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Have a Ball

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Have a ball in this Level 2 deliberate-paced class. Take movements you already know to a whole new level. Using the ball for basic exercises such as Chest Lifts, Pelvic Curls, and Rolling like a Ball challenges the body in a totally different way. More advanced exercises like the Push Up, Side Kick Kneeling, and Side Stretch Kneeling are also included. Be prepared to be creative with your movements as you challenge your body and your mind with the Stability Ball.
What You'll Need: Mat, Fitness Ball

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Jul 02, 2010
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Okay, here's what we're going to do. Stand up, pick up the ball. So just holding it in your hands. Um, finding yourself in apparel foot position. Uh, your boss is kind of dropped down in front of you, although you are squeezing it slightly, it's going to pull you forward. So as we inhale, we linked in the spine a little taller and as we exhale, we drop the head down towards the chest. You're going to roll yourself down, your ball will end up on the ground. Once it does, you're going to start to lengthen at your spine, stretch up through this tailbone or reach out through the chest. In kneeling there, Xcel start to draw the abdominals back end pressing the pelvis towards the chest. You're rolling back up. And when you need to, the bubble come up off the floor and you just roll it up. It might give you different stretch than you're used to. And then we stand tall.

We're going to do that a couple more times. Excelling as a head drops down the rib cage, pulls up the abdominals, pulling them very deeply, the ball reaches down. And just rest on the floor and then the movement happens from the spine. Shoulders are pulling down towards the waist. As we elongate the back and Xcel drawing the, what is this ball the ball back towards us picking it up off the ground man.

Articulating the spine up one more time. Excelling as you round feeling the heaviness of the ball. Guide your spine and the direction of the ground, but scooping up and lifting through the waist. Ball goes down. We stretched this by now we just look. Ball can roll towards the elbows. Nice flat back position. Exhale for the last time we're coming up.

The ball's coming up with us and worry. Ching down in letting the head be heavy so we get that stretch up the spine. As we come up, we're rolling back down to leave the ball on the ground. The next movement, similar to the one that we have just moved through, except we're not picking the ball back up, so allow the hands to just be where they are. The Bogle roll towards you, a roll towards your elbow as you extend your spine. And then you Xcel to drop backwards and upwards through the abdominals and curve the spine. So it's a half kind of a half movement. Inhale, let the spine lengthen. Reach up through the tailbone, pull the abdominals in.

Get that good movement in the back. Exhale. Chipola so continuing to link breath with movement in how we lengthen. Exhale, we curve shoulders heavy away from the ears. Three Maureen Hilton. Lengthen. Remember as you're excelling to let all the air out of the body.

So really finish the breath out. Two more. Inhale, reach. Don't look up, Jen. Keep your eyes down and exhale to curve. Here's our last one. Inhale. We linked the, now the eyes are down. You're looking between your ankles and then we Xcel to pull back up when you, when the bow reaches close to you enough to let it go. Roll up all the way and then get your ball and sit on it. Heading into a chest lift with a little bit of spinal extension.

So you want to support the lower back with the ball. I'm going to slide, I think. Does anyone feel like they want a sticky mat for their feet? No. I'm going to suffer. Alright, so your low back is supported by the bowl. We have two arm choices. One is behind the head, which is going to be a little more challenging.

The second position is to just cross the arms over the chest. Whatever you're doing with your arms, the upper body is going to go over the ball. That's our inhale. Exhale to lift up so you're just below the ribcage. Inhaling, as you go back over the ball and exhale as you lift up, making sure that it's not a neck movement so the head stays still in the hands. It's the spine that travels over the ball and the abdominals that lift you back to a neutral spine or slightly forward. Have a neutral spine position. Continue moving, breathing in as you go back, deepening the abdominals and breathing out as you lift up and do that five more times. Here's our inhale and here's our exhale.

Try to get a feeling of keeping the ABS engaged so they're pressing into the ball as the spine goes over the top. Last three breathing into, go back head heavy. I was working hard last too. And lift one more time from this place we're gonna reach the hands forward. Cross one elbow over the other and we're going to curl up and over.

