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Two-Way Stretch Tower

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Play with the Tower in a detailed class by Dana Santi. She focuses on getting a two-way stretch in your body during every exercise. Dana also includes Mat and Reformer exercises with the Tower springs to create an extra challenge. Get ready for the Kneeling Rowing Front Series, Single Leg Kick with Springs, and more!
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Hi, my name is Dana Santi. And today we are going to play with the tower. Um, we'll do a little bit of mat work and we'll combine the springs from the wall unit for the most part. We're going to try not to move them as much as we can, but the roll down bar is really at the setting that's about at the, um, person's shoulders or where you would do roll back from. The leg springs are at their normal leg spring, um, setting in the arm springs underneath. Uh, we're going to put these actually one notch lower. There you go. Okay, so with that lady's face, the wall units. Now I want you to cross your arms, cross your legs, lift up to the ceiling, and now lift as you lower down.

Okay? Before you go all the way back, grab the arm springs and I want you to slide back just enough that you get some tension. Okay? We don't want to make them too weak, but not too hard. Lie All the way down. Bring your knees into your chest. Okay, so from here, there you go. Can you slide back a little bit more? Maybe just a little. There you go.

We're going to, yes. Test the waters a little bit. Okay. Knees in. Lift your head up. Look towards your abs. Reach the legs out to your hundred and with these controlled arms, nice and easy. Pump and breathe. Inhale and exhale. Keep them a little closer to you. Inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale. Keep that breath going. Keep reaching those legs long. Keep reaching the arms long and inhale and exhale.

Now keep reaching, keep pumping. I want you to try to feel the tip. Severe shoulder blades. Give them a little substance into the mat. Okay, nice. Strong arms and inhale and exhale. And one more breath. Inhale and exhale. Now slowly lower your legs all the way down. Chin into your chest more and roll yourself up. Yes. Place the springs down. And I want you to lie all the way back.

We're going to do your roll up. So push through your heels for me. Push hard, way hard. So bring your feet forward this way there. Okay. Arms, come up, Chin into the chest, roll up, round over, stretch, stretch, stretch. Now roll back down. Keep reaching those arms as you roll back. Arms come back. And again, arms up, Chin in. Roll up, round over, stretch, stretch. Push through your heels more. Get this stretch roll back down. Squeeze the bottom. Reach those arms.

And again, roll up. Round over. Stretch, stretch, stretch. Now roll back down. Roll back. Now stop for a moment. Let the tips of those blades touch the mat. Reach those arms up to the ceiling and reach and back. Home head goes all the way down. One more time. Arms Up, Chin in, roll up, round over. Stretch, stretch. That's it. Stretch. And now roll back down.

Feel the tips of the blades. Touch. Try to make them even. Then you know your even arms up and come home. Okay. Roll yourself up again. Take your feet. [inaudible]. Place them on each pole. One on each pole. We're going to do your rollback. So grab on.

Okay. All right. Now reach the arms forward as you roll back. So I almost want you to think that you're fighting with somebody. Okay, so you reach, and if I push you right, you're going to push me back. Okay? That's what I want in front of you. Put your worst enemy there. Ready and roll back. Roll back.

Keep reaching with force forward, forward, forward, and go all the way down. And now come back up. And now they're still resisting you. They're still resisting and come back home. And again, roll back. Keep reaching forward. Keep reaching forward. You're fighting that pole, you're fighting that bar and all the way down and head comes up. Roll Up. And one more time.

Roll back. Keep reaching. Keep reaching. Keep reaching. And head comes up and home. Yes. Okay. Now go ahead. Let that go. I want you to turn yourself around and we're going to put, we're going to use the leg springs and we're going to do your single leg circles, but let's not make it easy. So take your one leg spring. So if we put your right leg up to the ceiling, take the left leg spring.

Gotcha. Okay. And now I want you to push your hands into the Poles. Let me move these for you. There you go. All right, so now push the poles away from you so you don't want to grab them and pull into you, right? Cause we want a two way stretch. We want to push away. So now with the opposite spring, this is going to take a little bit more hip stabilization. All right, we're going to reach the leg.

Let's pull it down just a little and now take the leg, cross it over, cross down, open and up. And again, cross down. Open and up. Now go a little bit more over here. Cross. Go ahead. Cross and up and pushing through that left heel in order to keep that left hip. Nice and stable. One more time.

