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Jennifer Golden Zumann shares her tips to prepare your body for a workout when you don't have a lot of time. Her tricks will get you grounded and ready to move in all planes to work your full body. She starts with the feet and then goes into the entire body in just a 10-minute workout.
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May 02, 2014
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I don't know about you, but it is very rare that I can find a time to do an hour workout or sometimes even a 30 minute workout. And if I had a nickel for every time that I skip my workout entirely because I only had a few minutes, you know, you know the saying. So I often find myself maybe about 10 minutes so I can do something. So the goal today is 10 minutes total body. There's absolutely no excuse not to do this. We all can find 10 minutes, I'm sure of it.

But even though we're rushing doesn't mean that we should just throw ourselves in there and started doing it. We have to first get into the body. So I have a little trick in how I try to go inward, so I don't analyze, but I can feel my body and I usually do that in beginning with the feet. So if you want to line up your feet first, I usually use these hipbones as a guide and I try to get my knee and pretty much the first, the second toe space to be in line with that. And then the feet should be about five degrees off the midline. That's going to help to line up the bones of the leg.

And now we're going to kind of alert the architecture of the foot a little bit and try closing your eyes. It makes me feel better when I close my eyes. Now I want you to feel first the netting the webbing at the bottom of the foot, sort of like a taught Webb, and imagine the heel block. So it's a hardy, sturdy block and allowable weight of that heel block just to fall into that supportive webbing, Huh? That can often relax some things already and then move to the ball of the big toe and let that drop into the wedding, the second toe. And then this one is hard. The third toe, let that ball just fall down into the webbing of the foot.

The fourth start to relax the back of the pelvic floor a little bit, and then the fifth [inaudible]. And once you've done that, you may find that you've gone a little more inward and that you're a little more grounded. And now we're just going to start moving from the ankle joint, just a little bit. Ankle, knee, and hip. So we're just going to bend and come up. If you're tight, it might take a few to start moving, but I want you to imagine that you're kind of going up and down a fireman's pole. So it's very vertical and we feel the rolling motion of not only the knees, but of the ankle joint. We're sliding over the round surfaces and the ankle, the knee, and the hip. Just let this start to wake up a few times.

Okay, good. One more is good. And now we'll take a few breaths. So begin to feel right at the top of the sake from here on the next exhalation. Imagine that the tissue, the skin at the top of your sacred just flies up the spine and that as the tissue at the front of the belly comes to meet it and the two of them slide. Yep. Together. Okay, good. So inhale deeply and exhale.

Feel this draw together and up, creating a nice containment at the top of the pelvis. Now we're going to begin moving a little bit more. So as we come down the arms, we'll come forward as we come back, we'll come back through the arms, we'll come down and up. Let's inhale and then exhale couple more times. And now we're going to make it a little bit bigger. As we come up. We're going to come up all the way up onto the toes and then down and up.

Just two more. And now we're going to stay up and circle the arms for three. Really taught in here too. One other direction, four, three, two. What? Ah, lower down and then come back up. So now we're gonna do a, we're going to slide off to one side and then do a little hip glide. So think about these creases right here at the hip joints. And this is like a teapot. You're just gonna to tip, tip over. Good.

And then we're good. I'm gonna pull this in. I imagine you're in inside of balloon and then push back out. Exhale. And inhale. One more time. Exhale and inhale. Good. And bring it down. Other side. Make sure you tip, tip over and exhale one more time. Good.

And bring it back down. Okay. Now we're going to roll the whole spine out. Just give me a loose rolling to start with. So you're just going to sit down, just hold the backs of your legs and we're just going to massage the spine out a few times, just about four times. Should do the trick here and see if on this last one you can just roll up onto your feet and come back to a quadrant head position. Take a deep breath in here. You're going to reach one arm and leg. Try to feel is that the pelvis stays completely still, so you're reaching through the opposite limbs, stretching a common wet look for a common web between that arm and leg that runs through the center of your body. Good. And then cross your legs behind you and bring the legs out in front of you.

We're going to do just a roll back roll up, so reach forward and lift up through the abdomen. Roll your spine back to the mat and then roll back up. We're just going to do one here. Then we're going to twist and bring the hand down behind you and just go three little sawing motion to what good and again, we're going to roll back and up and twist. Three, two, one. We'll do one more of those to each side.

Yeah. Three, two, one and last one. Roll back. Try to feel like your spine is in a hammock and you're stretching that hammock out as it supports you. Three, two, [inaudible]. One good.

Now we're going to roll back and find our mid back and we're going to do just the 50s since we're in a hurry today so we roll back. Just come to where your kidneys feel like they rest into the cradle of the back ribs. Let's sly the legs in and then if it's possible using the backs of those legs, reach out. We'll inhale for five and exhale. Imagine that you're pulling up and in through the abdomen and reaching actively through your arms. I think one more is good hold though. Press your arms down and bring the legs up and we're going to roll right over and open the legs. Roll back down.

We're just going to do two of each direction today cause our goal is to get our body moving in every plane in a short amount of time. Okay. Might feel good to flex the feet on the return. You can decide what feels best for you. Good.

Now we're going to do our single leg stretch and double leg stretch cause you really can't miss those. So we're going to do a few and I'll do them slow. So each one, imagine the diaphragm lifting up and the legs are reaching through their sleeves of tissue. So you're stretching two directions through the abdomen and now we'll do both legs. Let's bring the arms long by your sides. This is how just the Pladis does it control the [inaudible] and I really like that in return to life. One more time.

