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Spine Corrector Workout

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Join Nagi Takahashi and four of her friends from Tokyo in this Spine Corrector Workout. She intersperses stretching with strengthening exercises for a well-balanced, total-body class. You'll work through Mermaid, Leg Pull Front, Leg Series, Side Overs, Swan, and more. Included is a wonderful treat of lateral and thoracic extension stretches, which are great for all of us who spend a lot of time in flexion.
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Hello everyone. I'm, I'm really happy to be back at the holidays anytime. I'm going to be doing a 50 minute spine corrector class today. Okay. And we have four friends from Tokyo and to a friend from Santa Barbara, Juliana, and Erin. So everybody ready to start? Yes. Hey. So you're gonna stand, your shins are going to be right against the spine character and you can be in the middle of the spine director, right? Yeah. And then you're sitting at your heels or under your sitting bones, right? Okay. Standing up nice and tall. You feel the weight in your big toe, little toe and your heel.

We took a deep inhale and exhale roll down from your neck. Just let the head drop. Okay. And go down. And when you go down, I don't want your shins to be pushing against the spine corrector, right? So you have a feedback there. And if it does, you can bend your knees. Okay. Inhale and exhale. Roll up pelvis and then rips shoulders and your head. Inhale. Exhale, curl down from the neck.

Yes. And you feel your shins pushing. You can bend your knees and inhale. Exhale up, right? Yeah. That's one way to know that you're not hyperextending your knees. And last one, inhale, exhale down as articulated in the spine. One by one. And inhale at the bottom. Exhale, come up. Hollowing out the abdominals.

Stacking up each vertebrae. Beautiful. Hey, yeah, we're going to sit down on the edge of the spine corrector. Yes. So you feel the edge with your sitz bones. You're going to have your feet together. Okay. Use your inner thighs and then your heat, your ankles are going to be underneath the knees. Right? Okay. So, um, let's do a little bit of breathing.

So we're going to put her hands. Okay. And then you're going to inhale into the hands and exhale. Okay. And try to lift the lower abdominals t uh, up towards the ribs. [inaudible] and feel the space in your hips. Inhale and exhale. [inaudible] one more inhale and exhale.

[inaudible] alright, I'm going to have you bring your feet to the right side. Hey, and you're going to open your arms to a t position. Yeah, really wide. And you're going to go over to the left side. Inhale for lateral stretch. So you can feel the floor with your fingertips on your left hand and XL up to a tee position. And other side. Inhale over to the right. Yeah, really stretch out the side of your body. Exhale. Good.

Inhale over and exhale up. Good. Inhale over. Try to keep the way of the sitz bones the same weight. Exhale, center and over and exhale up. Yes. Growing Taller. Up and over. Exhale back. Hey, one more each side. Inhale an exhale and breathe in through the left rib cage. And exhale back to center. Okay. Flip your feet to the other side.

Hey, open the arms wide again. Good. And we're going over to the right. Inhale and Excel Center and over and exhale center. Nice. And think of this, you reaching up towards the ceiling and exhale center. Good. Two more sense. Last one, good. Ian. Hell over reach. That left sits bones down.

Exhale, center and last one. Inhale and Exhale, come back to center. Okay. You're going to put the soles of your feet together and your legs are in diamond shape. Okay. We're going to uh, rotate. Do some rotation. So right-hand at the top of the barrel, left-hand to your knee, to your right knee, and you're gonna lift up tall and exhale as you rotate. Yeah, and inhale, grow taller. Xcel rotate. Little more. Nice. Inhale. Exhale.

One more. [inaudible] Hey, inhale to center or switch sides. [inaudible] inhale, grow tall, and exhale as you rotate. Good. It's like you're bringing your left scapula towards your right, sitz bones. One more. Inhale and exhale.

And inhale back to center. Go to the right side again, and one breath. Exhale. Inhale. Return to center. Exhale to the left. Return to center, and one more on each side and back and to the left and back. Good. All right, I'm close to feet together. We're gonna have the palace on top of the edge, but you're going to place your scapula on the barrel and find a place where you feel comfortable with your head.

Just lying on the top, around the top. Okay. You're gonna end your leaves your hands, put them back at the head, and you're going to leave the rib cage where it is. Just nod your head, alright. And feel as if you're pushing the head against your hand and your hand against your head. And for cervical stretch. So just stretching the back of the neck.

