Sometimes we've held with the fist and put the hands at the shoulders. What I want us to do today, if you have your hand in your strap, here's where the little neoprene grip is going to be right in the palm. Yeah. And put your hands somewhat jazz hands, Bob Fossey. I always say that a and your elbows a little bit more forward of your chest. [inaudible] and I'm thinking elbow in line with the under arm as far as that height. So go a little bit more that way.

So the elbows are facing forward? Yes. Okay. Easy shoulders. And again, if we're, we're working some back extension, so little bit more. Lift up in the lower back. I know and let's inhale, press the up, forearms and hands forward. Okay. Exhale and just simply ban. So the joint action is at your elbow. Cool.

Like you're trying to push the wall away and rod across the chest. Nice work. You guys rib Cajun. Ah, do more last one and then stay near with your arms straight. Okay. Now let's transition that. The exercise to hug a tree. So you just simply organize the arms. You're in net curved elbow position. Yeah, you need a wiggle the handle. You can. All right.

And then start with the arms open. Wow. Press your knees down. I know this is tough. Lats are strong. Use Them. Inhale Pool. Exhale. Open as if you're going around this circle.

Outer circumference of a ball or a hoop or a tree, right? So the elbow is not the joint action. It's not at the elbow, et cetera. Or Shoulder. Three more times each. Any. And we pulled taller through the spine. Wow. And our ribs never need to push forward.

Lift up off our seats slightly. Oh one more time. You're going to stay arms and front. Okay. Now another transition of your arms. Flip your palms face out. Put your fingertips on your forehead and hinge your spine forward. Press your knees down, shoulder blades down on the back of your ribs. All right, so the salute. Inhale, extend, exhale and return. Growing a little taller in the spine.

Well, what if it does, if the ropes clear your shoulders. So instead of having the ropes rub you, you may have to aim your arms a little higher. Does that help Sheena? Rib Cages, knees down, sternum. We're doing it. I'm seeing the extension. Can you get tall? Are Two more to go? Last one and just take a rest for a second.

Bring your arms down guys. Wila Great. Okay. What I'd like you to do, um, uncross the legs the other way. If they were crossed, hands up again. Jazz hands or the beginning of the push of the arms forward. You're a little bit more full circle of the arms and some of the rowing facing front. So it's different. If you want it to go long sit, you could. But I'm just having you try folded legs in a different way.

So let's again press forward now. Exhale, lower your arms. You might even kind of tap your knees if they're bent. Inhale, reach. The arms out, up framing ears, and Exhale Bay circle down. We know it back in front of the chest. So there the flow. Each one gets a breath and exhale down. So when the arms start coming up, the shoulders drop heavily down the back, open around and to the shoulders again. In each inhale we're trying to go taller. Exhale, hands toward the knees.

Ah, always that seeking of up out of the lower back. Yup. I lost count in my mind. I want to have you go two more times. Yeah. Strong lapse. There we go. Last time. All the way down. And once again, pause. Okay, so now one more. Go ahead. And guys, put your hands behind your head, shake the head, shaved the back of the head, shave your ponytail off.

That kind of idea, and this is maybe unconventional slightly, but the, the spine position is not so hinge yourself forward. I want you to interlace your hands behind your head actually, and then go ahead and find the pool of the ropes. So go ahead and pull. Do you engage your triceps and extend arms all the way straight? Yeah. In fact in stretch your arms all the way up. Okay. And then just hold there for a second.

So what I want you to feel is trust the, the connection in your hands at t. Maybe access more hinge of your spine forward, pressing your knees down, pulling your sternum up. I hope to bend the knees at all. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. So just three of like shave ahead Joe. A, the action is in your elbows in and oh up we go in the spine. Yep. Ben and in with the rib cage intercostal strength to hold those ribs down in one more. Nice focus you guys. Oh all the way up.

And from there just simply bring your arms down, put the handles back on the shoulder rests. Fantastic. Step off to either side of your reformer heel. Okay. Backs. Your backs are probably very awake after all that. Now some long stretch series. So do you have a quick roll for the risks? Organize your a foot bar, high bar, head rest up, red and blue spring, or to read a couple of you might want red and blue is traditional for usually what we set it on.