Cross push the poles away and home. Now reverse it. Open down. Reach. Now go over, get the stretch and come home and open down over and home and open down, over and home and open down. Keep pushing through that heel and home and then bend your knee. Take that spring off and put the other one on. And then again, you're going to push the poles away. [inaudible] okay, pushing through that right heel calling.

Come down just a little and now I'm going to not let you rotate so much. There you go. All right. Take the leg and cross it over. Cross down, open and and cross down. There you go. Open and up. Cross down, open and up.

Cross down, open. Do One more. Really push through that right heel. Keep that hip stable, open and now reverse it and open reach, cross and up. Open reach, cross and up. Open reach, cross and up. Open reach, cross and up. One more. [inaudible] and reach pushing through the heel and home. Bend the knee. Take that spring off. Place it behind there. Roll to set yourselves up. Stay right where you are. Bend your knees, grab your ankles. We roll like a ball. Okay, drop the head and roll back and up and balance and roll back two and up in balance.

Now stay there and balance and really pull the abs away from the thighs and roll back. Now let the thighs touch the abs at all. Keep him pulled in and roll back and up and balance and rollback and up and balance and roll back and up and balance. One more. Roll back and up in balance. Okay. Place your feet down. Slide back a bit. We're going to do your rolling stomach massage.

So I want you to take your legs over the roll down bar. Okay? Squeeze the legs together if you like it that way. Sometimes people like to cross their legs. Both are correct for me. All right? Just push the poles away from you. Start with the knees. Bring them in towards your chin. Roll Up.

Now point your knees up to the ceiling. That's it. Get them way up. They're calling right up. Yup, that a girl. And now reach the toes down to the mat. Reach, reach, reach. Keep the hips lifted. Now roll down your spine, but push the poles away from you. That's a great, great, great two-way stretch right there. And bring the knees in. Point the knees up. Reach the toes, reach and now roll down the spine.

Push the poles away and again, bring the knees in. Point them up. Reach the toes and roll it down. Now reverse it. Lifted up knees towards your chin. Now as you roll down, push the Poles away and touch the toes. Lift the hips and bend the knees.

Roll one more time. That way ladies. Ready? Lift up. Come on and get the hips up, up, up, up, up, and bend and roll it and home. Okay, gracefully. Take the pole out of your legs. Bring it back. That's it. Stay right where you are. Maybe slide down a little bit this way. Let's do a few of your stomach series as we know it. Okay.

Pull the right knee into the chest. Now that right arm reaches right-hand reaches towards the ankle. There you go. Head comes up, elbow strong, nice and wide. And now give that leg two poles. Pull, pull, switch, pull, pull, switch to two Paul Paul, three, three. Now as you pull that leg in, reach your your tailbone longer towards me. Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul.

Now both knees in and inhale, reach arms and legs up in a way. Exhale and pull the legs hard. Get the stretch. Inhale, reach. Hold it and exhale. And again, inhale, reach, polling, and exhale. Inhale, reach. Make it just an out and I'll bring it in and reach out and bring it in one more and reach and bring it in. Right leg comes up and give it two poles. Pull, pull, switch, pull, pull.

Now keep reaching that lower spine towards me this way. Look at your abs. Are they touching your thighs? Don't let them touch. Pull, pull, pull, pull, pull. Pull one more on each leg. Hands behind your head. Now squeeze the legs together, lower the legs and lift them up. And two, elbows wide. Make them strong and up and three and up and four and up and five and up. One more. Six and up. And now from here, Chris, Cross and hold two, three, switch. Hold two.

Now keep your hips nice and stable and switch. Hold and switch. Hold. Now try to lift your shoulders off just for fun. Come on and now switch. Don't let your shoulders touch and switch. Last one and release. Now turn yourselves around. I want you to grab your arms springs just like we did for the a hundred hey lie back. So you give yourself enough tension. And we're going to do your stomach series here. So we're going to keep reaching the arms forward.

Bring the knees into the chest, lift your head up, look towards your belly button. There you go. Now reach your left leg out. Okay, and now switch. There you go. And two and switch and three and switch. So again, right, we have to keep the torso nice and stable. Reach and reach and reach and reach.

Bend both knees in. Ready. Inhale, extend the legs out, hold it, and exhale and inhale, reach, hold it. So you have to pull those abs like a window shade away from the springs. And again, reach, resist them and bring it back in and stretch it out. Hold it and pull it back in and stretch it out. Hold it and bring it back in. And now from here, your right leg comes up and stretch, stretch, switch, stretch, stretch. Nice.