So what I envisioned in this is a wave, the crest of the wave pulling in as the top of the wave crashes over the top. So it's a scoop and I curl up and over gonna go five more times here there's one and it's two and three and four. It's our last one. Come all the way at. Walk your feet a little closer to the ball. Let your arms come down for a moment. Again, you have a couple of choices. If you could bring your legs together, it'll provide a great deal of stability. Challenge.

If that feels too much to separate your legs. And I'll get quite a lot easier right away. Hands behind the head, fingers into lace, guide the head upwards towards the ceiling. And then pull the shoulders in the opposite direction. Breathe in. As you breathe out, rotate your spine in my direction. Don't over do it. Just kind of allow a gentle rotation to happen. Anyhow, we come back to center and Exhale, we turn the opposite way.

Try to avoid bringing the elbows around. So once you've set your head, elbow position, it's the rotation of the spine that we're primarily concerned with. Feeling the obliques engaged. As we turn, we did not having to think so much about or having to deal with hamstring, hip flexor tightness. It might be an opportunity to create more mobility. And we turn and we come back and we turn [inaudible]. I may come back and it's going to be our last one today, opposite side, turning the body and then bringing ourselves back from there.

Walk yourself back down or just pick up your hips and move the ball up. So once again, your low back is supported by it. The further down the ball you are, the easier the higher up, the harder a choose your arm position up to you. Totally. We're going to go over the back again. There's our inhale. As we exhale. We're going to come up through center first and then turn to the left and then back and up through center first to turn to the right and back.

Think about what we just talked about with the elbows. So the elbows stay in one shade as the rotation happens around the waist. Turning from around the ribs, deeply contracting the abs to prepare for the lift and also to support the spine as it goes back. Continue to alternate sides excelling to lift. [inaudible] we're going to do four more to each side. Starting now if you get tired, feels too much arms in front.

We'll make it easier. Make it doable. Here's three and ah, and two. Oh sorry. Now it's two, two, both sides and back. Hold here. Send your arms out in front of you so they make a pointer and then reach the point or down to the outside of that thigh. So it's a small movement.

Gentle pulse. Yeah, supporting from the low back. Contracting in the old leaks. Shoulders are reaching away. Last for very too one. We're going to raise the arms up, put them back behind the head, take the body over the ball, lift up to the right, make a pointer with your hands, hands just in front of the chest, and then it's a down towards the outside of the knee contraction, so it's just a small trying to curve the spine from right underneath the ribs. Belly draws in as we go forward. Last four, three, two Anne one. We're going to separate the arms. Raise him up. Just got a little harder.

They're bringing back behind the head or Candice in your case just in front of you, and then just stretch all the way back over. If you want to at the bottom, you can release your arms down towards the ground, should get a pretty nice stretch there. Let's take a moment. Reach your arms around to the sides in a circular motion. Lift the head back up and let's here. Just slide down the ball onto the ground.

Take them off. It didn't work quite as well as I had hoped, but here we are on the ground with our malls. Pick up the ball, lie down onto your back and put your feet on it. So going into yes, I forgot the name of the exercise. Pardon me. We're going into a rotation of the spine, spine, twist supine. Go into the a window. Inhale, keep the knees lined up.

You may get be able to get a little bit more movement than you generally can, but definitely keep the knees together. Exxon durag the ball back through center. Anyhow, we go up and over to the other side and exhale. So how in the ball your arms can be out to the sides or down in a low V and finishing my thought, allowing the ball to support the legs enough so we are able to channel more energy into the abdominal where it's not a big movement. Kind of a gentle rotation from side to side. Inhaling across to one side, exhaling as you pull back.

Inhaling across to the other side, exhaling to pull back. We're going to do two more tie this side as you go towards the window. Pull your belly away from your knees so you'd get work on the way over as well as on the way back back to the other side and home. Here's the last one in here. Cross over. Exhale, come home in how crossover and Xcel to come home. Alright, so from here we're going to head into the pelvic curl.

You're going to separate your legs a little bit. Be prepared to wobble a little. It's, it's likely. Dig Your heels down into the ball so you start to feel the hamstrings engaged already. Then as you exhale, roll yourself. Have pressing the heels into the ball, lifting through the pelvis, rolling up one vertebra at a time until you're lifted up onto your shoulders. We're going to inhale and hold. Exhale, start from the chest, pressing the chest down into the mat.

