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Mat Workout

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Adrianne offers an intermediate workout in the style of Romana's Pilates. A Magic circle and a dowel are offered as optional props to help you evaluate your form in some exercises and to add challenge in others. It is not necessary to have the props to sufficiently challenge your body nor to enjoy this class.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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Okay. Well good morning. I think I'm gonna have you guys go ahead and just get into a nice bloody Stan. So let's have you start, actually you're right, right at the front of your mat so that way when we lie down, we'll have room behind us. So you're going to begin with your heels together. Toes apart. Okay. And a plotty Shan. So turn your feet out about two fingers apart, weight as towards the balls of your feet. I, let's just start to get that feeling of lifting from navel up.

So pulling in your belly buttons, you didn't even begin lifting them up, growing taller from that table and dropping down. Then stomach flattening and the lift going up and off the feet. They were really light on those toes. Okay, let's go ahead and begin. So I'm going to have you cross your legs, Cross your arms, and go ahead and sit down as gracefully as you can. Place your hands at your hips and we'll go ahead and lie down. Now, I do have some props today. If you don't have them at home, you can go ahead and do this without the problems.

But I would like you to try to take your circles, put them between your ankles, and we're going to go into a hundred and like I said, if you don't have the magic circle at home, it's just fine. Doing it without just gives you the extra resistance. All right, good. So from here you are kind of pushing in with the ankles, getting a little pressure on the circle, getting that tailbone to flatten out. Start to sink your ribs down and we'll go ahead and begin. You're gonna take your leg straight up. Start to lower them down, lift your heads, look at your stomach, take the leg to a level that's comfortable for you and breathe now, not so pulled up in the chest. You're really rounding into yourself.

Exhale, two three, four, five x 30 feel your back's really pulling down into the mat and flattening those stomachs. Curl your chins to your chest. 40 I'm just going to come around for just a moment. Continue exhale 50 so get that blood flowing. 16 curl up. Just a little bit. Lift your like just a little bit higher. That's it. And then you have more support. 70 and two three, four, five five 82 x five 92 four five and bend your knees and rest.

Take the circles out and place them down at your side. So now we're just going to get rid of those circles altogether. I'm gonna have you take those bars. We're going to go into a roll up so your legs are now straight. And before you begin, let's just imprint your spine. So think of that, that flattening on the mat and flattening the stomach at the same time so they're not popping up. All right, here we go.

You're going to go into a roll up. So you wanna wrap your thighs, not locking the knees, taking a deep breath in and exhale. Peel off that mat. Stretch over to the toes as you come down, drop your shoulders, articulate your and to lie down. Now the bar is a great tool to use to watch your alignment cause you can see it turn if you're not working the right way. So just kind of every now and then peak at that bar and make sure it's level as you stretch over.

It's not a flat back stretch you're really trying to scoop in so you're still squeezing your bottom and thighs. Keeping that rack going. Three more nice deep breath. In. Exhale, we'll go a little bit quicker. Get ourselves warmed up, soft feet, nice tight bottoms and exhale and bringing it down. Last one, exhale, and those should feel pretty good. Come on down. Let's get rid of the bar so you can place them back down at your side. Hopefully you haven't moved too far back at your heads are still on the mat.

All right, I'm going to go into a leg circle, so bring that right near. Give it a little stretch by holding onto your thigh. Then take the leg up. You want to lengthen your like up and out of the hip. Go ahead and circle. These can be big or small.

What's important though is that those hips stay still and that you're not popping your backs up as your move. Three so careful with those hips. Four, five reversed that circle. The accent is up to the nose. One big toe to the nose. Two, three, soft knee four, last one and five. Bend your knee. Give it a stretch. Again, switch legs. Not much of a pause there. Left leg up, and five nice circles. One, it's all about the control of the movement to three, four, and five. Careful with those hips on the swing.

When you go out the hips, don't move. Three and you're still lengthened like four and five. And Jenny. All right, we'll sit up. Lift your bottoms to sit at your heels. Let's um, go ahead and grab onto your ankle. We'll go into the rolling so when hand on each ankle, head as close to inside the knees as you can and getting those ribs to scoop in.

All right, begin to roll back and come on up and balance. Inhale, use the exhale to help bring you back up again. Soft feet, chins to chest. Keep your Chin Tuck to your chest so that the weight of the head doesn't keep you back. You don't want this. That's it. Centering to more balance. And last one, exhale. Place your feet down.

