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Energetic Prenatal Flow

50 min - Class


Melissa Connolly is 24 weeks pregnant, and in this Reformer workout, she teaches the exercises that she has been doing for her own body. It's a very energetic class with many exercises to strengthen your glutes and upper body so you are prepared after you have your baby. You will enjoy variations of Long Stretch, Knee Stretches, a Supported Stomach Massage, and much more!

This work is not recommended for pregnant women practicing after their second trimester, women who have or had a diastasis recti, or those feeling an inability to stabilize the torso due to the anatomical shifts in pregnancy as the stability work involved in several exercises will place a significant challenge on the abdominal wall.

Practicing and exploring advanced movement with safety and integrity is the goal of this class. As with any pre-natal workout, please obtain permission from your physician before engaging in Pilates exercises.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Yoga Block

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Hi, I'm Melissa Connolly here with plots any time. Again, this time being 24 weeks pregnant with my second child. So I'm going to take you through a reformer workout. Um, basically what I've been doing, um, what feels good for my body. That being said, do what feels good for you and hopefully how fun. Join in and we will get started. So we're going to start, I have to foot bar lifted and I also have a red and a blue spring on for now. So on. Should it come close to the front edge of the carriage?

Take your hands behind your thighs from here, gently press on your thighs and feel your spine lengthen. So we're sitting nice and tall breathing. And, and then as we exhale, start to curl the tailbone under and round the spine back until your arms are straight. Stay there with an inhale and as you exhale, draw the belly and eyes on your stomach. See it pull. And if you can see that, and then around forward and in, he'll sit tall. Exhale, scoop your stomach in, curl the tailbone under. The arms are straight. We inhale. And on the exhale, feel the abdominal muscles draw together an en and sit straight. Exhale, rounding the spine halfway back, breathing into pause, and then exhale, pull the belly back to the spine and inhale, lengthen. Two more times. Lead with your belly button. Curl the tailbone under, keeping that nice round c shape of your spine.

And then exhale, pull the stomach in and sit tall. One more time. Naval pulls back. Tailbone curls under. We inhale and exhale, rounding forward and lengthen. Taking the hands to one side, rotating and exhale. Rounding back, working in the obe leaks. Exhale again, rolling up and rotating the torso to more acts, sail, rounding back, breathing in, and then exhale. Feeling those obliques pull back as you lift up.

One more exhale, round and back. Breathing in at the bottom. Exhale, pull the stomach back as you round forward and we'll go around to the other side. So rotating, pulling the right shoulder back, exhale around halfway back. And then axial ruling up and lengthen. We'll go two more. Exhale halfway back, pulling the old obliques back to Rola up, staying in your rotation. One more exhale.

Rule halfway back and then axial roll up and link them. Okay, good for footwork. We're going to lie on our side. I'm doing a red and a blue. Sometimes I do too red. So see what feels best for you coming down. I also have a yoga block lifted, so use what is that best for you for your head. Comfort had raised ball. Sometimes I use or yoga block.

We're going to place the top foot to the edge of your foot bar. Make sure your hips are to the back of the mat and then let's start to progress us the carriage out resisting n and XCL. Harass, resisting and sealing the glutes. Engage as you press out and that whole sigh working to per us out and exhale her us out. Control and see the ABS. Draw into your spine and see up her and and we'll do two more like this. Initiate from right around that. Sip on glue area. Last one, harass out, come halfway and in pause.

Push into the foot bar and pulse for eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. Push out all the way on one and then carefully rich here and the carriage from here. Externally, rotate from your hip. Turn the leg out, you're on your heel, pushing weight down to the heel. Exhale, press out and heal Ben. Feeling that outer glute working and, and exhale her resisting and with control and her resisting. And we'll do four more here and Ben squeezing through the glute per us and n twice more last time. Exhale, press out. We'll come halfway in again. Find the muscle that's working and pulse. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two Pusha, although, and we'll return. Good.

We're gonna stay with the sideline, but we're going to change our spring. So just press your hands down, lifting out. I'm going to take it to a blue spring. You can always stick with a red, you don't lie down on your side. So from here and carefully, place the outer foot into the strap. Okay. Hips to the back of the mat and then pull the bottom knee and starting with your knees in line with each other. We'll press out. And then here at exhale, press out. Control it. In good. Focus on that control as you press out, control it in and engaged from your glutes as you press out and harassing out.