One more. Okay. Go back down again. Inhale, and let's come up a little higher now though. The cervical and then to the top of, uh, the top part of the thoracic spine. Inhale down, go over. Exhale. Come up again. Yeah. Leave your pelvis right where it is. Don't go into a post your tilt. Inhale back.

Exhale up. Yes. Thank you. So if you're growing out of the two, kind of the head, inhale down. Two more. Exhale up, elbows wide. Inhale down. One more. Inhale, all the way down.

You're going to let go of the arms and bring him towards the ceiling. Hey, your scapula is in neutral position. You're going to open the arms. Y. Exhale, close. Inhale, open. Exhale, close and heal. Open. Exhale, close. Good. Inhale, open this. This feels so good. XL close, and two more.

Inhale. It's good for, I think everybody who uses smartphones, computers as driving. Exhale. Okay. On this one, you're going to open out. Hey, have your hand really close to the floor if yes, as much as you can. And then you're going to go into why good. Go through the t and then to a upside down v and then go to the t and go into a y again. Yeah, really drop those arms, but not too far that your shoulders aren't going to be internally rotated and over. Yes. And back and over. Opening up the chest and the front of your shoulders and back. Go into a t position again, and then back to the ceiling and your laser, your hands behind the head. You're going to flex the neck.

Okay. And the chest. And then you're going to place your hands to the mat or this mind Crutcher just come up however you can, right. Okay. And then we're going to sit in the wedge spot. Okay. And then we're going to go into a little bit more flection. So interlaced the hands behind the head and how to prepare. Exhale, curl down. Good.

And if you can go all the way over, ah, and inhale. Exhale, curling up from the cervical. Yeah. Really press down on yes, the lower back so it doesn't come off and inhale over. Exhale. Good. Elongate the spine is you come back out, come up, inhale down and exhale up. You don't have to come up so far. Yeah, just they had good and down.

Exhale and down. Last one. We're going to add rotation from the next one. Exhale, come up and go to the right. Good for you're right, red, going towards the right hip and go down and towards the left. Inhale down. Exhale. Good. Inhale down. Exhale legs. And then beautiful.

Inhale down and two more sets. Exhale to the right and down. Last one, XL left rib cage towards the left hip bone. Nice. And inhale down. Exhale, come up again. Great. And we're going to go over for a hip work. So your hips out on the barrel. Hey, you're going to take the right leg up to table, top left leg up to tabletop.

Hey, I'm flex the foot and then your heels are going to be together. Your toes are upright, so you're in a frog position. Hey, so, uh, in how to prepare. Exhale, you're going to go out to about 60 degrees. Inhale back, squeeze the heels together. Exhale, 60 degrees. Inhale back, and exhale. Remember not to move the pelvis.

Inhale back and exhale. So feel the weight on your sacrum and the muscles around the Sacrum, the same weight in how back? Let's do two more. Exhale. Inhale back. See how far down you can go without arching the back. Inhale and one more state out.

You're going to point the legs still in external rotation. Go up into 90 degrees. We're going to do down circles. Exhale down, circle around. Exhale down, circling around Philly, and let's do two more. Good. Exhale down. Good rivers. Exhale, open and down. Come up, squeezing the heels together. Exhale, circle. Inhale up. Exhale, circle. Inhale up. Exhale, circle, and inhale up. One more. Exhale, circle. Inhale up and pause. You're in 90 degrees. Good, and you're going to open to the side, so openings out to the side.

Good. Everybody's not in. Everybody's away. Exhale back to center and inhale over and Exhale, center. Good. Inhale, open. Really stretched the abductors. Exhale, close. Inhale Open. Yeah, but don't let the Domino's go and center last one open and exhale. Come back the center. We're going to into helicopter, so bring the right leg forward.

Left leg into like scissors and XL. Circle them around. Back to center. Good. Same side. Inhale, right leg and exhale. Circle around and center. Julian's long legs and exhale. Circle around center. One more. Inhale. Right leg front. Exhale, circle and back to center.

Rivers and left leg in front and exhale. Circle around. Good. Yeah. Keeping the ribs in in health open. Exhale, circle. Thank you. [inaudible]. [inaudible] back and open. Exhale. Yes. One more. Inhale and exhale, circle and back to center.