Let's go ahead and pick up your bottles. Well, I onto the mat. Bring your right knee and going into your single leg stretch. All right, left leg up. Heads up. Look at your stomach. So soft feet. Squeeze your bottoms, pulling your tummies and the transition one. Let's try to do eight to two. Now the collarbone should be your chest should be open for so you don't want to roll your shoulders forward. Six, six each time you transition, you're working on that scoop.

Hate both knees, the n double leg stretch. Nice deep breath in, and exhale. Now if you wanted to challenge yourself, keep going for everyone. You could add that circle out and otherwise continue just the way you are. I've lost count. I think that's about six and seven last one and eight.

This is where you'd get rid of the circle. Drop your heads for just a moment. Walk your hands up that leg. Take your left, flick out, pulsing the leg towards you. Two Don's pole light pulses, so not yanking. It's really a pool with that name and careful that your tailbone doesn't pop up. I want to keep that down. Keep your case on your tummy. Six and seven. Seven, eight, eight. Ben Journey's dropped her head.

Take your hands behind your head. Both knees in both legs, up, head up, lowering and lifting. Like now you don't want to hang back here in the chest. Shoulders rounded up. That's it. And the elbows are open, not popping up at the hips. Good six Jennifer, round up seven and Chris Cross to finish. These are also stretches, so look towards that. Back to Hobo. Now hold that. Pulling the stomach.

Get those ribs to really sink into the mat so those hips are still, they're not rolling as you move, try to tap the knee each time. Checking your alignment here, but not to rule those hips. And I think that was eight. Okay. Losing my count as I talk. Let's go ahead and sit up. Flex your feet. We'll go into your spine stretch. Your arms are now up, sitting as tall as you can. Nice deep breath in and exhale.

Go down as low as you can. Think at the top of your head, touching the mat. Now when you're down there, it's not flattening out here. So pull in here. There you go. Shoulders now and then come back up. So four nice ones. Nice deep breath in round like you're rounding over a beach ball. You have to lift those reps up and over that ball and up.

Shoulders relaxed and three nice, deep breath. It good. So you've got the round. That's good. Just drop your shoulders and your chin up too. And exhale. Try to keep this part of your, yeah, keep that down as you stretch forward. Good. And and last one, you're trying to keep those hips from shifting forward. You want to keep them still. You got it. Okay.

Go ahead and move forward. This is optional. You can take the magic circle if you'd like and put it between your ankles. Otherwise just hold onto the back of your thighs. Okay. We're going to try to find her balance and go into an open like rocker. So the straighter the legs, the harder become.

You might start with the knees are really bent. It's up to you. Tuck your chin, take that back. Come on up. Then trying to sit up tall. Inhale, exhale, move up. I'm losing my circle there. And left. Former seeker. Take, go back through. Chin tucks your chest. C curve to come up. Lift two more. Nice and centered. Left, left, left last one.

And tuck and round left. Go ahead and lie down onto your backs with the circle in between the ankles. Still going into a corkscrew. So circle legs around center. So let's keep these small at first and shoulders relaxed, not using my hands and backs. Nice and still.

So you're reversing your circle each time. Right to center. Left to center. We're gonna add a jackknife. You're gonna circle that and you'll lift just the first four vert or off the mat and slowly roll that down. Left around. Left and roll. This is where you want to really be careful not to push with the arms or your necks. And one more set.

You could paint this really big if you wanted, but that's really, again, optional Venn journeys. Get rid of the circle. Let's go ahead and set up feet flexed and arms to the side. Going into a saw. So careful your feet don't turn out and that your knees aren't locked. All right, you're going to turn reach for your toe as soon as you reach for that toe.

Say you've gone right, your left hip. Want to lift up, come back to center. So control that. Add, turn, stretch. Pull those ribs back. Come up and center and out a little bit quicker and reach up. Center. Turn, stretch. Keep this hips really, this delaminate shift a little bit and one more set to the right.

Sit on that hip. Go ahead and last one turn, stretch. Round that back. Really Scoop into here. Go ahead and enough lip over to your stomachs. Warm it up. All right, going into a neck roll so you're on your palms. Your feet should be together if that doesn't bother your back. Otherwise you can just relax the legs, push into the palms and come up off your chest. Now once you're up there, try to push those ribs up even higher so there's no gap.

No arch in that back. Look right. Roll your heads down left and center. Now look left down around to the right and center. Go ahead and lie down for a moment. Rest. Do that one more time. You're going to come up, shoulders and down. Navels her up.