Then each rib individually comes down and finally we reach all the way down and allow the pelvis to come back to a neutral position. Breathe in, breathe out as you press the heels into the ball to roll the spine off. Lifting, talking the pelvis, pressing up into the hips. Inhale, hold and exhale to travel back down chest than one bony landmark at a time. It's a good idea to just kind of keep your eyes reaching forward towards your knees excelling to lift again if you notice them well. Let me say that differently. Imagine squeezing a tennis ball between your knees so they see super parallel to one another. We're coming back down. What am I going to do that three more times? Here we go. Exhaling to left, pressing the heels in to raise up through the spine. Get a lot of movement here.

So really try to Max out the mobility factor as you come down. Oh one more please. Excelling as we articulated in kneeling, as we hold at the top and exhale as we peel the spine down. Nice and slowly. Take your feet to the outsides of your ball, flatten the back into the ground, and then pick the ball up. So we're squeezing the ball between the knees.

Now this is a little bit heavier than we're normally used to. We're going to bring the hands behind that lifting the head and chest. So all of these movements that we're doing today with the ball can be done without the ball. Let's stretch the legs up and then lower the legs, but keep this line flat and then drag the legs back towards you. By the way, you might as well squeeze the ball. Gotta squeeze it to hold it up. Kind of slowed down on three, two, one up on three, two, one.

If that's hand behind the head position isn't happy for you or comfortable. Bring your arms forward and do that three more times. One, two, three, down to three back stays. Still steady down. Two, three, lift two, three stop. Reach your arms up. And then with the intention of reaching up over the ball, lift the body.

It's a small lift. Squeeze the ball while you're there. Yeah, scooping and lifting into the abdominals, keeping the tailbone down. Last four, three, two, one. While your hands are there, dropped the ball into your hands. Bring your legs together, Bend your knees and slide your legs down along the Mat. Raise the ball over your head. Challenging the ribcage to stay down.

We're going into the roll up. We pick the ball up over the chest, follow the ball with the forehead, roll through the spine with control. Squeeze the ball a little bit. Stay around at the top. Inhale there, exhale as you come back down, you're running into each other. Ball, collision, ball goes over the head, head and chest. Come up, pressing into the ball, shoulders reaching down, curving the spine. Jennifer, just look up a little bit and XLE rolled. Yeah, so you can do it. If it the ball feels heavy, you can do a Candice is doing and just roll it along your body or you can keep it lifted up. It's totally up to you. They both work great and we rolled down and we left and we inhale head, chest, and we exhale deep and contracts through the abdominals. Feel linked in the spine. As you come up and over, go on three more times.

We're all in back. The back of the head touches that ball reaches overhead. Shoulders stay down, lift, curl. Two more. Rolling down. This time we're going to go a little bit more slowly. We're going to place the bones of the spine, one at a time into the mat, or a little tougher when it's slow. Inhale head, chest. Exhale slowly with precision and last one here, rolling all the way back down, raising the ball, lifting the head and chest, curving this finer.

And if it's not on your legs already, set the ball down on your leg and roll it forward so it presses into the tips of the toes. Should give you a pretty decent foot stretch. And then we're gonna come back up separating the legs, the balls gonna just set between the legs. This is a big ball for the spine. Stretch forward and here's how it's going to go today. Hands are just gently resting on the ball. You start with a straight spine.

If you need your engineers, you will as you exhale, start with the head. Draw the abdominals back as you roll the ball forward. Go as far as you can, but don't let your shoulders climb up into your ears. Then exhale as you curve the spine back, the bull just kinda moves because the spine is moving. As always. Inhale at the top. Exhale, travel forward, rolling forward, deepening the abdominal contraction, feeling space between the ears in the shoulders. Exhale, coming back up, working the front of the body to stack the spine to get taller every time.

Go and again, rolling down an exhaling to come up. [inaudible]. Okay, so continuing that rolling motion of the ball spine. Stretch forward. We go down first. So there's that. As you inhale, you're going to start to bring the chest towards the ball and the ball's gonna roll back towards your body is your listen to the ball x.

