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Theraband Flow

50 min - Class


Using the Theraband, Meredith leads a deliberately paced 1/2 class. The band is used to tap into the muscles responsible for shoulder stabilization. The class had a fun time modifying original exercises with the band. Expect a lot of thoracic twisting, a strong abdominal set, and tough glute series included as well.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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Jun 10, 2010
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Okay, here's a band for you. You can just leave it right down at your feet and one feel for me and we'll just a stand off the mat for the moment. Now let's just start with a couple of roll downs. So looking down at your feet, making sure the outside linings of the feet are in parallel, and then just shift forward towards your toes and then lean way back into your heels and do that once more until that. Yep. So keep the feet on the ground and just lean, uh, hindering from the ankle joint and then lean back, cringing from the ankle joint, and then find a place where you're situated just over the tops of your feet. With that, reach the arms down, the size of the legs.

Take a breath and we're rolling down. As we exhale, allowing the chin to drop to the chest, feeling the abdominals engage to support the spine. As the head travels forward and the spine travels forward, the further your body goes down, the more you pull in and out through your abdominals. We inhale trying to lengthen the body a little bit more and we exhale to come back up, rolling up through the spine, Vertebra by Vertebra, stacking it over the pelvis, shoulders, reaching down in the head is the last thing to come up and we'll just do a couple more excelling as you round down, breathing in and breathing out as you come back. So feeling that as you're rolling through your spine, you're creating a sense of length of making space between the bones. We'll do one more for now. Rounding through this, fine.

Letting the chin fall to the chest. As we curl forward, the tendency for the shoulders to want to come up to the ears should be combated by just gently pulling the shoulder blades down the back, no forcing necessary and just gently down, away from the ears. Inhale at the bottom and exhale. Tacoma. Yeah, the hips press slightly forward so the spine has a stable base to stack over the top. We're going to round down one more time and pick up our bands while we're there. So here we go. Folding forward.

Wayne's behind me. How am I going to do that? Okay, so just picking up the band, once you have it in your hands, give it a slight pole outwards and then bring it with you as you come up. It might change the stretch that you feel in your back. I'm going all the way up to standing. Slide the heels together. So we're in the Palladia stance. And then bend your knees just a little bit from there.

Squeeze really tightly the legs together. So you're wrapping from the outside. The childrens are just over the hips. You're holding on your band, maybe just with the thumbs palms down. And with that we're going to pull the band out and release and pour out. Not Super Slow, kind of a pulsing motion out. The work is coming from the back, from the opera back. You could probably do this relatively easily without abandon.

Create the work. If you didn't have a band to use, you could also use a towel, although it wouldn't move quite as much as the band moves. And here we go. We're going to just do it a few more times. So out and, and, and, and, and as you continue to do that motion with your back, with your arms lift ups, support yourself from your middle last two and one more. So now take the band, keep it slightly taught, bring it up over your head. As you bend your elbows, try to send your elbows energetically slightly forward. The band may come behind your head, it may not, but don't throw the head out of alignment to bring the band further back.

Inhale, reach up and XL to come down. We're going again. Inhale the arms. Reach up. Exhale as you give the band a gentle pull, feeling the shoulder blades glide down the back, warming up the upper back. Inhale, reach up and exhale. Send the band down. And again, reaching up, still tight through the legs, still strong through the waist, reaching up and coming down and we'll go four more times up. Maybe as the shoulders open up, you'll be able to get the band further behind your head, but still not moving the head out of the way or still not ducking the head forward to place the band behind it. It's going where you can go and working relatively, I don't know what's the word? Don't force is what I want to say up and exhale through this stretch.

Inhale as you stretch back up. Then exhale to come down the last, did I say last one? This is our last one. Well, reaching up and bringing the band back. All right, I'm going to turn around and you can stay exactly where you are. Take the band behind your back, hold onto it with one hand, pretty low down the back or at least in a comfortable position on the other hand is going to hold just above the head. Now with the shoulder blade drawing down, we're just going to press up, work in the tricep and back and uh, and and as the arm extends up into the or the shoulder blade pulls down the back feeling the back of the arm engage. The closer your arm is towards your head, the more challenging the shoulder down the back thing will feel. But you might get a little bit more arm work as well, so you can play with that going five more times.