Look right, massage that neck center. Look left, right and center. And now you'll come up onto your elbows into its fixed position. So you make a fist with your hands. Your stomachs are lifted, powerhouses solid, so tummies are lifted so you're not collapsing that lower back, right heel kicks your bottom two times. Kick kick that left kick, kick. You should feel a stretch on the top of your thought. If those hipbones are really lifted off the mat, there you go. Kick, kick.

Not letting the back pounds. Keep it still. Kick Walmart to each side. It's really lift up here. Done over one mark. Alright, lie all the way down on your tummies. Place your hands behind your back. AA Stretch. Okay. You kind of clasp your fingers and slide them up towards your shoulders.

That's it. Let's have you turn your cheeks. Everybody is heals together and you're going to kick your bottom three times. Kick one, two, three. Draw up your feet and try to touch your ankles. Lengthen the back of your next by dropping those foreheads. Switch cheeks. And now we're going to go a little bit quicker. One, two, great stretch and switch. One, two, three, stretch.

That's a really stretch back. And switch. One to three, reach. Last one. One, two, three, stretch. So down here, there you go. And enough, sit back on your heels and stretch your backs out. Cut. Okay, great cause over, let's have you turn over onto your back. Going into your neck pool. So now the feet are apart and flexed. Hip with the park.

Good and parallel. So push your heels out and keep those feet flex. There you go. Hands behind your heads. You're going to try to round up like your roll ups over tyranny as you come up. Don't let your elbows pop in. Try to keep the elbows open the whole time.

So let's be get a nice deep breath in. Exhale, that's where they'll pop forward. Stretch over, then sit up tall. Now you have to articulate that down. Starting from your lower spine, lower lumbar tuck right through that center. Pulling in rest. So now we're going to make that a little more flowing. Here we go. Nice. Deep breath. Exhale, lift and articulate down and Rory back.

Let's add on to that. So now you're gonna be tall. We're going to add a hinge. Push out of those heels. Stay tall in your back as long as you can until you can't anymore. And then you articulate down. Three more. Up. Sit Up. Nice and tall. Hinge, hinge, hinge and elbows open.

Two more over left. Hinge. Last one, tall and arrest. All right, let's lie on our left side. Getting set up for your sidekicks. So hopefully there's no props in your way. If they are, just move them. Right leg is on top here. You'll lie down on your side.

That's it. Getting yourself lined up at the back of the Mat. So check, take that right hand and check behind you and make sure your shoulders to hips are lined up at the back of that mat. Okay. Take your leg up, pip level and rotate your knee out. Okay, get out of the way here. I think you'll end up colliding there. Alright. So go ahead now wrap the thighs and begin to kick forward two kicks. Round kick, kick I have back. Be careful when you go back that you don't sway those backs. They stay flat. They should be as flat as that mat behind you.

So one straight line from tailbone to the top of the shoulders. Get kick, two clear kicks, kick, kick. Now it should be hip level right there. So stay hip level as you're kicking. She can't see herself in a mirror. It's Kinda hard to see that, but kind of feel where that leg is in space. Kick, kick, shoulders back.

Don't let those shoulders roll forward rips and one more and hip on top of hip rest. Or like for just a moment. Now you should be in a v position. So swing your legs a little bit more for it. That's it. All right. Take that right leg up, hip level, going into your up and downs. Your leg comes up this time and as it lowers down, you want to squeeze between the inner thighs and your bottom and up and lower. That's a tough one. Not to squeeze in the knees.

So try to get this nice loft up, add a flex and a point on the down and really reach from the hip out and flex. There should be a little lift underneath you. If you're really stretching, flex and lift, you should feel that lift flux, lengthen and tomorrow up rip. Stay together. And last one right into some circles. Five 21 two, three staying still before it's not rolling around him. One, two, three, four, five in a restaurant. Like all right, let's take that into, um, let's take that into a legal lift. You can stay there, your palm is on the Mat. You're going to try to stay in this position and lift your legs up and then lower and lift.

Now there's all sorts of different ways to do this. You could go into one straight line, which is easier to lift, but traditionally this is why we've done that and left and then hold it up and clap five times. One, two, three, four, five and rough. Okay, let's go into a crossover. You can grab onto the ankle, left leg is going to reach out and then lift up and then rest and remark up and rest there. We'll put that into a little circle. Take your leg up to little circles. One, two, then three big ones up in our Hawaiian to waking up those inner thighs. Three Henry Verse One, two and big circles up one, up two and up. Three conscious of what's happening here.

