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Sally Anderson creates a full movement experience from start to finish in this intermediate Mat workout. She focuses on transitions to create a nice flow, so you are still working hard between the exercises. She also includes preparations to help you build up to the more challenging exercises toward the end of the class.
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Dec 29, 2014
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Hi, I'm Sally Anderson and I'm going to take you through a mat work session. We will build to a few more challenging exercises toward the end, but what I'd like you to focus on as you go through are the transitions connecting the exercises so that we have a movement experience start to finish. So if that means you need to modify along the way, then by all means modified. But just try to keep with the movement and I will talk you and my lovely demonstrators here through the transitions as we go. We'll do a little bit of preparation first.

A lot of it aimed at getting sensation into the back of the legs and being able to hold the legs as a lever. So I'll talk you through that as we go. I'd like us to start lying on your backs. So knees bent, feet in, and just to set up your foot position first, try bringing your feet all the way together. So the inner ankle bones and the big toe joints are even, I want them set together. And then from them, much just your toes out to hip width and then bring your heels out to match your toes. Perfect. So now we've got a really even parallel position and ready to start with a pelvic curl or the bridging, whichever you call it. So to begin with, take a nice deep breath in, fill the lungs with air, and then exhale, draw the abdominals into, start tilting the pelvis and then lead the pelvis up into a bridge position. Let's just sit this position. So shoulders are wide.

You're in your shoulder stand, which is important. We want to feel like the body's standing on the shoulder girdle, your feet pressing into the mat to help lift the pelvis. Breathe in and now as the shoulders go wide. Exhale. Start from the sternum. Lay your spine all the way out along the Mat. Good. So just articulating the spine, starting the breath, starting the movement.

Breathing in and exhale, scoop the stomaching, lead through the hips and press the feet into the floor to really lift the pelvis. Stay breathing and breathe out. Start from the sternum. Use The abdominals to lay the spine out along the Mat. We've got six more. Breathing into prepare, breathe out, scoop and roll. Very nice. Press the feed in. The more you press the feet in, the more you bring the hip extensors in to help lift the pelvis and facilitate abdominals x, how we started the sternum and that rolls you all the way back down with control. Good leg stay parallel and exhale, scoop and roll. Good. It's a nice articulation. The breadth lasts all the way up into the bridge. Breathe in and the breadth lasts all the way down.

All the way till the sacrum is on the mat. You're still exhaling. Then inhale and all the way up. Knees over toes. Really use that press into the floor of your feet to bring the pelvis up. Good and send the shoulders wide and send the stern between the scapular as you're coming down. Very nice. Good. Curling through the ribs through the low back. Hips down. I'll have two more.

And exhale, scoop and roll. Good. Remember, just warming the spine, warming the body, engaging the hip extensors, engaging the back of the shoulders and nice long exhale takes you all the way down. Curling out the spine through the ribs, moving the ribs, lengthening the low back, pelvis down. One last lucky one. Exhale through. Good. Use those feet. I want you to really feel the back of the legs and nice long exhale. Empty the lungs all the way down. Lengthening the spine. Very enough. Good. Bring your feet back together for me. Knees together, arms can open just a little bit off the mat so they're just a little bit wider and back of the upper arms pressing into the floor so you really work into the back of the shoulders and keep the arms active and drop your legs towards the window for me. So these come across nice and easy. Now exhale, pull the abdominals in to bring the pelvis back, knees with it to center and to the other side. Just allow the knees to go. Easy. Exhale, scoop. The stomach and brings the pelvis back. Knees come with it.

I want five each side. Just rotating the spine nice and gently and exhale, scoop to bring it back. Good. Now work on the shoulder girdle position as you dropped the knees. Easy. Keep the opposite ribs and shoulder back into the mat and then exhale the center brings you back and inhale across easy. Exhale, fire up the abdominals, scoop and bring it back. Very nice. And Inhale Lacrosse and exhale scooping you back. I'll have one more each side. Good. Using the breath, keeping the ribs and shoulder active away from the direction you're rolling.

And Ooh, it's a NIESR away from the window for us here and back to center. Now just rolls onto that same side. You're going to roll the knees onto the floor and roll onto that side, taking your underneath out under your head. Good. So just set yourself back on the mat if you need to. So come back into the center of the mat, everybody you probably need to adjust now.

I want the knees to come up in front of your hips. So it's a side line, tabletop position. This topic is long. The ribs are in line with the pelvis arm long underneath you. And we're starting a series of three hip exercises. Now the feet will stay together for the first one. The knee will rotate out. So Nif the need to rotate up and come down. Good.

