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Hip Mobility and Release

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Hip mobility and release are the focus of this Reformer workout with Nagi Takahashi, who has travelled all the way from Japan to teach with us on Pilates Anytime. You'll start this class with hip release exercises using the tennis ball, and continue on to the Reformer to mobilize the hips through Footwork, Leg Series, Elephant, Mermaid, great stretches, and more.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Small Tennis Ball

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Dec 27, 2014
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I'm happy to be back at holidays anytime. Um, I have lovely, uh, Juliana here with me. Um, I'm going to do a reformer workout, um, focusing on the mobile, the mobility of the hips. Okay. So shall we start, um, I'm gonna have Giuliana lie on her side, on her forearm, putting the tennis ball underneath her. It band the top leg. Is it front? Yes. And the bottom leg is straight out good. And then she's just gonna move. It's not a big area, right to the greater trow canter and the, um, between the ACS right there.

So you just gonna move like back and forth or front and back. Do you feel where it's like, yeah. Oh yeah, yes, yes. Let's take deep breaths. Yeah. [inaudible] you can move or you can just stay still, whichever you feel is comfortable. Hmm. Good. Yes, go ahead, back and forth. Whichever you want. Just go five or six times back and forth. Alright.

Okay. And now let's switch sides. Yeah. So people have a hard time sitting for the mermaid. This is a really good stretch for them. So you would like to do this, uh, at the beginning or either before doing the mermaid when you're sitting sideways? Yes. The side is hurts more. Yes. And it will hurt a little or a lot depending on how tight they are.

Oh yes. Yeah. Five or six times I've been back, I've been back. Okay. From there, um, I'm going to take the ball away from you. You're going to sit, um, with your soles of the feet together, right? And then you're going to move at the hips. We're going to circle from the left side. So you're going up on the right. Good. Sits bones back and then to the left and front.

Let's go five times the same way. Yeah. Remember to move at the hips and not the ribs or your waist. Yeah. So you can go into yes. A posterior tilt. Go to the side and to your tilt. Yes. And it might feel like, what am I doing? Or like I can't, I can't move it very well. But you will probably get, um, yeah, to feel it more after you've done it. Okay. And let's go to opposite sides.

So going to the left. Yes. And if it's on a hard floor, you might feel like your sitting bones a little bit like cracking sound going back and forth. Yes, I can hear mine. Yes. And Yeah. One more. Okay. And then now you're going to, I'm leaving the right leg out to the side. Yeah. Keep that left heel into your, I guess into you're going and then you're going to put both hands. Yeah. Right?

Yes. Beside the hand. And then you're going to move at the hip again. Circle to one side, right? Five Times. Yeah. Remember to move at the hip. Right. Good. Four. And I think that's five. Good. Go the opposite way. One. I think this is easier than when you have your, the soles of the feet together.

Yeah. Good circle around the last one. Good. Okay. And then other side. And you're going to circle around F at the hip. There were three and four and five.

Good. And two the way one and two. Three I did four last one and five. Okay. And then now both legs out to the side. Good. And then you're going to place your hands middle, and then you're going to rotate at the head again. Yeah. Does that go? Yes. Two and three. Yeah. Go onto the right to the back to the left.

Last one guy. Let's go opposite direction and to the left. Back, right. And Front there are two more. Okay, good. So you're moving at the hip and you're moving the pelvis as well. Okay, good. All right. You can stand up. And now we're going to do the PIRIFORMIS stretch.

Um, just back of the reformer, right? So you're going to place your, the Shin on from right and yes, you're going to place your hands just right up a slide. You're gonna keep that spine long and then we're going to curl into a yes. Into flection. Yeah. Like press into your hands. Yeah. And then really curl. Yeah. Curves that upper body, upper thoracic as well. Good. And then you're going to, yes, go into extension. So keep the arms straight. Right. And then go into full action and then back into extension. You'll feel the stretch here. Yes.

And in Deflection, yes. Dropping the tailbone down and into full action, but sitz bones reaching out. I'm just gonna Adjust you here, there and into flection using the lower abdominals and back. Eight two extension. And one more good. Reaching the tailbone and kind of the head out. Nice. Let's go onto the right side. Okay. I'm just gonna Adjust your pelvis up.

[inaudible] okay. And then you're going to go into selection, right? Keep that left. Yeah. Shoulder down and into extension and election. Let's bring your arms up a little higher. Good. And in text, ascension. Nice. And draw in and out.

Intending to help both ways. Nice. And [inaudible] and reaching out. Good. One more and out. Nice. Juliana. Okay. Now you're going to lie on your back. Headdress can be a rest should be down. Okay. Right.

