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If you are training for a marathon or just like to stretch your hips and legs, then you will love this Cadillac workout with Monica Wilson! She teaches exercises that can be done by themselves or at the end of a full system workout. She includes many delicious stretches like Bicycle, Monkey, Ballet Stretches, and so many more!
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Today I'm going to lead Brianna in a traditional ending that's gonna add a few things that I like to do. I'm going to start off with a little bit of mat work and then we're going to go right into some nice ending exercises to complete a system. Traditionally in Romanos [inaudible] we do a little bit of reformer, a little bit of mat work, and then we use all the auxiliary equipment to complete your workout for that day. So this can be done independently. You can start off with that mat work and then go into the these nice exercises and endings or you can do it in conjunction with the shorter a reformer. So let's go ahead and lie on your back. Good.

And if you want to start off with a few things in place. So we have the leg springs ready to go and they're hooked up about two and a half feet to almost three feet above. I generally work with the grots Cadillac and it's the higher hook on the grots Cadillac. But this is a bounced body. So Brianna's going to be moving this bar up and down according to our needs for the exercises you're going to want your arm springs also handy. So we have some arm springs down here and we also have our roll down bar hooked up, not at the very top but at the hooks just to the side. Uh, and if it was on the grots catalog catalog could be hooked up to the very top.

So that's what we have set up so far on this side. The fuzzies we're going to be using later. So if you don't have your fuzzies set up and the fundings are going to be instrumental to this workout, so we will be using the trap piece later. I also have that underneath here as well as some non-slip pads when we do some pull-ups. And then I also have this little board that we'll be using first spread eagle.

If you don't have a board you can put some pads or some towels if your feet are a little sensitive where you could do it without anything at all and just have your feet swivel when you get there. Finally to set up so you feel like you can keep somewhat of a flow in your workout. Today we're going to have one of the push through spring bars hooked up at the top and we'll be using the push through bar. So we're going to be doing a lot of changes and Brianna is going to be doing most of them to demonstrate how to move from one exercise to the other. But like I said, we're going to start off with some mat work.

So go ahead and draw your knees into your chest. So if you just did a reformer, you're going to bring your head up and reach your arms long and then really feeling your powerhouse anchored into the mat. Reach your legs away and want to start pumping. And it's inhale two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Nice. Keeping the bottom of the shoulder blades anchored into the mat. So get those a little more plugged in. Wonderful. That allows for you to pull in. Good. So we're going to be doing a hundred here.

If you've already done the reformer, you could leave this out and skip forward to our roll roll up. But if you haven't, and exhale, pull it in. One more to complete our a hundred in with the air and powerhouse pulling in and up against those reaching long legs. And then hug the knees in as you rest your head and stretch. Good. And now I want you to go ahead and reach your legs long on the Mat. Good.

And maybe slide down until your heels are at this edge or close to the edge. Perfect. Don't worry about your toes there and start with your arms up to the ceiling. God, we're going to do the roll up. So we're going to bring your head up, look at your belly, head to your chest and curl up one vertebra at a time. Keep the scoop and reach forward and roll back scooping in, lengthening the legs in one direction, getting one bone down at a time.

Plug those shoulders in and reach up and back. Exhale. Inhale, arms up, head to your chest and exhale, scoop again and reach. So some things you might bump into like the roll down bar or the legs, springs, but things don't have to be so perfect for you to get a nice good workout. We want it more to flow and a continuous engagement of all your muscles is much more important than, oh, I'm touching that bar or any of that. Give me two more arms up head and exhale, reach for those feet and pull back with your powerhouse. Reaching those legs in the opposite direction. And last one, arms up, head and scooping in and reach and rolling back scoop.

And Go ahead and we're thinking about the single leg circles. So you're gonna hug the right knee into your chest and stretch. Open those shoulders, extend the leg up and put your hands behind the thigh and stretch. Now I want this hip to lower a little bit, so I'm going to have you turn out that leg. Good. Now they're square. Cross in your it pool. Plug that shoulder into, okay.

Arms press down by your side, good anchoring with the belly and you're going to cross up to the left shoulder. Reaching as far down as you can. Keep your back flat. Pull it up. Now it's a tempo. Cross around and up. Cross around using your belly. Cross around and lift one around and hope rivers reach long cross and pull up to that shoulder. Reaching around. Really feel the stomach. Pull an opposition. That was really good.

Cross one more long out of the hip and hugging that knee. Switch legs, bringing in the left. Nice. Extend the leg stretch. This one's a little better. Good. All right, arms press by your side. Always trying to get up to your nose and to that opposite shoulder without lifting the hip and then reach down around and up. Good.

And I'm just going to remind to really pull in an anchor into the mat and one more cross over here and the other way. Reach down. Cross all the way around. Good down, cross around, more important across your box than it is to go out to around and up. Last one, really nice job and hugging that knee. Good. Rolling like a ball. So you're going to straighten that leg and lift your head to your chest and roll up one bun at a time. Then lift your bottom off the mat forward and grab your ankles.

Good head tries to go between your knees. [inaudible] good. Relax the shoulders little and let's really pull into my hand to start rolling back. Exhale, roll up and pulled in with the air rolling back. Exhale, roll up and hope nice in with the air XL. Love your lower back. Get your head between your knees, knees, knees, knees, and in with the air without your shoulders lifting and exhale and one more scooping back. Great. Rolling.

Exhale and rest your feet down. Now lift your bottom back just a little bit, cause this for the next exercise you can hit your arm. So that's a good alignment. So a lie down, stop at your shoulder blades. Beautiful. Draw your right knee into your chest, grab your right ankle and this hand is going to go to here and this leg is going to stay above the push through bar down the middle of your body. There we go. And switch for single leg stretch and switch. Good and switch.

So the arm that crosses the body is going to go to your knee and switch. There you go. And switch and switch. Beautiful. Using your belly to pool and warming up that body. If you haven't done a reformer, continuing working your powerhouse. If you have last one, and grab both ankles and the double leg version. Arms, reach up by your ears and exhale, pull it up and in with your squeeze your seat. Exhale, scoop it and in with the air. Exhale, pulling back in two more. Inhale, wrap and squeeze. Exhale.

