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Fast-Paced Reformer

55 min - Class


Kelli Burkhalter Hutchins wastes no time in this fast-paced Refomer workout. She uses smooth transitions and fewer reps to keep the class moving. She includes many advanced exercises like Single Leg Tendon Stretch, Single Leg Knee Stretch, High Bridge, and so much more!

Because this class has so many advanced exercises at an accelerated pace, we recommend watching the class before trying it to make sure you know what is coming. While Kelli only does one side of a few unilateral exercises, she finds complimentary exercises to work the other side in the same way. If you would like to do all exercises on both sides, feel free to pause the video to enjoy a slightly longer workout.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Knee Pad, Pilates Pole

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Hi, my name is Kelly Burkhalter Hutchens. Um, I'm currently living in Austin, Texas. I, um, also work in boulder, Colorado as well. And this is Jen and Leslie, and we're gonna do somewhat of an advanced reformer with flow and movement. So sometimes maybe I'm one of them may not do the exercise, which is fine. We're definitely gonna cut reps and just have a lot of fun and feel freedom of movement versus stopping them a lot to do the exercises. So they're going to come and stand next to the polls.

They're going to take one hand and cross it over out in front. As they inhale, they're going to lower themselves down, exhaling their head, goes into the headrest, feed up onto the foot bar, [inaudible] v inhaling as they stretch out, exhaling as they'd been back in. So really feeling the ribcage stretch away from the push of the balls of the feet. So really breathing and expanding the rib cage, allowing the femurs to drop down into the pelvis as they pick themselves up to straighten the legs. And last time as they come in, they're going to pick up both legs, come to the arches, inhaling as they stretch. So the breadth is really important. Breathing wide into the rib cage, they're using the whole circumference of the ribcage, including the big Pec muscles, the back muscles, and I call them armpit muscles. Standing through the feet, really curling around the bar, meeting it, making sure they stay on it as their heels. Keep reaching under last time, they're going to come in and pick up both legs. Come to your heels, flex your feet and go. So you just keep moving. You don't have to think about what you do. Want to think about what comes next, but you're not like shocked.

You just stop and set yourself up for each exercise. So really breathe Leslie for those Beautiful Lips. As you press out inviting those arches with you last time, you're going to come in, come to the balls of the feet, stretch your legs to straight, and you're going to lower the heels and you're going to lift. And I really feel the rib cage pull an opposition of the reach of the feats. As you press, really feel how the breath helps the lift you and how you're pushing from the feet, not letting hyperextension happen. Really pressing through those balls.

Last big breath as you push your in a bend, come in, reach back your handles. As you lower the foot bar down, stretching your legs nice and long for the a hundred arms, we'll reach up right off the shoulders as you exhale right into your hundred curling up. Inhaling as you pumped for five. So I really want you to think about what you're pumping from so that you're actually feeling a little bit of release and that you're really expanding into your ribcage. Use the big Pec muscles, not the little ones, nicely done so that you can really feel your armpits reach into your palms at the same time you reach through your feet to support backwards up into your abs. Yes, last big breath as you inhale for five pumps and then exhale for five pumps. When you come in, you're gonna bend your knees, lower yourself down, handles into one hand here, and a teaser up to drop two springs. So you have two springs on, you're gonna lay yourself back down, dropping your head rest for overhead palms, straight up, long legs in the way. As you inhale, you pull the palms down.

As you roll over, then you lift up, you try and reach for the ceiling. As you lower yourself down, stand on your arms to the rib cage. As you lengthen, when your pelvis hits, your arms rise and again, inhaling, you pull, you roll, you lift up. Really feel the ribcage pooling and lengthening wide. As you roll, lower yourself all the way down. We'll do two more. Inhale, pull, rolling over, and then feel that lift. Feel the expansion of your rib cage so that you're not falling on it. Your hips are saying lifted. As you reach through those feats last time, we'll go into coordination to transition. As you lift, you're going to come right down with great control.

As you bend your knees to your nose, you bend your elbows, curl yourself up. Inhaling, you stretch out, you open, close, exhale, you bend and you try and keep the weight on your rib cage. As you open your hips and reach those feet away and you bend and really feel that you're still connected into the big expansion of your rib cage. We have a tendency to kind of roll the shoulders forward, so keep the chest big Pec muscles working as well as your armpits last time, you're going to stay out in first. Cross your legs really breathing as you do this. As you exhale, squeeze your legs together, Bend your knees in and close the carrots handles.

On the one hand, you're in a teaser up. You're in a drop a spring, one spring total, or turn yourself around. Take your legs into the shoulder, the head rest and the shoulder blocks knuckles together, pinkies up to the ceiling. Inhaling, as you feel your pelvis curl and opposition away from your rib cage, you're going to keep the carers there. As you open your arms, you're going to press backwards, curling your spine forward, and you're going to press your arms up to open and circle around all the way to your feet and then knuckles together as you curl yourself back up. Inhaling, feel your hips reach. As you pull your ribcage in opposition, you're going to open your in a pressure arms too. Therefore, bend you forward. Your arms retire to bend your spine more as you open and circle a last time. Inhaling, as you curl, get longer, even longer, that a girl, then you press your arms, you pressure arms back to lift up to curl, and then you press your arms higher to bend forward. Then you're going to take your elbows up to the ceiling. Fingertips high. As you inhale, you look down at your belly and you pull the front of your spine to open the front of your hips.