And then you're going to put on one red and one blue spring. Like you're doing a hip work and is gonna put her the straps right above her knees. Yeah, there you go. And other one too. Thank you. Okay. And then news together into, yeah, a tabletop position. Okay. From there, keeping the spine neutral and your pelvis neutral. You're going to push it from the back of the legs and then, but keep that knees into a 90 degrees. Yeah.

So the legs are going down and coming up. And if you have long legs like Juliana, you might want to bring the yeah, borrowed down. That doesn't happen to me, but okay. And press one the back of the hips. Good. And reached its tailbone and the city moons out as it come up. Good. And to the back. Good. And let's do one more.

Very nice. Good. Come up a little bit in. So yes. And then you're going to go out. You're going to circle around and come back or call around? Yes. Nice. Together. Good. And then out. Good. Circle around together. Good.

Keeping that pelvis and the spine in neutral, which means that there is a little space behind the lower back, but the back rib is touching. Good. Let's go the opposite direction. Mm hmm. Hmm. And Open and yes. School wheezing, the inner thighs and knees together and then pulling them towards you. Good. Two more. [inaudible] last one.

[inaudible]. All right. Okay. Stay there. Um, your hips are in 90 degrees. Your knees are 90 degrees. So table top without moving the carriage, you're going to let knees and the yes, feed out. Good. Exhale back and inhale, open. Exhale, back and right. Good.

So without moving the carriage and back and yes, I feel you feel the same tension in both sides. Good. Two more. Inhale and exhale. Center. One more. Inhale and exhale center. Okay, good. Let's take the feet off the straps. You're going to place your feet on the platform.

Yeah. Alright. And I'm going to put, um, three red springs for Juliana Youth, the springs, uh, which you used for footwork. Thanks. So cause we're gonna go right into footwork after we do the warm up. Okay. So we take an inhale and exhale, curl spine.

Good. Inhale and soften the throat, the chest. Good. And articulate your way down. Inhale to prepare and exhale up. Good. Nice towards this way. Head towards that way, and exhale down.

Do you then I'm just gonna have you move. Yes. Your upper body to the left and then your feet over to the right. Okay. Inhale. Let's do three more. Exhale up. Good. Remember, think of rotating at the hips. Inhale and exhale down. Yes.

Hit the road and back down and start from here. Rotate. That's it. Yeah. Keep rotating. Good. And exhale. Good. This is the last one, I think. Exhale up. Good. Try to rotate up the hips. That's it. Good.

Inhale and keep the hips here as you roll down from the top. Yes. Good. Alright. Okay. You're gonna, um, carefully bring one leg up to tabletop, other leg up to tabletop. Good. And you're going to bring the arms up towards the ceiling. Good. Let's do a few hundred preps. Inhale and exhale. Come up to flection.

Good. And down XL. Yes, this is going down. Exhale. Good. Inhale down and exhale. Good. The lower abdominals are really going, sinking into the mat and down. Two more exhale and inhale down. And one more. Up and hold. Good. We're going to do single leg stretch. So bring both hands to one side.

Good. And you're going to lengthen up the other good. Push into, yeah, your hands and the f the leg. Alright, good. And switch one, two. When do 10 and 30 good. For Good Sake, grim is long sitting bones are reaching out. Five and six. Good.

Seven and eight. Good hands behind the head. Nine and 10 now it's going to rotation and go. And then do six sets. Three. Good. And try to move from your ees rib cage. Not Too much from your shoulders and your neck. Good.

One more set right, left and hold. Good. Bring Bowls Lexi. Good. And let the body go down. Okay. Your arms are out by your sides and we're going to go into foot work. So just pressing with the heels. Do usually go into second gear. Oh No, this is good. Okay, so your pelvis is in neutral.

So this is going a little bit down. There you go. Okay, so we pursue out and back in, we lux your toes and press out and back in and press out. Okay, hold good. We want more length through here. The front of your hips. There you go. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Okay. And then, yeah, you want to try to bring, Yep. Push the hip flexors down as you go back. That's it. And press out better. Good and nice. Is it different? Yeah. Okay, good. And back for more and back.

[inaudible] and back to and back. Last one. Okay. Come all the way back and let's go onto the balls of the feet in to scoot. Hugest. [inaudible] all right. And then going out. Same thing.

And back in. Good, right. Push with the balls of feet and nice. Yeah. Feeling that central line and back in right and out. Good. Are you going into a little bit of posterior tilt again? So length and out. Yeah, that's it. And back and, and three more and two.

