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Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt teach this fun beginning Mat workout in their usual "tag team" teaching style. This class is great if you are looking to advance your practice past the basic Mat skills. Try Michael and Ton's fun variations that build strength while simultaneously eliminating unnecessary strain and effort from the exercises.
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Hi, I'm Michael and I'm Tim. And we're going to do a beginner math class. So let's begin. Let's [inaudible]. Okay, good. So, um, we're going to start standing. I don't know if you want to face me if that's easier or you can just stand on your mat. Um, let's, let's face each other on the mat. There you go. And you want to be a little bit more to the front edge.

So we're going to go up and close and personal dairy. Go. Good. So just stand with your legs, hip width apart. Bring the arms up. There you go. You're going to just breathe in. Inhale, STI, arms go down and exhale. Just bring your arms back up, right? So you're just going to go inhale down. Exhale. Now we all breathe in different patterns and different speeds and different rhythms. Just follow your own breath, right? Don't follow me.

So the diaphragm drops down as we inhale and it pulls up as we exhale. Inhale down and exhale up. Now inhale down and stay down on your XL. Just bend your knees. There we go. Now the arms go open to decide. As you inhale, lift and exhale, bring them back down. There you go. So think of expanding your ribcage and then let it just fall down.

And inhale. Don't hit your neighbor and, and in hill. And one more time. Now as the same time as you go up, bring one leg behind you. So you're gonna lift up behind you. [inaudible] and bring it back down and just lifted. And just like the seagulls behind us, up and, and in. It'll fly away. Oh, one more set and arrange last time out.

And then just relax. Express your feet about hip width apart, hip width apart. These bones, not those right. So go right underneath. These arms are down good. You're going to move your hips back. So hinge and move. You sit spawns back. As you bend the knees, lift the arms up and then bring it back down. So the movement starts from the pelvis.

Move it back and they keep your chest lifted and then bring it back up. And reach backs. Think of sitting riding a chair that's far away from you. So move away from it and then get back up. Now go down and we're going to stay there.

Place your hands right in top of your thighs. We're going to round the spine, curl everything, and as you exhale, inhale, lift the chest and lift the sitz bones and exhale round. Make yourself as round as you can. As you inhale, think of separating your sits bones behind you and in curl everything back around underneath you and then spread it away and open. One more time. Curl as you exhale and then lengthen. Way. Stay here full down a little bit deeper and place your hands on the floor and then kneel down onto your hands and knees. There you go. Make yourself as long as you can so your shoulders are right above your hands, your hips right underneath your knees. Your spine is nice and long.

Keep the spine long and just lean back and come back forward. Now only go as far back as you can. Keep the pelvis long. There comes a point where you want to curl that tail under. Don't let that happen, right? So keep spreading the sitz bones. Don't kill the pelvis underneath you. Now stay here.

You're going to crust the right foot over, then move your hips to the right and now lean back and you might feel a little stretch in that hip, right? If you don't feel the stretch, it might be because you're curling under or you might want to move that foot up a little higher. Come back up to your show, to your hands and separate the sitz bones and keep length in the pelvis and then bring it back to the center and place the foot back. Let's do the other side. Cross the leg. Four more stretch. Bring it a little higher on the calf. Now move the hips to the foot that you've just taken away. Keep the pelvis neutral and long as you go back and you'll feel a little bit of a stretch in that hip and then bring it back. Do not go to the side. There you go. Just to shift. And once you've shifted, you go straight back, right? So don't keep leaning over.

Do you feel the stretch and then come back to the center. Take the foot away. So uncross it and just come to sitting with your feet in the front. Legs are hip with the part. Hands are behind your thighs. Put a little pressure on your leg, so thing.

Think of pushing the thighs into your hands so you have that little opposition. Curl the tailbone under and roll down until the arms are straight. Think of the spine like it's hanging in a hammock at an curl back end. So we pretend to be on the beach path. Do I not curl and roll down, heading into that stomach, make it hang, make it hang, make it hang, and then curl back up. Rolling back in. There you go.