It went to do rollovers from here. So you're going to bring your legs to a 60 degree and in parallel, inhale to 90 exhale, go over, but keeping one part of the spine at the barrel. Inhale, you flex the feet open to shoulder with, bring it down if you can, and exhale, bring the spine back. Point the feet good. And Circle to a knight, a circle to a 60 degrees. Inhale 90 XL over, hollowing up the abdominals.

Aim, health flex, open and touch, stretching out the hamstrings. Exhale, come back. Hey, after the pelvis is on the barrel, point, circle down to 62 more. Inhale, exhale over. Flex, open and touch. Exhale down. Ah, point. Circle around. Yeah, stretching up that hip. Inhale. One more. Exhale over.

Inhale, flex, open and touch and yeah. After your pelvis goes on the barrel point, you're going to close the legs, bend the knees and you're going to place a one foot down at a time. Eight you're going to slide off the barrel and then we're going into a pelvic curl position. Our souls of the feet are on top of the barrel. Okay, I'm sorry. By your side long, we're going to take an inhale. Exhale, curl the pelvis towards you and articulate the spine up. It's making a straight line from the shoulders to the knees. Inhale, exhale down, softening the throat, the chest, and back to neutral. Inhale again. Exhale, curl articulating spine up. Good. Opening up the hips.

Inhale and exhale. Come back and inhale. Exhale, curl. Use the hamstrings. Use The glutes. Oh man, there. Inhale and exhale, soften throat. The chest. Placing one vertebrae at a time. Last one. We're going to stay at the top. Inhale and exhale. Oh K, keep your pelvis high. We're going to go into a shoulder bridge, so bring the right leg up to table top and towards the ceiling.

Flex the foot, feel that hamstring stretch first and then point down and inhale. Point down and up. Three more. Down. Lift and down. Good. Lift one mark down, up, and hold. Point the foot. Bend the knee, place it down. Okay. All right, we're going to the other side. So left leg up into tabletop towards the ceiling and flex.

Feel the stretch first and we go down and up. Yeah, feel try to lift your left sitz bones up as you reach the leg down. Up. That's like a other way. So point down and lift up. One more. Good whole point the foot. Bend the knee, place it down. Your pelvis is still high and inhale. Exhale, curling down. One Vertebrae at a time.

Great job. Okay. Close the feet together. You're going to straighten them on top of the barrel. Good arms are going overhead. Good. Inhale, arms, head and chest. Come up, Xcel into roll-ups. Inhale and exhale down. Wow. Nice. Inhale and exhale.

Inhale and exhale down. Let's do three more following the Tylenols. Yes. Little collarbone as wide. And, and if you want a little more challenge you want, you might want to float the legs. Yeah. So it's, there's no way in those legs. Inhale and exhale down. One more.

Very nice. Okay. You're a good nick. Put the hands in the back and you're going to shift so that your heels are on top of the barrel. Okay. You're going to bring one leg? Yeah, it externally rotated, right? Okay. Flex that left foot. Place your hands wherever you can keep. Yeah, your pelvis upright. Okay, so I'm going to place my hands here.

You can place them here. You choose. Okay. And we're went into hamstring stretch. I think that's what you need right now. We did, yes. Shoulder Britten, pelvic curls and DP. A deep bleep. Breathing in and out. Yeah, reach this heel towards each other and reach the sits bones back and keep elongating the spine. [inaudible] okay.

And you're going to bring that leg over and then you're going to externally rotate. Good. Sitting up nice and tall again. And then you're going to flex at the hip. Yes. For glutes, performance stretch. [inaudible] good. Keep that spine straight. Long.

Collarbone is wide. [inaudible] don't let your head drop. All right, let's go switch legs. Hey, you're lifting up out of your sits bones. You're flexing the feet. And if you can flex at the hip and breathe. [inaudible] [inaudible] one more and exhale. Okay.

And move it over to the side. Externally. Rotate and lifting up tall. Bending at the hips. Nice, Julia. Good. And inhale and exhale. [inaudible] one more.

Okay. Okay man. Gonna sit. Cross legged. Put your hands on top of the barrel. Good. We're gonna reach the legs out. Okay. Um, modified version. You're going to put the hands and you go. Your body is in a diagonal line. Okay. If you want more challenge, you can go up into a plank. We're going to be doing pushups. Okay.

