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A classic BASI Pilates Intermediate class. Kristi feeds off the energy of this full class as you move through traditional exercises occasionally adding in skill building exercises along the way.
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Jul 19, 2010
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Sit Up tall and I will be walking around a fair amount, but we also have a few new people. Welcome, welcome. Um, and so I'll also try to be up there, but I can tell you that, um, most of the group comes regularly, so feel free to look about and you're probably going to find some good farm. Um, so that's pressures on you. Maybe not Aaron in the front left. Don't watch her. Okay. You go Mary, Mary, and then Mary as well as an instructor here and Wendy and [inaudible]. [inaudible] all right. I am, I will let the train pass and then we're off. So sit in the middle of your mats with the knees bent.

[inaudible] and decide for yourself what you need. What, what do you need in case I don't give it to you. [inaudible] so as you sit here, look down at your feet. We got two more. Um, that's just not gonna work. Um, find the base of your pelvis. I'm sorry. Look at your feet. About six phones distance. So these are little club too far apart. So you want, it's straight out of the hip. Sit and tall. Okay, good. And then find the butt bones or just the area you're sitting on.

And then I think it's a good idea to hold on underneath your legs so that you have that support. And then from there, step the spine. Lengthen and lift. Hi Darling. What we're thinking Mandy is, um, we might be full Mandy, you can take the Cadillac. Okay. Is that all right with you or actually, um, y'all can just breathe. We'll figure it out. Work on your posture. Um, yeah. Perfect. Yeah, yeah. Oh yes, yes, Jennifer. Actually. And that's it.

We'll just stagger you a little bit. That's it. Thank you. Perfect. Yeah, we'd rather be this way or that way. I'm fine. It's good. One more map. Here you go. We got it yet. We're good. Perry can have the map. Great. And Mandy, there is a, that looks too, Randy's good. You are, your feet aren't work. We already decided we're expecting perfection tonight at it. Everybody except for Aaron or she could go there and [inaudible] about that.

This is, if you don't mind here is perfect for you if that's okay. Yeah. And the only thing I want you to be careful of is these weights. I would've moved them and no. All right, can we start now? Here we go. Sitting tall. Inhaling, you're stacking your spine and whatever you're feeling right now, let it go and find your center line of your body. To me, it feels like my spine feels like I just tapped the bones, breathing in and out. Just kind of finding what you need and then when we all together now inhale, allow your body to Kinda lighten up on itself so it literally rises on the exhale. Engage the front of your body a little bit.

Inhaling to grow tall, and as you exhale, stay tall and just feel what happens. At the end of that exhale, you might start to feel the ribcage closed. The spine is working. Inhale again. I'm gonna move us now. Finally we go. Exhale, we roll the hipbones backwards or Tuck the pelvis. Just continue holding on. I'm going maybe to the top of the pelvis. Iser forward hold. When you get there and having a little further, Michael, you can even move your feet away from you. Inhale, exhale. We're coming right back up. When you get shoulders over hips, stack your spine.

Inhale and exhale for me. What I'm going to try for us is continuation of movement. It doesn't mean fast. Inhale and exhale. It means that you yourself don't stagnate when you get to what feels like the end of a move. Inhale, it can kid and exhale. Am I talking too loud for you here?

Inhale and exhale to come forward. It was a good party though, and stacking, growing tall, find space. I see Laelani looking good. Exhale and roll back. Can we stay here? Once you get to say the top of your pelvis or maybe even mid back, let's go a little lower so you kind of feel like you're in the middle of your back. Hold on or not. Inhale and exhale.

Look at your abs and see them fall or sink. That's exactly what my GoLean inhale. Expand the rib cage a little bit. Try not to move the whole body. Exhale blow out. I would encourage, I'm whispering the word hot, H, a x, z. You don't have to, but that's just sometimes helps us connect on your next exhale is first inhale. Of course, start exhaling and roll back up. Good. Is that a good spot for the towel? Muffy good. Alright, let's do doing it again. Little change here. Inhale. Exhale. We roll back.

Finding about that same place or a place where you feel strong still, where you don't feel like your teeter tottering let go. The arms, reaching the shoulders towards your waist. You Inhale, I'm gonna choose the right leg. Exhale to float the right leg up. Way Up. And by way up, I mean towards your face. Inhale to bring it back to the ground. Changing legs. Start the exhale first. It helps anchor you. Bring it in, in, in, in, in. Inhale, put it down. You could do this with your head down if you needed a break. Right? And I say that like, you're not working, but you are. It's just different.

One more time. Inhale, put it down. Feel free to grab the legs or not. But keep those shoulders away from me. Your start exhaling and up we come just as precisely as before. Yes. Stacking the spine. Inhale, we're going all the way down this exhale. Roll down. Yep. When you get down there, your heads are going to go to the floor. Make sure you're on your mat and, and th we tend to travel so you can slide down just a little bit.

Yup. All right. From there the towel I think is going to be just fine where it is. Muffy reaching the arms down in your body. Feel the shoulders pressing in the mat for just a couple of pelvic curls. Inhale and exhale. Rolling.

Reaching the hips ever so slightly toward the ceiling of course, but toward the heels. Inhale and on your exhale, start bringing it back down all the way back to level. Inhale. Exhale. You roll up. Take your time. Shannon. Take your time. That's the good stuff. Is Bone by bone picking your spine off the floor. If I didn't tell you how to get there and you knew you wanted to feel all parts of your back, cue yourself. Inhale, exhale, come down. So you'd feel the chest fall. You'd feel the upper back touch.

You feel the middle back, touch the lower back. Then you find the sacrum beautiful. Make any adjustments you need to, but then also get calm in your body. Exhale when it's time to go up there it is good. So frees wherever you are. Just freeze. What I need out of everybody is more poster tech, more length to your low back, more of an attempt to bring the pubic bone towards your chest so it's not higher. It's at an attempt towards rounding your back. Okay, there you go.