As you then rise your arms to lift your spine the way up your palms flip, go next to the wood. As you press backwards to bend, when your arms go higher, you bend your spine more to open and circle around. And again, inhaling, front of the spine goes with you, so you want to try not to just back bend back. As you lift your arms and your spine up, you're going to press your palms unit. Feel soft joints so that you're not pressing into the knees, especially as you go back. Keep the the joints, the knees a little softer. Look down. Take your front of your spine with you. Open the front of the hips. You can press out in the shoulder blocks as you rise your spine all the way up and then switch the palms down. Press two. Therefore, curl your spine to lift your triceps up to open and circle your arms around.

When you carriage closes, you take handles in the one hand you'd swirl it around. Your hips will go back up against the shoulder blocks. You'll take those handles into your hands, elbows behind you, but a little bit wide. As you inhale, you press your arms out and then you lower down. You're going to feel your hips lift as you reach all the way up and open out to the side. And again, inhaling, as you press, as you reach and lift, so on the last rep, as you open and circle, I want you to get more IX, more work in the Pex as you press, and they make sure their shoulders don't round for the pecs. Rise up Pex, lift your palms all the way up to the ceiling to open out to the side. As you flex your feet, curl your spines forward, your arms stretched to the end.

You try not to just stretch from the tops of the shoulders. You rise all the way up and then open in circles. So we're gonna change a little bit as you curl over. So curling over. Feel more of your chest work as you stretch your arms. Now check in, let the straps push back at you armpits. More that a girl rise up so that your hands stop at your chest.

Then you reach your hips backwards, lift your arms up that [inaudible], and then you open and circle around. One more time. As you curl, stay mindful that it's not just using your traps and shoulder blades. Where is the spring pushes at you? As you lift, that's it. Then you reach more to rise to open and then cross your legs. Take your hands behind you. Inhaling as you reach your arms up and make this a rib cage stretching off your pelvis. At the same time your pelvis reaches back into the shoulder blocks, you're getting longer and you're going to resist bending and reach up to bend your arms. Last time you stay up, open your arms out to the sides, switch those legs and inhaling as you reach and then exhale as you open more chest. That's it.

Almost go out into the straps more than you think about taking those fingertips together. Last time. Nicely done there. You'll take you go ahead and hook your handles. You're going to walk to the back and grab your box on your way back. You're going to add your spring and you're gonna Grab Your Black Pad and get on for Swan, standing into your feet. So you have adding your spring outside. Spring is great.

So two springs total. Grab Ahold of your black pad. You're going to put it on the edge. You're going to push the carriage out, your feet, come onto the wood as you climb on, and then you stretch all the way out. You're gonna reach your arms by your ears. You're going to try and be less turned out like both of you come a little bit more narrow. If you could squeeze those heels, inhaling as you push through your feet, as you rise up your to rise all the way up, you're going to open your arms and you're going to circle. Keep your arms to the side and stretch your legs. Push the carriage from the reach of the feet.

Go backwards where you palm backwards and up to back bend. And then you're going to stretch yourself all the way forward, and then bend your knees and coming down. And again, inhaling as you rise up, that's it. And as you come, you're going to open and circle. Now stretch your chest forward, straightening your legs more, and then as you back, then you can bend your knees to go back. That's it. And then stretch yourself all the way forward and down.

One more time. Inhaling as you rise, just go big, like just feel, how can I enjoy this as I open and stretch myself forward as I back. Then more to stretch. And then go ahead and curl over and step off. Hands come to the top of the box. You're going to step backwards. Get Rid of your black pad, your spring, and then get right back on for pool shafts and tea. So you have your straps all the way as far forward as you can leg together, making sure that your arms are connected up into. As you inhale, you're going to curl yourself forward. Pressure Palms, reach your arms back, feel your triceps lift and suspend you up so it's not a silver rounding forward thing and arms up as you exhale back down. And again, we gotta get a little faster moving. As we inhale, we pull, we suspend.

Exhale as you come back down, feel your back muscles, literally pick you up to pick your arms up. Nicely done. That's it. And then take your hands all the way to the end of the leather loops. Reach your knuckles out nice and long. Inhaling as you pull you reach, and then exhale, arms reach forward. So try not to roll the shoulders to do it. Reach out into the knuckles, lift and move your triceps and then open. Nicely done. One more time. Inhaling, feel the movement of the springs actually lift your chest and your collarbones as your arms reach forward. Close the spring handles in one hand.

You're going to step off to your left. You're going to add a spring as you get back on. For backstroke. Ch, I always like to say brushstroke, but it's backstroke. And then you come all the way, the Avarian curl right up. Once you're there, you go. Inhale, you go up as you opening, you reach, and then you curls. Bend your knees, coming back together. Keep your weight back on your rib cage as you go up. As you open, keep your weight back there. Open the hips. Nicely done. And then Ben, we're going to reverse it. So you're going to inhale, reach towards me.

You're going to open, you're going to stretch your chest, your arms are going to reach up as you curl back together last time. Go big. Take your arms as wide, your legs as wide. Reach up to the ceiling with your rib cage and pelvis. Curl back together. Handles in the one hand A. Tease her up to drop down to one spring. You lay yourself back down.

