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Get ready for tons of energy in this Mat workout with Melissa Connolly! She uses the Theraband and Overball to get you deep into your abdominal muscles. She also includes creative sequences to work your entire body like "Rolling with the Ball" and so much more!
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball, Theraband

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Hi, I'm Melissa Connolly here with you. To do a math class, we're going to be using the theraband and also a ball for this class. So just take your band and fold it in half so we have enough resistance on it. I'm going to start with our feet parallel about hip distance apart. So bring the arms down to your sides and then just feel that the band is fairly tight, so it's in line with your shoulders or maybe a little bit wider. Staying here, just connecting to your form.

I want you to press your weight down into your feet, so the heels, the toes, and then slightly roll the way to the outside edge of the feet. Lifting your arches, fam abdominals, pull in and out. The lower glutes are slightly engaged and are using an inhale. We're gonna raise the arms app and then as you exhale, resistant per us the band down and we'll do that twice more. Inhale the shoulders glide down as you lift up and then exhale, pull the stomach and as you press down, inhale, raise, arms up.

The shoulders are down and exhale her ass down. Good. Raise those arms back up. This time. Lift your shoulders up by your ears and exhale. Just release them down. The neck is long. Take a sideband to your right, so inhale laterally, side bend.

Push down into that left foot. Use Your obliques. Exhale, come to the center and inhale. Side bend to the left. Push into the right foot. Exhale, come to the center in hillside bending. Feeling that lake length equal on both arms and exhale center. Inhale side bend. Push down to the right foot and sail center.

We'll do one more on both sides. Breathing in and exhale center last one here, and exhale, center good. Stay here. Make sure those shoulders are still down, pulling on the band. Exhale, pull it down, shoulders down. Resist it up, and exhale. Pull the elbows wide and resist and exhale, pull down. Lengthen as you lift up. Just two more like this down. Resist and lift up.

One more like this and lift up. This time as you pull down, rise up onto your toes. Exhale, pull down. As you lift up, lower the heels, his arms re is good. Pull this stomach and work from your core and lower the heels. Raise the arms. Three more. Exhale, pull and lift. Try to keep that way over. All 10 of your toes left up on the toes. And then raise the arms up. Stay here.

Reach the band straight out in front of you in line with your shoulders, keeping the feet flat. Exhale, pull the elbows back. Inhale forward. Exhale, pullback. Resist to reach forward. X Sam, back and forward one more like this. And again, we'll go up onto our toes. As you pull in, exhale, pull it in and reach it forward. Rise up onto the toes and reach forward the re more.

Lengthen up through the crown of the head and forward to more board. Use. Accell. Draw the belly in and rescore lower the heels. Good. We're going to raise the arms up from here. Transitioning. We're going to lower the head down. The arms are by your ears. You roll it down, down, down. Now just place your band off to the side. You know, walk your hands out into a plank position. So go ahead you guys walk forward. Now stay here. Bring your feet together and feel that length.

So the crown of the head is reaching forward. The heels are pressing back like you're standing on the wall behind you. Feel heels back, inner thighs glued together. Glutes. Engage abs in, shoulders down. Lengthen and hold it for five, four, three, two, one and lower than he is down. Good from here. Scoots yourself around.

So you're going to sit on your bottom and then just stretch those legs out in front of you towards the center. Well, let's pick up our bands again. We're going to place it and make sure it's nice and wide around the balls of your feet. Okay. We are going to be pointing and flexing the feet, so no scrunched up. Little bands. Keep them nice and wide and we're going to sit up tall. So pull them a man slightly so you have some tension here. Shoulder stepped over your hips, you're gonna pull your toes back and then pushing through the balls of the feet.

You point the toes down, pull the toes back, flex the foot, push to the balls of the feet and point the feet and pull back. You full lax. Push through and you point to more. Pull back. Good and harass through and point last one. Pullback. Press to the balls of the feet points.

Now pull it back. Stay here, keeping the feet flex. Inhale, reach the arms forward, going into rope. Pull the elbows back, resist forward. Exhale, pull back resists forward thing, not mid to upper back working. Resist good abs. Pull in, resist. That's it. Feeling the neck long so eyes are looking straight forward, eye level or even higher and forward. We have four more here. Four and forward. Draw the shoulder blades towards each other. Resist good.

Two more and four last one. Reach forward. Now turn the palms down. Arms are going to be in a low v you pull back here and for a good little more challenging. Pull back and forward. Exhale 30 and for working that mid to upper back four and exhale five. Good. Working the whole body. Pressing through your heels.

The thighs are engaged, stomach is pulling in and up. Shoulders stay down. And two more pulled back. Last one, pull back and hold it. Stay strong for five, four, three, two, one. Arms reach forward. Good. You're gonna roll down to your back. So I'll talk you through. Chai, your belly into your spine and start to round your spine down, touching the lower back, the middle back, the upper back, the shoulders and the head wide and across your chest. Now raise your head and exhale. Start to round it. Help who?