Feel the spine grow long as the OAM extends up. Last two and one more. Okay. Change hands. They reach behind you grab at the palm that's holding on at the bottom is going to be facing away from your back. Other hand ceases towards friends. All right, so we've got abs in, we still have already in our plotting stance and then we just are, the bottom hand is stationary. It's what's helping us provide tension on the band.

Shoulders reaching down the back. As we stretched the band up, we're going a few more times about 10 more things strong in the shoulder area. Supported well thanks Lisa. I'll stop working my triceps and put my tag and for Vanity [inaudible] last three reaching up and bending down and two and last one. Okay. Take the band. Stand on him. I'm not [inaudible] totally sure how this is if this is going to work but we're going to find out. So once you've got your feet into your band, I think what's going to be best is if we just wrap around wire wrap the band around our hands. So you've created like a handle slightly flex the wrist. So the, the, their, the palms of the hands are turning towards the shoulders. And then we pull up, here's our bicep and release. If it's too hard with the band wrapped around your hands, just hold onto the end. Feel as you're bringing your arms to your shoulders.

Your shoulders are definitely well away from your ears. And in fact, as the hands come up, the shoulders pull even more downward. Yes. Saying strong in the upper back. Strong in the ABS. Still strong in the legs. Yeah. Last five, four, three, two.

And what? Here we go ladies. There's your arms. Come in, sit down. You're welcome. Are going to keep using the band today. So what we're going to do from here is wrap the band around our feet, starting with bent knees. Now the hole, the closer you hold on near your feet with the band, the more help the band will give you the, so there's that lifting the spine tall, using the band to help you go a little bit deeper into your abs. We're just gonna roll back into our seated contraction.

So you feel your abdominals pull into the spine, you around down. It will help you, I think find a deeper contraction or at least XL to roll up. Help you support yourself a bit. Lifting tall, breathing in. Exhale, we rolled at feeling the pelvis, tuck under the shoulders, heavy. Jennifer [inaudible] in healing there and then deepening the opposite. We're resisting the the Bam that's pulling us up and we sit tall again and we go again. Rolling back again, adjusting the tension on the band whenever needed.

I either was going closer to your feet with your hold or further back. Let's do that two more times. Scooping, deepening the valley for arresting their ribs down, looking for maybe a little bit lower and the next, so we come straight back up, around and through the spine. Stay around until the shoulders come over the hips and then sit tall. Last two, rolling back and rolling up. I feeling the shoulders heavy throughout. Okay, here's our last one and then I'm going to add on. So we round stabilizing, feeling both sides of the waist, working evenly. Inhale two, exhale and curl forward from here. You might want to ease up on the vans all little, not a lot.

Round back. Again, find the place in your body, hopefully somewhere just below the bottom rib if possible that you can maintain abdominal control. Say there as you exhale, turn towards me and pull back on the band. Inhale, come back to center. As you pull on the band, your shoulder pulls down towards your hip and inhale back to center and let's speed that up a little bit. You're rotating through the waist and then you're coming back and return really deep contraction through the waist or lots of work as the Aras one elbow bends. The opposite arm is reaching forward. I envision here a bow and Arrow type of feelings, so you're pulling back, but also pushing and back and pull and back.

One more to go. We go towards me and I guess we'll have to go to the other side and back and inhale and roll yourself down as you come down. Slide your feet a little closer to be careful that you don't snap the band on yourself and just set it to your side. Keep it nearby. We're going to use it again. Take a breath in, long straight arms for the pelvic curl. Deeply pressing the spine into the mat. We roll the hips up off the floor. We reached the knees towards the toes, feeling a stretch through the front of the legs. I will lots of work through the back of the legs and then we come back down one bone at a time. As you roll your spine into the mat, reach your arms energetically towards your feet, releasing all the way down.

Breathing in at the bottom and breathing out as you roll. It's a lovely warm up for the spine. Lots of movement, lots of manipulation. Keep in mind that the manipulation of the spine has coming from the front of the body, so we're not just picking up the back and putting it down. We're trying to mobilize it, trying to curve it. Finding your way to the top. Reading in there and coming down, working deeply through the waste stew. A couple more, like so excelling as you roll up.

