Class #1951

Mat Workout

30 min - Class


Challenge your stability and balance in this Mat workout with Nagi Takahashi. She finds creative ways to incorporate the Foam Roller in exercises like the Hundred, Saw, Side Bend, and many more. You can do so many things with the Foam Roller, and this class will remind you just how fun this prop can be!
What You'll Need: Mat, Foam Roller

About This Video


Hello everyone (instructor laughs). I'm going to be doing a foam roller class. It's going to be a little short, but yeah, we can quickly go through some exercises. I hope you will feel...


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Loved it! Simplicity and precision.
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Just what I needed after a somewhat inactive few days!
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Nice and gentle.
Kim, thank you!
I always like to keep my class simple, but with precision.
I'm glad the message came through:)
Zila, thank you.
I think I need it too!
Thank you Brenda!
Please see my other classes on PA (Spine corrector and Reformer).
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Had a great time with this class. Lots of laughing due to the foam roller. Really great class, nice and short with a lot of great work. Nice and relaxing tone of voice and great cues for me and my hubby doing this class.
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Love using this prop. Fantastic class. Thank you.
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Thank you Nagi! Perfect Friday afternoon pick-me-up! My body feels like I've had a massage now:)
Leonard, thank you for the comment.
I love using the Foam Roller too, you can do so much with it:)
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