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Move your Pelvis

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Michael King is back with another wonderful Mat workout set to music. If you've been sitting a lot and want to move your pelvis and loosen your neck and spine, try this class. Michael focuses on correct pelvis placement and precision in flowing movement. All of the movements performed on the Mat will be translated into standing work at the end of class.
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Hi, I'm Michael King. Welcome to class tonight we're going to do your mat class when this a few progressions of the movements are, but we have enough repetitions in the movements. You, if it's your first time with me on these movements and you'll have time to practice them and learn them. But first of all, let's do is we always start stand behind your mat. So we've got this beautiful warm wooden floor. I love this floor. Let's feel it with our feet. So think about how you're standing. Put your big toe, little toe and heel firmly on the floor and push your feet down.

Now let's start growing. So from your feet, push down and lengthen the whole body up. Lengthen the whole spine. So your spine is like a piece of elastic. Just stretch it out. Lift your shoulders and put your shoulders down your back. And just go ahead and think about without touching. Think about your pelvis. As I say, how's it hanging?

May Show your pelvis is hanging straight down so there's not tilting forward. It's not tilting back, but it's hanging straight up and down. He's in a good alignment and then come above that and think about your rib cage. So the rib cage and the pelvis, we have to put it in a good position while we're thinking about it, cause we don't live life like this. We move around our body quite dynamically, but every time we come we want to try and put the body into a good alignment. So if your ribcage is sticking out, if your back is quite tight, draw up that ribcage down so it's almost tilting back underneath your arms.

So you've got that ribcage and you've got the pelvis in line. Now connect the center muscles, gently pull up the pelvic floor without squeezing your glutes. Just keep it very light. So as soon as it shouldn't see any eyebrows go up as you pulled that pelvic floor, it's not connected under on-topic. Leads your face, keep your face relaxed and now go ahead and connect those center and maintain it. Visuals I use a lot. I would say it's a little bit like you've got a tight pair of jeans or tight skirt you haven't worn in a while and you're just trying to get it to fit.

Now the weight of the body slightly in front of your ankles, so don't lean back onto your heels. Bring that weight slightly forward, not too far. We want to get balanced between the front muscles and the back muscles and then we're going to maintain it. Now every time you come back up to this position, check you try and find it. This is what I call home base. We're going to come back and maintain this. Okay, let's get started. Connect to center through your nose with the ads of your mouth. Again, very gentle breath. I shouldn't hear it.

Breathing into your nose with the as your mat. Lift your arms up, breathing in and slowly with the app. Again, breathing in and breathing out. Now with the right arm, we're going to circle the arm down, circle and change. Lift again. So as I mentioned, come back and find that position with the body. Lengthen the spine. Take a breath in.

Breathing app. I'm out. Let's take both offs. Take it down. And again, so this is your first class of the day and you've been sitting a lot today. We want to get the spine moving. So tilt your pelvis as you go down.

Curve your spine two more times. One more time. Lift up and hold it there. Now with the right, we're going to pull to the side, reaching out and come back. Then the knees and reaching out. Now what you feel as you reach it aside, all that back and elbow backwards slightly. So you begin to feel a stretch across the chest. Connect the center, pulling back again within. And really one more time on each side. Lancet, I'm back.

I'm back in a place that has on the back legs from here. Tilt the pelvis so your pelvis is tilting under now lens in the spine long again till the pelvis and lens in the spine. Long while maintaining that center to curb under, I'm poor. So the next time you can reach the right arm forward and back. Reading in again, left reaching out and then reaching. I'm back one more time. Lengthen. I'm coming back up. Rolling back up, and now just give me a circle of the arms.

Now circle the arms as big as you can as you're doing it again, check the rib cage. Circle back as big as you can. Opening out. Open the chest. Open the shoulders again. If your neck is tight, if you've been working a lot on the computer during the day, we want to get those shoulders open. Pushing one more time. Now roll down to the floor. Now slowly roll back up. Circle the arms.

Let's do that again. Roll down. I'll ta the spine slowly roll up and still go out. Now without touching the mat or the floor. Roll down this side. Hold it. Lift your heels up, lower the heels and roll up. I'm stuck. So there's movements from the movement from the one the chair. Of course, there's much easy on the chair. You've got the springs to help you.

