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Sarah Bertucelli infuses this Mat workout with some basic yoga movements to give you a strong Pilates Mat class combined with the stretching benefits of yoga. You'll hold positions longer and enjoy some luxurious stretches as you work through the Hundred, Shoulder Bridge, Side Plank, Downward Dog, Swimming, Chaturanga, Balance Control, and Pigeon Stretch, among other exercises.
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May 05, 2015
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Okay, we're going to do some mat work. Yeah. Sound like a good idea. Um, I've been taking a lot of yoga lately and I've been really enjoying the flexibility that's involved and there's so many parallels between PyLadies and yoga. So I'm, I might infuse a little bit of yoga into today's class. I'm holding some positions a little longer and stretching, but also make sure that there is a really strong polities component. So, uh, most importantly for me, be safe. Uh, have fun and feel free to play with movements. If I asked you to do something that doesn't work for you, I have no problem with you making little adjustments. But let's do our very best to kind of work as a group.

Move as a group and play a little. Yeah. Okay. So I'm going to start on the back edge of my mat. You should do the same with your feet underneath your hips and stand tall, lifting your sternum, opening your heart, actively send your arms a little bit behind you. And let's breathe in. Exhale, lengthening a little taller through the crown of the head. Again, inhale, breathing and moving. One more breath. Exhale, peel down, head, upper back, low back. Soften the knees if that's what you need to do.

Allow your head to dangle your hands. Perhaps touch the floor. Bend your knees. Good. Keep your chest close to your thighs, straight in your knees. Bend your knees a little and roll up to a standing position. Standing Nice and tall here. Let's take the arms high. Lifting the ribs away from the pelvis, looking up the arms circle down and we roll down one vertebrae at a time.

Enjoying. Let the hands touch the floor if they can, or the legs if they need to bend and straighten and Ben and straight into role up. We'll do one more just like that and then add on here in how reaching tall arms are wide. It feels good to move. Rolling down, checking out your body, hands to the floor or your legs. We inhaled to Ben and we exhale to straight straighten. We inhale to Ben, we exhale, straighten, and we hold. Now Bend your knees. Bring bending them deep so your chest is close to your thighs.

Put your hands on the floor and we walk on out here. We're on our hands and our knees. Hands are underneath your shoulders, knees underneath your hips, round through your low back and join and I stretched there and straighten out your back and then extend your upper back. That's an inhale. Use An exhale to round through your low back, your head between your arms, your belly, active in how to extend your upper back, lengthening your tailbone. One last time we round and we inhale to extend. Good slide where I come to neutral. First slide one leg back for a plank. Slide the other leg back and we're here. Chest is open.

Habs quite active. Drive energy through your heels simultaneously out through the crown of your heads. Lift your hips high. We're in a downward dog or a pyramid position. If you need to walk your hands back a little, that's okay. Bend one knees, stretching through the back of your leg and then switch stretching through the back of the other leg. Attempt to straighten out your back, lengthen through your neck. Enjoy. One more time. Heel is down. One knee is bent and the other side go high up onto both toes.

Shift forward onto your plank and hold there. Draw your belly. Very active, lengthening through the crown of the head. Lower your knees down. Cross your ankles behind you. Roll over your feet if you can, and send your legs out in front of you. Walk your body forward if needed. Hand. Here we go. Inhale. We're going to exhale to gracefully roll down one vertebra at a time. Send the arms behind you, opening through your chest. Inhale, lift their head and chest. Exhale round and roll up to a sitting position.

Staying very active the whole way through. Reach the fingertips longer. Exhale to roll back. Try pressing or pulling the legs together quite actively. Ah, inhale. Exhale to peel back. Breathing and moving.

[inaudible] just one more roll up here in half. Exhale to roll back, staying on your back. Reach your arms overhead. Take your arms wide to a tee. Lift one leg to tabletop followed by the other. Knees are glued together. First, bring your legs toward me. Inhale, exhale to pull back to center and then go the other way. Inhale and Exhale, drawing back to center.

Find that breath. Really pulling those legs together. Stop here. Reach your hands to the ceiling. Drawing your shoulders away from your ears. Inhale here. Exhale, lift the head and chest. Arms down. Inhale, reach back again. Exhale to lift. Nice high curl hint of a smile across your cheeks.

