Class #2025

Mat Workout

30 min - Class


Meredith Rogers teaches a quick sunset Mat workout that's perfect when you don't have much time. She focuses on getting into your body and finding a mental connection while you are generating heat. Work on your control in creative variations including Rolling Like a Ball, Kneeling Side Kick, and more!
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

About This Video


We're going to do a quickie sunset mat workout with the magic circle. So resting the circle on your knees, holding with the heels of the hands and the outsides of the circle and just allowing the fing...


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Truly lovely! Thank you
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Outstanding workout. Thank you. Very flowing yet challenging.
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excellent free flowing class. Perfect for a quick but complete deep body work out
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Excellent as always Meri! I love your connecting arm bone into shoulder cue when we were doing the prone work.. can't wait to teach it to my class tonight.
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What an inspired and inspiring class. I was a little hesitant to return to a 2/3 class after a week without internet and a full day of travel but this class turned out to have everything I needed. While I love daytime classes I found the contrast of your white top with the dark background offered easy to see assurance that I was correctly following your clear instructions and cueing.
Great class...I loved the challenge, flow, and especially the calm ending :) Love you
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Like always, you rock Meredith! :)
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Great class really enjoyed doing. Some lovely ideas for my classes as well. Thank you
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Fabulous class with great cueing and flow as always. Some new variations for the Magic Circle and nice work in spinal extension and flexion.
Many thanks to those of you I know and those of you I don't. I so appreciate your feedback. It never fails to put a smile on my face!
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