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Magic Circle Challenge

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Adrianne teaches a high intermediate Magic Circle class. It's quick, fun and tough!
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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Jun 08, 2010
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Okay. Well, hello. I got magic circles today. I'd like you to take them and we'll go ahead and begin. So I'm going to have you stand on your mat and we'll sit down so you can, yeah, why don't you face each other, all kinds of face you, but I'm going to stand at the end of my mat so that I end up lying down on it. Take your arms forward, lift your tummies. Good. Begin to squeeze the circle and sit yourself down. Lie All the way down.

Going to go right into your hundreds. So knees come in. Let's go ahead and put this circle between your ankles and we'll go into the hundreds. All right. Taking the legs out to the level that you're comfortable. Begin your breathing. Three, four, five. Exhale. Two, three, four, five. Deep breath in. Three, four, five. Reaching the legs out. Long. 22 exhale to three 30 to five loves energy in your arms.

42 five x five 52 three four five x seven x 345-EIGHTY-25359TY-2 and 100 bend your knees. Take the circle between your palms, wrapping the thighs, going into your rollups. Begin breathing. Exhale to come up and bring that right back down. When your heads touch, you'll come up using the circle as you move. Keep the wrap and the thigh in the scoop in your belly button. That's it. Soft toes. That's it.

Shoulders down. Two more articulating to come up and articulating. To go down. Last one. Up and over. All right, I need to move down a little bit. I scooched back. Let's go ahead and place your circle at your side and bring your right leg in. Take that leg up. Just open slick circles down around it, up five times to accent his way of three.

Don't let your hips move and five, reverse it. One, make sure you cross in and up to around it. Up. Three, four, shoulders, relax, and five, switch legs. Five circles up, one down around up two and three and four and five. Reverse that one, two, three, strong power powerhouse or not letting those ribs pop up. Five, drop the leg. Sit Up, grab your circle and put it between your ankles. Of course they cheated there. You're actually supposed to lift your and then fit down. Okay, circle between me, ankles, excuse me, the knees, you could put it between the ankles prefer you to try this so your heads are down. It's going to be a little bit harder. Let's see, and you're going to begin to roll. So inhale, go back, exhale, come up in balance. Inhale, kind of squeeze the circle as you're moving. Shoulders down, chin to your chest and come up. Three, try to keep your heels together for one more. Come up and place the feet down.

Go ahead and place your circle at your side and July. Lie All the way down. When you're writing into your chest, left leg up, going into your stomach series. Anchor that powerhouse. And remember it's about lengthening as well. So stretch the opposite leg out and the right knee in switch legs. One, two, two, three, three, four, four, round into it. So curl those sternums and drop those shoulders. Six, six, eight times seven, seven, eight, eight, double leg, arms and legs out, arms and legs.

And you could take the circle and put it between your ankles if you'd like more challenge or just continue. Six stretch, seven last one out and it one leg up and post pulse. Two, two, two, two. Look at your belly button. That's it. Shoulders down. Four, four, five, five, five, five, long legs. Six, six, shoulders down, seven, seven, eight, eight and your knees, drop your head, legs up, head up, lower. Lift the legs. That's it. Pushing your belly buttons down and that's it. Don't just pop up. Control it up.

Six, seven and crisscross. Do Finish elbow to the knee, one and one to tap that knee. Really challenged that shoulder to come off of the mat and tap the knee. Three, four, five and five. Six stretch backs. Look to the back elbow and eight say right up for your spine. Stretch forward, drop home and instead of tall. So deep breath in.

Squeeze your bottom, flux your feet. Exhale close little as you can and sit up tall. When you're rounding forward, it's not this way. It's scooped in and lifting. Then take it down and come back up. Three more. Nice, deep breath in. And exhale, two.

Exhale, go back down. That's it. Now keep going. Squeeze your bottom. Keep squeezing. That's it. Good. Come back up. And last one they see breath in. Exhale, come back up. Take your circles between your ankles and let's have you move a little bit forward so that you have room behind you. You're going to roll again, but this time you're going to try to straighten your legs as much as you can. That would be the more challenging is to have the legs completely straight.

Otherwise you can start with Benz bent knees, Tuck Your Chin sins, shoulders down, begin to roll. Go ahead and take it back and come back up. Have you hold it too long and instead of tall. All right, so inhale, go back. Exhale, come up, lift your back up. Tall. Challenge that, that position by getting those legs really long. Inhale, go back. Exhale, come up, lift and three more.

Inhale. It's quite, it's very conscious. You have to, let's just keep moving and that will help. And sit up tall. Inhale, Chin to your chest. Exhale, round up, lift and balance. And last one c curve. Take it back. See curve come up and tall. Walk down your legs with the circle between the ankle. Stowe. Got It there.