Last one. Eyes on your belly, eyes on your belly. Reach your arms longer and pull in. There we go. Right leg goes up, left leg forward. Grab right behind your right ankle and long loose leg and switch. That's it. And switch. And then take it to tip a left and right and left and scoop and reach the thigh out of the hips, down the middle of your body. That's it. One more set, right and a left. And then both legs up, hands behind your head. Good.

And come up a little higher if you can, that's better. And now wrap and squeeze your legs and reach them down as low as you can. Pull away and pull and great breathing. Inhale to go down. Exhale to scoop up good and squeezing it.

Dying between your Jakes and exhale in between your thighs as well in with the air. And exhale, scoop up. One more. Really using those hips to lengthen out of your center and pull back up. Good. And bend the right knee and twist to it. This leg is going to be right here. Good. Come up off your shoulder blades to go to the other leg, scooping it in, up, up, up, twist, twist, twist, yes, up off the shoulder blades to go to the other side. Stay here and I'm going to help you by pulling you up and twist it feels a lot better and switched thing up. Good.

Pull it in and twisting, stretching, not stretch. Feel nice and rest. Good. Now instead of spine stretch forward, we're going to transition to getting to use the Cadillac and we're going to add our push through spring. So sit on up and you're going to put this spring on the top hook. Yes. And you're going to want to push the bar up to the spring so that it makes it easier. Awesome. Heels against the Poles.

Hands on the bar. Excellent. Good. All right, we're going to try to keep your heels against the Poles. Arms and legs stay straight. We're going to bring your head to your chest using your powerhouse pool into your lower back, almost getting your waistband on the mat and exhale to use your upper belly and go forward. Good. And just stretch, stretch, stretch, and use your powerhouse to draw that bar back with you. So this is what you want to feel in the roll up as you roll down one bone at a time and then use your bottom and you're wasting your powerhouse to lift up out of your waist. Pushing that far up and strong, getting your neck out of your shoulders. Yes, and two more shoulder blade state plugged in. Let me see that. Nice round back. Curl under. Curl your tailbone towards you. Use that power off. Excellent.

Exhale. Very nice. Keep your lift in there and stretch as a hamstring. Stretch back, stretch everything rolling back, scooping in, curling your tailbone under you. That's it. And now lift up your chest. You really use all your muscles, even though it's an ending, it's still not. You're still not done with your workout. One more head to your chest, scooping in. Good and stretch. Good.

Now she's doing a great job of keeping her hips right over her sip bones and pulling back. Just really flexible apparently. And the lifting up. And now use everything you can't lift up Outta here. A little more than going here. That's it. That's it. Stretch, stretch, stretch. Yes. Good. All right. And leave the bar out there, but we're going to unhook it together. Out of the ways you're going to have to push up. Good as you unhook and gently let it go down.

Gut. And so the next thing we're going to do is leg springs. So you're gonna need to get rid of this bar. Just how that go to the other side. And then you're pretty much ready to go. Good. Alright, so lie back down on your back. I'm going to start off with one of my favorite things, which is just an awareness exercise and want your hands shoulder with a bright, they're about seven to 10 inches above. Well, you want to make a right angle.

So let's look that one a little good. And now push out to Alma a little further out, a little further. Good. We're going to start here, but then we're going gonna probably go to straight arms in a second. So we're going to take this spring just once when you can keep your hands there and I'm going to put it on your right foot. So your left legs gonna say bent like it is, which is great.

I like the strap to be on your arch, but a little closer to your heel. Then your all of your foot. All right, so the hands are here to push into the Poles so that in opposition you're anchoring right into here. Really Nice, good scooping in so you feel really solid in your upper body. Now I want you to extend this like down the middle of your body right there is great and your hips are going to stay square. Okay, so these exercises you want no question about what muscles you're going to tone and we want to tone the outer thigh inner thigh, back of the thigh. See, usually our quads are really well defined and we don't want to overuse that. So I want you to picture that I have a screwdriver and if I was using it, I'm like turning out your leg from your hip and or the barbershop pole and you have all these swirling red and white stripes all the way down to your Hinkle. Now I want you to use those muscles to pull down until your thighs or even just a few inches and then hold, maybe make it a little more center.

There you go. On a scale of one to 10 you should feel those muscles at least a five and it's more of your mind sending that message than a spring load. Putting it in there. Now I want you to use those muscles and go down two or three more inches lower. Good. And I love that you're not using oil. You're using your knee joint just a tiny bit. So soften it just a bit. Good.

So it's not in your foot, that's pulling it down. It's not in your knee, it's in that outer thigh and it's in the seat. And now I want you to use those muscles to bring a little bit lower yet. Keep going. Keep going. Remember this is to develop extreme awareness and all of the correct muscles. So you should be at about a 10 with the bottom and the outer thigh in the back of the leg. Do you feel that? And then bring the leg up.

You're not using your foot at all soft. And now use those muscles to go down. Good, good. Soft knee. Good. And controlling it up. And it's getting a little so don't press into me as you go down. Use the other my, Oh yeah, yeah. Right on. Keep it soft and keep going. Lower. A little softer in the knee though.

Bend it almost [inaudible] can you feel those muscles? Oh yeah. And now we're going to bend this knee and we'll do the same on the other leg. Good. So I'm just going to put that one down. Try not to hit you as I get this one good.

And slip it in. All right, so we're gonna extend it, not straight up, but just a little less than straight up to the ceiling. And we're going to make that hip even good. Push your bar. Hands into the bar. So all of this anchors into the mat. Okay, so we're turning on all those barbershop pull muscles and we're going to pull down a few inches and hold. That's perfect. Just use the inner thigh to squeeze a little more center. Fantastic.

So we want to be at least a five and now we're going to turn it up to a seven as we go down a little lower. Not using the knee joint. Good. But using here a little lower. Excellent. Hold. How's that feeling? Good. And now I want you to get to that 10 all the way down. Sometimes it's easier on your less dominant leg, cause the muscles, the quads, not really, not trying to help you. And then you're going to come all the way up.