Notion. That's it. Now keep going up. Whatever breath you need to you going up. But You keep that. So now maybe have a stretch through the front of your legs, your hip hopefully to you can go a tiny bit higher, Emily, and maybe some work in the back of them. Flex and breathe. However you want. Andy, just close your ribs a little. Okay. Inhale together and we come back down. So you do the same thing coming down. I know you think you've toughed and you have, but it's a moving part so you've got to keep doing it.

Let's stay down at the bottom. Take your hands behind your head. I'm not sure if you're gonna want to tell him here on this one. Might you give it a shot? It won't hurt you though, so your elbows are just off the ground. Chin slightly towards your chest to basic chest lift with a little flare to it. Inhale on the exhale, you curl chin toward chest.

Trying to not necessarily lift high, but fold right below your chest line. Hold it there. Inhale gently releasing your head in your hands. Exhale to stretch yourself back down. I'm going to do two of those and then I'll add the spice that you know. Nothing new. Just spicy up. Now you ask yourself, have you tucked your pelvis unnecessarily? Can you leave the tailbone down?

Inhale, exhale, take it back down. Remember in, there's always opposition. It's never just like, get up there and stay there. Work at here we go, and curling up on that. Exhale, hang out for a second. I'm going to wait for them to get their little higher. Helen, not higher, but more fold. There it is. Everybody. Inhale, grab onto the back of your legs. Now. Michael, you're high enough. Don't go higher. Go everybody. Exhale. Take your chest more close to your waist. Oh, cakes. Keep the position.

Let go of the arms up. Inhale. Perfect. Put the hands behind your head and exhale to go down. We're shooting for four of those and I suspect you will all feel it because you all are connected. Here it is. Exhale, curling. Check in as you're back released. It should be. Inhale, reach to the back of the legs. Look at the ABS, and Exhale, sink them as maybe you accordion yourself closer to your hips. Inhale, arms up. Put them behind your head and lengthen. Stretch yourself down.

Work your way down in how? When you get there, and exhale. We come up long necks even though the curved inhale, reach to the back of the legs. Exhale, use your arms. That's fine, because now you'll let go. Inhale, arms up. Keep your position hands go back and down we go. One more exhaling to occur. All pay attention to where you end up looking. I'm gonna encourage you to look forward. Inhale, reach to the back of the legs.

Exhale, look somewhere around abs or mid thigh. You pulled yourself closer, I hope. Inhale, arms up. Listen up at changes. Put the hands behind your head, but now rotate to the front of the room. Exhale, appear in. He'll keep your height as you come across the middle to the back. Exhale. Inhale, come through center. You're just going to keep the motion going, right. Notice the stillness in your body. Here's your pace. Inhale, center. Exhale to the front. Get it all out, all that air out. Inhale, pull the air in as you come across in exhale to the back.

Inhale as you pull center and exhale. Muffy you can tuck a little bit. You should talk a little. There you go. And back. Alright, here it comes. Come to the center. Inhale, reach to the back of the legs. Exhale, sink, or pull yourself into it. Okay? Yup. Inhale, arms up. Put them behind your head and rest. Yeah, great. Stretch your legs out onto the mat at any time, right?

You're going to take breaks that you need it. Just make sure you don't let it hang out. Uh, let it, let the resistance or the tension hang out in your neck or your low back. Okay. It's not that we won't work those muscles a bit, but not really focusing there ever taking your arms directly above your shoulders or chest and now energize them. Uh, and I guess, I mean, I guess, I mean energize them I guess. I mean to squeeze as if you're holding something with your upper arm. Exactly. Yes. The Nice Gym. Really good. I'm just going to go here.

Pull your shoulders away from ears. Perfect. And it's as if you're pushing against me. Push into my hands like that to kick in the chest. Beautiful. Mafi all right. All you're doing is inhaling to lift your head, neck and shoulders, lower your arms right alongside your waist and wait for me. You there. Start Exhaling Nav Shannon and you can roll up. Everybody can trust it. It's okay if it didn't happen right away. Good.

Keep going forward too. Your shoulders are over hips. That's gorgeous. My Ball. Now I know you've done it more than once. Inhale and exhale, roll down. Move from the bones for a moment and move from the bone. Some of us think too much about where it's supposed to be coming from and it gets and it's not pretty and we don't want that. Here we go. I should do it with you so I know what I'm doing. Inhale, we curl up looking forward, theatre together.

Start that exhale and it's as that opposition occurs here, we're not bearing down on ourselves. Inhale, hold and exhale. We go to here. All right. I'm going to go a little faster because you guys look good, but I think you're possibly potentially slightly more rigid than necessary. I don't know. Inhale, exhale down. One, two. I'll go there by four. Three. Touch four. Lift one, two, three.

Where there by four and one. Two. I'm not really not trying to rush you. I'm just trying to keep you sort of committed to the process of getting up gracefully, which really only comes from the center line. One more time and down. Yes. Always checking those lines would go up and stay up.

Keep the sense of curve in your back, hands by your hips. Scoot your hips forward onto your mouth. Just were going into rolling like a ball so you'll, you're, you're just behind the tailbone. Squeeze the sit bones or the glutes really now is a little bit for the back nation I think. I mean, I am sorry I did. I meant from here to there. Great. Draw the feed in really close so everyone's on the tip toes or if you're up, just stay there. I'll be right there without looking back or, or raising the shoulders deep in your sense of curve in the low back in the toes will just float off the map. You know, you'd have to try for that. Jennifer.

Maybe heels to your butt and I'm asking for knees together tonight we go. Inhale, roll back to the shoulder blades. Exhale to come back up and maybe you land didn't hold and inhale, roll back. Exhaling. Hold. The trick to this one to getting, keep going to getting work out of it is staying where you start. In other words, well I think that's as good as I can say it actually.