And have your, uh, half the palm of the wrist, which is close to your, uh, I mean, palm or the wrist? No of your hands, which is close to the risk, right on top. Not here cause you don't want too, too many Eh, um, angle for the wrist. Okay. So whichever you choose. All right, good. Alright. Energy through the top of a head and through the back of the heel. We're going to inhale as we bend. Exhale, straighten and help. End. Yes. Your elbows are towards looking towards the back. Inhale, bend and exhale straight in helping.

Exhale, come up. Good. And let's go. Three more. Nice. Cody and too. And don't hyperextend when you strain. One more. Inhale, bend and Xcel. Can we continue? Um, Asaka you're going to bring the legs up. Good and right leg coined. Good. Willing to leg both front. Go Up, touch and touch and exhale and exhale. Good thing. Cause if you're lengthening the leg out and not so much far up, but as I said, bring your pelvis down a little bit. Good. Two more.

Last one. Okay. And then other side point, the other foot. Good. Stabilize the shoulders and let's leg up. Touch up. And three, four, good. Three more. Two last one. Hey, place the foot down. You're going into a downstream, a mean down dog position. Okay. Hey, okay.

I'm swollen. Sitz bones back. Remember not to flare your rib cage out. Yeah, like you're an upstretched position and with your reformer. Good. Okay. And then you're going to walk your hands towards your feet.

Go into, I'm standing. Roll down. Come up. Good. But we're not finished yet. You're going to face, um, each other's back. We're going to do river's pushups. So, uh, let's just sit down on the barrel and your hands are going to be right at the top. Okay? Your feet are going to be quite far away, not underneath your knees. Far Away. Good. And you're going to open up that collarbone, right? Lift the spine tall and you're going to scoot forward, but don't roll your hips, right? So you're in a neutral pelvis position.

From there, you're going to bend the elbows back. Exhale, push up. Inhale back. Exhale, push and back. Last one. Hold there. Good. We're going to bring the right leg forward. Good, please. A, squeeze the knees together. Good. And four more here. Down and up.

Down and up. Down. Last one down. Hold. Bring the right foot down, left foot out, good square at the pelvis. See if it's not in posterior tilt. Go down. Exhale, push and down. Push last one guys. And down.

Exhale, push. Bring the leg down. Good. And you can sit back again. Okay. We're going to the side now. So we're going to do the side series now. So you're going gonna lift your spine up into a straight position.

Go ahead and have the tops of the feet. Yeah, looking towards me. Right. And your knees are looking towards me as well. Okay. You're bringing both out, both arms out. Good. And you're going to, yeah, place the rib cage down and then over for a stretch. Inhale to a t and then coming all the way up. Yeah. And exhale down. Inhale to a t and exhale, come up. Good.

And watch that. The pelvis on top doesn't go back or front and exhale down. Reaching over in health to a t and exhale, come up. Okay. And does your hip hurt do then? It's okay. And up. And let's go to opposite side as well. Going over and let's bring the other foot.

So you're holding like a ruler and you're going up and over. Good to a straight line. Good. But you're not opening up the until y and then Ah, oh over. Right. Like the Kelp in the, in the ocean. Yeah. You're just like, oh hey, add up. Reach over. One more. Open over. Good. Okay.

We're going to add a little bit of rotation. So you're going to interlace your hands behind the head. You're going to come up. Just make that straight line. Go ahead and you're going to not move the pelvis, but move your rib cage up towards the ceiling and back to me. Good. And Ah, and back and up.

Good. We mount to keep that top hip looking forward and back and one more and hold and go all the way down. [inaudible] come up and let's go onto the other side. Okay. Yes. The top leg long. The bottom leg is bent. Yeah. So you're not going to lie down yet. You're going to open out the arms to a t. Right. Good.

And we inhale. Exhale. Go down from the yes. Bottom ribcage. Lifting the arm over. Inhale to T. Exhale, come up. Inhale and exhale down. Going over. Inhale to a t and exhale, come up. Alright, keep elongating the spine. Inhale and exhale up.

Inhale to prepare. Exhale down. Inhale to a t and exhale up. Don't use the next. So much. Inhale and exhale down over. And exhale up.

Inhale down and over. Good. So you're bringing both arms. Yes. Overhead. Inhale to a straight line and then exhale up. Yeah. So overhead. Inhale and exhale down. Go over, inhale and open over where you go. Yes. Yeah.