But if coming the center rolling up and open again, rolling down, articulate the spine. Don't sit back onto the pelvis. Keep the pelvis forward, lift the heels up, rolling down and lift it up and circle. Let's progress it if you can. You can stay on whatever level feels good. Then lift the heels. Now keep them up. Keep them up and roll up. Roll rollout. If the center center center center called back again, it was a practice. Let's try it again. Rolling down.

First Time you do a movement is the body's trying to find out how to do it. Use the center muscles. Lift the heels. Now slowly roll out. You keep breathing out. You roll up ro Ro Lenzer I opened out and they always say third time. Lucky. So let's go down one more time. Rolling down. Use Your sensor.

Connect the center, lift the heels. Now Roll Up. Center Santa's rolling up and opening out. Okay you guys, that's your homework. We need to working on that one. As I say, I'm the chair. It's much easier. You are the springs to hell. Take the right leg back and come back in with the left leg back. Now we're keeping the angle of the body. We're keeping the tour so fits.

So as the leg goes back, keep the torso fixed and can be back with again and breathing out. Now again, if you, if you want to keep your leg on the floor, just keep touching the floor. If you can take your leg a little bit higher, take your leg a little bit higher this time. Take it back, holding back. Turn the leg out, totally parallel. I can then come back together and change. Say like back back. Turn the leg out, coming back and powered up again. Take you back.

Rotate the leg, wrap the leg around. Come Paolo and can be back in. We get again. Breathing out, turning out. I'm Paolo. I'm coming back here now I want you to try and take a little bit lower. So take your right leg back. Bend the listening.

Now turn the leg out. Powered up and come back together. It's a center exercise. Stunning. Flautists we're using your center. Turn the leg out. Coming back. [inaudible] I'm coming back again. Take it down. Reach. So I'm the leg out.

I come back breathing in, breathing out to go back. Turn the leg up out. I'm coming back here. It's progressed a little bit further. Take it down as you turn the leg out, bring it out to the side, lift it up, take it back and bring it back. I remember one of the plotters position at 10 principles. We use this precision to take it back precisely. Take it out to the side as an aside and take it back.

Reaching and coming back again out. So again, you can just slide it on the ground. Just bring it to the ground and take it to the side. Take it back reaching. I bring the legs together while this one pushing out. Reach out out to the side.

Get me back. I'm not going to get now really impress me. Show off. Take you back behind you as you come to the side, hold it, lift up onto the heel, lift up, heel up, push. Take it back and come together. Center, take you back. Reaching back out to the side. Hold it there. Now lift up, take it back behind and slowly come in. And before we go to the mat and a few arms up and just let the body swing down and let the body swing again. Release the spine.

Almost like your nose is going between the knees and you'll sitting on the floor. Take it down. Let them one more time rolling and lifting up and open the arms out from here. Roll down to your mat and I want you to come down to your knees. So roll down onto your knees. Lift up now from this position again, think about the pelvis.

Check the pelvis. Take the arms out to the side. I'm going to use one finger. Only take the finger down by the hip and lift the other leg to the side. Now your buddies long your rib cages in position length. Lengthen the Amo. Now breathe out as your leg lifts out. Find the range of movement and lifter. Good.

Now Watch your head is like, water's coming out of the air. Don't keep it in. Let it come out. Long Spine. Breathe out. If this is too much for you on knee. Remember you can always lay down on the side reaching up.

So Malcolm's going to show you the modification unless it up. Push up, reach out. [inaudible] now lift the leg, hold it with like full forward back. Bring it to the center and balance again. Forward, back center balance. Now what I really love to see is you not moving the torso so the torso is fixed as it doesn't have to be a big lift. Eventually though we bring the arms over the head, lengthen out, push it, um, again for reach again for one more time. Now again, add to this movement, the sidekick. So we go back first, back forward.

Stemmed down, back, forward. Stem. Yeah, back. Swollen Stat. Yeah. Gorgeous modifications going on here. Lengthen mouth. Yeah, I reach back. Back Center. Every piece of the movement is precise. Push too long. [inaudible] one more time.

Back out. Reach. [inaudible] take it down to hold it here. Stretch the underneath leg. Take it down. Let's turn around. Swing the seat around. Crossover side. Bend up, lifting up. No bend knee underneath leg. And again, lift up. Now trick the pelvis is above the hip. If you are laying on the side, check your pelvis is stacked, reaching up head with cage pelvis, lifting up and down. Now as you lift, make the leg longer every time you lift.

