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Abdominals on the Ball

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You are sure to feel your abs after this class! This full-body workout offers a different take on familiar exercises as Meredith takes you through another fun but challenging Ball class.
What You'll Need: Mat, Fitness Ball

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Jul 21, 2010
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Okay, so what we're going to do in lieu of roll downs is just stand. You're going to want your hands on the ball. All right, and then just taking, give yourself a minute to find balance over both feet, shoulders, reaching down the back and then press the pelvis towards the chest and the chest towards the pelvis area or in a pike like very round position in your spine. From that place as you inhale, starts to roll your spine out. The ball will roll towards your elbows. Don't move your hands much unless you need to adjust them. You just, the ball moves towards your elbows.

That's our inhale and then we exhale drawing the abdominals deeply. We tuck the pelvis and we roll back into that round shape. Inhale, starting to go forward. Chester reaching down, tailbone and lifting up abdominal is very strong and XL to come back and then like a dance. We're just linking our breath with this in healing. Starting to create mobility in the spine. Exhale, curving the spine all the time. Focusing on what the AE, the abdominals are doing, the Sh what the shoulders are doing. Meaning, are you pushing the ball forward with your neck muscles in the answer? I hope my friends is no.

Let's do three more big long spine tailbone reaching and make sure that you're not overdoing it through the ribs. Exhale to come back. Yeah. What'd I say? Three. Inhale, reaching long. Maybe you'll get a little further each time. Spiraling the spine open. Exhale coming. And here's our last one right now. Reaching out and kind of be back. All right, you guys game for a little bit of balance work.

You can come all the way at all right? So it might be slightly easier off the mat, but you can decide what you want to do. I think I'll just stay on in that because that's where I have enough room. Uh, let's all step to the side. Alright, so reach down, put your hands on your ball and your back is in a straight line. Your abdominals are pulled in. Now the ball's gonna wobble around. So I don't recommend putting a great deal of weight into your arms.

Stretch your right leg down onto the floor behind you. Lean into the left leg. So that ball is your arms are barely working. Anyway, lift that back leg up. Inhale, reach and touch the toes. XL. It's the muscles just underneath the glue and the glute itself that works to rise the leg or raise the leg abdominals work to support the spine. The spine stays steady and still throughout shoulders are reaching down and back. Oh, we'll do four more strong standing leg. You can even soften that knee a little bit if you need to. And three [inaudible] last two and one more.

We're going to hold that leg up in the air. We're going to bend the knee that we're standing on. There's our inhale. Exhale to straighten as you bend your knee, reach your foot behind you. So it's like you're lengthening the leg out and back and straight and we're just going to do fine. So give them your best shot. Here's three arms. Stay strong and long. Shoulders down, two back, like actively lifting. Here's our last one.

Wow. Step the lake back in. Roll the ball forward. Don't worry about being totally straight. Just take a stretch. Oh. Then when you're ready, bring yourself back out to a flat line and we'll change sides. Okay, so step the leg back. Take a minute to square off the pelvis, shoulders down, waiting to the right leg, and then the leg raises. Don't think about lifting the foot and the knee certainly doesn't bend. Inhale, reach down. Touch every time you lift or lower.

Think about going away. So you're stretching away from your body and you're stretching away to the left, supporting the position from the front of the body. A four more. Here's one, and it's two and half last year. And one more. Check in. The weight in your arms. Shouldn't be a great deal, Ben, than me, that you're standing on straight that way. As the right knee bends, the left toes reach out into infinity or the left hip. Really the left, the whole left leg. Let's say let's go three more times. The bigger the bend and the harder it is. You decide what you can do, but listen to your body. Well, I don't know if I'm going to make it girls.

Uh, well more. How do I not then my elbows leaning into my leg so I could in essence take my hands totally away from the ball. Obviously not apparently, but um, that's the goal though, Ben. And that was five. Yeah, I put the feet down. Push the bar forward, take stretch. And then when knee, drop the hip of the bent knee, lean into the hip. Hit the straight leg. Change sides. Well it's like straight. Pull the ball towards you. As you roll yourself up, you'll let, let it go when you need to to come all the way up to sanding. Okay. So bring yourself to your mat.

Sit down on the ball and you want to position your body so that your lower back is supported by the ball. I'm going to slip in this slide, I think. I don't know, is it? Oh No. Alright. So if I shift my legs around, that doesn't mean you have to have means that I'm trying to get purchase. Huh? What? I'm just surprised. It says, oh, it's my feet or hands behind your head.

