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Feel-Good Reformer

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Kristi Cooper's Reformer workout will give your body exactly what it needs. She starts by preparing your body with breathing and a gentle warm up, and then jumps into more intricate movements. This class gives you a wonderful opportunity to practice Push Ups, Breast Stroke, and many other challenging exercises!
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Jan 15, 2015
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Really happy to be here and I really want to move and I'm resisting all temptation to just go for it. Tom McCook was just here. Deborah lesson was just here and they reminded me of how important it is to no matter how much you wanna move, that you still want to prepare the body. So I'm going to do that. I'm freezing, so I'm tempted to just jump and go. But we'll warm up, we'll breathe and then we'll go. So let's just start on the end of the reformer. I just have one red spring on just to loosen up the spine a bit. I can tell you because they were both just here. I'm also very sore.

So we'll ease into it. Take a deep breath, I'm standing parallel. You're standing parallel, feet apart. Balance Yourself, just organize yourself. And then from there, turn the arm bones outward. Push the air up just for a moment. Pushup. Inhale. And if it starts to feel like it's shrinking, you reach into it.

Let your shoulders come up, let your ribs come apart, turn the palms the other way and just push the air down. Not overly, but just enough to kind of feel that there's a texture there. Do it again. Inhale up, fill up, fill up and exhale and oh, my neck needs to be longer right now. How about you? What do you need? Inhale, fill up. This time we'll dive forward. Not really a dive, but just round forward. Find your hands to the edge of the carriage at that shoulder distance may be a little wider. If you feel tight, bend your knees from there. Your head is down and you reach to the spine toward the springs as you lengthen towards a flat spy. Let's inhale.

If you haven't exhale as if the carriage or this spring were heavier, would let it push you back. Resist it a little bit to around. We'll do it again when you just still bent. How about yours? You could straighten them if you're feeling real flexible, but I'm all for easing into it in exhale round, preparing our spines for the motion for the movement and around going to do a few more here. Inhaling out, try and find where your ears line up with your arms and reach the tailbone in opposition so you don't go quite into hyper extension or beyond flat. Really inhaling out and exhale. Let's do a couple more where you feel sort of the anchor of your feet in the floor. And as you come back, as the spring pushes on you, you let the tailbone round underneath you. I'm going to do one last one.

Inhale, stretch. Stay out there this time. Really lean into it for a moment. Don't fall forward, but lean into it and then pull the hips back so you know they're over your heels. Engage through the middle, not severely, but enough to feel a bit of the stretch, but support it from there. If you bent your elbows to the side, you won't fall cause you're right over your heels. You Inhale Wyden XL straight, use it as a breath pattern. Fill the lungs. Exhale, inhale, exhale. One more time. Inhale, exhale, holding him straight. One more. Inhale and exhale. Bring it all the way.

Way Back in. Ah, I'm going to set up for my foot and leg work. So for me, a three red, maybe three red and blue. I'm deciding as I do it. I'm going to say three reds. Good. Putting the foot bar up, still warming up here from me, my height. I'm just going sort of what is basically a high bar. It's not at the very highest spot on this balanced body reformer, but it's close. Ha. Oh, it feels high today. Heels on the bar in parallel. Head rest is down.

Feel the back of your body. So the Sacrum, and this is that part I really want to brush through, but I'm not going to cause I know it matters and we're going to feel so much better. So stay with me. Back of the arms down. Inhale, toes are up, feet are flexed. Exhale, roll up. Don't move the carriage. Just roll up and connect to the back of your body. I find the more we can do that in the beginning, the easier the work is, but the deeper it is as well. Exhale, roll down. It's the subtle balance of softening and and also focusing. Exhaling up when it's time for me.

I think of slightly drawing the heels toward the springs. I'm not trying to actively move my legs there, but if I think on it, inhale at the top, exhale down. If I think on it, I can, uh, keep the hamstrings engaged and I don't have to overly contract the abdominal. Sometimes I think we overdo that. So it's not that we're not going to, but let's not make that the only focus. Let's focus on the back. Inhale there at the top. Oh, can you go any higher? Go ahead and tighten your butt.