Four resist. And just two more here. Five resist m on the last one. Stay out there. Stay connected. Head to hip, nice and straight. Let's inhale, reach like forward. And then exhale, recruit those hamstrings and press it back and reach forward. ABS. Dry End. Use your hamstrings to PIR us back and forward and exhale up her ass back reading. N Axial abs, glutes, hamstrings. Two more.

Belly and breathe out. Last one. And exhale, harass back. Good. From here, rotate that leg as turned out externally. Bend the knee into a frog position and for us said, oh Ben, with control per [inaudible] bend here, I can feel that glute working per us. So why three more exhale per us last. Two, firing up in the muscles and per mass one and harass.

Oh away from here. Carefully bend. That needs to take the strap off of your foot. Return the carriage into the stopper. It's good. We're going to press that on up to see them. So sitting here, take the leg that you just worked ankle across your thigh, sitting up straight. Before you stretch, we'll do an active stretch. You're going to place the heels of your hands, the edge of the carrot.

Scooch your hips forward, shoulders down, and stable neck as long. Bend your elbows. Try sub debs for eight and seven prs, six and five prs. Four and three, two and one. Scoop that belly in and sit down. Good. Now we'll stretch out in the PIRIFORMIS. So go ahead and lower the head.

Rounding down over the leg. Take a nice deep breath in through your nose and exhale. Then roll all the way up. So you want to change that spring again to what you started with your footwork. So I have on my red and my blue again.

I'm logging into the other side am down. Okay, so checking your position, bring your hips, the back of the carriage. Step your foot to the front edge of the foot bar. And here we go. Exhale, we press out resisting in squeezing through this Gulu. That's where your focus is. Push through the heel, push through the entire foot and work the muscles in your leg. And axa. We have four N, N and thery and last two and one more time pressing out.

We'll come halfway in. We pulse one post to engage the muscles in your leg and five, six, seven press out on eight. Return the carriage. This topper with control externally. Rotate, pushing down through your heel for us it out. And Bang, getting a deep or lower glute connection. This time and x three control linen per us out for and her ass. So five, three more.

Last one more time per us the carriage out. Come halfway and again, gauge that lower glute. Let's pulse for a one two pull three, four and five. Six seven press out on eight. We return the carriage and again, carefully pressing yourself up to see it taking off your spring for single leg foot in the straps. So bringing those hips to the back of my map, your top foot goes into the strap. Good. Pull the bottom knee and checking your position.

The knees are in line with each other. And let's start to reach that top leg out and in. It takes a little more control, a little more stability from your core. So draw the ABS in and press so way and again per us. Oh wait, we'll do two more here and last one. We'll hold here again from head to hip. No movements head. Good.

Now we'll take that like all the way forward. And exhale using your abs, your glutes, your hamstrings to press back forward and exhale, press back, maintaining stability from head to hip and her ass. Inhale for abs in per a SPAC and five engage the glutes and for us back one one and back from here, rotate the light from your hip. Bend the knee up into a frog position and exhale low. And again, bend x, Halo Three.

Really control it. Engage the glue and per hass and read out to more her SOA. Last one. And oh way from here. Bend your knee. We'll carefully take the strap off. Close the carriers all the way. Okay. And then pushing yourself up to see them.

We'll do our dips and our pair forma stretch on this side. So the leg that you just worked, take that ankle across the Fi, lengthen the spine, look at the beautiful view and then scooch those hips forward. Shoulders down, sasters open. Let's bend and press two acts three his shoulders. Yeah, last four and three last one and scoop the belly and have a seat.

Good. Now we can stretch over that leg. Dropping your head, stretching down. Well then rolling back up. So now we'll change our spraying. I'm going to go to our red spring for arm work, taking off the blue, adding the red. We're going to remove that yoga block. You won't need it again if you are using it and then just have a seat facing the back, your legs right through the headrest. Picking up the straps here about a hands distance from the back edge, sitting up tall, fingertips down towards the floor.

We breathe into prepare and exhale, harass back and forward. Shoulders down as you per aspect and forward widening across the chest. Drying the stomach in and exhale her ass back and forward. Keep it go and working on that upper body strength. We're going to need this to carry those babies around.