And let's keep pushing your energy in there, scooping in and go down using the right muscles. I love how that knee and that foot feel and up, hopefully you love how your thigh feels. And one more. Skipping in, feeling like it's getting a nice workout and coming up. And then bend the knee for a little break and then grab your other spring and add it to your right foot. Now bring your heels together in a Pilati stance. Great. And the hands go back. Knees are just shoulder with apart. Good on the hands and knees, a lot narrower. Voila, and feet and Pilati stance.

And I would lower your tailbone a little bit more, so pushed down. Excellent. Okay, now go forward with the legs drawing this and let's get the elbows in a little higher. Pushing anchoring more. That's it. There we go. Now we're gonna keep this right knee a little softer. That's the one that wants to really press down and you're going to use everything that we were just talking about to go down to go down with the legs to three or five and control it up. There we go. One more time.

So we're just building on that awareness exercise and coming up. Awesome. And now we're going to go down and now we're going to open about the width of the mat and circle up and squeeze together and start our circle. Squeezed down. Oh, been around up. Watch the knee. Make sure you're feeling it in the right, down, around and up. And squeeze in to around and up.

And last one, route and up. Squeeze those inner thighs together. Hold. We're going to reverse open around working the right muscles. Squeeze together and come on up. Soften that right knee again. Use right here. There you go. Around up and three, keeping the nice turnout and two more pushing into the Poles for length. Last one. Scooping in. [inaudible]. Yeah, bend the knees. Restaurant, arms by your side. Go ahead. And now we're going to do walking.

So your hands go back. Good. And pushing into the polls and you're going to reach the legs forward. Good. Soften that knee again. [inaudible] walking. You're going to use the back of the thigh where the seat connects. So we're going to do an eight count rhythm down. We're going to walk. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and up to three, four, five, six, seven, eight. And go for it on your own. Go in as low as you like, seven, eight and up to as low as you can.

Keep some anchored into their center. And two more sets down to three. Four. Don't use those knees. Use right here and up. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Last time one, two, right where the dye connects to your bottom. It's like a natural bottom. Lift and up to three, four, five, six, seven, eight and bend the knees and rest your arms down. Good. Yeah. And now we're going to do bicycle. So you're going to put your hands back.

Go ahead and knees open about shoulder with good and reach full. Actually, sorry. We're going to reach the right leg forward. Uh Huh. And then it's going to reach as low as you can. Keep your back anchored and now start this knee going when you bend the knee. The tricky part is it bends inside. Good and Gill, the left leg all the way down and it starts bending.

Good and then reach this one as long and low and using all the same muscle groups we were just talking about. I love how you're keeping your hips squared. Reach all the way to the end of the mat and then pull something towards you with your muscles. Last one on the left, reaching and bend that knee is you come in good. And now in a reverse. So strain this like low on the mat as this light comes in and then it's gonna straighten low on the mat reach I used to like to use and keep it flowing. I used to like the image of like a stick of dynamite and you need a slide as far away from you off that mat as you can use everything you can and Ben and use all those rapping muscles. One more on your right leg to even yourself out. There you go. And bend both knees in and rest your arms down by your side.

Go ahead. All right, now we're going to do beats. So hands go back and you're going to push in. You're going to pull it and you're gonna reach long. Good. And we're going to watch the knee good and squeeze down five inches. One, two, three, four, five holes. Now try to get your inner thighs to completely squeezed together.

You should feel alum and I want think you can push out to even little straighter arms. Slide a little bit away. Awesome. Good. Where it could just a little bit more, a little lower. Soften that right knee. And we're going to beat the heels together 10 times, but you're not actually going to touch the heels. So it's one, two, three outer thighs, inner thighs, back the legs, eight, nine, hold. Soften those knees, especially that right. Squeeze down an inch on your own. I'm going to let go. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Hold, squeeze down. One more inch.

Reach out long and one to push long through there. Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Now squeeze your inner thighs all the way together and then bend the knees and rest your arms. And we're gonna do one more leg shaping exercise here. And that's called the frog. So I want you to put your hands back that says a little bit more advanced frog than normal. You're going to start with your heels on the mat as close to your seat as you [inaudible] Cam. Okay, there you go. So that's your start position.

Okay. And you're gonna use your belly to draw your knees into your chest for one. Reach your legs forward, squeeze them forward for to open them the width of the mat for three. Use the back of the legs, bring them all the way down, all the way down, all the way down to the mat. Then squeeze your inner thighs together for five straight legs. Good.

And then keep your heels on the mat as you draw them all the way to your seat. And hold that six again into your chest for one extend long for too. Oh, open for three. Use the back of the legs down. Squeeze your inner thighs all the way together and use everything you can to bring those heels a little narrow with those knees. A little narrower. Good. And one more. Draw the knees into your chest.

Push with those arms and give me the longest body and give me open the arms, legs, sorry. Down to the mat. Squeeze those inner thighs together and dry your heels to your seat and hold reverse. Push your arms into the bars. Lengthen out all the way long controls you, open them on the mat controls you bring them up to 45 [inaudible]. Squeeze your inner thighs together. Bring your knees into your chest and heels down as close to your seat as you can. Two more out long and thin and lean.

Squeezing your thighs together. Open the width of the mat up. You go to a 45 squeeze them together and draw them into your chest and heels down and hold. Last one. Elbows a little bit more like that. Lengthen out one. Open up to lift up. Three just shy, Aha and bending in and heels go down to end it. Very nice. Good work. Bring your knees in. Good.

And I'm going to have you take those straps off your feet and we're going to do bicycle, which is on your side and is really delicious. So we're going to start lying on your left side. Almost like sidekicks. Your whole body's on here and the arm is lying here with the elbow against the pole. Good. Good. Yes. And your feet are going to be forward. All right. So you're going to grab this spring right here, the one closest to you and put it on your foot on your top foot. So bend the knee to it. Good.

Little closer to your heel. Uh Huh. Good. And I'm gonna stretch you through it, which is really lovely, but you still can do it at home and try to concentrate on all the things. This arm is better if you reach forward and it kind of helps you brace. Okay, good. The alignment of your thigh and knee are super important to protect your knee in this exercise. So we're going to do a two in each direction. So we're going to lift up at hip level, which is right there, and take that straight leg as forward to your nose as you can. So keeping it at hip love, turn the knee out a little bit. Good.