One Vertebrae. Let's fix that band at a time. Sit Up Nice and straight. Good again. You're going to exhale. Draw the navel back and round back. Really curl the tailbone, feeling the lower back, the middle back, the upper back, the shoulders that had the chest as wide. Raise your head and exhale belly back ribs.

Pull down to your hipbones scoop and inhale. Sit Up. Top two more. Dry Your abs in deep scoop, deep scoop, touch, lower touch metal touch, upper touch, shoulders and head. Lift the head up and acts. Hail, rounding God and set up story until one more time. And naval pulls back the hips. Curl under, lower middle, upper shoulders wide and across your chest. And then raise your head last time here. Activate the back of your thighs. Press them into the mat, rural up and sit tall.

Nice. Place your band to the side. You're gonna pick up your ball. We go into another transition. Scoot your hips, the front of your mat, bend your knees, reach the ball out in front of you, and then roll down to back. And once you're on your back, please step all between your knees. Okay, good. So we're going to prepare for some bridging. So just open up your feet so they're parallel. Hip distance apart, toes, heels, knees, hips, shoulders in line. Activate the back of your arms, pressing them into the mat. Take an inhale here. As you exhale, draw your belly in and roll your hips up in to a bridge and held the top.

Exhale again, we roll down through the upper, the middle, the lower, and then release the table again, your stomach Pauls, and you feel that spine articulating. You have the ball, slight squeeze working the inner thighs, glutes, hamstrings. And then roll it down one vertebrae at a time, and exhale, scoop your stomach and push the way into the feet. Roll the hips up. We're going to add arms, so as you roll down simultaneously, stretch your arms up to the ceiling. Roll down, roll down your tailbone, touches them out. The back of the hands. Touch the back of the mat as you roll your hips, operatories, arms up, and then you press into the back of the arms. You push into your feet, squeezing through the glutes. I again, roll down, raising those arms up, rolling down, rolling down table into the mat, back of the hands to the mat at.

Feel dry your belly and rural your hips out. Now press the arms into the mat. Rudeness. Stay right here. Tighten the ABS. Bring the ribs together. Slight tech of your pelvis. 50 squeezes into that ball. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine two. One, two, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine 30. Squeeze, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and nine. 41 two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.

Hold the squeeze on 53 energy through your fingertips, rural down as the arms reach all the way up and all the way back overhead. Tailbone anchors to the mat. Lace the fingers. Bring them behind your head. The elbows are in the peripheral vision. Preparing for ab curls. You breathe into. Prepare no ceiling. Exhale, curl up in halo words again. Acts, hail rib to hip, bomb and halo or down. Exhale, rib tip on belly and to the spine.

Low or down. Exhale, curl up, keeping that head nice and heavy in your hands and lower again. Give the ball a tiny little school schoolies and you lower. Nice job. Let's do two more. Breathing out through your mouth. Inhale through the nose. Exhale out and inhale lower and oblique curl. So think about your right elbow towards your left knee. Exhale, lift in neuro.

Teats. Inhale, lower down, left elbow towards the right knee. Accelero teens and heel. Lower down. Good as you twist. Left the bottom shoulder blade, ideally up off of the Mat. And exhale, Roti and heel lower. Let's do four more here being the back of your pelvis square and heavy on the Mat. You guys look great.

Left and lower. Good you two more here. Exhale and lower last time working those obliques and [inaudible]. Now one more time. Curling up through the center. Pick up your ball and then please sit behind your head. Rest your head down on the ball. Good. And pick up your knees to a tabletop position. Arms are down to your sides.

Feeling the spine imprinted into the mat. Keep the shape of your legs. You're going to tap your right toes, right toes. Exhale, left toes. Now both of the legs. Inhale, they tap. Exhale, left. Good. Keep going. Right leg, right leg. Exhale and left leg scoop and lift. Now both legs, tap, exhale, left. Good. Keep going at that tempo.

So with the ball behind your head, just feel a nat can completely relax and then you can feel the spine really just imprint into the mat. Okay, and work from your deep abdominal muscles. Only lowering the legs to your point of control before the back comes off the mat. You guys look great. Do One more set in hell. Exhale and Inhale Acts Sam and hell. Stay lifted. Take that ball. Place it between your knees. Lie on your backs, arms out to the sides. Good.

How does down feed in diamonds so feet together and the knee is obviously apart. Let's twist our knees over to their rights. Breathe in, keeping your left shoulder on the mat. Exhale, work your abs and obliques. Bring it to the center. Twisting to left. The right shoulder stays on the mat. Exhale, use your abs and obliques center. Inhale, you rotate. Exhale, ring it out in hilarity. Wringing out like you're ringing out that wet towel.

