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Mixed Equipment Adventure

50 min - Class


Enjoy an adventure with Leah Stewart as she takes you through a challenging Mixed Equipment workout. She includes exercises that work on coordination, control, and stabilization while incorporating the springs on the Cadillac with the Wunda Chair. These creative movements will make you feel as strong and as graceful as a beautiful dancer!
What You'll Need: Mat, Wunda Chair, Cadillac, Mixed Equipment

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Hi. Thank you for joining me today. I'm Leah Stewart and I'm so excited to be doing this class. Today we're doing a class that is a combination of the one end of the Cadillac and the one to chair. Um, this is really inspired by working with a half trap, which is a half of a Cadillac and a reformer, a combo unit. And that's really where, that's what I have in my politesse studio. That's really where the inspiration from this work really comes from.

So we're gonna kind of be focusing on this side of the Cadillac or on this ass end of year to have your half trap of your tower. And I'm going to Kinda just let you know what we need here. Um, you're gonna need your roll up, Bart. You're gonna need two long legs springs and two short arm springs and we're going to kind of be moving this, um, a across bar, up and down. Of course, if you have the half chop, you have the little, uh, islets all the way down. Um, so you can kind of adjust accordingly. You can kind of watch where I put the cross bar according to the resistance that I like to work with and then you can kind of work with it on what feels best for you. But I really had a lot of fun, um, with the creation of this class, really focusing on how we can do the one to chair and incorporate the springs from the Cadillac. Um, incorporate a little bit of the bed of the Cadillac and I hope that you really enjoy this adventure with me. Of course, at any time if I'm doing one of the exercises that we know and love on the one to share, why add some leg springs or arms springs, if it's a little too challenging for you or if you don't feel quite comfortable with it, please just take the leg springs or the arm springs away and perform the same exercise. Maybe just doing it as the way that we know and love on the one to chair.

So just a little bit of suggestion for you. So let's go ahead and get started. So our spring set up on the one chair is going to be, I'm going to say for the balanced body, we're going to be on a one side zero and the other side too. So you want a pretty light resistance and go ahead and take your roll up bar and you want to bring your crossbar. You want to attach it pretty low cause we're going to be doing a little roll back, a little roll epos series here. You want just the right amount of support from your spring, um, but you don't want to feel like it's gonna Fling you forward.

So go ahead and set your feet on the base of your one to chair and get yourself really nice and upright on top of your pelvic bones. Excuse me. Right on top of the sits bones, those issial tuberocities. And Go ahead and hold on the outset of your roll at bar and just feel yourself in space here. Feel how it's quite challenging at the beginning of class to sit into this position. But we're going to go ahead and make that a little bit more achievable, a little bit easier by doing all this movement.

So you're going to take your breath in and with your exhale, you're going to go into a poster till contracting the public floor contract in the abdominals rolling back, and you're gonna flex your feet and dig your heels into that base of the one that chair. And then inhale roll through your feet and articulate back up and XL again. So just a little pre warmup warmup here to get that pelvis moving, to get that spine moving ankles as feet moving, feeling that connection with the shoulders and just feeling that flow through your body to more exhale and inhale filled nice and lifted out through the crown of the head. And exhale, I want you to hold here and draw the bar back with an Xcel one. And every time you pull that bar back, I want you to hollow a little bit deeper through your abdomen. I want you to feel that connection drive down through your body.

Your elbows should be a little bit lower, I think have a little bit of a low row so that you're not getting tension into your neck and feel that challenge on this ability of your torso. As you pull those arms back, it's really easy to want to push the abdominal wall out. I need you to draw it in, dig a little bit deeper, think more rectus, more obliques, and more transverse abdominis and then go ahead and come back up. We are going to continue that, but we're going to take the feet on top of the pedals, so flex. You remember you're on a light spring there.

You're going to lean back a little bit with your exhale. You're going to draw back. You're going to hold it there. You're going to give me a little hamstring curls. Pull the pedal down. One, exhale, two, exhale three, and you're going to roll back up into a teaser spine, if that makes sense. You want to come back into that straight spine on that Dag and all XL rolling back. Hamstring curl again. One, exhale, two, exhale three, and rolling at. Feel that extension. Let's do it one more time and roll back with the exhale and connect to the hamstrings. One, keeping those fleets feet strongly.

Flex two and three and roll that. Now you're going to take your left leg and you're going to extend it. So here you're doing a little teaser prep. You're going to roll back again, keeping that nice posterior tilt. You're gonna give me three more hamstring curls. One, exhale, two x health three and roll that. Feel that extension. Take that left leg down and take the right leg out.