And this is a huge stretch. And then you're going to bend the knee into your chest. Good heel to your bottom. Good. And you can hold onto it like that. And then we're going to keep your heel on your seat.

Bring your knee back so the knees are together. Great. Now, right here, the pelvis lights the switch forward, so I'm going to align it correctly and now I'm going to keep moving the thigh and the knee back as her heel stays glued to her seat. How are we doing, Brianna? Yeah, he feels okay. Okay, good. And so I'm going to even give her a little more extra stretch by pooling back. And now this is a delicious part. So you want to use your imagination. If you're at home, you're going to straighten your leg back without bringing that five forward or the knee up. It stays in alignment. She's going to straighten her leg and it's behind her at an angle.

And I'm going to pull on it to stretcher, give myself a little traction. I don't like how this spring are. There we go and pull your belly away from me. So you're pulling your pelvis towards yourself a little bit. Yeah. And then I'm going to circle one, two, three and reverse it on two, three and bring your legs straight together. And we'll do one more that way. Is that all okay? Okay. Use your belly to bring that leg up.

Little turned out first and you always, so don't let it hang. That's where the strength comes in here. And we're going to stretch. Then bring the knee into your chest and heel to your, and that could be a stretch for you. And then take the knee back and sometimes the strap will want to slip a little and you're gonna have to play with that and you're gonna stretch. Try not to let keep the hips nice and stacked, not lose that.

And then using the hamstring and glute. Let's see if you can extend the leg behind. Nice. I love how you're keeping that Nia. That's great. And I'm gonna make that sure that strap stays. Pull your belly and away from me and I'm going to stretch you one more time.

One, two, three is a bit of traction, which is lovely. And keep that leg straight and bring the legs together and now you're going to reverse it. So back of the thigh and seat. Take the leg back and I'll give you a gentle pull again as you support your frame with your powerhouse. And then you're going to keep the any there. That's the tough part. And bring the heel to your seat. Excellent. Lower the knee a little bit [inaudible] and then need a knee.

Need a chest, and then try to straighten your leg forward. Straight leg. This time goes all the way back using the hamstring and glute, not the knee joint. Okay, one last stretch here. And then bring used the hamstring and glute. Nice. That looks really good. Lower this just a tad and bring this hip just a little forward. Good stretch. So the alignment again is really important. Need a knee, knee, all the way to chest. And this time Brianna wants you give yourself a pool. Grab onto there [inaudible] and have the leg up a little higher and stretch in.

Turn it up just a little more. Nice. Good. And Go ahead and slip it off your foot and we're going to roll onto your, to your other side. All right, so let's do the other side. There we go. And you're gonna grab the spring and put it on your top foot. There you go. And make sure your arm gets in place. Good. So we're trying to have the shoulders, one on top of the other and your hips right on top of the other.

Now you're going to be careful with this knee and you're going to extend the leg back so that the legs are straight. Okay. And slightly soften that knee. It's work in a little bit. There we go. Cause we want to hold the leg with all the muscles that you just were working in your leg springs. Right? All right, so we're gonna take that leg straight forward at hip level. Nice. I'm going to stretch you and then you're going to bend the knee to your chest. Good. And now keeping the heel to your seat.

Take the leg back and need a knee. Here is where that pelvis is rolls forward. So we're gonna keep it here. Yeah. And now take the thigh back as far as you can, stretching it. How's that feel? Good. Good, good.

And now use the hamstring and glute to extend the leg back at a like a 45 degree angle with the leg reaching from your pelvis, reaching good. Stay there. And I'll give you a little traction here. Pulling your belly away from me. Good and reversing it. And then we're going to keep the legs straight and go forward. So reach that thigh at hip level out of that hip joint and then take it all the way forward. Keep it up and hip level.

It's hard when I'm helping you as well to know when to, how to balance it and, and bend the knee. Good knee back. I'm gonna Watch your hip here this time. Yes, yes. And let me give you a little stretch that's a lot better. That stretch, feel good. Good. And now using the hamstring and glute, extend the leg. Really feel that work instead of taking it in the knee joint. And we're going to stretch you again.

So I do three little circles one way and three of the other, and then bring the legs straight and together and reverse it. So you're gonna use the hamstring and glute to go back, stays on the same plane as your hip. You're going to use those muscles to bring your heel to your seat, keeping the thigh and knee at the level of your hip. So if you feel any knee pain or any other pain in this exercise, then you really want to check your alignment or leave it out if you can't figure it out on your own needed chest. And then we're going to straighten that leg forward as high as we can.

Adjust the strap a little and take that like one more time. Using all of the thigh and bottom up. Straight leg. Sorry. All the way back. Reach as if it's longer than your bottom leg. Good. Yes. Good alignment of your pelvis. I'm going to use this Cadillac three circles the other way and then bringing, don't take that knee forward. Take the heel back. Yes, keeping it the alignment. Nice effort. Very good stretching there and bring that need a knee.

I'm gonna leave you here. I'm gonna work on your pelvis and stet need a chest and you're going to grand finale. Grab that strap and pull it towards you. That's it. And then slip it off. Good and let that hang. We're going to transition now to our arms springs, so go ahead and step off the Cadillac and grab your arms springs or take these off first and slip on your arms springs and then on the grads Cadillac, it's on the lower spraying on this balanced body. We're going to lower it about six inches and we hook it on the outer hooks.

And then you're going to loosen it up. There's these little twisties that loosen up the bar and then you're going to lower it down right there. It's great. Yeah, maybe a tiny bit higher. Thank you. Thanks for humoring me. Yes. And then we tighten to secure. Okay. Come right back around. Lie on your back.

And here your head is going to be almost two feet away from the springs and these are bent feet are flat. Good, great. And I'm gonna pass you this phrase and you're gonna hold onto those handles. Basically, if you're strong enough, you want to start with the handle almost directly over your shoulder. Just a little bit in front. Very important to plug in those shoulders. Good and anchor everything into the mat. Nice feeling your powerhouse, your knees are bent so you can squeeze a midline, hug them in line, squeeze your inner thighs and straight wrists, straight fingers.