So you're going to lower your body into a straight line from your shoulders to your pelvis, so you're in a somewhat neutral spine. Inhale, as you take just your upper body over the top of the ball. Exhale as you come back up to the neutral spine. Inhale as you go over the top, so extending through the upper back. Exhale, drawing it from deeply under the belly button, all the way up to the ribs. Inhale Back Annex, Huh? If it gets too tiring or it feels like tension in the low back, it's much easier or a little easier anyway to cross the arms over the chest and there's always an option there.

Five more in the heel. Big stretch back. Exhale to lengthening back as you come up. So it's not, oh, a lot around in yet. Here's three. Moving with the breath, feeling up the lines, allowing the ribs to expand too. We're going to hold it up on one and then from that neutral spine, you're going to come forward into flection and just little pulses forward.

You sliding too. Do former. It's just pressing the ribs down, curling the upper body. Last one and stretch back. Oh, and then reach your arms around to the sides and just roll yourself up. You can help yourself with your hands if your feet are as slidy as mine.

Weight is sitting right on top of the ball. We're going to do a little bit of rotational work, so I'm neutral spine abdominals in hands once again behind the head and just give yourself a little bit of a gentle tug upwards on the head guiding your spine towards the sky. As we exhale, we're going to turn towards the ocean. We're engaging through those old leaks and we inhale, engage the opposite obliques to come back. So obviously they are both working in both directions, but focusing on the one you're turning to as you turn into it and the one you're turning to as you turn back, rotate, getting longer and longer and longer. It's a nice movement here. It's a nice move in everywhere, but here we don't have to deal with so much oppositional pull from our leg muscles. So we have the opportunity to really get a lot out of it.

And my advice is to put the work into the center of the body to allow yourself to go further. Here's one of those exercises that if you relax into it, you could potentially get more [inaudible] and let's do one more to each side. Rotating the spine, rolling, tolerant, tall, back to center, rotating the opposite direction and bring it back to center. Okay. Can you guys handle beyond the ball again? Are we going to slide? Totally. All right, let's go. I don't think, I dunno. Do you want a sticky? You're not slipping at all, Christie, while we're waiting, let's try and balance [inaudible].

I don't know about for this. Maybe it's easier for that setup. It's definitely easier, but later you'll be happy. Thanks Chrissy. All right, I'm good. That's going to make a huge difference.

All right, so we're going to position ourselves back. We'll kind of low on the ball, make sure you feel supported so you could go a little lower if you wanted to, and hands going back behind the head. This is a chest lift with rotation with extension, so you're going to go over the back. You're going to lift your body up in turn, let's say to the left and then back an opposite side. So think about the rotational work that you just did, how you could maximize the rotation through the waist while at the same time reaching energy upwards and backwards. Going to go a little faster. Now inhale back. Exhale, lift, turn.

Inhale back. Exhale, lift, churn. Remember to continue to stay engaged on the way over the ball, meaning on the way back. So always want that oppositional work, you guys. Okay, let's do four. That's okay. You look good. Here's three.

And I think one more to each side and we'll be even, yeah, so this is going to be it girls. All right, come all the way down. Uh, lower your body down pretty close to the floor with your hips. So your feeder, uh, your, your, basically your whole back is resting against the ball. Your heels are on the mat, you're gonna reach your arms for this back bend. So start to press with your legs, squeeze the back of your legs. You'll need them when you get towards straight. Extend the spine over the ball. Circle your arms around to the sides. Bring the arms forward, the eyes up and bend your knees to come down.

Really? Oh, is it too little? Yeah. Let's see. Two more. Are we reaching back? Strong extending, but keeping the abdominals to support this finally been the needs to come in. This is going to be our last one right now. Reaching big stretch around and coming all the way back in and you can just sit down and take one dinner at the stickies.

I'm going to pick up the ball. Yeah, don't let that ball get away from me. You're not here. I use it the whole time. Hold it in your hands pointing through this feed. Actually reach out, maybe put the ball on your feet and push down on your feet with it is a gentle push. I'll give you a good stretch and then from there get a good hold on. The ball. Start to draw back with the abdominals. The ball rolls down, the fronts of the legs come all the way down. As your mid back comes down, the ball starts to go over the head. Inhale, head, chest, come up. Exhale.