Curl it under and exhale and roll. Now stay here beautifully and gracefully. Take the right hand up. Don't change anything and bring it back up. Take the left hand up. Don't change. Bring it back and now roll yourself back up. Yeah, you go curl it under. Let's do that again. Curl it under. Feel that scoop.

It's almost like you're closing the Zipper of your pants. Now take the right hand up. Don't change the zipper and bring it down scooping more to lift the arm. Beautiful, and then roll it back up. Now what we can do with one hand, we can do with two hens, so curl it under, zip it in. Keep that curl. Now lift both arms up without changing anything.

Bring them back down. Let's start it again. Lift it up, don't move. Bring it back and curl back up. One more set. We're going to roll down. By this time you should probably feel the abdominals warming up a little bit. Lift and bring it back down and lift.

Bearing it back down and roll yourself back up. Let's roll down all the way in any shape form you can until you're lying down. Bend your knees in. Hold on to your knees or your shins. Wherever it's comfortable. Curl yourself up into a little ball. Mm hmm. Now you're going to use your arms, so you're going to slide, stretching the legs.

Hold onto the back of the thighs and find a strong contraction over there and then bang genies in and relax the head back down. First, come up like a little ball and then press. Now push the hips, thighs into your hands, very similar to what we did when we were sitting down, right? And then Bang chonies back in and relax the head down. There you go. One more time. Curl it in. Low-Ball. Stretch it out. Use your legs. Use your arms. Feel a strong contraction in your abdominals. Now let go of your hands of your legs and start pumping a hundred. Breathing in.

Two, three, four, five and exhale. Two, three, four, five. Inhale for all five and exhale for five. Do not hold your breath. Really breathe in all the way and exhale. Inhale for all five counts. If you cannot inhale for all five counts, it's okay just in l for three, but then also exhale for three. Don't inhale and hold the breath, right? Exhale.

How many did we do? Inhale, oh, now we have to start over in and I, let's do one more time. Inhale and exhale. Bend your knees and relax. That's the first thing I learned to count when I was a student. The hundred never trust your instructor.

Now give it a good stretch. Hold on behind your thighs and you're just gonna rock until you're up. So we can do the roll up for the roll up. We're going to start building it up from the top. We're going to start the same way that we did before.

So you're going to roll down until the arms are straight. Now if you want to make it a little harder, slide it down and just let your hands slide alongside your thighs. Then curl yourself back up if you need to. Hold on to roll further. Roll down until the arms are straight. Once they're straight, keep it hammock feeling and articulate a little lower. And now roll back up. If you need to help, just hold back on day though.

Beautiful and roll back down. Now let's see how far you can go. Stop where you feel necessary, and then roll back up. So if you feel like you can go all the way down with the head on the floor, go for it and roll back down. Stop wherever you need to be. There you go. And then roll yourself back up. Hold onto the thighs and let's do it one more time.

So roll down. Exhaling, make it nice and smooth. There you go. And then lift the head up and roll yourself back. We're going to go one more time down and we're going to stay down. So roll it down. And once you're down, bend the knees so the feet are flat on the Mat. So you're going to do a little stretch. So we're gonna bring one leg up, hold onto that thigh behind the thigh and just pull the leg towards you until you feel a nice stretch. Make sure that you don't pull too much, that you start lifting the pelvis off the floor, right? So you, why don't you tailbone to be firmly on the Mat at all times.

There you go. Breathing is a good thing. So keep the breath, relax. Keep your throat nice and soft. Move the bottom leg a little further away from you and flex the foot. So you're going to dig the heel into the floor. Now make sure that you don't push too much there.

You start lifting the hip apps and make sure you stay anchored. Now bring the arms down. We're going to do the single leg circle in this position, making sure the hip, the knee, and the foot. Don't start to rock and roll on. You. Cross the leg over, bring it down around and up. [inaudible] down around to make sure the pressure on the heel stays.