Feel that extension through the knee and roll back and little hamstring curl one. Exhale, two, exhale three and roll. Let's do that again. Left leg up. Now this time you're going to point that foot rolling back and this time you're going to add the arms. You're going to hamstring curl and pull the arms back one and two and three hold it and roll up. Fill those quads, working the cell as working. Point the right foot as it comes up and roll back and flex once.

A little bit of a challenge of the coordination of the body here. Two and three. Roll all the way up. Find it. Connect. Now bring your legs together right here. Find teaser. Take your breath in and start to roll down for me. Roll down. Then you're going to continue.

So from here I'm going to scoot a little bit closer. I'm going to roll my hips up into a bridge, into a little pelvic curl with straight legs. Take your breath in, roll down with the exhale. Then roll up. Find the connection and lift up into that teaser XL. Roll down. Find it. Get all the weak straight flat on the ground. Tack the Pelvis in rollout.

Fill the hip extension as you press your body up toward the ceiling. Take your breath in and roll down. Work through the Lumbar flection. Lift the chest step. Come into the chest, lift, roll through the spine and extend right here. Hold it, hold it. Feel that extension. Feel that movement, that more mobility that you have through that pelvis. You can achieve that flat back and then go ahead and softly rest. I want you to bring your legs down onto either side of the chair and you're going to hold your roll at bar with an underhand grip and you're going to take your with your left hand and take your right hand on the pedal here.

We're going to do kind of a modified pike sitting, but we're going to add a little bit of element of the moving with the roll at bars as well. So we're going to take your breath in and exhale, you're going to roll into the flection that's required for that pike sitting. Now of course you can always lower the weight a little bit if you need it. So extend that left arm so both arms are straight, so this is a tricky part. Your right arm is going to go down straight, but your left arm is going to come into a low role and extend. Take it up and XL right arm goes down straight.

The left elbow bends down toward the waist and bring it up again and exhale, take it down, hollowing through the abdomen and bring it up to more. Exhale. Ah, one more time. And exhale. Now this one, I want you to extend the spine. Now you're going to do three with extension of flection to the spine. So pull the arms down, curve the spine and extend out XLO rose. The elbow goes down to your waist.

You feel the tricep and the lats on the left arm. Excuse me, the right arm, the arm that's on the pedal, and exhale, bring everything down. Feel that contraction and at the end go ahead and sit up nice and straight. Switch your hands to the right arm. Goes on the roll at bar left-hand, right on the pedal. So take your breath in. Come into the Tuck of the pelvis. You're in that pike sitting. Your shoulders are staying fairly over your pelvis here.

You're going to hold that position of the trunk. You're going to move the arms, so right elbow Benz, left arm comes down straight. It's a little bit of coordination there and x sale. You're going to feel the need to really contract, deepen that pelvic floor. Fill those two sits bones drawing together. The two hip bones. Join together as you keep hollowing and narrowing in with your abdominal wall.

One more time and XL and sit up. Let's do three times Xcel rural and inhale happen XL rule back, and inhale up. One more time. And Xcel roll. Draw the left arm down that right arm back and come all the way up and hold it. Hold it, and we'll find that position there. So go ahead and move on to our last little exercise here.

It's a little bit funny here. We're going to take the left leg up on the pedals. So the left leg is up on the pedal, the right leg is down. So you're going to stay on both sitz bones here. So you're sitting up vertically, you'll feel this really nice stretch through your left hamstring. So from here you're literally going to tilt over the right side of the pelvis.

So toss our first position. You're gonna flex that left foot. You're going to do three hamstring curls here, exhale one and two and three. Take the leg up, point it. You're going to start to roll down the right side of the body. So you're rolling down. You're going to come all the way to the center.

You're going to come back up the right side of the body, rolling up and then come back to the center, right back up on top of both sits bones. Tip over. Feel that reach, feel that length. Think that you're looking something over your shoulder. You want to see it than curve the pelvis underneath you. Oop. Don't curve the pelvis underneath you. Find that straight position. Bend the knee. We'll do the hamstring curl. Single leg. Exhale one and two.

Feel how that left since bones really reaching out toward the left. You can feel that opening on the bottom side of the pelvis and then roll down, roll down, come to the center, breathe in and XL rolling up. Rolling up and find the position at the top. One more time. Tip over. Feel that length. Flex that left foot and hamstring curl one. Exhale two, and exhale.

Three coming up. Point the foot. Extend that knee and roll down. Roll down. Feel that link. Find the neutral spine, the neutral pelvis for just that moment, and then come back up. Up, up. Now here. I want you to feel that extension in that tips. Physicians who your tipped over the right and then wants you to lean back now a little bit more. And I want you to lift that right leg up off the floor so you're gonna feel that connection, but your left leg is still resting on the pedal. You're gonna roll to a teaser.

