Class #1991

Reformer Workout

40 min - Class


Hip mobility and release are the focus of this Reformer workout with Nagi Takahashi, who has travelled all the way from Japan to teach with us on Pilates Anytime. You'll start this class with hip release exercises using the tennis ball, and continue on to the Reformer to mobilize the hips through Footwork, Leg Series, Elephant, Mermaid, great stretches, and more.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Small Tennis Ball

About This Video


I'm happy to be back at holidays anytime. Um, I have lovely, uh, Juliana here with me. Um, I'm going to do a reformer workout, um, focusing on the mobile, the mobility of the hips. Oka...


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Obrigada Nagi Takahashi, espero ver mais de suas classes. Adorei!!
Obrigada Janaina!
I hope you'll watch my other classes too:)
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Dear Nagi, I Love your tactile cueing so gentle and effective. The focus on Hip mobility and release is a great focus and feels so good! Thank you!
Hi Michele, thank you for taking this class! Tactile cueing is so effective, so I just guide them to where I would like them to go. No forcing.
I hope you will watch my other videos!
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Hi, such a great way to switch it up with straps above knees! My clients loved it!! Excited to make it a part of my repertoire. Thanks:)
Hi Trisha,
I'm happy that your clients loved the straps above the knees! It's a part of your repertoire now:)
Thank you so much for this video! My hips have been really tight for the past few weeks and I can't wait to do these exercises.
Your cues were amazing!
Thank you Jess, I hope the exercises made you hips loosen up.
My hips were too tight after a session on the weekend and this class has done wonders, even the next morning, I can still feel the difference. Thank you!
Hi Nagi-san, I know I am late watching this but I am so glad I had a little spare time today. Just what my body needed! Arrigato! :)
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