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Mat Workout

35 min - Class


If you are looking for a good daily routine to keep your body well-maintained, then try this Mat workout by Rael Isacowitz. He focuses on being in the moment and finding "meditation in movement," so the class seems like one flowing sequence of movement. Rael also adds a bit of artistry to the workout by creating beautiful lines in the body.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Welcome to everyone. Thank you to Pilates Anytime for providing this great opportunity. Today we're gonna do a relatively short fundamental intermediate mat class. This is a perfect da...


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Thank you Rael!
I Love this class!
Greatings from germany :))
Thanx. This is exactly what I was waiting for. Now i´m happy.
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Lovely little gem of a class. Sparkling, polished and casting lots of light.
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I love how you don't jump right into basic exercises like the 100 to make sure we are aligned and prepared to do it with intensity and purpose! Great class!
Rael !!! Will you ever be in Chicago !!!! You are my inspiration as a teacher without a doubt !!! Perfect class :))
Thank you all from your lovely comments. Deborah, I would love to come to Chicago and teach. I have intended to visit our BASI host, Cindy Reid from Flow Studio, for some time, but it just has not yet worked out. Hopefully soon, I hear it is an incredible city. Keep warm!
Master RAEL, can finally meet you.

Two years ago, are lucky to reach the BASIpilates teacher. China Hongkong teacher Lin Jiaqi and Kerry Washington master, thank you.

My own body posture has many problems, tried a lot of methods, without success. Accidental opportunity through the Asian Academy for sports and fitness professionals (AASFP) exposed to BASIpilates teacher, through learning, training and understanding of BASIpilates, I know BASIpilates is excellence, very good school.

Through the study and understanding of time, my knowledge of the guest is irresponsible, I chose to resign.

I'm trying to learn English, hope that after two years of English level can be greatly improved, so I can go to the headquarters of the BASI study. The future through the study, I hope I can change more and more Chinese people, and let more people understand China charm BASIpilates.

Omitted here ten thousand words

Chinese: CG
Thank you, Rael. I am Polestar-trained, so I love to explore other Pilates teaching and cueing. Fantastic little encouragements to reach just "that little bit further. "
Dear CG, I welcome you to the BASI Academy in California and sincerely hope you can make it. In the meanwhile continue your practice and studies. Thank you for your dedication.
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