I want a beautiful long line all the way from the shoulder and use your powerhouse in your arms. Screen the arms long down to the mat. Stretch my spring. Stretch those shoulders and control it up. I don't want to hear jingling the springs. You stopped. Just shy of relaxed and forward. Pull it in and control.

Pull your shoulders away from your ears to go down and control two month Ricci and down. One more. Really pull those shoulders away from Ah, that's nice. And control it up. Bend the elbows for a break. Good. And we're going to do circles. So I want to bring the arms starts the same way. Arm Straight up.

Get the under our muscles to help bring those shoulders down and use a power of squeeze your legs together and reach all the way down. Good. And then open to the side. A little and circle up and down. Good and open. Around and powerhouse. Yes. Around. And two very nice. And one more and reverse. Go right into the reverse.

Yes. Because you can do that and try to pull those away. And three a hand. Pull the shoulders further away. Yes. And one more. Pull low. Shoulders away and rest. Bend the elbows. Grot springs are no joke. They're not nice.

And we're going to slide back two inches for our tricep. Press. Good straight, arms up, good shoulders away from ears controlling from your upper, your shoulder girdle muscles in your powerhouse. And you're gonna pull all the way straight down to the mat. Now I want you to imagine that you have a dime underneath your tricep and I want you to press that diamond to the mat as you bend your elbow to a right angle and then press that dime as you go straight and bending and press that dime down. Good.

And I love how you're keeping your elbows close to your side and bending and just one more straight arms. Keep them straight, strengthened reaching those springs as you come on up and relax. Good. So we're done with our arms springs now warming you up for the big time, arms later on. And we are get to enjoy delicious a tower and monkey and hip. So I want you to sit, kneel up, grab your push through spring and you're going to actually unhook it and step off and come out to here. So we're gonna hook up are took it to that right front one.

Great. And you can go ahead and hook it right there. That's pretty easy. Okay, good. Now come back around and we have to add our safety strap for tower. So you're gonna pull it towards you. Generally you can add the safety strap first sometimes that this just seemed convenient. You got it. You got on these a little bit of power to, so the garage has a nice little chain that you can just hook up right here. The balanced body has a little hook here. Also easy as that's nice and secure. I feel I get got caught. Nope, it's good.

Nice job. You want it kind of in the center because it's going to be your lining up point. So Watch your head, you're gonna lie down on your back with your head underneath there. Good. And now we're going to have one arm here, one arm there, and push out to straight arms. Good. And now put your hands here.

Push up and put your feet on either side. Good. And then put your so their hip with the part in parallel. Now we're starting to get into some of my really favorite exercises. You're going to put your hands back here again. Again, like legs, springs pushing in so that you're anchoring in your upper, upper powerhouse or shoulder girdle muscles. Now you're going to press your pelvis down into the mat to straighten your legs gray. All right, so I'm going to come on up here to give you a little extra, um, somewhere to point to. So I want, I have my foot underneath your tailbone. I want you to try to get it flat.

Try to really squish me down. That's awesome. And I want you to warm up your ankles by pointing the foot and flexing and point. And it really kind of opens up your whole pelvis and your stretching. And one more time. Flex and point. Now to strengthen your ankles, I want you to stay on point for the rest of the exercise. Try to do that. Keep pushing down my toe, my right. You feel it as you try to Brent, bend your knees into your chest. Keep pushing down.

Straighten two more. So you really pushed down. Don't lose contact with my toe and straighten. So don't bend so deeply if you can't push down my toe. Oh good. Now we're talking and straight. Okay, so that's warms you up. Now you're gonna keep your legs straight and you're going to squeeze your bottom and you're going to roll up your bottom over your shoulders.

Push that bar all the way up to the ceiling. Good all your bottom up. And Bend your knees down. Use those hamstrings and glutes. We are working and straight and your legs right from here. And keep pushing the bar away as you rolled down, even pushed out your arms into the bar. Reach your pelvis, roll down one bone at a time until you squish my toe again. Bend the knees once, still squishing my toes.

Straighten the legs once and squeeze your bottom and go up. So there's all glute work. Keep your belly work in. Bend the knees down, [inaudible] straight and using the back of the legs and see. Keep the lifting your powerhouse out your toes and roll down. I don't wanna pull on your pelvis to give you a little more idea of how much length you want in that spine. Nice. Last one. I'm going to push down like this. As you bend your knees, really ingrain that pelvis straight and press your hips together and use your powerhouse as you roll up. And then bend the knees down.

My hands just here for safety, but certainly not helping her and straighten and really feel the energy going this way. As you rolled down one bone at a time, upper back, middle back, lower back. Nice. Bend the knees and you're going to go into monkey. So you're going to try to lift your head up and pull or inch your way back. Excellent. Keep going a couple more inches and then switch your hands to the other side.

So it's going to go into the inner spring and really pull your head and shoulders off of the back edge. You're almost there. You're doing a great job. One more itch. Good. What I want is an alignment of this bar chopping off her bottom. I don't want anything else. I'm going to have her hands go on the inside. And now grab on to the bar. We're going to do a Pilati stance, a little narrower and heels together. Good.

And I want you to try to use your powerhouse and strain your legs and stretch up out of your lower back all the way up. And then flex the toes and point. And as you flex you're trying to lift up even more. So flex, reaching up [inaudible] and point and flex. Head to those knees. I'm going to reach your head. Oh yeah. And one more time. Flex lifting up. Beautiful and point. And then good. Two more. Right up onto that tailbone.

Lifting up out of your waist. Love it. And Flex. Grow Taller, Ben. I mean point, thank you. Flex. Grow Taller. Point one more. Flex and point and come down. Try to keep that Palati stance. And here we go. Last one up. You Go. Good at flex lifting, taller and point and flex point.

And as you flex he lift up out of your lower back even more and point and bend down. Great job. Go ahead and push the bar up a little bit to take your feet off, lengthen them on the mat, lower the bar down, put your hands here and slide back onto the mat. Good. UNHOOK this. Actually don't unhook it. We're gonna do um, hip stretch. So we're gonna face the spring. So you're going to lie like sidekicks all on your side like we did for bicycle. Lie your arm here and your elbow.