We'll do one more on both sides. Left shoulder down. Scoop your abs. Ring out last one and exhale. Very nice. So you're going to take that ball. Place it between your ankles. We are preparing for the a hundred arms are long down to your sides, energized to the arms. Take a nice full breath in. Exhale, Curl Abra. Reach to the fingertips. Extend your legs to your point of control and let's go. Inhale two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five and through the nose and out through the mouth.

And three to three, four, five an axial, Java belly to your spine, four to four, five and exhale, two, three, four, five, five, two, four, five. [inaudible]. Lower middle, upper abs in six, two, three, four, five. Exhale, deep, deep scoops. Seven two, four, five. Give the ball a little squeeze. Eight, two, three, four, five x a year, almost done. Nine, two, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Now breathe out all the air. Empty your lungs completely and pause. Lower the legs of that feels okay in your backs. And stretch your arms over. Had a nice job. Okay, you're going to flex her fee.

We're going to keep the ball between the ankles for the roll up. So instead of having the arms all the way back, bring them in front of your face so those ribs can stay connected. And now raising your head and let's peel the spine off of the Mat, reaching forwards. God and I keep reaching through the fingertips and your heels. Roll it down. One Vertebrae at a time. Stretch your arms back.

But keep the ribs connected and he'll raise the arms. Anchor the back of the thighs into the mat. Exhale, rounding forward. Oop. Your stomach and shoulders away from the ears and roll down energy through the fingertips. Pressing through your heels. Stretch the arms over, had nice job. Let's go again. Inhale, lift the arms. Axial thighs, press down, abs. Pull in, shoulders are down, reach, and then roll down. Pressing to those heels or one vertebrae at a time.

One more time here in heel. Raise arms and exhale. Rolling. God's okay. Take that. We roll up to see them. Take the ball to the side. You won't need it for roll over. His legs are together. Make sure you have plenty of room behind you to lie on your backs. Arms are out in front of you and then roll that. Yeah, I'm the arms are going to press into the mat either Benden street and your legs up or lift them up in one piece. Good.

Starting with the legs at 90 take an inhale. Exhale like Zillow. Been overhead. Stay there length in your neck and away from the chest. Open the legs, flex the feet and roll that down. Keep pressing your heels back in one direction. As your tailbone reaches down on the other legs come together, toes are pointed at. I'll take it up and over. Separate the legs.

Flex the feet, push back through your heels. Tailbone reaches the Mapi of the opposition. Lengthen. Lengthen. Lengthen legs. Lower toes point likes together. Exhale, go up and over. Separate the like sexify feet. Pressing back through your heels. Roll it down once your tub and touches them out. Point the tools.

Keep it like separated and exhale. Go up and over the legs. Close the Fi flax roll down heels. Press back, tab onto the mat. Toes point legs open. Abs In as you go. Up and over. God can I stretch in your backs. Flex your feet, push through your heels, stretching in the back of your thighs.

Last one, the legs will open the toes. Oh point you take it over. Good clothes like flex. These, stay here. If you want to challenge it, bring your arms back over head. Otherwise keep them down to your sides and then slowly roll down one vertebrae. Ah, a time. Hug the knees into your chest. Good. All right, we're going to pick up our band.

I'll do some stretches with you here. So take the man around the ball of your right. Okay, we're lying down. And then we have the left leg long on the mat. Pull the elbows down into the mat and raise your right leg up for a nice hamstring stretch. So we breathe in through the nose. Okay.

And as you exhale, pull that leg gently back towards you. From here we take it into an ITB on stretch. So bring the like slightly across the body just slightly so the hip stays anchored. You should feel on the outer thigh. Breathe them and breathe out. And let's open it like out to the side, stretching your inner thigh.

Take an inhale and [inaudible]. Now lift the leg back up to the center. We didn't take the band away, but keep your leg long. So hold onto the band and mind with your shoulders are a little bit wider. Flex your left foot, your bottom leg, and point your right toes. Now stay there. You want your foot to be in line with the center of the band.

Take the leg across to one edge of the band and then circle it down around and pause. In the center. I get inhale across, down, around, and center. So you use that band as your guide. That's how far you are. Circles go and center. Two more exhale, center. One more pause in the center. Let's reverse this circle out. Down around, across one, out, Danner, out, across to inhale. Exhale, three hips is still as possible and four and five with a nice long leg. Grecia down to the map. God.

And let's go ahead and lift that left leg up and we'll place the band around the ball of your left foot. [inaudible] stretching before we circle. So right leg as long. Stretching the left hamstrings, elbows into the mat in half. And exhale, take a leg occur off the body. Inhale and exhale. Open the like out to the side. Inner thigh. Stretch breathing in and I'll bring it back to the center. Okay, good. Other sides. So holding on to the band and line with your shoulders. Flex your bottom leg or your foot and anchoring the thyme. Take the leg across. Inhale and Exhale, center. Go ahead.