Help reach the ball back forward maybe a little further than you started and roll back up to sitting up straight. Inhale again. Exhale, we roll down. Inhale, extend, reaching the chest forwards, lifting the tail bone back. The ball just comes towards the body. It's lovely. XL. Jennifer, I think you could be a little lower when you go into a straight back and roll up. So I don't have the flexibility to be very low and be very straight.

Go again, excelling as you round down, but you do. And then fall and then inhale, start to reach up, lift your chest. Don't, don't roll back up. So bring the chest towards the ball and the ball towards the chest. That's it. And then take it back to them.

Do you still want that diagonal line and then roll back up? Let's do two more XL to roll forward. Inhale to lengthen the spine, allowing the ball to travel back towards you. That's better. Exhale to reach the ball forward and roll back up. Last time, Xcel, we send this fine file in how we linked in the back, pressing the ball, pulling in the ball, perhaps towards the body, ribs and belly deep. See you there. Can you lightly squeeze the ball and pick it up and reaching the arms?

The ball right up near the ears. Any I'll reach down. The ball just touches and exhale. We pick it up, sending the head in the direction that the ball is traveling, the spine and the direction that the ball is traveling last two times. Okay, one more. And then reach the ball down. Once again, just reach forward through your spine. Go as far forward as you want and roll all the way back up. Okay.

Bring your legs together. Here's another rotation. We did it a little bit earlier. This time we're getting, we are dealing with leg tightnesses of all different sorts. So if you need to bend your knees, you're well choices, straight arms overhead with the ball. Just kind of resting in your hands. Choice B that the had a ball rests on your head. It's a little less heavy. Here we go. So whatever you're doing, your spine is nice and long and let's turn towards the windows and look for some dolphins. I don't see any, so let's go the other way.

Turning in the opposite direction, keeping their waist working hard. Inhaling as you come back growing, it's like the balls pulling the spine up as it rests heavy in your hands and you know we come back and exhale, twist. Inhale. We deep named, almost coming back to center at cell turn again. If the ball is distracting or too heavy, put it down, pick it up for the next thing. No, we come back. [inaudible] excellent. We turn, we're going to do this one and three more. Exhale, rotate. Inhale, back to center.

Excellent. One more time to the ocean. Lifting Taller, taller, taller. Inhale to come back last time to the other side and he'll take them back. Point your feet, reach down, put the ball down on your legs, push it far, and then, um, take your feet out from underneath the ball. Bend your knees. This is rolling like a ball with the ball. So what we're gonna do is tuck ourselves into our tiny little rolling like a ball position that we all know and love. If you have a smaller ball, this will be slightly easier, but you're going to pull with your upper back, the ball towards your shin. So it's arresting on your shins. Feet are just lifted up off the ground.

And then it's the same exercise that you know, inhale as you rock back and exhale as you come up for balance. It's a little harder than, than it might seem, isn't it? Rocking back and will for me to rolling back, encouraging your body to stay small. All right. I'm laughing at myself trying to do what I say and see. Three more. Rolling back, lifting. Two more. Rolling back, lifting up. Ooh, it didn't make it that time. Last one.

Stretch your legs out on the ground. Roll yourself all the way down. Bring the ball back underneath your feet. This is the bottom lift with extensions. So we're going to be going up into a pelvic curl and doing some leg extensions. Be careful not to straighten the legs all the way.

It may put too much pressure on the lower back. The arms are down at your sides. And here we go. We XL to start peeling the pelvis up, rolling ribs, pressing downwards as the pubic bone lifts higher than them. Find your high position and then press the ball halfway at the needs to be bent and then pull it back in. You might feel your hamstrings just a little bit, and that was sarcastic comment just in case you didn't realize. And Paul last two out and then in one more out and then in. And with that Curl Dan.

Well away you guys up for another set. Okay, one more. Rolling up. Staying up for five. Repeal enlisted pelvis. We are each the ball that and we just pull it back in as the ball goes forward.

Keep the pelvis high and stuff. Last three, lean back and two fooling back. One to go. Bring it home. Stay in hand and slowly lower yourself down. One repetition away from a crap. Oh, good on you. Okay, so just let one leg rests on the bulb ring. Let's say the right leg in.