Even. Make sure that that knee is not buckling. Make sure your hips are not moving there and then reverse it around. See how fast she learns and our own den to try to not move three and four and five and up. Good change Lex. First we have the stretch left leg goes up or the other leg goes up wherever like you started with and give it a stretch towards you. Give it a nice stretch. Again, just do a hip stretch.

Make sure you don't pull too much that you start to curl up. There you go. Now move the bottom leg out a little bit. If it was to close, flex that foot, press that heel down. Make sure your pelvis are still anchored and not curled up. Arms down. Here we go. Crossing it over. Occur us and up. One and old moved out, pelvis two and around, and three make it as big as you can control it.

Let's reverse the circle. Open around up. One, open around and two three round and up. Tried to keep the neck and shoulders relaxed and the last time and bend the knees back in. Bend both knees in, hold on behind your thighs and lift the head up. So instead for rolling, we're just gonna rock to massage. Despise you just rock yourself up and down. Roll rock and roll.

Rock and roll in a position that feels comfortable. There you go. And then just relax back on your mat is lie down and just let your head go down. Stretch your legs out long. From there, going into the series of five, what you're going to do is drag your right leg as you lift your head up. Make sure you bring that leg in, hand on the ankle from here. Flex that bottom foot of the leg that's long and stretch and just hold that. Think of lengthening through their heel and hold that position and then relax your head and relax everything down.

Drag the left leg again. Place the hand on your ankle and right below your knee. Flex that bottom leg and just stretch. Okay. Really think of stretching out through that here and hold it.

Try and keep your elbows lifted. That will help stabilize your shoulders. [inaudible] relax it down. Let's do it once more. Since that was so good. And dragged the right leg in from there. Bring the head up. Flex the leg that's long, that foot stretch through. Hold it there. You can breathe and relax and lower down Andrew. Hooray. Acts like flex that leg. Just feel that length in that strap. Yes.

And relax it down. No, you guys were so good. We're gonna move on. But if you can stay with that version, bring it in. Flex the bottom leg like a foot and lift it off and just hold it there. All right. And relax everything down and draw the leg in. Draw the upper body, flex that foot stretch long through that leg lifted.

Hop and hold it. Hold it and relax and bring everything down for the double leg. Bring the legs in. Let them just fold into your chest from their place. Your hands, right on backs of your thighs. From there, what you're going to do is stretch the legs out the floor as you lift up, holding on here so you get that nice tight engagement of the abdominals and then fold it back in. The hands will slide back. Tim Shins and Stewart [inaudible] hold. Isn't this fun?

Whoa. And brewing it in. Now we're going to do exactly what tone did before the hundred you're going to stretch it out and your legs are going to go to about 45 you're going to hold it and bring it back in and again, straight right? 2000 hold it. Use Your hands to hope. Hold your legs. Get that nice tight contraction, the dominoes and [inaudible].

[inaudible]. Let's do one more and [inaudible] bellow. Hung it. Hold it there. Hold and relax. Bring both feet flat on the Mat. From there, bring your right leg up straight to the ceiling. I don't care if the foot is pointed or flex. You're gonna walk up your leg as if you're walking up the tree. If you've done every farmer, it's the same thing from there.

Take the left leg off, bring it in and bring it up towards the ceiling. And now all you're going to do is change. Change, change, change, change, change, change, change, change. Last set and relax and bring your head down. And from there bring your hands. Me. Huh? Your head. Bring your legs to tabletop. Flex those feet.

From there you're going to take the right leg and Jess lower down and bring it up the left leg down and bring it up. Now lift the head and the shoulders off the mat and do the same thing down. Bring it up, down, bring it up and brief. Okay, good. I know what you can do with one light you need to do with two both down and up, the down and up. Two more down and app last time down and up and re Chris, cross mouth. Slide your feet out a little bit more.

Flex the feet. What you want to make sure is that you flex the feet, you don't. Okay. Over Flexi, you start to Tuck and lift your hips off. So as you flex your feet, they could send in your sits bones down towards your heels. From there you're gonna lift up and bring your right elbow towards your left knee and then come back to the center. Bring your left elbow towards your right knee.