Although if we were on a classic reformer, of course they only had red springs. So you'd be on to reds regardless. So okay. And head rest up. So do you remember the amount? One foot, one hand, knees never touched down. Set. Perfect. Second foot secondhand and your in. Now, um, you guys over here, come on in. Stay there for just a sec. Guys. Lower your hips. You know what this, these reformers go down one level.

I said high bar and you did exactly what it was. The mid, the mid nod jewel is high bar. Yeah. Good. That would be way too high. Okay. Oh, they put their knees down. Oh, I'm kidding. Okay, up we go. Next time though. No knees down. Okay. Six repetitions. Long stretch. Inhale, we pull the carriage back. Push it back. Exhale. Here we go. Let's find some flow. Inhale back. There we go. Exhale at unlock those elbows.

Unlock your elbows. Exhale. There should be some strength in the inner thighs shoe and to your seat. Yep. Yeah. Sternum. And one more time for six catfish now. Now you get to put your knees down carefully. One at a time is oh or two at a time.

Reposition your feet on back at the shoulder. Rest for down stretch. All right, a little swan going on through the spine. So again, strong connection in the lats. We're not locking those elbows. Tense up your biceps just a little bit in your lats. Okay, six repetitions. Here we go. Inhale back and exhale. Open the chest. Reach it into the front of the reformer. Again, explore the space there is.

If there's a glass wall and you're trying to scale up the wall, sorry for yelling at you. Inhale and exhale. Shh. Yeah. Now. Okay, keep going. What I want you guys to think about some of you get those heels back. Yeah. Stretch your heels back. There you go. [inaudible] I know I lost count five, six.

Thank you, Kathy. This is the last one. Now when you come forward to hold your Swan, hold your swan ribs, tail, sternum, sternum. Okay, from there, breathe. I want you to contract your belly shuffle around back, going into knee stretch, round, back, gorgeous. Heels back again. Here we go. Now as you push the carriage, it's about the length of your Shin back and in. Push back and pull in. That's right. Push back, pull in. Yeah, it's really not very far as you push about the length of your shin bone.

Yes, and in, got it. And in press and two more. Pressive back and in last one. And purchase in hold. Now from there, just find the flat back. Sit back into it a little bit.

Same thing. Push back. Inhale, emphasize the end. Let's change the tempo and feel the power on that end. Seven shoulder blades, eight, nine and last one 10 round back again. No, we're not doing any stretch. Knees off. I could, but we're not going to bring your hips up and we're going to go up on tippy toe. Something just as fun. Alright, nice transition.

Okay. So that we don't have all the pressure on the wrists. Lift your seat, Spike your sits bones up. Try to get the weight as much off the wrist as possible. Yeah. Okay. And then those of us again with the rib, uh, flexibility, you bring the awareness to the rib muscles, the intercostals upper abdominals and hold those ribs in. Then just a little more I do that.

I know. Okay. So now your hamstrings and your bottom push the carriage back about, I don't know, five to six inches. So it's hard to say x tail end again. Our goal push back without dropping the Tush or changing the back extension. That's what you need. Yeah, lots of space from head to tail. Lots of length.

Okay, one more and carriage in. Now flatten your feet. Everybody sink weight into the heel bones. I always use the image of for elephant, you're in mud. Sink your heels into the really Pooley mud. And then again let's find round spine flection. Good. Pam. Wow. There we go. So if there was something underneath you, I always think about that too. That your, your, your bridging up over, hovering up over something like a barrel. The long barrel there. High barrel. Okay. Drop your heads a little. Everybody squeeze your Tush.

Pull your toes up. Easy on the neck. Here we go. Push the carriage in back and then pull in less rhythm back and in back and pull in. Ah, in you feel the difference? Yeah. Round and in more back and, and that's it. And rest. Okay. Do you need a rest your wrists? No. Do you need to come off with them? No. If you do, you can. We're going to do a little arabesque. Okay.

Or a yes. An Arabesque. So let's take the right foot. I'm going to use you right foot and just let go and put it near the side of the reformer. So big toe on the side of the wood. Just that much first. Now as you're standing on your left leg, feel like you're pulling that, that hip and the inner cy still into the mid line. All right, so we really haven't shifted too much off the left foot. All right. And then bring that one back in. Just that much. Just check into it now.