And I kind of selfishly have chosen this series of exercises because Brianna is training for a marathon. It's going to be her second marathon that she's running for world vision to provide water, clean water. Pretty amazing. And I know that our body needs some really good stretches so and her quads and so and hips. So I've been kinda tailoring this step. If that's the case for you, these are going to be great. So you're going to put your hand on this bar and push up so that you can put your foot as close to that safety strap as you can. Now, if you were a dancer or very flexible, now go ahead and let go at this hand.

And straighten this leg. This leg would be even closer. But this is a really good starting point. That hand goes back there again and it's the same thing. Shoulders against shoulders and, but now I'm going to really keep that leg straight. I'm going to work this hip that it's staying right over the other hip and I want you to turn that knee a little bit. Good. And I want you to flex that foot.

Excellent point. Flex point. One more flex point. Now think about the back of your shoulder blades and I want you to bend that knee to the back of your shoulder blades. Good and straightened, reaching your hips away, stretch, stretch and bend and stretch. Is that a big hip stretch? One more. Bending and straighten. Nice job. Now slightly. Ben, put your hand here.

And the transition is kind of tricky when you're all alone. So you're going to unhook it from there by pushing down a little bit. Good. And they're going to lie on your belly so that you can kind of pull yourself off this side and look, cause you want to look at the spring. So she's going to switch it.

There we go. And then she's going to roll onto her other side of sheet other way as we hook onto here. Good. And pull down maybe or you got it. Awesome. Lie Down the arm. Good. Aligning. Pulled back in here but not in here. Push this. Yes. Excellent. Legs are forward. Almost feet off the front edge.

Pushing up a little bit right there. Excellent. Bend this knee and put the leg right there. Now take your hand to the front as you straighten this leg. Good. All Right, nice. Very, very nice. So we're going to start with a flats and up point and a flex and a point.

One more and point. And now bend the knee back to those shoulder blades and straighten. How are we doing on this knee? Good and straighten. Keep it on a point, strengthen that ankle. Don't let that ankle go and pump up. Good job.

And then go ahead and grab on and you're going to to take the leg off, lie on your back and go ahead and unhook that strap that spring. And then we'll be done with the tower. And Monkey. You can just let it go. It might make a claim good and sit up nicely by pushing the bar up, rolling up. And then you're going to have to turn around and let it go behind you and unhook the strap and you can just let it Hank. Awesome.

Nice job. Now we're gonna set up while you're here. Uh, actually you're going to need to go down and grab our trapeze for our traditional ending. There we go. So hopefully you have that before you started and we're going to stand all the way up here. Watch your head and you're going to hook it up all the way on this bar. Perfect. And loosen up those little bolts and maybe kind of pull it with you towards the fuzzy side. Good. That's good. That's enough.

And now put this far on the inside, cause we're gonna use it. And now have your back to me and point your fingertips to this bar and the other one. So turn your back to me there yet. Go. And you want to push this bar away until it's not. You want your fingertips on the bar. So maybe. Does that feel good? All right. Now go ahead and tighten it. I'm feeling really tall right now.

Do you know that? All right. It's nice and secure. Also, always check for safety here. Lift up those sleeves and make sure that they didn't get kinked too. They look good. Slide them back down. All right, and then we have one more thing, actually two more things to grab. So go ahead and step down so we can keep a nice good flow.

And you're going to grab that board and your non-slip paths. So whatever order you want, and you're going to put it against flesh so that it's ready for Spread Eagle. And then you're going to grab your non-slip pads. Good. And you're going to, yeah, you can go ahead and put them up right now. So you're going to measure from that corner the tips of your fingers on, put your elbow on top of the bar and then right behind your elbow put that pad and same thing on the other side.

This is how you measure for your hanging pull-ups in your pull-ups or Rad. Okay? Now. Finally, I've noticed that this one is a little kinked, so make sure before you do your breathing that you're nice and safe and we're going to good. All right. Beautiful. Go ahead. What? Since you're up there, swing the fuzzy out of the way. Perfect. Excellent. And then this one too. And now let's come down. Lie on your back. We're going to start with breathing.

Your head's going to be here on your back. Okay, good. About five inches or so. Hands with distance from that edge. And you're gonna put your ankles inside of here. Excellent. Yeah. And turn out your feet. Kind of flex them and hold the strap.

Good. [inaudible] and we're going to hold onto this bar shoulder with apart. You've already done your arms springs, so you know how to use your arms, right? [inaudible] you've already done your legs spring, so you know how to use the back of your thighs and your seat. So breathing, we're going to start with five counts and we'll work to six, seven, maybe even eight. But we'll take on the count of one. You're going to bring your arms straight down to your hips and your hips. We'll go straight up to your arms and you'll hold that position as you continue to inhale for five counts, and then you're going to exhale, rolling and moving and enjoying that stretch through the whole five count.

Exhale. Okay, so on Kelly one here we go and lift up and one, two, inhale for five slowly exhale, rolling one bone at a time. Come right back up for six in two, three, four, five, six and slowly exhale, so she's using all the right muscles. I'm liking it. Let's do seven. Inhale up, two, three, four, five, six and inhale. Seven exhale down and gives you more time. Let's keep it at seven and last one, three, four. It's really breathing six, seven and exhale. Slowly. Lengthen.

That's what you're trying to do. Align and get everything. Very nice. Go ahead and let go of that bar and bend the knees and hug them into your chest. Now go ahead and sit up. Spin around and stay on the mat. You're going to have your feet turned out. [inaudible] go ahead.

I'm going to slip this a little out of the way. I want her to hold up Brianna quite a bit. The sparser, so like where my hand is for your height. Yeah, that's good. Like your net knees. And now I want you to straighten your legs by giving me the best lifted c curve you can. So you're going to curl under the tailbone and hold there. So you want to really feel as if your spine continued to entail.