Yes. So you always elongating the spine and one back in. You're going to go into a small v. Good. Squeeze the heels together and press out ad duction. Good. Inhale. Nice. With the pelvis there and back and good. You want to wrap around the sits bones and back in. Good. And back in, let's do four more.

18 last one and press out. Good. Okay. Come back all the way in Open v position, you're gonna rotate as much as you can. Yeah. And then you're going onto the heels, right? And let's relax the toes here and then go. Yeah. And your knees are lined with the second toe or your second toes in the line within you. Yes. Yeah. You want to, yeah, that's it. That's it. Good. [inaudible] good. Back in.

Can you feel your glutes working? Yes. And back in good and ugh. And four and back and 30 good. And two. One more. Good. Feel that adductor stretches you go out. Good. Okay, let's go onto the toes. Okay.

A little less white this time. Okay. Right. And then your sitting bones are reaching out. Sacred is down in long. You're going to go out. Good back and yeah, push with that left leg as well. And back in [inaudible]. Good. Wait is on your big toe. Go ahead and relax. Shoulders and long arms. Long colour bone. Yes.

And eight. Two more like that. And nine last one. Alright, good. Okay. I'm sitting bones distance apart. Yes. And you're going to reach out. Do your calf freezes here but think of, yes, he lining through the front of the hips. Good. Cool. Little bit close to the a. You're closing at the back of the hips up.

Good and nice. And two more and two. Last one. Hey, now onto prances. Yeah. Keep your pelvis there and parents. Good. And inhale for two and out for two, right? Yes. Your sitting bones are close together. Yeah.

You're really pushing into that ball of feet when you point right. And 30 more cents and back. And two more. Last one. Okay. Up and hold. Good. Come on back all the way.

Okay. For your single leg, you're going to lie on your side and I'm going to put the head rest all the way up and May, I dunno if you're, and then I'm going to go onto two red springs here. Yup. Okay. And then your heel is going to be at the end of the bar. Externally rotated in. Your hips are stacked, your shoulders are stacked. You can hold the shoulder west. Yeah. From underneath. Yeah. Have your arm. All right. Yes, that's it. Okay.

Alright. Okay. And you want to lift a little bit through the bottom or the cage and the bottom of bleak and long. So the long and long. So the top, hey, you're going to externally rotate the right leg. Yes. I think you've been going a little more. Go, go, go, go, go. As much as you can without losing. Yeah. Good. Okay.

And then now you're going to press out using the goons external rotators. Yes. And come back and XL. That's okay. And come back. Good. Sure. All that Domino's aim good. Keep that top side long. When you come back, can you feel it here? Okay, good. And back. Right.

It's like you're doing the hip opener on the Cadillac, but on the reformer. This might be easier cause on the Cadillac we really need to open up. All right, let's do two more and one more. Good. Okay, let's go onto the opposite side. [inaudible] okay. Your shoulders are stack, your hips are stacked and you're at the, the heel is at the end of the bar. All right, so let's bring your pelvis a little bit towards the window there. Yeah, there you go. Okay. And your bottom rib cage is a little bit, yeah, you're thinking of lifting up and then long to the top side. Alright.

Okay. So you're already feeling your external rotators here in that setup. Okay. And then press out back in and out. It's spring, that tall. Pelvis forward. Yes. Up and back.

And let's go for four more. Yeah, remember to bring that top pelvis forward as you yet rotate the lake. Last one. Okay, good. Okay. Now you're going to go on your back again. Um, the headrest can be down if you'd like. Okay. And then we're going to go right into hip work since we're focusing on the mobility of the hips. Okay. So I'm going to go into red, one red spring and one blue spring. And Julian's going to put her feet in the straps.

Yes. All right. Okay. And we're going to do frogs from here. Alright. So yes. Heels together, knees apart, and um, just right outside the straps. So a little bit? Yeah, less. Okay. And Center is here. Okay. So you, uh, let's do four times one, eight and back a whole, um, shift your pelvis to the right a little bit. Yeah. Okay. And then Lenten that right side. Okay.

And two and back and three and back. One more for stop. Good. Okay. Open your feet a little bit. Go internally rotated. Yes. Internal rotation. And then do a f. Yeah. Internal rotation. Frogs there too. Your toes don't have to be together. Yeah.

This is more work on the abdominals. Stabilize abdominals and the uh, the muscles around the pelvis. Stabilizing because your sits bones are like widening. Okay, good. From there you're going to go into an external rotation again. Good back. Good. And then go internal. Yeah.

And then press out right externally rotating heels together and then yes, and jet, the hips and then back. Right. Okay. And you can just go about here. So when you bring the, yeah, five bones around, then you don't have your knees don't clash into the straps. Yes. And let's reverse. So Angela, they rotate.