The left side. Yeah. So the glutes working, the adductors are working. Your stomach still is working, your lats are still working. Your ribs are not throwing forward. Alright, and then bring that foot back down. Now let's make a bigger gesture with it. So right foot out. Now I want you to lift the leg. We're going to do this in stages lifted to the side. How high can you lift it?

Yes, your hips are going to go wonky. Okay, now circle the leg back behind you. This is really difficult. Square your hips. And most of us say, what in the heck does that mean? All right, you're all doing it now take the back leg and reach it back farther again. We want to be off the wrists as much as possible. Okay? Support yourself with your lats. A little higher leg. Now we need to return that leg. That's plenty for now. Open it to the right.

Oh, feel the glutes and put that foot down. Take a breath. Okay. Other sides. So carefully release your left foot. Start the same way. Good. And it's making an arc. So it's going to decide, ah, Bando round, square in the pelvis, reaching the long leg back. Explore the space behind you. Reach in to it. Yup. Is that right? Inner thigh still working. Pulling yourself into the midline.

Squaring the yes you guys. All right. Now lift your leg up. Go around me. Here she goes. And then put that foot right back down. Let's get off the wrists. Come on down. Great. Good off our risks. Great. Great. Great. I turn the air conditioner on. I think you can tell. Yeah.

All right guys, it's time for some short box. Whew. So grab your boxes. Okay. And we'll organize them short and lower your foot bars that go over here and help for a second. And we will all springs as you know. And then no, I'm going to move this. I'm going to do this. I'm going to do this. Alrighty.

So and be careful with this part. I don't know. Yeah, sure. If I would have thought ahead, I could have had this ready for you. Okay. Short box with a round back. So what I'll have a start with is reaching your arms straight forward. Uh, before we go there, every, I should've said this. Move yourself forward on your box with your so that your knees are bent.

Might be a little different setup even a little more Angela. Okay. And I'll let you choose with either legs all the way together, or little bit of space and where we might set up for pelvic curler bridge. All right. And then feel your feet on the wood frame, not pulling up in the fuzzy or in the strap. Okay, so nice and tall here. Breathe in. We're going to go into our round back. So the exhale, finding the pelvic tilt, encourage your knees to stay bent. Now stomach control. Stay right there as you inhale. Exhale, curve forward so that your shoulder stack over your hips and then re stand up to vertical spine or return. Inhale tall. Exhale.

So roll the pelvis, open up your back stomach control. Stay there as you inhale and then exhale round forward so your shoulders are over your hips, and then lengthen up into vertical spine. Just one more like that. And it's going to get a variation to it. So trying to keep the knees bent. Well, no, they're in hold. Exhale, contract, shoulders over hips and restack up to vertical. Okay, so adding onto that. Breathe in first. Exhale, roll back.

Same thing. Now the arms are going to do some motion while you control that contraction. Inhale, raise your arm without losing the curve. Exhale, bring them back down in front of the chest. Once again, inhale, bring them up. Now as you exhale, returning to vertical, lift your spine towards the stick up, up, up, up, up, and then inhale in front of the chest and so on. Exhale, weaker. So you establish the c curve or the stomach control and he had some arm work.

Inhale, they go up. Exhale, pull down deeper curve. Inhale, we go up again, and then exhale as you're returning a vertical, stretch your spine. Get right up on top of the sits bones during them up and arms in front of chest. A couple more guys, and exhale round, back. Alright, establish the position. Then the arms move. Inhale, they come up, exhale, we pull them down.

Inhale their up. Exhale, return to vertical spine. Reach yourself to the stick. Open your chest, arms in front of the shoulders. One last repetition sitting tall and exhale. Here we go. Really broadening them back, which looks great. This is a tough one for some of us to widen the back. All right, inhale up.

We go. Pull the arms down. Sink more into the belly. Inhale up we go. And exhale. Return to vertical spine. Now let's stay there with the arms. Okay, and trust your your bent knee position. We're just going to do six repetitions of the hinge. Alright, so inhale, it's small. Exhale return.