Control two and stretch and three and stretch and four and stretch and five. And stretch. One more. Six and stretch now. Nice and easy. Legs Up. Lower the legs with control. Lift them back up. Yes. And again, and lower.

Pull those abs away from the springs and lift and lower. This is hard and lift and again, lower. Squeeze the inner thighs and lift. One more lower and lift. Now bring your right knee in your left leg out. And I want you to reach your left shoulder towards your right knee.

Hold two, three, switch. Hold two, three, switch. Hold two, three, switch. Hold two, three, switch. Hold two, three, switch.

Hold to three and bring the knees in. Yes. Nice Chin. Roll yourselves up and then go ahead. Place those off to the side. Okay. Put your feet just about as wide as your mat. Okay, spine, stretch forward. So what I want you to do, let's slide back a little bit. There you go. Alright. Take your fingertips, press your fingertips down. We're going to be a little different. So fingertips down on the mat.

I want you to push your fingertips into the mat, but pull the wrist, the arms away from your fingertips and plug everything into your shoulder blades. So you push, you pull, and you plug right in here. Okay, now pull this back a little bit for me here, there. Keep your shoulders forward. And now as you push through the heels, keep reaching the fingertips forward. As you drop your head down and go into your spine. Stretch. Aim the top of the head towards the middle of the knees. Keep reaching, reaching, reaching. And now come back up. Reach those fingertips. Come on. They should be kind of hard and come back home and again, and exhale. Exhale.

Exhale. Now roll back up. Roll back up. Kind of find your tailbone a little bit. Yeah. And then lift and come back home. And again, inhale. And now exhale, stretch, stretch. Come on, get the head down. Come on. Just go. Just do it. Push through the heels, come on. And then roll it up. Come back and home. One more time and stretch. So pull this back a little bit more. Not here. Here, open your chest.

So you can breathe there and now come back up and now reach back to their Madec girl and home. [inaudible]. Yes. All right. Now go ahead, grab the arm springs again and let's put your feet. Go ahead and put them up against the polls. We're going to row. Okay, so take your hands into your chest. And now I'm going to have you hold this way cause we're going to pretend we're rowing a boat. Okay, from here, keep reaching those heels towards the Poles.

And now I want you to drop your head down and roll back. Roll back. Now push through your heels even though they're not touching. Just push through them. Arms out to the sides. Now open your chest. Now push those arms back. Aha. Now come up, drop the head. Reach your hands behind you.

Keep that chest open though. Open and now lift through the triceps and come home and do it again. Up Tall and pull and roll back. Round. Arms out. Now open your chest and reach. Push back, push. Drop the head. Reach and open at a girl.

Now lengthen this longer. Now lift up right from here. Lift. Lift. Lift. Yes. Open and home. One more time and roll back and open. Open chest. Push. Reach, lift. Keep it open. Keep it open. That's the hard part. Up, open and home. Now elbows are lifted.

So let's go a little bit wider than 90 degrees. Okay? And now I want you to think of taking a magic circle, placing it in the middle of your elbows. Squeeze it. Okay. And that same person we were fighting with earlier, push him away. Use your forearms. I'm assuming he's a man. Now. Lengthen as you go back. Lengthen. Lengthen. Lengthen.

Now lift through the elbow. Squeeze the magic circle. Squeeze it, reach all the way forward and go back towards the tailbone. Lift up open and foam. And now go again. And reach, reach, reach. Now start lifting the elbows up. Lift them, lift them. Squeeze the circle though who lived them. There you go. And back to the and up. Open and home.

One more time. And now lengthen as you go back. Push him away. Push him away. Push him away. Now lift up. Squeeze the circle, Colleen. Squeeze it, squeeze it. Reach all the way forward. Back up, open and home. And now from here I want you to turn around and kneel on your knees.

Okay, so we're going to do from the chest, we're just going to do it kneeling. Alright, so you're going to take it, put the spring underneath you. It kind of works best that way. Yeah. All right, so from here, cause everything is so much more fun in the air. So keep your knees where they are, squeeze those elbows in. Okay. And now just kind of lean a little forward. Just a little. Yeah, there you go.