You'd be pulling your tail through here. Really using that belly. Nice. Keep your legs straight and come up until your legs are at a diagonal. The feet swivel, a little down. Perfect. Stay here with the hips and you're going to use your belly to open up your upper back and do an upper back bend. I'm on my tippy toes and two more head.

Do your chest round this upper back, round this lower back. Keep your tailbone curled under your feet. Kind of slide up against there. That's it. And coming up to your diagonal. Good. Using all these muscles to help. Let's stretch up Outta here. Yes. And one more head to your chest and curving, scooping.

Nice drudge, curling under your tailbone and coming up. [inaudible] lifting, reaching, opening. Nice. And they'll come up out of your back pen carefully. Take a step back. Good. Now you can wear your nonslip pads. Are you going to put your hands for your Hain pull-ups? Good.

And now you're going to bend this knee and put your ankle and your hanging strap. Make sure you hold your weight up with your powerhouse and your arms as you bring the other leg up. Good. Now think about your bar here and let's take that bar your chest forward for one and two and three and take a step out. Good. And we're going to do one more set of three. So you're really trying to feel the connection of your powerhouse lifting up your arms and you're trying to be a straight board going forward and up over that. So we're going to lift up. Good.

Use your seat and everything you got and forward. One. Nice two and last one. Good for you. Take a leg down the other leg. Nice job. Turn around. We're going to do our hanging ones. Good. That looks pretty good.

So your goal is use your powerhouse or bring both knees to your chest and extend the legs to rest your ankles on here. One, two, and both knees at the same time. Good. Separate the legs and kind of flex them out to the side and let your body Hain. Hey, come up to a straight line looking at the ceiling. Feel all the muscles in your body. Give me a nice back extension.

Open that up or back. Open those shoulders. Look at the ceiling again on a straight plane. Use your whole body to go up for two one and there you go to and hang. And we'll do one more. Come up to a straight, plain back bend using all this yes. Straight, plain again. And then up one up too.

You got it. Hague. Head to your chest. Lift your weight up a little bit to softly bring your knees out and tap on. Very nice. Good. Alright, take those down. I'll take gum under your fuzzies, but they Hank right next to the polls and we're going to do a quick set of ballet stretches. So you're going to take a half a cup.

Somewhere in between there. You're going to want to be a legs distance away from the fuzzy. Okay, hold onto your bar up there. Good. You're going to take your right leg, cross it over, and we're going to slip it in here. You get to rest your whole foot against here. Now make sure you're standing where your hips can be squared. So maybe hop forward an inch. Good and a nice turned out good.

Then try to drop this good stomach in and you get to walk on those bars and bring your whole body forward onto the leg. And if you can, you can turn your cheek towards me. That's it. And then walk back on those poles back to where they were. Good. Stop right there with your hands and give me an upper back bend. Lift your sternum up to the ceiling. Lift your chest, NYSE. Come forward. Now you're going to slip your foot just in side and walk your hands as you split forward. Split. Come with clam. Come with me.

Good, good, good goods truck. That's it. Nice. And now coming back and you're going to keep your hands right there, but give me a good, uh, c curve split here. Good. How's that? Feel good. Come forward. Plant your foot. You really want to use this foot. So put it all the way against the pole. Good. Relevate or lift your heel. Turn towards me. You got it.

Lower the heel. Good. And now both hands are in front of you like so. Excellent. Good, nice turnout. Good. Very good. Now you're going to keep your right hand where it is. Extend the left up to the ceiling and reach up and over to that leg and stretch and press your hips a little more forward. Or really enjoy that. Good. Come up tall and switch.

And I love this because you have done ballet and dance that you're not necessarily a professional ballerina, so it's nice and active. So I love it. The stretches. Now you're going to hold like that and you're going to trust and you're going to go into plant that foot and you're going to push your pelvis forward and back. Bend under the Bar, forward all the way. Nope. Heel down. And just take note this one, this bar, nope.

Stand tall. And there you go. Nice. And you get to push into your hips, which is delightful. And then come back. Keep that foot planted, but you're gonna lift these toes and round your back under the bar behind you. There you go. Lifting, pulling back. That's it. How's that? Good. Plant this foot. Good. Now we're going to do the backwards.

Once you're gonna slowly turn towards that way. And we're going to switch fuzzies here. So you're going to take that one now. And I'm going to take this one and you're going to try to plant it against the spar, but I want a little more fuzzy. There we go. Good job. How does the a foot feel like it's right under you? See if you can square your hips off as much as you can.

We'll turn out using your belly. Keep the back leg is. Keep this as straight as you can. Pushing and working here. Lifting. Walk your hands back, keeping it straight as long as you can, when you need to. You can bend it and take your head to your heel. Keep walking back your hands. Bend this knee when you need to touch your ponytail to your heel.

You got it. Nice job. Enjoy it. It's a great stretch. Come back, straighten the leg. This bottom has to work to keep you nice and secure. Plant that foot nice and secure and keep your body square. And I want you to try to put both hands lightly here.

Both hands at the same time. You can do it. Yep. Bring your head with you in both hands on the strap. Vote. Hold. Hands down to the mat. There Ya go. Awesome. Now keeping both like straight. You're going to slip it in this way and we're a straight leg and we're going to split again. So I'm gonna help you lift.

As you walk back and lift. There you go. And then come back and you're going to plant it again. Nice. Now all stomach, all bottom. Lift up both hands to that strap again. Awesome. Both hands to the trapeze? Yes, both hands to the bars. You got it.

We're going to slip this out and we're going to put your toe to your near passe. Hips Square. Try to stay centered and as much as you can, the way you should end is by bringing up your left hand arm up. But we're a little touching already, so balance out your weight. You gotta hit a wrapping, squeezing. You got it. The other arm up and scoop in and you're going to lift up onto your heel.

That's it. It's not easy and you're gonna end. You got it. And now put that foot down. Nice job. Turn around. We're going to do the other leg. You got one more like so legs with distance. I'm going to get rid of this just because I can, but it doesn't really matter if yours is there. Little closer. I think just the t is a little overkill. All right, so we're going to go this way. How did those feel and at other leg?