Let us do three more. Pulling the shoulder blades back, one the chest length and the neck. One more time and reach the arms forward and rotate the palms up. Micro bend of your elbows, scoop the belly end. Let's Bicep curl. Exhale, curl. Maintaining that letter. C, shape of your spine. Breathing out as you curl and x, sail five and four. Keep the chest wide even though you're in a round back position.

Two more. Last one, length and the arms. Let's rule out from here. Chris Cross just shops. I like to hold a little higher on this. Job's right at the flat part. Next to the metal sitting straight. Pumps face down. Let's pull the elbows back and forward. Draw the shoulder blades together and exhale.

Good, so pulling back, pause just for a moment and reach and pause. Hold and exhale five and four and pull the stomach. In theory, even though it doesn't look it, I am last one and real least good. We're going to uncross those jobs just as a transition. Lower the right strap down and then pick up the left strap into your right hand.

Again, the flat part. Take the left hand behind your head sitting tall, palm faces in and the elbow straight back resists forward engaging through your lap and four. Exhale. Three forward. Just two more. We'll add a rotation as the elbow pulls back, rotate and back to the center. Exhale, rotate and center. Working from now through the old bleaks through your back. One more time and really good.

We'll lower that strap down. Pick up your opposite strap with your left hand, right hand behind the head. Just look straight forward for the first five. Pull back and resist and initiate this movement by gliding the shoulder blade down. Reassessed two more and forward. Last one. We'll add our rotation, pulling the elbow back, rotate and back to the center. Exhale, rotate and center. Exhale, three Centrifi of the left ribs pullback and one more time and forward. Good. Let's hold onto both straps in one hand and then transition.

Turn around. I'm going to sit with your back against the shoulder routes, holding onto those chops for front rowing. So the legs are long. We're sitting upstream. You're going to have the straps and your thumbs, palms face down that length of your spine here. Breathe in. As you exhale, reach forward energy through the fingertips. Inhale, lower the fems down. Exhale, glide the shoulders sound. Lift the arms. Get Taller as you press the arms down and bend the elbows. Exhale, Foy. Lower the thumbs down, shoulders down as you raise the arms up, shoulders down as you lengthen. Tolerance. Bend the elbows.

Axe sail forward lower. Here's a visual. You're that cork in the bottle of wine that you can't drink right now. Then the elbows now round the back. So scoop the belly and exhale forward. Reach into those jobs. Roll, uh, and again. Visualize that core coming out of the wine bottle.

Growing tall. Bend around Hen. Reach shoulders down. Reach into this jobs rolled up. Press down to get taller. One more exhale. Henrie shoulders pull back. Spine articulates up, arms are lifted and her us down.

Good. From here, adjust your hands. Hold onto the straps. Criss cross the legs and reaching the arms out in the peripheral. Hands below the shoulders. Axial and open, and we hug and open. ABS. Pull em spine stays straight and tall. Two more. Last one.

Open the arms. Bend your elbows. Just bring the back of the hands to the forehead for the salutes. Lean slightly forward without rounding your shoulders. Shoulders pressed down. As you raise up and bend. Keep looking forward, eye level, or even higher. Maintaining your posture. Exhale to more opposition. Shoulders down.

As you press forward, hold the arms up and circle around God. We're going to lower those straps down over the pegs. Come up onto your knees. Hands are on the foot by. You're still on one red spring. Place the feet flat against the shoulder assed. Now from here, going into the down stretch position so your pubic bone is pressing forward.

Shoulders are down. Squeeze your glutes, press the carriage out. Now maintain that stability in that form by engaging abs and glutes and we'll go into our pushups. Bend your elbows and her ass. Keep the care study. If you can the re and perhaps you must use those abs, pull them in. Hug the baby with those abdominal muscles per us up and her ass.

Good length in the neck. Keep that Chin lifted. Let's go for 30 and two last one and then bring the carriage into the stop. God. Okay, from here I'm going to lower the foot bar all the way down. Okay, I'm going to stay on a red. A blue might feel better for you for kneeling, abs facing the back. So let's see what feels best and these are against the shoulder rest.

We'll start the cat stretch. So place the hands on. So the frame of the reformer, hands under your shoulders, shoulders are down. Let's just start by rounding the back, scooping your stomach and head heavy and then lift your tailbone a rural through, extending into the cat twice more Gerad of belly and curl the tailbone under and stir up the table and articulated through this spine. Inhaling there and one more table and curls under ax Hale and lifting the tailbone or roll through into the extension. Make your way to a nice long, neutral position.