You take your arms out to the side and once you're there you inhale, you rise up, reaching through the pressing and the arms. You Open and circle them. Hips have to help move you. So dry the femurs back into the carriage to open and circle. Take your hands all the way down and up, and then you're gonna lower yourself down. Nicely done. And then again, inhaling, as you pressed to curl, you're going to reverse. Let this go ahead and circle and let the springs push back at you.

We always have this tendency, yes, to reach a little too much into the straps versus let them push at us and we hold our own body weight up as we lower ourselves down. He has a little lower Lesley that a girl in length in the front of your body. And then last time, inhaling the salute. You can take it high, but I actually want you to take it here and I want you to actually feel more that when you feel the muscles of your abs actually squeezing towards one another because you use your big pecs. Yep. And Armpit, muscles and your back. Nice. Flip your palms and then now you roll you down. Yes, nicely done. Handles. No. One Hand, you're going to step off. You're going to get right back on for the breaststroke. Okay, so your hands come to the other way.

Your hands come to the corner of the box as you open it. Then you climb on. Once you're on your right off your kneecaps, so you scoot forward right off your kneecaps, then your hands come down to the carriage and you're in a kick, kick, kick. And then inhale, you're going to stretch your arms. You're gonna lift your rib cage open and stay on those arms. So think about it like swimming.

As you kick you pressure harms and you have to lift your own ribcage. We always think our arms are going to do it and you have to actually lift yourself. Kick, kick, kick. As you stretch, as you lift how high up into the straps can you go? Nicely done. We'll just do two in the reverse. So I always say find your inner Michael Phelps. As you open out and you lift your whole suspension of your ribcage up onto your palms. Last time, whole suspension lifted up.

It is butterfly and swimming. Just in case we didn't know did you take your hands to the top of the box? You're going to step off to the side. You're going to close the box and get back on for worse. Back your hand. One handle will go across behind you. You climb on, your feet are flexed and inhaling straight arms. Inhale, you point your feet and you lift and you opening you circle.

And so how could you lift your shins? You really want to reach into your feet to connect them into your abs a little bit more. And you want to make sure last time when your arms go up, you're in your arms the right way. You lift up, you flex your feet, you control yourself down handles, and the one hand you're going to step off. You're going to hook your handles, you're going to take your box to the very end. You're going to keep moving and just take some extra deep breaths. Remember we just got started here in a pickup your head resting your foot bar and you're gonna take your black pad or you're gonna put it in the headrest climbing on for your long stretches, making sure that your weight is right over your hands so you're probably a little more forward than you think.

Leg squeezes you in how you stretch back and then exhale. So you want to make sure that I think of this is more extension, even though you're just looking straight down, but you get the arms actually attached to your body. Nicely done last time. Inhale those great Jen. As you press and then you're going to come forward, come down onto your knees, change your spring two springs. It might be a little heavy, so if you want to use one, I understand. Then feel those heels behind you. This is Swan, so your eye should be up. Your hips should be open and lifted.

As you inhale, you reach those heels behind you. That's it. And then exhale, chest rises through. So the press, palms go ahead. Has to come more from the lift of the ribcage and the chest going up. So big pecks go up, shoulderblades go down, and then you're going to stay in, curl your head, lift your hips, and for up stretch. Inhaling and keep your weight on your hands. As you curl your pelvis into your feet. Then you take the whole thing forward, trying to keep your head in between your elbows and that you're going to curl. It's the belly that moves you.

We have this tendency to just move from the hips and we had to really press from the palms into the rib cage, into the hips, into the feet. So it's feet and palms last time going in must, and then we'll do our up, down Combo. So inhaling, as you go out, so you're going to open the carriage are going gonna extend your hips. You're going to pull yourself forward. You're going to press back and you're going to curl your head in closing this spring. That's it. One more time. You can go all the way forward or you can go halfway and then you're in a press.

You're going to curl back together. That's it. Lower the heels for elephant. Inhaling out in, in. As you press, keep your weights actually on your palms and open your spine and use your hands maybe as a different thought to push you into your feet. You can wrap your arm pits to help you, but don't hide your big pecs. We have them right and then keep the carriage and you're going to lift both heels up. You're going to take one leg up to the ceiling and inhaling as you go out three times. These are I like them smaller. Whether that's a rule of mine, it might be, and then you're in a lower, you're going to lift the other leg.

Notice how I keep trying to keep Leslie over the foot bar, and then you lower down to flat foot. You just do three and you feel it still has to come from the rib cage onto the palms. As you open and close, you switch, you go to the other side, and then you're going to go up onto the shoulder block on the ball of the foot. That's it. And the leg goes up. So this is why it's really important to keep the weight on the hands so that as you open and close that you're not getting caught up just in the front of the leg and you just keep curling. You're going to take that leg that's up in the area and across it over, you're in a step down, you're gonna turn to the left to turn around. So you take, yep, exactly. And then you take your heels on and here you go.

You gotta get big. When you do this inhale, you curl, you press, you lift. So we got to get this up. As she inhale, she goes, you gotta lift all of it up. That a girl. Good. One more time. You're in a press, you're going to get those hips and chest up. Yes. Now reverse it. You press off your arms and you come back in and I always think lift that foot far up behind you. Like you're going to go underneath it and you had to get your hips up, up and chest up as you go. And then are we even go ahead and step off?