Really stabilize those hips. Make it an AB exercise and lift 30 and exhale four and five. Now reverse. Take the like out again only to the edge of your band to anchor the back of the thigh and to the mat. And two more. Last one. Good. And let's link them out like all the way down. Hold the band.

Lift your head. Flex your feet or rural. That's fine. Ah God, please start. Bam to the side. We go into rolling with the ball. So pick up your ball. Okay, I'll say your position. So pretend they have a ball. I'm not going to roll anyway.

So you're going to go to the tips of your toes here. The knees are open in line with your shoulders. We're holding the ball in front of you. Now curl the tailbone under. Really scooped the valley from here. Lifted fee off of the Mat. Stay there. Be Like you're going to rock back.

So pull this stomach and we're only going to do three. So here we go. And he'll roll back to your shoulder blades. Axle, scoop your abs and left and he'll roll back to the shoulder blades. Scoop the valley and left. Inhale. This is the third one. Exhale, stay balance. You guys look great. Place up all between your knees. Hold onto the outside edge of your ankles. Set.

Look towards your stomach and in. He'll roll back to the shoulder blades. Axial scoop and left. Two more an exhale only to the shoulder blades. One more time a cam. Now stay there. Take the ball, place it between the heel to sit bones.

So you really have to pull those legs in. Yes, this is a challenging one. So head down, scoop the valley. Here you go. Inhale. Roll that actual scoping left. Two more. Nice and tight. Axe Him. It's good. Last one, and left. Beautiful. You can take that ball away. You raise up, lengthen your legs to your teaser position.

You weren't ready for that one. Just the transition. You're not doing teasers yet, so from your slowly make your way onto your backs. Lower one vertebrae at a time. You can bend your knees and stretch your arms over had God. We're going to go into single leg stretch holding the ball marina.

As you exhale, curl your chest up, reasonable up to the cla and just stay there. Let's start slow. Just reach your right leg out long. Hold it there. Connect to the back of the thigh. Connect your form navel to spine. Now switch like stretched out, left leg nice and long and let's give it a little breath and flow. Inhale. Inhale. Acts here. Acts in him. Three acts, Sam four inhale five acts six.

Inhale, seven XL eight. Inhale, nine x, Sam 10 bend your knees. Keep the ball up, but lower the head down just for a breath and exhale. Curl right up. Now tap the ball to the shins for the double leg. Stretch the arms and legs stretch away from the center. Scoop your belly. Exhale, pull it in. Go ahead and stretch it out. Axe and good. Making sure as you stretch back and the shoulder blade stayed the same height throughout the exercise. X, n four more stomach n three more.

Oh Lit n two more. Really focused on those abs deepening in the hollowing out. Now hold it in and lower down to your back's. Nice. Place the ball down to the side who grab it in a moment, but not for the scissors. Okay, good. So from here, the knees are on a table. Top arms are down to the sides. Curl the chest app, extend your right leg straight up to the ceiling hole behind the right calf, and then reach your left leg away there, the back of your pelvis equally weighted onto the mat.

And let's give it two tags. We pull, pull, switch, pull, pull, breathe in and out. Breathe in and out. Breathe in and out, getting that stretch, working your apps and pull. Pull two more. Pull. Pull, pull. Pull enough. Bend the knees, hug him into your chest. The next one I'm gonna have you do. Take the ball behind your head so he gets up. Again. Release your neck, focusing on the connection through your stomach, arms, or down to your sides.

We're going to make a diamond shape with your legs. So stretch your legs up to start first and then your heels are together. Bend the knees to the sides, but keep it, uh, like a big, bigger, longer diamond, I guess is what I'm trying to say. Yep. Just a slight bend. Now from here, keep that shape of your legs. Inhale, lower acts hill left. Good. Completely.

Relax the neck and shoulders and then [inaudible] the belly and down. Scoop and left. Three more low. Middle upper abs. Good. Two more exhale. Last one. Raise your legs. Take that ball.

Place it between your ankles, hands, lace behind your head. Curl the chest up. The head is heavy in your hands. This time you'd like to, our long is straight as your hamstrings. Allow lower the legs to your point of control, whatever that is for you. And exhale res, low power, axial scoop and raise lower. Still trying to feel that neck relaxation.

So the head is pressing gently into your hands, releasing neck tension and put all that work in your core. Let's do two more. Give the ball squeeze. Last one. You tuffle bend your knees. Let's go straight into crisscross. Hold the ball with your hands. Knees in tabletop. Chesses lift em. Extend your right leg long. Now take the ball, reach over towards the left side of your leg. Good. And then switch.

Reach over to the right side. Pick up the pace we inhale. Inhale, twist, acts, hair and in hell and left and twist. N N Hale and acts. Hail, last breath, e Neuf good. Hug the knees into your chest. Place the ball to the side. Nice. We're going to do a nice twist here. So extend your legs or extend your left leg long.