So for the sake of not confusing, the teacher, pull the leg right up towards the chest and then you want to be hanging on behind your side, not behind the tendons in your knee. You're just gonna reach that leg overhead. It may or may not straighten, but keep it quite close to you and then bed and we'll do three. Reach up almost like you're afraid to reach it over your head and the last one and then bent and change hugging the knee towards the body first. We then stretch the leg up, lengthening, pulling the belly button in the opposite direction and we fold it back in. Maybe guide it a little closer to the chest side, I don't know. And last time here.

Okay, and then we're going to bring the ball back into our hands. I'm just going to pick mine up with my feet and send it into my hands for the double leg stretch. Single leg stretching Chris Cross again, please. If it's too heavy, too hard, put the ball down or just rest. Lifting the head and chest. The balls gonna go just over the shins. From there we're going to stretch the legs out. Reach the ball overhead. Exhale, bring everything back in. He'll stretch the legs out.

Ball goes overhead and we exhale to pull back. Continue to challenge the lift of the upper body. Continue to make sure that the back is flat. As the legs go out in the arms, go up and we pull back. It's an inhale to reach and an exhale to dig deep to drag and an inhale to reach and an exhale did dig, deepen, drag last too. One more. Stay there.

Just keep the ball at where it is and lower the head and chest. Here we go again. In fact, pushed the ball on your knees, push your knees into the ball, curl up into a really nice high curl. Stretch the right leg out and then drag the left knee in under the ball while stay still and we just change and change and reach. Squeezing the inner thighs towards one another as they pass one another by reach. Keep the upper body contracted or the connection in the upper body. Last for four looking for stability. Shoulders down, three, two on more.

Bring both knees in and let the body come down for a moment. Let the ball rests on the knees coming up. One more time for the Chris Cross. The legs are going to do the same thing and I'll tell you what to do with the ball. Now here we go. We lift to stretch the leg closest, oh, I don't know. Stretch up through the right leg rotates so the ball is crossing the body and just outside of the left Shin. Change and change. Little fast.

Again, look for precision for control, not too big, just right outside that Shin. The inner sigh of both legs, especially the Bentley is crossing. In fact, as you bring the ball across the leg, cross the leg across the body, the opposite direction. Oh, how about three more? There's one and two, three. And then let's bring it all the way down. Place the feet down. Rest the bottom. This is the biggest fight I've ever done this with. All right. Just take a rest of ball on your belly.

Turn your head in one direction, give you like a stretch, and then come back to center and then put the ball in between your knees. Um, I am going to have to hold mine in place, not super wide feet and definitely parallel feet. So I'm, we're gonna try to, we're going to definitely going to do some inner thighs here, but we're going to try and involve the abdominal. So as you press your knees into the volume, what you to squeeze, like you're synching up a core set and then inhale, release a little and exhale, squeeze like you're synching the core segment and release and keep going like that. So we don't squeeze until the abdominals are drawn down. They're preparing us or stabling stabilizing us. Keeping a neutral spine position. IG. Squeeze your biggest.

Think about both legs working evenly. Are we going to do that two more times and one more time. And then just little presses like you could potentially pop the ball. 10 of them, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two Oh, pick up your ball. Bring the bottoms of your feet together. Hoping the knees out to the sides, allowing the addicts at. Doctors can't speak today. Sorry.

Stretch out your legs. Lift your head and chest. Curve the spine all the way up. Okay. Our next challenge. Bend your knees, shift back so that you're sitting just behind your tailbone and then pick up one leg and then pick up the other leg. So starting with the teaser prep, roll yourself down towards your shoulder blades, trying to keep your legs still and then you're going to reach the ball forward towards your knees rolling first forward and then lengthening back when more like that or all the rest of them like that. But I'm going to add an option option. Stretch the legs, push the ball or let the ball rest on the legs and then as you roll your spine down towards your shoulders, roll the ball along your thighs and then roll it up. Hill lifting, lifting, lifting, lifting, lifting, and then roll it down hill. It's like the weight of the world, isn't it? I don't know. I feel like it helps kind of.

How about two more times? Rolling back town. You could also try resting your feet on the ball and just moving your body. You could keep your knees bent. That's helpful. This is it. Last one and up and then pick up the ball and lower your legs and take a stretch forward. Same thing. Push the ball on your feet. All right. From there we're gonna come up onto her knees.