[inaudible] one more time please. Exhale to lift and whole breathing through the hundred in now. Stretch your legs out. The fits works for you. Lower the legs a little, a little more, perhaps a little more. One more breath.

I think that's about 10 exhale all your air out and whole dry your knees toward your forehead, your forehead toward your knees, holding onto the backs of the legs. Dry Your abdominals active and start to find the rock and roll. Yeah, until you find yourself balancing on your tail. Pause here. Draw your legs a little closer to your body. Using your fingertips only to touch your shins.

Draw your knees in a little more without burying your head and make sure that your neck is also in a little bit of flection to match the rest of the back. Inhale to roll back. Exhale to find your balance. Go again. Inhale, exhale to find your balance. Keep going. Having a little bit of a problem with my microphone, which I'm going to fix while you keep rolling. Okay, one more time. You'll balance on your tail and your hold.

Shins are going to come parallel to the ceiling. Hands to the backs of your thick thighs and we roll back one vertebra at a time. Single leg stretch. Bring your right leg in. Your left leg out. Elbows wide switch. [inaudible] switch [inaudible] and feel my breath.

[inaudible] slow down Chris. Cross. [inaudible] sure feel my breath. I almost forgot to smile. Aren't we having fun? [inaudible] both legs are going to come in, hands to your legs. Lift your body up a little higher. Draw your knees to your forehead, your forehead to your knees, holding onto the backs of the thighs. Lift your head and chest. Once again, we're going to rock. We are going to roll and we're going to come all the way up. Cross your legs out in front of you.

Come around to a plank position in pause here you'll stay. Plank. Chest is open, belly is in. We shift forward high onto the tiptoes. We're going to go into a chatter. Ranga position here. Chest Open. Roll over to the tops of your feet for your upward dog. Pressing up high downward dog. The feet are flat. Take two breaths here.

Inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale. Take your right leg high toward the sky. Reaching up, enjoying that stretch. Dry your knee to your nose plank position. Rounding your back. Inhale, reach the leg high. Dry Your knee to your no, go again. Inhale high. Exhale, dry your knee to your no. Stay here. Send your leg back. Bend your elbows shot. Uranga leg is straight hovering upward facing dog.

Both toes down tops of the feet and downward facing dog. Left leg goes high and need to knows and reaching high and need to knows and reaching high and need to nose hold. Send the leg back. Find your plank lower to the floor. Good upward dog. Just as open belly as active and downward dog.

Three breaths, keeping your hips square. Lift your right leg high. Step through between your hands. Pause there, pressing back through your back legs, squeezing your thighs together. Draw your belly active and lift up. The arms are high, the chest is open. Breathing in and breathing out. [inaudible] bring your hands down to straddle your foot. Press your front leg to straight nose toward me. Stretching that hamstring Ben the front knee. Both hands on the floor. Step the right leg back and holds and we lower down.

How can we come up and we press back and heels are flat. Lift the left leg high and step through foot between the hands. Pause here. Sink the pelvis low, but try to square the hips. Draw the belly active. Lift the arms, thigh bones rowing together. Belly breathing in and breathing out.

Bring the hands down to straddle the foot. Press your front leg to straight. Allow your head to relax. Folding over the leg. Then the front knees. Step the leg back and we hold [inaudible]. Lift your hips high.

[inaudible] lower you knees down, cross your legs behind you. Roll over your feet and we're going to send the feet out in front of us. Inhale here. Exhale to roll back one vertebrae at a time. Take the arms down by your side, bend the knees, separate your feet. Exhale, pelvic curl up, pressing the hips high, opening through the front of the hips and gently peel down.

Go again. Exhale to peel up. [inaudible] harassing those hubspot high backs of the legs. Very active and gently peel down. And one more time. We lift high and we hold for resting. Those hips. Higher pelvis or the pubic bone is the high point here, not just the hips.

We've got those abs active. We lift the right leg up, flex the ankle here. Point the foot to reach down. Flex the foot to lift up and down and up. [inaudible] hold here. Reach your foot even higher. Draw your belly active. Place your foot down. Again, we're talking the pelvis slightly to get the pubic bone to be the high point.