You're going to start working now. Exhale down. Oh, and one more time being here. Exhaling up with. Stay up on this one. So get yourself up those. Yep. So nice and long. Open up the front of the hips. You're still on the stopper. Take a moment. Don't go higher in the ribs necessarily. You might need to, but probably not. Push into your feet and let the pelvis go higher from there.

The right knee will come off on an exhale. So here's your inhale. Hips. Don't move XL. Just bring it up. We'll do three on that leg. Inhale, lightly touched down, same side, bring it up again and again. The other side I know, so which is you're driving the other heel down a little bit. That's good for us. And two, one more. Here's three, put it down. Inhale, staying nice and high and then from the top of your throat from upper back rolled, ah, reach back, grab onto the posts or the shoulder rest.

If you need to grab the shoulder rest, you might need to move down a little bit so you have some room for your neck and shoulders. Knees are up and for a moment kind of pulled down on on the head rest or I'm sorry, shoulder rest. Elbows are as wide possible toward the front. We inhale to rotate. Keep the knees exactly side-by-side, exhale and draw them back to center. There's a temptation to hike the hip. You might need to look at yourself or feel for it, especially when we exhale and bring it back to center. In other words, if we overdo the obliques and we're trying to hard from the beginning, you can kind of end up hiking and doing something you don't need.

This is just waking up the body. Remember, inhale over. Exhale, maybe inner thighs. Press a little stronger. Focus there instead of the Ab sometimes and again in here. Sure. The opening of the Pex or the shoulders and in here feels good. You can go a little further. If you're already warm for other reasons, go a little further.

You can even look the opposite way. But take care of yourself if you overdo too soon. I think sometimes we tend to brace more later and we're going to move. So with that in mind, we bring the knees back to center, having been pretty close. Yup.

And since we already have the bar up, we'll go right into the single leg stretch holding onto the right leg. Extend the left leg straight up for a moment and then draw that leg heavy into the hip socket. Then forget about it of leave it there heavy. Drop it down, hug the knee way in. Now reactivate everything, reached the leg, curl yourself up, and we're going to change kind of high here, but we can go for one, one, exhale for two movements and in and [inaudible]. Go ahead and hug it in. Go ahead and get the stretch, but you're reaching the spine in opposition and yeah, Paul Paul and out out. Nice and solid through your middle. That's key. Yeah. Oh, one more set pool pool. Both knees come in. Big deep breath, hug way in. Tuck the pelvis up. Get your head right in there and then flatten out your spine a little.

So what do mean to do is try to keep my knees there, but also come a tiny bit lower. Not Easy for me to do. I know the tailbone is up. It's okay for now. Then I'm going to send it down right away. Inhale, double leg, stretch out. Exhale, pull in. Inhale, open the hold it in and sweep around. Remember that air is a solid [inaudible].

Big Inhale and exhale, two more rich and pull one more. Reach and pull right leg up. Way Up. Press the left leg down onto the bar. Almost pull like upward when you're with your hands. The shoulders in the hip and the leg go downwards as well. Straight leg on the bar. If it's touching your bar, push into it a little bit and pull, pull, switch. Keep the hips down this time.

Paul Paul, Paul, Paul, go a little faster. Now let's go. Reach, reach, and reach reached. Almost want you to focus more on the gentle press on the bar. Don't let us shift you around. You've got to kind of finesse that. Two more. One both legs up, hands behind your head. Lace the fingers or hand over hand. Lift the pelvis, lower the belts, lift the pelvis, lower the pelvis parallel or turn net leg.

Lift a lower and lift. Oh, it's subtle, but it's deep, right? Keeping your head gently pressing backwards, but the whole spine coming forward. Oh, last one. You're going to feel the tailbone down or at least the base of the spine or the sacrum end reached the legs. When you get near that foot bar, reaching further, further, your head is gently pressing back, but your going forward. Exhale the legs up. Inhale, retreats, reach. Exhale, scoop and bring up. Inhale, let the legs be active and up. Two more. Inhale. Exhale. One more. All right, Chris, cross to the front here. Rotate, hold, go a little further. Stretch into it. Switch whole. Get up there.