Yeah, and come back center and do it again. And twist and think of the rib cage twisting and back center. So you really want to thank the cage is moving the arms and back. One more time too. With breathe, you'd smile. It's sort of fun and center. Last time, twist and [inaudible] bring your legs in.

Press your thighs into your hands and your hands and your thighs. Lift your head and shoulders off and just slowly start rocking yourself up to sitting. Once you're up and sitting for the spine stretch forward, you're going to stretch the legs out long. Pretend I'm on the mat. Have your hands behind you and push up a little bit. Now as you flex those feet, relax your feet for a second. Think of pressing through the heel to flex the feet. Feel the difference.

Now try and lift up. If you can't lift up in this position, all you have to do is simply bend your knees a bit. Then whatever lift you have, you're going to take the hands and move them to the front. From here, you're going to take a deep breath in and you're going to ask how slide the hands along as far as you can. Then you're going to inhale and roll yourself back up and ask Hauster ratchet how to just sliding along and he'll roll it out to more in hell. Now I'm the last one. Bring your hands to the outsides of your legs. What you're going to do is slide out. As you exhale, grab onto your feet or the tops of the balls of your feet. From there, what you can do is bend your legs [inaudible] stretch and just bend and stretch. Now just take the right leg and bend it and stretch and then left leg and stretch. Now Ben both legs again and from here try and draw your upper body closer to the mat.

Think of trying to put the crown of your head on to the Mac. From there in that position, straight and your legs, trying to keep your body down and slowly release your hands from your feet. Slide your hands up your legs all the way to you're sitting from there. Bend your knees. Curlier coxix back. Think of bringing your pubic bone up towards you. Now his hands are behind your size and rock back, dragging your heels in. Now from there, find the balance position for open bag rocker balance.

Here's your first balance position. You guys are old pros, so let's make it harder. Stretch those legs out. Now walk your legs, your eight legs. Walk your hands up your legs. That would be interesting what it and hold it there and just [inaudible] tall hold smile. Your historical [inaudible]. The day was, this was Joseph plot, his favorite position and he used to love to conduct interviews in this position. So what would you like to talk about? I laughter's good. It means you're using your abs from there. Just bend your knee, slide it down and stretch it out.

Now I'm just going to turn fronting and see. Open your legs a little bit wider as why did you can for the saw, but you're going to do is place. Again. Your hands right behind you. You're going to push ups. You're really sitting on top of those sitz bones. Then you're going to take your hands, fold them from there. Make sure you have the nice strong connection.

Don't be pushing your head too far forward from there. All you're gonna do is go to your right and you're going to think of bringing your elbow down towards your knee. Just a side bend and back up and again over to the other side and stretch. Think of that elbow going to the outside of your knee and up. Now that was good, but let could be better. There's always room for improvement as we go to the side.

Think of not dropping the downside of your waste. Think of lifting up so you don't collapse. Feel the difference. If there's a little support, you know the opposition going through this hip and come back up and over to the other side and back up. Now. Let's make it more fine. Take it over to the side of the elbow. Now use your rib cage to bring the other elbow to the inside of your knee.

Don't use the arm. Use the ribbon. The kids, stretch it up and come back center. So we go over to the side and give your rib cage. Good. Bringing the alcohol and back up and center. One more time, right and left over to the side. Now think of the rib cage.

Really rounding to bring it in so both are there and back up and center. One more time. Last time over from there, thinking of the rib cage, moving, keeping both elbows and then open and bring it up. Release your arms and all right, done with relaxing. They are lie down in your stomach. Let's face, let's face the insight and you can just place the arms next to your body with the palms up. Imagine that I'm lying down. Diego. Your legs can be apart. They can be together. Whatever feels comfortable for your spine. There you go.

Keep the arms nice and strong and long. And now just lift the arms off the floor. Hold it for a second and then relax them back down. There you go. Try not to only move your hands. Think of the upper arm gums off the floor as well.