Finding the top position, keeping me up to homos, working through out. Inhale, hold. Exhale. Come down one vertebrae at a time. Maximizing the curvature of the lower spine. A little bit of inner thigh activity. Jennifer, like you've got a ball, you're squeezing last one so the legs stay parallel to one another. Nice strong legs. Inhale and exhale to come down. Let's bring the arms out to the side here to open up to the front of the chest, pickup one leg and then the other keeping the knees lined up.

The feet lined up were tilting towards me as we inhale and then exhale, transferring the body back to center, so create for yourself a sense of resistance, pulling the belly back away from the knees as the knees travel to one side. Inhale as you rotate, one hip lifts off in order to keep the knees level with one another. As you rotate your lower body through space, your upper body should stay quite still, certainly stable. So we limit the movement to where we can go with the opposite shoulder down on the ground. Maybe there'll be a little stretch happening there. Enjoy it. I've been back bringing ourselves across to come back. This is our last one and back.

Place one foot down, followed by the other. Reach back. Put your hands behind your head fully. Interlace the fingers so that you're creating a hammock like support for your head. Exhale to lift the head and chest. Press the ribs down. Feel the low back, flattened into the mat. Emile to pause. Exhale, work your way down. Feel deep abdominal contraction in both directions. Exhale to lift up. Think about hugging the insides of the thighs towards one another.

We're keeping the inner thighs active. Exhale to roll down again. We lift pressing the bottom of the ribs down, keeping the eyes facing forward to hold their reach behind your thighs. Come up just a little or look for more intensity, maybe not up but forward. Let go. Raise just your arms over your head, keeping your upper body where it has hand press. Inhale the arms travel. Exhale, we pressed back to creating an imaginary but strong resistance through the upper back through the backs of the arms as the arms come down, the collarbone stay quite wide. Inhale the arms up in the elbows. Put the hands behind the head and with that, reach yourself down.

No resting. We're coming right back up. Our next exhale, let's reach behind the thighs once again and curl more forward. Feel the back flat one hand on top of the other reaching, just trying to reach above your knees. I don't know if it's possible, but let's try. Inhale across to the left and exhale across to the center. Reach Oh Bob and just be on the knee, the outer edge of the knee and the breath is. Breathe in. As you breathe out, as you come home, breathe in. As you turn, breathe out as you come home last time in Ham and Exa, separate the arms and raise them up. Still lifting hands behind. [inaudible] mad and lengthen down and stuff. A little traction perhaps by pulling the next slightly exhale to lift.

Inhale, hands behind thighs. Exhale, Cromer, let go. Raise your arms, put them back behind your head. Chest lift with rotation. We come across to one side and then we pull back and we come across to the other side and then we come home and continue moving like that. Keeping the lower half of the body really stable, really strong up in, across, and back, up and across and staying here and excelling to come down. Okay. Pick up one leg, pick up the other leg, supporting from the front of your body. Once again, curl the head, neck and chest up. Inhale, reach the right toes towards the graft.

Xcel change legs. Think about pulling the side towards the body, but it stops as it's as though it's stopping against a wall. So there's a resistance factor there. And the opposite leg, the one reaching down, it presses down. So there's activity in the legs, but even more so in the trunk. Let's do two more and change, change and change. Oh, turn towards me. Put both hands on the outside thigh. Curl a little higher. Twist a little more. Use Your hands to push into your leg, which might help you get more work.

And then change. Same thing. So you're not holding onto your leg to let your arms do your work for you, but you're using the arms to allow you to feel more work, to allow you to go deeper in the center of your body, perhaps allowing you even to create more stability in the pelvis. And let's do three more to each side. Here's two and two views. One and one come back to center. Both legs, up, reach the arms past the hips. Inhale, come all the way back down.

Exhale, lift straight back. Stretch the legs out on the diagonal if you wish. If not, keep them Ben. And it's exhale. Two, three, four, five for the a hundred feel the ribs expand and exhale. They come proud. Yeah, Long Straight, Huh? Pumping of the arms comes from just underneath the shoulder blades, the belly buttons, traveling through the Mat into the ground underneath you. And five more.