Let me see that leg days longer. So even here with the modify stretch late longer. If you own the floor, lift the waist up. Is that in some cold water? Just under your waist. So keep the head down. That's it. Use your breath. Breathe long life ribcage, pushing up, pushing up. Now stay lifted and hold it forward and back. Forward.

Back Center balance again. Four back sent. Another balance is a test you're testing. You're using your blades, you're testing torso and length about strength. Flush reach. Ana Brita for Beth.

Hold good again. Slow back two more times before I hit that high to the lay push. One more time and forward. Now from here we're going to progress it to standing, but start behind you. Go back and lengthen up and down again. Back forward. Lift up.

I'm pushing right back. Forward reach. I'm back and let it out. Push out. Center. Good. It looks really good. As I'm here learning my new American words. It looks awesome and down again.

Fresh region. We take that word back to Europe again. I'm back full. I go London, La, and back. I want to see a clean movement. So the top, it's strong. Go strong and down. Good. Out, back, clean. I'm back again. Reach, push. Just two more times the best to back high to the leg lifter.

One more time. Reach up, up. Lengthen. Come back down to your knee and hold it. Now take the legs out from here. Come down, come up to a sitting position and bring it to a mermaid position. Now if possible, have that right leg with the knee bent. If not, you can always stretch the like forward in front of you or you can set this leg out, whichever is comfortable for the joints. Now lift the arms up. Mommy don't want to add a rotation, so to the side, to the front, knee bend, rotate and come back. Circle the arms again and circle. So if you need a little help with the rotation, you can use your hands on the mat. Push.

So we're rotating and lifter. Push again. Rotate Center Wallace, side rotate. Now we're gonna take this rotation theme. We're going to turn and take a pat down. Unlock again. Yeah, I love Frisch.

As you're doing this now extend the top like straight. You go out and bet again, stretch and bet again, straight leg, top leg. Bend the top leg. Stretch the top line. This is the first level. It's like someone's pulling your leg. Screw it, as you might say is meet tonight, but prudish. Senta [inaudible] stretch two legs. Take it back.

Push. I'm back. So the legs together cross-links inside the underneath leg is pushing the top leg up. I'm push out. Cross. I'm pushed like a snake. Cross Ampush again. Cross. One more time.

Cross I lift up and bend those knees together. Now pull those knees in. Reach up and stretch to the side. So again, whatever's comfortable. You don't have the knees out and Lenzing out. Pushing out. Good. Now place a handout. Now Cleopatra Hand.

So look up shoulder down. That was this hand you're going to use. Take the hand down. Placing on that. Unwrap the other hand through and now listen to the mat. It's talking to you again. Stretch the top out and then stretching both legs with that Clio hand down. Rush.

Now remember the two most important things with bloggers, grace and beauty quality go down, lends enough rush to haul rush. One more time coming up and bend those knees. Helen, that was fabulous. You are better than Malcolm reaching out to Reggie, half reaching out with a long spine and that, so let's do the other side. Mermaid on the other side is always wanting classes in that. Open out every class, lifting and rotate and push. Now you might find one side is tighter than the other. You know, we don't live our life in a balanced way.

Often when we're driving we look around one side and not the other. Pushing out. Find out which is your Titus site. Be aware of it. We need to block both sides equally, but try and make that side or work a little bit more. One more time. Turn and now hold it. Place the hands on the mat. Yeah, cat. Take it and it, it's like the top of the head, not the chin. Top of the head leads the top leg. Lengthen, stretch, push again.

Hit the back of the neck lock. Now we're going to try and take both legs. Crossed the legs together. Push up and back again. Push bend again. Breathe and Lens it. Reach up for three good. Two more times two. One more time. Come together, reaching up and lifting. Now hug the body in.

Try and get the knees on top of each other and are in that position again. Open the shoulder so you feel like the chest is looking up to the ceiling. Breathing in and breathing out. Lenten out long and which over the knees. Lift up. Clear about your hand. Shoulders down. Now from here, take the hand down. The clear hungers down the other hand goes through and hugged the shoulder.

And now from here, listen to mat down. So your mat is talking to you. What does it say? Dow Lift Up. Stretch the top leg. Long leg up. Long leg and push and stretch to legs. Take it down. Clear hands. Reach up again. Damn.

Lenzen I'm frosh. Reach. Lengthen up. Try not bounce off the floor. It's a control room. Three tubal push. One more time. Hold it up. Stab, hold it.