Lift the other leg up, flex the ankle, draw the belly active. And we pointed down one [inaudible] [inaudible] last one here. Lift the leg up, foot, flex the foot, drop that belly active. Lace your foot down, prs your pelvis even higher, and then lower down one vertebrae at a time. Beautiful. Stretch one leg to straight, followed by the other.

Reach the arms behind you. We lift the head and chest. Inhale, we exhale to roll up to a sitting position. Inhale here. It actually all to rollback articulating through the low back, pressing the legs together again. Inhale, lifting the head and chest and exhale to roll up. Finding that wonderful opposition and exhale to peel back. One more. Scoot forward on your mat. Balancing on your tail.

You're going to tip back and however your feet open, your legs preparing for your open leg rocker. Option one, the knees are bent. Option two, you can go right into a straight leg. Open leg. Chest is open. Belly active. We inhale to round, back and roll. [inaudible] here I come on the second one, and up we go. And in how we roll.

And again, one more. Hello, bend your knees. Bring your legs together, holding onto the backs of the legs. Start the process of a rounding back. Release your arms when you need to or when you can, and roll all the way back. Dry chest lifted. Draw the legs in. Stretch the left leg up.

How about the leg closest to me rather, that'll be prettier. Stretch the other leg down to the mat. Lifting a little higher and we're in our hamstring. Pulse stretch. Switch and hold. Stretch, switch and hold. Go a little deeper and really work that straight leg and adding the double pulse. Here we go.

Wow. Hands behind your head. Slow. [inaudible] with rotation. Double pulse. Yeah. One more. Each side.

[inaudible] both legs up. Bring your hands to the backs of your legs. Lift your head and just lift your pelvis on me. Rock. Wow. Crass your legs tightly. Roll over your knees. Shoot your legs back to your plank. Bend your elbows, Jada.

Rhonda. The upward dog chest is open. Schoolies those five bones together. Perhaps roll one shoulder open a little more. Looking over that shoulder. Roll the other shoulder open. Looking over that shoulder. Come back to center. Lift your hips high and sit in that downward dog with your heels low.

Breathing in and breathing out. Lift your right leg toward the ceiling. Step forward between the hands. Sit a little bit deeper. Draw the belly active in how lifting. Beautiful. Here we're going to open the heart, looking up a little bit of a back bend.

The arms are going to open in bend and reach up. And again, we're going to open the heart lifting and reach and open the heart lifting. It's not about going back, it's about lifting. Beautiful. The hands come down, step back and we go through our little flow here. [inaudible] breathing in and breathing out. Lift that left leg high. Try to square the pelvis. If you can. Step through between the hands.

Lift the body up long, getting through the back leg, lengthening through the crown of the head. So the choreography is that we're going to bend the elbows, opening the heart, extending the upper back, trying really hard to not wrench into the low back again, hoping bending the elbows. Henry's back up. And one more time. We bend. God, we reached back up and we bring hands down. Step back. At any time you could go right to the downward dog if you choose to skip some of the upper body work chefs toward buys. Breathing in and breathing out.

We're going to walk our hands back to our feet and roll up through here. Back standing nice and tall. Feel your weight even on your two feet and lengthen up. Send both arms up to the ceiling. Shift your weight to your left leg and unweight your other leg. Hold [inaudible] focusing on lengthening up through the crown of the head even more.

We're going to take opposite arm to opposite leg. That's lifted elbow to knee. Reach up. Tap The toe, elbow to knee. We'll reach up. Tap The toe, elbow to knee, reach back with the leg, elbow to knee. Reach back with the leg.

Elbow last time. Reach back with the leg. Switch sides. Keep your arms up. Shift to the opposite leg lifts. It's my left leg up now. Opposite hand, elbow to knee and tap. Still lengthening up.

Hello to knee and tap and elbow to knee. Reach back and elbow to knee or reach back. Hello to knee. Yes. Oh, reach back one more for me. Am I make us a little ed even, but I need it or reach back and hold. Bring your foot. Okay. [inaudible] we're rolling down one vertebrae at a time. Keep her knees a little Ben too, if you need to for your body.