Keep curling from just underneath the ribs and four and theory breathing in, breathing on. And then journeys. Can you lift even higher? Maybe, maybe not. Reach around the tops of your shins. And as you put your head and chest down, you knees towards your chest. Say there for just a moment as you turn your head and look across your rights shoulder all the way through the floor, the chin pulled towards the chest as you come through center and bring it over to the other side. All right, we're coming back a reach down to your side and pick up your, uh, this you're a band, the green thing. Uh, put your right foot into it. Okay. So here's our legs circle.

Um, and what I'd like for you to think about, uh, give yourself a little bit of resistance and then bend the Elvis to bring the arms down towards the Mat. Feel the upper back supported so the chest is open. I'm going to get you moving and then I'm going to talk about it. So let's go into the body. Reach down around enough. So changes the exercise a little bit in that, although we are still looking for stability, which is paramount, we have a little bit of support.

So perhaps we can make this circle a little bit bigger. There's the element of finding a stretch or allowing a stretch to happen, so big drop and then pull back with the abdominals drew up and pull back. One more time. Coming back to center, we're going the other way. Reaching down, cross the body all the way to access the stretch to the outside of the hip. Don't think about just holding the band with your hands. Think about supporting it from the muscles between the shoulder blades, the muscles underneath the shoulder, planes, while the hip is the five, perhaps the thigh bone is free to move around in the hip joint.

Last two, one more year. Once you get back to center, give yourself a little bit more resistance by holding on slightly higher on the band. I'm holding almost all the way up my band to my foot. Depending on the weight of your band, that's going to tell you how much you want to hold. Bend your knee, pull down on the bandage. You press your leg up the ceiling. So it's a low hamstring lengthening contraction and then contract the hamstring to bend the knee and then laying in the hamstring app. So we're working hamstrings in both directions. Bend, inhale, exhale, press bend. Inhale, pull the belly button through the spine.

As you press up, as you continue to stretch, make sure that the tailbone is down in. Perhaps you'll guide yourself a little further back towards you each time. Increasing the stretch, increasing the work last time. Hold onto the band with your right hand pretty close to the foot. Put your left hand on your left side, kind of right up near the hip and bring your right leg out to your right.

Your left hand is there to make sure that the pelvis is still steady, strong, a good stretch to the inside of that leg. Bring the leg back through. Center. Change hands and now you're holding with your left hand. Keep the right hip down on the ground. As you pull the leg across the body. Come back to center. Lift up your left leg, put it in the band and stretch your right leg down along the ground. It's always important that we're using the back of that steroid, that leg on the floor to anchor, find whatever resistance that you want to work with and pull the elbows down.

Shoulders down, chest brought in. Here's our circles. We in Yale for a circle and we exhale. It's this swing and work in the pulling up of the leg as happening from just underneath the chest. Wowing the mobility in the hip to increase perhaps, but also looking for stability of the pelvis and keeping in mind that that's the most important idea. Last one. Okay, we come back up and we change directions. We reached down.

This leg might feel different. It feels different to me anyway. Think I have two totally different bodies. From side's aside, riding the pole was stays still while the femur rotates within the joint. We're going two more times here and last one and then coming back up. Walk a little higher on the band. Choose where your leg can be straightened. If it's not vertical, it doesn't matter. It can be on the diagonal slightly, but it does need to stay straight. Bend the knee and press back up.

Pull down on the strap to create resistance. Pull the heel to the back of the leg. That's how you're going to find the work and the hamstring and then stretch back up. Keep in mind that it's important for the tailbone to stay absolutely down. Think about evenness in the back of both sides of your pelvis as you continue to bend and straighten your leg. As the foot reaches up, the belly pulls down and back. Last for three, two and one. Take the band into your left hand to right hand on your thigh or your hip and just bring that leg out to the side, keeping the hip and thigh.

Everything else stable on the ground as you stretch to the inside of the leg and then bringing life back to center. Change hands. Bring the leg across the body, keeping the hip pretty. It's close to down, down on the ground as you can, all the way. That's not enough stretch for you. Try to pull the leg back towards the ear a little and then come back to center. Bend the leg that's in the band. Take it out.

So now that you're Nate, you're holding your band in your hands. We're going to come up in through a roll up. We inhale to lift the head and chest and we exhale to rollout. Feel the shoulders just over the hips, the abdominals back the spine, round. Xcel cheer around back down. Give her the band, a little bit of a pull.