Nothing changes. No kicking, no looking around. There's a little bit of faith that happens tomorrow is this okay, Emily? Little less zest. I want you to go slow as you possibly can. Slow us roll. You can possibly do. Yeah. Next one. Stay there. Sorry I got caught up in Mary's choreography back there.

Alright, so far so good. You guys look like you're just moving beautifully. I mean, you're in it. You're feeling it. No, I got to know your background math. I'll talk. We'll talk later. You move. Well, hands up to your niece. Push your knees into your hand, but more importantly, maybe pull the hips away so I tucked right pull hip hop. Yeah, perfect. Perfect. And slowly use that action to bring you down to your shoulder blades. Eyes will end up forward. Elbows outside. How you doing back there, Mandy?

Great. Squeezing the glutes for now. Just let go and let's lower the thigh bones or let the thigh bones come away, but no further than when the back. If the back moves, you've got to bring them back. Maybe you'll touch, maybe you won't. Exhale. Bring them back up again. Inhale, encourage a little glute squeeze. It doesn't have to be severe, but let it be there. Let the arms go the other way behind you and just bring it back. And now let your arms and legs be effortless, weightless, and put all your energy that you're aware of right there in the middle.

And we'll do four more, a little quicker and on and, and to make sure we don't jump off the ground with those feet three and four, hold your knees, let your head go down for one breath. Double check, shoulders roll, head, neck and shoulders back up for the, uh, I'm going to say that real devil leg stretch, but what I really mean is he extending the arms and legs. Let's not circle tonight. Just bring it right back. Slice down. Here we go all together. Inhale, open, exhale, stand back. Now again, check in with your spine. You don't want to have any changes there. If you tighten up the legs too much, it will pull your pelvis forward.

That's just the way it works. So lighten up on it. Give yourself just two more heads. Should stay exactly where they started. One more. It's open to close. You can put your head down next time your knees are in near your chest if necessary. You know, look, you look around, free up the attention. Moving right along, pressing your knees into your hands.

So that's going to help you get up. But as you knew that you're trying to press your abs belly button, whatever into the mat. There's your opposition. When you're ready, pressing the knees forward, the Chin or head will come up. So basically our regular starting position, sorry, Emily. Regular starting position for single leg stretch. Extend one leg. Hang out for one minute. Squeeze the glutes, check your lines, point your toes or ankle. Thank you. Here we go. And Change. We go one, one and two.

Two consider the arms and legs. Really just trying to mess up the middle and put your focus back where we wanted. God, I hate it when I start with account, but now it's six, seven and eight. Eight and nine nine, 14, 10, 10 bring both in. Roll yourself up, stretch out your spine. And I mean get tall. Look out the front window up here. Look beyond it. Over your shoulder, but don't change your lower body.

Come back through center and go the other way with your gaze sort of just directly to the side. And then if you can go further, do fabulous. Come back and we rolled down. When you get almost all the way down, bring your legs up to tabletop, hands behind your head and take a minute. I think this gets lost sometimes. Gently press the back of your head into your hands even if it lowers you for a second. And then from right below your chest, keep the pressure on your hands but also curl up a little more. Extend the leg closest to the back of the room.

Please rotate the upper body forward and starts your count. Now cause you know I won't, here we go 10 on cause I have more certain things to tell you. We're doing 10 unless you need a break, your legs are passing closely. You want shoulder aiming to hit. I am looking, you are looking for flection with rotation. Lace the fingers so that you don't let the elbows get ahead of you. Okay, let's slow down. I'm freaking out now how many? Nine. Nine. And and is that right? And when it's even neesen rest. Well that's a good question. Jim. 10 each way or 10 total. How are you counting?

Yeah, 20 that's our go. I'd do what you do and then, which is precisely my problem because I'd never started that way. That well, that's more than that, I'm afraid. Okay. Arms are down. So far so good. Alright, sweet. Even hung over. She likes it like that. All right. Sorry. That is what I said, isn't it? Bend the knees flat for shoulder bridge with a little [inaudible]. The little Michael King twist that I like. So that means feet are slightly part arms or down. Inhale, prepare. Knees are bent, knees are bent flat. Right?

Exhale to roll up through that pelvic curl. Make it work for you. Right? None of this is filler. Not One bit of it except for my voice. Sometimes. Good. And then when you get there, prove it to yourself. Are you there? And how would you know? You would maybe have to look down your body and look for straight lines or flat lines particularly right where the hip and the leg meat.

It looks quite good to me. The one thing I see out of some of you, not very many of them. Um, everybody just feel try to feel free to the lower part of your, not the lower part, the shoulder blade, the top of the shoulder blade may must be touching that. If you're not sure where that is, let your chest fall just a slight bit and I bet we're good. And then press the hips higher even if you, yeah. Okay. Oh, I like that. That's all we did. You didn't feel that right? Great. Take your right a right leg. That'll work.

Take your right leg up bent for now. Extend that like straight up. [inaudible] might want to recheck your position. I don't know. I'm going slow here. I'm gonna. You're not just lowering the leg but reaching it out the far wall. Okay. You may or may not touch the ground, but if it moves your spine, don't bring it back up. Listen and let's do two too slow. There's another one. There it is. Alright then six fast.

Let's go one and two. I usually flex up, point down. I'm don't really have all the words for that right now and it's stillness of the trunk. That's six. Sorry. Last one up. There we go. Uh, for now replace it. That was six and too slow. All right. Other side for you? Yeah, I've definitely count. All right. Slowly and again it's not about the leg. Reach this from your waist, then up, just get a feel for it. It's different.

Sometimes I need to say here's your six and up to go down one and two. Being mindful that when the leg swings down at the rate that it is, it doesn't force the hips up. Is that four, five and six. We bring it up, we replaced it. We roll only halfway down. Feel the upper most part of your spine through the shoulder blades. Tried to press the back of the shoulders into the mat so they don't wrap around you. And I meant to only go halfway. I don't know if I told you about it, but that's what I meant for you to do if you went all the way. So here we go.