Feel the crown of the head reaching forward as your tailbone is back the shoulders. Pull down. Stabilize your upper body and exhale, fold at the knees and back. Use your abs to fold it than me. We breathe out. Exhale and en. Try to press down through the lower legs, your ankles and the tops of the feet. Stay connected to the carriage. The arms stay Stiebel. Let's do two more. You should feel your abs last one and release. Good. We're still going to stay in this position, but I want you to take your left me closer to the right knee.

So the left knee is in line with your headrest. Stretch your right leg straight back behind you. The hips are square. Let's raise that like up and down. Five Times two and down. Feel that length. Squeeze the back of the leg. Belly n and this is five. Hold it there.

Bend the knee, end towards the shoulder rest. Press it away. Band n press it away. Three engage the Muslim. Press four and press five. Now bend that knee down one more time. Keep the shape of the leg. Lift up with a bent knee. Lower lift, two lower left, three lower.

Exhale for one more and lower. Good. Before we do the other side, let's just give it a stretch for a moment. Open the knees as wide as you need too, and come into a child's pose. Stay there for a breath in and out. Okay, good. And making your way back up to the other side. So again, grounding my hands under the shoulders. Bend your right knee, close or n next to the or in line with the shoulder.

Ras lengthen the left leg and we raise it up. One exhale to feel that nice long leg three. And don't worry how high the Lego. Think more about the stomach pulling and feel the length. And that's five. Let's bend the knee and stretch it out.

To stretch it out. Three, press out. Exhale. One more. And from here we bend the knee down. Lift up with a bent knee to feel that glute. Squeeze. Three hamstrings work. Exhale.

One more left and lower the knees. Let's go into child's pose. One more time. Open the knee and sit back to the heels and stretch from here. We're going to roll up. Okay, good. Stepping off of the reformer, let's go ahead and take the long box and place that onto our carriage. Okay. Okay. Spring tension for this series, I'm going to do a blue spring. We're going to start with arm work facing the back and then the side. Okay, so go ahead have a seat so your feet are on the head rest.

You're going to take your straps into your hands. Scooching your hips back as far as they will go. Now I'm going to bring my hands through the straps. The palms are facing away from me sitting up tall, length in the lower back. Belly is in arms. Press back and they reach forward.

Exhale, they press back and forward feeling that mid back, working in the shoulder blades, drawing together and axial again, working the upper body, working on maintaining your posture and alignment. And let's do three and two and one. Keep the arms where they are. Change your breath so you inhale, pull back and extend the spine. Inhale up. CFR only two more. Pull back, lifting the sternum. Exhale forward one world. Lift the chest and reach forward. Good. Okay.

I'm going to lower just the left strap down over the peg, pulling the right strap for a side arm work. So I'm going to sit with the legs in a second position. Sitting to the center of my box. Taking the strap into the right hand. We're going to draw a sword X. Reached out. I wrote to a high diagonal and bring it across and accelerate out and across shoulder pulls down a cross.

Feeling your weight equal over both sit bones. Two more. Press out. Amass one a cross. Good. We'll switch hands in a Ben, both of the elbows, elbows in line with the shoulders. Maintain length on both sides of your waist, raising up and Yam. This one is hard to do to not lean over to the side if you have that whole left side of your body working to maintain upright position. And two more. Last one and release. Good.

Let's take that strap down. Turn around. We'll do the other side. Starting with Jarvis or the legs are open in your second position. To hold a strap in your left hand. Take a breath in to prepare acts or reach out. Resist across and reach to a crush.

Shoulders nice and square. Feel equal way over both of this. SIP bones. Two more. Last one, God. From here, switch hands for the overhead bend the elbows feel length on the sides and unres and bend. The tendency is to lean over to the side. Try to really work those old bleaks to keep you balanced. Two more.

Last one and bring it. Go ahead. Okay, we'll lower that strap all the way down. Stepping off of there, we're going to turn the box going into short box. Okay. For this series I'm going to add, um, just enough springs. I'm going to add four springs to keep the carriage steady. Okay, so sitting on your box, we'll place a fee underneath the safety strap. All right, so sitting up straight to start, we're going to bring our arms into genie position here.