Get up there and get up there and a little faster. We go. Inhale. Exhale. Keep reaching in and if you're used to going lower, that's your challenge. To go a longer and try to move the whole body really as a unit rather than just the elbows and shoulders. We're doing it. Another breath cycle in and out. Both these in head. Rest is down, arms are down. Double checking. Stretch the legs out. You're still involved in Hilton 90 XL.

Roll over in how flexis feet separate. You don't have a floor behind your probably so reach down carefully in, roll it down. Just one more like that and he'll 90 x a little lift to the over. You feel the back of your legs wrapping around. I hope. Flex. Separate. Push. As you come down, we're versing it. Finish it.

Open back to the Vietnam and exhale over. Why not use the back of your arms? Why would you, why would you not? I used to, I spent years trying not to and so I'm encouraging you to skip that step and down. Down, down we go. Heels parallel on the bar. You want to touch your shoulder aspect, make sure you're not wedged. All right, nice and balanced. Exhale, push away. Inhale and push it away to burry theory.

Still warming up, right? Four and five going into the pumping so it's shorter and quicker. It's inhale two and exhale two and inhale two and exhale two and inhale to exhale. Go all the way out. Full extension, everything working. Bring it back down, slide to your toes and by toes I mean metatarsal and you have your even distribution. Exhale, push away. Pull yourself in and try not to be too pointed, right? You kind of want those heels and no man's land in a way. And the ankles really, although there's movement around them, they're not lifting and lowering at the heel too. To Go [inaudible] one more. We inhale and I'm changing slightly. The breath, it sounds like.

Exhale on the first go. Here we go with exhale to an inhale to find those hamstrings. Exhale, two. Inhale to last at Xcel, all the way out. Full extension, still holding with the hamstrings. Come on down from the hips, not the feet. Push them into a turn out the legs into a turnip. Exhale, full extension, proven. Squeeze it. Make sure you're not gripping so much. You're tucking.

It's down. Then you can grip and inhale. Then exhale two and Paul in three Oh one more time. Inhale to come in. It's about a 10 count. Here we go. Exhale. Two. Inhale three, four, exhale, five, six and eight nine. Although a, bring yourself in. You're pulling yourself in, right heels wide on the bar. Giant magic circle between your knees. Exhale and draw it together. Inhale, separate with a little resistance and chew and resist and reach.

Three, resist here. Four out of the, you know, the five are still working. Come on down almost all the way and exhale. Two. Inhale, pull and press. Here comes Xcel all the way. Still working, right. Can you be any longer through your upper body? Tur? Imagine staying out there as you come down lower to your toes.

Do your best to get all five bones of the toes there. XL, reach out and pull in reach. Oh, you're noticing that the heels aren't Loring lifting still. You're not changing your spine. One more. Oh, starting to move. Here we go. Exhale one, two, pull it in, in and out. Equal resistance and, and, and although away, squeeze as hard as you want. As long as you're not forcing a different position of your spine. Bring it back toes. Let's see. Slightly apart. Erm, maybe almost tip distance apart. Push out. Stay there.

Can you feel your hamstrings or have you dropped into your knees? Start over. See if so before you go gently, you're not gripping with your toes, but you're gently, you're pushing into the bar and not enough to move the carriage, but it's a subtle downward push with the balls of the feet. Keep the hamstrings, engages my point. Push out. Don't go so far you're hyperextend. I have to watch it each and every lower the heels still in the hamstrings, not the back of the knee. Rise up from somewhere beyond just the feet.

Pull yourself in. Go again. Press out twice now, down, up, twice, down, up, stretch up. Pull it in, staying connected. Number three, rep and lift. Enter each lift and reach and bring it on home. We're going to six number four, reach. Stretch the waist. Lift two and up. Three and up.

Here's four. Oh, it kind of feels good. Well it did. Here's five down. Stretch up. You know you're going to want to cater to the path of least resistance. Pay attention to yourself. One more down, up. Come on home. Last one for six and are you still even you probably getting a little bit of a burn if you are one. Stretch to watch the back of the knees. Think inner thighs.

