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Additional Arms

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Meredith teaches this 10-minute arms class with 2-3lb weights. Add this extra supplement to your Mat workout if you want to include a challenging quick circuit.
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights

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Jun 18, 2010
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Um, we're going to do just a quick set of weights. We're going to work our arms a little. We're going to work our legs a little. So the first thing that you want, um, I've got five pounds. Lisa's got threes, Wendy's got fours. I'm just, if you have some weights, five is probably the heaviest I would personally go. But if you can stay out of your neck muscles, feel free to go heavier. So we're just gonna do some plays.

So heels together, toes apart, kind of a quick workout. 10 minutes only, maybe 15. Okay, so the arms are down at your sides. As you bend your knees, you're going to raise your arms out to the side. As you straighten your legs, you're going to press your arms down. Let me say you're leaning forward just a little bit. Yes. So talk [inaudible] and think about leaning back as you go down. So arms lift, legs, bend, arms, press, leg, straighten, arms lift, legs bend and straight. And again, squeezing from the insides of the thighs. It's important to think as the arms are traveling upwards, that there's a lot of activity downwards in the shoulder blades. Last for oh three you're going to have ways you probably use soup cans or it's easy enough to create resistance here. Hold here, see if you can keep your arms just lifted. If not, put them down and put them on your hips if you want.

And we're just going to go up, down, up, down, pressing pulsate you're bouncing. Last four, three, two n all the way up with the arms down. All right, bring the feet in in a bend the knees, raise the arms out front. Press down with the arms and stand up and the knees. Raise the arms out front. Press down to stand up. And again, just working a hips back towards the floor, working the work into the heels as you stand. Total blaze reaching down last four, three and two leaning back. Okay. And then we're going to hold the squat position. Arms at your sides, sitting back.

Find a place where you're really working through the whole leg backs of like specifically, and then press the arms straight back and and straight. So not only working the triceps here, but feeling that you're trying to initiate the movement from the Acrobat per se. This is where we might be able to deal with a little bit heavier weight, but I think these are fine. Isolating the muscles, staying strong. Last 10 a little faster. And Ben Paul, work your biceps on the way in. You might as well press squeeze back, squeeze and seven and eight and last too, and one way. And then bend the set. Let the weights rest on your legs around your back.

Extend your back around your back, scooping the abdominals. Then extend your back, round your back and roll up, straightening your legs as you can. Okay. Turn the weights on their end so that you're holding onto the heads of them and do a calf raise and a chest expansion. So let the weeds encourage your arms to be reaching downwards. Then lean forward just a little bit from the ankle joint or at the ankle joint.

Draw the abdominals in. As we raise up onto the toes, the arms are just going to reach down towards the ground and slightly backwards. Inhale the heels come down, the arms reach forward. Then exhale, heels go down, spinal lengthens and lifts and press and back. Get work through the legs, through the calves specifically. OOPS, but put a lot of focus on your back as well of feeling of heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy shoulders. Let the weights actually drag the shoulder blades down through space. Let's do four more and then with [inaudible] we gave up one way. Okay.

Bring the heels together. Toes apart in a polite, small V. Shane, can you do an arm circle so it's out of the arms supine series that's going to raise your arms up. Bring them forward. Preston down. Might as well squeeze your glutes and your inner thighs while you're at it, Huh? Oh, right, yes. Try to imagine that the weights, our arms are weightless as you [inaudible] God. And I was like super strong.

They're still working even though they're just letting me stand on them. Call or been say long as a weights come across [inaudible] do three more. No, that's enough. That's good. Anyway, three more. Where did I come up with that? I'm not even counting. Just making up numbers. Stretch the chest and down. He's going to probably be pretty tiring with nothing. No weights.

If you don't have weights, you can do it anyway. If you're tired, put your weights down. If it's becomes too Nicky, definitely put the weight style. See three more for wheels this time. Sure. Reels. Is that a word? I don't think so too. Oh, I didn't let the arms come down. Just let the weights hang heavy in your hands. Take your head over to one side. Roll the chin down into the chest, over to the other side and pick up the head. It's going the other way.

Well, the chin into the chest. Whoever the other way. Yeah. All right. Five pounds are way too much for me on this next one. I recommend two pounds or zero pounds. So I'm gonna put my weights away. Yeah, I don't want any. I would rather have twos or nothing, so I'm good.

So this comes out of the side arms kneeling series. For those of you who know it, I'm going to start with the hips, hands Preston towards the ears need. I remind you about the abdominals, the strong legs. We're just going to go straight up shoulderblades heavy. As the arms are reached through space, they may need to widen a little bit as a straighten depending on shoulder tension and then we bet if you can stay quite narrow and go do it, put the work into the upper back rather than the hands in polled and press out. Then Paul down and cross and politician. Upper back is our focus. Possibly a slightly forward reach.