Pull that one black pad down for your stomach massage. And then whatever springs, typically it's four, but I'm pretty actually open for this one. And then actually I'm sorry ladies, can you pull the pad so it's this way. So we're ready for tendon stretch. So you come on, just be as close as you can. Maybe don't close the spring. If you can't inhaling as you go.

I have my rules and then I break some of them. So an hail as you stretch and exhale. So feel your rib cage go backwards. I don't think that we breathe wide enough into it. We're always leaning over our legs. So you want to get that weight a little bit more back in longer through the yeah, that are girl and stay long and up there and then reach in between your legs.

Drop a spring to take your arms back. Now this is getting that rib cage up. As you inhale, you press so that you're not just pushing your legs into your pelvis, but you actually lift off equipment so that when you move it feels freer, nicer. And then be careful of those elbows they like to wrap in. They need to be levitated up a little bit more. Yes, and then last time to springs, drop it or reach your arms forward and inhale. You stretch up. Exhale you've been back in. Pull your arm pits into you. Take your rib cage backwards maybe before your legs start to straighten all the way so that you're not just leaning over your legs, but you're finding a nice curl as you start your twist.

We'll just do two sets and it's not the arm, right? Look how easy this is actually the ribcage that twists out and comes back in. And then when we come in, I just have a step off. You're welcome. Usually we could do circles, but you know, I'll be nice. You're gonna climb back on for your tenant stretch. We'll just do well. We'll do two, two legs. And then if you feel like you want it, you want to do the one legs. Okay? So do eight, two legs. Okay.

Inhaling as you press your right off your heels. So just check in, skew your feet forward a little bit more youtube so that you're just off heel. It's the only thing that's off. And you want to feel too that you put your weight backwards into your palms and then pick the foot bar up to put you on to the equipments. And then you're in a curly at the, pick yourself back up to come back in. And then you're going to pick up one leg. Make them small.

I don't care how big they are, you gotta get the leg lifting no matter where it is in space. I'm just going to come over here, but the arms are huge. You have to really connect into here as you're doing it so that you're not falling on the spring. So for me, I always think of diving forward and keeping that ribcage working leg up. Come on at a girl and then you can always assist them when they start to fall. And then last time, take that leg and step to the floor. Okay, lowering the foot bar. Get Rid of your black pad and then you will lay yourself down.

This is one of my simple rules you lay down to drop your head rest. We lost a four source fine so that we make sure we're efficient with our movement. This is your moment to kind of catch your breath because we're going to do shorts. Fine. Everybody's favorite except for me, I'd rather do high frog overhead any day of the week. Inhaling as you press and as you rise up, that's it. And then you're in a fin and you're still working on that rib cage supporting you more, staying in the feet as you roll yourself down and then bend in and again, take this foot, a little inhale stretch.

You really want to feel that foot bar, like the straps are the foot bar to make sure that you're not hanging your knees and you, when you roll down, it's not necessarily about straightening your legs, it's really about staying up in the spring, whatever that means to you and going up into high frog here as they bend their knees and then stretch them and take their pelvis and reach their feet away in a diagonal. And you want to really feel the rib cage widen and expand as you press. You may even want to make sure you're not hanging your elbows cause we kinda just lift our ribcage and re roll our shoulders around it versus actually standing on it. Last time as they bend their knees in to roll their spines down, they can take the straps and throw them into the well behind them cause we're going to do head stance. So what we'll do is we will take a peg. So you'll come up to standing, you'll take the peg, which is actually right up front, and you'll put it in where you want it for semi-circle.

So you kind of go back, then you come back and you pick up your head rest and you pick up your foot bar and then you put your black pad. Even if you're not doing it in the headrest, then you're in a climb on hand, foot head. Yep. And your hands will actually, your hand will hold here at a girl and then she's going to come up. So this is teaser, right? So she's going to inhale press as she goes out, and then she's going to exhale and she's going to curl and lift herself back in. Lift your head for just a second and come this way. Yeah.

And then be on your head that way. Good push with your feet into the rib cage and then exhale as she rises back up. Nicely done. That's a national step down to the floor and then turn around, lay back down. Her feet will come back up. You can do this parallel or, or, um, [inaudible] v, she's gonna press your palms. She's going to lift her head up to come up onto it. Nicely done.

And then she's going to press the balls of the feet as she inhale. She stretches herself out. Ideally she could lower her heels and then lift and then she's going to bend back in. But you want to make sure the lowering of the heels go ahead and go again. One more is coming from the hips and the extension of it.

And then as she comes in, she lower, she lifts her head, lowers herself down and goes right into semi-circle. Okay? So as they both go, you can do foot bar up or down, heels together and inhaling as they go. One of the things I really want to point out is we have this tendency to fall right off of our arms. And I want you to make this exercise as you go, is use the feet to push you into the shoulder blocks and let the shoulder blocks push at you versus you push your arms at it one more time. This direction. So even though most staffing your elbows a little bit right, and let your arms push at your armpits and let your feet push back at you, that's it. Nicely done. And then, and you're going to reverse it. As you go out, you're going to feel your chest open.