Photo opportunity, photo opportunity. Lens it up and slowly come down. Good. Bring. Come up the back onto your knees and as you went on, juice is going to face each other. It's a good face to the side. Now in this position, six the pelvis. Don't let the pelvis go back. Keep the pelvis in a good placement place. It has to be on the head. So we're going to round in from here.

Fold in and lift up. Chest up again, folded. So it's like a modified swan dive on that extension up. So your full leg and lifter extension again. Flex four, extension up, elbow to the side. Take the elbow over. Over. Lengthen other side.

I'm push over and lengthen. Now we're going to add a little body movement. Take it over, bring the elbow forward, take it back, come back up to the center and lift over. Reach forward and back. Let's do this again. But as you come back up, up to the rotation, look to the ceiling, look up, and then come back again over forward, back and lifter. Do you want times over what center backs except health again, breathing in, breathing out.

Breathe in and breathing out. Now from here, we're going to roll forward. Come forward for push up on the knees. Now we're gonna try and take the body down in one piece, but as you pushed back lifting one piece, I live it out. Now again, if you want to keep him modified, you can just do a regular pushup. If you can have your Risser, okay, try and dynamically push back. But in one page, ready forward now dynamic. Push up, up.

I'm back. Let me see. Roll forward. Push up. Push again. Use the breath. Breathing in as you lower, breathing out, push up. That's you. Get used to that tool. So lifting in one piece, push up. Good. Two more times. Four. Push up on one more time down and push up and release it and take it down onto the mat and come to a swimming position. But muddy with your hands in front.

So your head is on your hands of this new when I love to use to train people to use their center. So lets visible starts sliding your shoulders down the back. So the shoulders are then used the center. So you all engage in our center. Now as you breathe out, slowly reach one leg away, put the leg back down, breathing again and now change and lift the other side. The key here is the leg you're not lifting.

Keep it relaxed so you're not pushing on that other leg to lift the leg higher. Keep the leg relaxed. Keep the shoulders out of the world. Breathing out to lengthen. I'm breathing in. So it's a very specific variation of swimming. As I say, you want to train your body to use the center and not the shoulders.

So it's not the height of the leg. It's the length of the leg. Breathing out your reach away, breathing and come back again. Push your way, connect to the center. Feel that center work. Just try a couple more times than I decide. Pushing out, reaching out. Now from here, sit back and sit back in the least the spine. [inaudible] [inaudible] lay on the side facing me.

You can keep your feet pointed to the side of the room and lie down. Now from here, trick the bodies in a straight line. The both legs straight. Connect the center. Lift the weight off the Mat. But I want you to try and keep a space underneath that waist with the hand in front. Just put your fingertips in front. Don't put your whole hand. And if possible, just put one finger. Now as you breathe out, lift the top leg and hold it. Now fix that leg. I'll check the waist.

Check your shoulders. Now the top leg is not gonna move as you breathe in without a lift the underneath leg up and then take the leg again lifting up. So the ultimate here is to continue this movement without the hand so you can put the hand down this side do set. But if it's too wobbly, put one finger back down. Breathing out to lift up, pushing up where the insular again, where the outlet, I'm low now lift up and hold the legs that flex the feet together. Point lift, high flex, light point lift higher center. How high can you lift those legs without using the top shoulder without losing that work in the underneath waist.

Five up those obliques and getting them working. One more time. Lifting up. Come half way down. Holding. No. Flex the feet. Turnout, unparalleled. Turn and lengthen. Wrap the luxury round so with your legs, feel the legs turning out wraparound. Turn away and breathing and breathing and in each time made the legs a little bit further. Turning out. I'm trying to get underneath like if possible is lifted up, try and fix that underneath leg. Fix the waist.

Two miles an hour. Turn it now. Stay turned out. Hold it. That variation of hot potato. Take the heel forward and back. Even though it's called hot potato, it's not so hot. You're using your face. Keep the word out of the face. Put it into the waist, the inside, thighs touching each other.

So grazer is like they're connected. Lift. The waist. Heel touches the floor, so it's a slow, we could do a thousand of these but we're not going to. We're going to do 20 I'm going to say we've done about 50 forward and back is one by the way, not report them back is to one more time. Hold it now Paolo, lift the upper body and lift up. Reach up and slowly come down and bend the knees and as do the other side. I lie down, reaching out. Let's be as good as we were on the other side by setting the body up.