I'm still letting you let rest your left leg up on that pedal. But bring your right leg up as high as you can. Feel that extension now feeling somebody's reaching your right foot out, but pulling out through the crown of your head at the same time. Come back to that tip and fill that length and Xcel reaching back. Find that teaser, feel that length, and then reach out through the flay, through the count of the head, and come back to that [inaudible].

So we're getting that spinal work, that strength, or the upper back that Koch and traction. We're getting the hip flexor work. We're getting this work of rolling over the pelvis, mobilizing the pelvis at the same time. Now come back to center. Find it. Rest the right foot on the pedal your quad will think yet, and then go ahead and take that left leg downstream to the same series over to the left. So you're going to reach over and hamstring curl. You're going to exhale one and two and three and point the foot. Extend the knee and roll down the left side of the body. Reach.

Find that bottom position and rolling up. No. Feel this articulation here. Feel this articulation and extended the very last moment. Feel that widening of the pelvis and then roll over to the vertical position. Now tip over. Now, right here, feel this right side of your pelvis reaching wise. You're getting that opening in the underside of the Publix.

You're getting that back extension hamstring curl, XL one and two and three. Extend and roll down. Feel that length all the way down to the bottom and come up. Rolling up, rolling up, articulate the spine. Feel that stretch to the bottom of the pelvis.

Keep the issue tuberosities wide as you come right back over. One more time. Tip play here. Live on the edge. A little bit. Tip as far as you can, and roll up the hamstring curl. Again. I just want to keep forgetting that, don't I? One and two and three. Extend and roll yourself down. Find it, fill that lane. Take your breath in and exhale. Roll up, roll that, find it and come all the way back. Good. We're going to do the balancing here. So tip over, hinge back, and lift that leg up. Roll over to both sitz bones.

Find that extension, find that teaser, then reach out through the left leg, through the crown of the head. Tip over on the left side of the pelvis. Play with the little, see how far you can go, and then bring it back. This is where the spring is really handy. And then reach over, finding that mobilization, that ruling across your pelvis. Last one, reach. Find it, hold it, fill that extension through the middle of your back and rest. And Go ahead and just breathe out. So there you go. That is, um, like I always like to do a really long war map.

So we're going to go into our footwork. So I suggest that you adjust your springs first, whatever resistance that you like on your when to chair. And then we're gonna go ahead and play with working with the roll up bar here for a little bit of added resistance of the footwork. A little challenge with the stability. So I'm going to suggest you take your springs, whether you have the full Cadillac with the cross bar or the little ILS and you go just above your shoulder line here and go ahead and secure your springs there.

I'm going to do a little bit of a quicker footwork series, but it'll feel nice here. So you're going to sit toward the edge of your when a chair and take your role at bar and very gracefully, like I just said, go ahead and go underneath it and place it in front of you. So you're going to bring the arms straight in front of you. So this is going to be a lot of extra nice work on your back because those springs are gonna want to pull you back. So you really got to use the energy of your Donald's, the energy, your hip flexors, and that stability in your pelvis to hold your body straight up and down and vertical. So take your breasts in.

X are going to push the pedal down and extend your arms forward in Hellen XL. Now the idea is to not get a ton, a ton of resistance. We're a little too close here, but you're really just getting enough of that resistance of the push through barks who need the role at bar to really feel that little extra challenge of stability and plus that sense of coordination. One more time and Exa hold it there. Fill that position. Make sure you have that nice neutral Polish.

You can feel how you're challenging your abdominals to hold this position and draw it in. We're going to move to the parallel toes. I'm going to come even a little bit further forward. If for some reason you really needed more resistance on this, take the time to just pull the chair a little bit further forward. That will work for you. Now go ahead. From here. You're going to take your breath in. Take your arms up slightly. Exhale, push your arms down. As you press the pedal down, you can go low with those arms. Inhale up and exhale down.

Inhale up. So here I'm working my let test in the store side by pulling my arms down towards shoulder extension. Then of course, I'm just continuing to get that work through my quadriceps, through my hamstrings as I pushed the pedal down, but I'm feeling this incredible challenge through my tourists that which feels really nice and I'm really perched on top of those sitz bones. So everything is working synergistically here to provide that absolute stability so that I can mobilize my shoulders and my hip and my knee joints. Exhale, two more. Exhale. One more exhale. Hold it there. Hold it there.

Feel that length, feel that link. Bring your arms up first. That's a good challenge. Hold it. Now turn your legs out to a small V, bend your elbows as you come up into the small V. Little tricep extension here and extend out. Again, if you really need more resistance, go ahead and just pull your one two chair forward. Take the time to do that. You can always put it back when we move on to the next series. Inhale, exhale, so notice how I'm keeping my upper arm really steady as I'm just working to bend and extend the elbow in the springs. A little scene from you here, whistling at me an exhale. Inhale and exhale, two more.