We're going right back up. Everybody's going right back up. It's going to be kind of slow. Take the first leg right leg up, cross it over the other knee. So knees, man, you cross over like you're maybe going to sit in a chair as best you can. Try and close it up. Roll down. And I do mean roll from the top roll. Zipping up. That's a Michael King. All right. I don't know where he got it, but that's where I got it. Roll yourself up straight up. That's fine. Come on. Come on. Oh, watch the ribs. That's gonna.

You're gonna want to get higher there, but nope. Extend the leg up. Lower it to reach down. Bring it back up. Recross it same leg roll down. And when you get somewhat down, that's where you got to refocus on your tuck and roll it back up. Keep it closed up as much as your body will allow. Extend the leg up.

It's going to be a normal rate kick here. Goes down, up, boom, boom. Refold and down round it rounded. This is your chance. Save your back and squeeze the glutes up. We go. La, la, la. Take your time. We're rolling up with the cross leg. Sorry. Rolling up with a cross leg. Uncross the leg. Reach to the ceiling. Kicked down and up one time. La, la, la, La refold last time for four I believe. And down we go. Oh, check nick.

Tension texts. Check shoulders scooping the belly and we're rolling up like this. Yes, we are. UNCROSS, situate, organize other like come straight up first. Cross it over, squeezing it and I mean inner thighs and glutes. If you're wondering what it is and roll down.

Yeah. You notice the sort of wobble side to side. Yeah, me too. I don't have any tips for you. Roll it up. A tremendous amount of glute work right here. I hope. Enjoy. Extend the leg up. We did a kick down and up and it was bump, bump, refold and roll. Lovely. Massage is fine.

You can relax for a half a second and we go right back up. If they're wait for it, extend the leg. No need to go faster. It's more enjoyable when it's hard to slow down, up. Replace the knee, crossing over, fully adjust where necessary. In down we go. Trying to create more space between the hips and the ribs and the hips. We'll release. Then we go back up for three.

Take your time, get there. Make sure you're at your high end right. Know it. No one in your body. Then extend the Lega. Here's your kick down it up. Watch the ribs kick, kick and replace it. So there's a little bit of momentum and rolling down. Lengthen through the front of the throat, paying attention to one side of the body at least.

Or this time I should have said, and up we go. Last one. Yeah. Fabulous. Can now that you're there, that's fine. Go ahead and take the leg up, but relax the toes on the leg on the floor. And now kick, kick down, up. Walk, walk. Refold it. Roll it down. Oh Huh. Uh Huh. Huh. You gotta go up one more time to be even. So keep the cross roll up.

That's it unfolded. And with that we roll all the way down. Yeah. Stretch. Take hold of your right calf I think is probably appropriate indeed. Bent for now, and just gently pull directly downward. So the foot, if you, if, if the foot reflect and why not? Okay, let's flex the foot. It's facing the ceiling. No matter how flexible you are, pull the thigh either right into the ribs or just outside the ribs would be fine. Then start to straighten out the bottom leg toward the floor.

If you can get it all the way down. Do encourage the back of the leg on the leg, on the ground, into the floor. Then encourage the top leg towards straight. Doesn't have to be straight, just has to think it might want to someday. And if it is, it is. And if you're feeling Uber flexible, enjoy it.

Just make sure you keep the pelvis where it is now and go for it. All right. Just point through the toes, you know, articulate. So maybe if your foot is really flexed, you're going to go through the ball of the foot, point the toe and we'll change legs. I'll come back to that in a second. So just bring it to a bent knee down on the ground. It doesn't have to go straight yet.

Now we're at the other leg flexed foot guiding that leg into the ground or into your ribs or into your body. Some of you are going to feel better. I would encourage Ben encouragement for now. Yeah, it's a different stretch. I'll get the hamstring in a minute. Yeah, exactly. Then to Jim just cause just for now, would you bend this one? Bend it quite a lot.

Yeah and oh cause you like the hip stretch every now and again. If you want more, take the what? Oh, I'm not going to have the words. I'm going to just say it to you. Sit bone towards any other way and then keep this over here. Yeah, there you go. Okay. All right.

Straighten out your bottom like on the ground then and once she only, once you've pressed that bottom leg into the ground, do use, try and straighten the top leg and we are not attached to the top leg being straight cause the reason it's not straightening is cause you're already getting the stretch you need. True. And I say that to half the room. That's straight but right. Fabulous. Hang on. Like what I'm seeing if you would curl your head, neck and shoulders up and fall on you. Shana look right past your inner thigh so you're curled up. Switch legs. Hold it there for just a second. Go ahead and give it a stretch.

You're up curled up yet. We're doing hamstring pull one. Lovely Jennifer. Really Pretty. And let's change. Let's go. Pulse. Pulse change and the pulse is coming from the top leg. It's pull pull like every other abdominal exercise we've done so far except one you are still in the torso and that leg goes all the way to the ground. Let's do four more. One for four singles, two and three and four. Both legs are up. It's fine if they're bent, it's absolutely fine if they're bent heads or down, arms are down from here. In fact, everybody for a couple bend your knees and we're gonna without a lot of arm work. He can have some on the back of the arm but not a ton.

You're going to do a pelvic crow with your legs in the air one and bring it back. Do you need tiny for now? Two and three. Notice this. All of a sudden you're looking at the wall behind you and try not to do that. If this doesn't have to be big, I just want to have it come from there. This is your modification if you don't want to roll over. Okay.

The rollover is going to end up on the shoulder blades. It's going to require that you've seen it before cause I'm not going to do a whole lot of detail on it because I know who you guys, so keep the glutes lightly tight as we go. If you think you want to do the roll over but you're not quite sure what it is, I want you to sit up and watch one. Okay, so otherwise it goes like this and if you know it, please join me. Arms are down by your side. Extend the legs as straight as possible at 90 degrees.