You're going to stay on your feet. So push the foot bar, pick up the toes if you could. Yep. Rolling through. And then as you curl, stand to your feet. Get the roll and lift that pelvic floor up towards me. Yes. One more time. Inhaling, feel your rib cage. Feel the front of your body nice and open. So you're ready to do the thigh stretch, chest expansion, thigh stretch, maybe a little bit of back then. Then go ahead and pull yourself backwards and then come up to standing.

You'll lower your foot bar first. First thing as you lower the foot bar, then you walk to the end, you take your peg out while you're back there, you pick up your handles so that you can do chest expansion. Okay, so you get right on. Two springs should be good. If you want a little less spring, then you can, okay. Feed her hooked. Inhaling as you pull. So this is pull straps, right?

And so I want to make sure we have this tendency to roll. Keep going, ladies, roll around the shoulder joint and the rib cage versus actually expand the whole thing. And so really breathe into your whole rib cage and pull your triceps. Try not to roll your shoulders. Then let's be even as you take your handles into one hand, sit back and you add a spring. So you can do actually three or four if you'd like.

And this is where you take your black pad and you put it in the springs. Even if your hair's never going to get caught. It's just the nice way to protect yourself and get that in your body. As you inhale, you're going to press yourself back. You're going to feel your rib cage stretch away. Exhale as you rise, the back of the legs help lift you.

So my circle really does help you prepare as well as your chest expansion as you stretch and as you rise last time going into your extension. If you choose, as you inhale, open the front of the hips, open the chest, keep that rib cage open, curl your head and lift yourself up. You Hook your handles, you have your nice partner. Go ahead and pick up your foot bar and your two springs for back. Then take your arms up and as she goes back her eyes reach back. She reaches for supplies to bend your elbows. Who's super flexible?

She's going to an house. You're going to bend and straighten her arms first, but it has to come from the rib cage. Nicely done. Then she's going to stay out there. She's going to pick up the foot bar to actually get her chest up higher. Right? She's going to push more arms to open her hips. Yes, that and then she's going to stay and she's going to Kurt lift one arm both arms and curl over. [inaudible]. Okay, so side arms. Well, let's have the right hand and the handle. One spring.

These can be kind of a a challenge. So a, is it an hailing? Make this more about opening the rib cage and then about where your arm goes and then exhale as you bend. Okay, so she's got to expand. She's got to let her shoulder be a little bit more here. She's got to take the spring out this way and then let the spring bend her wrist and come back in. Switch your hands to the next one. Shay, that year. Inhaling as you stretch up, feel your right side stretch up just as much as your left.

That's it. And again, inhaling as they go right. And then take your other hand into the handle. Sidemen over pressure, knuckle. Inhaling as you pull the spring. And then exhale as you been here. Just switch it this way. Now this is, we might have to do an extra one. I'm so sorry. We'll do it on the other side. This was really a rib cage breathing exercise.

That's enough. As you go ahead and scoot yourself out to the end of the carriage, just about take your arms up and then reach out into the strap. So don't for me, this is the course, my opinion. Go ahead and go. Don't worry about getting your hands together as much as you read out, reach out and you'll smile. You do it. You're just like, I'm doing it and that's good enough. And then go ahead and you're going to full face me.

Feet up against the shoulder blast. Grab a hold of your other handle. Inhaling as you reach your arms, as you open, circle out to the side. One more time. Only inhale, press feet back. And then you're gonna reverse it. You're gonna take your arms out, you're going to reach your root cage up into your palms last time. Reach up feet and then good. And then we'll do the other size.

You'll turn and face the other way up against the shoulder block. Inhaling as they open the ribcage to move the arm, exhale as they bend back in. One more time. So shoulder, lower elbow, then pong, and then wrist, elbow, shoulder. Nicely done. Then take your hand, switch it and inhaling as you stretch. So what if your hips could help you here? Like, send the energy from your waist down into your knees to stretch up. And then the side bend. So as you go over, this is the breathing into the rib cage. As you go in hailing, it really is for me, more about opening this and then about this part of it. And then go ahead and scoot yourselves out.

Remember how now you can't see a smile as well. But as you inhale, we're going to smile about it. We're going to reach out into it. And then one more time, feel your hips reach down to reach out into it. And then nicely done. Hook your handle. Step backwards. Okay, you're gonna get back on first snake, hand onto the shoulder, block other and then foot. I am happy with doing it. Parallel. You can do it. Turn it off. You want. Inhaling as you go, you have to extend your hips, extend your chest, then your head comes up and they are going to occur all yourself back together for twist. So you're gonna Inhale, you're going to open the carriage.

Now your rib cage is going to lead the twist instead of your hips. And then you're in a curl your head back in. Nicely done ladies, and then step off. We'll go to the other side. Great job. Okay, so hand, foot, hand, foot. As you climb on, think about the movement. So as you inhale and you press, you open your hips, then your chest and your eyes. Then you curl your head. Chest and hips come in and then going into the twist. I'll tell you, usually it's easier on one side than the other, but you really have to bring the rib cage around.

Therefore the hips follow and that's how I only learned how to do the exercises. As you step off, k, two springs, you add a spring, you lay back down, you're going to drop your head rest. Once your head is in it, tick the handles, throw them in the well. Take your hands, hold onto that metal part, lift your legs up to the ceiling for corkscrew. Here we go. Inhale, we go upward. A twist to the right. As you go, you reach your to sweep those legs carefully. They cross each other perfectly. We'll do it one more time. As you reach for the rip gauge, not so perfect. Take your legs, reach one leg down and the other one will remain up and they are going to switch. So pull that metal part apart and feel the rib cage expand as you do it last time and then you're going to lower yourself down, curling, and then scoot yourself out.