Inhale and XL, last one, and exhale, hold it and rest. We're going to go ahead and move onto the wide v off the heels. This'll be our last position here that wants to take the arms forward. Find that position. Now here we're actually going to find a little rotation with the bar, so you're going to have a little slack on one side of the spring and a little tension on one of the spring. Just work with it.

Whatever it feels comfortable suppress down and rotate over to the left in health center excess and make sure that you feel your body nice and vertical as you keep that stability through your torso. Now when I rotate my spine, although my whole spine is joining in that rotation, I'm not going to allow my pelvis to rotate. So if I had two little flashlights pointing out from my hipbones straight forward, they would not waver. They would say straight hole their bend and extend just a little bit with the elbows just to fill a little stability and hold it and bring it up, go over to the right and then an extended one and two and three and hold it back to the center and rest good. So you should feel that really nice, wonderful warmth all in your torso.

It should feel really lovely. We're gonna move on to abdominal work. So go ahead and take your roll up bar down. This gently plays it down on the ground. And we're going to move with the one single, uh, legs spring here. So because of what I'm working here on the full Cadillac, I'm going to actually go ahead and load my spring by pulling my bar all the way up my cross bar and I'm going to work from there. If you're on a half trap, go ahead and connect it up on the highest, uh, little islet here and I'm going to go right in underneath it on that cross bar.

So I'm nice and comfortable. So we're going to do a really beautiful version of the torso. Press sit with some support of the leg spring here. So I want you to set up your spring on your run a chair, whatever you feel comfortable with. I'm going to go on a zero three because I wanted just a little bit more support there from the bar, but not so much to where it's fully knee me up.

So you have your spring loaded from the top here. We're going to go into the torso, press sit here. Now again, get into this as elegantly as you can. You're going to put both feet in that strap, so you're going to feel like a mermaid here and make sure you're centered here. So go ahead and take your hands back on the pedal. You're going to get a little bit hip extension to kind of keep that spring down.

You do not want to let those legs fly up. We will do a little bit of fun with that with some teasers, but I do want you to really feel that connection of keeping those legs down so you of kind of find your sweet spot. So go ahead and take a couple moments to adjust and legs go down. So I think I'm still a little too far back. Excuse me. Okay, there we go. So we're going to take the legs down and go into your extension feeling that shoulder and chest stretch. So feel that beautiful connection.

Now what I like about this is you're going to, I'm going to have you go even a little bit further into like a little arch of your back. You can even let your head drop a little bit. Use Your abdominals to come back to that straight position. And then with that co-construction of your spine, excuse me, keep your legs down and lift that towards the lap. Go down. Think of of pelvic tilt here to help protect that lower back. Come into the straight position. If your shoulders can allow for it, reach a little bit further back as a big stretch on the shoulders and the chest.

Find that arc. Bring it back to the straight position and then lift straight up, holding those hamstrings in those hip extensors nice and solid to keep this spring down foot. Love that legs drop down. Come back into the straight position and extend. Reach, reach. Come back up and lift up. Lift up, lift up so high they're going to release your hands. Start to lift your legs up a little bit more and grab onto the sides here. Grab onto the pole and holds. Now take the legs down with an XL one.

Keep that back extended and two no movement in the back and three, one more time and for bend the knees in like a mermaid, telus tight as you can here. Extend them and take them down. Bend your knees and feel that stretch through your glutes and your lower back. As you draw, hug those ease into your chest. Take it down one more time. Draw busy season, reach, reach, reach out and take it down. Hold it there. Now very carefully. Take the left hand back, take the right hand back, bring those legs down, go down. Keep that connection, keep that connection.

Go all the way, all the way. Find that reach, and now this, I want you to roll through your spine like you're doing a chest lift. Roll that up and then roll down. You're going to fill the abdominals in a different way. Here you're now we're flexing at the spine. We're coming into spinal flection, where before we were holding spinal extension and we were hinting at the hips, bring it up and XL. Roll it back.

Hold those legs down. They'll find that Plat flat position. Take the legs up and take them down. Take the legs up and take them down. Try Not to let that pedal move. Keep it steady. Keep energy radiating down through the heel of the hands. Breathe in and take it down. Now Flex, flex, flex, reach forward. Find that chest lift. Find that TestLeft.

Join it with the posterior tilt to the pelvis and take it back. Inhale one more time like that, and exhale. Think thing avenging right around the rib cage. Keep those like steady reaching forward eyes gazing right past your feet, finding that position and slowly roll up. Nice. Feels good. So you're going to keep the leg spring right there.