[inaudible]. Yeah, getting the body positions or the hand positions are in positions might be slightly different depending on the size of your ball. But what you're going to do essentially is put your hip right up against the side of the ball, stretch the that leg out straight and then lower your body over the ball so you're resting on it. Really, if you need to adjust your bottom knee for comfort, do so. If you have a small ball, you may be able to place your hand on the ground. I'm just gonna wrap mine when around.

So we're going to pull our abdominals in and we're going to reach that like that's on the ground out in, up and down, out in up. And believe me when I say that your obliques are working here and if you work on squeezing them in, they'll work even harder for you reaching the lego waist from you as it comes up last for using this as an oblique bleak exercise. Even though we're all feeling our hips last time, keep the leg up, flex the foot and swing leg forward. Try not to move the ball, point the leg and reach it back and swing it forward and point, reach back and swing it forward. So here's a good way to see how much in the sidekick kneeling. We actually do allow our body to move.

Here's the last five and that for think about pulling the leg towards you from your dominoes to one. Anyone need any more hip work? Let's bend. Come down onto that knee. And if you turn your body slightly towards the ball, your chest and your pelvis and sit away from the ball into the hip, you just worked, you should get a stretch. And then from there you can also roll the ball away from you as far as you want to. You getting a, everyone's a little different so you can play with where the positioning of the ball makes you feel. The greatest stretch. And then we're going to come back up. Well, it's going to stay on the same side for now.

Just check the ear in a neutral spine with the front of your hip in the back of your hip bones. Those two bones are straight across from one another. Reach your other arm up to the air. By looking at it. I was trying to see which one it was. Jennifer, go up towards your ear. What? What are you, how would you could speak to me. Okay, so from here we're just going to roll the ball away. Now again, the movement of the ball is because the spine is moving, not because we're pushing it or pulling it. Then exhale to pull up from the obliques on that side.

So we reach up to go over. So there's, here's what we were talking about earlier, Candice, that side Bend and then you will reach up creating length and both sides of the body. So although the upper obe leak, the one that's stretching right now is absolutely the one that is the focal point. When you get to the top, you want to be feeling bowls. You okay? Oh, oh, you got the spotlight? Yeah, and up. One more to go reach out and then we lift back up to tall. From here, let's bring that arm straight out to the side. We're going to inhale, press the ball away again. Exhale, rotate the spine, bringing that arm around, turning the body. Inhale, come back, open out, and exhale come up. So it's similar to the mermaid. We inhale to go over. Exhale, turning from the waist. We reach around for the ball. You may not touch it, you may. It doesn't really matter. What does matter is that the abdominals is supporting the movement, that the shoulders are stable, that the what else? That the work happens at the waist and not just from the arm and back.

Okay? And up. That's going to be our last one. Turning through the common back and coming back. Many of you just bring your ball over to the other side. We'll do that side. Okay, so the balls up against the thigh. I like to push my right up against it, get a little bit of balance that way, and then lean on it again. Feel free to adjust the bottom knee as you wish for comfort.

And I'm not lifting up off the ball. I'm literally lying on it. All right, so from there we've got our abs pulled in. We're going to reach that top like out in and out, in working from the waist. As you're moving through the head, Jennifer, you're um, doing this a little bit better and you should feel like you're able to get more abs in. Lie over the ball a little if you can. Oh, this is one. Yeah, like that. Flex your foot when the leg forward. No movement in the ball and swing it back and swing it forward. Pulling it towards you like there's a cable attached behind your belly button to your toe.

Height of the leg will be dictated by how big you have to lift up with your ball, keeping the abs pulled in as a leg travels to the back as well for support of the spine. This is the last four back. Sane, super strong in the way. Super still relax your bottom shoulder. A Little Jen, if you can. Last two. Oh, I lost it. This is it. Reach it up, up, up, up, up, up, up, and swing it in. Lift up off of your ball, rotate towards the bottom and sit into the hip. You've just worked.