So check the body's in a straight line. Check your pelvis, isn't it good physician, check your spine is lot. Just your fingertips on the mat. Now start by lifting the top leg and he again create that space underneath the waist is like little insects or walking under your waist. Don't kill them. Let them stay past underneath. Now fix the top leg, hold the leg still and now lift the underneath leg up and down.

Breathe app. He is. Feel the inside thighs coming together and yeah, push and down. Lift up. Bring the legs together. Now remember, you're not using the shoulder gel and that shoulder while do it for you. Everything's about the center. Remember in plot is you're training your body to use the center in movement.

No, we're not just planning on his own. Use the center in movement. Ah, breathe out Bush and lift off. Stay lifted. This time it flex the feet. Point. Lift the toes a little bit higher. Flex the feet. Okay point. Lift the toes. As you flex the feet, feel the work down the back. As you pointed toes feel of work down the front.

So connect with the back on the flex point. Connect with the front and let it go a little bit higher if you can. Two more times. One more time. Lift up now hold it. Now come halfway down. Flex the feet. Turn out and back. So be the turnout.

You're using the top of the legs, not the glutes. Don't squeeze your glutes. Think about the glutes. Almost. Stay relaxed. Make the work in the lace. Use those rotators. Turn wraparound again and back. Rotate. Feel the rhythm. You've got some music tonight helping us.

We can also use that breath out. Breathing in, breathing out, breathing in football. Oh, Anthea Lenzing out. One more time. Stay turned out. Now waste check. We were like forward or back. Forward and back. Fix the underneath leg. Just the top lick is moving forward and back. Center.

Connect and push. Now as you're doing this, have a quick buddy check. Check your spine. Shoulders down. We have a counter tonight. It always helps. But remember I'm only counting the good ones so you just keep going and I'll tell you when you've done enough that can be counted as good. Pushing out folate. I'm back. Are we up to a hundred yet? 78 people pushing out less.

Give me four more, but maybe we can do it without the hand touching the mat. I'll wait to start again. Now I'm pushing out the handles on the mat so we have to start again. Tubal push one more time. Fresh and um, together. Bend the knees, reach the arm up and stretch out the phone section over the edge. It's just coming back with it.

Danish has got the section come up to the sitting 11 the nap and Webinar now, but the feed together from here, you can either have the feet, get a face in front of the feet, so the feet together or is most comfortable. You can just cross the legs here and this position closely. Arms across the chest. Now we're just spine twist. It's the rib paces turning you. I'm coming back. So Rick Cayston, he is really got nothing to do with the arms length.

Now I want you tonight to breathe in as your tongue and breathing out as you come back again with the energy term. I'm breathing out as you come back again. So keeping that same theme, take your arms out. The rib cage is leading you. I'm coming back again. Turn ribcage turning every time.

Try and get a little bit further and rotate. I can be back with the n breathing out into [inaudible] the lengthen and turn. We get it two more times. Check the center [inaudible] one more time. [inaudible] [inaudible] turn this on. Come back to the center. Lift the arms up. Slide the shoulders down. Now to the pelvis back and flex is fine. Let's back up. So spine stretch, tilt the pelvis back and live it up. It's like you've got some large amount of money under your glutes and you're keeping the money safe. So seal back, kids heal back two more times. Cut Back and lift.

One more time ran forward. I'm lifted up and open the arms out. Now turn and face each other. Your feet is in the middle of the room from here. Bring the leg out. It's not really like Paolo and squeeze the legs together. Now reach the arms out.

Start with a small range of movement on the roll up. Instead of starting from the mat tonight, I'm starting from the city position. So tilt back of back and then come back to a sitting position. No, doing this. Keep your chest open. Keep your waist open and lengthen back out.

Taking a breath in and breathe out. Tilled under her back. And Linda, I'm reaching up and again [inaudible] but really, really don't lose that connection to the inside sites. So just try this with me. Put your hands here, squeezing side. Feel that connection and then keep it as you go back. Keep the connection. Don't let it relax and let it relax. I'm coming up, I'm coming back out.

I try that again. Keep the hubs that you call it. Pull your hands out. They're working so much tonight and it's that I want you just keep as you go all the way down. So lifting up. Now if your back is tight and you want to keep it small, keep it small, but if you can roll all the way down to the mat. Roll down, place the hands behind you. Take a breath in, squeeze the legs together and now roll up slowly. Curve forward and stretch forward over the legs coming back now as you come up, lift up straight first and now roll down. Now open the waist. Keep the distance between the ribcage and waist open and lengthen back.