Good external rotation. Push out. Good. And rotation in good. Let's do two more, right? Yeah. Feel the sits bones close. Good. And then widen and close again. All right. Stop there. Point the feet. We're going into, um, still an external rotation. We're going into ups, down circles. So go down, open and circle, right and down. External rotation. And circle good.

And after we've done all that massage and then the stretch and I think you'll feel that it's really easy to circle their arms around. How do you feel? Yeah. Good. I'm glad to hear. And one more waivers and open out. Good. Close together and all right. Uh Huh. Just like we were doing the first time above the knees. Yeah.

As the legs go up, you want to reach the sitz bones out. Good. Okay. Let's go into openings. Open and exhale. Yeah. And remember to keep that pelvis it in neutral. Yeah. Cause it wants to lift and open. Good. And back to center.

And two more and back to center. One more. Let's stay out. Good. And then without moving the carriage we just want to bend a little bit. Yeah. And then reach out again. Yeah. And to, and out. And three lets linkedin. That rice slide of yours. Yes.

But just little so little that you don't move the carriage and you keep that tension of the yeah. Strips still even smaller. [inaudible] so press a reach out. Yeah, reach out. Good. Huh? From there. It's going gonna reach up there and open. Yeah. So you feel that adductor stretch and stretch more and more each time you do it.

Ah Huh. Alright. One more and open hold. Inhale. And let's close it with those adductors. Good job. Okay. Uh, you can put a, I can let the, the straps go. Yes. But your feet out of straps and you're going to come off. We're going to go into an elephant and elephant arabesque.

So I'm on the same strings. One red, one blue. Okay. And Juliana's. Gonna put her hand on the reformer about shoulder width and her feet are, your heels are really digging in. Okay. And you want to think not, oh, the energy. Not Up and down, but four and back. Yeah. So wait, you feel, but reaching back and up. Good. And Hello? Sorry. Right? But don't let this round. Yeah, there you go. Okay. Now he's just going to progress with a bag of yes.

Hamstrings and then pull it in and press back. Good heels down when you come in and back. Good. Right. And back. So let's see. Two more. Excelling. Good. And inhale out. Excellent. Okay.

I'm doing that. And you're going to move your right hand to the middle, right? And then you're going to abduct the leg. Yes. Good. Outside. Outside. Yeah. Key be yourself in the center. Right. And then you're gonna come over me, over me. That's it. Right. And then right pelvis down. Yeah. Right. Pelvis down there.

Good. And then you're going to reach the left leg out. Good. Wait. So push the carriage out, right? And then landing as you go in. Go all the way into the stopper. That's it. Inhale. Good. Right. Pelvis down. Yes. Inhale, but keep this hip flexor long. Yeah. Two more exhale. Last one. Exhale.

Whole good. Come over me again. Yep. Yep. Good. Flex and bring it down. Okay. And then you're going to go over to the, uh, let's, uh, let's do one. Um, normally just to adjust. So go out. Yeah. And back in. Good. Okay. Now shift your left hand to the middle. Right? You're going to abduct the leg, right? Right.

You want to kick the camera, go, go, go. And then you want to go over. Lovely. And then you're going to bring that left hip down, right? Yes, yes, yes, yes. And you don't want all the weight on your right side. Good to exhale. And three x out. Nice. That's it. That's it. Good. And one more. Alright.

And you're going to go over right? High, high, high end. You're going to flex and bring the leg down. Very nice. Can go down and your knees. Hey, and I'm going to have your, uh, yeah, the tops of the feet on yet on the mat. Now on the, on the carriage. So you can get just, uh, you can sit down, right? Just put the tops of it. You can just lengthen the feed out. Yeah, there you go.

And just sit on your heels. Okay. Um, I'm going to have you do this shoulder stretch here. Yeah. Okay. And then same thing, we're focused on focusing on the hips, even if we're doing the arm work. So we want to place our hands. Yes. Good. And then what am I, okay. I'm going to chew on a red spring when registering. Okay. And then you're going to be in a neutral position first, right?

So keeping the front ribs to the back. Ribs, lifting up through the abdominals. And then from here you want to think of pressing the hips back. Lengthen. Still lengthening the spine, right? Good. Collarbone is why. Good. Okay. From here you're going to open the elbows. You're going to Bandon, open the elbows and exhale. Use the of sensors.

Yes. Lifting to the lower abdominals. Inhale and exhale. Juliana, let's have you, um, your fingers facing forward, right? And let's have your fingers. Yes. Straight, right. Inhale and exhale, straighten. Whoa. [inaudible] your shoulders kind of reckless.