Okay, now lift those arms up and exhale down. And Inhale, lift up. Now exhale, press it open. Press it open. Lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, and go again. Inhale up and exhale down. And Inhale, lift up. Now as you go to open your arm, keep your palm ease even on your handle. Even even even easiest way to correct the alignment in the arm. Ready? Go again. Inhale up and exhale and inhale.

Lifted up and exhale and press it. Open. Whole hand on whole hand, on whole hand on. Now from the hips. Okay. Drop your head, keep the hips right where they are. And now reach out to me. Reach out, come on, reach, reach, reach, reach, reach. Now roll up the spine. Lift and same ending.

And again, and reach it out. Stretch, stretch, stretch, and roll it up. Lift and press and again, and reach it out. Stretch. Don't go back. Go forward. Roll up and press open. And now from here, go into shaving. So push your thumb and your index finger tight together.

Keep those elbows wide and then come out to me here. Just lean, just lean. Yep. Push your thighs a little bit more forward calling. There you go. And now shave. Press it up and come back down. Elbows wide. Try to keep them. Go up again behind your ears. Okay. And come back down. And again. Now open 'em behind your ears and come back and again and open and come back down.

One more time. There's open, open, open, open. Now open the arms. Okay, stay out here with me. Hand stays nice. And even on your handle, it's that easy. Inhale. And now exhale. And again, inhale and now touch all four fingers there. Make them touch even the pinky and open. And again, inhale, touch the fingers, get the pinky and exhale right. And now exhale and inhale. And again, exhale and inhale. One more time. Exhale, touch it, touch it, touch it. And release. Yes, I know hard, right? Darn that pinky. Okay, now come to me here.

Let's do your open like rocker because that's where we are in your mat. And let's move your handle just to save your head. Okay? Grab the legs, extend now pull those abs in. Really pull them in and try to get those hipbones up towards the ceiling. And I want you to roll back and come up and balance and roll back to an up n balance and roll back three and come back up.

Now as you're there, pull those abs back a little bit more. Pull back more. Pull them away from your thighs and now roll back and up in balance. Right. Pull back. So I want your waist bands to be up towards the ceiling. Roll back and come back up. Right? That's more, that's hard. And roll back and come up. And now take the legs. Close them. Walk your hands down.

We go into your corkscrew. Okay, so from here, keep the legs. Keep the tailbone down, reach those arms. Just open them. And now take the legs to the right. Reach down, lengthen, left and come up and left. Reach long and home and to the right. Reach.

Now push the legs out to me and up and reach. Lengthen and up. Okay. Bend your knees. Now you're going to slide back a little bit and I want you to put the leg springs on your legs just as you would normally have them. No odd leg thing. Now push the poles away.

Start with your knees. Bend Man. Okay, from here, extend the legs out and now let's lift them up just a little bit. Just a little, just a little. Keep reaching that tailbone long. Okay. Take the legs together. Let's squeeze you a little bit tighter. I want your knees to not be turned out so much. Okay, let's get them a little straighter over to the right now. Drop down now.

Push the springs longer over to the left and then come home. Okay. And now left reach and home and to the right. Reach. Now as those legs are long, pushed the poles away from you. Ah, and then come back home and to the left. Reach. And now one more on each side.

Reach and then bend your knees. Yes, go ahead and take those off. And now kind of push your springs off to the sides. And I want you to turn around. We're going to do your um, soft. So place your, uh, feed into the boxes. Okay.

Arms out to the sides. All right, now push those two magic circles down with those arms. Twist to the right choice does a little more twist a little more, twist a little more. Now drop the head, reach the pinky finger towards the pinky toe. And now reach and pull back. Make sure your weight's nice and even on your hips. Reach, reach, or each comeback up. Find the tail bone a bit and then come home.

And now twist. Twist more. Twist more, twist more. Drop the head, reach and stretch. And I'm going to put your palm down because I usually think of pull straps, right? And that's the kind of the position we'd be in. Come back, find the tailbone. Yes. And then come back home. One more on each side to the right. Twist and twist more. Twist more. Drop the head, reach, push through those heels. Exhale. Exhale. Exhale.

Come back up and center and twist. Twist more, twist more. Drop the head, reach, stretch, stretch, stretch, and come back up and center. Close the legs. Roll over onto your stomach with facing me. Okay, so from here I want you to take your hands and place them just above your shoulders, maybe just in front of them. Okay? Keep those elbows nice and tight into your rib cage. Squeeze them in. Squeeze.