Good Santa's rolling forward. Peel the spine. Voted by vertebrate up and stretching over. Lends it up. Taking your breath in and breathing out. Rolling down. I'm taking back and again we were rolling forward, reaching and stretching forward.

Just give me two more of these breathing in and really bad. Squeeze the legs together. Squeeze. Take the aisles back. We begin and breathing out. Roll one. Keep the waist open and listen. Feel that connection with your buddy. Center connected. Shoulders down.

One more time. Rolling back. Lengthen slowly inside thighs working Paul, the legs connect. Rolling forward. [inaudible] can we forward over the legs and then come back? Please have behind you. Lift the pelvis up. [inaudible] I'm slowly coming back down. Breathing again. Breathing out. Lift up.

Now try and make that good diagonal line and back down. One more time with again, breathing out. Lift out. Now push the legs away. Long spine long. Slowly come down. Lift the arms up from the city position. Roll back to the Mat. Curved down.

Take the arms back behind you with the inside face. Squeeze and forward. Stretch over the legs coming back. Place the hands behind. Now this time as you lift up, lift up, lift the right leg, stretch, come back, take it down, lift up and roll down slowly and take it back behind. Center where the in. So the roll and the leg pull supine.

Stretch over the legs forward. Make them one movement. Don't make them two separate. So lift the pelvis, lift your left leg. Don't drop that palace. Yeah, sitting up and roll down the legs together and take it back. This time we're going to roll up. We're going to add a little bit fun on the end of this. Rolling. Well, I think it's fun. You can let me know afterwards. Lends it. That plays the hands behind. Now lift the leg, lift the pelvis, then lift the leg. Now hold it. Now Cross that leg over the body. Cross one, two.

And now circle the lead circle one more time down. Sitting up and roll down. Remember you need to modify it, modify it, rolling down so you don't want to swing with me. Alternate the legs. [inaudible] you don't want to swing. I understand. Reaching up forward, coming back now, place a hat so you could just lift the leg plane up and down. But if you can cross that leg and now circling circle, keep the center, use your breath, use your breath, push, lift up.

And then slowly come down, arms up, maybe not so much towards were eyes and then rolling down. Your eyes are working quite hard on that one. It's the details that make the difference in bloods isn't and be like the faces have a lot to do with it. It's not a face workout. It's a center workout. You should always have the plot. His face, the blood, his face is a relaxed face, not a trans phrase. And lift up more smiling faces. Well, but no eyes lift up now lift the leg now.

Cross the leg over now. Circle leg lift. Lift one more time up, lower down and yeah, less time. So we're balanced. Rolling down. Reach, arms back, taking a breath, breathing out, roll forward. Squeeze those legs. Don't forget those inside ties and even as you come back up to keep the leg squeezing. Now lift up. Now use that center. Lift the leg, cross it, and now circle. Circle up and down. Come back to sitting in the triple advanced blast. We circled both legs, but tonight we won't do that.

We'll say that for another class. Reaching out, reaching out and let them. Now bring the hands to the chest. Now all I wanna do is a small hinge, so hinge back and come back up long spine. Now connect to center. We're working the back muscles so you have to find how far you can go. Controlled. So control and reach.

Now this time go back. Hold it straight. The arms open when the arms back here. I'm coming back to Sydney again. Take you back out. Reach and come back one more time. Up reaching.

Lengthen and come back. Now lift the leg closest to me. Lift up. I'm taking down. So lifted like closest to the back and now like closest to me. Up and down now. Arms crossed. Linden up. Now as you're lifting the leg, push it away.

Reach good long slide again. Center and lift. Reaching up. Reaching one more time. Now this time lifted like closest to me. Now we're going to turn away from me. Turn, go down to the floor, come back up. I'm placing it back. Lifting back leg. Come to me.

Turn down to the fall. Coming back up and back. Down. Leg closest to me, away from me. Turn and reach and can be back. Now lift the leg away from me. Now come to me now. Take the top leg behind you. As you go down, push back and push reaching up and down. Now we're going to split both like so, lifted for legs to me. As you turn, take that top leg back to the underneath. Leg forward. Push down, reach, come back up and back again. Lift to me, turn.

Split the legs and up and down. Rotational lift. Turn. I'm back up. One more up, coming back in and down and stretch forward. Slowly pull on the ends of the chest and rolled down.

