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Rael Isacowitz

Rael Isacowitz

Rael Isacowitz received his Bachelor of Education from the Wingate Institute, Israel, where he later joined the faculty, and his Master of Arts from the University of Surrey, England. He worked as a Dancer and Dance Educator on 5 continents and has been practicing and teaching Pilates for over 4 decades.
Read More In 1989 Rael founded BASI Pilates® (Body Arts and Science International), a Pilates education organization. Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, BASI Pilates® is represented in over 40 countries and 120 host locations. In excess of 40,000 students have gone through the BASI® Comprehensive Teacher Training Programs and other BASI® Advanced Education courses and workshops.

Rael spearheaded the development of BASI® Interactive e-learning software and designed the original concepts for BASI® Systems Pilates equipment. Rael has written two bestselling books, Pilates and Pilates Anatomy (Human Kinetics); the latter Co-Authored with Karen Clippinger. He has produced a series of workbooks (over 1,000 pages of content) ranging from fundamental to the most advanced repertoire in the Pilates method as well as a widely sold series of DVDs. Rael was one of the first distinguished guests to be invited to teach on the Pilates Anytime platform. He has written for, and been featured in, numerous professional publications including Pilates Style Magazine, for which he has appeared on the cover and authored a popular Q&A column.

Rael is honored to be part of the great legacy of Pilates teachers and mentors. He has studied from, and taught with, luminaries of the Pilates world including several of the Pilates Elders, first generation teachers. Teachers such as Alan Herdman, Kathy Grant, Ron Fletcher, Romana Kryzanowska, Eve Gentry, and Lolita San Miguel.

Rael's myriad contributions to Pilates as a Teacher, Author and Innovator are recognized and respected throughout the Industry. Passion for the art of Pilates, creativity, and athleticism are hallmarks of Rael's work – a unique synthesis of body, mind, and spirit.

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