And like zero up and circle the legs and center. Drop Your Chin. So your next are really long and center. And if you want to add a jack knife here, you can add around and circle around and circle. I'm getting stuck here and around and lift and two more sets. Lift and lift.

And last one all around. Okay, you're going to sit up, flex the feet and take your arms beside both feet. Flex twists, reach for the toe, trying to saw it off and try to police your nose on your knee and turn and trinet positioning to the other side. Don't forget that when you're stretching you're still scooping those ribs in and wrapping the thighs and stretch and center. One more set to each side, right and center. And when you're done, finish rest. And then I will have you guys flip over to your stomachs.

So on your Belize. Okay. Long legs. I'm going to have you go right into some swimming's here. Take your leg straight out, your arms straight front of you. One leg comes up, opposite legs comes up opposite arm. So really get the leg to stretch. Squeeze your bottom long leg. There you go.

Now switch arms and switch legs. Put it into a paddle. So heads up out of the water and begin paddling. One to four and like you're really swimming. Keep heels, legs long. Five six seven eight nine, 10 and ten nine eight seven four three two one and rested on your heels for just a moment and stretch back. And now that moment's over. Go ahead and lie back down on your stomachs.

Up onto your palms into a single leg position. Single leg kick. So you make a fist with each hand your ribs are up. And when he was going to kick the bottom at a time, kick kick needs together. Kick, kick, lift this up. Yes, kick kick. Now kick kick. As you're kicking, let me feel you squeeze your bottom. Kick, kick, kick kicks would feel the Strut on the top of the [inaudible].

You still have that squeeze in the Tush. That's it. And kick, kick and kick. Kick in. I fly all the way down. Hands behind your back. That's a clasp your fingers together so you're not locking them and turn your cheek to the mat. All right, so heels together. Legs are long still and you're going to kick your bottom three times with both feet. One, two, three. And now reach for those ankles and stretch back with your feet on the mat.

And switch cheek. Here we go. Three kicks, one, two, three, stretch switch. One, two, three, stretch. Touch your heels. So get up off the mat and switch. One, two, three, stretch long neck and last set. One, two, three. Stretch. Hold, get up. Get those chests up, not the legs, just the chest and in f sit on your heels. Stretch back if your back is stretch again. All right. And it turned back over onto your backs.

And we're going to go into the neck pole. So your legs are straight. Theater, hip width apart and flexed. Hands behind your heads. Okay, we're going to start to articulate off the mat so you're not just coming up and going down. It's really a conscious curl. So begin to come up, rips shoulders, stomach, Nagle, over and in. Articulate in other words around Stacie, one vertebra back on top of the other to sit up tall and then round back down. Let's do four like that and then we'll add a hinge to the next two or three over. Sit up tall and then around back down took and to Uber each you round for where you want to go a little bit further.

So nose between the knees one more time like that over tall, around, back down. And now we're going to add two more with hinges. So you'll come up nose between the knees, round up, back on top of the hips and then you want to stay as tall as you can as you hinge back, back, back until you can't hinge anymore. And then you tuck to go back down. And one more time up that was open. Sit up tall and hinge. Feet should not be wider than your own hips, hip bones and then around and rest.

Lay on your right side or excuse me, your left side where you guys can just face me. How about that? Hip on top of hip and you're going to rest on your palm. Getting ready for your sidekicks. All right, good. Now you could put your hand behind your head. It's a little bit more advanced or you can just keep the palm on the mat. All right, so you can take that leg, hip level.

You want to gaze forward to your next are long shoulder to hip and two kicks for kick, kick swing the leg back, kick kick. That second kicks, the higher one, so little one, then a big one so they should be clear kicks and three little big four, little big five keeping those ribs to gather six of your powerhouse. Stay still everything up here, seven and eight up and downs. Take the leg up to the ceiling, reach your leg out in, squeeze your bottom and up and lengthen to not letting your shoulder rule forward and reach for up I long, long, long five and six. We'll do eight one more or sorry, two more. Seven losing my account. And now eight, circle the leg. Five Times one, two, three, four, five. Reverse it to three. Keep your hip still for five and rest the leg.

Let's go right into a hot potato. Five taps in front of the foot. One to four, five and accent up and one to four. Five. One, two, four. Up. One, two, three, four. Up. One, two, three. Up. One, two, three. Up. One Up, one up, one up, one up and rest the leg. Put your palm down. Cross the lake over. Grab onto the ankle. Lift your leg and lower. Lift and lower. Two little circles. One, two.