Here's number four. Five just when you thought it was over you bring it home for a brief moment and go right back out here. Now go as high as you can on the toes. Let the left heel drop the right knee straight up and run a little bit. Now down, up, down, up, down, up. Hold Yourself, tightened through the hips. In an inward fashion. In other words, you're not just gripping, you're just sort of making yourself to longer, more to the center, stretching in an upward and downward fashion. Give yourself a few more reach and reach an up and reached.

And last one, come to the top. Lower yourself down. Fabulous. We're turning towards cell face. You, you've faced me lie on your side. At this point you may decide you want the headrest. I can't remember what I like. I think I like it up. Oh yeah. Let me see what I like down. See what it feels like. Oh yeah, for sure.

I feel like it all all so I could lower it. I didn't as you noticed, but I still have it on three springs, so we're taking the top leg. Two and a half. Two is good, so I may change mine just so you know. All right. What you're wanting to do is stay on the hips so they're stacked. Okay. The chances are if you just rolled over, you probably more forward or back to try to get what you feel. You're right on top. If you're taller, if you've got long femurs and your knees getting forced way forward, you can't keep the heel on the bar.

You should skit sit your butt backwards and being more of a an angle rather than, I'm almost at 90 because I have a short body and short femurs. All right? Most of the way it is in my heel, I'm going all the way up. Oh, I might change the spring, but I'm going to hang on for a little while and who? Full extension, so don't be afraid of that straightening of the knee. Right? Sometimes we stopped there. Don't go. Don't you don't need to all the way, but you don't hang out either. You're engaged and harass. My toes are easy. Let's do five more.

One all extension and to zeroing in on the backside here. Three. Yeah, and we might as well do a little pumping again. Let's just do 10 just press one n two n three and control five six, seven. I go all the way out on 10 here's nine all the way. Full extension. Switch sides carefully.

Flip yourself over. Make those necessary adjustments. The top leg on the bottom like I just have at 90 a part, partly because it's heavier tension than I sometimes do, so you can adjust. It could be straight. If that's easier to keep your hip stack, check it out hands or just at that shoulder as helping me brace and not get pushed through. Here we go. Full extension one, burying it in two almost. You really want to soften almost at the front of the hip. I think in very least.

Don't hang on so tight that you start rounding your back. Your back shouldn't change. Let's do two more. It might only be one, but let's do two anyway for all the Jibber Jab, and here we go for 10 press, so one pullback to pull, three pull for Paul, five come on, six, seven. Here's eight, nine all the way out. Enjoy. Get longer from the waist, from the hip up. Bring it on back. Turn yourself onto your back and then roll up and change it down to either two springs or a red and a blue one and a half is what I would call that. Going back down.

Grab your straps behind you for the a hundred or at least a version of it. And for me, what today we're just drawing the shoulders a little bit away from the shoulder chest. You can bring the knees in now if you'd like. And then the arms straight up above from there. Let's exhale. Just take the leg straight up for the moment. Exhale, curl up, reach into the hands, but then also let the handles reach into you so you're not just pushing away, but that's like a weird kind of force. Let it Kinda hang into a little bit too. So there's a neutral mutual resistance.

Now we're going to inhale down with the legs. Two, three, four, five. Exhale up to three, four, five. Push down to three, four or five. Bring it up. Two, three, four, five and reach. Two, three, four, five. Sync, two, three, four, five out. Still engaged in the back and up. And again, five more. One. Exhale, sink. And by think I mean the ABS, it's just an idea. And really you could focus on the breath up. Two more rounds. We can do it. And up. One more reach, reach, reach, and upbring it there. Bend the knees, bend the or actually just come on down. Arms can stay straight. Stay, come just off the stop.

Or if you went all the way back for the coordination with straight arms. Exhale, curl up, legs open, close. Inhale, pull the knees way and go ahead and Tuck the pelvis and then come down. Hips go down as well. Exhale, curl up like out and in. Draw it in. Keep the hips down until the last minute. Then bring it in. Put them back down and arms up. Exhale, reach, push, pull, boom, boom. Pull it in. Keep them down and keep pulling it and keep it down. Pool.