So hinges without lifting the feet up. Exhale, a little tall or we got it. Lots of space between the ribs and hips and X. Three more because you've got it. Sternum, sternum. Ah Woo.

You're going to be happy to watch yourselves, you guys. So good ad. Exhale up and let's take a little rest. Wowee how does that feel? Hard. Long. [inaudible] you don't, I mean every answer is correct. You know I'm not checking off a right answer. It's really, really good. The shoulders weren't stressing and coming up here on the hand and you know, getting pretty far.

So let's tutors our stick underneath the mat or underneath your knees on the Mat. Now there's another new site over choreography with your arms that you might like and a feeling in your hip that I'm not sure if you'll like, I don't know. Let's release the right foot. So you're going to turn to your right. Okay. [inaudible] and then that need is going to be all the way up on the box. So that's a typical setup for what we're doing. So often when I give you the um, side overs or others will have you flex your bottom foot in the strap and lean over the edge today as something different to feel.

Keep this foot on the wood and slightly turned out with your leg and try to square your pelvis. So there's a lot of checkup here. We have to do. All right and are checking in. We got it. So probably what you'll, I'm expecting some of you to feel as some contraction in the side of your left hip and bum. Okay. Now for the arm position. What I would like you to do is the leg that's out your left leg, put that arm up above your head and then the right arm in front of your chest. Okay? Yeah.

Now Lean as far to your right as you can without letting that foot lift off the wood. Surprise. Alright, that's our inhale. Now exhale, come back up. So you're really using your left side. Everything all the way through the lateral side. Inhale, we go over the foot doesn't come off the wood. Exhale we pull up. Yeah. Have you done that, that version with the foot on?

Do you feel some hip sensation? Yes. Some glutes sensation. The side of that glute. So it may not be atypical to think you could bend so far that that elbow might touch the thigh, but not by moving the elbow. It's because you side bend that far, Pam. You got it. [inaudible] ah, shh. Switch arms through the other arm on top. You just feel the difference in e o you bend to the right.

Exhale, pull up, exhale and pull up. [inaudible] inhale. Maybe one more. This is a lot of repetition and come up rest for just a second. Okay, well, well let's go all the way to the yummy stretch there. I had a little more planned with that, but I need to be realistic. Um, that was a lot of repetition. So, so what I mean by the yummy stretch yes. Is as big of a band over the curve is as you'd like.

You can put your hand on the floor, you can put your elbow on your head rest. Yeah. Where's that oxygen right here. Once everywhere. But fill it up. Big, beautiful. C, curves, spine and side bend. All right, now let's go ahead and take it farther further and take the hands on either side of the frame of the reformer. Would careful not to pull with the arms to get you to rotate.

You're still working the lift of the abdominals widening of the upper back. I'm gonna do you guys a favor and get these sticks out of the way. One more big breath you guys. And then we will exhale and carefully unwind and come all the way up and Oh yes. The other side.

Of course. All right, so left knee is out your right foot on the wood square, your hips. I think that might be the hardest part with the leg out to the side with squaring the hips and then the leg that's out should be a little turned out. So it might be that you have to move your foot slightly forward. Uh, yeah. Now I tell Ya. Okay, so the long leg, that's the arm that went up over the head. First. Other arm isn't, it's kind of balletic in the arm position.

A poor two bra and then go to lean over as far as you can without letting your foot come off the wood. Don't be surprised and exhale as you contract to come up. I'm going to Hail Ben. Exhale, pull to come up. What I'm liking about this for you guys cause I see you do side overs often. Uh, we can't go as far over the side.

It's kind of rain in some of you in with your flexibility. So it really, you know, hold you here, kind of catches you more or you feel that. Yeah. Nope, you got it. Ah, two more great breathing. Okay. Last one.

And then we'll switch the arms. Good annual. You can see where that might be headed. Some probably next time we do it. There is a change of porter bra when you're over, but don't worry about it for today. We did six nice work with keeping your foot on the wood. Reach the foot to the wood.