You can either keep the ball off the thighs, which is a little bit harder or you can roll it along your legs as you come on in. He'll pass, Xcel ranting back. You're pulling your abdominals away from the ball. There's a sense of opposition you lifted up. If you haven't had comes down the arms, raise overhead. Inhale, head, chest, come up and exhale. Working with control, long round spine, shoulders down and again getting the body that's a different take on the Rola, pressing into the ball ever so slightly. C3 undulating to the spine, back of both hips, down, lifting the head, chest, curving through the spine to more paying attention to each space in your body specifically and most importantly the areas which you may be most tight.

Those are the places where we need the most work. Last one, we're going to come all the way back down to stay and once you get there you're going to put your ball down on the ground and just push it around. Pick it up or put your feet on it for the spine, twist arms down in either a t position or in a low v position. I'm gonna tilt the legs over towards the ocean. That's our India and we XL to pull back any all to go to the other side. This is a nice, I don't know, a nice modification assist because it may allow you to go a little further than you normally could and to stay in just as much as control and got the ball holding up the weight of the leg so you can wrap your focus around your middle. Let's do two more to each side.

Exhaling to come back. Oh to the other side of the head and chest and arms stay still. X Habad all this rotational work is so important to keep our spine supple and the last one. Yeah, and to get us ready for what's coming up, which is not easy. So there's your warning. All right, from we're going to head into a pelvic crow. So you want your heels on the ball. I'm going to separate my feet.

Some about hip distance apart. Like you would if your feet were down on the floor. Let's go. Arms down to our sides. Breathe in. Prepare. It's the regular old pelvic curl. Be prepared to wobble a little bit, a little more than likely happened. Roll yourself up if you've never felt your hamstrings before.

Now's your chance in healing up the top. Exhaling coming down from the chest first. Tucking the tailbone under, folding the spine into the ground, releasing the pelvis all the way down. Breathing in again, breathing out as you roll yourself out. The knees are going to stay bent. Tuck and Tuck and Tuck and Tuck until you create a straight line from knees to chest. Shoulders. Inhale, exhale. Rolling.

To have strong arms is helpful to give your upper body of it is stability. Let's do that one more time here and then I'll add on an exhale. Lift. Inhale, pause up there. Exhale, come down. I'm moving on. We're going up again. This is similar to the bottom. Lift with extension or something else. I don't know the name. Press the legs halfway up.

Pull them back in. Press him halfway. I don't straighten him all the way. Keep the inner thighs really strong. Three more. One back, two more. He'd be the upper body lifted and strong. This is it. When she come back to that bed knee, then you rolled down curves, fine.

Got a little bit more room than normal to move through your back. So take advantage of it. We're going to do another set I think. Can we do another set girls? Here we go. Rolling at five extensions. Remembering that it's good idea. Not to straighten the legs all the way, but to keep the spinal long. Only go to where you can can without overarching through the lower back.

I got to do these quicker. Here's two ass pull in three. Ah, yeah. For this is it five in Yale? I don't know Dan all the way. Uh, pick up the ball with your legs. Put it into your hands, straighten your legs out along the Mat. Lift your head and chest and curve your spine all the way back up.

And then let's just roll the ball down the front of our legs and take a stretch. Hamstrings is right. I did tell you it was your big chance at night. [inaudible]. Okay, so let's go here then the knees.

I'm going to do a variation on the spine. Stretch forward. We'll start with bend knees and then if we feel like it will straighten our legs in a minute. All right, so my knees are pretty bad. My arms are on the ball, shoulder distance apart and I'm going to sit tall on the exhale. I'm going to let my head go down, my ribs, press back, my abdominals, pull back and the ball just goes where my spine goes. I'm not really pushing it, it's just moving because my spine is moving. I said that didn't I? Inhale, roll back up. Let's do that one more time. I'll add the extension in a minute. Excellent. As you curve, the further the ball goes away from you, the more you have to try to pull it towards you with your ads and then we come back up.

[inaudible] heavy shoulders. It's actually kind of a nice to have the ball there cause it reminds us to just be heavy. I seem to, you're repeating myself a lot today or forward. It must be because I'm going on holiday. Hold there in y'all now lift the chest, pull the shoulders down the back and the ball will move towards you. Just again, it moves because your spine is moving. Take it back forward and roll back up. So it's an undulation movement through the spine, sitting tall, exhaling to go foe or I'm going to do one more with bent knees.