Then the hit, it might come up. It's all by choice again. Rich open-close Paul Tall. Get him up there. Go ahead, prove it to yourself. You can go toward it too, by the way. Whew. One more like that and we'll change it out. Open, close, Ben. Poor Pool, pool, pool, pool and down. Slight change. Get up there, stay up there. Cross the leg. Six Times. One, two, three, four, five, six, knees together, pull, pull, pull and down. Just one more exhale across. One, two, three, four, five, six. Pull it in, in, in and down.

Feed on the bar. Push yourself out to step into the straps, heels together, and just a few frogs here just to feel the stress. It should be even, or you should try to feel even one of the two may or not, may or may not be true, but you're going to give it a shot. Just two more, but feel how you can draw it in. You can place it away from you. You're in charge. Stay out there. Let the legs rise up. Sink, sink, easy through the hips. It's almost a stretch, right? Or maybe it is. Don't let it pull on your back for circles. Exhale down. Separate around, up together. Exhale, reach and off.

If you can imagine not just the down part, right? We can all do that. It's not heavy. We'd have to be here forever to really get a lot out of it. Rather relaxed to the extent that you can, except from probably reaching longer, meaning pointing way over there. This is it. We're gonna Change Directions. Bring it back up. Inhale up, open. Exhale. You can go wider than the carriage.

If you can control the hips, pay attention. I'm going a little fast for that. So you are your own judge. More up, pushing her around, trying not to work. See the back of the knees so much. That might've been two. It might've been one. If it wasn't finished it then open wide. Go for it.

Now here's the trick. Try not to move the carriage as you bend the heel. Touch them together. Press all the way on. Now here's even a harder trick is you don't let the legs go up or down. So sometimes you really just have to watch. It feels a little carriage moves on this part. By the way, carriage has to move there, but not here as you bend the knees and touch the heels.

It's a bit of a mind game, but isn't that half the reason we're here? Reach and stretch. Continue your energy line going out through the yields, draw them together. We'll reverse it. Bend into the frog. Don't go too deep cause you've got to hold that. Reached the legs, reach all the way to straight and then again you don't pull up and more likely you don't pull down. Skim, skim, heavy tailbone. It doesn't change. You keep the bony landmark pressure stretch.

This is the hard one I think not just because it's second but because there's such a tendency to push down and use the back of the legs and feel nothing. Test Yourself. How little can you do as you bring those legs across in the exact same line? Not the legs really. The feet who I just went down. OOPS, one more. I have to think almost of reaching continuously.

Otherwise I'll well still going up and down but I am thinking that is your head rest down. If you're going to do short spin with me, put it down. I'm still on one and a half. We should start in frog. Everything is set. We press away. You're already ready to go. Your abs are in. Your legs are pressing strong. Keep the hips down for this version. Find the stopper. I am turned out. You still got the squeeze there, the rap.

Now when you roll up, you won't move the carriage at all. It just feels good. You're slightly supported, Ben. The knees too about the shoulder rest the, the body hopefully stayed high and in this version, at least for now, we're going to take everything down, so I'm bringing the whole unit down, trying to get the spine in the amount as much as possible. That's all I have right now. Flex the feet. The whole piece comes over. I don't add to the knee flection there at the end. Press out in, hey, find the stop or can you get more of a stretch there. Exhale, peel up both sides of the body working.

When you're at your high point, your body is a move at all, but the knees will of course bend and now we bring the whole piece down. Everything. Everything is still not moving the carriage until the last minute. Flex and bring it over without flexing more for this version, press out again, flex unfold. Finding a little more length each time. Exhale, peel up again. The back of the arms can be in play. Not a lot, probably in how bend everything coming down.

Skim those knees on the shoulder as bringing everything with you. When you can't do any more, you're still gonna try. As you flex your feet, nothing else changes. You use the hamstrings and the abs to come over and the last one, reach. Fold. Uh, don't give up on the knees here. Don't give up on squeezing the inner thighs. Bring it up. Bring it up.