I'm going to come on into your side and we're gonna do a single hip by single leg hip works series with a little bit of lateral flection of the site buddy with a little bit of help from the pedal. So you can do a zero two or zero three on your spring care depending on how much support you think you want. So again, you kind of got to find your sweet spot, but you want to feel that your shoulders directly over your wrist when you're on the pedal here. And then you can take your top leg and place it in that strap. Now a couple different options here. You can hold your hand here for support. You can hold the side pole for support or you can try without anything.

You can pick your nose if you want. So I need you to really feel nice and steady here and feel that support there. So bring the leg up and XL, close it down, inhale up and exhale. So it's really easy when we are doing, we have all this very dynamic elements going on here. So I just want you to feel a little bit of work of the legs first.

So it's really easy to kind of lose the upper body connection because they're like, oh, we're holding our balance, we're working through a pelvis, working your leg. But I actually want the opposite. I really want you to feel that back extensive, feel that energy reaching down. Don't hyperextend in the elbow, feel that connection there and then continue to work with your leg. So you want to feel the adductor work, which is really kinda tough here. So then we're going to add onto it. So you're going to inhale, take the leg up, exhale, you're going to bring the body up and you're going to squeeze the legs together.

Inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale. Inhale, take it down and XL up. And inhale. Excuse me, I'm sorry. Hair in my mouth and bring it up. Keeping it real.

Inhale last one and keep it up. Hold it there. Now turn your legs out so you're feeling like a little ballerina. Think Small v, bring the leg back behind you and up. Bring the leg in front of you and that's our little scissor here, back behind you and up and in front of you and I have one more time back behind you and up and in front of you and hold it there. Now this time you're going to reach that leg back into an Aribel desk and you're going to rotate your spine. So really beautiful position here. Now lift the pedal up if you need it, you can keep that top hand or that front hand rather, support it on the one two chair. Now from here you're going to squeeze XL one yeah, and excel to six of these three.

Fill the adductors, fill the glutes, breathing out. Keep that extension through your upper back. Keep that abdominal support, that shoulder support press and one more time. Press the holds it up, reach it back a little bit more. Now this time I want you to die your body down, drop your head down and then reach up. Reach up and hold that leg steady. Drop your body down, diving down, filling that curve, and then think reaching out through the head, neck, chest, and come up.

Come up one more time and taking it down and lifting up. Keep energy through that bottom leg and little circles of the legs. Exhale, one, two, three, four and five other direction. One, two, three, four and five. And reach, reach and finish by holding, holding. Find it. Do a big Simon, Dover. Feel that stretch. Bend that bottom elbow. Phil, you're going to dive off the side of that one to chair. Feel that reach, then push through the tricep. That bottom tricep. Hold it there one more time. Here we're going to bend the elbow. This is gonna be the hardest part and squeeze the legs and extend the elbows.

Then the elbow and squeeze the legs and extend the elbow. One more time. Bend and [inaudible] and come all the way up. Okay, let's go ahead and transition to the other side. So go ahead and place your top liggin. Again, it might be the right or the left, but go ahead and find your position here. So again, get that sweet spot for you and go ahead and find a straight position. That number, that top arm is really pressing down into that one to chair for that support legs are parallel and squeeze the leg XL one.

Exhale two XL three. So thinking really high up in those adductors, squeezing those legs together and exhale two more. Exhale, one more time and hold it. Rotate the legs out where bring it up and squeeze behind you and, and squeeze and squeeze. So again, try to keep, I think Q this on the other side, but try to keep that as top aspect of your pelvis as steady as possible so that you're not letting this work or the mobility aspect of the work is certainly stabilizing. Come up into your obliques and into your quadratus. Lumborum really let that work. Really stay in those thighs. Now same thing here. You're going to squeeze the legs and lift the body up.

Now I may have done that order. It's just slightly different on the other side. So forgive me if I did make that little mistake, but you're certainly not going to be sacrificing any work on this side. Just a little different arrangement perhaps, and exhale up to more. Exhale up. Keep that body upper body strong and hold it.

Now reach to the Arabesque, rotate forward. Feel that back extension. Find that lift and you're going to squeeze the leg one. So again, you're crossing those legs or finding that deep connection and feel how those two sitz bones pull together. They pull toward each other, they pulled toward the pubic bone as the inside of that pelvis contracts as it joins what the doctors really feel, that movement, that narrowing of the underside of the pelvis. Pull everything in. One more time and contract. Hold that leg and go down. Diving forward, let the head drop down. Now think of this as a back extension.

Reach, reach. Think of yourself on stage, the Polonius theater. Find those lines, reach and go down. If you've never danced a day in your life, it doesn't matter. Here you can feel that beautiful arabesque of that back leg, that great set extension and take it down and again, find that power lift and little circles, XL one and two and three and four and five other direction and switch feeling again those abductors and three and four and five. Hold it, reach it out, find that length and reach it over. Bend the elbow, find that big reach at big reach.