Hands come behind the head. Inhale, bring it back for a minute and then exhale. When we roll up, I want you to think of rolling onto the lowest back rib roll up on top of it. We're going to ring out all the lungs. Oh, you should be feeling it by now. Yes. One more time to each side. [inaudible] okay, good. Hold the backs of your legs and Rocca.

And now we're going to move into a sliding cat. So you're going to slide out and inhale. So see how my hips are still staying over my knees. And then exhale, I'm going to pull up just to my fingertips. Inhale out and at sail up. One more time.

Inhale and all the way up. Good. Now we're going to do a little version of Swan. So you're going to bring your right leg forward and we're going to bring the hands to the hips. You're going to inhale as you come forward. Now exhale, actively press through that front leg and pull yourself back up. Really strong work in that front. Tibet connection. Inhale and exhale.

Bring the hands behind the head now and allow your spine to reciprocate the head and tail. One more. No balance. Curl your toes under and stand that straight up. Okay. Now we're going to open our big wings. So imagine from your tail up your spine, open the wingspan, and inhale, bring it back. Exhale forward and really feel like there's a drag from your wings against the space around you, like a cape.

Bring the hands down right out to the plank and we'll just do a couple of leg pulls here. One more to each side, back to the knees and slide out. Again, slide and curl all the way up right away. Bring the left leg forward and inhale strong back leg. Exhale too. Good for the next to support your skull and bring your hands down to your hips. Curl the toes under, straighten up. Make sure you have a nice solid position. You should really feel the front of this back leg and keep equal equal weight in both feet. Arms.

Come out forward and open up those wings and see where it takes you. If you let some of the rules go and you really feel your tissue slide, then see where that takes you. Good, and then bring it down. A couple more leg poles. One to make this really dynamic stretch like Taffy all the way through the spine. Good. And bring it down. Okay. Now we're going to go into, when I call Rainbow Star, you're going to bring your leg out to the side. We're going to go into sort of a kneeling sidekick position.

So you're going to reach out to the side, let the hand come to the floor, arm comes overhead. We're going to push through the leg, arm into the ground, and there's your rainbow. Then you're gonna lift it up. There's your star Rainbow and star. One more time. Hold here. Circle the leg. Five, four. Really think about rotating in your hip socket like a mortar and pestle.

Glide through and explore that hip socket. Good. And then bring it down and we'll do the other side. Reach out and tip over and make sure you're actively pressing down through the leg and down through the arm cause that gives you the levity to work through this whole side body rainbow. You've been here. Don't indulge in a stretch. Push into the ground and make it a 10 sile, a resilient stretch and star Rainbow and star Rainbow.

Hold The star circle five, four, three. Keep that front to back. Relationship switch directions. Five, four, three, two, one. Good. All right. Now what would be a plus these workout without a teaser, but we're going to do a little bit of a gentle version of the teaser. We're going to do a rolling teaser, so you're going to start in a rolling position and if you think about it, I'll show you what I mean. I don't want to give it away. You're going to roll back and here's your rolling balance, right? All your t's are really is, is this rolling balance unfolded and then bring it back in, back and up and unfolded when we're tying back and up and if you're feeling fancy, you'll roll a few inches and then roll back up. Roll a few inches, roll back up one more time.

Right back up all the way up the mountain. Yes, I made it. Did you hold your legs again? We're going to rock right up to our feet and we're going to step back. I like to step back, like in Ninja. Maybe you do too, and you're going to find this nice plate position. Let's come to your knees first.

Gonna bend your elbows to the back and come down through your chest, bringing your breastbone down between your hands. Slide forward, strong through the arms, back up. Just one more time. This helps me prepare my push up. Walk your hands back, roll up, and now it's time to come into the close guys. Inhale. Exhale, roll down. Walk forward. Now remember here to keep waiting, your feet want you to feel like a four legged animal so you have a sense of springiness even here. And then inhale down. Exhale up. I like to let the elbows find a natural place.

So explore that. Maybe you don't need to bring them all the way to the back. Walk back, roll up. And once we get there, let's imagine those wings again. Inhale and exhale. So you can imagine that you're stretching the tissue all the way down through your sacrum and into your legs. Last one, interlace the fingers and reach.

Let the weight of your sacred men tail drop into the bottom of the net as you stretch that net with your arms and exhale, release. Good. 10 minutes, go to the rest of your day.


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"if you let the rules go and let your tissues guide you, see where you go.". I loved that thought! Felt great, thanks.
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Nice one Jen!
Thanks, Yoly! I love being taught by an instructor, but there is also something truly remarkable about following the insight's of your own body.
Thanks, Stacy!! XOXO
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Great fast workout. Just what I needed when no time! Heart rate up, stretched, strengthened... perfect pilates workout in no time.
3 people like this. many fantastic variations...loved the swan, sliding cat, and rollups with pulsing twist, even the springy push-ups ! Definitely going to borrow some of this...thank you thank you!
Great workout - I may never do 30/60 mins again :)
Heart is pumping & body is singing - thank you Jennifer xxxx
Thanks, JC and Bridgette! It's amazing what you can do when you *think* you don't have time for a workout, isn't it?
Thanks so much for commenting, Jennifer and Megan! I'm so glad you had fun :)
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