You can feel free to say, Oh, you're both straight. You don't need me. Lengthen out through the spine. I the spine back forward and roll that [inaudible] a couple more times. Curving forward as you go into back extension the shoulders. Gently pull down slightly towards one another, but no squeezing. Reach out into that flat back supporting from the front.

Guide the ball back forward or just move it with your body and roll yourself up towards sitting. This is going to be our last one like that. We're going to stay when we get into our extension. Here we go. Folding forward, lifting the spine forward. Once you've got your nice flat long, beautiful life. I get the ball. Reach forward in the direction that the bottle is lifting. Inhale, bring the ball down in front and exhale. Slide the spine forward. As you lift the ball in, he'll bring it down. Exhale, pull it back. Let's do two more.

Down and up and down. Last one, sit all the way up. Bring your legs together, [inaudible] and lower the ball down in front. If the ball gets heavy, you can always put it away. Everything can be done without and do a little twisting feet flexed. Turn to the ocean, bringing the ball with you. Imagine that the ball is filled with helium and as you lifted overhead, it just carries your spawn upwards. As the ball drops down the spine, it gets even longer and we bring it back to center. I'll come in from the obliques. There's our inhale. Exhale, picking up the ball, sliding that spine upwards in.

He'll lower the ball down in front and excellence. I come home and him, he'll turn and XL grow longer. Let the ball pull your spine up. Reach with the top of the head into the ball. Inhale down, exhale home. Any altern exhale ball.

This [inaudible] comes down an x. How we come back to center? We're going to go one more time to either sigh big stretcher. I don't know where the ball bringing it. Homeless. Does it cause harms? Tired. Are you okay? It Chrissy as your shoulder. Okay, we're gonna roll back, bringing the ball with us. Rounding down kind of slow, and then placing the head down. All right, so from here I'm going to put the ball between the ankles.

This is where you guys have got it. Easy girlfriends. The bigger your ball is, the harder this is going to be for everyone at home. I've got a small ball anyway. My legs are going to be up. They can bend a little. We're just going to squeeze the ball. Squeeze, squeeze. Don't think about squeezing with the feet. Think about squeezing with your thigh bones. Five again, feel free to bend your knees if necessary.

Last too. One more. Holding that tight squeeze. Bring your hands behind your head. Curl your head and chest up away from the ground. Inhale, take the ball away from you. Exhale, drag it back to you. In. He'll take it away from you. Exhale, pull in. As you pull, press your chest to your thighs. Inhale, ball goes down. Exhale, ball comes up and he'll walk us down. One more time, one last, a lower the ball down to where you can a flat back and squeeze. Five runs of dominoes.

Heavy head last four, three, two, one. Ben Knees. Pick up the ball with your hands. Bring your knees into your chest and just rest the ball on your knees as you press it down. Take a little bit of a stretch coming into the double leg stretch. Here we go. We roll the ball or roll our chest up. The ball arrests just over the tops of the Shins and then we pick it up.

We stretch the legs out and then we pull the knees underneath the ball. The ball reaches over the top. Tried to create as much space as you can between your ball in your shins, keeping the shins at 90 degrees, meaning you've got a lift from your upper body. The further the ball goes over your head, the harder it's going to be to keep your curl up. Let's do two more. Well, last one, bringing in it. Stay here, tra.

Stretch the leg closest to the ocean. Straight. Sorry for the bad cueing. Turn your body towards the other lane and change. Try to roll the ball to the outer ankle. Bone and armory, and her stabilization of the pelvis is key here. Let's do four more. One, one, two, two, three, three, four, and four. Bring it back and lower your body down. Place your feet down for a moment.

Okay. Bend your knees. Bring up the legs, lengthen them on the diagonal that you can sustain a flat back. Rest of all on your thighs. We're going to roll ourselves at the balls. Gonna roll up towards the tippy toes. Ooh, that wasn't pretty. Neither was the sound. Exhale. Exhale, roll down.

The ball just rolls down the front of the oceans. They come all the way down to your head and then you move. It's like moving a boulder up a mountain. Yeah, you can totally do it with that. And he's, come on Christie. Let's do two more and then I'll let us stop. Okay.

[inaudible] okay. All right. Sit Up. Face me. We're going to do a little lateral work. So are you going to do with the ball? Bring it right up against your sigh. Lean onto it. Um, you guys will probably pretty easily be able to get your hand down onto the ground and feel free to adjust the bottom. Me for comfort.