Back to the mat and let's put the feet back down on the floor and let's go into the shoulder bridge preparation. So shoulder bridge prep, bend the knees, lengthen the spine. Now have the feet quite close in, but I'll choose four. So good to have those feet helping you. Now start with just a pelvis movement till the Belize Roll under and released back. Just the pelvis movement. As you come back to that neutral pelvis, pushes the sacrum down into mat. Lengthen, so tilt towards you and now almost a waist. And now rolling down. Got from here, we're going to increase the movements up. Tilt the pelvis under, roll up, lift the arms to the ceiling, lift the heels. Now roll the spine down at the end.

Bring the arms down and bring the heels down. Now again, if the heels are too much, keep the heels down. Let's try it and roll up. Tilt under from here. Lift the arms, lift the heels, roll down, up, down, all the way down a place as he has done. Again, rolling up. Tilt the pelvis, arms up. If you can lift the heels, I'll just keep the heels down, but if you lift them, keep the ankles in the same width. Roll down, keep the hills up and now bring the heels down at the end where the ops, let's go on. Roll up this time. Lift the arms and if the heels now lift the leg closest to me up to the ceiling. Sure I job. Bend the knee, put it back down. Other side, lift the other leg, reach, place it down, and then roll the spine down at the end please. The heels.

One more time. Rolling up. Connect to center. Lift the arms. Lift the heels. Now lift the leg closest to me. Now lifted up. Hold it. Kick the leg away. Push away. Lift up five times two again, three, four, center five that's uphold. Take the leg down, roll down, and at the end place the heat. Arms down and place he is on his side. Rolling up.

Tilt, lifting up. So we've added the heels tonight on the shoulder bridge. Lengthen up. And now with a cake, go kick one kick chew again. Three, four, one more time. Lift up, hold it, touch the ceiling. Touch the ceiling. Take the leg down, unroll the spine down. Now place the heels down there. A little variation on this theme over the feet. Out slightly.

Now don't move the feet. So the foot away from me stays exactly what it is. The leg closest to me cross it over. Now crossing completely and it's a cocktail party cross. So cross completely. That's it. Now in that position you'll try to keep the pelvis stable and now lift the arms up. And now all I want to do here is lift the pelvis up and down.

Roll up and roll down again, rolling up. So your focus here is pelvic stability. Rolling up one more time this time, lift up, hold it now stay up. Lift the leg to the ceiling. The crossed one. Now from here, just take the pelvis down, down, pelvis up again. Pelvis down. He kisses the mat again. Yeah, pushing up. Control it but lot his face lift. One more time. Stay up. And now five more cakes. Go kick. One, two, three. That's it. Fall one more time.

Five lift up. Hold it up. Bend the knee, take the pelvis down all the way down and cross the other leg over. Changeover. Now shoulders down. Long Spine said pelvis crossed, leg crossed, pelvis stable. Lifting the pelvis up and down, arms to the ceiling. You can often cheat by putting those arms on the mat and using those triceps to lift you up. Having them lifted up is going to take away that possibility.

[inaudible] and now from here, lift up, lift it like this, cross to the ceiling. And now from here, take the pelvis down and down first though, go too quick on the kick. Tag it down and joy each pot. I remember it's very important to work both sides equally. She also glutes finish up the same size. There's nothing worse than one glute, bigger than the other. Down. Lift up, hold it, and now kick down. And again, push and again, yeah, lengthen, lengthen willow fresh.

And then the knee. Take it down and bring the feet back down and bring the arms down by the side. Now we're gonna try in print it's nights or lift the head and shoulders into the back. Now from there, I want the base of the Scapula to touch the mat. So don't lift so high that the scaffold is coming away that way then you can keep the waist open. The back is soft. Put the head down. Now once you find that position straightaway, so as you breathe out, lift the head and shoulders and now imprint back.

Now arms just slightly lifting soft, fluid spine. Head back down, and now connect the sentence or engage the center before you left. Engage the center. Lift up. Now hold it there now without increasing any tension on the back slowly list or like tabletop. Put the leg back down, lift the other side, tabletop back down. And now for the head and shoulders back down. It's a little test before we do it. So lifter imprint, soft spine, scapular attaching. Lift one leg, lift the second leg, take it down and hold it back down. And your choices.

Evening is to work one leg or two legs. One leg is going to work. The deep stabilizers, two legs is going to ask both sets of muscles to work together. So lift up imprint. If you want to lift up one leg and stay with one leg. But if you're challenged this evening and you want to lift up two legs, go ahead and lift up two legs, but there's no more increase on the back.