Okay, now drop the blades. Place them in your back pocket. Lift the belly button off of the Mat. Do not let it touch at all. Keep the legs. Just leave them down and keep reaching them out. Now push the floor, push the mat away from you. As you go up, push up however high you can, doesn't matter. Reach. Okay, now we come back down. Squeeze those legs together, pull that belly button, and do not let it touch the mat. Bend your elbows, pull them behind you and come back down.

The belly button is still not touching. And now push the mat away. Going up. Push it away. Push it away. Use the arms. Use your back, right. And now come back. Pull those abs in. Pull those elbows way back to me. Come on back here, back here and come back one more time. Push the mat away.

Schoolies the legs and come back down. Now pull those abs in. Pull him in. Pull him in. Pull him in. Drop those shoulders and hold. Alright, from here, sit back onto your heels. And now we're going to go into your single leg kick. So let's take, we do have to move this leg springs down to that lower setting.

Oh yeah. Yup. All the way down to that low one. Alright, now as easy as you can, you're going to go ahead and place the ankle around the strap, the strap around the ankle. Okay, so now you're going to come forward. Place, the elbows down on the carpet. Push your two fists into the floor. That's it.

Push away. Push away. Now pull the abs away just as we did. We just did it. So pull that belly button. Nice in a way. Okay. Take your right foot, kick it in two times. Nice and easy. Kick, kick. And then reach the leg long and kick kick again. Pull those abs in. Kick, kick, control the release. And again, kick, kick and release.

Kick, kick and release. One more on each side. Control it. Keep the ABS lifted and come back home. And kick, kick, and release. Now keeping your legs there. Place the hands behind your back, your double leg.

So your head is just nice and long. Okay, pull those abs in. And now from here, take both feet. Kick it in three times. Go a little lower. One, two, three. Now stretch the legs long. Let them go. Push the palms up to the ceiling and stretch, stretch, stretch, and go again. Nice and easy. Control it. One, two, three. Reach, stretch.

Push the poems up there, reaching the legs long and switched. There you go. One more time and one, two, three and stretch, stretch, stretch. And now sit back onto your heels and nice and easy. Just kinda take the springs and lay him off to the side there. Okay, that's enough. Roll yourself up. That's just for show.

Okay. Turn around per thigh stretch. Alright. Reach those arms nice and long again. You're going to reach forward to go back, right. Pull the ABS in. And now five stretch back. There you go. Okay, now come back up. Come up, come up now just for fun. Come a little forward. Nope, nope.

Just the torso. Ah, air it is. And Go back thigh stretch and come back up and a little forward and again and side stretch and come back up and [inaudible]. Oh yes. Now we go into your rolling in and out. So I want you to reach forward just like we did in the thigh. Stretch. Reach more forward, more forward, more forward. That's it.

Now drag those knuckles along the Mat. Bend the elbows, thigh, stretch back. That's it. Let the head go. Arms Up, Chin in and home. And again, reach down, go forward, pull it in. And draw right up the leg, stretch it out, reach and come back home. And again, going down and pull it in. Reach it back, stretch and come back home. Now reverse it. So go back. That's it. Pull the elbows in. Now. Glide down the, push it down. Push it down, push it down.

Go all the way forward and roll it home. And again, back. Pull it in. Now glide down the body, down, down, down. That's it. Hide that. Hide that. There you go. Forward and roll it up. And one more time and back and pull chin in and reach all the way forward. And Roll it home.

Yes. Alright, now from here, place that down. Turn yourselves around. We're going to grab your arm springs and lie down on your back with your feet this way. Okay. Uh, come down a little more. You want to have a little bit of more tension than you think. Alright, so backstroke, okay. Knees into your chest. Head comes up and now, nice and easy with control.

Inhale around, open reach. Hold it, hold it, hold it, control it back in and inhale around. Reach. Hold it. Hold it, hold it. Come back in again in hail around breach.

Hold it, hold it and pull it back in. One more. Inhale around reach. Hold it, hold it, hold it and pull it. Get back in. All right, now your teaser as if you were on the reformer, so let's give it a whirl. If we need to slide back, we will. Okay. Nobody will notice. All right, arms at your sides. So don't think you're not going to, the arms aren't going to go where they would normally go, but at least get them out. Okay. Now from here, let your legs start long down. There you go. All right, Chin into the chest. Scoop. And now reach the arms out. Lift yourself up. Come to me. Come on, come on, come on. And now push the arms out and then bring them down. Just push them forward.