You're not just relaxing, you're still pulling in leg on top of leg. All right, let's go into a ground. Rashaan take your leg up, pip level site kinda turned out hip on top of hip, shoulder, top of shoulder, and then of course the line from shoulder to hit. All right, you're going to take your leg forward towards your nose as far as you can and then we'll probably touch it us and leg up towards your ear. Now you're going to start to take this leg behind you and as soon as you do, your hip will want to roll back, so you'd have to kind of push that hip forward and pull up so nothing is shifting. Now you will need your hand for support if you want to make it more challenging.

Could put your hand behind you. Keep lifting, stretch out of that hip. Check your hips, make sure they're on top of each other and tumor up towards the nose. That's it. So don't let it drop back as you lifted up towards your ear and then swing it back. Adjusting the hips as you go. Rips together shoulder, back, and one more. Of course, the more limber you are, the easier.

If you are careful not to fall to him with that life. Now reversed that three times. Go back, challenge it. Go as far as you can and stretch from the hip out. Bulling up, left, left, tried to touch your ear, tried to touch her nose and two more careful and here, keep those rips in, up, up, and last one swinging back. Way Up and arrest. All right, let's go ahead and line your stomachs for some transition. Beats Palm on top of palm. Forehead on your hands. Stretching out of those hips. You're going to clap the heels together for 20 counts and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and they'll quickly clapping. One, two, four, five, six, seven, eight, 10, add rest.

Okay. To the other leg. So now you're allowing on your right side. Left leg is on top. Getting your linemen hip on top of hip. Yeah, I'm here. No. Okay. Swing your legs a little bit more forward. Alright, left-hand is on the map for support. Take that left leg up. Pip level going into your front kicks so your knee should be slightly turned out. And here we go. Kick, kick and lengthen.

So it's the lengthen on the back where you're stretching out of that hip, hip on top of hip. I should see a little more work here. Good kick, kick, kick, kick the stretches on the up as well. Squeeze here, dropped off. There you go. Both legs long for more kick, kick and ribs. Don't let those roots pop out. Sorry. Back or shoulders roll forward. So everything in that powerhouse, he's still, is that like smoothing and last one, kick, kick and rest. All right, hip on top of hip, going into the up and downs. Check my alignment. All right, hip hop or sorry, leg up.

Take the leg up and lengthen. Okay, up. So the energy is coming from inside that hip, not from the foot or the knee up. Now let's add that flex flex on the up point on the down and your left leg should actually look as though it's growing longer than your right up. Squeeze inside up.

So your bottom is pinching and a resisting the squeeze on the down. Last one up. Damn Russ. The leg into the circle five each way. One, two, three ribs are together for five and reverse. One, two, three, four, five and rest your leg. Go ahead into the lifts so your left hand is on the mat. Careful not to let that shoulder roll forward.

Lift both legs and rust and left and rest. Five times three, four. You hold it up on five and clap the heels together. One, two, three, four, five and drop the feet. All right, we're going to go into the crossover so we hold onto that ankle, right leg as long. Trying to keep your hips on top of each other. And of course, of course the scoop, the lift from the navel in and up. All I take that right leg up and lower two times. I don't know her. Hold it up. Go into two little circles, one, two, and then really big one. There's a big as you can, one, two, three, reversing and ribs together. One, two, and big up that around one to three and rest, both legs on top of each other. Go ahead into that grind. Run to shun.

All right, so you'll start with the left leg, hip level. Rotate the knee towards the ceiling so you're rotating from the hip. Getting that wrap again, hip on top of little reminders are good. All right, so you're going to start by taking that leg forward up towards your nose. Keep the leg, hip level, so check where that toe is in relationship to your hip, dropping just to hair [inaudible] and then your heel.

Lift the leg up towards your ear without those hips falling back. Here we go. As you take that leg back, this is the toughest part. You have to control that roll in the hips who keep lifting and you might have to move your hand around. That's fine. Check that you're not arching that lower back. And then two more. So about three times, no more, no more than five, but we're going to do three.

Check your hips, stretch long out of that hip. One more up towards the nose, up towards the ear, back to the back room, pulling those ribs together and reversing. You'll go back. So one side might be tighter than the other. Very normal lift forward and two more go back. Specially right at this line is where your back will wanna sway left.

Last one. Take that like behind you. Lift from the bottom hip up and enough. All right, both legs on top of each head. Shake them out if you'd like. And let's go ahead and lie on your backs. I think I am going to have you take your magic circles again.

