Class #1992

Spine Corrector Workout

40 min - Class


Join Nagi Takahashi and four of her friends from Tokyo in this Spine Corrector Workout. She intersperses stretching with strengthening exercises for a well-balanced, total-body class. You'll work through Mermaid, Leg Pull Front, Leg Series, Side Overs, Swan, and more. Included is a wonderful treat of lateral and thoracic extension stretches, which are great for all of us who spend a lot of time in flexion.
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector

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Hello everyone. I'm, I'm really happy to be back at the holidays anytime. I'm going to be doing a 50 minute spine corrector class today. Okay. And we have four friends from Tokyo and t...


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Thank you, Nagi-san,
I really enjoy the class very much!
Thank you for watching the class right away!
I have 2more coming up:)
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I liked the class. It flowed very nicely, and there were variations I'd never done. Thanks so much!!
Thank you Elizabeth!
I'm happy that I was able to give you some new variations:)
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This was my first spine corrector class and I really enjoyed it. I was sweating by the end!

To the folks who edited this class: it would've helped to see the transitions between exercises. I had a tough time setting myself up since the transitions were edited out.
Hi Stacey, thank you taking your first spine corrector class with me! Hope you have fun with this equipment:)
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This was the first time I had followed one of your lessons - I really enjoyed it lots of variations and now I feel taller!! Thanks very much
Thank you Adam, putting on your comment means a lot to me.
Hope you take a look at my other classes!
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Thank you Nagi, great class with accurate details and varieties. love it
Thank you Maha, hope you come back to my other classes!
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