Push them forward, push him forward and bring him down a little. Push him forward and bring him down. One more. Push him forward. Don't go so far back and now reach forward. As you roll back, reaches you, roll back, reaches you, roll back and legs go home. Okay, so make this part a little smaller. Think of coming back maybe to your hip bone. Okay? Give it a whirl. Chin into the chest. Scoop, reach.

Come on up now. Reach and come back down and reach and come back down. Reach and come back. Now. One more. Reach forward, reach forward. Now keep reaching forward as you roll back. Keep reaching. As you roll, reach those legs. Reach those legs. Reach those legs. And one more time.

Chin in and scoop and reach. And come on. Come on. There you go. And reach and reach and reach. Now keep breaching. Okay. Even reach your legs out there. Now pull those abs back and roll back down. Roll back down. Roll back down and home. Yes. Okay.

Place those at the side. That is a little something. Alright. Put your hands behind your head. Neck, Pole, elbows nice and wide. Push through the heels. Separate them a little bit. Okay. Nice. Strong arms. And now roll up. Round over. Drop the head. Stretch, stretch, stretch. Now Roll to sit.

Now roll back down. So just pull in and roll. Just pull in, enroll, push through the heels and home. And again, roll up. Round over. Stretch, stretch, stretch. Now Roll to sit. Roll to sit. Now just pull in, roll back down, pull in, roll, push through the heels and again, and roll up. Round over. Stretch, stretch, stretch, roll to sit and roll back down. One more time. Roll up and stretch, stretch, stretch, and roll to sit and roll it home.

All right, sitting up, spine, twist. K, stagger maybe a little arms out to the sides. Okay. There's those magic circles, right twist to the right and exhale. Exhale, exhale. And inhale forward and exhale. Exhale. Hope your arms are strong and home. And again, exhale, exhale, exhale.

Pull those abs in. And last time and exhale. Exhale, exhale and come back home. And now lie down. We'll do your knife. Okay. Give yourself a little space from the back. Okay. Arms at your sides. Pull those abs in. Squeeze the legs nice and tight together.

Legs go over up now. Roll down, roll down. Keep lifting those feet up to the ceiling though. Keep reaching, keep reaching. Now extend the legs out and over. Up and roll it down. Keep reaching. Reach those fingertips even and again, and over. Up and roll it down. That's all right. Do One more and over up and lift and roll it.

Oh yes. All right. Sit yourself right up and now just reach your leg straight. Okay. Push through the heels. Hands on your low abs. Short box. Roll backwards. Just roll back, roll back and come right back up. And again. Now roll back again. Okay, now find the tips of the blades.

And now bounce them off the mat to come back home. There we go again and roll back. Find the blades, push them away and home. Take the hands behind your head. Double them up. Okay. Lift up nice and tall. Push through those heels and length and straight back and come back home and straight back and come back home and straight back. Chin down a little bit and come back home.

Reach the arms up and now stretch over to the right. And as you stretch over, push through that left heel, push through it, and come back up and to the other side. Stretch, stretch that's at reach and come back up and to the right. That's it. Pushed through that opposite heel and come back up and to the left. Now push through that right heel. Extend all the way through that waist and come back home. Put your hands behind your head again, twist and now little reach.

Pull those abs and push the legs away. Come back up and twist and reach and up and twist and reach. Pull in and up. One more time. Twist and reach and up. Grab underneath the right leg tree. Take the leg, just extend it and release and two and release and three.

Walk your hands up towards the ankle. Okay, drop the head down. Aim the top of the head towards the knee cap. Now tip back so that leg goes right up to the ceiling. No more, no less. Walk the hand over hand as you go all the way down. Now come back up top of the head to the kneecap. Leave the leg where it is.

That's all right. Now grab the toes. There you go. We'll put them. I got you. And now back down again and come back up top of the head to the knee. There you go. One more time. That way. And walking down and come back up. Stretch. Pull those abs away from the thigh and then release. Okay. Switch legs. Grab underneath and extend.

And two and three walking up. Drop the head down. And now take the leg right up to the ceiling. Walking down and come back up. And now grab the toes and back down again and come back up. And one more time and come back. Stretch.