So lift and bring the whole lime up, not just your hands. Yeah, I'd feel the difference. And then bring it down. Now at the same time, lift the head off the floor as well so the chest comes off. So press the arms and I was think of the heads coming towards each other, right? So let's hit bang our heads together and then lower yourself back down, right? So the arms come up and you come forward to lift up and then slowly relax back down. Let's do it one more time and we're going to stay up there.

So you're going to lift up. Now stay here and open the arm. Students, sides ones are to decide. Bend the arms and just rest your forehead on your hand or your head on your forehead. What was this? It was your head on your hands. That's a lot. It was legs together. Here we go. Good. Now keep the body just relaxed. We're just gonna use the legs.

So bend the right leg in and now at the same time just change Lex. It's only one kick. Change and change and change and change. And try to give the feet relaxed. So just kick and kick and kick and kick and kick and kick. And then relax.

Kill the right toe underneath you. There you go. So the knee is still on the floor. There you are. Now press the heel away and the pressing of the heel will make that knee come off the mat and then relax it back down. Don't actively lift the knee, the knee lifts because the heel presses back, right? So push the heel away, reach long, and then relax it back down. Now we're going to press it out.

We're still just doing the right leg. Now. Stay here. Do not lift the leg, just point of foot. So the leg height stays the same. Now flex the foot. The toe will curl right underneath it again and then lower the knee back down. Let's start it again. Press the heel away.

Keep the length of the leg in our reach more as you point the leg, the foot curls right underneath, and then relax the knee. Dallas' change legs, so change legs, curl the left leg. A toe under the knee is on the floor. We're just going to press it out. Press that heel away, and then bend the knee back down. Activate the heel and push it away. Really make sure it's in the heel and not the knee, and then relax. Let's do it one more time and press three heel.

Keep push me away. Push me right there it is, and relax it back down. Let's add on. Press the heel away. Push all the way through the heel and are pointed foot. Make it longer. Flex the foot to push the yield away more and then relax the knee back down. One more time for rest. The yield, push, push, push. Now point the foot. Don't change the leg. Now Flex.

Push to your more and more and more and more and more, and then relax. Back Down. Bring the Lex together again. Lexa straight. You're going to keep that length that we just found by end. Lift both legs up as every, we're pushing the legs all the way away. Now stay there and now do little beats. Open and close the legs and go. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. And relax.

Place the hands underneath your shoulders and push yourself all the way onto the heels and you have a well deserved rest for a moment. Now you're going to bend the arms and you're going to place the elbows on the floor with the hands together and the elbow slightly open. But you try to stay on your heels. There you go. So you sit, or as far on the yields as you can. And the knee elbows are sort of like a triangle. Now from here, you're going to take the one hand behind your head and bring the elbow down.

Press the forearm into the floor. You're going to lift the elbow up, you're gonna twist yourself around, and then bring it back down. And again, press the arm into the mat to help you find that twist. Think of pushing yourself all the way around the corner. One more time. Press and push. Live, live, live, live, lift, and then relax this chain sites. There you go. So are the hand behind your head. The forearm presses into the floor and that push.

Lift yourself all the way around the corner. Try not to move in the hips and bring it back down. Take a big inhale as you twist all the way and exhale and you can walk all the way down. We have one more time and go all the way up. And then all the way back down. Beautiful. Slowly roll yourself up and then lie yourself down on your back with your legs, hip width apart, and the hands behind your head trying to keep the elbows open to the side.

If it doesn't work, just bring them in a little bit. Flex your feet. So I want the heels to touch right here in the middle, right? Keep pushing those heels away and now just roll up a little bit. So the shoulders come, she asked of the floor, you're going to keep pressing those heels away from you. Soften the sternum and roll yourself back down.

Press the heels away. Think of the crown of the head lengthening up and over hole that key, that energy gone through those heels. Then soften the chest than melt yourself back down two more times. Press the heels, curl it up. Look into the eyes of the person across the street room. There you go.