And then again you can play with moving the ball more away from me and moving it from side to side. Just be careful with your body. Okay. And then we come back up rolling the ball towards us and we're back on our knees or your knees. Okay. All right. So the three are, it's kind of hot today. Maybe we can in the future open the windows even though the lights are, yeah, I could probably open the window right this minute. Oh I was going to say next time but it's good to sweat.

Here we go. Our arms are reaching up towards the ear. Just rest your hand there rather than hugging the ball towards you. And then we inhale. It's an up over feeling and Xcel from the old Blake's we are coming up in how reaching up and over. Thanks candy and XL. It was freezing when we got and when I walked in today.

I know it's definitely not reaching, lengthening up, up, up through the spine. Thank you. It was nice. Yeah. What set bottom shoulders. Keep it stable. So as you're going to this side, go heavy with the shoulder blade on that side and then we can do that out two more times. Creating link on all sides of the body. It's not just the left that's working, coming up and one more. And then coming out.

We've set our out to the side. Inhaling as you go over into that same lateral flection, Xcel as you rotate your spine, your hip might move back slightly, not a big deal. Keep the shoulders down and he'll open back up and exhale from the obliques. We reached back up to straight end. Here we go. Over the top. Exhale we curve and here we come back and excelling to left. Have three more reaching over Irving through this fine. Opening this line back up and coming up last too.

Deep rotation through the trunk. Deep abdominal work and lift. Last time I'm back to come all the way back. Okay, so what are we going to do? Some pushups, some holidays for shops. How are we going to do that? Is you want to bring your ball right up towards the edge of your mat and I'm actually going to get off mine cause I want a little more space. Basically you want to be able to work, walk your body forward and be on the ball and on your mat.

Not bonking heads. I'm going to go about to my knees, maybe just above the knees, around the thigh, shoulderblades down abdominals and gonna. Bend your arms, feeling the elbows move towards the ball and down him the up for five. Then press up for shoulders, pulling towards the waist, elbows reaching in last too and one more from there we're going to breathe in. As we exhale, we're going to start to pick up with the ABS. You're going to around your back and as you round your back, the ball is going to float in and your knees are going to bend.

Head goes down between the arms. Inhale to reach back to plank position. Exhale to curve the spine deeply contracting through the abdominals as you reached the ball in towards the body. Inhale to release back. Keep the shoulders stable in both directions. Pull in and we reached back last two a little quicker and back one more ladies. Can we do another set of, do we need to rest first? Let's do it. Elbows towards the waist. Make it small. What your focus is is that the con pulling down of the shoulders, the emphasis on the upper back.

This is one and then we've got five pikes rounding could play with piking up with straight legs if you wanted to, but I would be careful and I'm not going to, yeah, don't do it. If you're going to fall over, that's for sure and lift. But if you say we're really experienced with the pike on say the one to chair might be a fun thing to try someday. Last to diff contraction of the eds. Allow the knees to bend rather than forcing the needs to bend.

So it's all about the work and the waste rather than the work in the legs. Odessey last too. I don't remember. This can be the last one coming up right now. Like sal curve. Inhale reach choices either step off the ball. I'm walking back towards my ball with my hands and then I'm just gonna lie over the top of it and I'm going to let us hang out here for a second.

Most of us by rolling back and forth along the ball can find a stretch that feels like when you need, usually by going towards [inaudible], the upper back, it becomes more of an upper back stretch. By going towards the lower back becomes more of a lower back stretch. The legs can be straight or bent. Okay. And then we're just going to carefully come down. So you guys could just come to your knees.

I'm gonna have to get off my ball this way. Alright, a couple more things. The cat stretch. This is a good one. It feels good. All right. So again, we go back to the idea that we're not pushing the ball forward with our arms, but the ball is moving because our spines changing shape. Okay, so here we are. He owns on the outside of the ball. Nice, tall spine. I want to present to your shins a little bit for stability. Exhale, start to let your head go towards your chest.

Don't go too low before you start to let the body elongate the ball. We'll more than likely move up upwards. Some you come to it straight back. Inhale, hold, exhale. Feel the backs of your legs. Engage as you press the pelvis forward. You're curving the spine, dragging the ball back towards you. It's okay to change the hand positions a little bit. Um, roll the ball with you if you will. So we go down, we long gait, the spine, lifts, tailbone lifts, inhale and exhale. Took her back rolling all the way up to s. Kneeling on your knees again. Excellent.