And again, we're pulling from the upper back, not just the hands. The n goes overhead in heel, head, chest, come month x. So we curve this spine stain around. Keep the ice forward as you move back and forth. Keep the thighs strong as you're pulling the band and it goes over your head, you might feel a little bit of upper back work that's excellent.

Reaching full only in the belly back as you sit up and going down again and would go in three more times here. The ribs press down the spine and lifts up. We were around mobilizing another mobilizing exercise for us. And we come down and last too, and back. This is it. We're coming all the way up to stay and all the way forward and hook the band around your feet.

Well, it's pretty close to your feet. Um, again, if you need to adjust for, for less tension, you can always move back and sit up straight. I'm gonna do a rowing exercise and this is how it goes. A palms are going to start down in a, turn your entire arm up and think about that rotation happening in the shoulder and then pull back and then reach forward to rotate back down. Bend and pull back. As you pull back, think taller and reach back forward again. Working the back, working the opera back, feeling that as you do this movement, the forums, especially as they're bending, pulling downwards towards the ground.

So we get a nice strong contraction in the lats underneath the shoulders. Continue to sit tall and about six more back and forward. Keep staying strong through the abdominals. So, even though we're working our back or working our arms, there's always gotta be some things supporting the straight line of the spine. I forgot how many I said we had to do. So let's six. What's the number now? Okay, good. I should just not say numbers because I never remember them when I, once I say them, alright, take the band from on. Stretch forward, it'll feel good. And then take the band. Oh, let's all bend the knees for just a second. Reach it again.

Hold it with your thens and then stretch it across your shoulders so you feel that as your arms are straight, your band is straight too. Let's keep the knees bent and turned towards the mirror. Keep the straight line in the arms in heel to come mirror. That's a window. And Go the other way. So having the band in your arms might help you notice if you're pulling one arm forward or not.

You're trying not to let it run just across the upper back and turn the body and then coming back and remember that we're working from our o bleak. So we're really trying to work from deep within the spine, deep within the body. Let's come back to center and stretch the legs if you want or can and continue. We're going to add a second pulse. It's stern to learn and come back and turn to your knee, arm straight across the top of the head, reaching towards the sky and back a couple more times like that spiraling upwards and last one to this side.

And then coming back and taking your band and just let it rest of in your legs and take a quick stretch for the word. Okay. Try this with me. Not Try it. Let's see what happens. I think it'll work. So this is my attempt at spine stretch forward separating the feet band still around the feet. I think you'll want to hold pretty high up cause it'll help. Okay. So when you start with a straight back, as you exhale, start to let the head go down. Rolling down.

Now as you roll forward, your band is going to let go a little bit. It's okay. Let it happen. Ben The elbows out to the sides and pull the chest forward so you're stretching out on the diagonal, feeling the upper back working. It's perfect talent. Just look down a little bit and then let the reach back straight as you fold your body back down and articulate the spine up. Yeah, it works, isn't it? Yeah.

Excelling Terrell downloads something new every day, feeling the ribs pressing, feeling the abdominals pull back. Once you get to your lowest position, then you bend your elbows, you feel your upper back working as you pull this fine forward. Keep the eyes down and so you're looking just between your feet at your band. Reach the spine back forward, straightening your arms as you go and articulate the spine back up. I like it a lot too. Let's do it a couple more times around and down. That's the start. Further the spine goes down in any position.

The more the abs pull back, bend the arms, pull the spine forward. It's like eating a tailbone out. Let's stay here and do little pulses. Four or five, just pulling the upper arms back. Three, keeping the feet flexed, the abdominals, pull it in, stretch the arms forward, stretch the spine down and roll up. We're going to do that exactly that same way for two more times. Here it is. Rounding down, pulling yourself forward, and then like you're pulling your upper arms back that sits uh, upper back contraction for three, two and one folding the spine back down, hand ruling through the spine to come up.

Here's our last one. Rounding. It's kind of a shame, isn't it? Keeping yourself more, always looking for more and for intensity in your body. Again, he was five strong work through the ams too and [inaudible]. Take it all the way back down. Stretch forward. Just let your band rest where it lies. Roll Up. Bend your right knee, put it up against the left thigh somewhere.