Yeah, it's just gonna stay. We're gonna bring the talk, like basically create a straight line from your shoulder to your foot. And with that, let's the lay it up. So has we do this simple movement, focus on connecting the leg to your waist muscle. You're wasting muscle. Your, yeah. All right. We're real smart, real smart teaching in. Here we go. Okay. So o Oblique, but also think about the link, the toes reaching out, but the spine is reaching that way. Let's do four more, a little faster up. Push down to push down theory. This is it. Stay at the top.

Flex your foot. Swing the leg forward. Try to keep the ball still point and reach back. Swing it forward. Point to reach back. Try to keep your [inaudible] like consistently high meaning as it goes forward, it's going to want to drop. You're not to let it, we're almost there cause it just goes to show you how much you actually want to move around in the sidekick. Oh, bring the knee down. Turn your body so that your outer hip, the one that was just working as facing the ball a bit more than it was.

Sit down. Sorry. Cramp. I sit down on the diagonal and push the ball away. I'm still cramping. You can play around with this stretch by trying to roll the ball further by rolling it to one side or the other. Make it work for you. Okay. When you're ready, just be careful as you come up out of that stretch.

Can you put the same side hand on the ball opposite. I'm just going to come out to this side. Just double check that you're in a neutral pelvis, front and back, hip bones, feet straight across. Inhale, push the ball away, take the top arm and reach it overhead. Here's another situation where the ball is just moving cause our body moving. Lift from the obliques coming all the way back in. You know we go up to go over, lean forward just a little bit from your ribs.

So you were like back here a little bit. Just like, yeah, you're better right there and XL together. So a lot of us are going to want to lean back just to make sure that you're, if you feel a great deal in your lower back, there's a chance you're too far back. So shoulders come just over the hips and they stay in alignment. This is our last one. And then when you come back from here, we're gonna go back over.

I'm going to do rotate from the rib cage. Bringing that hand towards about doesn't have to touch, just goes over for a stretch and heel to unwind. The pelvis will move backwards a little bit as you go through the rotation. So inhale across. Now you're straight. As you turn, it's okay to drop that hit back to help you get more of a rotation through your spine. Inhale, open. XLO bleak brewing you out last time for today.

There it is. Reach across the body. Unwind and come all the way back. Either side. Good work. All right, so I push the ball into my thigh and then I stick my leg out and then I adjust my bottom knee. That's how I get there. Uh, you can touch the floor, you can wrap your arm around your ball. Lots of choices. Same thing here, a little bit of ribs in pelvis forward. Good. And here we go. I'll let go out. And, and again, we're lifting from our, what was my beautiful Q waist. Must Muffle. Lengthen though. Don't, don't allow the hip to hike into the ribs as it comes up. So reaching energetically away from your body.

Strong abdominals last four, little faster. One. Push down, two, push down three. And here the leg stays up. We're gonna flex it and kick it forward. And Go ahead and stretch back. Make sure that as your leg goes back that you're not arching your back. So there's a fair amount of oppositional pull forward from the back of the leg as the front of the leg is taken back. Remembering to stay consistently high.

We've got four to go and here's three, two Oh so pretty out there today. One lift, bend lower. Come up away from the ball. Turn the pelvis slightly towards the ball. Sit on the diagonal towards the back edge of that far away here. Uh Oh yumminess one of my favorite stretches.

[inaudible] okay. When you're ready to come on, the same side. Hand is going to be on the ball. Checking for the ribs, reaching down the front of the body. Opposite arm just out to the side. Palm up in the mean. Here we go into our lateral flection where you reach our top arm up overhead. Exhale, come from the obliques to bring yourself back in Hilti. Reach out, up over. Just pay attention as you go to the bottom shoulder.

So it may want to kind of creep up into the, or just let the shoulder blade be heavy. That's gonna create a little heaviness of the arm on the ball that it's resting on two more. If you agree to cross and lots of oblique work to come back. It's a fantastic old like exercise cause you get the Leng but also good work. Here comes our rotation. We're going to go over first.

We're going to rotate the chest forward towards the ball ball. Shoulders down here. Inhale, unwind and exhale to the left. And I just discovered something that helped me a little bit. Let's, I'll tell you when I get there. As you turn your body forward, the hand that's on the ball, start pulling that shoulder back a little bit. Did that work? Do you not moving the ball though? Um, I don't know. No, I'm not really pulling it. I'm just pulling back on the, I'm in essence trying to square my shoulders.