As you travel float. I'm just going to watch. Just gonna Watch one. I think the chest lifts up. It's nice, Jennifer and I. Swinney good and Act Nice. Everyone looks so good. I can do another one. Let's do two more. Manipulating this spinal, allowing the work to happen, the length to happen, but also remember when, where we come back from, which is our center that's working the whole time. Here's this is going to be our last one. At your own pace. We're rolling down, re elongating the spine, stretching out, ah, and excelling as you come back.

Okay. This next one is one of my favorite back exercises in the world. Um, here's how it goes. You can either be just like a bit on bent knees, which I generally prefer. All with this big ball, I might change my mind or you can have straight legs. It's totally up to you. But basically what you're gonna do, so bet knees would look like this. And straight legs. I think that's an obvious statement. Here we go. So just reach around the ball with your body and then as you inhale, reach just your arms up to your sides so that as they come up, they're going to pull away from one another. You haven't arched your back much at all.

Then you're going to rotate your elbows forward and send the chest forward. So you're just picking it up off the ball about an inch and then you return the hands back down and we reach around and hug the ball. Let's do it again. This is when you wish you had the big ball. So one of the big bump. No, seriously, I don't want it. You can have it. Should we spend the rest of our time arguing about which bald have, okay, so you reach over the top. Kenny, you might be happy on your knees. Aye. Yeah.

So let it be about this. Fine. Don't worry about what the legs are doing. And if I were you, I would go kind of on a diagonal with my legs. So you're just in a comfortable position. Yeah. And you just want to be comfortable initially and then you just see Ahrens. So let the ball support you enough so you're able to tap into your upper sentences.

Okay. And then you return to neutral or straight back and you come back over the ball and had the breathing. I like his breathing in as your arms come straight up or you've done nothing wrong. I just want to kind of check it out. Xcel, as you rotate the elbows down in that rotation of the arms, sends the chest up and then you come back towards straight right there. Don't drop your head and then your body goes down. Is your arms go down, inhale arms, and then exhale, you're going rolling the elbows downwards. It's an external rotation of the shoulders.

And then that's what it's picking you up here. And then you try to return the shoulders towards neutral and then you go over the top like that. Oh, isn't it? Let's do it. Let's do it again out and then not too much ice for do you want your eyes pretty much down? Just out. And it's like you're turning your arm bones in their sockets and that's what's, and you don't really lift your back much. It's like, ah, I have no words.

Uh, as the arms turn, the chest comes ever so slightly up. Like you're bending from right below your bra or right on top of your bra extending to the spine. You are here men's hip. And then what do you mean? Well, uh, no. So you were doing it right, so you would just come up, you guys, if you're done just rest over the bowel where this is that, that was the end. The grand finale. So that's where you're starting. I'm a ponies health roller. I really, I pull hair all day long and then as you turn your elbows, it's like that's what's picking your chest up, get in, get, and then you just returned back towards neutral treating pumps back down and then everything goes down. Yeah. All right.

Just find a stretch over your ball again. So different ball sizes, different stretches. You pick one you like pick a part of your back that you feel like needs work. And as you stretch over your ball, just a lot of tension out of the body. Maybe roll back and forth a little bit and have a couple of deep breaths. And then when you're ready, just gently roll back onto your knees, off the ball. And, and that is all for the day. Good job. You guys.


What a great class, thank you. It's amazing how much harder you work with props.
That was great. It really challenged my core and made me think about precision.
Please tell me that the roll up with our heels digging into the ball was a level 2 bordering on 3 exercise! LOL
Had so much fun and a lot of awareness with this routine. Thanks.
Thanks for the kind words guys. The ball is a great way to challenge exercises in a different way!
Enjoyed it even more today when I took this class for the second time. Give us more!!
Have I ever told you how much I enjoy this routine? lol
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Just what I needed to start my day. I feel alive. Thanks Meredith again.
Michael L
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I love your classes! I love your energy you bring to them as well! Would love to take a class in person some day! Thanks so much!
Thanks Michael! Please do come take a class. I love meeting PA fans.
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