So what I want is that you find the rep or the rotator muscles of the thigh to open the leg and close. It's not a big movement. You're going to just set up the sensation of using the fire rotators and close down. We've got 10 and open. Good feeling them kick in and close. I hope you can feel them open and close. I'm just going to bring you up the middle, that beautiful and open. Good.

So while we're doing this hip series, I want you to think about really finding the sensation behind the thighs. This is going to allow you to hold the legs as a lever. If you can find a sensation, you'll then be able to replicate that on the work going through. Good. Two more unless my accounting's bad and close. Last one. Cool. Now keeping those muscles on, lift the knee up to the ceiling, bringing the foot with it up and close.

Just abducting up and close. Good. The pelvis stays a long and stable. Nothing else moves except the meg, the fine the hip joint. So feel that the head of the Femur is sitting into the hip joint as you abduct and down and the rat muscles are on and good. Let's do five more up and excellent. Good. Just keep that nice and stable.

Good abdominals are just holding, not overworking. Good. One more and Nice. Now part three is a circle in sideline. The leg comes up and around, up and around. Good. You've got six each way. Nice. I get the sense of movement in the hip joint without which changed gravity. So you don't have that gravity into the hip joint. You just loosening the hip. But try and keep these muscles on at the back of the thigh and reverse and up and over and to hopefully you feeling it by now.

Three never gets easier for five and last one. Bring the knees back together. Good. Alright, we're just going to turn straight over to the other side. Yep, that's what I wanted. Good. So just adjust yourself to the other side. This is one of the non set transitions that we'll go through, but it's a little bit of preparation. I'm sure you can feel that. So set the knees in line with the hip joint, feet in line with the knees. Keep that hip long.

That top hip is long and reaching away from the shoulder girdle and start with number one feet. Squeeze together as the knee opens and back. Find this Rep. Good ribs and abdominals just holding you nicely, not overworking. You want length in the spine here. Good health. Good. And find that Rep. Nope. One lift. Good.

Two more to go. Excellent. All right, into the set. Number two. So the knee lifts in the hip joint. Good. Nothing changes in the pelvis to perfect. So abducting the knee, taking the foot with it, but think about that. Knee leading.

Good, good, excellent. And keep breathing. Exhale to lift and formal. Don't rush it as you feel it last too. It's attempting to go faster. Good. And then we're into our circles. So start going up and over. And two, we've got six, three good, nice big movement in the hip joint without losing the pelvis.

And last too. Good and reverse goes down, up and Butte. Very nice. Three and around. Good. Tommy's in and legs back together. Well done. Roll onto your back and stretch out all the way on the mat for me please.

Good. So take a moment to really reach the arms overhead. Reach the legs away. Now you felt the sensation of the wrap and the hold from the back of the thighs. I want you to switch that on now or find that same feeling. Get the legs reaching and pressing into the mat. Pelvis as long for me. So the tailbone is heavy. Arms reach away and the ribs pull back in.

So you drawing ribs and pelvis into the mat without disturbing that nice long position. All right, we're going to do a chest lift leading with the arms, so fingertips lead head and shoulders come up between the arms and just lock into that chest lift position. Stay. Now while you're there, I want you to look at your pelvis, make sure it's not tucking up into the hips or quads. Reached the legs away and then exhale. Take that back down. Lay it onto the mat with the ribs in. Good. We'll do another four or five lead with the arms into your chest. Lift and hold. Find that position where the legs are reaching away. They're squeezing together, they're active into the mat and uncurl back down. Good.

Press the heels into the mat. Chest lift and find that position where you sit into your chest, live with everything else reaching away. It's almost like you hit a wall. You can't go any further and back down, scooping the belly in to take you back. Ribs in two more fingertips. Lead chest comes through. Now while you're there, keep reaching the legs away, away, away, away, and come back down.

Good and leading with the fingertips. Good. So that point there is you're locked into your chest lift that I want to see in the roll up. Now we're going straight into roll up with the same chest lift, so fingertips lead. Find your chest lift. That's your inhale today. Now you exhale, continue through reaching the legs away into your c curve at the top. Exhale, scoop and roll the belly. Just controlling gravity lanes. The back out along the Mat. Good fingertips reach head comes between the arms. Roll it through.