We really push that bottom arm when you come up and push the bottom arm up. Good. One more. Inhale down, over, and exhale. Come up. Good. Going all the way over. Interlace your hands behind the head. Go into your straight line. Yeah, from the foot to the top of the head. Good. And you're going to bring the rib cage towards the ceiling. Good.

And then bring it to the camera and towards the ceiling. Good. Inhale. Exhale. Rotate from the rib cage. Nice. And two more, Juliana and back. One more. Exhale, whole and all the way down. Lovely. Lovely. All right. We're going to go on our bellies to prom position. Yeah.

So the tops of the knees are at the edge. All right. And you're going over. Okay. First place your hands to the outside of the barrel. Your feet are flexed. Yeah. Reach your heels out. It can be a little bit, um, separated if you want.

And we're just going to go into back extension. So think as if something is walking on your mat, you're going to look diagonally and then use the back of fish. Excellent. Stirs. Exhale down. Yeah. And inhale, reach the heels out.

You're going to the opposite way from the hill and exhale down. Yeah. And the hands are really doing nothing. They're there, but you're not pushing into them. You're keeping your collar bone long and wide. Reach out through the crown of the head. Exhale down. Hey, this time, right hand under your forehead. Yeah. Stick it and then left hand to the lower back.

Okay. And we want to move the cervical spine first. So push with that right hand. Push it on forehead with that right hand as you move the neck first and then following with this thoracic spine. Good. Come up in a straight line, exhale down, and inhale. Push with that right hand. Good and exhale down. Let's do one more and push with that right hand. Very nice.

And exhale down. Let's switch the hands. So the left hand is under the forehead, right hand is an a back of the lower back. Good. And we push with that left hand for moving the cervical spine and then comeback way down. Go ahead and push that. Yeah, there you go. And then now you feel the cervical and then the thoracic. Nice. Exhale down. And one more and exhale down. Okay. Both hands under the forehead.

Inhale up and exhale down. Okay, now you're going to in your lease, hands at the back of the head. Inhale up. Exhale. Bring the arms to the front. Like Superman. Inhale, arms to the back of the head. Exhale down. Inhale up. Yes, and remember what we just did. So articulate. Exhale. Inhale, hands back. Exhale down. One more.

Inhale and exhale. Arms are front. Hold their palms down. We're going to do swimming with the arms. And one, two, three, four. Inhale. Exhale. Two, three, four. Inhale. Exhale, two, three, four. One more. Set. Xcel, two, three, four. Inhale, hold. Bring the hands back and exhale. Spine goes down.

Okay. Place your hands at the side and go into rest position. [inaudible] you can have your hands forward. Hands back, whatever you feel comfortable. Breathe into the back of, ridden through the back and exhale. Yeah, the back. Expand and exhale. One more. An exhale.

[inaudible] hey, you're going to roll up into a seating position. Oh, that was close. But yeah, I think everybody was feeling, everybody's like body temperature there. Okay, and then you're going to stand like we did. We started. Okay. Chins are up against the spine corrector. Hey, the shoulders are relaxed. Collarbone is wide. Hey, your front ribs to the backwards, and we take an inhale. Exhale, roll down. Starting from the cervical. Yes. And remember not to push your shins to the back. Inhale.

Exhale. Rolling up. Inhale at the top and exhale down. Okay. Keep your palms looking towards each other. Inhale, exhale. Curl up.

[inaudible] one more. Breathing deeply and exhale. Um, and inhale, exhale out. Okay. Good job guy.


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Thank you, Nagi-san,
I really enjoy the class very much!
Thank you for watching the class right away!
I have 2more coming up:)
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I liked the class. It flowed very nicely, and there were variations I'd never done. Thanks so much!!
Thank you Elizabeth!
I'm happy that I was able to give you some new variations:)
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This was my first spine corrector class and I really enjoyed it. I was sweating by the end!

To the folks who edited this class: it would've helped to see the transitions between exercises. I had a tough time setting myself up since the transitions were edited out.
Hi Stacey, thank you taking your first spine corrector class with me! Hope you have fun with this equipment:)
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This was the first time I had followed one of your lessons - I really enjoyed it lots of variations and now I feel taller!! Thanks very much
Thank you Adam, putting on your comment means a lot to me.
Hope you take a look at my other classes!
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Thank you Nagi, great class with accurate details and varieties. love it
Thank you Maha, hope you come back to my other classes!
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