Exhale up just this last time. Ah, okay. Yummy stretch. Lots of breaths. So if you, yeah, if you did that big side Ben First, you should do that one first. Exactly. Awesome. Oxygen into that side rib that's exposed. Beautiful guys. Alrighty then find your rotation and on wood hand on would pull up into the abdominals again, we're trying to widen the back so I have an advantage by cause I can see your back back's plural.

Make it bigger for me. Can, can you widen it for me and it, you know, you may not really know what I'm talking about, but I think a lot of it can come from that. Do you feel that? And then you get to breathe into that whip. It's kind of like what we did earlier in the, uh, are imposed flection. Is that widening of the back? Pull up a little more. There we go. Okay, one more breath. Fantastic.

And let's come all the way up out of that position. Okay. We're going to do a little climate tree. Okay. So the left leg is the available leg, right? Correct. Wasn't hit. Okay. So face your foot bar again and they'll, the right foot is still in the F in the strap and scoot a little more forward on your box. So I'll give you two choices only do as your left thigh comes up, you can either put your hands under this way or elbow under and grab ahold of either, you know, fist or I learned it that way, that where we all chose is the harder one.

So pat yourself on the back because, and also the, I think the more challenging one to keep up in the back extension. I know for me it is. So our objective is can we keep this posture and straighten that left knee? So let's try it. And he always direct and yes, we can exhale. We band three times.

Inhale and exhale. Sink into that left sits bone. Last one. Inhale, stretch and hold it there. Okay, now take one hand to the ankle. The other hand to the ankle and hold. Shoulders are, you know where top of the head is all the way up. Now Bend your elbows, pull the thigh toward you.

Inhale and exhale. Good. Angela. Looking right at your fine. It's good. Yes. One more. It's okay. Just checking in. All right. Okay. No, stay right there. Bend your spine towards your leg. Bend your trunk towards the leg. Easy shoulders. Now inhale again. What? Oh yes. What I want you to do, contract your belly.

Start to take the shape of the leg and the torso back. Your right foot is going to catch into the strap and we go back into, we're going into the climate tree. Where I want to start with you guys though is get really into your pelvic tilt. You know, so yeah, keep wheeling that pelvis under, so you're going to be stretching into that right hip flexor abdominals, hamstrings on the left. Obviously. I bet you could tell it more here. Yep. Okay. Now breathe in. As you exhale, walk your hands up the tree up the tree, your leg, the tree and try to reestablish the vertical.

It might be that you have to let your pelvis Kinda tilt forward. Huh? I'm come up, up, up, up, up. Now let's go ahead and contract the abdominals and tilt back again. Can the legs stay close to the chest? Now choices again. It's nice to know you've got some choices.

You could stay right here cause this is great. This is like scissor in the mat class. Such a pretty shape or you could go back. I'm going to actually just take one arm up overhead. Maybe it's the arm with the long leg. Okay. Try that if you want to. I would say other arm. Pam, other arm, Angela, other arm. [inaudible] you're fine. [inaudible] Yep. Okay, so that's okay.

Could you take your extension over the box with that arm up? You do not have to or you could show, choose to. Yeah. Now to get up again. It's stomach, stomach, stomach, stomach, stomach. You only have one arm to help you up. Isn't that funny? Okay. Ready? Both hands on the leg. Now Walk your hands back down your thigh. You already knew what you're doing. Walk back over again. Okay. I'm losing you cause I'm, I'm getting excited about a variation. Yeah.

So if your over the box and if you wanna take both arms back, bring them up through this mid line, back over. It's like you're tossing a basket of flowers or a little bouquet of flowers. Arms. Go to circle around to the side of the would catch the back of the leg and walk up your tree. Now hold that position. We want to get the chest closer to the thigh or the side closer to the chest.

Flex your top foot if you'd like to put your hands on the toes and even more sensation of stretch. [inaudible] yeah, and you're all nice and loose and limbers. Let's relax that leg. We have all of that on the other side. Okay, here we go. So I got a little off the, yeah, the mark with the walking the hands, you would know what it is. So okay, it goes to the right leg, so into vertical sit. Here we go. Inhale, extend from the knee to the foot and exhale and bend and inhale, extend. Keep your seat level. Exhale.