Walk yourself out to a plank position. Hold here. Bend your elbows three times this time and lower all the way down. Lengthen your legs for me on the Mat. Can think about pressing your hipbones into the mat, so to would it pay a little less attention to where your pubic bone is. Although I don't want you to go anterior.

I do want your hipbones to be firmly down. Allow your hands to rest somewhere outside of your shoulders. My elbows are bent. I'm going to lift my head a little bit, extending my upper back and engage my abdominals. Feeling the hipbones quite heavy on the mat. Just float one leg up. How about the right leg floated at, but feel both hipbones still weighted lower down.

I'm talking about your Asi Aster, your Anterior Superior Iliac spine. Lift the other leg, both hipbones still down and lower down. Lift both legs. Hipbone still down. Lengthen your spine a little more and then float both of your arms overhead and we're ready to swim. Keeping your elbows straight. Your knees straight. Give me two more breaths. I always look around when people are swimming.

Not that I really need to look at you, but I haven't looked around yet. Good. One more. Full breath. Hold your arms and legs and long bend your elbows, putting your hands underneath your shoulders. Tuck your toes, engage your abdominals and see if you can caress up to high plank or put your knees down. If you need to. Holding here, you're going to bring the arm that is closest to me, to the center of the Mat, so you're going to open the other way, not toward me, and you're going to open to your side plank. Stay here. Draw your belly in. Press your pelvis forward. Lengthen through the crown of the head. Beautiful. Check it out. You're not endeavoring to really bend your elbow, but you're going to give me a little elbow softening and press up a little elbow softening and press up. Good. A little elbow softening, harass up and hold.

Come back around to your plank and we go through a little flow. Bend your elbows to your upward dog and our thighs active. Exhale, downward dog. Chest toward the eyes. Okay. Shift forward to your plank again and hold going to the other side.

You bring the hand to the center. Come around. I have my both ankles flex. My thighs are squeezing together. You could stack your feet if that suits you, but work on this idea of reaching up, of levitating out of that hand and then ever so slight and elbow bend, a little elbow bend. I'm not necessarily looking to go down. I'm just making sure I'm not hyper extended in my elbow here. Stay here. Good. Come around, organize that powerful plank and lower all the way to the floor. Bring your hands just outside of your shoulders.

Inhale to upper back extension. Feel those hipbones heavy abs active using your arms. Pull your body forward a little more shoulders onto the back of your body. Decide how high you feel, comfortable lifting, and then float your hands and rest them down in front of you so you can maintain that position. I don't want you to prop yourself up on your arms. I want you to find the spot and then use your arms to assist slightly.

So I've got my fingers class, my elbows down, and I'm going to pull my body forward. He had a little more. It's not about lifting higher, it's about pulling forward. Me Parece the pelvis down. Engage the abs and hover the legs. Squeeze the thigh bones together for a moment here, keeping that length through the crown of the head. Turn your knees in slightly, and we're going to do little beats in. Now I'm not actually asking you for you to turn your knees in.

I just don't want you to be an external rotation. Sure. Beautiful. Now, paws legs are hovering. Single leg kick can happen. Now. Inhale, inhale, and exhale. Exhale, and inhale. Inhale, focusing on that upper back, that ABB connection. Nice hamstrings working.

Okay, Buena [inaudible]. Exhale all the air out and whole. Put your hands flat low. [inaudible] your head down, pulling your hands underneath you. Tuck your toes, engage your abdominals. From here we press up to our high plank [inaudible] through your right toes and we lift that leg up. Five, four, three, two, one. Stay here. Flex your ankle. Take the leg out. Five hand, four hands, three head two and one point the foot.

Put the foot down, we'll go to the other side. Here we go. Five, four, three, two. Hold. Flex the ankle. Take it out on one, two, three, four, and five. Take the leg back. Point the foot, put it down, lower all the way to the floor. [inaudible] stretch the arms straight out in front of you again. So it's as if we're going to swim, but we're not quite going to swim. We're going to maximize the range of motion.

