Class #2063

Reformer Workout

65 min - Class


Play with movement in this feel good Reformer workout with Courtney Miller. She teaches many of her favorite exercises which allow freedom in motion while you work on power and precision. She also works on positive body language so you are open to receive the happiness that comes from movement.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Jump Board

About This Video


Hi, guys. I'm Courtney Miller here. I'm teaching you a reformer class. It's just a feel good class. So I'm just going to choose the exercises that I love to do and hopefully you love them too. I...


This is eve better with my one day old tower reformer:)))))) thank you very much Courtney.
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I am always excited when Courtney has a new class...they never disappoint! This was the perfect way to start my day in the midst of yet another snowstorm in Boston. Thank you..awesome as always!!
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Courtney is in the house..ouchhhhh (in a good way) but ouchhhh....beautiful class, awesome teaching....Thanks
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Absolutely LOVE your classes Courtney!! So happy to see you back on PA! Very creative and informative, can't wait to give this class a try.
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Love this - love how athletic and playful Courtney Miller makes her classes - always enjoy them.
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Creative and challenging---Courtney!
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Courtney we love u so muchhhhh!!!!
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Courtney hands down is the Best Instructor!! Your instructions are precise and easy to follow. Great choreography flows smoothly and love the new exercises!! Always a fan! Wish you posted more videos frequently! Thank you for giving such great classes!! :)
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could you confirm what a green spring is? on a Merrithew reformer I have a blue and white which would be 3/4 spring is that the equivalent?
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Creative, challenging, inspiring, and fun! Great class!
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