Class #2060

Mat Workout

60 min - Class


Work your whole body with Courtney Miller in this Pilates/barre fusion Mat workout. To add resistance to the movement, she uses two 2 lb Weighted Balls, but if you don't have them, you can use light hand weights or no weights at all. You'll start with a standing warm up and move through Kneeling Side Kicks, Swan, Teaser, Shoulder Bridge, Rolling Like a Ball, and more. Have fun, and allow your muscles to really move your body!
What You'll Need: Mat, Weighted Balls

About This Video


Welcome guys. Thank you for coming. We have a super fun mat class. I think I say that about all my classes though. They're super fun. So you guys will have to tell me at the end of the class if ...


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A real killer workout. Thank you very much:)
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Great, innovative moves! A super workout!
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creative and fun as always :)
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A very unique workout. My curiosity about she would ask for next coupled with her engaging teaching style made this a hard working delightful hour.
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So creative , fun, and with a good dynamic flow that wasn't just flexion.. I like how there wasn't too much instructor centered talk about clients . This kept it moving for those who want to workout( us non instructors).
Love how you incorporated the toning balls and the flow.
Thank you, Courtney! I've never incorporated the weighted balls into my classes; now I finally have some ideas!
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Love this one! Courtney always gives an amazing class with excellent, clear cuing. I feel so energized (and thoroughly worked) now!
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I recognized some Reformer, some Barre, lots of Mat, and some very unique exercises that only Courtney Miller could concoct in her endless array of fun things to do! :)
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Yay!!! Courtney is back:) What can I say that hasn't been said already...challenging without being impossible, great flow, succint cueing, creative integration of different forms of pilates and barre work and FUN! I'm about to take my STOTT full exam and you continue to teach me so much more! Thank you and hoping you will do a tower class soon:)
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