Rotate towards the leg that's out straight. Walk forward pressing the back of the straight leg into the mat. Guide yourself forward with your arms or just allow your arms to help you as you pull forward into that stretch. Keep the left hand where it is, reached the right arm further. Pass the foot or pass wherever you're holding on and then start to stretch open with the body. So you're trying to turn the upper ribs up towards the ceiling and I'm just reaching and heavily over your head and then come back forward over the leg and we're going to roll ourselves back up from their stretch the right leg out, bringing the left knee in. Just a slight turn in the body so the chest is going just in front of the leg and then we just walk forward. Well sitting bones are anchored on the mat.

Wherever the right hand is is where it stays is the left arm tries to reach further in with it. It goes your spine or your spine goes with it. The turn, I left rooms up towards the ceiling, letting the eyes look up at that top arm, aligning a nice stretch there, holding yourself back forward. [inaudible] moving through the spine to come all the way back up. Bend your knees, reach around for your ankles, slide the feedback towards you. Round the spine so you want to just get as close as you can to your legs. For now and then try to feel the tailbone scooting forward towards the heels as the abs and the ribs.

Pull away from there deep in the abdominal contraction or create one to pill the feet up and then roll like a ball and to rock back. Exhale. Ooh. To come up in balance in heel to rock back seems strong, so knowing that this, although it is a massage for the spine, let's keep moving. It's an abdominal exercise. That's what helps us stay lifted or lifting hold, inhale back. That's what gives us the balance to do that much. I seem to not be doing very well today at all. Let's do three more. Yeah, you have my balance today. Last one.

Okay. Let's try something else. Take a band again. It's fun. Sorry, I'm having a fantastic time. I hope you are. All right. Lean back just a little bit. This is going to be the teaser prep. I don't see what happens. Pick up the feet so your body's back on the diagonal.

The closer you hold onto your feet, the more it's going to help you. Now it's that same movement of moving the pelvis first to roll down through the spine and roll back up it, lengthening up. Exhale as you scoop the Bellingen slide. They had sat the way [inaudible] release just to the shoulder blades so you're still working and then come back up, lengthening up, up, up, up. So she got three more times rolling back. Um, and back.

Straighten your legs. See if it's just as easy. Certainly helps to more how all of this moves. First stretching the band. Come on the way down to the back of the head on this one. Lift all the way back up. See if you can inhale growing and building the spine. I s forward one more time. Just like so.

Oh, all the way down and all the way back up. All right. Holding at the top, allowing the band to support the legs a little bit. Really strong ABS. We're going to lower the legs just a little and we're going to pull them up, lower him down and pull them. One more. Stay there. Bend your right arm, turn to the right and kneel back. Bend your left arm. Turn to the left, reach the right arm out straight. One more, two each direction. Journey reaching, wring out the spine, back to center, over to the other side, back to center.

Bend the knees and roll back all the way. Okay, good. Turn and face me. In fact, just do a couple of rocks and rolls through your spine and come all the way back up. All right, so what we're going to do now is take the band and tight around our size. I know you think I'm crazy, but that's okay. Maybe I am a little crazy. I you can make a nod or you can make a Bo.

I'm pretty tight. This is our hip work. And then once you get it tied around you, then you're just gonna lie down straight down onto your side. Taking note of the placement of your spine. So the tailbones just in line with the top of the head.

All we're going to do here is open the top knee and clothes. Maybe put the hand on the pelvis or the, you can feel or note with certainty that it's not moving at all. We're going to do a bunch, so keep going. So it's the external rotation of the hip is what we're looking for. Letting the band give us a little resistance. This is the last one like that. Keep the knees down, lift the feet up.

Same thing again, up down. Don't worry if you lose resistance on the way down, create resistance resistance on the band I'm talking about and we're going four more times, three more times two. Maybe I should have saved the stretching for after hold here. Keep putting a little tension on your band as you stretch the top leg up full on your right, Helen. If you're good, just bring the feet back together and lower the knees. Lift the top knee, stretch the leg out. Then the knee and lower down. Ooh, how about two more? Let's do more. Two mini then and Dan last time here. Stir rushing out, bending the knee and coming home. Oh, now if he didn't feel that in your hip, I don't know how to help you.