Feel like you're sitting on both hips evenly. And then release. Yes. Okay, now side sit-ups. So here's what I want you to do. Face this way. Take your left leg and put it on the back pole, your right leg on the front. Grab your roll down bar and now extend your bodies all the way out.

Take the hand behind your head as if you'd have it during your sidekicks. Okay, from here, pull those abs in. And now lift yourself up. Bend and come back down, reach out long to me and to and come back down and three and come back down and four and come back down and five and come back home. Okay, close the legs. Roll over to the other side so that top leg goes back and lift up and come back down and reach out long and two and come back home and three and come back elbow wide and four and come back and five and come back home and then lift yourself up.

And now I want you to put the legs springs back to where we had them at the beginning and we're going to do your sidekicks, some of them. So let's face this way first. So you're going to take the use the spring behind you. Okay? Line yourself up on the edge of the mat just like you normally would. Okay. That uh, bring the other foot.

Let's start with both feet forward towards the edge of the mat. There. Come a little bit more. Okay. So now, nice and easy. Pull the ABS back behind you. All right. Take that top leg with control to the front. Forward forward. Now control it.

Reach it back long and again forward keeping the torso very quiet and reach it back and again and forward and reach it back and forward and reach it back. Now is that leg is forward. Stay there. Go forward. Stay there. Now I want you to pull your bottom cheek, your bottom tush cheek, back away from your toes. Yes. Release the HIP Flexor, right? And Go back again. Reach. And now try to find that again. Go forward. Pull that bottom cheek back to me. Ah, and reach it back one more time and going up and reach it back and bring it home.

Okay, now top leg comes up. So stretch it up. Stretch, stretch now push through your heel. Soften the knee. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Do it again. Now this time as you do it, I want you to think as squeezing the fronts of your inner thighs, the fronts, and again up [inaudible] and now schoolies the fronts of the inner thighs and again up and schoolies the fronts of the inner thighs. One more time, up and reach. Now from here, do your big circles. So go forward. Go Up, reach and back, and come back home. Now hear me for a second. Go forward. Go up now. Stop. Can you feel the fronts of your inner thighs working? Keep feeling them. Go back. You're only allowed to go back as far as you can. Keep that connected and bring it back home and forward and up and reach.

Keep them connected and bring it back. Now let's pick it up a little bit. Go forward. Go Up. Keep it connected. Reach and home. Reverse it back up and around. Home. Back Up. Feel them. Feel them. Squeeze them. What about that bottom tush cheek. Add that in and reach.

One more time and back up. Reach and home. Alright, gracefully take that off now because we're here. Just roll over onto your stomach before we do the other side. Keep those hands. Place them in an under your shoulders now, right? Some people like to do beats. I like to do pushups, so take all the toes. Place them down on the mat.

All right, from here, get all those toes down. Pull those abs in just as we did, right? You're going to pull them in. We already know they're supposed to be away from the Mat. They don't touch. Squeeze the legs tight together. Now keep those elbows in tight and I just want you to push up. Push, push.

Hold it there. Squeeze, squeeze more. Come on. Yes. Now Bend those elbows. Come back and go. Nope. Just go all the way down. All the way down. Let the belly button touch now. Push, go back up again. Squeeze. Now control it. Bend the elbows.

Paul, Paul, Paul. One more time. Push up, stretch and come back down. Pull those elbows back. Don't let the belly button touch all the way home and flip to the other side. Nice. Okay.

Yes. All right. Line yourself up. [inaudible] so again, think about that. Bottom tush cheek. When you're doing the front, when you're doing all of them, if you can bring your feet forward, pull those abs in and to the front forward and reach it back and to and reach it back and three and reach it back and for, and reach it back. Do a few more and front and back and front and back. One more time, front and back.

And now bring the foot home and lift it up. Now push through the heels. Squeeze the fronts of the inner thighs. Reach that leg long again, up and reach schoolies and again, up and reach and squeeze and up in reach. Now find them. Squeeze them last one and reach big circles forward. Up and around and stop home. Forward up are round and stop home.

Forward up around. One more time. Forward, up and home. Reverse it back up and around. Home. Back up and around home. One more. Back up and around home and nice and easy. Take that off and I want you to now face me. Sit Up.

We're going to do teaser. So we're going to start sitting. And I want you to take your legs long in the front. Okay? Reach the arms long in front of you. Okay. Now they're nice and strong. You're pushing that magic circle down. Okay, a little lower. Now don't lift your legs. Don't do anything. Alright, we're gonna roll backwards. Roll back. Keep reaching forward though.