Reach your legs away, away, away you come through. Shoulders relax. Nicey could inhale into the back and exhale. Just slow down the abdominals. Control gravity. That's all you have to do on the way down. Formal leading with the arms. Chest now really reached the legs away as you come through.

Make them as active as you can. Breathing in, and exhale control. Gravity gets easy. On the way back down. You've just got one task and let's do two more before we add. Good. So lengthen forward. Good. Keep pulling back with the abdominals in that c curve and then exhale. Lay it out along the mat.

Good. All right. [inaudible] lost too. So reach into your chest if exhale as you scooped to come through, reaching away all the way down. And then on the next one we add and the ad involves a little bit of hundreds. So chest lift, yeah, and curl all the way into your roll up. Now you are only going to roll back to a very high chest lift position and hold for me. So back down. Just there. Now what you make them, make sure they're reaching away and the pelvis is long and float the legs just up to eyeline. Good. Float the legs back down. Good. Two more. Nice. I want them to come down to the mat and press into the mat. Reach away.

They reach away. So far there's nowhere else to go, but up and modify if you need to. Single legs and down. Good. Now uncurl all the way back down. We're going to do one more roll up and come back to that position and either do your hundreds with the legs at eyeline or on the map. Let's talk you through it. So chest lift into your chest, lift. Then exhale, roll through. Good. From there, exhale, curl down, controlling gravity. Gravity till you get to that high chest lift. Stay in the chest.

Lift reached the legs long. I believed them on the mat or bring them to your eyeline. And inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale, two, three, four, five girls. Keep going. Now if you want to modify this, leave the legs on the mat and use the chest lift. Nice to come down and chest lift a little bit so it's not too high there. Or you can bend the knees in. So Helen, you might like to bend the knees even a little too and keep going with arms.

Good. The thing I'm after is a very long position of the torso. Yes. And activity in the legs using that Rep. So we make the legs engage as part of the exercise. Very nice. Good. Jennifer, you how many we got left? Let's do two more sets. Inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale. Two, three, four, five and hold.

Reach those eggs down into the and uncurl all the way back goods. Make sure the legs are stretched. Bring your arms around beside you, right in beside you on the mat and take your right leg up to the ceiling for leg circles. So Ben and stretch it up. Take a moment to sit that thighbone into the hip joint. Stretch the toes and we're going across the body for six circle around one up and two not too big for me to stabilize the pelvis. Three up and full and five last one.

Hold it at the top of the circle. Now just set that he positioned before we reverse and come across up two and three. Good. Tommy's in for shoulder girdle. Give me that shoulder stand while you're doing this work. Six and stay straight. Leg change legs go and one or they can bend and go down.

Perfect. All right. Other side. So the leg is sitting into the hip joint going across the body one and two so stabilize the pelvis and work that stretch of the abductors as it goes across. Good. One more. Hold there and sit the position in the hip. Nice and heavy and reverse across the body.

And two good. Three, four, last two. Tommy's in shoulders wide and active. So even triceps, give me triceps into the mat. Good. Bend that leg down and stretch it out. You're going to sit up and sit forward on your mat to do rolling like a ball. So into the center and sitting into your balance position.

I'll have one hand on the front of each ankle. So take the feet off the floor, find your little balance. Now I want you to think of the forehead between your knees and then the knees are not too wide. So there you go. Now take the tension out of your arms and allow that to transfer into the abdominals to deepen. So you're trying to put the head between the knees. Soften the arms. Abdominals are back.

Now just take a little inhale to roll to your shoulder blades. Then exhale, come up and hold good. And we've got six in her. Good. So if you're rocking off to one side, work that side, wrap under a little bit more. Good. Nice work. And four, we've got two more. Good. And make sure you find that balance. Head to the knees. Tommy back last one. And hold the balance for me. Stay there. Good. Now place the legs down.

Stretch them out and sit up tall for me. So legs just go straight out in front. Hands come behind your head. Now legs will open. Met with the part. We're doing a little short box sitting. Exercise the tilt and then into a twit twist preparation. So where you are here, just bend your knees a little if you want to. Hello. Yay. All right. With that. Good, nice and tall. So I want thumbs under the occiput or under your skull.

Fingers together and lengthen up. Getting as much distraction of the spine as you can. Then just exhale. Draw the 12th ribs back into support the spine and stay over your sitting bones. Good. We're going to go towards the windows with the side bend up and over, lifting to the top of the window and sit back on your hips to the other direction. Lift up and over. Keep that sitting bone down. You're moving away from and center.