All right, good. And inhale, open. Good. The rest are long. [inaudible] inhale, open. Is that okay on you? Fine. Okay. Right. And then think of really? Yes. Lengthening through that lower part of the spine as well. Yeah, that's it. And exhale. Yeah, reaching your sits bones back. Good.

That is much, much better. And let's do one more. Alright. Okay. It can come up. Yes. Hinge at the hips. Okay. And then now we're going to go onto the mermaid. So facing towards the camera and we're on, we'll still on one red.

Okay. Okay. Does it feel that you can sit on both sitz bones more than usual? Yeah, a little more. Right. Okay. So your arms are long, so you need to press out. Okay, good. And you're going to go onto the right sitz bones and then exhale to rotate. Keep that spine long. Yeah.

Long collarbone. Yeah. So this collar bone is parallel to that foot bar. Right in hell good. Rotate it around. Good. Look towards the camera. Thank you. And XL up. Oh, but keep that spine straight and inhale over. You're sitting on your right hip. Good. Say you're bringing the left hip up.

That's it. And XL. I'm going to do that again. Okay. So you don't want to go over, but you want to think moving there. Is that? Yes. I like it. And inhale and exhale. Come up. Yes. Pressing the left hip down. Okay. Let's do two more.

Inhale. [inaudible] so you lift as you move and exhale, rotate the spine around. Yes. So your right lung goes towards the ceiling. You're less line goes to the, uh, the mat and inhale to the reformer. I, me and Xcel come up. Right. And you want to start lifting as you press go lift here.

Yeah. And XL. Okay. Keep that spine long. Yes. And rotate and exhale. Good. Okay. Let's do the same thing on the other side. Okay.

So she then it's going to put her right hip down as much as possible. Good. Yeah. And the spine is straight. Yeah. You can use that window for your as a mirror. And we go to this side yet. So bring that hip up. That's good. Add exhales. Yeah. You don't want to drop this.

You want to think of lifting and inhale open and exhale. Come up. Uh Huh. And inhale, lift with this. Yes. Exhale. Rotate from the ribcage and inhale and exhale. Come up. Good. Two more. Inhale, lift. Good. Let the ribs go first and exhale that better.

And inhale and exhale. Last one. Good. So your left lung is going towards the ceiling. Inhale and exhale, comma. Okay, good. Alright, you can come off the reformer.

I'm going to put the box. I'm changing the spring to a Buhloone one blue and then putting it long ways for your back extension. Okay. So you're gonna like facing this way. Good. And I'm gonna have you do pulling straps too. Okay. So you're going to hold the yeah, right where the plastic part is and then you're going to open the arms to a tee first. Okay. And then here, this is still back extension, but what we want to do with the hips is you want to open the front. Good. So you can use your hamstrings. Well, all right, I'm there.

You're going to think of going forward as you're bringing the arms back and then down. Good. And inhale or exhale, whichever and, and again. Oh, Juliana, you're doing much better on your back extension then a year and I don't know how many months ago. Yay. Yes. And Yeah, you want to think of opening up hips? Yeah. Nice and down. Good. And two more like that.

And last one. Very, very nice. Okay. You can put the straps back. Okay. And you can go into your risk position on the box. Okay. One x here. And one more and exhale.

Okay. And let's go up to the same position. Curling up. Yes. Okay. All right. And then you can come off the reformer and [inaudible] stand up nice and tall. How do you hips feel? Yeah. I always think of, uh, like there's a sensation of the, there's a space between my legs and the hips. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. All right. Thank you so much.


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Obrigada Nagi Takahashi, espero ver mais de suas classes. Adorei!!
Obrigada Janaina!
I hope you'll watch my other classes too:)
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Dear Nagi, I Love your tactile cueing so gentle and effective. The focus on Hip mobility and release is a great focus and feels so good! Thank you!
Hi Michele, thank you for taking this class! Tactile cueing is so effective, so I just guide them to where I would like them to go. No forcing.
I hope you will watch my other videos!
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Hi, such a great way to switch it up with straps above knees! My clients loved it!! Excited to make it a part of my repertoire. Thanks:)
Hi Trisha,
I'm happy that your clients loved the straps above the knees! It's a part of your repertoire now:)
Jess Perkins
Thank you so much for this video! My hips have been really tight for the past few weeks and I can't wait to do these exercises.
Your cues were amazing!
Thank you Jess, I hope the exercises made you hips loosen up.
My hips were too tight after a session on the weekend and this class has done wonders, even the next morning, I can still feel the difference. Thank you!
Hi Nagi-san, I know I am late watching this but I am so glad I had a little spare time today. Just what my body needed! Arrigato! :)
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