Hug the right knee in towards you and then bring that knee over the cross, the body, taking your left hand to the outer thigh. Stretch the right arm out and you can look towards that hand. Twist God, stay there as you breathe in and read out. Make your way back to the center. Switch legs. Hug the left knee into the chest and again we bring that left knee across the body, stretching in the left arm out to the side.

God got a nice twist there. And then you come back to the center and we're going to hold the back of your thighs and rock on up to see them, right? So before we go into the spine stretch, we're going to go into a little arm exercise. So take your band and you're going to place it behind your back. So it's around your shoulder blades. So coming into our spine stretch position, you want to bring your feet to the edge of your mat. Okay?

The band is behind your back and then holding it. So I've got some extra here so it's tight enough. Um, and then you want to pull your elbows into the rib cage. So sit up straight. His stomach is, and we're going to reach those arms out in the peripheral. So you reach them out, you pull up and exhale, reach and expand. Pull and really flex your feet per us through your heels.

And, and two more acts. Inhale, last one. Let's hold it out. Their arms are going to start here. This is your starting position for hug a tree. Exhale, hug. Inhale, open x here, hug, inhale, open abs, pull in and open. Two more open. We're going to still hug as we go into the spine. Stretch forward so high again. Exhale, scoop your belly and around. Forward. Roll the spine up.

Open the arms. Just two more. Exhale, hug, round forward, and then open the arms length in the spine. Last one, x him, and then open and lengthen and pull the elbow. Some good. Place the band to the side. Open like rocker. So hands by your hips. Scoot your bottom forward. Comes to the tips of your toes like you did for um, rolling like a ball. Stay there. I'm going to talk you through a prep so your feet are together. Now keep out.

Scoop in your stomach. Ab Connection. Your right leg is going to stretch out to the side, just the right shoulders down. Connect to abs and then stretch your left leg out and then slowly bend the knees back in. Keep the body in that same position. Rounds, left leg stretches out this time, followed by the right and then bend the knees in both legs. Here we go. Stomach pulls in. Stretch those legs out. Now inhale, lift the chest. We go into open like rocker. So the street is fine.

Scoop your belly in. Exhale, roll back to the shoulder blades. Act, feel roll up and in. He'll sit tall. Exhale, scoop the belly and rural back and rural Allah and he'll sit tall. Exhale, roll back to the shoulder blades. Rural. Back Up. Sit Tall. Nice job. Just two more around, back rounds up. Inhale. Last one here at exhale. Roll Up. Now stay there. I do have Caesar transition legs together.

Arms reach forward. Breathe in. Scoop the ABS in and slowly with control with precision. Roulette it down. One Vertebrae at a time. Hugging me. [inaudible] all right, I'm going to make our way on trust stomach. So come on up and I'll have you um, turn. So your head is towards the center. Okay. Make sure you have room for your arms to be in all these positions.

Sat 'em down by your sides. Straight up to the sides. And then overhead. So stagger a little bit. Okay. And then we're going to start with your arms down to your sides. So down towards your fingertips are reaching towards your feet. Your palms face the floor. Separate the legs, hip distance apart.

Now before you move, draw the belly in, feeling the shoulders down. All I want you to do is start to reach down through your fingertips. Lifting your spine up off of the Mat. Your arms and your hands are reaching the fingers towards your toes. Exhale, low words God. Again, reach the fingertips down to your toes. Raise the arms, raise your hands off the mat. Neck is in line with the spine, and then exhale you lower. Inhale, reaching down through the fingertips. Lifting up.

Stay here. Exhale, reach your arms out to the sides so they're now in a t position and lower down to your stomach. We'll do three here. Inhale, lift the chest, keep the legs down, arms are open, reaching them out nice and long and exhale. Do Yeah, God. Shoulders down. Reach the arms and long as you left out and then exhale you lower. One more time and he'll reach the arms long. Lift the chest. Now keep the neck in line with your spine. Maybe tuck the chin slightly as the arms reach overhead more to a v not directly in line with your shoulders. Lower down. This is the most challenging.

Don't think about high. I think. Link and heel. Raise the opera body and exhale lower. The tendency is to raise your shoulders. So really plug those shoulders down into your back and lift. Neck land line with the spine and lower. Good you guys.

Last one. Inhale, raising up. Shoulders are down. Now take the arms out through the tee all the way around to the back. Lace your fingers together. Lift the chest and an inch higher. And now lower down true stomach. Please. Your right cheek, your face, cheek on the mat and bend your elbow so the hands are to the lower back. We're going to transition to double leg kicks. Your feet are together.

Press your hipbones into the Mat, no movement in your hips or your pelvis. Kick those heels to your bottom. Three, two, one. Press the fee into the mat. Lace the fingers. Lift the chest up. Turn the head left cheek to the mat. Hands the lower back. Kick will. One, two, three. Lower the legs down and left the chest up.