Very nice towards the windows. Lift up to the woods, the top of the wall and center. Good. So lift, pull the ribs in, stay on your sitting bones and back. We've got two more each side as you lift, engage the heels and the bar into the mat and center hood and lift up. Thumbs under the occiput. Just lengthen you up. Last too. And ribs lift center and urban them up. Ribs lift and hold. We're going to have a little preparation for the twist.

Everyone go to the right and you're going to rotate back. Wrecking the ribs back, wrapping the elbow back, keeping your ankles exactly what they were and center to the left. Lift up and rotate the ribs back. Back, back. Good. So ankle sty with I asked Sittingbourne stay where they are and center. Good streamer each side and rapid back the ribs rep back and center.

Very nice. Work here and wrap it back and to the center with a little pulse. Now for two each side and pulse. Back Center and pulse. Back and center. Good. Stay tall and last one. Good. Very nice. Bring your hands forward and back in.

Now you're going to have your fingertips at your bottom. Then slightly turn them out by spiraling the up around to get that position. Legs come together and I'll have a back support. All right, so from this position we've just modified the hand position a little to get you open in the shoulders and I want a pelvic motion to lift your hips up off the floor. Parallel legs. Good. Now just think about opening up the front of the hips here and then place your bottom back down for more. Perfect. This is all just to length in the front of the body.

Engage the back of the body, lift you out, press high with the hips and come back down. Excellent. And three more. Open the shoulders. Spirally arms out and come back down. Good as you pelvic curl up. Don't forget the abdominals imprint as you go through with the hips and back down. Last one and this last one, we'll just get us ready for our abdominal series. You happy about that?

And back down. Good forward. Bend the knees into a bent leg position. Just gentle position and you're going to scoop and roll back onto mat into your chest lift position. So shuffle fought on the mat if you need to position yourself. Good. Find your chest lifts. Same as we had before. You're good. All right.

Heavy tailbone. Draw the knees to your chest and hands to your knees. We're doing our abdominal series of five starting with single leg stretch and reach away. One and two and breathe even hale and eggs. Hell good. Breathe in for two and Allen for two last set in to and out.

Very nice. Knees back in for double leg stretch. Inhale, reach arms and legs away. Hold. Get the arms to a t position, then draw the knees and body back in in how rich and t and scoop. Good formal reach and scoop and reach. Now make it smooth through the tee and reach and scoop. Hold it there for a second. We'll do two more altogether. Each and scoop. Last one. Bridge and skew into our hamstring pool.

Right leg up, left leg down. Now I want the left leg down all the way into the mat or in a find the hip extensors into the mat. Top leg high. Now bring your hands as high up the leg as you can with the tailbone down, down, down. Now your hands won't move. Your leg comes to your hands and pull in two and change to bendy underneath the leg. If you need to take a little pressure off the hamstrings or back and good, even straight legs.

If you put the top one and in last two in, we've got two from here, one and two. Good. Both legs to the ceiling. All right, heels together. Wrap those thighs. Don't give me that look. Good. Hands behind the head. Deepest chest lift you can have. Now we're going to do a variation on this one leg lowers and reach it to the mat and back up other leg reach and now drop the tailbone. Reach and scoop it up. Good.

One more. Each side. Singles, good from the tummy. Support the head. Stay Nice and deep. Now just two with both legs and reach to straight up four and hurry each two. Three up. Four. Bend the knee. Zim, crisscross. Whoo. Still going. Number five and rate it across two and three.

Very good here. Four and five. Keep the inner thigh or the bending fi on the inside, on the inner thigh. Let alone use your adductors. Good. Last two. Good. And back to the center and sitting up for me.

Good legs out just as wide as the mat and arms for spine stretch. You can find your abs now so we're, we should be very able to find hip extensors. So lift up, pressing the heels into the mat, lifting up of your sitting bones and abs should be well and truly on scoop them back. Reach up and over your toes with the spine stretch so you're pulling back with the abdominals as you go forward. Breathe in and then exhale, scoop back abdominal. Stack the spine all the way up out the crown of the head. Breathing in.

Exhale up and over up off the hip extensors back with the abdominals. Forward with the upper body. Yes, and exhale scoop. The belly to stack you up. Good. Two more and up and over. Good lifting as you get. Yes. Good lifting as you go forward. And exhale, tailbone down and lift up and stack on top of the pelvis. Good. And on this one.

