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Melissa Connolly

Melissa Connolly is a dancer turned Pilates instructor dedicated to improving the body and the spirit of herself and others through the transformation within the Pilates work. She has been involved in dance, movement and exercise since the age of 3.
Read More Melissa began Pilates in Boston and received her first Pilates certification through the Physical Mind Institute. Soon after her certification in 2001, she moved to Southern California, the heart of health and wellness, and while living there for over 10 years she gained the majority of her high level of training. She ran the Balanced Body teacher training program at one of the most prestigious Pilates studios on the west coast, J.L. Body Conditioning. She worked along side her mentor Julian Littleford, who is a former Martha Graham dancer and one of the most sought after Pilates presenters and educators in the world. At his beautiful Del Mar, California studio, her personal Pilates practice and her teaching skills soared to a new level. She became the studio manager and lead trainer. Her experience included working with professional athletes including, NFL, pro-baseball, pro-golfers and pro-tennis players, as well as recreational athletes. She also worked with the elderly up through age 95. She had clients with injuries on a daily basis and was very capable of working with and around their injuries. In addition, Melissa became an Instructor at Pilates Anytime as early as 2010 making her one of Pilates Anytime's pioneers.

Having moved to the East Coast, Melissa owned The Pilates Barre in Massachusetts and at the same time, worked at the biggest Balanced Body training center, Boston Body Pilates. She now teaches Pilates and Barre workshops through Balanced Body: Pilates on Tour and is Owner of Move ME Pilates in Portland, Maine.

Melissa strives to provide her clients well balanced classes, to lead with positive energy, to give detailed attention to form and alignment, and to strengthen and motive her clients of all ages to rise past pre-conceived limitations into truly countless abilities.

PMA® Certified Pilates
PhysicalMind Pilates Certified
Julian Littleford Pilates Certified
Balanced Body Master Instructor Trainer Certified
Pre/Post-Natal Pilates Specialist™ Certified
ACE Fitness Personal Trainer