Put your hand down and help yourself up. Just untie your band and we'll do some lateral moving bands. Can just go down on the ground for now. I'm going to open up the seats for the mermaid. You might like to have something to sit on Helen, um, on a roll or maybe so this, this position work, uh, that, yeah, I think I'll just give you enough space. Um, I'm not sure you'll be able to reach down and touch, but we'll see. Okay. So, um, everywhere find this leg. I don't know if we're all on the same side and lift that arm.

So the left, it doesn't matter to me or the left. I know we've all got last left, left, good. And I'm right. So that could be confusing. But we'll see. Here we go. Reach out. Like you're being pulled up from the top of your head. Pulled up from the fingertips. Reach over in here.

Excellent. The muscles that you're feeling stretching right now. I want you to engage and grow taller as you said. Backup. Let's do it again in you stretching away of, and exhale one more time until we reach the arm reaches energetically upwards. The shoulder pulls down with an exhale, arms out to your sides in.

He'll send the spine out in this direction. Put your hand down, slide it a little XL. Turn, rotating this fine. Bringing that free arm around to meet the opposite one. Inhale, unwind and Xcel like you're being pulled from your own lifter and go over strong abdominals on the way I feel the obliques working. This is our lateral work arms. Slide the hand down from the abdominals. We turn, we pull the ribs up, we pull the shoulders down and you get a good stretch through the back. Inhale as you unwind from that and XL and over, we're just going to go one more time lifting them up, reaching out, going across and turn the spine.

Becca, come all the way up and down. All right, the arm that's overhead at the moment is coming back down onto the ground. From there, you're going to just press into that arm, press into bowls, knees and lift. Squeeze the back of the leg so that you feel a good stretch to the front of the leg. Take the opposite arm up overhead and then circle it. Three big circles opening through the shoulder, through the waist, through the hip. So how's the left arm travels back towards the left ear?

The hips start to go down and as you're sitting down, you're going to start your reach that left or a mountain in front of you. They get a little pressure off the right arm when you have no more pressure on it, it comes to, and we reach across to the opposite side. Hmm. And come back up and pick up your band to tie it to your legs again. So if you feel like that wasn't enough work, you could always tie your band tighter and give yourself a little bit more resistance. Does anyone know a band exercise for back extension?

I know these, Huh? I'm making it up as I go along guys. Okay, so we're on the opposite side. Just lying straight down. Head on the arm. Take a minute. Look for the line of the pelvis. Ribs in abdominals in. Here we go.

We're just going to open up that top leg and bring it down and open and bring it down. So there's absolutely no movement in the bones. They're really strong in the waist. Just letting the head be relaxed on the arm one way. Okay, and now we're going to keep the knees down. Pick the feet up. Let me go again. Open up the top knee and squeeze together and open to squeeze together.

Think about squeezing your legs together from your stomach. Last three, two more. This is it. Here comes the doozy. Nia, stretch the leg, turning the knee towards the band. Rebend it. It's pretty awful, isn't it? And come home and open and sure. [inaudible] and Ben and just two more has all we did a stir Rach, then come back last one, stretch and, and that's it.

All right. Yup. You're all okay. So that's it. You can untie yourself then open up the leggings. All right, so now we've all got right on him except for me. And that's okay. Right? I'm up in the air. Think tall first. Like you're pulling yourself up energetically away from your pelvis and then stretch you over. This is our inhale, the big stretch and reach, not just over, but also out. Exhale and then come up. Can I help you or reach across?

What about like a box? Don't worry about it. Go the other way though. Go that way. Yeah. Be Aware of the shoulder and it's gonna want to pull up into the, or. Don't let it feel the strong or feel strengthened the side of the body and then working up from the old Blake's arms out to the side. I'm going to lean over. Let the hand come down the right hand. Exhale, bring the left arm around to meet it. Big rotation.

Lots of lots of abs in Hilton wine. From there coming straight out and ahead. Exhale as we were eyes. Press the right foot into the left knee as you're coming up. Left thigh. That didn't make any sense. Did it? Push your foot into your thigh. Well, you know for [inaudible] reached out. Start exhaling now as you deepen the abdominals, as you ring out this finally in for a big stretch.