Scoop up and go forward. Good. Stay there for me. Reaching forward. Now as you come back, I want you to hold the front of your ankles scooping and bring the legs up into an open leg rocker. Same with legs as you head on the mat. Good. Beautifully done. Hold that there. Nice. Now engage your hip extensors in the wrap of the thigh so the more you can work the back of the legs deep in the tummy and lift. We've got six open leg rocker. Inhale, roll back to the shoulder blades.

Exhale up you go and hold that balance. Nice and inhale. Roll and skew up. Could lift up. Now take the tension out of your arms so you keep the straight arms, but no tension. Puts it all in the tummy and roll it back and up. You can. So as you roll back, don't let the elbows bend.

And in roll and back. Now on the last two, as you roll back, send your feet up to the top of the back wall for you. Whatever your back wall is. Up, up, up a member. Yes. Good. Rather than just going over, go up. Last one. Go up and hold your balance.

Good. All right. We're all centered. Beautiful. Sit Tall. Stretch your legs out in front. This time you're going to open them wider than the mat. We're going into the soar, but today I want the saw done with your fingertips just on the little deep in your shoulder beds. So AC joint, bring it in. Bring the elbows wide. Lift up tall. Now come towards the window for me. Everyone here, we're going to rotate. Hold. Now as you go into saw, take the opposite elbow to the inside of that knee.

You're moving towards beautiful. And then exhale. Stack the spine back up, sitting onto your hips and sinned. Good. Rotate and to the other side. Now keep the opposite hip back, elbow to the knee and stack the spine back up. Perfect. And rotate going tall, tall, tall. And then Elbert's in the inside of the knee. So the OBOR moves in there. As you get over and stack the spine back up and to the other side, rotate and you'll find it's not so hard to keep the opposite hip back with this version right and out. One more. Each side.

Lift up through the spine. Spiraling. Yes. Nice and over. Good and center. Last one for me. Keep the fingertips on the, on the top of the shoulders and rotate. Elbow comes in and then step back onto the sitting. Bones and center could stay there for me with those fingertips.

Use the inner thighs to bring the legs together. Squeeze the men, press them into the mat. Seek to haul off the legs. And now just slide your hands in behind your head for a little twist and with the pulse going to the right and center and left to center, right to center and left. No shuffling of the feet and arap Rep, center, Rep, Rep, two more. One, two, end, last one. Center. Beautiful. Arms forward for me. Bend your knees in. Good. Now where your legs are bent in.

Just bring the feet back to that hip with the part parallel and we're going to slowly roll back down onto your back. Arms coming beside you and exhale, abdominals. Lay the spine out on the mat. I'm sneaking beside you there and bring your feet in a little closer, but we might need to shuffle all of us onto the mat. Just find yourself centered on the mat there for me. Good. Alright, the hands beside you show the girdle nice and wide.

I really want you to find your shoulder stand wide position scapular good and broad. Now you're going to roll up in your pelvic curl just as we began with exhale, scoop the belly, roll the hips up, press the feet into the floor, hold that position. Make sure you get you work on it, like a little posterior tilt there so that you're opening up the hips. Breathe in and exhale. Roll that back down. Just justice. That one's just a prep for us. Good. And one small. Roll Up.

Good and hold. Nice. Take your right leg up to the ceiling. We're doing a little shoulder bridge prep. So here I want that foot, the top flexed and use the heel to press up to the ceiling. Good press and softener and press. Now I want the press to come from the standing leg. So it's this leg that pushes into the mat to lift you up and lift.

Good without sending the ribs out. Keep the ribs in and the bar goes up by using the standing leg to more good and find your shoulders stand good. And then fold that leg back down. Other leg comes up. Good. Find the shoulders, activate the triceps. Use that stand position, flex the foot, find the heel to the ceiling and press up. Standing leg pushes you and standing leg presses you opening the hips, keeping the ribs in.

Good and push. Yes. Keeping the towel on. Do your length and the weight and one more and fold that led back down. Good. Keep a nice Highbridge position. Shoulders, triceps. Reach the fingertips and exhale. Roll the spine down into the mat all the way through long tail bone on the mat.

Bend your knees in and take them up to the ceiling for a very basic corkscrew. I don't want a big movement. I want us to find heels squeezing together and very active legs. So find the wrap of the thighs we started with inside line. Switch on the hamstrings and a very small circle.