And roll down. We have a little moment here and Flores, the heels and curl up. Press, heels, press the heels. Prestige. Those prestige especially is soften the chest and roll back down. There you go. Open the arms to the side banking knees and place your feet flat on the floor. We're going to lift the hips and move them to the right.

Then place the head flips back down and benching ease in. Now you're going to lift the hips and you're going to bring your knees over to the left, right? So we're going to do the tick tock by moving the hips before the spine stays in alignment while we are twisting, and then bring it back up. Place your feet back on the mat and then move the hips back to the center. There you go. So we're gonna lift the hips up, move them to the left, lower yourself down. Bring the knees up, and then twist away.

Try to keep the arms nice and long. Try to keep both shoulders on the floor. Then slowly bring it back in. Place your feet on the floor, lift the hips and bring them back in alignment. Bring the arms down next to your body. We're going to do a coxix curl. So you're going to have to legs like hip with apart.

That's probably the most comfortable. There you go. Now you're going to try to keep your hips on the floor, so we're not actually going to lift up yet, right? So you're going to pull into the stomach and you're going to curl the pubic bone up towards you, and you're going to make the strong contraction without lifting them and then bring it back down. Let's do it again. So in curl right now, I always use the image of like you closing the Zipper of your tight jeans where you're lying on your bed. You've all done that and relax and curl back in. Now I want you to try not to use your glutes, not use your butt and not to use your legs. Just your stomach bran.

Bring it back down one more time and curl it in. Curl, curl, curl, curl, curl, curl, curl. And then relax it down. Bring the arm straight up to the ceiling and bring the arms down so that until your fingers touch your thighs, not the hand, just your fingers. There you go. We're going to start the same curl. We're going to curl, but now we're going to keep on girling up, curling up, curling up until your body is all the way against your hands so there's no room between your body and your arms. Then soften your throat, melt into the chest and roll away from the arms. There is your shoulder bridge and curl first. And then keep lifting.

Now keep thinking of bringing the knees forward as well, so we get a beautiful stretch. Now soften the throat, melt into the sternum and slowly roll back down. Let's do it one more time. Curl the tailbone under. Roll it up. Think of the knees going away from you. Staying up nice and high. Soften the throat, melt into the chest and slowly roll all the way down. Very good. From there, just turn over onto your side.

Actually you guys have to rock yourselves up or roll your yourselves up. Everybody's head on this side facing me for the sidekick series. This fight, when we change sides, we'll all be together from here. You're just gonna lie out long. We were going to bring the head down. Hand is going to be in front. Legs are directly underneath you.

Now all I want you to do is just lift the legs off, not bad and lower deck down and lifted off and relax. Now you might've felt a little tightness and going into your hips. Flex the feet. Think of sending the energy out through your heels and now try and lift again and lower it down. Feel the difference. You might, you might not, but what it helps do is lengthen a bit out and relax. Then to keep that same idea of trying to get the length and the char zone, bend the legs so they're 90 degrees. From there, you're going to take your hand, put it on your tops, that's bound from there.

All I want you to do is think of lengthening, pushing towards your hand, and then relax it back down. Here's where most of us do the sidekicks stretch to the sitz bones. Here's where we should be doing the psychics, not that I do, but where you should, and relax it back down and stretch it out. Really just find that and you'll feel that length. Good. And bring it back in two more and you want to bring their hand here so your sitz bone and push into my hand. Yes, there you go.

If the Sitz bone image doesn't work for you, think of just lengthening your waist, push away, whatever works good from there. Keeping the hand there for the first one, just lift this top leg off so it's going to be parallel from there. Make sure we're going to do the external rotators. You're going to just drop that heel down and lift it up. So just think of bringing the foot to the foot.

Try not to lift this knee, but at the same time let's not forget about lengthening. You feel that I want it all like we all do. Lower the foot to foot and don't let the foot go higher than the knee. That's it. Good last one, and relax from there. The top leg is going to stretch out long. Now again, to keep that long position, think of really pushing through that heel. Feel that length. Bottom leg, we're going to lower it down to about 70 degrees instead of 90 degrees.