Almost like you're going to fall off that chair and then reach out and hold it there. Now bend the elbow again. This is a challenge. And squeeze the leg and extend the elbow. Bend the elbow and schoolies and take it down. One more time. Inhale, exhale, squeeze and take it down and reach over. Find that stretch, find that stretch and come up up an app and come out of that. Great. So after that single leg, hip work series, we're going to come on up and you're still have your cost bore your springs line of loaded from the top. And we're going to do kind of a combination of, I'm going to grab my other leg spring and want to grab another one of the full forward lunge with the stretch.

And then we're going to go into a pike with the leg springs. So it's going to get a little wild, a little crazy, a little wacky, but you know what? You're going to love it. It's going to be so much fun. So I want you to pick your spring that you use for your forward lunge and for your full pike. And that might be comparable because usually we use heavier springs for those two exercises. So I'm gonna work on a three three now during this whole series, keep in mind that you're loaded from springs from the bottom and you're loaded from springs from the top. So there's a lot of load going on, a lot of dynamics.

So this is definitely a little bit more of an advanced sequence here. If at any point you feel a little bit uncomfortable, a little bit unsure, release those legs, springs, and just work with the one to shorts means you can do the exact same series without any compromise. So again, safety is paramount here. So I want you to go ahead and stand up on your one to share and put your right foot in that leg spring. So you want a steady grip here. And again, we're going to do this combination of stretch and forward lunge. So holding here, so you're gonna take that leg back and down.

So when you get a little hip extension here, you're going to bend that knee and bring that leg back into an air bask. And this is the fun part. You're going to extend back and they come doing the splits here. You can see that my arm is just over that spring. Of course it got adjust your arm wherever you need it to feel comfortable.

So feel that opening of your legs and try to keep your hips as square as possible. Here you're going to bend that knee, that left knee, keeping your body low. Come right back to vertical and then come up into extension. Then we go back down. We bend. Make sure your foot is connected to that pedal. Bend the knee. Take the pedal down from here. Now press into that left tip and press up. Press up.

Try not to use your arms so you really feel that control. Feel that Alison did that left hip as you continue in. Extend your knee, reach back, bend the knee, front, knee. Send your right leg back. Extend your front leg. Come into the splits, reach. Get a little bit further, get a little bit longer. Sweep that leg down and come up. Bend the knee, connects with the pedal safely.

Make sure that strap is on your foot. Where'd it go? There it is, and come on down. So fill that vertical sense of your body. Keep those hips square. Now push through that left hamstring. Connect. This spring is going to help you to this leg. Spring. Fulfill that connection. Now here's the transition. That's the toughest. Keep those hips square and up into extension.

Bend the knee. Bring that right leg into arabesque. Reach back. Went into three on each side. Feel that stretch, feel that stretch, sweep it down and come up and bend. Find that pedal going down, going down, hold it and come up. Try not to hold those sides. Come up, come up and find that connection at the top. Transfer the weight so you find that balance. Take your arms out to the side, reach out leg a little bit into that Arabesque. Fill that energy, reading energy, radiating through your legs, through your body and relax.

So it is adding a little extra resistance with the leg spring, but it's also challenging us to control because that leg spring wants to pull you up. So it's a really nice combination of both aspects here. So take the left foot down in front of the chair, Bend that right knee. Woo. I'm shaking and extend that right leg. Feel that stretch, feel that stretch, reach that left leg behind you. Sweep it down and bend that right knee.

Come down, go into the Lens, reach, reach, reach, and push. Push and feel that control as you come up and bend the knee and extend. Keep those hips square. Get that Nice, beautiful line. Think of yourself, I go, big pair of scissors opening up and then bend and sweep and come up pat pelvis underneath you and that knee Benz connected the pedal and take it down. I'll feel that beautiful hinge here as that right femur pulls back into the pelvis and now with your balance, push through that right leg, swing back a little bit biased towards your heel. Now here, fill the glutamine connect as you extend up and one last time. Then that knee reaching long hanging there.

Scissoring thinking layer like a monkey here and n. Then he come down and up and connect with the pedal and come down. Feel that connection and as your fatigued terror is where you really got to think about safety. Think about control, bring it up, connect coming all the way up. Bring that lady back into extension. Find the balance. Feel the power that you have through your body, that connection, unrest. [inaudible].

Wonderful. Now we're going to transition into the full pike with the spring. So again, I really want you to think about safety here and think about if you feel comfortable doing this, because it's going to be a very different sensation being loaded up from the top pair. And I certainly don't want you to take the risk of compromising the integrity or safety here. I assure you it is safe, but it does feel a little bit funny. So go ahead and place your feet into your straps. So stand nice and steady there. Hold on to these poles here.