Then last time we lift and hold. Now the hands walk up the back of the leg to the ankle. You're still as much on your sitz bones possible. That was a nice shift and we'd bend the elbows to draw the thigh in. Exhale, extend the Elvis. The thigh moves away two more times.

Last one, and exhale. Now breathe in again. Use Your exhale. Contract your belly, round your chest towards your leg. Actually go forward first. There we go. Now another breath. Exhale we can track. Now we're going to go back. So taking your torso back, room tree with you, your leg, your bottom foot will feel the catch of the f of the strap and focus on the tilt of the pelvis. Pelvic tilt to lengthen the quadriceps, the hip flexors. I know to widen the stretch across the pelvis to keep the abdominals engaged. So of course stretch your right hamstrings.

Okay, breathe in. Now. Guys, go ahead and walk your hands up your foot. Bring your chest closer to your thigh. Okay, we have variation number two. All right, so again, bend your chest towards your thigh. Exhale, take the shape back. There's some good focus. Okay, so with the the leg, with the long leg down, they're both long. That's why you got confused. Take your left arm up, Amy. Just be clear. Okay, so if you're going to go over into extension, you may, it's your top hand is on your heel, right? You can move that hand down the leg.

If that feels better. That's what I missed on the first side. Start to articulate back over the box. Now that arm's going to come back through the same plain contract. Good for you and what? Put walk the other hands up on the foot. Variation. Number three is going to be both arms releasing back. All right, breathe in. Exhale, round back. Yes, you can walk your hand down your tree. Thank you for reminding me.

Reminding yourself, you can take both arms. They'd come through the mid line open like you're tossing a basket of flowers and bouquets of flowers, hands on the back of the sidewalk up, up, up, up, up. So there we are. We're looking for chest to thigh, thigh to chest. If you wanted the extra flex of the top foot, hands on the toes, you know, and trying to compress that space of your chest in your thigh and just have the urge to, you know, I did this with the visa the other day. [inaudible] just to come behind you and help. That's plenty. Go ahead and bend that knee and come on out of there. Come on out. All right, we're almost done. What?

We're going to start a transition to know some back extension. So go ahead and adjust the springs after you take your box away. So box away off to the side. Guys are doing great. Nice and sweaty. Oh I'm so sorry Bob should stay up. Long box.

You knew what I was doing, Huh? That's, that was a momentary lapse of reason. Just said. Okay, keep one red Lisa. I know you're a listening cause you all took, put your boxes away and then came back up. Alright. And let's go ahead and, and from the side of your box, go ahead and put yourself on top of the box. Your heads will be facing back to the back of the reformer, some pulling straps. All right, so where I want you to line up today, uh, shoulders, chest, right at the edge of the box. It might even mean that your under arms are kind of right on the corners. Yes. And take a check in. Are we engaged in the adductors?

How that connects up into this seat without really needing to lift the legs. Okay. And start with your, your, uh, chest and head draped over the edge and have your arms nice and long in front. There you go. So you're at the bumper. Yay. And Yeah, nice relaxing. And then put some awareness up in the abdominals of course. So guys, with the breeding on this one, I'm going to have you do four.

It'll be two breath cycles. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. So the the pattern I want you to breathe in and start to articulate up into the swan without arm pull yet. So just inhale up into the back extension. Exhale, draw the arms and he'll return the arms. Okay, and exhale, chest over the box. Okay, so inhale, chest first. Exhale, arm pull in. He'll return the arms and exhale. Then the articulation, oh, over all the way. And again, inhale, articulate, exhale, pull the arm. Inhale, return the arms and exhale, articulate all the way over again and back and pull and return the o'hearns so easy for you. Exhale, N O or couple more and back. Extension and good.

And return the arms and over one more. In inhale. How's that feel? Did you like the hands on the back? Yeah, I liked that too. What's Your Chin? A little bit and all the way down. Okay. Go ahead and just let the straps fall happily. I think they say, come up onto your elbows on the box. Your elbows will be probably right in the front corner.