Might feel better to some pointing the elbows out to the sides as we bend. Last two nice ladies and last one. Good job. [inaudible] the arms around. Take a moment. Head over to [inaudible] side. I've seen the head up. Bring it over to the other side and lift it up.

This would be appropriate on our knees, wouldn't it? Arms are gonna just let's go fist to fist. I'm going to just going to try to feel tough. Imagine that your, what are these knuckles knuckles? Imagine, imagine that your knuckles are super glued together. Try to pull them apart by pulling your shoulder blades apart, so that's the kind of activity that we're looking for in the upper back. Then with that sense, we're going to let the knuckle separate glide the arms out to the side.

Probably a little forward then until you don't want to squeeze back is what I'm trying to say. Bend and magnetically. It's like on the way back in, you know when the magnets are polar opposites and they try to pull away from one another. That's what I want you to think about with your Elvis. They're wanting to touch with, they're pulling away. I don't know. That didn't make sense, but you guys get it right, makes sense. And then resist them coming together and reach out really heavy in the shoulder blades and resist to come back and reach out.

[inaudible] let's do five more in just a little bit quicker. It's at and it's almost a feeling of unfurling the arms and furling back in last to so strong in the legs. That's one train. Just reminding you one more. Yeah, lower the arms down. Okay, so let's just, when I'm done, when I'm, if you want to get rid of the weight, you could I'm know. Reach down with the arm that's down or I'm losing it. Here we go. Reach down as far as you can get a good stretch, but don't let the pelvis move in either direction.

Then flip the hand that has the weight in it up. Bend the elbow, try to get the arm close to the year and push off. So you're increasing the stretch to the waist by reaching not only up but a little bit forward and bent. Again, another tricep exercise. Maybe look down at the arm. This reaching down, pulling the shoulder blade down as the arm reaches up last five, four, three, two, one, and then let's see. Let the arm come down first and as the arm kind of passes below the shoulder, then you can start to reach your body back up another side. So I don't reach it as one way.

It's at close to this to the ear is going to be hardest a little bit forward. If it's too much neck and shoulder tension and we go down reaching down, finding a stretch sides where she got to hang onto the ABS, support the back here, flip the palm over, look down at that bottom hand or bottom foot and then it's just up, down, uptown and uptown. Okay. Pressing maybe slightly forward to increase the stretch in the waist. We have like that last for last three, last two and one more. And I think to bring the arm down with feel better and then start as the arm goes about shoulder level or below. Lower down the last one, arms out to the sides. A little bit of softness in the elbow.

I'm going to open my hands cause I don't like this, but you'll have to hold your waits, right arms float and then press them down and then feel a heaviness in the upper back or heaviness through the entire spine. Grow the spine or feel that you're reaching your entire body in the direction of your hands and then pushed out. Okay. And then stretching out. It's Laurie and press down BP to press. Well, let's do about five more. A little quicker. Would know.

Less precise looking for upper back work, keeping the legs strong as the arms reach up. There continues to be an upward reach challenge or abdominals here at scenes. I don't know. I was gonna say, it seems like you couldn't do it, but you certainly can. Great. Last one, rich and bring the arms all the way down to the side of your body. Slide one of your arms down to the side.

It's taking your body over in that direction. Use the oblique that you feel stretching right now to pull you up and then reaching over to the other side. Nope, I mean the weight. Maybe drag you down or imaginary weight dragging you down. One more time to either side, across heavy head and last time see lift up. And then you can either hold your weights in your hands or if you're over 'em just put them down. All we're going to do is the next stretch here.

So it's just you want to go into external rotation and you want to think about the rotation of the arm in the shoulder joint. So your thumbs are going to reach back and engage to your upper back. That's it. Let the weights encourage your arms to be heavy or your shoulder blades to be heavy, and then just take your head over to one side. I know lightly, no forcing. You're a good stretch in the neck and then lift that up, take it to the other side. [inaudible] I don't reach the arms down and there it is. The fastest leg, shoulder arm workout ever. Yay. Yay. You're welcome. We're all done.


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Loved this class.Wish there were more arm weights class for osteoporosis.
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I felt this arm workout didn't do much for me. More stretching than anything else.
Thanks for the feedback KC. Heavier weights?
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Great quick and effective additional class. Thank you
Thanks Tracey!!
That was perfect. Pressed for time this morning. So this was short and sweet, thank you.
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Nice add on to my 30 min reformer workout this afternoon!  Thanks so much! 
Lacey M great to hear.  These older classes will probably be archived soon so if you want to revisit them you can add them to your favorites list and keep them.
Tamara L
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Meredith Rogers I loved this. Wish there were more  weight classes on Pilates Anytime!! 

Tamara L I am so glad.  There are a few classes using weights for the whole class.  You should be able to find with a search.  Let me know if you would like some help.

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