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Courtney Miller

Courtney Miller

Courtney Miller is a Pilates Educator and Teacher Trainer who earned her primary comprehensive certification with STOTT PILATES® at the Toronto Canada head office.
Read More She has studied worldwide in both classical and contemporary Pilates methods and welcomes learning opportunities whenever possible.

She began teaching in the fitness industry in 2001 and has passionately pursued certifications in Pilates, yoga, prenatal fitness, rehabilitation, ballet barre, suspension training, AntiGravity fitness, nutrition, and personal training. In addition to working with clients and teaching movement professionals, Courtney develops fun and informative continuing education courses incorporating unique and contemporary Pilates fusion workshops. Courtney is a Pilates Style Cover model, ambassador and spokesmodel for ToeSox, published fitness writer and contributor, and fitness/exercise model.

"I believe Pilates should be fun and functional. I aim to educate my clients on the essence of the movement as this will stay with them long after the session ends and into their everyday life. Once a client starts to incorporate Pilates principles of proper biomechanics and functional alignment into what they do daily, they begin to move with more efficiency. This translates into more energy, less pain, improved endurance and strength, an elated mood, and an increased sense of empowerment. To be able to do what we love more often and with greater ease makes people happier, improves their quality of life, and spreads positive energy!"

Originally from London Ontario Canada, Courtney found her bliss in Southern California in 2008. When not teaching Pilates you will find Courtney on the beach, playing outside, in a yoga class, hiking with her boxers Paris and Sven, and enjoying life with her love, Mathias. To learn more about Courtney please visit her website.
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