Yeah. Again, selfishly was choosing this for your marathon. Walk your hands that way. That's it. And stretch over that leg. Good. Let's have this like a little more turned out. Good little lift in that arch. If you can. Nice. And turn your cheek the other way.

There you go because you can, and then round up. I'm trying to keep those hips square. Walk up to your hands. Good. Keep your hands there and an upper back bend. Lifting up, up. Watch the shoulders lifting and come tall and forward. Good. Now you're going to slip the foot inside just an inch and walk into a split as you go forward. There you go. Nice.

Enjoy that stretch. And then walk back. Good. And then keep your hands a little more forward. And so you're gonna pull your hips back and stretch here. Good. Plant your foot. Good. Lift the heel up. Relevate and turn. Yes.

Lower the heel and there we go. That looks good. Put your hands under the bar. The other way that sit lower this hip as much as you can. Squeeze your hips forward a little bit. Good. And now right arm up to the ceiling and try to reach all the way over to the bar that's over there. Yes, reaching, reaching and come up nice and tall from your waist. Switch hands. Drop this hip a little bit. Pulling up, lengthening up, out of the standing leg.

Excellent and back. Good. And now this is the one that is, you have to really trust. So you're here and you're going to just go for it. Okay, so you're going to push these straight leg and just a nope. Head back. And what's the word? Limbo. Yep. There we go. Nice. And coming back. And now you're going to keep that foot planted, but lift these toes as you pull your hips back. Hands the other way.

There you go. And you kind of pull back at this angle over here. They're getting a nice scoop. All right, come up tall and we're going to turn to the trap piece. You're gonna always lift in there. That's fine. And you're gonna bend this knee. Slip the foot back here and you're going to try to flex it so you can plant it. Good. And this is get a straight as you can. I like that.

We're going to go first into your back bend, starting with a straight as you can. Then bend the knee when you need to, but go all the way back. Romana used to pull on my ponytail until it touched. The heel is about, take your hands with you. There you go. Na Eyes. Now we're talking and going forward. Good. Straight leg. So remember you're squared hips. Your powerhouses all is what you need here.

Not your knee to both hands right here. Awesome. Both hands right here. Both hands down here on the mat. Good head to your chest. Slip it just inside the pole and then walk back. So this is the first time Brianna has, have you ever done these? I was going to, I didn't want to lie.

It's the first time you've ever done ballet stretches from the hanging fuzzies and walking back, which I think is really great because I had someone who's done it before. They just kind of move through it and then you kind of forget how difficult it is to learn it and up. Good. And grabbing the bar. Good. So hopefully this puts centered, you're going to slip this foot out and you're going to go toad a new year. Passe. Mm, mm. Centering yourself. Right. Good. Feeling the lift and work of that hip. Thank you.

And then one arm and the other and you're going to try to use your power house to Relevate and come down. Nice work. Good. And we're done with those. Now turnaround for your grand finale is your hanging. So you're gonna take those and right where the non-slip pad was, you're going to put those so you can measure it again or however. And that's the appropriate distance so that you don't hit your head on the floor. I would, yeah. And I would pull the front one. Just a t Tanny bet back.

Uh Huh. Good. All right. Go ahead and lie down on your back with your head here. And this isn't going to be in the way and you're going to put your hands right here. Same as the leg springs and push out to straight arms. Yep. Good, nice and centered. Yeah.

Hug your knees or just bring your knees into your chest. So if you were on your own, you would use your own arm strength to lift up your seat and get creative. But because I'm here, I'm going to help you. So you're going to curl your bottom up towards you a little bit more all the way over your shoulders. Yass that's how high you get. And now we're going to first put this right foot in here and just stay there with a straight leg. Really flexed.

And then we're going to slip this one in [inaudible] and I like to do a little circle with my flexed heel and really grab on. Does that feel good? And now I'm going to have you to slide my foot away as you roll down this took vertebra, this bone, this one, this one. This one. This one, yeah, but all the way down. Nice. Rest your arms by your side. No energy in those knees. No energy. Sometimes I sway my pelvis back and forth a little bit so that it really forces me to rocks. This is called half. You want to do it for high, like 30 seconds or so, your arm springs are still on, which is fine.

Just know that they're there, so you're going to bump into business safety issue that drove you crazy. You could take them off before you do this. You're going to grab the Poles now and you're going to slide back. As long as those feel secure, right head always at looking at your belly. Good. I'm going to stand here to remind you of that. Good.

Take your hands and grab on this side, Voila, and pull back. Good. I move these up. I'm actually going to take them off and now keep going down. Keep sliding down lies on your belly, sliding down those poles until you're completely hanging. Excellent. Now to make sure you're not trying to hold yourself up. I like palms up and just resting and I'm usually pretty nice to my clients too and giving them just a little extra length and this really does a wonderful job to complete your session.

How's that feel? Wonderful. Yes. I like to stay here about 30 seconds. You can stay as long as nothing. Your ankles don't start hurting you. Most importantly, the blood's not overpowering, rushing to your head, trying to take a few good breaths while you're here. Take one more. Nice big inhale and one nice big exhale. And then using your stomach, lift your head to your chest.

Bring your hands to the pulse. Good. Pull yourself up onto the mat. Put your hands on the other side. Push yourself all the way back to half angling all the way back. I'm going to help you, Whitney. Thanks. One more. There you go. And rest your arms by your side again. No energy in that. That's awesome. There you go. Nice. And to get out of it, you're gonna lift your pelvis. I'm going to help you, but you're going to, that's it. Excellent. You used your belly instead of your legs to bring it and you would just help you up, assist, taking it off. And then you want to make sure, even if by yourself, you melt down one bone at a time and give yourself your own hug. Yep.

And I like to do a little circle one way, a little circle the other way, and you are all finished. Great job.


Thank you very much. Delicious....
Monica: love this flowing workout. For me this IS the workout rather than an add on to reformer. Maybe down the road. Love the details and sense of calm flow.
Monica Wilson
Glad you enjoyed it!:)
Love the fuzzy work!
What a thoughtful and insipiring class. I will be reviewing again to practice on my home Cadillac. Thank you!
Monica Wilson
Thank you Coco! So glad you were inspired by this class! I’m going to take it myself this morning:)

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