Go to your right and around and circle. Reverse and exhale as the legs come away from you. And good. Now pause at the top of this one. We've got four more. Wrap the thighs and as the legs go away, use the triceps. Use the abdominals, pulling in as you go away. And good last two and not too big. Keep it right in the hips, in the abdominals. Last one and halt. Perfect. Makes parallel. Place them below.

Place those legs back down on the floor. Just hip with the part. We're back to our pelvic cold bridge position. Arms in Nice and tight. Roll up into your shoulder. Stand and hold. Good. Find all those connections. Right leg to the ceiling. We have shoulder bridge and reach the leg away for six one and out all the way to the floor. And up. Good Taz. Long and flicks.

Reach and flex. Two more. Reach and upkeep that standing leg, pushing you up. Stay. Fold that leg down. Come to the other side. So it's the standing leg I'm most interested in. Now take that other leg up. Good. Set the shoulders. Keep the ribs in and controlled and reach the leg away to the mat. One and flex two standing like lifting your hips.

Three good. Fall up five and last one. Whoo. Good. Alright. Fall that leg down. UNCURL roll the body all the way down into the floor and take your legs up to the ceiling. Beautiful shoulder stand position really comes into play. Now we're doing jack knife to teaser, but I want your cheque knife to be nice and high when you take the legs over.

So starting from position to the ceiling, we're not going to lower them just yet. Lift the legs over into shoulder, standing up and roll it down through the spine all the way to your teaser. End Up [inaudible]. Good. Alright. And we'll smooth that out as we go. So as you're coming down, scoop and roll the belly. Bring the legs to 90 then go over using the upper arms and up. Use the hip extensors and roll it down. As the pelvis comes toward the mat, you start your chest lifted, roll through, reach up to your toes. Good.

And we've got two more. Roll it back down. Hands can be side. Your legs go over and up. Reach to the ceiling, switch on the hip extensors and men UNCURL as the pelvis gets down. Start your chest, lift, roll up to your toes. Good, nice with calm. And one last one. And we're going to hold the teaser at the end over up. And then nice and calmly roll it down. Chesler starts halfway through, brings you up. Hold that position. Just gently turn and sit to the side.

Perfect. Very nice. Now we're setting up for side support. So with that front foot, just take the front foot forward and the back foot behind it, but on the inside of that foot, on the outside of this foot. So you're going to go inhale up into your side. Support in that position. Good. And I really want you to work the ankle position, so flat foot on the inside, flat foot on the outside, but the ankle is lifted and scoop and curl in with the knees to come back down to the mat. Good. And we've got four more to bring that hand him a little under you.

If you feel like it's too far away, just try and get it [inaudible] but the shoulder a bit more. Inhale up into side support. Good. If you need to modify on the forearm, that's perfect and scoop and bring it all back together to come back down. And three more. Inhale long could work the flat standing position of the feet and back in good and up and scooping in to come back down. We've got one more. Make sure you're keeping the ribs and pelvis together as you go up. Inhale, lift low, hold good. You're going to twist your front support, so just pivot on the toes and you should open the hands out and be in a beautiful front support. Stay there. Engage the hamstrings, engage the abdominals, work into the back of the shoulders. So engage humeral heads to scapular. Stay there for me and hold that position.

Good. Make sure that your hips are nice and level with the shoulders in that line. Scaps wide. Good. Bring the other hand into the center and turn to the opposite side for your side support and you're going to scoop the knees, lower it down to the mat and you're up again. Good and skip. Go onto that forum and come back again yet pop that forum down and even use one leg. Inhale up everyone and back down, bending underneath me, Helen, and just use the top leg. So good.

You've got two more. So you could do that version like that's it. Good and up and calm back down. Where did you one more on this side, cause I know Helen wants to and inhale up hold perfect and hold that position. You're going to turn back to your front support. Good toes pivot. You find your set up of the front support position. Stay there.

Abdominals and hamstrings are meeting. Shoulders are pulling back. We're going to lift the right leg off the floor for six pulls up and from the hamstring connection and one tip and two and three. Keep the abdominals ribs together. Four nice modification, Helen and six. Put that foot back down other side, nothing changes in the body and lift it from the hamstring and to just support with the abdominals for very nice five and six. Place that foot down and pivot up into a pipe position. Hips to the ceiling. Good. And you might want to bring your toes a little closer to your hands, but not too close because we're going into a little sequence here.