Inhale as you unwind from there, exhale as you lift up nice and light, reach over. Here's your exhale. [inaudible] one more to go. Checking out. Anchor with the bottom Shin and comes down. We turn towards that arm and come back. Come and then coming back. Right hand is going to go down on the mat.

You're gonna press with the back of your legs. Lift up into the, onto the knees. Press forward into the hips. Reach the top of overhead. Three big circles. Yeah. Here's one, here's two. And here's the third. Perfect. Telling. Good. Now has that left arm travels up towards the left ear, sitting back towards the hips. As the hips come down, the left arm reaches around. When it's free, the right arm comes with it.

Let me go over all the way. Okay. And then coming all the way out, I have an idea. Come on to your stomach. So what you're going to do want, once you're lying down, is hold the band a little bit wider than your own hips. And again, with just the thumbs. In fact, let's make the palms face down. So you've got your band in your hands.

This can be done without your band if it feels weird or is confusing. Yep. Alright, so forehead down on the mat, abdominals lifting in and out. As you exhale, just gently pull apart the band a little. Then slide the arms down the thighs to lift the chest up. Not so much neck, Jennifer, and keep your feet down and then release down.

I'm going to try it once with you. Is this working? Okay, so we start by, just go for it. Gently pulling the band apart. Then stretching the band back. Oh, it does work. And then releasing down. Do it again. Exhale. It's a gentle pull and don't let, don't feel like you need to lift your arms up. You don't. You can stay on your thighs, but it's just the intention of the band sliding down towards the back of the knees. And then really it's your good. Let's do four more.

Head goes forward and then down and three and down. Straight to the top of their head. Forward keeping the legs strong, but on the ground, the abdominal super strong. It's the upper back. This lifting you up and release this, is it reaching back and release you. Just let your band rest where it is. Sit and rest position for a moment. We're gonna do one more exercise before we're done is all the way back on your feet. Arms out in front.

Okay. And then when you're ready, make your way up towards standing. So we're going to do this exact same thing that we just did lying down, standing up. It might feel slightly different. It might feel better, or I'm, I don't know the answer yet. So palms facing forward. Again, look for a neutral spine. So the shoulders are just over the hips, the abdominals are drawn in tight.

You're going to pull the band apart just a little bit. Then slide the arms down. They're not going to even go very far and just lift the chest energetically or just the tiniest bit. Ooh, it works. Sure it does. And then release, I mean, back to neutral. It's like you're unraveling upwards. A stretch the band, and it's just like you're trying to reach the band down towards the back of the legs. It's good. It's good. And then on furling back up towards straight. Let's do just a couple more. Give the band a little stretch and then press downwards with it.

And with that down on, press that so it raises the chest and it's just a little raise. We wouldn't feel a lots and lots of back. Let's do one more. Can I just say one more? I did. This is good, Jennifer. It's really good. And then relax. Drop the band on the ground. Let's end the way we started taking a breath in. Exhale, folding forward.

Starting from the head, I think we did a lot of upper back work today. You asked for arms and you got back. Oh, Lisa asked for back. Good. Wish. Granted in healing up the bottom link, hitting down. Maybe you've got a little bit more room than you did when you started in Exa. We come up lifting, creating buoyancy in our bodies. Yeah.

He'll raise your arms up and exhale. Just let them fall and inhale. Raise them up. Gathering energy. Yeah. Next. I'll just let him and we're all done.


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Great fun class- Meredith! Love working with the stretch bands.Hope you will do more classes using stretch bands.
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My body LOVED this class. The stretch band was such a fantastic addition, and the pace was perfect. I agree with Elaine: more please!
THANKS LADIES! Always great to hear what you enjoy! Keep up the good work!
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Love how Meredith always seems to include the all important upper back extensor work into her classes. Love it! Thank you once again for a great class.
Thanks Karen. Back extensor work IS so important and often ignored in life. Thanks for playing.
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Loved it !
Perfect just the class I was needing to do and it was excellent , feeling all stretched out. Thanks.....Marathon legs are feeling less tight.
Thanks for taking class, Candace!
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This was the perfect class after a long day at work! Her classes are so easy to follow.
Thank you Valerie!
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