Then big up and around. Three times one and two and three, reversing two little ones. Two. And then big one, two, and three. You rest the laying on top of the other, both legs back on top of each other. Uh, let's go into some bicycles. Take the leg up. PIP level. Now you are rotated out. So the like is turned out. But remember the rotation comes from the hip, not the foot or the knee. All right, here we go. Leg forward. Bend your knee, knee to knee. As you go back, you want to pull the knee back as far as you can so you get that stretch without arching the back so those ribs are in. And then stretch back to mark up. Bend the knee, knee, stretch back, and one more up bend, reach, stretch. Good. Now reverse that. So we're going to go backwards.

Leg is straight. Now you bring your heel to your bottom without letting that knee move. Keep your knee lined up with your hips. So don't let it pop up. That's it. Need any negative shoulder? Try and touch your nose and take the like back.

Bend your knee. Need any needed to shoulder stretch. Good to do these in front of a mirror back. You can see what's happening behind you and need a knee shoulder. And that's enough. Fly onto your stomach's for some trends, ish and beat. So palm on top of palm or head on your hand and begin to be torn.

So legs are straight. Heels clap together in one, two, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and ten nine, eight, seven, six, five two, one. And rest. Okay. Over to the other side. Lying back down. That's it. So you had your hand behind your head too. So this way too. Why is this on the mat? Take your leg up hip level and make sure you're positioned and ready to go.

Alright, two kicks forward, kick, kick, and back. One and kick. Kick to kick those ribs together. Kick, kick. No. If your shoulders are room rolling forward that your ribs are probably popping out and your lower back is not working. Fine. Six. So a whole body stays still except for that leg. Seven kick, kick and eight up and downs. Take the leg up, reach it out. Long Up. Lengthen. Squeeze those inner thighs. Two, three, reach, four up and five.

So really be conscious of that work inside the inner thighs and outer size. Seven and little circles. Five Times. One, two, three. Staying solid in here, but and reverse it. One, two, three, four, five and rest. Let's go into hot potatoes. Five tops. One, two, three, four, five. Up. One, two, three, four, five. Up with the heel. One, two, three, four. Up. That's it. One, two, three, four up and one, two, three, up. One, two, three up. So you to get it up there. One, two, up. One, two, up, one up, one up, one more.

Set up and up and rest. Okay. For a moment anyway, across the lake. Grab onto your ankle. Okay. Automatically your shoulder will want to roll around. So remember your box, shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip. Okay. Take your leg up and lower two times and lift and lower. Now, two little circles. One, two, and then really big, as big as you can want. And two long leg though. Three, reverse it. Two little ones, one and two, and then big up and around.

One and two. That's it. And three legs on top of each other. Going into those bicycles, let's do three each way. So starting with your leg, hip level, again, it's slightly rotated out. Turned out like forward. Need a shoulder, need a knee. Here's the hardest part is taking that leg back without everything wanting to fall forward, stretch back. So really solid power. Huff and forward.

Then journey and also keeping the knee lined up with the hip bone the whole time. Don't let it drop up or down and back. So you have to maybe peak every now and then to see where it's at. So I say in front of a mirror is good. And now reverse it behind you. So a little lower with your leg. That's it. Bend your knee. Need any need, a shoulder and stretch.

It's hard to feel it. The position and shoulder sometimes seeing is better and back. And then you need any native shoulder and stretch both legs on top of each other. We'll lie back down and we're going to take the magic circle again going into your teasers. So get positioned. That's it. Okay. And keep it between your palms.

Bring your knees into your chest, fingers. Our long legs are up. You're going to squeeze the circle and begin to lower the legs and peel off that mat to your toes. Then you want to reach for the ceiling and then control the movement. Go down and then come right back up to the toes. Lift your backs.

We were talk and then lie back down. One more time. Come up now. Just the legs lower left. Three times what? Go to where you can too. You don't have to go all the way down and three and everything goes down. Everything comes up. Teaser three. You're going to come up, twist to the right. Said dirt. Grow Tall. Lie Back Down. This time we'll twist. Left, left.

Come up. Toes, left center. Lift down. One more. Set and up. Right centered tall. Lay down. Last one going left. Be lost a minute. Left. Center, lift and correct. Get rid of the circle. Place it at your side. You'll sit up, lift your bottom. Sit at your heels. We'll go into your seals. Hands inside, holding onto the ankle or the arch with your heads down.

So really round your backs. Shoulders. Now three claps. One, two, three, three claps to come up. One, two, three. Come up to three. Back. One, two, three. Absent, just get a hold of your ankles. Well, they're going to be arch is a lot more advanced. One, two, three, up right here. One, two. There you go. And then tried to come up. Two more. One, two, three, back, one, two, three, up one more time. Then come up to a standing position as comfortably as you can. Good. Normally you'd want to cross the arms crossed legs and they'd come up.