Start by dropping the heels down, tailbone high and spiral the upper arms out so that the neck is doing a nice long drop through between your elbows or at work. The back. Work the stomach to support the back. You're going to move into your plank position, so come forward into front support. Now lift the chest and halfway lower the hips to the metro, almost swan, and then scoot back into your pike. Good. Open those shoulders, drop the head and come through front support. Going into a connected, lifted swan and skewed from the tummy to bring that backdrop, the heels, good and length and true.

So it's a long before you lift the sternum up to the ceiling like the tailbone under and scoop it back up. Good. Two more. So I call this pipe to swan. Inhale lengthen. And Your Swan is a beautiful lifted, actively supported Swan and scoop it back up. It doesn't just drop all the way through. It's lengthened and long. Sternum forward. Lift the chest, open the shoulders, think of like a down stretch and exhale up into your pike. Good once more into your long front support position, take it through now.

One long lower through the arms to take you down onto the mat. So bend the elbows in in Lowes you in one whole long piece to the mat. Beautifully done. Come into your little spring for single leg kick plates. So elbows forward. I'll have either fists together or fist apart, whatever works for you to get your shoulders engaged, wrapped back up a back active and sternum forward to send the sternum out in, up. And we'll have 10 kicks either side, starting with your right leg. So lifting up dominoes and really activate the front of the body to support the spine. Here we go. Kick in one, two and left two and right to left to and right.

Good. Now Bill it from the connection of the hamstring into the pelvis and in, in e in, in, just in whatever range. Your knees coat with the EAM in last to in, in good. Stretch the legs out and lay back down on the mat with your head. Turn to the right for double leg kick please now have your hands all the way up the back. Elbows wide. So let's get this nice broad stretch across the scapula. Elbows down into the mat as much as you can.

Head turned as far to the writers you can and legs together for me. I want them really parallel. You're going to kick into your bottom three times. Now this has to be with the tailbone under though and kick to three when you come up. I want the hands to separate and the legs to stretch into the mat. So what I want is open shoulder girdle, not too high. I want you to work the upper back and the connection of the tailbone under and come back in hands. Go Up. One, two, three.

And lifting Rick's in the sternum forward. Reach the shoulders back like a pool straps position and come down. One, two, three and good. So what I want to take out of it is that hanging off each other, the arms off each other and come down to three and work the upper back. Good. We've got two more and down. Very nice. Two, three and reach. Hands in tight beside you and last one in two, three and reach. Good. Stay there for me.

Now lengthen out the lumbar spine and draw the abdominals up underneath you. Lift your feet off the floor. Turn them parallel. Now hold that position. Reached the arms all the way around beside you and up overhead. Good. Ready for us swimming? Draw the shoulders widened. Spiral the arms out before you go. So it's all about the position now, right leg, left arm.

Lift and change up and up. RPA Slow is torture. I know we'll get faster up, but I just want to see it all come together. Ah, little faster up. Ah, ah, ah, yes, but we're not going flat chat. We're just going to keep it at that pace. Shoulders, hamstrings, tummy up. Helen, hands in on the afford. If you'd like to modify, put the hands under the front and keep working. The legs is a nice way to stabilize the back.

He p extensors going last four, two, three, one. Awesome. Come back and sit into your rest position. If rest positions no good on your knees. Just come into a cat stretch. Just kneeling, letting the back ease out a little before we come up into our pike. All right, that's enough easing out. Let's come onto our hands and knees. Dig Your toes in behind you and come back up into the pike so you back up to that tailbone to the ceiling position. Good, and just work that position for me for a moment. Really wrap the arms out, shoulders pulled back, ribs support you tell burns high heels are down and enjoy that stretch down through the legs. Just get that nice little sinking into the man. Good.

Alright. And with your heels down into the mat, as you walk your hands back in, walk your hands to your feet. Don't worry, we're not doing push up. Good. Heels down. Now stay there with the heels down. But relax your neck. Relax your shoulders were to do it. Nice controlled. Roll up to standing. So scoop into the tummy. Press the heels down and roll your body up. Pelvis goes upright. First.

Spine stacks on top of it. Good. But we ain't done yet. Girth. Alright, we're gonna just a last little bit to go. So in that position, can I have you stand in v? So just bring your heels together so that you're in a nice day position. Hands down in front. We're going to do a little standing arms and balance work. So zip up.

We're going to bring the hands up the center of the body as you rise onto your toes and come back down. Good. So zip it up and come back down. So you can do these with hand white. So if you get that id that you're grouping a hand weight and adding load to this, that'll give you the idea of where you pull up, up, up, and lower. Good. So find the squeeze at the heels together, the wrap of the thighs pulling up through the spine all the way out the crown of the head and lower. Good. Three more lift and make the lower controlled low.