There's variations on this. I'm going to give you the simple version. By simple, I mean uncomplicated, it goes in hiphop. He helped prepare on the exhale. We do that pelvic Tuck we roll over till the legs are horizontal. Being mindful of your space, you do not collapse on yourself. Flex your feet, you separate them. Then if you have the flexibility and it's not from your back, it's from your hamstrings. You touch the ground and slowly roll down. At this point you can bring the legs closer to the rib cage to roll all the way down until you find a level pelvis. You point the toes and bring the legs back together.

It goes slightly faster than that, but not a lot in help. Prepare. If you want to come join me or watch another one. Exhale, we go up and over. It's as if your toes are piercing the back wall. Inhale, flex your feet separate your feet. Here's your opposition. As you pull the chest away or into the ground, pushing it into the ground, you'd, it's as if you're trying to leave the feed on the wall that's over your head. Find your tailbone, circle the legs down to close in Hilton 90 XL up and over.

You feel free to take your time on this one. Flex and separate. A little wide gym. It's a bit too wide with your legs. Bring them a little closer. There you go. And slowly roll down. Nice nation. Nice. Look at that. Mandy, would you like to move all this springs for you? That's fine. Yeah. Okay. Inhale. Here we go. Exhale up to go over.

I know you know your way around a Cadillac. Still separate and flex the feet and now right here. Stay there if you can and try and squeeze your glutes a little. It's protective. It's protective. When you're ready, go ahead now and come on down. You can let the legs come closer to you. If there, if you can. Fantastic.

Just hug your knees to your chest. Sounds good. Well done. All time. When you get close to coming this way, coming down. Yeah. Okay. So, um, when this is worth, if, would you guys just sit up for one second? Um, cause I think this is probably worth it. I'm just trying to figure out what I want to say about it.

So when Mfi comes down and it's pretty much universal experience, I think it's just what do you do about it? So my fear you touching down. Okay. So she gets this far and then as she comes down, no big deal. No big deal. No big deal. Somewhere around here, she, I don't, I'm not probably gonna Mimic it. Well, but there's a pole, right? What I'd love to say, and I don't think I'm going to be a good representative of it. Is that you? Tough one.

So meaning meaning I have a feeling what's happening is we've lost some of the curve and now we're in a full pike and the weight of the body. And I don't mean that any other way than it's just physics the way to the body. Then with a flat spine and the arms where they are et Cetera is going to could pop it up. So first things first on your way down where this is kind of the easy part isn't it? If you can get over this is the easy part. Um mm. Somewhere right about here. I can just feel it when I'm all in my arms.

If I keep thinking just like you did in your pelvic curl a minute ago of of just trying to maintain it may not look different to you. Also slightly rolling the chin. I would rather your head slightly come up for a moment. Then you force it to stay down and you know, drive it back. I would rather you focus on the low back.

Let it come up for a split second that might need to pass that until we can go back. It was a great question. I don't know if it was a great answer but that's what I got. That's cool. Okay, I'll join. You know, I think that probably applies in a lot of places. Thanks spine. Stretch everyone. Have you guys work here? I'm not even working out and I'm sweating cause the sun came out finally. Here we go. Let's do it this way. Uh, and for Michael and Shannon, this one's got a lot of words in it, but um, I think I can do it if you trust me yet. Here we go.

It's a, it's, it's about articulating. It's fine. So we're going to round the spine flat and spine round spine. And I will do my best. Inhale, prepare. Exhale. It's like you're peeling down a wall so your hips stay where they are. You pull the abs in and you blow out all your air until you're rounded. It will, we'll put detail on that later. From here, from your tailbone, you're going to start to flatten your back, preferably on a diagonal.

So you get a hamstring stretch. So it's like you're sticking your tailbone out as you grow longer through the spine. And those of you who know it, you can appreciate hopefully the slow pace until you're in a long line. And I want everyone just to hang out there for a second. Uh, sorry. It's, you shouldn't separate your everybody's feet should be the width of their mat. Maybe a little more and your spine is long. Good. It's fine to bend the knees from there. You guys look fantastic. Exhale, extend the arms, hopefully right alongside the ears without changing anything else.

If your shoulders are tight, they can come forward. Inhale, refold the arms behind your head and on the exhale you're just going to almost relax with acception of the ABS and then start rolling back to the upright position. Oh, I failed you on that last piece. Hug at it. Here we go. Inhale. You're growing tall. Even though it looks like you're just sitting here. Exhale, we round first. You use the front of the body tightening to stretch through the back. Start at the tailbone. Start lengthening your spine. It's a bit of a forward and up motion.

Take a minute here because sometimes we think we're long and we're not. I want you to feel it. Gorgeous. Beautiful notion. Extend your arms. Yeah. More space in the waist as you inhale. Refold the arms. Exhale, go way forward. Rounding your back and right away we start to restack as if we're sitting against a wall. Inhale at the top or whenever you need to, right.

Exhale, rounding forward. Feel the rib cage. Come and let the elbows go forward, gang a little bit. Yeah, it's appropriate here. Beautiful around Morris notion for now around a young. Then right after I said that, linkedin from the tailbone through the crown of the head, so you feel the energy flow extending your arms as if they were a part of the spine. Then not in here. Next hell, but somewhere in there. Should've inhale refold the arms. Exhale. We round forward and from if you are looking at your abdominals, you're going to see them pull up as you stack the spine up.

I'm going to shut up a little maybe and see if you can enjoy it without all those words. Inhale, exhale. We round make it abs. It's just a vertical. Oh, shut up Christie. God. Inhale flat back. God. It's like, I don't even hear myself saying it. Extend your arm in this. I'm hoping we're starting to feel our rom Boyd's mid back. Inhale.