Now breathing in as you breathe out, stretch one leg straight, stay there, feel the back still touching. That input is Kat. And now change, imprint key in inbred. Be Very specific about the movement. Before we add a little bit of tempo. If your net gets too tired, put your head and shoulders down. But if you do, put the head and shoulders down, go back to a neutral spine. Now we're going to pick up the tempo a little bit, but be careful.

Keep that back touching. Change, change, change. Push in for two changes. Breathe out for two changes. Push good now. No, get faster in, in owl out. So the length of the breath is the same. I'm push. Ah, keep that imprint. Keep the scapula touching, keep the waistline and you're reaching for a point. Don't go up and down. Go straight down. Be specific, specific at four oh three g, one more on each leg and slowly bend the knees.

Put your head and shoulders down. Roll the knees, facing me. Turn under, roll up and come to a standing position. And let's bring our buddy back up. Stand behind the mat. Just is where we started. And now everything we've done on the mat, we have to use a practice. So let's think about the center. Connect the center, feel the feet, check the weight.

Don't lean back on your heels. Find that position. Shoulders down. Now connect to center. Keep it. And if you can, lift up onto your toes and slowly come down. Now as you lift up, just bring the arms forward up and slowly bring the arms down again. Breathing out and with the it. One more time. Breathing out. I'm breathing in now come down, turn the feet out. Now here, have the heels together. Wrap the legs around like we did on the side. So on the hop and hot potato, wrap the legs around. Keep that and now lift up and come down. Now don't live so high, your heels come apart. Keep the contact lifted up and down.

Now bring the arms up center. Check the rings again. Lift up. Now just come halfway down. Hold it there. Halfway down. So your heels and not touching. Now bend the knees and up again. Bend the knees so you cause the fixed. Your back is long. Yeah, as you go down and rotate to the right, 10, 10 back. Open out and down.

Rotate to the left and then hold the legs together. Rotate, turn open out. Self choreography going on here and down to the long spine under. So this evening we have a surprise cause this is a two hour class and going to do the second hour. Oh Lindsey, the doors are locked so you can't get out a heels fixed. Squeeze the legs together again and together and rotate and together. One more time. Turn and come together. Now stay center. Bend the knees. Small movement as you come up. Stretch the leg straight.

And Ben as he's not beginner. So have you got any problem with your ankle? If you need to put the feet down, just put the feet down and do the same movement. If you want to challenge the ankle stability, keep the heel fixed. Really again, clean movement and down center. We do this on the reformer but of course it's much more challenging standing cause you've got gravity pulling you over and down, loving reaching out and [inaudible]. One more time, the best Blendon lesson.

And now circle the arms. Circle up in the shot. Ventilation Open. Open circle to the right, the front to the left, to the front, to the right. Front. Hold it. Now, just the Chans show on us. Bush. Lengthen arms.

Hands on open. Now here the scapula shoulder blades are sliding down your back. Remember, these are meant to move and not meant to be fixed down your back. We want them moving. Brush. Yeah. Good. Now alternate. So right arm down, right.

I'm push. Good and reach out. Long haul. Now don't make it just about the hands though. Let me see those scapula moves. Slide butch. Butch Scapula. Good. Let's go together and go in brush all of the day to get it full it.

Yeah, we don't like swearing in the blood is glass is ya? Whoa. Headed again. Flood his face and push and in one last time if it's good man. Now lift the hands up. Tap last center. Yeah. Driving might be a little bit of a challenge. I want you to sit to a coffee somewhere before you drive on the freeway.

Lengthen up. Now reach up, reach shoulders down that keep the shoulders down. [inaudible]. So when you're waving goodbye to somebody, your shoulders should be in a good position. Nathan showed us that. Guys, thank you so much for coming this evening as the class. Keep your shoulders moving, breathing up and open.

Thank you so much.


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Wonderful and creative as always, Michael! I hope to see you in Slovenia soon again...
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Great class, Michael. Loved it. X
Thank you all for the comments !
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Always love your classes,look forward to your next one.XX)
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Brilliant class. Michael is the best.
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More Michael King! I love him and his classes??
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I love this class it was my second with Michael, very inspiring. Thank you
the best mat class!! i had so much fun
I'll let you know where I am feeling this tomorrow - at the moment driving and lifting a fork might be a challenge! Amazing class Michael - your humour and energy kept me flowing on :)
Thank you. a fun and challenging class.
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