You're reaching for the flow to [inaudible]. Try not to think of letting go. As you reach the floor, it's still active to the ceiling and active to the ceiling. One more and rise up. Good. Now you going to stay there with the heels. Send the hands out in front of you directly out.

Lower the heels, just a fraction. So you're just hovering off the mat and we're doing arm circles. Arms reach up to the ceiling, out to the side. Come together in front. Turn the palms down and keep the abdominals drawing up. Ribs are forward over the hips and good and lift or open together.

Rotate the upper arms and up out front. Rotate, reverse externally, rotate the arms. Then open up and forward, rotate them out, open up, and for two more low those heels a little. I only want you hovering off the mat. Just keeping that drawer up in your posture and your balance. Good.

Last one, bring it forward and hold it there. Now Undo two parallel so you still on your toes, you're in parallel. Reach the heels for the floor. Open your arms wide. We've got a spiral. You're in a spiral. The arms, elbows come into your ribs and out and spiral and out. Good. And pull in and out. Good. And wrap them.

So it's really wrapping the arms and sending it into the upper back. Grow Taller, little faster. Rep and an rep and rough. Good. Now really feel the muscles working so you can make them more active. You can add weights to it anytime you feel like it.

Good formal feeling them. One and two and three. Last one for good. Relax your arms down. I'll have three roll downs and exhale up and over rolling forward. Most of your job is done.

You just have to do little roll down to finish with a high release. Good that the head and shoulders hang. Keep the hamstrings active for you. Press the heels down, roll the pelvis back up to standing, stacking the spine on top of it. Now reach the arms up to the ceiling. Open the chest to the ceiling and arms out and perfect. Good. All the way down with your arms to your sides. And two more roll down.

So scoop up and over. I could have made you all turn to center and we'd all know what we're doing, but sees much more fun this way. And rural. Good. Um, reach up high release in the sternum, up, up without the pelvis going forward. Arms come beside you. And one last one. Lift up and over. Little Diego.

Ah, hoot down. Let the neck relax. Shoulders relax and it just had a little at least a good and exhale step back up. One more. Reach to the ceiling. All the way up. Send the stern into the sky. Open the arms out. Bring Yourself Upright with your arms beside you. And beautifully done. Thank you so much. Thanks.


Welcome to PA Sally. I felt like one of my close friends (an Aussie/Kewie) was leading the class. Even via the computer screen I felt you were watching and guiding and improving my movement. Did find it ironic that you were wearing shoes (pretty unusual for the teachers on this site) thus limiting my understanding of the flat foot position you requested for side stretch. Did I really understand correctly that you wanted both feet planted with soles on the mat?
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Thank you Sally. Great cueing and a deliciously challenging (but do-able) workout. Loved the progression and feel ready to take on the day.
Hi Joni, Thanks so much for your message - I had thought about this when I was filming - in Australia we have work health and safety legislation that requires soft soled covered footwear in the Pilates studio, so I am very used to wearing covered footwear when I teach. I agree, it's not common globally, but it is for us down under. With Side Support position I like the feet to be on the outer edge (back foot) and inner edge (front foot) with the ankle bones off the floor - this gives a 'flat foot' position relative to the limb and activation around the ankle joint. Let me know if you want any more info on that positioning or exercise. Very happy to hear that you have a good friend in our parts! All best wishes from us aussies ;)
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Excellent description. So glad I asked! Thank you for replying so quickly. I often marvel at how well you teachers keep the class moving while still imparting sooo much description. Even so it is simply wonderful to be able to "follow up" in the comment box for even more exacting definition. Looking forward to more mat classes with you.
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what a wonderful way to start 2015. Beautiful teaching
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Thanks for the great class ,Sally totally feel energised after that class - really enjoyed your teaching style . Also enjoyed the reformer class .Looking forward to doing more classes with you on PA
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Great workout! Trying to move to the next level and this is a fantastic workout to help with that.
Hi, Sally, great to hear a familiar voice - took me back to Surry Hills. Usual flowing yet challenging class. Love from Noosa
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This is such a good class. a well thought out sequence of movements, challenging but doable and keeping interest throughout. I will make this a must do regularly and look to see if there are more classes from Sally
Thank you all for your lovely messages! Very gracious of you each to take the time to write your comments. I truly appreciate it :)
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