So just feel again lank up who the crown of the head sip owns grounded ribs, connected back, long breath. And as you exhale, focusing on your form, curl the tailbone under, round your back, breathing in there. As you exhale, pull the stomach back, rounding forward, and he'll sit up. Tall. Exhale, curl. That's healable and under Belita spine, you don't have to go far back. Look towards your stomach. Now just visualize your abdominal muscles pulling inwards, inwards towards the center as you ran forward and acts, you know, round back. Breathe in and use the exhale. Juror, all those two rectus muscles together together and exhale round back. Breathe in and again, exhale. Really pull this stomach and make it work and sit tall.

Adding on a rotation. Exhale round back where you can maintain. Pull the shoulders back, pull your right elbow back, and you rotate to the right. Inhale, center, left, elbow back, rotate, left and center. Exhale, right and center. Exhale, I'm feeling my obliques and center. We have four. Use your breath.

Last two. One more time here. Rotate. Center again. Visualize abs coming together round forward. Sitting up straight again. We're going to get that posture. Sit bones. Grounded. Head is up. Ribs together, hands behind the head, elbows in your peripheral.

Keep it small. Let's hinge back with an inhale. Exhale, lift up tongue, and just three more. Only four. Inhale. Exhale. Use your abs. Squeeze your glutes. Two more. I feeling that length of your spine and you left. Last one here. An axial left God. Okay.

The next one feels good with some more may just to stretch. So take your left knee. I've got my left knee. So the front of the box, turn your right leg parallel, pressing the foot up into the strap. And then from here to stretch is coming down. I come all the way down to my forearm, but whatever it feels good, just your rash, that arm over had lengthening, expanding the rib cage. And now taking the hands to the frame of the reformer under your shoulders.

Feeling the length from the crown of the head to your back heel stretching away. And then we'll come on up and we'll do the other side. So placing the left foot under the strap, right, needs the edge. Turn the light Carola, lift it up into this strap energy through the leg. And I carefully come down either to the hand, the forearm, whatever feels good, stretching and opening that side of the lateral rib cage.

And then bringing the hands to the frame of the reformer. And again, lengthen head to heel. Breathe in and breathe out. Hello. We'll come up from there. Okay, we're done with the box. So let's take that box away. Okay. Okay. So from here I'm going to go to a blue spring. We're going to do kneeling, abs facing front. Okay.

So my hands are going to be on to the Fubar is down and they're on the foot bar. The knees are together, my toes are pointed down in front of the, um, head wraps are back on the headrest. So pull your stomach in. Feel this link. Head to tailbone. Just like any stretches are gonna side the carriage out. Use your abs to pull in out.

Exhale en three shoulders. Pull down as your abs. Pull in X. Yeah. Okay. So the connection I'm feeling is abdominals and stability of the shoulder blades. Two more.

Go ahead now and to a kneeling plank position. If you need more support, I would go with the red instead of the blue. Otherwise, press the legs back, maintain a long line, head, shoulders, hips, knees, and move from your arms. Exhale, forward and back. Exhale forward. It's a version of the long stretch. Three more shoulders pull down, belly pulls in. Okay.

Squeeze those glutes for extra stability. And, and go ahead. Let's bend our knees. You have a blue spring on add or red? One red, one blue. And let's raise our foot bar for the long stretch. Okay, good. So from here I'm also gonna lift up my head. Rest hands are gonna go onto the edge of the foot, bar the balls of the feeder into that headdress crease. Find a nice straight, long position. Head to heel.

Squeeze your butt and he'll push back with the arms. Exhale, lengthen forward. Inhale, press back. Exhale, forward and back. Exhale forward feeling that length, head, shoulders, hips, heels and scoop your belly. And one more time. Shoulders are over the rest and one unit lower than knees. The feet. Go up against the shoulder ass. From here, pressing your hipbones forward.

Squeeze about pull your stomach and shoulders down. Working from the arms, you press out, whole the shoulders down and lift the chest. Especially as pregnant women. Try not to arch the back, but really press your pubic bone forward. Squeezing into the glutes. Yeah, and use your arms. Press the shoulders down. Two more exhale, and this one, I also like to look straight forward the whole time.

Okay, good. From here, bring the hips back and one unit. Lift your body up. The heels are up against the shoulder rast. Let's lengthen the hips up to the ceiling. Let your head relax. We're going to carefully slide the carriage back from here. Carefully glide the carriage towards children's over the rest. Tuck the chin, scoop your belly and rural for the spine and lift the hips again.

