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If you don't have much time to workout, then you should try this quick full body Mat workout with Jennifer Golden Zumann. She works on building strength, getting your heart rate up, and making sure you move each part of your body. It's a quick class that doesn't rush, so you will have no excuses to skip a workout.
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Hi, my name is Jennifer Golden Zuman and I am thrilled to be back here and an absolutely beautiful day at Peloton anytime. Um, today I'm going to do a short 15 minute mat class to get your whole body moving. I've done one of these before and I heard word that it became very useful to many of you to get a quick workout in and get your heart rate up and your whole body kicked into shape without taking up very much time giving you no excuses at all, not to work out. So we're going to start without taking too much time so we can get right into it. We're going to begin on her hands and knees. So what I'd like you to do is to really get a your feet into a tow sit position so you feel the toes are under and your feet are pretty vertical. When it come down to the hands, look down to see a horizontal line from one risk to the other and spiral the weight into the thumb side of your hands.

We're just going to glide back and forth a few times, shifting weight into the feet and into the hands and beginning to open up our breath. I would like you to awaken the sensation in your hands and feet as you do this. So we're tuning into some of our other information receptors. So notice the texture and the temperature of the Mat beneath your hands and your feet. And then in the vein of developing our primal posture, we're going to end up sitting back on the heels.

You may need to put something underneath your knees here or behind your knees. We're going to come right into this position and settle as much as we can to stretch out the feet and open up the tissue at the bottom of the foot. We're going to bring the hands to the hips here, zip up the front and back body, and then press through your feet to open the front of the hip and then bring that back down. Press through your feet. It fires up the hamstrings, opens up the front of the hip and kicks in the abdomen. Two more of these [inaudible] get in the hips as far forward as you can and might take a few and feel like you're pulling up from the back of your pubic bone a bit. Go ahead now as we do what we're going to inhale and bring the arms up, opening and expanding all the reds as you come back down.

Try not to collapse the ribs but to maintain your new expansion each rib. Pivoting one more time and then we're going to step the right foot forward as we go into this stretch. Now we're going to take the arms to right and then exhale to bring it back to more here. Sometimes first thing in the morning, what I really need is just to zip up my abdomen and to remind that tissue. We're going to circle it now to cinch and support my abdomen. Want to feel like you are creating a good container for your organs.

So right now we are massaging the diaphragm over the Oregon's. Let's do the other side. Take this opportunity to really breathe deeply as we go. Inhale, the diaphragm is pressing down and exhale, it lightens back up. We're exploring the interplays of pressure in the abdominal and chest cavities.

Let's take it into a circle, and when that's all loosened up, when we've released some of the adhesions in our tissue, then our abs work really, really well. Let's do one more of these. Good. And now we're going to do a loose rolling to begin. Just begin massaging the spine. So holding the backs of the legs and maybe about the third one you feel ready to come to the feet? Okay, and then perhaps after a few of these we can come up to standing.

I want you to consider this pressing the floor away from you and standing up from the squat because this is what we're going to bring into our first traditional exercise, which is our hundred same ideas, standing up, pulling away from the relative floor and begin pumping those arms. Think of filling your upper back with air and then as you exhale right above the pubic bone, let's do three more breath cycles here. Work your legs just as strong as when you were standing up from the ground. [inaudible] and come back down. We'll move right into our roll-ups here, bringing your arms up overhead, feeling a nice link. So actually inhale as you go back.

Feel the ribs expand as you exhale. Slide the skin of the pubic bone and sternum towards each other without moving your ribs to slide the skin. Then inhale, lift your arms and head and exhale, continue the rest of the forward. Inhale. As you begin to curl back, pull your sitting bones into your hamstrings and exhale, unfurl the spine back down to more of these. Okay, one more time.

Good. And then bring your arms down by your sides. We're going to do some rollovers here, so let's slide the legs in and bring them up towards the ceiling. Active press through the arms as the legs go over and roll down. I'm going to stop here. If you're up to it, you can go all the way towards the floor. We're just going to do two each direction now cause I've got a few more rollovers in store.

Now we're going to bring the right leg down and up. Let the feet look like they're standing on the ceiling. One more of these with each leg. Yeah, no, it's point the toes. The right leg is going to go down. The left leg stays up, the right leg is going to go all the way over and then back down all the way over and back down.

And switch legs stays up here. Other one goes over and too. Okay. And three both legs come down. Slide them in.

Let's rock up for a nice solid rolling like a ball. Inhale and exhale. Find your balance. Okay. [inaudible] one more time. [inaudible] [inaudible] we're going to move now into single leg stretch. So when you roll back, and again, we're revisiting the idea of standing up from a squat. So think of pushing the floor away from you. Find the feedback with your legs and bring it back down.

Now bring your hands behind your head, top of your feet down first while you to imagine that you're lying in a blanket. We're going to inhale, take one corner of the blanket up and then as you exhale your abdominals work essentially to control you back down. Other side. Inhale up, you're filling up the sticky spots [inaudible] and we're playing with the pressures between the abdominal cavity and the chest cavity to find new places for movement and new places for connection. [inaudible] good. Now if you want to challenge this more, you can do with your legs and shelf or with your legs up. Now we're going to lift the right side up, left side up, right side, down, left side down. Then the left goes up, up, down, down, up, up, down, down. One more and we're good. Come on up to a seated position for a moment just so we can turn over onto the abdomen. Now we're going to let your forehead rest in your hands.

Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, let the thigh bones fall heavy. The head of the thighbone falls towards the floor, lift the legs, lift the upper body up, have legs are going to stay up as we go up and down with the upper body. Now here. We're going to open the arms up, bend the knees, we're gonna do a breaststroke. Reach, swim through the air and bring it in to swim through the air and bring it in one more and bring it back in. Good. Let's roll onto the side. We're going to start with just a straight sidekick, so I want you to feel some support through the underside of your rib cage.

Anchor that bottom leg. Lift the leg up, hip height. Let's kick forward and back. We're just going to do four of these cause we're working on getting everything touched in a short amount of time. Now come up to your forearm and we're going to take the arm opposite. [inaudible].

Why do you think of twist tie through the waist. Now we're going to arc. It's going to go down, up, down. [inaudible]. One more. Do you decide [inaudible] and then bring your knees in into a ball and stretch them out into a ball. Stretch them out into a ball stretch and take that nice long body right over onto your side. Bottom leg, four, three, two and one. Good.

Let's flip right over to the other side. Now starting with our leg kick. Inhale forward, exhale back, or we're doing all these PyLadies exercises here is we are moving to distort the tissues into some direction, kind of wind ourselves in a different positions and then utilizing our interplay of pressure from our breath to open up areas that might be stuck together and provide stimulation to everything on the inside. Okay. One more of these and then we'll [inaudible]. Yeah. Feel the massage that's going on in your abdomen as you do this.

Allow your external rigidity to yield so you feel more the movement from the inside. Yeah. Good. Bring your knees in and extent and to an extent, three and extent, open that up, pivot back onto that hip. Bring it back down and the bottom leg for four, three, two and one. Good. And turn down onto your back. We're gonna do some bridges here.

Arms down by your size. Anchor through your feet. When we do a bridge, I want to think about rolling the ball of the hip towards the knee. So we're opening up this space to come up. Use the whole foot. Use the whole arm and then lower. Melt the spine back down. Don't overindulge and force it, but just allow your back. Allow your vertebrae to be supported by the fashional webbing of the back body.

Each vertebra just rests into the hammock. One at a time. Now we're going to hold up there. Inhale, bring your rider and back. Exhale, bring it down. Left arm right and left. Good. Bring the right leg in and up.

Bring the left arm back. Inhale lower and lift two, three. Keep it down. Take them away from the midline and back in to work that supporting leg. Bring the leg down. Bring the arm down lower, and then up for the other side. Sturdy, right leg, left leg comes up. Right arm comes back down. We're looking for a common web between that leg and that arm.

Keep it down. Now Open, and in two, three, bring it back in. Arm comes down low. We're down through your spine. Good. Let's rock up to a seated position. Bring your hands back, lift your hips up. We're going to lower and the lift just three times. Good. And then bring yourself down and to a teaser.

Huh? Bring that back down again. Come back up. Open. Lower all the way down and teaser. One more time. Open the front body. Lower back down.

Okay. Teaser. Bring one time. Take that teaser. Almost the floor then right back up again. Bring your feet down. Slide your legs out. Sit all the way up. Arms out strong.

Okay. Look all the way back towards your back hand. So you're getting a full twist of your spine. [inaudible] one more time to each side. Yeah.

Good. Now we're going to step down to the floor and close out with some pushups. Wouldn't be polite. He's Matt if we didn't finish with some kind of pushup. So we're going to inhale, lift up, feeling the webbing of tissue into the lumbar spine. Roll down, walk out, find your plank position. We're first just going to do three straight pushups. Lower down and up. Now you are not allowed to rush these.

I want you to come down slowly and up slowly. One more time and then walk back. Avoiding letting those hips wander. And again, we're gonna roll down this time. We're going to open into side plank, so we're going to shift the weight into the right hand and open up to the left, and then we'll come back to the center. Good. Now if that felt dirty enough, you're going to allow your leg to live for the next one down and allow your leg to lift, and then we're going to come around. Allow that leg to lift, let it keep going and extend back into Spiderman. And then one of those to the other side, back through center. We're almost there. One last push up.

Walk back, and in no time at all, you have worked your entire body, no excuses and ready to go on to your day.

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Adding this one to my favourites. Love the transitions and variations. You are such a beautiful mover Jennifer. Thank you.
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Absolutely loved this condensed full body workout and the variations as well. I appreciate the creativity that you put into your work Jennifer. Thanks :)
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This short class is packed with great stuff. Loved it. Thanks a lot :)
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You are amazing. Where do you teach in chi-town? I live in naperville.
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Just great. Very original too, thanks so much jennifer
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Awesome class! Absolutely loved it!! This is What I call Greatness!!
Aw shucks, guys! These comments are warming my heart! I am so honored to be having fun moving with all of you :)
Judy, you're not far from me at all. My studio is (newly moved) to the Edgewater neighborhood on the far northeast side. Pilates Chicago
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I LOVED moving through this!
Thank you:)
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Love love love this workout and even more the way you teach, Jennifer!!! Merry Christmas to you and the wonderful Pilates Anytime Team from Cairo, Egypt :)
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