Bring it up. Oh, it feels good. Bend down. [inaudible] Oh lo, take your feet out. Replace him. Come on up for new stretch series. So just come off the side. You can either leave the springs. I'm going to go to one. And the, it really can be either.

It's just a slightly different focus. Um, I'm going later because I w I really want to feel the inward pull. I was doing this on Nick Roth's machine and it feels different the other day. So [inaudible]. If you're used to lighter, go heavier. That's what I would recommend. Your feet at the shoulder rest. I'm taking my blue spring off so I have one red arms at the show, at the foot bar, feet at the shoulder rest.

Sit back for a moment and just feel sort of the setup of your upper body. You don't want to be so far back that your shoulders are forward of you, but there straight across from the collarbones. Then however you do want the scoop of the belly, the roundness of the spine, the sense that your heels are pushing into that stopper because to really get the fun out of this, you've got to push to then pull, so it's not just a pull looks like it and kind of emphasize that way, but anyway, here we go. You're hovered up enough to clear your legs and it's inhale out. Wow. I have to like, yeah, pull it in and push and pull and push on.

Excellently in the spine is pretty still exhale. Innercise will help for push three, push two and one tons of control there. I'm at the stopper, curl the spine, finding your flat back or what feels probably like a bit of an arch. It probably is a bit of an arch. Same thing. Inhale out. Exhale, pull one and two and try not to move the spine much. Push five press for three strong arms too and one all the way in again, and I'm going up to an up stretch, so you may want to add a spring and has a lot to do with you. Reformer has a lot to do with your height, has a lot to do with your size.

I'm staying on the one I may wish for two, but staying on the one heals partway up if not kind of high. Finding the reach of the tailbone, dropping into the arms a little bit so I don't get overly out on my shoulders. I'm connected back pretty flat and just push back for a few. Inhale back, exhale in. It's as if you want to lighten up on your body to let the spring bring it home and if you're on one spring, you gotta lighten up. It's almost like your tailbone is reaching up to the ceiling.

One more and then we'll change it to what we call upstream too, which is from here, from this pyramid to plank. Your don't really move the exhale to bring it back. In other words, your body is going to move around the hips and shoulders, but you're not gonna travel forward or back. It's a hinge. Inhale, open, hit, exhale, scoop and bring it in. The scoop brings it in, but you're not rounding the back. That's sort of a trick. How can you feel it in the middle of your body instead of your hip flexors? Well, one thing is not to overly stick the butt up and let your head come last. Try and keep it all as one little piece. Last one comes up.

We'll go back to the plank. Hold it in the plank. I'm not gonna move the feet, but I am going to travel forward. Go as far to the stopper as you can say. Flee inner thighs still working. Inhale, keep the shape and push the heels back. Xcel burying it forward. See if you can fill up the lungs without arching your back. Still reaching a high into the hamstrings.

[inaudible] two more. One more sort of us. Now we'll go just halfway or partway back. He'll decide. Go kind of less than more. And then elbows wide. Ben Tried to keep the carriage pretty still. Exhale up. Push up three, two [inaudible] one and come forward to the stopper.

Pushback maybe a tiny bit further, but be cautious here. I'm basically wanting the chest to go toward the bar. One, two, three straight arms. Bring it forward. Can we do one more? If not, you can travel back and forth or I'll meet you at the downs judge. Oh, I went too far and down up. You should feel supported, right? So you can actually do it and that's enough. Bring it forward. Lower to your knees. If your feet come away, put them back. Cause took me a long time to realize how much the hamstrings were involved in the downstream [inaudible] so pushing the heels into the shoulder rest. You can add weight if you want. Feel the hamstrings.

Feel the stretch to the ABS. Push with your feet. Inhale forward. You can change the breath. A inhale here. Exhale. [inaudible] inhale. Okay, I'm going to do two more with the eyes up cause I keep looking down and I bet that's changing my spine. How about you last one, come all the way in. All the way in so much. Keeping the shape that you could come to your fingertips.