The carriage presses out. I go into a full plank here. We glide forward. Shoulders over the rest. The first thing that happens is Chintan chefs on round through the upper, the middle, the lower back, and then raise your table twice more. Press the carriage out coming forward with control tech, this general rolling through that spine. And last one, the carriage presses we length forward chin to chest.

Scope the belly in and place your feet down onto the carriage ground through your heels. Lift your toes round your back, scooping the belly. Really Tuck the tailbone under and then just feeling that upper back round. Inhale out with the carriage. Exhale, pull it in. Breathe out Praso two only and then really scoop your abs in. Make it an AB exercise. We have two more. Go ahead.

Stay there. Lower your toes, lift your heels up against the shoulder ass flat. Back Elephant. Lengthen your tail into the ceiling. Straight. Long line out two inches and n two n n three x four five [inaudible] six is enough. Stay there. Ideally your weight stays even over your hands. You stretch the right leg straight back as a carriage. Slides out. Tap your toes to the head.

Wrestling three and then raise up with can Shah and hale acts on the third one right here. Let's carry that leg out to the side and bring it down. As a transition. Weight is equal over your arms. Stretch your back leg back. As the carriage goes out, you tap the toes, raise it like as you bring it in. Use your abs. Use your breath. Hold it there.

Carry the leg out to the side and lower down. God will lower down to the knees. Whew. Okay. Turn around. Almost done with that series. We're going to sit onto the foot bar, Huh? He also the hands, the edge of the football. Stretch your legs out for the long backstretch so feet against the shoulder, us. We scoot forward to get that shoulder blade stability. Just as open Ben elbows press out, lift up, Brang it and two more bad.

Press out left and Ben. Press out left. Let's reverse press out. Ben, bring it and press it up down. Bring it in. Press app down, bring it and press up. Scoop those apps. It's hard to do and sets real out your ass. I always need to shake it out a bit after that one. Okay.

Next exercise. We're going to lower the foot bar down to a lower position so it's still out the world lower. Get your long, I'm not your long bucks. Your short blocks. Once again. Okay, this time make sure that the short box is in front of the shoulder ass. We're going to do a stomach massage with a back support. This one feels really good for me on my back right now and I do prefer it at three red springs, but I have done it on two red springs before. Okay.

Might be challenging for some pregnant women to get into position, but here we go. You want to press back. Placing your feet into your plotting is v. A first position should feel good on the back, so heels together, toes slightly apart. Let's bring the hands, the front edge of the carriage and then just scoop your belly and rounding. The will start to bend the knees from here per us out low or the heels lift. Bend it and exhale and out.

Exhale and en. Feeling the stomach pull in and feel that nice support in your back. One more. I'm going to flow through it. So we're going to change the arms. Here we go. They reached back into the edge of the back edge of the the box. Okay. Widen across your chest.

Exhale and n x sill and in two more. We're going to transition again to reaching forward. Take those arms, reach them long, lower left and in. Work on that posture. If you're that mid to upper back, lower left polit and lower lift, pull it and two more lower lift abs. Pull you in. No lower lift but raise your right arm up and around. Hole and center. Other side, lift into and center.

Lift and toothpaste and center. Axle here and exhale. Inhale last time to west and center monkey stretch. We're going to take those legs as wide as we can. Okay, so balls the feet to the edge of the foot bar. Hold onto the football. Okay, good. We just had a hang out here, lengthening the spine, opening across your knees. It should feel good just to stretch in this position.

And then I hang onto the bar straight, not your legs. Drop your head heavy. And then the knees. Lift the chest and lengthen. Pull on the foot bar wide across the chest and the head goes down. Exhale and bend the knees. Bring in one more monkey stretch x hale, and then bend to bring it in quite okay.

Just as carefully as you got in, we will gracefully step out returning our box. Okay, good. We're going to come back to knee stretches, so raise the foot bar back up where you had it. Okay, I'll do my knee surgery on to red springs, so coming down feet are flat against the shoulder. Rest of the hands are wide. Round the back. You can curl the tailbone under a have the neck and a reflection of the rest of your spine. Keep the upper body stable. Just hinge it your hip joint out. And N two x three x four if you those abs plan and seven and eight, two more.

