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This is the classical Wall Series. A terrific way to wake up your back after a long day of sitting. Feel rejuvenated and energized in only 5 minutes!
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights

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Alright, so your back should be against the wall and you want to really, you were trying to imprint your spine into the wall. So the way we have you do that is by walking your feet forward to start to get the feeling. Go ahead and just let your arms relax Stricker. Start to get rid of any arch in the back. Good. This is a wonderful exercise to do at any point in your day that you start to feel tight or imbalanced. All right? So you're against that wall. Your feet are a little bit further out.

You are in a slight Plati stance or a [inaudible] stance. This is not too wide. [inaudible] you want to start to wrap those thighs around, pull your belly buttons in and up against that wall, getting those next to lengthen. Good. And if you're not quite against the wall, walk your feet out a little bit more. Do what your body needs. Okay, I have you holding the weight because that's going to give you that kind of feel of having long arms. And I'd like you to begin to circle the arms so your arms come up and as they come up, be conscious of what's happening in your spine. Do you want to keep those ribs together and the bottoms wrapping, keeping that naval up, and now start to lower the arms and grow even taller.

Letting those shoulders drop. That's the chest sitting, chest expanding and tummies come up. Two more. Nice deep breath in. And exhale, grow tall against that wall, right? One more time. Nice deep breath in. Arms come up and exhale. Reverse your circles. Arms come up, let the weight take that energy with the arms down.

But the length up so your spines are growing. Arms Up, not letting your bets pop off the wall and lower. Let your arms just hang and let's have you, it feels really good to open your feet parallel. So apart. Walk your feet a little bit further. We'll go into a squat. Sometimes it helps to have a towel behind your back, but we'll see if you're able to slide or dark. Okay? Yeah, so you, again, you're not bent just yet. You're just anchoring your back. And you're gonna bend your knees and start to slide down.

The arms come shoulder height, but you want to go a little bit deeper into it. So both of you could go a little bit lower, just not below the knees. Make sure your knees don't go wider than your hips and hold two, three. Then you come back up, keeping that back against the wall. Yes, here we go. Go down little bit lower for both of you.

Now that's where you can be conscious of what's happening in your back. Hold, hold, hold and come back up and you want to just pop up. You want to articulate. So in other words, keep that back against there. And last one, go down with your knees. Not Too wide. Hold two, three. Not letting your tailbone come off the wall either. And then start to slowly come up. Grow Tall. Let your neck lengthen.

Bring your heels back together. But let's do two more. Three more circles. Arms come up. Getting that feeling again in your spine. Exhale, arms come down, grew tall again. Two more arms come up. Now use that resistance, that the weights going down to help lift your next up out of the upper back, getting those length, the spines to really length and last one up and exhale. Now let the weights just, hey, so your arms are just relaxed and you're going to start to drop your chin to your chest and you're going to peel off the mat like your roll up on the Mat.

You're rolling off of the wall. So one vertebra comes off of the wall at a time. As you start to go down, let's just put those down. That's it. And you'll stop about hip level. So keep going. Stop there. Let your neck relax. Your heads are down, your tummies are still lifting.

Keep going, Christie, right about there. Good. Now the arms are just relaxed, nothing working there. Your feet are relaxed, but you are wrapping the thighs. Go ahead and begin to circle the arms, so give them a little push and let them start to dangle for about five counts. Nice and relaxed. Three, four, five and then a little push to reverse those circles. Keep the weight towards your toes a little bit more. So drop your toes. That's it. Three, four, and five.

Let them just dangle no energy from you. Good in it. Start to come up now, one vertebra at a time. So literally stack those vertebraes against the wall, but on top of each other. So don't let any part of that skip. And if you don't feel like you can get your back against there, bend your knees a little bit. That's it. You'll come all the way up. Open up your chest. Keep those arms along though.

Keep that naval up and the wrap happening. All right, you're going to start to walk your feet backwards all the way back and you'll come up onto your toes and get your heels against the wall. Feel that lift happening up through the top of the head. Now here's where you really have to work to get those spines even deeper in to the wall without hunching, but by lifting. There you go, not holding your breath. Okay, and then go ahead and push yourself off to step away. But keep the tall, keep the length. Go ahead and step away onto a flat foot. There you go. And take that posture home. You're all done. Okay. It feels good after, especially a vigorous man.


nice basic teaching!
Short but feels good!
I had difficulty keeping the small of my back on the wall, even though its easy for me to keep flat when I'm on the floor.
Hi Liz, you are not alone when it comes to finding the strength in the small of your back. On the wall, if you are unable to find it, the best solution is to either walk your feet out a bit further and or bend your knees slightly. Romana, would even have people lower their heads and bend their knees if necessary. Every body is different, so find the position that works best for your body. Let me know if you have any questions

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