Class #193

Reformer Workout

30 min - Class


Need a workout partner? Adrianne takes herself and you through an intermediate workout on the Reformer followed by the Mat. This class is for the instructor or enthusiast that knows the classical order of exercises and transitions but would like to hear the cues and reminders that Adrianne has to offer. If you want to learn the classical order we recommend working privately with an instructor or start with Adrianne's Beginning classes (#81 or #153).
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Okay. So, um, I am going to do an intermediate workout, uh, Ramana style. So, um, I'm using the grouts piece of reformer, which is four springs and my body I use for springs. You may use three dependi...


I just love this class!!! Thank you Adrianne for helping me love Classical Pilates!
sorry not to share the feeling with the previous writer...I moved so quickly I didn't even feel movements that are normally challenging for me. Was left with a feeling of lacking something...?
Thank you for this session, but some of the transitions were really fast. Might be better if Adrianne were training someone so the transitions would be verbalized and the timing would be more realistic bettween exercises. Thank you for the classical-ness of the session!
I actually watched this class a couple of times and then wrote down the excercises and did them at my own pace. That is how I do most of the reformer workouts here on PilatesAnytime. Someday hopefully I can go as smoothly/quickly as Adrianna. I'm getting close though...and it's much quicker for me when I'm working with my instructor, as she pushes me!
Yes, I would agree the transitions are fast, the workout is supposed to be paced - continuous. I meant for this class to be for those who know the routine in and out - so as not to have to stop moving. I will keep these comment in mind and do a more technical class to teach the routine the next time around. Thank you I am always looking to improve and all of your comments help.
Agree very much about the fast transitions. Also, it would be helpful if the camera filmed from different angles, for foot positioning and aligment.
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I loved the classical flow. Thanks for working me to a sweat in just a short amount of time!
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Loved it, thanks Adrianne!
Great pace, I actually thought you were talking so much during the transitions they were quite slow. You have to know the classical method material to be able to follow this workout and really get the benefit from it. I certainly agree that you should teach someone so we can really hear you talking about the details of the exercise and providing support to the client. I'm a classical teacher stranded in West Africa as an expat so am really missing seeing lots of other teachers in action.
Good Reformer and Classical Mat workout but you need to know the work in order to get the most from it. Suitable if you want a quick workout working alongside Adrianne.
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