You could take your hands off. It's no big deal. You're there if you're not there, get there. Rotate toward the front or right arm perhaps reaching back to the shoulder. Rest. Tuck the pelvis more. Push the feedback more. If you want more of a stretch to the front, bend the elbow that's holding the shoulder rest. Sorry. Lift back up. Both arms up.

Exhale the arms down. We got to do the other side. Both arms up. Rotate to the left side, left heel, left shoulder rest. Try not to lean back a lot. I'm not cause I have long arms so there's benefit, but try not to lean back a lot. Just reach out to back then. If you have long arms or you want more of a stretch and your hips are level, then you can bend keeping the intention of the hips going forward.

Yes. Both arms up and down. Turn right around one spring we'll do kneeling arms grab onto the front or the plastic or maybe you need to double, but just so there's a pretty significant resistance almost to the point in wanting to lean back. But if you think of the down stretch that you just did pelvises forward shoulders over hips, you almost want to lean forward and, but you're not going to fall because you're going to hold yourself up from falling. Exhale, pull back, way back. Hug those up. Your arms get taller. Inhale. You're still working as you go forward. Exhale back. Huh?

He growing up up, up. Huh? So things we say when I teach, I should try it growing up Paul, one more time. Stay back there. Can you hug the upper arms closer to each other without leaning back anymore? I tried accounts for now.

Just turn around re rack those. You're going to get them. And again, in a moment, and I'm going for the BICEP. I'm skipping the circles today for time sake, but let's go for the biceps. For me, I'm going to add a blue. So I have a Red Anna blue. Totally appropriate to keep the red or one or whatever. Challenge it. But again, don't make it only about the arms, right?

So the hips are over. Knees, shoulders over, hips, arms are back as far as they can be without overly, I'll turn sideways for this one. Overly pinching the shoulders together. Right? So the idea is can they, aren't the arms be behind you? Yes, your shoulder blades come together, but if you can avoid the hands getting forced to the side, that would be good. Exhale, pull. Inhale. Oh, it's a good stretch too. I think this is the anti computer. I mean, no offense to computers, right. Anyway. Tall. Feel it. Did Meredith just fucking married?

She's next. Oh yeah. Love on Meredith. Shut up one more. That's good. It doesn't, it's a good stretch. I love that stretch. I don't do that. Stretch enough. All right, we're almost there. Um, let's grab the box. These will do a little side and a little back and that'll be that. If you don't have a box on your reformer, you can do a aside double leg lift on the floor, right? He'd be lying on the floor. Both legs would be lifting and lowering.

Try to keep your um, your feet either slightly in front of you or directly in line with your hips if you do it that way. Um, I'm just pinning the carriage down by adding springs, pulling the strap up to hook my leg. And then for the setup, just reach down to the headrest and, and know that you, you probably rotate one way or the other and you do want to be on your hip, but to be comfortable on one hip might also throw your ribs one way or the other. So we have to kind of moderate for that. I think you'll be all right on this side. The other side, that's a whole different story. So you can either keep your arm on the leg if you're not sure where we're going, you would be here. You want a little more challenge here? More challenge still there. I'm going to go, I'll do two here and then I'll add on if I can. So as we reached down, it is in fact a long arc, right? I'm reaching the heel through the strap, continue to reach the hill to the strap so that you don't ever lose tension.

Art's still strong over too and it's not just your net going right, it's your spine, your whole spine, optional arm change if you want it. Number three is only five, no big deal. If you stay connected, if you'd let your body hang it super hard and before trying to come to a straight line rather than vertical, that makes it so we only have to do five, which is right here, head pushing back and all the way down. I'm going to go for arm to shoulder rest. You might be able to go all the way. I can go all the way, but I feel a little better here today and that's what I'm paying attention to. Help yourself up. Change sides.

The top leg under the strap, trying for a parallel leg. You've got strong quads and most of us do in relation to the rest of our body. We're going to be tempted to turn out by the throws, a lot of things off, so do your best to keep it parallel. Line up. Pay attention to yourself. I did two this way and to the other way. You decide you remember what you did. Oops. Here we go. Inhale.