So just stay where you are in your circle. So go ahead and take those circles for a moment. Let's go into a little teaser prep theater hip with a part. And you're going to just reach the arm straight up, holding that circle between your palms so the fingers are long so you're not gripping it. And then just check that your shoulders, your chest is open. You don't want their shoulders rolling up. All right? So you're just going to do a little squeeze with the circle.

Push those shoulder wings down. I think of those arm pits pushing down in the back of your neck or blanketing. So it's not a really big squeeze. It's just an engagement hold and rest and squeeze. Hold about three counts, three arrest.

You could almost do this and you could without the circle just to show you. If you don't have circle getting that power house to engage your pulling up and flattening your stomach's arrest. So as though you're squeezing something between your hands. Hold two, three, rest. So it's not about the weight last one and rest. All right, bring your feet together. Knees are together. You're ready to take that right, like up. The further your heels are away from your bottom, the easier this becomes.

So the more challenging is keeping that heel close to your bottom. So do what was comfortable for you. Alright, working from your center, the middle of the body, you're going to begin to engage those shoulders, dropping them, cert the length in the back of your neck, curling your chins towards your chest, and you're going to start to round towards that knee. Now just come to the tips of the shoulder. So let's not go high first. Let's just hold that and then scoop it without that tailbone lifting and alive down. This kind of waking up, that powerhouse again, started to length in the back of the neck, dropping those shoulders through, reach for the toast. So just come to the tips of those shoulders.

So the shoulders should actually be on the mat, Mar, and then curl into yourself. There you go. And then arrest. Okay, one more time. Just like that. You can exhale. This is not a breathing exercise, but you are supposed to be breathing, so not holding their breath and rest. All right, switch legs and you can feel the leg is working there to develop some pretty muscles just by holding it. All right, beginning to round up, long neck from behind you lengthening. Look at that belly button. Feel what's happening down in that lower hip region, lower back that it's not lifting up. Keep those hips down, arrest and you don't want to strain the neck.

There shouldn't be any pressure on the neck, shoulders down because the more curled you int are into those ribs. The less pressure up here. But if you are feeling it in your neck, just drop your head, breath and just reach with the hands. Last one, soft knees or feet harassed. All right, let's drop that left leg. Go ahead and drop the circles to your side for now. Let's see how that goes without the circle. So right leg, back up, knees together, taking both arms.

This time you can come all the way up if you'd like. Otherwise just continue the way we did. So this is your window. You're looking between those arms, your window and you're going to keep the gates there. They are armed there the whole time. So you're going to just kind of follow that window up, okay? And you don't have to come all the way up.

Do keep those knees together and then try to sit as tall as you can and then articulate that movement down. Careful with the right leg. You want to try to keep it straight the whole time. Lengthening, get out of the hip too. More to the toes. Peeling off that man. Nice long right. Like reach up. Articulate the movement down. Soft feet, no energy in those feet. And one more time to the ears.

Alright, let's switch legs. You're going to go to that left link. So same thing. Other side arms are up back into that window. Nice deep breath in and peel off the mat. Watching that you're not popping up, you're pulling in and then you're going to try to lift those smelling and articulate that back down. Two Mile, long left. Way Round, back down. Last one.

Exhale, lift down. All right, place your hands down for a moment. Place that lay down. Open your feet, hip width apart. Your knees will still be bent. We're just going to go into a pelvic lift. You could use the circle if you'd like between your knees or you can do it without, so that's fine. All right. The circle gives you more resistance, so it teaches you how to control it. Without it, it just becomes a little bit more challenging as well.

But you don't necessarily feel it the same way. You're gonna squeeze your bottom. If you have the circle that you squeezed that circle, you're going to peel off that mat, just the hip bones to the navel. So feel your navel thinking and then hold. Now push those words together. So here really only about four vertebrae off than that. So Jennifer, not even that high, even lower. Keep going down.

Get those ribs on that. Yes. Now drop your hips and rest. That's it. Good. Okay, so you don't have to use a circle. You could squeeze from your bottom. Feel that tailbone curling up, pulling your navel and come up to the belly button. Slide their shoulder just down and push this ribs they hold and rest.