You're gonna place your fingers right underneath your knee. Now what I want you to do while you've got the length going up here, think of pushing with the knee down into your fingers and relax. Push into your fingers. Good. What it's doing is targeting your gluteus medius. Not that anybody on camera or watching at home would care, but it's there and press. That's where we was just 70 and release one more time.

Good and release. Then bring this bottom leg back to 90 from there you're going to still keep the fingers there, but now we're going to just keep pressing down with that knee and lift the foot up and lower it down. So press with the knee into the fingers, left the foot and lower it down. But at the same time, what's happening with our top legs? We're sort of hanging. Stretch it out. I want it all. Remember, I think that's a song, isn't it? I want it all and lower down. Good.

Let's do one more and you can smile. Good and relaxed from there. Keep that same feeling. Lift the leg now off so it's hip level. You can let go with the fingers here or you can keep them there and bring the hand here. Push down with the knee, push out with the heel and little circles for front two, three, four and relax and circle back to three, four and relax the leg down for a little break. Now think of first pushing the knee down into the mat.

Lift the leg off, stretch to the heel. And now let's start this sidekicks going to the back. So go back and front. Always think of that knee so you stabilize the bottom leg as well. Kick it back and front and back and front.

Last time and front. Bring the leg back together from there. Just push yourself up. Stretch your legs out long in front you. They can just be straight, they can be in their diamond shape or you can sit Taylor style, the politically correct way to say it. Now these days from there, just your arms are down long at your sides. Bring your arm up from there. You're just going to do a side band. Just side that stretch and come back up again to the other side or hatch and back up. Then guess that we had the second side. So stir out long.

Yeah, from there again, just do the same way. So we're the same on both sides. Just lift the legs up. Now you're probably aware of how as you lift sort of pulls in. Everything goes in. Now think of flexing the feet and lengthening through here.

Now lift up and lower down. Keep pushing the energy through the heel, through the backs of the legs and relax from there. Bend the knees, put your fingertips back on your sits pounds, the top one. From there, all you're gonna do is push into that. And really if you create that space, push in and release. Push into my finger. There we go. I knew you had more in you. Good. And how's the new girl and push? Oh, she's a good pusher. Yeah, very good. And again, push and we lease.

I think we have two more to stay even and push and release the last time out and released. Now from there you're going to stretch that leg. And bring it out down to seventies to this one. Stretch this one out long. From there, you want to put your fingertips underneath. From there you're just going to press down into the knee and release.

Press down into the knee and release. Press down into the knee and release last time. Press in and release. Then well, we're going to go back because we forgot the other exercise that way, the external rotators, so we're going to bring it back from here. You're going to lift the leg, hip level and remember we still were working on the sits bones and you're just going to lower it down and lifted up, lowering the foot and lifted up. See, I knew we would get even and up.

Lower down and lift. Lower down. Lift two more down. Lift last one down and left from there. Stretched. I got long. Flex that foot. Bring that one. Remember back to the 70 degrees. Just one more time.

Just stretch and push that knee down. He feel that now you're going to bring it back to the 90 degrees. From there. You're going to push down and just lift the foot off and lower it down. Press it lower down. We'll be pressed into the knee.

Lower it down, press in, lower down, press and lower down. Two more. Really good the last time and relax from there. Keep that same feeling of pushing the knee down. Stretch the leg out. Long. Lift the leg up. You can keep the fingers there are great here and tiny little circles.

Took a one and two, three, four and stop and reverse. Two, three, four. Stop and relax from there. Stretch out again. Make sure the knee is there. Bring the leg up. Now kick it to the back and front as you go back in front. Trying to push that knee down into the mat. Phil, they didn't. Back and front and back and front last time and front and relax it down from there.

Push yourself up. Bring your legs to however you had them in the beginning. Straight out in front. Diamond shape. Chris Cross and mermaid. Just take a deep breath in. Huh? Just are hatch and bring it up against or Rach to the other side. Good. Now let's for swimming off.