It's kind of Nice to have your hand in front of your abs too, just to feel what you're working, reaching down. Don't overly reach the head. Let it go with optional arm change for three more. Pushing your head gently back into your hands. One or three, depending on how you're counting in. Here's four or two. No matter how you look at it, this is already the last one. Oh for it. Go for it. Go for it. Find your stretch.

Reaching over. [inaudible]. You can play with this a little, right? You can lean back. You can lean forward one way or the other world generally feel good. But whenever you do, be careful coming up and let's turn the box the other way for a little breaststroke. Not a be.

That would be everything just like that. I'm taking it down to a red. Um, that can change on any given day. So you might want to go lighter. I wouldn't go much heavier. Sorry, I'm just signing which red I want. For some reason I have it in the middle and not entirely short matters. Take hold of your straps. Thumbs in, separated. You're ready to go.

You're just going to reach forward and grab the box and then chest at the edge, maybe slightly over legs together before you even let go of the box. Take a moment and engage the back of the legs. Let's just bend the knees for a second. Don't lift the thighs, bend the knees and can you feel through the glutes without the legs coming way up. Cause that's kind of the challenge on this one. When we add in the rest of the weight, keeping it legs and gauge. So it's, it feels like I'm about to lift my thighs, but I'm not, they're still engaged. I just include the whole sense of trying to lift the legs, but I don't want to lift them. I just want them engaged.

Have I said that enough? Thumbs by your side. Go slow with this one. For shoulders down, reach forward. Inhale, the arms come up and around all the way. Try not to raise the legs anymore than they started refold as if you're skimming across this box, not the low it. Here we go. Inhale, reach around. You can lift higher, a few want, so long as you can keep those legs down. Inhale, I go kind of a long inhale here and then exhale.

You can bring your body down. Inhale, reach. I do turn the thumbs down. By the way, just to accommodate the strap up and around. Can we do two more? Yes sir. I'm really trying to go from my height on the first one. By the way.

You can do it differently, but that's what I try for all the way back. And then hands to the shoulder to the front and I should say near the shoulders of the box and then carefully that it come back. Re Peg these babies come to the end. Let's finish like we started, we have the one spring on. If you have more I would take it off. Big Inhale, exhale, find the edges of your box, bent knees or not. That's up to you. And then push the box away. Find the stretch to the hamstrings, to the spine.

Exhale and resist the box coming in ever. So slightly better said maybe with to be in conjunction or in rhythm with the box. We don't have to fight anything anymore and oh inhale, exhale. And one more time. Inhale, stay out here on this one. Reach the tailbone up, bend the knees a little more. If you're leaning forward and I might be someone a bow back just in case cause I know my habits. Bend the knees a little, reaching the tailbone, stretch your spine more. Just think it. It won't show much cause you're probably pretty close to there.

It's not to do with the arms at all. Then from there, see if you can straighten the legs. You're going to have to hang onto the lower front ribs, the tiniest bed so you don't hyper extend and you don't lift the head up. Let the elbows bend wide, stretch them out. You're reaching an opposition. Just two more for the day.

One more. Hopefully you can take a deeper breath. Keep the arm straight. I think it's a little nicer coming up. Bend or keep the leg straight. Totally up to you. Restacking when you get where you know you can let go of the box. Do stand tall, rotate again from the upper arms.

Push the air up. Maybe it feels lighter or maybe it feels more more, which would be okay to push it down. Grow Tall, and one more with total ease, whatever that means for you to stay supporting yourself, your spine, your spirit are done.


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thanks:)I will check it
Thank you Kristi for a wonderful class. I love my BASI family, really, nothing else feels like a BASI Pilates workout. :) Love! Love!
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Great flow! So I do the ab series probably 2 to 3 times a week. but for whatever reason (your queuing perhaps) I could really feel the work today! thank you Kristi for a great class! I really don't know what I would do without PA! I love it!
Always a great class
Great class! Loved the warm up. High kneel stretch after up stretch is just yummy. Special Thanks Kristy for hamstring cues!
Thanks everyone! I'm glad you are liking this class!
Great class, great flow,great workout??
video cutting in and out!?!?
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