One more. Just like that. Curling up, hips hold and get a deeper sense of the scoop neither as those roots sink together, both hips are level and your belly buttons pulling in and up and rest. Okay, so now we're going to go into the full hip lift pelvic lift, so pushing into your heels, peel off that mat and come all the way up and this is where I want to drop that tailbone. The tailbone isn't tucked up, it's sure shooting straight out like an arrow cause you're flattening those hipbones. You don't want them down and you don't want them up there pointing out towards your knees and then articulate that movement from the ribcage to the middle back down till the tailbone is backed down and arrest. Two more nice thing about plotting this. There is not a lot of repetition and know that you don't have to do more than three to five of these I think is plenty as long as they're done correctly.

Hold deep scoop and a flattening of the lower back and rolled down. Not letting those hips move. That's it. Last one B roll up hole. Just open as you come down. Feel of shoulder when he's pushing down as well. So the you're still working up here, upper power house and harass.

Let's go ahead and straighten her legs, bring your right knee in and just give it a stretch. You don't take that leg up and give it another stretch. And then I'll have you switch legs. Stand up and bend the knee and let's go ahead and bring both knees in. Let's just kind of roll from side to side.

Drop your feet and take your right leg. Cross it over the left, pull both knees in. You can hold with your hands if you'd like or you can just rest the and pull up with your bottom for a stretch. You're fine. And then switch legs. My left side's tighter so I can feel more.

Stretch the hair or you might feel the same thing and you're stronger, tighter, side and rest. All right, place by the feet down. Straighten her legs. Let's just roll up and stretch forward. So nice deep breath in. Imprint the mind, squeeze your bottoms. Exhale, stretch over to those toes. We've been down for a while, so coming up is a little bit more challenging. Let's do that two more times. Lie Back Down. Just a normal roll up just to lengthen back out.

I always liked to add the length after something like that. A pelvic lift cause it didn't lengthen those muscles again. Last one. Excellent. And they always feel good too. All right, we're going to lie back down onto your backs. Finishing with the traditional teaser, so that means both legs, so you're going to bring both knees into your chest.

Take your arms behind you. You're going to take both legs straight up. You could have the circle if you'd like between your palms or between your ankles. I'll go ahead and demonstrate with the, with the p paint 20 my palms or you could just leave it out. Lower the legs. Start to peel off that mat, reach for the toes, reach for the ceiling and control the movement down. Soon as your head touches, you have to come back up, left and down. One more time, up to the toes, to the ears and lie down. Bend your knees for just a moment. Once you're down.

Okay, that's fine. And we're going to go into teaser too. So that's where you come up and you're going to hold the position and just the legs are going to move. So legs are up. Arms come up, lower the legs and start to round up to those toes. Do the toast. Now you can lift the arms or you can keep them there. Drop the legs, lift the legs three times one. Keep those backs up two and three and lie down.

Let the add teaser three. So everything is flat on that. Legs are straight, arms are behind you. Backs are lengthening needles, the wrath, first-year arms. It's like a roll up, but you're lifting the legs, peeling off that mat to the shoulders. Then you'll add everything. Legs, chest, lift, light back down. Heads touch you. Come right back up. Exhale, left down. And last one to the toes, ears and rust. All right, we're gonna sit up finishing with your seals. Lifting your bottoms to sit at the heels. Hands inside the legs, holding onto the arches or your ankles. Okay. Find your balance. Drop your chin, you'll try to clap three times with the heel. So heels open and clap. One, two, three, roll back, clap three times before you come up. Two or three up, one, two, three back.

Keep those chins curl to your chest so the weight of your head doesn't take you back. Back. One, two, three and one, two. Sorry. And let's do [inaudible] for more on the last one. We'll come up to standing. So this is one. Come back up. One, two, three. Back. One, two, three. Up to trying to stay centered with those shoulders down. One, two, three. Back, three up. This is the last one. We'll come to a standing position.

Crossing your arms and your feet both heels together, both arms up and drop. I'm going to have you step to the back of your mat to finish with some pushups. You guys said we were finishing with the seal, so I lied. Sorry. Both arms up, you know, walked down those legs and walk out into a plank. You don't have to do them. If your shoulders are not feeling up to it, heels are up and they don't have to be deep.

Squeeze your bottoms and about three to five times one, not leading with the chest. Get those ribs up. Yeah, even more. There you go. Which wrap your thighs. Two more. One and two. Drop your head. Walk back to your feet. You can grab onto your ankles for an extra stretch. Yeah, come up.

Try to get this hips on top of the angles while locking your knees. Navels her up. Tell me, tell me left deep breath. How can I tell? Rolling out there and exhale. Shake yourselves out. Good job. Thanks.


great class Adrianne thanks a lot for a revved up afternoon!
thanks for the class, i really enjoyed it.

great flow.

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