We'll go into a push up. Arms Up. Yeah. All right. Stomachs walked down into your push up position, so you walk out into your play, palms underneath your shoulders and one straight line to fill that up in here. Good. Now bend the elbows and push up three to five times one. Squeeze your bottom. Don't forget that. Two, three, and now walk back to your toes. That's it. As you come up, shift that weight towards your toes. Lift your arms.

Deep breath in, and exhale. Let's lie back down and we'll do a little backstroke here. The extra lighter here. All right. We're going to do a little backstroke actually. Yeah, let's do with that. This circle, so let's get into position. Your heads are up. You want to work on getting those tips of the shoulders on the mat. Solu shoulders are down. Your chest is open pressures off your neck.

You should not feel it here. If you're really up in those abdominals, here we go. Arms and legs go up. Take a nice deep breath in. Exhale, open together. Inhale, reach for the toes, flattening that back and hold it. Hold it, hold it, and come back in and exhale. So the breathing is inhale. Exhale. Inhale together and hold, hold. Come back in. Two more sets. Inhale up. Exhale, open. Keep the gaze on your belly button. Inhale, reach, and exhale. One more deep breath in. Exhale. Inhale. The lower the legs.

Of course the harder hold, hold and exhale, rest you're next. Go ahead and set up both straight feet flexed. Arms the side. Let's twist. Nice deep breath in. Will twist right and grow taller. Exhale, center, left center, right center. Keep that flex happening. Center. One more set. Sandra, keep your feet still center. Just go ahead and stretch forward.

Good. What's your hands at your hips with your feet still flex. We're going to stretch into that part of the rowing. Take a nice deep breath in. Sit up tall. Now there. Deep breath in. Grow even taller. And exhale, two more from the hips. Nose between the knees. Sit Up, tall, deep breath in. Flex feet bill. And exhale.

Last one in heels. Stretch. Exhale, tall. Deep breath in. Arms Up. And exhale. Cross one leg over the other. We'll go into a boomerang. So make sure there's room behind you on the mat probably a little bit forward. Okay? And you are going to put your hands at your hips here.

Round your backs. You'll use the hands and you're going to roll backwards, taking the legs with you. And once you're back there, you recross the legs and then you're gonna articulate the spine to roll down. So you don't miss a vertebra. Come up into your teaser. Take the arms back and stretch. Lift the arms. Big Lift and float over to the test. Okay, so at the hips, here we go. Is what centered. You should be centered always.

All right, are we ready? Hands at the hips. Chins down. Take the legs with you. Rock back, lifting your bottom. Recrossed the legs. Come up into a teaser. Floating up. Get your balance. Take the hands back. Stretch. Big Circle. Float over to the toes. Now we're going to do that a little bit quicker.

Ready and set the at the hips. Here we go. And take the legs back. Red Cross, float up. Stretch back. Big Lift. Float over. Hands at the hips. Take it back. Cross. Come on up. Toes stretch, lift, float down. One more set.

Hips, take it back. Recross come on up. Toe Stretch. Lift over. Last one and taking it back. Re crossing. Come on up to the toes of, sorry. Almost other teaser. Forgot what I was doing and should I deliver? Okay.

Shake yourselves out. You guys are all done. Get your moving.


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Ok workout, but if it's a magic circle workout should we not be using the magic circle for more exercises? Little cueing on set-up position, but nice drive of class.
1 person likes this.
Nothing new & different here. Agree with previous post - could have really utilized the magic circle. Nice basic session.
I have to agree with you both, this class was not meant to be labeled a full Magic circle mat.The description should be tweaked a bit. Thank you for your comments and I will take note. I was not intending this to be advanced, more on the moderate side.
Was great for a quick, fast paced work out. I need these when I have little time or miss a session and don't want to be a total slacker! Thanks for the shorter session.
This is an amazing quick class, I am impressed with how much she fits into a 30 min class. The moves were challenging, the pace was quick enough to get my heart rate up and I feel each muscle group was targeted. Very good.
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This is a great class for an experienced student. Definitely moves quickly but if you're truly a level 2/3 you already know the moves and don't need as much cueing. Nice for when you don't have a lot of time.
Agreed that if you're experienced and knowledgeable about the correct positionining of moves, this is a great condensed workout within a short period of time. The use of the circle would have been a bonus.
I know this is an old class but really liked the variations and the flow. Will share in my classes. Thank you Adrianne, always enjoy your teaching.
Thank you Belinda, happy to hear you enjoyed the variations and flow
Fast pace, great thigh burn in only 30 minutes. Love it.
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