Refold feel the shoulder slide down further and round, round and right away come up. Last one sort of, and those of you who know me know what I'm doing. Next sale round. Inhaling, what did you push your heels into the ground? Give yourself a little assist into the long line. Exhale, extend your arms, hang out to rotate. So the thumbs are going to the ceiling.

Sorry, that's not what I meant. I just meant the arms to the ceiling and now it's a subtle pulling back of the arms as you continue to lengthen the spine. A little pulse one and two you the quite good Emily theory. Maybe bring your head up a smidge. That's it for fun. So it's not about the range of motion.

You don't want your spine to round and flatten and round and flat and it's just keep it flat and add a little. I don't care if that's 10 let's do five more one. You can put your arms down if you want to too. I promise I'll stop informer three. All right, Mary, get long. That's all right there and hold it. Inhale, except just around forward and relax you. You definitely earned that. That looks beautiful. That was awesome.

We're looking for fans. I think so. I'm with you. I see these eyes, but I don't know why the heck aren't those on. Okay. Open leg rocker. So what that means to you is scoot forward on your map coming almost into a rolling like a ball position. Yeah. Okay. Right there with my mom. All right. All right. And we'll play with it a little bit. So let's say hang on to your ankles arm, say from on top tonight. So you're basically tow is pretty close to each other and then the knees can be a part.

We're gonna that they're gonna go right there in a minute. Then if you're sitting tall, you would get behind the tailbone again and um, for a flat back, which is what we're going for means pretty much for most of us here. We're going to have to do a little bit of a Tuck, right? That this is somewhat close to neutral. I'm just asking for the, an Ab contraction. All right, moving on. Take your right leg and straighten it and nothing else moved. Bring it down.

Left leg and in west. Straighten it. I mean straighten it to the point you can't where you don't change the position in the back. Bring it down. Try for both. It might mean you just go to bent knee. It might mean you go all the way. Close them. Pull the legs deeper into the hip socket and that's more image than truth.

But there's some truth in that. Even open and refold in both to the ground or roll back. Here we go. All rightly left leg cloves. Open both down.

You don't have to touch right like left close. Minimize your hand strength open and bring them down. Should we go after this one? So the next one, if you've never done it, make sure you have space behind you. We're about to roll to the shoulder blades. Take the right leg, the left leg before you roll. Squeeze your inner thighs. Don't bring the legs closer.

Just squeeze the inner thighs. Lighten up on your hands. They, they gotta be there. But here we go. Roll back on an inhale. Exhale, come up at the last moment. Straighten your back. And it's the glutes gang. It's the glue. It's a promise. You don't let them go. They're on the back and the back extensors help put on the brakes where you go, the legs, the more relaxed you are, the easier this will be and and the more focused. So I'm going to give you a tip that helped me. I don't know why it helped me, but I'm going to tell you, and it doesn't always, but if you've got wherever your starting position is, if when you go back, you let go for a brief moment, just slight LIGO catch again and it'll bring you up. So if you're not having trouble, just do one more.

If you are having trouble play with that for a second. It's like just slightly let go. Don't bend your elbows or anything. And then as soon as you start to come back up, if you keep the glutes tight, it'll bring you up the same way. Good, good. Last one for everyone. No matter where your position is, catch it. Good and bad. Upper back up. Rebecca, upper back one la. Bend the knees. Well done. Great. All right.

Turn to face the front here please. Yup. Perfect. Where were you? Wait a minute. What'd you just do? You did not. You went the way I normally would go. Right. You just turn to face, right? Put your heads on that end. I had done that. It'll work out later I think. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You're all good.

It's all part of the plan. You think I can't count right and left with this many people. Forget it. Top leg is on top. Innercise two together is what I meant. So I'm going to offer the side bend, which means you're going to have a lot of weight on your arm or your wrist if that's not for you, you do it on your forearm. Okay, so it goes like this. Inhale, you're going to lift up.

Go take your time cause you're probably gonna have to adjust your feet on this first one. Go ahead. We're looking for, I'm going to hang out here for a bit. You're looking for ease in the shoulder and by that I mean you're just not sinking on it. There you go. And I would like you to just hang out if you need to drop to a need anytime. Do Gym lower about a half. It does it because Michael, lower your waist about a half inch a little bit more. Now think energy that way. It's perfect.

Good, good, excellent. And hit up just a little nylon and it's perfect. Yep. All right. From there, come down. So that's where you go into at any point you can go to your uh, forearm. Here we go. Yeah. All right. Inhale, lift up. If you're up for it, you tighten from underneath as if someone lifted your waist to make like an arch and take the top arm over. Now, if you've got shoulder issues, this may not be what you want to do today. You can go to the, uh, a forearm email back to the tee position, bending come down, right?

Lots of options. You could do it here just as easily. Well, not easily, but easily up. Here we go. Inhale up to the over. Good. Inhale back to the side, bend and down and offer you one more alternative. You see how I do this? So I don't actually have to worry out. We go, uh, so you're here, you, you lift up, and then when you could slide that leg out and minimize how much weight is on your arm, right? That's a great way to start preparing that shoulder. Then back with the leg, back and down. Is this four or five?

Four? It is. Here we go. Lifting up lots of options for you from the waist. That'll automatically take some weight out of the arm. Inhale, reopen. And down we go. Right tonight we're going all the way down onto that upper arm just to save the forum and shoulder, uh, both feet slightly forward, just slightly. We're not gonna make a full pike and then set them on the ground.

If they're not, check your hips are stacked. Top leg lifts up. And let's make sure we do this together. You're kicking forward, so it's gonna go kick, kick, take the leg behind you. Hang out for just a second. And now from there, reach from the waist. So in other words, you could just go straight back and it Kinda could talk a little, but as if you're being pulled and find the the glute. Here we go. Kicking forward, flex forward, point back and exhale.