Press your pelvis into the mat, focusing on the hip bones as well as the pubic bone. But I want you to sense the connection in the hipbones. If you can engaging your abdominals there. Go ahead and float your right leg up your opposite arm without pressing down on your arm and leg. How high can you go? More can lift your head to join. Go, go, go and rest.

Okay. Engage your abs. Hipbones down. Hover your leg. Hover your arm without pressing down on your other arm and leg. How high can you go? Extending the lower body and the upper body in opposition. Finding your maximum. One more. Each side.

Lengthening through the arm and the leg. The ABS are active. We left and last one. Yeah. Bring your hands underneath your shoulders. Tuck your toes. Engage your abs. You know what's coming per harass yourselves up. Here we go. Hips are, Huh? It's chest toward that eyes.

Relax for a few breaths here. Pressing your heels down or perhaps walking through your heels. Yeah, we're going to do a little bit more of abdominal work supporting with our upper body and then we'll focus in on some more stretches, both heels. Hi. Shift forward to your plank and hold dry your right knee in, knee to nose and back. Need to know I'm back and need to know something. Switch legs. Three [inaudible] hold here. One leg at a time. Quick switches in. Switch.

Switch, switch, switch, switch. Yeah. [inaudible] last one. Each side. Hold hips high. [inaudible]. [inaudible] look forward between your hands. Bend both knees and we jump.

Jump back. Let's jump back to plank. Actually, I didn't cue myself very well there. I was thinking about our panther. We sometimes do, but we're going to jump in. I like that. We're going to jump back to plank. Lift up, hips high, and the knees here. We're deep. You're going to jump in. Make a tiny little ball. Good. Jump back to plank. [inaudible] hips, high chest or thighs. Last one. Then Junius big. You're gonna jump in.

Good. Jump back to plank. Oh, hi. I'm like landing like Iraq today. One more time. Your teacher, so she won't land like a rock. Here we go. Ah, float one more time for me and we'll lower to our bellies. Here we go. Ah, I can't Lam soft on this. It tells me a lot. Perhaps I'm not landing soft at all. Perhaps. Perhaps.

Okay, go ahead and bend one leg. I don't care which one. Hold onto the top of the foot. Let your head rest in your hands, your head rest on your forearm or hand or whatnot. Just so you have a place through your nose. Pressing your pelvis into the mat. Dry Your belly nice and active. Yeah.

Now think about pressing your hipbone into the mat. As you lift that thigh up a little more, engaging your abdominals. Lift your head away from your arm and keep going. Trying your belly active, pressing your foot to your hand. Big stretch through the quad, through the flexor, perhaps even through the belly and rest switch sides.

So I'm holding onto the top of the other foot. Resting my forehead on my wrist or my arm. Okay, and then just experiencing first that stretch through the front of my leg. Press the pelvis down. Okay.

Feel the hip bone on that same side down and then try lifting the thigh away. Breathing in and breathing out, and then lift your head a little bit. Pressing the foot to the hand. We perhaps left a little more and lower down. Holding both feet. One Hand on each feet. Okay, one hand on each foot, his feet, h feet. Press your pelvis into the mat. Once again, I want you to try to feel the hip bones, the abs engaged.

You're going to press your feet to your hands. Lifting those legs up simultaneously. Lifting the body up. Breathing in. Lift a little higher. Yeah, and lower down release. Just relax for a couple of moments.

[inaudible] bring your hands underneath your shoulders. Push yourself to your hands and knees. Sit back on your feet and your child's pose. [inaudible] rest position. Come forward to your hands and your knees. Okay.

I'm going to take our right leg and set it between our two hands. What's your body fold over your thigh while your back leg to lengthen. Really enjoy that stretch there. Option one, option two, tuck the toes under. Extend the leg to straight. Really working on the stretch through the back leg, but also the stretch of the front leg. Next option. Place your hand, your inside hand. I'm sorry. Your outside hand. Next to your, the opposite hand. His leg. How about we say that? I didn't know if I said right or left.

Pull that thought that knee across toward your underarm and take your arm up to the ceiling. So I'm rotating around and enjoying a nice wringing out of my spine. Working on really lengthening through my back leg. Breathing in and breathing out. Bring the hand down. Press your friend leg to straight, trying to square off your pelvis here, lowering your back heel down if it makes sense or toward the floor if it makes sense. Allow your head to fold over your legs. You're rounding the back here.