Face each other so you can look at each other as beautiful faces. No, you're going to take your left arm. Everybody's going to take the left arm. It's going to be folded, so the forearm is down, legs together, and the right arm is going to be long. You are going to place your forehead on top. It'll be a four arm from here.

Think of stretching out with your right hand and your left leg along the mat. Don't lift it off the mat yet. Stretch out long. I want to see it lengthen out of your shoulder and out of your hip. Now keep that lengthening, lengthening, lengthen, and now lift it off just a couple of inches and let your head come off as well. As your head comes off, you just keep holding. I'm gonna talk, you're gonna think of pulling that four arm down into the mat, which will help stabilize your shoulder.

Go ahead and breathe and we're in a holding pattern and we're holding and relax it back down and change you. Bend your right arm, bring your form so it's bent from here. Stretch out long. You left arm is stretching out. Long, long finger tips, long leg. And now it off. But don't think up. Think out. Yes. Uh, with stretching it out, stretch out more. All that. And don't forget about the form. Really pull it in to help. Stay. There you go. Look at the new girls back and stretch and relax it back down from there.

Bring both hands by your shoulders, back and to child's pose. And that's a long enough break. Cat Stretch. So you're going to be on all fours from here. Think of having a nice long back and just think of curling, bringing your pubic bone to your nose or your nose to your pubic bone. Turn around and then send your sitz bones back and lift your chest as lowly would say, make your collar smile and round and curl it under.

Good. Send the Sitz bones back, lift your chest [inaudible] and one more round. Good left from there. Back to the Nice, long, neutral spine from here. So it's a long back. You're going to take your right arm and your left leg and you're going to slide it along the floor for a balance. Just still fingertips are still there. I know there's more length in you, so give it to me. Lengthen out with the fingertips and your foot. Good. Now lift up, lengthening, lengthening more, more length, more length, more length. Be Taller. Yes, Taller. Lengthen more, more.

And then slowly bring the fingertips and the toes back down and draw them in. We have a second side room for improvement. Stretch it out. Long and lifted up. Lengthen of the fingertips. Lengthen. Lengthen. Lengthen. Long, long, long, long, yes. Longer and you can breathe. Good. Breathe. Lengthen. Good.

And slowly dried back in and sit back in child's pose from there. Roll yourself up so you're sitting back on your heels. Bring one foot forward. [inaudible] bring the other foot forward here. Little squat from there. You're slowly going to rural yourself up.

Bring your hands into your chest. So we finish. As we start our, we start as we finished in, held down a exhale and how that, so when we breathe with the arms there, so we actually are filing the diaphragm. One more just [inaudible] and yeah, and just leave your arms, Tom. This time as you exhale, try and grow 10 inches taller. Go ahead and relax. Good job.


Isabel H
My first class ever done on pilates anytime and it was awesome!!!! I am hooked ;)
Welcome to Pilates Anytime Isabel! We have several more classes with Michael and Ton and hope you check out other features on the site too. Let us know if you have any questions!
Michael and Ton's Classes
Thank you Isabel and welcome. There are so many great workouts for you to do here. Have fun!
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Genius you guys. The subtle cues and fabulous nuance of the movement was spectacular. You really know how to get into the essence of the movement. I feel as if I had a private lesson. I've had the pleasure of taking your classes at a POT and hopefully will again soon but in the mean time I have this class. Thank you, I feel great after this movement!
Love this,its so good to go back and do beginner workouts and remind yourself how hard some of the simple things can be! As ever you two make Pilates fun and doable for everyone
Loved this class, and feel great after doing it....will definitely watch the others. Some wonderful new ideas to add into my classes. Really loved your cueing and your humour....Thank you.
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What a prosperous/worthwhile workout. We hope to see both of you return!
These guys were not only brilliant at instructing and making it easy to follow from home, but they made it fun and made me smile while doing it!
Cloe V
Awesome class to get back to the basics !

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