[inaudible] engage your legs a little more together. Just hold that, that position. Do you know where I'm going? It belongs in the Matte series. The single leg kick. It's a little bit odd on the box, so let, let's just give it a try. Okay, so take a breath in. As you exhale, pull the right heel and it's a kick, kick. Reach the foot back and down. Other side, kick, kick, reach back and down and reach back and down.

Keep going. Okay. Could you do this with your pelvis bones? A little more on the box and maybe not. Yeah, there you go. One more each side and is hold, hold, hold. So if you were to get, yeah, without collapsing your back. Okay. That's plenty of guys come on down.

Come off to the side. Now we can put our box away. You can just stand it off to the side. Okay. One final stretch. So if your head rest is down, let's go ahead and put it up. Thank you. And High Bar, mid bar, Angela, and we're going to maintain just that one red spring there. Good. This is a new stretch also. So go ahead and come around the end of this side.

You're good. Kath. And what I want you to do, this shoulder is put your right foot against it, and we're going to actually do an adductor stretch. You want me to kind of show a little preview? Do you know where I'm going? Like you're getting ready for a hoedown something of this nature. So what I'd like you to, yeah, I'm on a flat. My heels to the, yeah, to the shoulder rest. Your turned out, your left hand is going to go on the foot bar just for some security there. And then glide. Plead a whoo.

Yes. And then return. So right, right. Return. And you're coming up to a standing leg. Yeah. Turned out and bent. You got it there, Angela. Good. Right, right, right. So as you're going deeper or lower, you feel, you know, your adductors, play with it a little bit. I also would love to see if you could let some torso weight come forward.

I don't know, but I think you just might feel more in there if you let your chest come down. Now. I do know some of you have tendencies like I do to hyperextend the knees or overextend. Yeah, your knee, you may choose. I can see, oh, you're doing that Leah. Good is to subtly keep the knee bent or not a, not a lot of joint. So in a way you have to keep your hamstrings engaged, which is a good challenge for some of us. A couple more on this side and then we'll change.

Go in fact say there on the last one as you're Dan, can you all let your torso come forward in more of a flat back? You're good. Yeah. Your hand can find the carriage. Good. Breathe, read. Be careful on that knee. You got it. You guys. And let's carefully come back up and change over. Great. I would walk around the front. That was beautiful.

Okay, so left heel ready and here we go. Plea a this standing leg, you're going to turn out [inaudible]. [inaudible]. Yup. And you're standing bending that standing knee. Good. I'm coming up. It's your allowing your sits bones too. It's great to drop right down, down toward the floor and return. I know I had coming up. Sorry. Okay.

Couple more. I was just seeing if that was going to give good feedback or just trying to um, yeah. So on your bending knee, you're standing knee, just for more, one more thing to think about right now. Can you turn that lung out from your hip a little more so that your knee is not touching the foot bar perhaps. Ah, find some turnout. That's what I yeah. Now I tell Ya. Foreshadowing. Next class. One more to go. It's their last one.

You're gonna let your torso come over the reformer carriage if you feel, does that work? That's a good thought, huh? That's a good thought. A little less from the ankle though cause yeah. Yeah. Ooh Sisters. There we go. Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe. Breathe. And come up carefully to fit. Finish or put a little exclamation point period. At the end of the sentence, just go ahead and stay on this face and look out the window.

Something Nice to look at. Just do one final standing roll down just to kind of finish yourself off or finish the class. Take a nice full breath and then the exhale, let the head in the weight of the head and the shoulders fall forward. It's nice, easy. Don't overthink it. Just let it go. Let yourself feel. Ah, staying committed to your work, to your body. One more breath in [inaudible].

We're a few if you need to, and begin to roll back up to standing. [inaudible] all the way. Ah, thanks guys. Very, very nice.


Great class.. Great teacher..
Thanks Tina!!
Wonderful instruction!
Thank you so much LInda!!
Great class! Deliberate but not too slow.
Hi Rachael....thank you for taking class and giving me some feedback!
Your enthusiasm is contagious! Thank you for the fun class.
Thank you Nancy! I enjoy teaching very much and do try to stay enthusiastic. Glad you enjoyed class!
Hi Amy, just took your class. I only see 1 reformer class that you led. Please please do another class. It was outstanding,
My mistake I see your other classes. Can't wait to try them
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