Hold it in. Lengthen the spine. Look forward. Shoulders now starting position. Knees in line with your hips. Press up from there. Who One? Breathe out. Feeling your thighs working. Five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Brewing it in. Change your spring. Okay. I haven't fairly light on this one. I do a red and a yellow, red and a blue is hard or red is manageable, but we're going to step our hands over to the right side of the reformer.

Step your foot down so your foot is in line with the shoulder rest. Bring your left foot up against the shoulder. US. Raise your knee. Your standing leg is straight. It's strong as grounded. Pull your stomach and exhale. Press the leg out. Bend knee to knee. Press two needs knee, shoulders. Yeah.

Exhale, press and harassing in the back of that Phi working and nine and 10. Now bring the carriage in. You're going to come up onto the ball of your right foot. Bend the right knee and do 10 more. Here we go, and and to squeeze the back of the left thigh four you're also going to sense your abs a little bit more here. Pull them in seven, eight, last one and bring it in carefully. Good. We'll close that carriage. We'll do the same thing on the other side. So going into it, going into our scooter, hands, the edge of the foot bar, right foot flat against the shoulders, chucking that foot, it's in line with the shoulder, rask around the left leg.

Raise the right breathing and exhale. Press back needs a knee per us and 30 and in school. Use the back of the leg. So concentrate on your glue and hamstring connection. Four more. Press out and out. Less to one.

We bring the carriage in going up onto your toes then than me. ABS and hip square. Press it out one and harassed. Exhale and squeeze the back of the leg. Seven cross eight and we bring it and God. Okay, homestretch from here. We're going to lower that foot bar down just a bit. I'm going to add all springs. Every single okay headdress is done. Does the only thing that I'm doing laying on your back.

Sometimes it doesn't feel great for all pregnant women, but we won't be here too long. So lie down, shoulders against the shoulder, rest, heels, hip distance apart on the foot bar. Breathing in through your nose. And as you exhale, draw the belly and rolling up. I've been to a bridge and axial placing each vertebrae down one at a time. Exhale, draw the belly and rural the hips up. Breathing in and exhale, rolling down.

Yeah, and just one more exhale, stomach and right rolling up and we roll down God and then hold it here and maybe more comfortable to have your head rest lifted. I know it is for me. And then we'll just take hold of the back of your right leg. That's flex and point, stretching your hamstrings and then go ahead and take that angle across your left thigh. Lace the hands behind the left leg. Gently pull it in. Take an inhale, I had an axiom and then we'll place the right foot down onto the foot bar, stretching the left leg up. Try to keep that tailbone down on the mat. Let's flex endpoint flux and 0.1 and bend the knee, ankle across the thigh, hands behind the right leg.

Pull it in, breathing in and breathing out. Yeah. Gotcha. And then from here, carefully coming up, rolling to your side. Okay. Last exercise. I do just want to light spring and yellow. Spring standing two at the back edge of your reformer so your thighs are right up against the foot bar. Your feet are parallel hip distance, tailbone draws down slightly. Hubspot in and out. Let's expand the ribs and lengthen the arms. Look up axial round, forward.

Place the hands, the edge of the carrot and slide it over. Nice long cat stretch. Tailbone backhands forward. Excellent around the back and harassed it away again. Lengthen the spine an exhale. Round it in. One more. Lengthening out. Yeah.

X. Yeah. I carefully bring the carriage, the stopper. Let the head relax heavy and let's roll up all the way to standing and you are done.


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Although not pregnant this classwas perfect. More from Melissa please:)))
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Well my goodness not many comments and why not? This was a beautiful experience. I'm ready for my day. Thank you so much Melissa I love all your classes no matter what condition you find yourself, I'm in! I am the mother of 4 so hang in there! Thanks for keeping things going!
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Can you be specific as to why you don't recommend this class for those past 24 weeks? I'm working with a women who's at 28-29 weeks. Thanks. I love this flow.
Excellent cueing and great flow in this class!!
Lauren Ashley
What a great class!! I love Melissa's style and cueing with her teaching.
A fantástic class!!
If the class was this fabulous with you 24 weeks pregnant, I'd be scared of you Melissa on a normal day! :) Please keep the videos coming!
Great class! Thanks, Melissa!

Wonderful class! I'm 24 weeks too and it was a perfect blend. Thank you!
Love this class!!
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