You're still loaded up pretty heavy on your pedals, so you're about three, three, or a little heavier if you need it. Take your right foot down, just makes you have the support here. Go all the way down with that pedal and then take your left foot down. Your stance is going to be a little bit wider for the full pike. Your hands are going to go on the inside of the springs and you're going to bring your shoulders through. Now you can already feel how that panel wants to lift up.

So it's not going to be as hard to get up with these springs, but we're going to add a little bit of work at the top. So shoulders over the rest. You're going to Xcel draw the abdominal wall in and come up into your pike. Adjust your feet accordingly. Looking down at the pubic bone, feeling that reach. Inhale, go down. You'll feel the challenge to go down in this position.

But what I'm really interested in is working at the top with these springs. So find that position and I want you to release your right foot. So you're going to flex that foot. You're going to inhale, kind of do a frog to the back and extend your spine. So my pelvis, soon in the same position, I'm gonna Point and curl that spine in and bring that knee forward toward my face. Keeping that pedal steady into that single leg. Pike. Inhale, extend the spine and extend the lake behind you and Xcel drawed in. But keep that pedal lifted to keep that contraction of the abdominals.

Inhale, extend. It's really easy to let that paddle go down and that will be one of the biggest challenges here. And lift. Beautiful. A lot of work in the shoulders as well. To more extend the spine, flex the foot, reach you like behind you, and exhale, curl. Pull it in. Hold that pedal up one more time and extend. Reach and draw shod in and hold it.

Take that right foot down. Reconnect with your pike. Breathe here and flex the foot. Okay, putting that knee up to your chest and extend the spine. Reach the light behind you. Keep the hips on the same level. Point the foot, curl the pelvis, tuck the pelvis, lift up, fill the rectus abdominis, fill those obliques, the holding that leg up and reach. Inhale, flex and Xcel curl in, in, in, in again, flex. Reach it out. And X, so you'll fill that, burn that work in the shoulders again and reach and Dryden. Find it, ball it all the way in. And again, I don't reach, this is the last one. Hold it. Take that foot down. Find that connection. Now bend the knees, bend the knees, and flatten the back to think of like a little tabletop position or table position with your spine and you're going to curl and draw in.

But that same time you're gonna find that Pike right there. So you extend the knees, you're going to bend the knees and articulate back to the flat back, find it, find it, and now the thread the belly button and curl the pelvis underneath you and come back to that pike filled as abdominals. Manipulate that torso, that spine and deflection. Then reach out through the pelvis, connect with that upper back. Think of the serratus anterior, reached that pelvis back behind you. Reach it energy through the spine wide bottom of the pelvis, the narrow that pelvis is you extend push power through your legs and up through your spine. One more time and inhale. Notice how I'm staying on the same level with my upper body. I'm not bobbing up and down.

Well at least I hope I'm not, and exhale curl. Find it. We'll live that peddle up a little bit higher deep in the Pike. And then slowly push that pedal down safely. Bring your shoulders through the springs, fixed your wild hair. Go ahead and come on up. Take your right foot up on the top of the chair carefully and slowly bring the pedal up.

Bring your left foot up and go ahead and walk your feet out. Okay, and that's a full pike with some extra springs added. Let's do some mermaid and kind of just be a little graceful here, which I think will feel wonderful into some back extension work. So once you just take one arm spring here and you're going to load it right in the center from the high position, and I want you to go onto maybe a zero three or zero four can, you can find that support. Go ahead and come back on top of your wanting to chair.

You're basically just going to sit in this little side bend position, this little mermaid position, and then wants you to hold your arms here. So you're really reaching the energy here. So you gonna take your breath in. Exhale, you're gonna Bend your elbow cause we can't necessarily go with the straight. I'm here. You're going to bend your elbow and you're going to push that arm down into that rotation. So find that connection, find that rotation.

We find that twist here and then inhale, open it up and come back. Xcel. Thread that arm through. Find that pipe, feel that twist. Think of yourself doing a mermaid on the reformer. Fill that rotation and then rotate the spine back to the lateral tilt to the side tail and come back at two more times. Exhale, rotate, feeling that twist, feeling that wonderful rotation, and then come back. And actually let's do one more because this time, find that rotation, find that twist. Hold the arm there and bring your back up into extension.

Now from here, you're going to open the arm out to the side. Take your breath in and Gerad answer and do a little bit of arm work here. Inhale, XLH, rod in. So you're filling that rotation of the spine, that spinal extension Gerad in. Breathe in. Exhale, pull that across. Two more. Inhale, I still draw it across. One more time. Inhale, and they're not bringing the arm forward, bring it up and take it down, bend it in and take it out. So we're doing a little combination up and down.