Okay? Go to where you think you go for teaser. Where's your your torso go when you do your teaser, go to that spot now calling, come up a little bit there. So now stay there and keep reaching your legs longer. Reach them more. Reach them more. Now look what's happening. Gosh darn it. The legs are going up right. So pulling, come back home. Leave them down.

Come back home. So you have to think when you do the teaser, your legs are asking you to be lifted. And in our head we go, Gosh darn it, I got to lift my legs. Okay, they are begging you. So now roll backwards. Okay, get to about where that way spans going to be up to the ceiling and it might be low. It doesn't matter how low it is. Now reach the legs. Don't move your tour. So don't move your hips and lift the legs up to the ceiling.

Not Up to the ceiling, but high. Higher than you think. Higher. Higher now from here. Now Start Moving your torso forward and up. Don't not to high calling cause I don't want you to flip into that low. Yes. Reach your hands towards your toes. There. Now, come here, let the legs drop down, pull those abs in and bring it back home. Okay, make sense? So it's not maybe where we always think it is. Okay.

As long as this is stable and the hip bones are up to the ceiling, who cares what? Who cares where you are? Okay, reach the arms forward and now roll backwards. Roll back, roll back. Roll back, reach, reach. Now this does not get to move. Reach these legs long. Lift them up. Go on. Lift them there. Now come back up. Reach the fingers to the toes. Don't let your legs go. Come on. Lift now. Stay there.

Now open your chest. There. Are you dying right? And now let the legs go down and come back home. One more time. You're ready and roll back. Roll back. Okay, go down more because I don't want any of this to move. Now reach those arms forward. Lift those legs. Lift them.

Lift them more than you think. Now come back up. Try not to move anything in the middle. Hold it there. Open your chest so you can breathe. Looks Beautiful. And now let the legs come down and home. Grab in and around your feet for your seal five times, right? Makes the other ones seem like nothing. Alright.

Neesan squeeze tight Stipe. It's tight. Push the arms into the thighs, right, and the thighs into the arms. And now one, two, three, roll back. One, two, three, up to two, three, two, two, three, three, two, three, three, two, three, four, two, three, four, two, three, five, two, three, last one. Easy on your up. Cross your legs. Yes. And stand. Okay. Walk back to your roll down bars. We'll finish here.

That's it. Hold the outsides of them. Now from here, just extend the arms up. Okay. Walk out a little bit more. There you go. Okay. It's just like stretching long on the Mat, right? Pull those abs in. Now bring your arms a little bit in front of you calling. They're all right now just lift the lift. Reach the arms in.

Push. Just lift and push a little lift and push. Hold it there. Hold it there. Feel the arm connecting to the back. Push your heels and your feet into the mat as you reach everything up in a way. Stretch your spine nice and long. Squeeze the fronts of the inner thighs. Squeeze the backs of the inner thighs. They both are just as important.

Pull those abs away from the thighs. Hold it there, hold it there, hold it there, and then come back. And we do it one more time and lift up in a way that's it. Hold it. So you keep reaching up, but the blades have to come down. Reach. It's a constant battle. Reach, reach and bring it home and you ladies are done. Good job.


Paola Maruca
Wonderful teaching....Loved the final teaser!!!! More of Dana please!!!!!!!
3 people like this.
I love the 2 way stretch at the end! Um I may say this is a bit more than the level 2 though :) Love, love, love!
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Great combination of tower and mat. The teaser at the end is fantastic! Great way to find where you really need to work in your own teaser.
The most challenging tower class I've taken! Loved the two-way stretch and especially the teaser at the end. Thank you:)
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Thank you all, I'm so happy you enjoyed it!
1 person likes this.
OMG Dana, that teaser with the arm springs was impossible for me right now. Really challenging and invigorating class. Must keep practicing and working on this one. Thanks!
Hi Laurel,
Glad you enjoyed! Yes the teaser with springs is hard, but that's why we all keep coming back:))
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FANTASTIC DANA SANTI! i did a workshop with her in Spain last year!!!! love her tips and her teaching!!!!! MORE FROM HER, PLEASE!!!
1 person likes this.
Just took this class again. One of my favorite Pilates classes I've taken. I love it!!
1 person likes this.
Great fun as always - thanks, Dana and all.
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