Leslie you to stay there. Let's Jackknife your hips up and over. That's it. She's going to go off to the right. She's going to lower her foot next to the woods. She's going to try and stay on the wood the whole time as she curls her spine off and then she's going to reach her left arm forward. She's going to bend and she's going to straighten and then she's going to curl back on so you can do, you know, Relevate any of that kind of stuff.

Just saving a little bit of time. Then she's going to go off on the other side. The idea is to bend your spine to get off. We always switch our hands before our foot comes down. She's long enough that she probably actually could do it instead of cause you're supposed to bend your spine. I always kind of just floated myself off and wasn't bending, but you know, and then just going to lower herself down. We're gonna do Mermaid, so two springs ideally. However, if you want to do one, I understand you're going to pick up the foot bar.

Let's face the same direction you did inside arms so that I'll be kind of a theme as a, you always say face the same direction. Shins up against, hand onto the foot bar, arm up. And then inhaling as you press and you feel your pelvis curl, move the carriage with your shins too. And then she's going to rise back up. And then side bend, grabbing a hold of the front and then feeling this side bend over. So I like equal amount of weight. One more time, shins and palm and it has got to come from the arm pits and then she's going to come back up and then side bend and then we'll just turn around.

I'm going to change the direction she's doing it. Two seconds. Okay, so you want to, I like it better. Go ahead. As you side bend always tours the shoulder block or not the shoulder block, but the foot bar. Yes. And then as you come up, you're still side bending towards the foot bar and you grab a hold and you're still side bending towards the foot bar. And then last one you side bend towards the foot bar to go. That's it. And then you have to curl your tail. You can see we've got to do a little bit of that. But you know, we're getting some movement and flow. We don't want to be too picky.

And then whether in a do is step off, I'll lower the foot bar. They're going to grab their boxes for long box to you right in the middle of the box because you're going to come right into swimming. You don't want to be top heavy. Some of us will fall. Okay. They're going to reach back for their feats for rocking first and then inhaling. You want to feel them be picked up and then I don't really have to help her, but I am anyway. She had to feel more that this, you're lifting your feet up to the ceiling and over the top of your head.

Then you stay that lifted. You reach your arms and your legs and you start your swimming. And so you pat, I'll go big, bigger. See as you just yell at people and they do it, and then go ahead and lower yourself down. Your hands will come to the wood, into the foot bar. You'll scoot yourself all the way forward so you're right off your hips. Everybody's a little different. Actually, I'll say it really depends on where do you need to open your hip set. As you skew forward, you're going to feel your palms, elbows bend wide, so your legs actually lift you up and over legs.

Try and touch your head too. Therefore, Ben, you work this as you straight your legs. Meet the heels. You rise up. Good. We're gonna do one more time. Gorgeous ladies. Pick your legs up from your back. Not a girl. Don't let the carers go anywhere and then you're in a stretch out. I'm going to go forward. And yes, you see how those two different directions, they step off to the the carriage. They inhale, their arms up, Xcel, they curler spines over and then they arise all the way up and switch their, um, long box store, short box. In fact, I think we're in a skip short box and we're going to go ahead and take the box all the way to the end. And we're going to pick up the head rest in the foot bar.

We're going to go right into knee stretches, ease off, pick up your head, rest, your foot bar, two springs, and then you're going to climb right on me is off. Inhaling as you press out and in, so rib cage onto palms again and you're not trying, I call it don't donkey kick because you really want to feel more of the movement comes from the other body. I mean it was a guy that created the work. So I always am happy that I can do a lot of stuff from my upper body. As you stay in, lift your right leg up and you're going to stretch out in. So you take the leg, you kind of have to figure it out a little bit.

The carriage will move. Then you stay out there and you do a rocking where the carriage stays, your eyes go up, you're trying and touch, but don't pull yourself forward. You stay where you are and then you curl back and you close the spring. So the spring would have stayed open as you go to the other side. So you're gonna go out in, right and you're out.

You use the spring to take that toe up to reach for the back of your head. Yes. And then of course you can do it and then you're in a step off. You're going to add all four springs for running and bottom lifts. Hey, so inhaling, as you stretch out, you lower and lift, right? It's kind of, you're prancing. So clients are always let my planting, right?

So you just Kinda feel that rib cage is your moment and our advanced works to kind of catch your breath because we're about to do some splits and then lift both heels, bend your knees and come in and take your feet out to the side, lift the pelvis up and inhaling. As you stretch out now really feel the rib cage expand as you stretch to put you on your feet. So we always kind of round off of our upper body to find that. And then last time, come in, lower yourself down. Come up to standing for side splits.

You're going to lower the foot bar one spring. If it's me, I do too. And I'll have good legs. I can do this stuff up here and then you're going to step on. We'll face, we'll just do one side. Okay, so you're going to step up. You're in a face forward, you're going to take one hand or one foot. So either you're all the way at the front or all the way at the back so that you can take your leg and he'll tow it all the way to the shoulder block.

