Class #1930

Mat Workout

50 min - Class


Ever hear the anecdote that Ron Fletcher didn't do windows or much Magic Circle work? If you have, then you know you're in for a treat with this Mat workout with Jenna Zaffino. It incorporates the Magic Circle using the Fletcher principles of percussive breath, standing, and centering. You'll work through hip and rib isolations, total-body Magic Circle exercises, and wonderful stretches.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

About This Video


Welcome to Fletcher Polonius with the magic circle. Now this syllabus has been developed over a period of time and I believe there is an anecdote that said that Ron once mentioned that...


Due to last minute cancellations I had some "me" time. I feel so rewarded after doing this class. Fun jazz warm ups, unique and challenging moves. I was never bored! I love all your classes so fun to see you back. Thanks Jenna!
Thank you so much Denee! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and it's great to be back!
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Hi Jenna , it's nice to see you back here, I enjoyed your class, as usual very creative :).Thnks for sharing .
So much fun and creativity. Thanks for the new ideas. Great workout. Wonderful cueing.
Another great class, thank you, Jenna!
Loved the workout & precision of cues, great work
Any more classes from Jenna coming, PA?
Julia ~ We hope to have Jenna back later this year!
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What a great balanced, circle exercise set! Yes, please come back, you make it fun and challenging!
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Excellent. Great work of breath, movement, balance, stability. Thank you.
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