Turn their right cheek to the mat and kick one and two. Three lower the legs down. Lift the chest up, turn the left cheek to the mat. KCL One. Squeeze your glutes to squeeze. Three lower end left. And then lower all the way down to your stomach. Hands by your shoulders, pushed back just into a brief child's pose. So sitting to your heels head. Stay there for a breath and, and re that out.

We go onto a plank series on our forearms. So coming down onto your elbows. Okay, so starting with your shoulders directly over the elbows. Make two fists with your hands. Step the legs back. We are in a plank. Be of that long line head reaching forward. Soldiers down, heels pressing back. Hold it for eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. Go into a right side plank. So turn to the right forearm.

Now the feet can either be stacked or you can have your top leg in front stagger or for a modification. Bend the top knee. Push the foot into the mat. Hold it for five, four, three, two, one. We'll go through the center. Hold it here for five, four, three, two, one. We'll go on to our left side plank. Again, pick your position, stacked, staggered or top leg bend, pushing into the foot, raising the hips for five, four, three, two, one. Come back to your plank position. Stay here nice and strong. I'm going to have you tap one knee gently down. So one down. Then sweat, sweat, and slept and slept and slept for three.

Go ratty both knees. Tap them down. Scoop your belly. Exhale. Exhale. Last for three. You should feel your abs. Two, one. Keep the knees down. Sit back again. Shouts, bows. Ah, go ahead. Stay there. Especially those arms forward. Tailbone down towards your heels. Rolling all the way up. [inaudible] pick up your ball. Transition.

So you're going to sit to the front edge of your mat so we can lie down on your backs, the balls in between your hands, and then go ahead and roll down to your back. Okay, so keep the ball straight up in line with your shoulders. Pull your heels back closer. We're going to go into another bridge series, so you're going to place the feet flat down onto the mat. Hip distance apart the feet a little bit. There you go. And now curl your tailbone under. Roll your hips up. That's it. They lift up. You inhale the top Axa. Just keep the ball there.

Shoulders on the Mat. Exhale, roll down. Tailbone touches them out. Two more acts. He'll scoop the valley and rural it up. Hold on slowly. Roll the spine down one more time here. Gerardo. Belly and rural your hips up. Okay, good. Now we're going to take that ball.

You're going to place the under your lower back, sacrum area. Rust the bath nice and heavy. It should feel good. Arms are down to the sides. Raise your knees to your tabletop position. God, send your legs up to the ceiling, stomach and ribs connected. Feeling the weight of your back onto the ball. Scissor the legs, so itch and scissor and scissor and says abs.

And feel that length, especially with a bottom. Likes the bottom, like reaches long and then you feel that nice to Rach and lengthen the front of your thigh and your hip flexor though they pause back from the hamstrings. Let's transition into a bicycle. So reaching like forward and around one and two. Eight times three, four we reaching the toes towards the Mat and six, seven and eight reverse it. Reach and to lengthen. Three, slow down. Four Reed, five and six. Seven n a good raise. Legs on transition.

Bend your knees and place them onto the map. Push into your feet per us your hips up. Take the ball away and roll it down. One Vertebrae at a time. Go ahead, place the ball to the side. Okay, I've got a whole single leg bridge. Serious. So your feet are hip distance. Arms are pressing into the map.

I want you to roll your hips up, but only a fist distance from your lower back to the mat. So curl up, just slight hip. Stay nice and square. We'll start with marching right into like first. Inhale, right leg up. Exhale our left leg up. Exhale, Lara, keeping that pelvis steady and quiet. Good. Two more left. Number five stays up there, holds it there. Ground your left foot, lower the hips. Tap them to the mat, squeeze them left five times to squeeze them left.

Feeling your left hamstrings, England. Lower left. One more. Now stay lifted. Lengthen the right leg to the ceiling. Hold it there as you flex some point the foot flex and point to add 0.3 and point to more. Four we're gonna flex the foot. Lower the leg down and hale, lower point x and two x three and you left four and left holds up the other foot is pointed the leg as long we pulse the hips up front. Five, four, three, two and one venue. Right knee. Place the on the Mat. Roll a down with control, Huh?

God readjust the fee if you need to. And then we'll do the other side. So stay where you are. Just carefully pull the stomach and roll up again. Only a fist distance. Just check lower back to the mat. So ribs connected belly. And we start with the marches. You want to start with your left leg lifted up.

Exhale, lower right leg up. Exhale our left flag up on God. Nice stable pelvis. This is five. Stay there, holds it in the right leg. Lower the hips down, lift them up, down, lift them up the re, squeeze the back of that right thigh. A like Sam, we stay lifted. You extend that left leg nice and long. Stay there and flex and point.

Flex and point. Flex and 0.3 and 0.4 and 0.5. Keep flexing. Lower the leg down. Exhale, raise lower. Exhale, raise. Good. Keep the hips square with each other. Two more left. Last one, c lifted.