Bend the elbow and extent. So it's really difficult here to find that stability through the torso is, it's challenging enough when our spine is straight, but now we're adding rotational element of it, which makes it even a little bit more vulnerable, a little bit more challenging. Take it down and bend, extend, hold it, hold it, and slowly come out of it. And that's your mermaid. Let's do the other side. Mermaid with a little added arm work, connecting down onto the pedal, finding that mermaid position there. XL, rotate, dive a town. Think of reaching forward, feel that stretch through your back and inhale, come back.

You can a little slack on the spring there. That's fine. And XL two s and notice how my puddle doesn't move. It stays really steady. And then bring it, ah again, and rotate. Exhale. And Inhale Gerad up. Two more exhale.

So when I'm rotating here and feeling like I'm doing a little pike of the body and then I'm really connecting in that nice straight diagonal line is I come here, last one and then we'll go into the arm work. Find that rotation, find that Pike. Now keep the arm down and extend the back. Arms Up. Inhale, exhale down. You've got to really hold that sense of that abdominal control here so that you don't compromise the health of the spine. The safety of this mine here. Breathe in.

So of course we do this at the end of our session cause our spine is really warm. We're really connected here. We have that sense of balance on the pedal as well. Hold it forward. Palm faces down, bring the arm up, shoulder control, take it down, bend it for a tricep extension and out. Take the arm up and down, Ben's and out. Take it up and down.

Bend and extend to more and up and down. And then an extended a last one and up and down and bend all the way. Extend. Bring the arm up. Whoop. Excuse me. Don't do that. Rotate back. We'll finish it with the mermaid and up. So from here we're going to do one last exercise to kind of wrap up this tower Cadillac and one to chair combination class.

We're going to do a really basic swan, but we're going to add some nice legs here. So I want you to go ahead and come on to the top of your chair. And we all know and love this exercise. So this time, instead of having the legs being out in the air like they would be if we didn't have the Cadillac here or the tower here, they're supported here. So we're going to have a little bit of fun with that. So I want you to widen your legs about the width of the bed here of the Cadillac. I want you to lift the head, neck and chest and lift those legs up behind you so you feel that power, you feel that energy and then take everything back down.

And I want you to lift up. So we're going to do three of these really nice and basic filling. That hip extension filling that gluteal work and lift up now holds it here. You're going to do some circles with the legs. One and two point those feet. Fill the extension of the knees. Three and four go the other direction.

One and two and three and four. Hold it. Take the legs wide and go down. Rest, come up one more time. Inhale, reach, reach. Now find the challenge here. This last thing of our class bends or elbows. Fill that upper back. Power extends your arms. You're living on the edge here. Don't feel that power through your back. Reach those knees.

Reach those arms out that the side. Feel like you're flying. Reach and bring everything down. Rounding forward slowly and carefully coming up, going into your rest position. [inaudible] focusing here on all the sensations in your body, the vibrations, the fatigue, the awareness, the awakening, the depth of that work. You can feel the deep part of your spine.

You can fill those deep muscles in your thighs and your hips. You feel that deep articulation of the hip joint into the pelvis or the rather the femur into the pelvis, which makes up the hip joint, and you feel that connection of your humerus into your scapula. Take your breath in. Just as we explore the work, we combined a couple pieces that were so brilliantly designed by Joseph [inaudible]. We can bring them together to keep exploring the work that he graciously gave us and have fun with it. And to learn more about our bodies in the process. Take a deep breath with me and then breathe out, uh, and give me a smile, please. Even though I can't see you. And thank you so much.

That was really fun and I'm really tired, but I feel good. Thank you. Bye.


This needs a thorough studying first, brought lots and lots of ideas and oppotunuties in my mind. However it is a liitle bit difficult with half trapeze as the mat levels dont match:( thank you very much Leah and would be more than happy with other half trapeze ideas.
Hoping that while Leah was visiting she filmed a mat class as well. Please say "yes"!
What a beautiful class Leah!! Very creative and challenging, can't wait to see more from you!!
Wow!! I viewed this class and I hope that I can do at least some of it. I have the chair and tower so I'm going to get creative and see if it works. What an amazing class!!!
I am going to try this one..I think I may have to modify a bit since Tower box is in storage. But maybe my Exo will fit there.
I love your hair cut Leah! So glad to see you on here as aways.
Ok, so I was able to do most of this wonderful class using my chair and tower. I adapted of course and had a great workout. The pike series was my favorite! Whole different feeling having leg springs added to the chair springs. Thank you Leah for such an innovative class:)
Wow! Just watched, didn't do, but cant wait to dive into the possibilities! Thank Leah!
Miss You Leah...!!!!
She is my favorite! Love Leah!!!!
Great challenge, great exercises !
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