Relax with your hands on the floor. Straighten out your back, bending your front knee. Step your leg back and hold. Step your other foot forward. Start with the back knee down. Really stretching out through that back leg a little bit more. Enjoying the open feeling. You can rest your chest a little bit on your thigh.

Next option, lift the leg up so the toes are tucked in. My leg is straight and the opposite. Hand as foot in front, right next to the foot. You can use your hand on your thigh to help you rotate a little bit more. Reaching your arm up, bring your hands down to straddle the foot. Press your front leg out to straight and hold here. Fold over the leg.

Let the head relax. Ben's your front knee. Step your front leg back, lift your head side. Take your feet a little wider than you might normally and walk yourself back. Let your head dangle. Bend your knees a fair bit so you can really relax so you can let your head relax.

[inaudible] your back. One final exercise. Straighten your legs a little, not a lot. Walk out to your hands and knees. One last time for me. Step your let's take your right leg forward and we'll go into a little hip stretch here. A pigeon. Okay, so option one, you can take your, your knee is right in front of your hip. You can kind of reach back with that nice straight leg and just kind of stay elevated here. If it feels like a good idea, you can fold over.

Now another option here. If it doesn't feel right on your knees to be in this position at any time, you could lie on your back. Cross that same leg over and being what we would call a figure four stretch holding onto whatever seems to make sense. It is nice for most people if it doesn't bother the knee to have the weight of the body kind of easing into the stretch, but certainly if it doesn't feel good to you, [inaudible] you can stretch your arms straight out in front of you. You can support on your elbows or you could support on your hands.

Two more breaths there. [inaudible] and ease yourself up from there. The hands are basically underneath your shoulders. Shift back first, lift your hips high, perhaps walk out your toes a little bit, shake out your hips, and then we switch sides. So you'll take the other leg forward. So the knee is just, um, out from the hip or in front of the wrist. [inaudible] again, if it doesn't feel right on your knee or your hip, you're going to kind of lift up, fold forward.

But if it doesn't feel right on your knee or your hip or your back, simply roll around onto your back and find the figure four position. [inaudible] breathing in [inaudible] and breathing apps. Easing up from there. Bring yourselves back, walking out your dog, perhaps walking out your feet. Walk your hands back to your feet, dangling the forward fold. Take a breath here. [inaudible] gently roll up to a standing position when you find yourself standing tall.

Pause for a couple of moments there with your feet underneath your hips, lengthening through the crown of the head. [inaudible] and I thank you all for playing.


Angelika G
1 person likes this.
What a FUN!!! That was a pure joy, thanks a lot!
1 person likes this.
Muy bueno, control del movimento total! !! Me ha encantado
1 person likes this.
Great class. Would have been helpful for modifications for chaturanga for those of us who have wrist issues.
Myla P
2 people like this.
As a Pilates instructor with my 500 hour yoga certification, I feel it's important to note that jumping back to up to a plank from a squat is extremely hard on the lower bs k. One should always jump to chatarunga to be safe.
The plan with this class was to go with the flow and play with sequencing. I am very pleased that the class has been well received. Thank you!!
Sherry, Thank you for your feedback. It is crucial that you take care of your wrists. Because I was leading experienced movers, in order to keep the pace, I gave limited cues. After reviewing the class, I realize that I could have offered more. Next time!
Myla, Thank you for your feedback. While I agree that bending elbows helps absorb the impact when jumping back, a person can use abs and legs to absorb the impact as well. Because the class was geared for advanced movers, the exercise felt level appropriate. Having said that, If I were to teach the movementon camera again, I would offer some additional cuing. Teaching filmed classes is constant and wonderful learning experience.
1 person likes this.
Thanks for the class, I enjoyed it!
1 person likes this.
Thank you for this class! I think it was a good idea! Thanks
2 people like this.
Wonderfully relaxing and challenging at the same time!
1 person likes this.
Loved this! Thanks x
1 person likes this.
Amazing class, thank you
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