Push into your right foot. Pulse it up for five, four, three, two, one. Bend the knee, place the foot down. Roll down one vertebrae at a god. All right, these ladies just spreading that. You want to go ahead. Okay, take your band. We're going to do an assisted teaser with the bands, so that's nice, right? Okay, so it's going to go around the ball of your rights foot. Okay? And you are going to start on your back. So I'm not going to do teasers, but I will show you your starting position. So your left knee is bent and the foot is flat.

The further away that foot is from you, the more manageable it is to roll up. So find the position. If it's really close, you won't get up. Okay? So that being sad, reach your right leg long so that your thighs are in line with each other from here. So to lift your head up and that Axa, you roll up into your single like teaser. Good. Holding onto the band. Now focusing on the stomach connections. You're naval and scoop your belly and roll it down. Keeping the leg nice and long head touches the mat. Inhale, raise your head up again and then exhale all rolling on.

Breathing in at the top and then use the assistance of the band and focus on your form. Rolling down. One more time. Raising the head. Exhale. Yeah, breathing. And then exhale. Belly pulls in away from those sides. Your head touches the map. Let's go ahead and switch legs.

Nice. So placing the right foot down, the thighs are in line with each other. And then bend your right knee. There you go. So lift the head up and then exhale, breathing in. And then focus on this stomach pulling back belly button leads the way head comes up. Exhale, rule the spine. Breathing in. Why Muckross the chest? Exhale.

Try to keep that left leg still and stable, which you guys are. And one more time here. Raise the head and heel off of that man. Roll it down. One Vertebrae at a time. Good.

Just bend that knee for a moment. Place the other foot into it. So both of the fee, I'm going to just widen this for you. So all smushed up. Okay, good. And so you can start with the knee is bent or legs. Long knee is bent, is more of a modified version. Okay, so I'm either up at 45 or bent to table top. Yep. So raise the hat and then axial rule two teaser. Inhaling. Exhale, scoop the belly in and [inaudible] [inaudible] it. Damn shoulders yet on the mat. Lift the head.

Aksana sand roll up into your supported teaser. Then focus on that form. Pull the stomach, and really, really deepen deepest layer of abs working as we roll down. Nice job. We'll do one more like of this, rolling up, breathing, and then axiom do. Yeah. Once he comes to your backs, bend your knees. Place the band to the side. Three more teasers. Here we go. The knees will start in a tabletop position.

Start Bent. Bring the arms back, but in front of your face, ribs connected. Circle the arms out to the sides. Exhale, rule up to teaser Merida. Keep reaching through your fingertips and your toes. Roll down the leg. Stay long if you can. Otherwise in these can bend, send the arms overhead. Circle arms around. Exhale, roll up to teaser. Breathe in.

Exhale, pull the stomach in, roll back the arms reach overhead. They circle around. Exhale, roll. This is your last teaser. Slowly roll down with form precision and that is great. Type those knees end to, that's asked. Nice.

Hold the back of your thighs. Rocca on up. Okay. Come on to your stomach. So head in towards the center. We're going to be doing heel beats, but your arms, just like when you were on your stomach before, they'll be down to the sides, out in your t and overhead. So stagger and make sure you have room in front of you. Okay. Legs, hip distance, palms facing down, shoulders down, stomach, tight. Inhale, reach down through the fingertips.

Lift your chest, lift the arms and the hands off of the mat. Raise your legs. Think about the back of your knees. Staying straight like slightly, turned out. 30 heel beats. Who? One, two, three, four, six, seven, eight, nine, ten one, two, three, four, six, seven, eight, nine 21 two, three, four, six, seven, eight, nine. Hold on. 30 regions up to the side. So does dad beat those heels or one, two, three, four, six, seven, eight, nine, ten one, two, five, six, seven, eight and nine 21 two, three, four, seven, eight, nine. Hold it on. 30 reach, arms over head. Here we go. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 or one, two, four. Best, six, seven, eight and nine. 21, two, five, six, seven, eight, nine 30. Lower the arms and legs down. But stay where you are. Shoulders are down, the legs are open.

Hip distance from here, just coming into swimmer, not the full exercise yet. You're gonna raise your right arm and your left leg. Just hold it there. Feeling that length from the fingertips to the chills and lower it down. Now switch the left arm on the right leg and lower down. Do One more like that. Reach to the right fingertips. Left toes, left long leg. And um, one more time. Breathing in and down. Be going to swim or hover off the mat. Pick up pace.

Breathe in. Two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five, two more breaths and exhale. Last one. And exhale. Beautiful. You going to lower the body down now, hands by your shoulders. We're going to go up into a plank, but stay with me. Tuck your toes underneath you from up your thighs. So straighten your knees, engage your abs, engage your quads.

Uses our muscles and nice and strong per sup. Interpolate position. Stay here for a moment. Just reaching the crown of the head forward. Heels pressing back. Good. Now we're going to go into what I call mountain climber. So you're gonna pull one knee and exhale, bring it back.

