Class #176

Reformer Workout

75 min - Class


Class begins in a traditional way by rolling back onto the carriage before footwork. A great way to check in with your spine! This class highlights intermediate exercises and takes a good look at shoulder and upper body work offering variations on Rowing Back, Sitting Chest Expansion, Hug A Tree, Rowing Front and Salute. Class moves along with Short Box Series and some killer side-overs with a port de bras that will help you find your obliques and/or deepen your connection. Long Box Pulling Straps with a longer breath pattern and a great adductor stretch complete this classic yet eclectic workout. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Reformer

About This Video


So why don't we start this way since you're all seated on your reformers and check that you've got three red springs. I think that's what we checked in with and our head rests are up. Uh, sit right ne...


Great class.. Great teacher..
Thanks Tina!!
Wonderful instruction!
Thank you so much LInda!!
Great class! Deliberate but not too slow.
Hi Rachael....thank you for taking class and giving me some feedback!
Your enthusiasm is contagious! Thank you for the fun class.
Thank you Nancy! I enjoy teaching very much and do try to stay enthusiastic. Glad you enjoyed class!
Hi Amy, just took your class. I only see 1 reformer class that you led. Please please do another class. It was outstanding,
My mistake I see your other classes. Can't wait to try them
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