Take your arms out to the side as you inhale and you're going to stretch the carriage out. And then exhale. I always think lift my pelvis up to move the spring versus press down into my feet. So you have to really feel like the pelvis is reaching up through the rib cage up through the top of the head. Last time, they're going to stay out there and they're going to saw a towards the shoulder block. So they're going to try and twist right in the center of their body to sa over. Then they're going to stack themselves back up.

They're going to close this spring, and then they're gonna saw to the closed foot, that's it. And then curl back up. They're going to open one more time. As they go out, they're going to pick the flowers, they're going to curl their spines forward, reaching. If they would've been at the front, they would have touched the floor, right? And they're going to rise all the way up and not rounded back, but chest up. And then they're going to keep taking their eyes, but not their arms.

And then they look forward. They open their arms, they close the spring, and then they heal to a backend k. So once they heel toe back in or step on the carriage to step off because they need to now add another spring and grab a hold of their Gondola Poles that are underneath there. So they're going to have to face the opposite direction they just faced. There's a very long gondola, polar anyth there. Yeah, face the other way that you just were, so you step up.

Then you're going to take your stable foot onto the wood, turned out. Then you're going to heel-toe your, ideally, if you have long legs, I'm sure you're gonna make it into the shoulder block again. There's some exercises we're not as good at. Then you're going to go ahead. We're just going to do the, well, let's do the prep. Why not? So you're going to bend down and then what they had to do is press the carriage foot first three times and they're trying not to just press the knee down, but really driving the femur and the foot away from one another. Then they're going to do the stable foot next three times and you'll see probably that everybody's a little different on each side.

Then they're going to keep the carriage and they'll rise up to straight and then they'll bend back down and they'll press out into straight legs to rise up. Then they'll bed. It's very circular. We always kind of stop and think, oh, wait, what comes next? Just circular. And then they're going to stay up in there and reverse. So they're going to go out, they're going to bend in, right, and so you can tell like if this is that moment where we tuck our pelvis and you're really still trying to lift the pelvis up as you do it, once you've done your three in a heel toe in, and we'll have them step forward as they step onto the carriage to step down, then they're going to go ahead and take their gun a the put it away, take their black pad and put it in the headrest. Pick up their foot bar for front splits.

So right foot comes forward. He'll show the left leg back. The heel is against the shoulder black then against the shoulder black, like literally you're are you, is it? Cause you're too long. It needs to be here on this. Yeah, but the foot's down sideways. Yeah. Okay. So since we're advanced, we come right up inhaling. They can take their arms out to the side if they want hands behind the head.

Inhaling as they stretch both legs reach and pull apart. And then you can lower the heel. You lift it and then you come back in one more time. Only you stretch out. You keep going further backwards. Try not to drop. When you lower the heel, you come in, your hands come down to the foot bar. You lower that left knee down and then go ahead.

Yep. Inhaling as you stretch and then exhale. So this is down stretch, right? So make sure that we're not so running the shoulders. Last time you're going to come in, you're going to pick up your left arm and side bend over, lifting up, stretching the hip, and then you come back to center. Lift both arms up. Now this is kind of a prep for your grand day splits cause you kinda had to stand on those legs. You arch back as much as you can and then you come forward.

And what we'll do is just stand up, turn around and do Russians and we'll do the opposite leg. Okay, so whatever leg was forward, we'll be back now. So you come up to standing, there's two different ways that you can get into it. You can either take your foot back, which is my choice, and then hop your foot forward cause it puts you on your arms. My choice, or you can have your foot forward first. Then you're going to press the carriage out into a lunch. You're going to pick your body up right away, arms out to the side, hands behind your head, hands behind your pack.

You're going to inhale your and a stretch that leg forward. Try not to pop into the knee and then exhale the foot is on the foot bar completely. So it's turned out ball of the foot down heel here last time. Straight year, leg, take your hands down to the shoulder blocks. Not a real transition, but I love it.

Close this spring and then go ahead and step on the carriage is simply step down. Then you're just going to stand up and turn around and we'll do grand day split. So you need your black pad and you bring it forward, right foot forward. Follow the foot heel. Then you can just curl your spine over and take your hands onto the wood. He'll tell the back leg back up against again the shoulder block and it's turned out. You have to be careful that you're not just turning on your knee. Okay?

So what I always say is you walk out into a split, you can maintain, not the person next to you. Then you hold the carriage where it is. Your arms reached by your ears to rise up like you're lifting something. This is more of an extension. Then you close the spring, you arc up more, you open the spring, connected to your ribcage as you open it, and then stay there. Curl your spine forward as you come down. This is what I call intermission. You close the spring flection. You open the spring, you close the spring, then you stay in and you're going to reach your arms by your ears.

This is really hard and you're going to rise up and extension and your upper body as much as possible. And then you're going to learn that the rib cage and the press of the feet as you open the is really what's happening. You close the spring, you back been more nicely done. You stretch yourself all the way forward out of your hips to come all the way down and then you can go into a big split if you want. I'm always ready to get out of it, but um, you know, not no surprise for me. And then go ahead and step down.