Switch to bring it back. Switch three. Breathe out for scoop the belly and five. Exhale six, keeping the back straight the whole time. Seven. Exhale. Eight, two more. Nine, 10. Stay there and lower the knees down. Sit back into your heels and stretch.

All right, roll up. We're going to be kneeling, facing, I guess that way is fine. So Neil facing the front. Okay. Pick up the ball into your right hand. Okay. Come up onto the knees. So the knees are hip distance, probably not in a good place. And then you're going to take your, um, the ball lightly onto the right hand on the left leg is going to be out nice and long. Okay, good. So staying there, slight Tuck of your table. Raise your left arm. So it's at a diagonal.

That's it. So fingertips down to the opposite. Fingertips stomach and your, yeah, there you go. Good. Now with a parallel leg. Raise it up five times one and lower. Lift two and lower left three and lol. I left for lower, lifted five lowered down. Now just carefully rolled up all away from you.

Place your right hand flat down on the Mat. Ground your left foot. So this left foot is now going to flex down the absentee. Use you as a guide. So pushing into that leg in and take your bottom like hook it behind. Turn the side plank side, bed mermaid. Go ahead, stretch your left arm overhead. Now starts to lower the hips down and reach your left arm down to your side.

That's it. And then excellent. Left up and over. Just two more. Inhale, lower down. And then exhale, lift up and over. Last one. If you can't turn your head, look at your left hand and then I see lift up and over. Bring your left arm straight up to the ceiling and then carefully lower right knee followed by left knee and you're kneeling. Go ahead and pick up your ball other side. So take the volunteer left-hand lightly on southpaw. Send the right leg out.

Raising the right arm up here and a nice diagonal from the hand, shoulders, and opposite hand. Stomach is in slight tack of the table. And then raise the leg up and lift up and exhale three and left four. Nice job. One more. Alright, lower down. Just carefully. There's up all away. Hand is down. Left shoulder down. Take the left foot behind the right leg in a side. Pike, reach your right arm over to the left. Inhale Reese arm down as the hip lowers, not to the map, but almost. And then exhale, go up and oh over two more.

Inhale down. Exhale, reach up and over. Last time reaching x up and over. Beautiful. Bend your left knee followed by there, right, and you're up on your knees. God, stay on your knees. Turn in towards the center. Almost done. Hands are under your cylinders. Knees are under your hips.

Just give it a good all little cat stretch here were hounding your back and arching your back. And one more time Max. He'll scoop the belly and and lengthen the spine. Tuck the toes underneath you. Raise your hips. Inverted V. Walk your hands into your feet. Don't stay there for long. We're going to walk out to do three pushups, so walk out, God, I'm going to do, I'm on my knees to modify. You can stay on your toes if you want, and then point the elbow straight behind you. Inhale down. Exhale, press down. Exhale, press 30 and harass. Lift the hips. Walk in one, two, three year, thereby forward just in seeing that forward button. We're not gonna roll up.

We're gonna walk it out. One, two, three. We're there by four. We're going to change the time and you're going to lower in three counts. Lower. One, two, three. Press up on one. Lower one to three. Press up on one. Lower. One, two, three. Press up on one. Lift the hips.

Walk it in. Two, three or there by four. Walk it out. One, two, three. Where there by four we're going to lower on one count. Here we go. Lower one, level one, two, three. Lower one. Live one. It's hard enough on your knees where one live on one, two, three. Lift the hands. Walk in. One, two, three. Where thereby four, let's soften our knees. Had heavy, relaxed, roll up.

Who won vertebrae at a time? Stay here, take a nice deep breath. Inhale rebill all the air and then just stay here standing. Nice and tall. Famous stomach drawing and crown of the head lengthening feet grounded and you are done with your Pilati session.


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One year ago I requested a theraband classe from you in my comments on class 950 (a class I adore!) Thank you for providing it today...I was so surprised there were movements I hadn't done with it yet inspite of taking every theraband class on the site!! PS: I also asked for a magic circle. ;) Any chance that you filmed one of those too?
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Yay! You really know what true flow means! I hope for equipment classes either reformer or tower.
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Love it...right in my favorites
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I was so happy to see a new class from Melissa today! I always love her classes and I think this might be the best yet.! Beautiful.
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Lots of fun with many challenges too. Loved the mixture of the ball and the band. Thanks so much.
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I love your classes Melissa! They're challenging, flowing, seamless... They're everything a Pilates class should be. Thank you:)
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Can you do a prenatal work out too? :D
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Pregnancy tip. Deflate an overball and use it as a cushion in your car and when sitting on a hard chair. It will truly get you off your sacrum and on to the tuberosities ....this opens pelvis and changes posture for the better. Results in better positioned baby.
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Love the uses of the band and ball. When I teach at the Y, there are larger classes, no equipment, so the props are so great! Thank you!
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Wow! What a terrific workout!! Smooth precise cues executed with great clarity in perfect timeing. I love this class!!
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