Class #2128

Reformer Workout

55 min - Class


If you're looking for creative combinations to make you sweat then you will love this Reformer workout by Mariska Breland! She keeps things moving with minimal spring changes so you can get into the rhythm of the class. She includes challenging sequences that will test your balance and coordination throughout the class. Have fun!
What You'll Need: Reformer


Hi I'm Mariska from Fuse Pilates and I have with me Allegra who used to work with me at Fuse. And now she moved to San Francisco without my permission. But she has come to take class today and Meredit...


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Love your classes...thank you : )
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Perfect. Thank you very much.
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Mariska: the series at minute 20 - I forgot about that... because the burn caused some post workout forgetfulness So fun!
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Though but amazing!
Loved it!
Please carry on posting more of your classes!
Great burn and wonderful class! Thank you :)
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Great! Love this
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I really enjoyed this. I like the way you can just verbally instruct w/o showing. That is my goal as a teacher. Getting closer just not there yet. Thank you
Thanks all! Denee - verbal cueing gets a lot easier from years and years of teaching group classes. I think groups are really where to hone verbal cueing skills. You'll get there!
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Great workout. Highlights for me were the short spine variations and roll downs with variations on the long box. Excellent clear and concise cues. Highly recommend this class!
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I loved the subtle variations and the good verbal cueing. It was always apparent how hard some the moves were. It will be interesting to try some of the challenging moves!!
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