So we'll just do that one and then we'll go ahead and step to the side and we're going to go into second gear. Okay. So we need our PE, we're going to do the control pushups. We're almost there and it feels so good, doesn't it ladies? Yes. Okay. So this can be taxing on the shoulders. Do you want one or two springs typically as two springs? Depends on the equipment and kind of what you're used to. The foot bar is up, your hands come onto the shoulder blocks, you're facing down balls of the feet, pull out ESV. Okay, you come into a plank, which means yet to open the spring and then inhale you.

She's going to press her arms forward. And then this is how I like to start at where the feet stay down. But now she's gonna press her arms and lift one leg. And so really you move with the spring so that you can feel how it actually opens the body last time. And this is a nice nerve or body and then you stepped to the floor.

So you try not to just rest and sit on the equipment. You're going to turn around and get back on arches onto the foot bar, fingertips down. This stuff's not easy, just so we're all clear. Inhaling as you press your arms back and then come back in and then now press to lift one leg up, right? And then kick yourself in the face if you can. If you have that ability. Just last time doing great. And then you step to the floor. Okay. We're going to do one side that's um, star. So we'll do it. So we're facing this way.

You're going to take your hand onto the foot bar a little bit in front of the middle. You take your right leg onto the shoulder block, then the left leg will come up onto the shoulder block on top of it. Okay. Inhaling arms and leg will go up to the ceiling. Exhale, you close the spring, you move from your rib cage to your palms arm and leg forward puts pointed arm for like back, right? And then you get to do your Jane Fonda arm and you get to bend around. Nicely done. And then you close the spring and you step down to the floor. Yes. So then we're going to go back into first gear.

[inaudible] Huh? I'm just going to get her up really quick. Just cause to save time. Yep. Hi Raj. This is my favorite exercise of all time. Yeah. So, um, I'm gonna come over here and you'll see kind of how I partner her. I think I'll try to be, be in front of it, but basically she's going to stand, she's parallel on arches. Okay. And then she's going to inhale and she's going to come up and you have to kind of twist. Do you see the difference?

I just twisted her on two and then she's gonna go legs first. I'm gonna get out of the way and she's gonna bend. She's going to go out. She got to get her weight on her arm. So she's pulling the carriage backwards. Then she's going to stay out and she's going to pull the carriage underneath her with her armpits. Nicely done. And she's going to do it again? Yes. And then she's going to do it warmer time. Then what we'll do is we'll come in, which leg is stronger?

We're going to take one thing and then the legs left leg goes up, whichever are right up here. And then she goes out in right and out and this guy fan her arms and then she's going to go out. It's going to pull her arms underneath her and that nicely done. And then she's going to bend the foot, the knee, she's going to come down and I'm going to come in and actually support her down because we're ladies. Oh, so then last exercise to make us feel like we are amazing is that we're going to come up to standing or in and grabbed a hold of our handles and we're going to do Russian squats. Okay. So the very dangerous exercise, you have to be very present [inaudible].

So one of the things that happens is we don't like stay connected here. She's got to kind of find that pelvic floor, push the carriage forward. It's like water skiing. If you lean too far forward, you gotta be on your feet, then you will be pulled forward and it's very dangerous. What happens next? So just keep in mind, don't do this at home or do, but be careful. Okay. Pelvic floor pushes, feet forward, upper back expands and reaches backwards.

Legs actually feed up into the pelvis so beautifully. It's like the only time or not the only time, one of the main times I'm like, Oh yes, there they are. And then as you go down, you have to curl underneath your rib cage. So we don't do, we actually stick our butt out and go up one more time. Inhale, push the carriage from your pelvic Florida. Rise up. Oh, we're getting lessees legs on her. Nice Jen. And then as you go and Ben, you suspend from your rib cage. We always pull arms off of our body and you feel the curl goes through the hips, knees, ankles, feet. Nicely done. You lean forward to take the whole of the shoulder blocks and then you come up to standing. You add your four springs, you pick up your foot bar and you have a great day. I felt.


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Pilates for people who do pilates in a good level
thank you Kelly for refresh me what pilates is ,,,because I work for a long time with people with some kind of issues.I hope to lead them there.
Patty B
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Awesome and inspiring! Your skill in staying connected to both ladies was fantastic! Your knowledge and depth of the method is so refreshing! The advanced work on the Reformer is fun, empowering and challenging! Can't wait to see you at the Pilates Center in Boulder in January!
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Great but why oh why did you just do one side only of splits and star!?!?
I get that there was a time crunch and this might be more for instructors and ideas or we can just add it on after we pause the video. But for those here to workout, that balance and symmetry would have been appreciated.
Big pec muscles ? Small pec muscle ? What it means pls ?
Maybe new thing to learn ??
Kelli Burkhalter
I will keep that in mind for next time. Thanks for your feedback. Kelli
Kelli Burkhalter
I am referring to the pectoralis major and minor. I believe that the major is underused by woman in movement. Instead the shoulders are overused as well as tightening in the pectoralis minor. I hope this helps! Kelli
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Made a New Years promise to myself to practise more advanced exercises so this was a great reminder!!! Do you mind coming to Antibes and help me do the high bridgeThank you Kelli
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Rock it, Kelli! Great cueing and FLOW!
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Rock it out, Piladies!!! Just did this work out this morning and love the quick pace and flow without over explanation, perfect for this level of the work. My body is happy, balanced and energized for the day ahead. Thanks, Kelli!!!
Thank you Kelli, Awesome class
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