Exhale back and three and back and forth. Look at the coordination. Are you kicking Emily? How's that possible? Good. Nice long lines back and so again, we're looking for stillness. If this doesn't feel good on your neck, you could put your head down. I think this is it. Do One more. Anyway, La La, hold it to the back. Hold it there. Hold it there. Stronger, longer. Check that you haven't rolled back on your hips.

They're still stacked from their lifts that like one. Actually try and relax the leg you're lifting. Really it's from the glutes. If you don't feel anything in the bleeds, you might be able to take the leg further back. Make sure the ribs haven't spilled out the front. I don't think they have. I'm going to leave. What does that mean? Is that it? Okay, good.

Bring it in and it's restack them please. [inaudible] yeah, we'll leave them there. Let's take the, let's move on. Come up. Let's switch sides. You know, when you just know, you're like, that's a bad idea. You're, I'm, we're going to side bent please. So you've got your options forearm, you could put a knee down and I think we stopped at five or was it four, right? So things I haven't said, but you know, I could still talk.

We're gonna look at his hip. We're going, we're going hip, uh, foot and shoulder about in the same line. Hang out. I want to look at you a Jennifer hips down, a little gym, hips down, a little Emily ribs in is all excellent. And just sit down. Remember we didn't do the first dark good. Michael, you're protecting that shoulder. Not sure. Okay. Alright, here we go. I'm with you. I trust you. Inhale, lift up. Inner thighs will help. Now you lift from the waist, okay. And you may have decided to, not a big one.

These look great and heel back to the tee and then bend and go towards your feet when you come down, right? So that you're coming away from that arm. And we go inhale, lifting, push the bottom leg into the top leg to help you over. Inhale, real lengthen. You have contacted your feet and the hand, right? It's not just about the arm. I know there's a lot of weight and the fact is there's a lot of weight in that arm. There's no doubt about it. Lift to come up and over. Good. Inhale, reopen. That should have an action on your spine. And then down.

Is that three, four. That's four. Good for you. Inhale, lifting up, shooting toward the center line. Now as if I came by with something underneath your ribs. Excellent. Excellent. Open up a tiny bit on that. Windy. You just rotate it too much. Back to the tee and down. That was four. Five it is. Let's go lift up. Your tee looks great. There you go.

Perfect. And back to your tee and carefully and gracefully like it's nothing. Sit down. Good job all the way down onto your arm. Yeah. Yeah. Once you got there, we brought the feet forward, both of them a little bit. You looked in and saw that your hips were stacked. And while I'm at it, make sure the toes are lined up so you don't have that top one.

Closer to your shoulder side of my on top leg is up. Stabilize in the middle so that the light can move easily. It kicks forward for two and it's forward, forward and back. That second one's kind of long pulse. Pulse sweep. Almost a hold and pulse. Pulse sweep hole. So you're looking for yeah, in anything, right?

You have an anchor. Oh we're getting off timey here. Hang out here Andy and go back. Excellent. And now I shouldn't have done that to you cause you're my counter. How many more? Four. Three, two and I, I had the arm touching if it touches it. Andy's just getting crazy on me. Next one, go to the back. You can only tell Andy so much. No, he's, he's counting for me. He can do whatever he wants. Take the likes back further.

Everybody. Yeah. Do you feel the glute hamstring connection? If what's relaxed, right. Pull the ribs in as if you were going to lift up off that arm and lift for 10. The leg is soft. What do you need? What? What is a good cue? Where are they? Oh, it looks good. Or you're feeling what? Like so much add, so much. Fantastic. I imagine you're feeling that hip flexor good too. When you get to 10, which is now, I believe, uh, bring it back.

What'd I do after that? Oh, I stopped and then I changed my mind. Right face down on your forearms. Quick word about your low back. If you know you go into your low back easily, I'm going to encourage you to move your elbows out in front of your shoulders. So your lower, you're almost at your sternum. It's good work like that. Otherwise you have drawn the abs up so much that it's almost [inaudible] effortless, having your elbows under your shoulders because your back extensors are doing so much. So wherever you are, I would like you to attempt.

And by that I mean almost really attempt to take your arms off. Don't do it. But what muscles would you use if you wanted to float your forearms off the ground? Okay, don't actually do it. Just minimize it. Then reach your leg so far away from you. The kneecaps hover in the tops of the feet are off the ground so your butt's tight. Michael, do this. Lift up a lot.

Yes. From there we kicking in one leg in its kick kicks, straighten other side kick, kick straight. And so you are intending to work the hamstring and the back extensors and kick. I didn't say it probably, but we're alternating. So do that. Now if you're not one more like this per leg. And then we're going to just let the likes pass each other. So here it goes, it's kick, kick, kick, kick and there are alternatives to per two per leg.

How about inhale four counts three, four and exhale two, three, four. And you are once again looking for stillness in the trunk. You're looking to not have your knees true way out to the side. Do four more, a little quicker. One, one, two, two, three, three and four. Four finish it. Straighten out the leg. Take your hands by your shoulders, press yourself up, shift your hips back just for a moment, Roy, yourself. We're right back down. That's all you get. Extend your arms out in front of you. Okay, so if you [inaudible] we have options here, right directly in front of you.

It's going to be tight for a lot of people in this room so you can go a little wider to a v is appropriate. Pull the abdominals up so it almost feels like you're tucking your pelvis or maybe it is Tuck, hover both your arms and your legs and by hover. That's it. That's it. Don't lift. Lift as too high. Lift is too high. You could almost feel the hairs on the top of your toes if you have it touching the floor. I mean no disrespect to, to not know where that one came from. Too Bad we don't edit. All right.

And then check that your shoulders are nice and long so okay, that's good. Even lower notion with your feet. Sorry with your feet. Alright Rachel. Right arm and left leg. A little higher for now. And everybody picked their head up out of water just a little. So you're looking forward a bit and switch and switch and switch.

