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Reformer Workout

40 min - Class


Challenge your body in a new way with Rebekah Rotstein's Reformer workout. She uses the long box for most of the class to test your balance and stability with the higher and narrower platform, while also including spiraling movements for full body integration, and playing with speed and strength in unusual manners. A few of the exercises you will practice are new variations of the Side Kick, a Teaser Variation, and Push Ups as you may not have seen before!
What You'll Need: Reformer, Magic Circle

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Hello, I'm Rebecca Rotstein and I'm happy to be back here at Palladio's anytime. Today we are going to be doing a reformer class. This is Karen who is one of my buff phone's instructors and I'm excite...


very nice Rebekah, I truly enjoyed this workout, thank you!
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Great Class, Thank You :)
enjoyed the stabilization challenges
Thank you :) a very different experience.
Very nice- very different. I LOVED it! Thank you!
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Great cueing, and it was refreshing to see teaching to the normal student.
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Great workout Rebekah, as always great cueing and working out with spirals. Thank You!
Wonderful, clear instruction. So many useful tidbits both for my own body as well as my students'. Thank you Rebekah! :)
Such a joy to watch this nice class and listen to rebeca's cueing and knowledgeable way of explaining each move...
The student was lovely as well :)
Thank you! Really enjoyed the balance challenges and your teaching style!
I enjoyed the class but seemed to have missed how many spring we were starting with. I used three reds but found that too hard with one foot. Also not sure about which way the hands were arranged during pull-backs. Either way, enjoyed it and appreciate the excellent cueing.
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