Go at your own pace. It ultimately would be, uh, almost like the a hundred. Inhaling for five, exhaling for five at that pace in an alternating fashion with absolutely straight legs. It's about length. It's about stillness in the trunk. Good, good. Really good. Still going a little high with the legs and firm. You can let them be the lower Ya. Yeah. How about one more breath pilot pattern or if you're done, you're done. I support that fully. As you can tell as I sit here at rest, just hang out.

Relax. Melt into the floor. Good. [inaudible] when you feel like the back has settled, meaning it's not actively contracting anymore, put your hands by your shoulders. Push yourself back to hips over heels. Take a little stretch there. I'll give you a little more than a second. This time you might enjoy it with the arms overhead. You might enjoy it with your arms kind of wrapped around your feet. Um, my purpose in giving it to you is to round the back.

So if you're really flexible, you may have to grab your feet. [inaudible] wherever you are. Try to pull the lowest ribs up a little so you get more of a curl. It's just like almost hovering the rib cage off your thighs even though I know it's probably going to still touch. Yeah. Alright, here we go. When you're ready, within the next couple of seconds, come on up to hands and knees. We're almost there. Very close. And we're going to play with the pushup a little bit. So that's, you know, an exercise is not appropriate for everybody on certain days.

So you may get here and decide you don't want to do it today, even if you did it last time. Um, first option, once we get out to it, just give me one second. Um, I will come from a standing position in a moment. If you decide you don't want, you want to kind of do the position, the position, but not put full weight on it. You'll be on your knees. You'll come out to here, you'll drop your knees and you'll go just to the level you can without shrugging at all. Okay? We want to keep it wherever you can, keeping those shoulders down and that's true for if you stay in the full plank. So here we go. Coming into the plank position and just hang out for a moment. Chicken, your feet are meant to be flexed here, right? Shoulders over us, blah, blah, blah. Neck Long. Can you feel your glutes? A little?

I'd like you to be able to and it's okay. From there, list your ribs. Lift your hips. Head goes down and we're walking back to our feet. One, two by three heads down. You roll up your hands, leave the floor and you stack. Feel free to bend your knees on that. I'm going to go slow initially, which we'll be rolling down. Try not to look ahead of you. We are going to walk out to the plank, shoulders or on your back. They haven't dripped off. Take whichever arm forward one pretty far forward on the first count.

Then to hopefully eventually by three you're in position now you play with your pushup, Ben, but don't shrug and he's on the ground are option one. I'm doing three one and two. Keep the feet flex so you know you have energy going out the back. Nice job after the third one and your all the way up. Lift the ribs, drop your head, walk back. One heads are down the whole time too. Hands. Leave the ground on three as you roll up in here, exhaling down. Keep your energy going up for a little while.

Even though I realize your body is actually going down. Try not to look forward to that. It's just a bad neck position. But be careful. Here we go. Stepping out one with the arm. Do with the arm three with the arm and certainly adjust if you didn't quite hit what you want, right? Flex feet, strong back and legs. Let's do three or none or one. Whatever you want. One. I'm doing three. Two.

You can just breathe. Three lists the ribs. Walk back. One, two, hands up three. That means you gotta use your apps sooner than you thought. Inhale, and it's not your imagination. I am going fast. Your exhale control though. That's the deal. One, two with or without the pushup. Three breaths. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Two. Don't lose the energy in the back of the legs. Three walk back while I was controller and we're going to stay up today from here as if you were in the plank, minus the arms. Lean forward a little so you can feel the back of the legs.

Just that touch that you had it from here. Raise the arms up, feel length through the back. Just let them fall back down. But with sort of like a cushion of air underneath. Same thing, but let the heels rise with it. Nailing up. It's okay if the feet, while we'll try not to let the middle wobble and exhaling down. Stretch the waist to lower again in Haley, feeling the energy come up through the ground, hopefully or mad anyway through the spine, through your neck.

And if you want your arms to go higher than if that feels good to you. Do. That's sort of all the energy I have today and up and down. Let's leave ourselves grounded. That's a nice way to end it, right? Leave it down. But take the arms, um, maybe out to the side, just slightly. Stagger each other, meaning just with the arms, you shouldn't have to move.

Bring them all. And as you are in this position of a reach and not, not with strain, recheck with your back, does it still feel long? And I don't mean it has to be text, but long. Okay. You're not dropping anywhere that you're still supported from the base of your feet, the crown of your head and the arms are just there and then however it feels right, let them come down the arms. That is, and I'm not going to offer anything with the arms, but if you want to add arms on this next couple of breaths, do what I would really want to zero in on is again, that support that I feel from the earth and then I'm on it and I'm lifted off of it, but still in connection with it. Three breaths at your own pace. If you need another stretch, go ahead and take whatever you need.

It's kind of amazing sometimes when you think, wow, I can feel light, but I am absolutely pinned to the girth. And how about one more just altogether, wherever you are in that breath pattern filling up. And I appreciate you comment and your patients with the start of class. So next time.


This class has beautiful lighting. I like how you can see Kristi and the students clearly, as well as the ocean view. It's also great to see so many students showing up at our studio. 15 for this class I think!
It keeps stopping at 11:06 into it. Just freezes up and says, "loading".
Check out this article in the FAQ, hopefully it will help:
// tes-Help/0/Articles#article89

We are also looking into hosting our videos on more servers spread around the world which should help with video playback.
Looks like my link didn't work. 2nd try:
Click here for video playback FAQ
We have also just today implemented the technology I was talking about where the videos are now hosted on more servers around the world. See my post in General Discussion forum.
I really enjoyed this class...I've done it a couple times now. I am a pilates instructor in Utah and really love the way that Kristi teaches. As an instructor, she keeps the class really light-hearted and judgment free. I aim to do the same for my weekly classes.
I love all the classes where you can see the ocean!
Thanks Tennille! I figure we're all here in class just trying to pay closer attention to ourselves so we can move and be easier in the world.
Still great ... 👍🇩🇰

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