Not by reaching super far with my front shoulder, but by a counter balancing. Let's see. Oh, one more feels good. And then back and up from the obliques. Okay. We're going to do a little bit of arm work, pushups to be specific. So what I'd like for you to do, it's probably better to come off your maddening and stand up if you want. Um, so that when you get on your ball and you walk along your mat, you're going to be on your mat. So you're going to lay on your ball first step, and then we're going to walk along the Mat. So we're going to combine the pushup with a knee stretch. And how that's gonna go is like this.

The further out you get towards your feet, the more challenging it's going to be. So you decide, I usually positioned myself just around or below my knee. All right, so we all know the push up. We've got our ABS storm, we're going to bend our elbows into our waist and then we're gonna press up and do it again. Place bending the elbows into the waist. I'm like, that looks great. One more time from there. Breathe in. As you exhale, start rounding through the lower back. As a result of that round shape, the knees are going to start to pull in and inhale to come back. Exhale starts around the lower back. Don't think of pulling the legs from the legs sink in, pulling the legs from the abdominals.

Inhale to come back one more time. It goes down between the arms. So you're looking at the ball and as the ball goes away from you, you're looking at the ground. Can we do it again? Okay, so Albert, let's to go the through the whole series. Elbows first, push up. One, two, three. Inhale, exhale. Curve the spine. Pull the ball in. Inhaling in the spine, stayed nice and supported throughout your body.

Curving in the legs really are pretty lightened space last time. How about one more time? Do we have it? Yeah. One, two, three. Exhale. Curve. Inhaling, head and feet. Reach in opposite directions. XO Curve. Inhaling. And this is the last one for tonight. Today. A, be careful as you come back, start to walk back with your hands.

Then once or you could step off or you could step off might be easier. And once you've stepped off, just give yourself a minute to stretch over the top of the ball. We okay on our shoulders. All right. What we're gonna do now is called the grasshopper. So we're going to want the ball to move forward. Again, you're going to get on top of the ball once again in position yourself so that you're, those are down on the map and your pole.

This is on the top of the ball. Shoulders down on the feeling of trying to drag the elbows towards the ball a little bit without actually moving the ball. Warrior arms is helpful. Heels together, knees apart, toes apart. Bend your knees, pulling the abdominals and then pressing the pubic bone forward into the ball. Lift your legs, press your legs up and back, and then click the heels together. One, two, three, four, five. As you lower them down and press up and back, just make sure that it's not all low back doing the work or Angelo low back down, down, down, down, down.

Ben. Last, Huh? Reach out long and then it's click from the upper thighs as you lower the legs. Let's do three more. Ben, you reach up and back and two, three, four, five [inaudible] pulling up in that and two, three, four, five. This is it. Then I've been back. Two, three, four, five. Lower your body back, position yourself so that your knees are on your mat and your bodies. This isn't so good. Mine isn't, but your guys is going to be perfect for this.

So you're going to come actually let's go straight legs, palms just underneath the shoulders. So use the ball as an opportunity to feel really buoyant. Your spine. Try to lift the abdominals away from it. This is a swimming motion. So we're going to go left arm, right? Like the leg only lifts as high as the hip while the arm tries to come up near the face. Inhale down, exhale, change.

And so the exercise that we started with, that hip extension exercise kind of plays a role here. So squeeze just underneath the glutes, that's going to give you some support. Now the leg that's on the floor, I'm putting weight into, it's helping me balance. And Dan, let's do two more and look quicker. Maybe not. He needs fast when you've got challenge.

And then just bend your knees and hang over the ball and take a stretch, a rolling back and forth over the ball to find the place that, that stretch feels the best for you or feels like what your body needs. And then when you're finished without make your way down onto your knees again, help yourself up. Be careful for the cat stretch. So the hands are on. I'd study too. You just can't see cause I'm wearing white. Um, okay. So then you guys are on the ball.

You may need to adjust the arms back and forward. And this is how this goes. All right, Christie settled. All right, so here we are. We're tall. The head's going to go down. [inaudible] okay. Head goes down, chest goes down and you're going to try not to move the pelvis back. This is where you may need to adjust your hands a little bit just to figure out where they need to be. Start to stretch this vine out. So again, another situation where this spa, uh, spine moves the ball. The shoulders.

Stay in place as the, I'll go down a little bit more, Emily, a little bit more. Still a little bit more still. Exhale. Press the pelvis towards the ball. Pull the shoulders back towards the pelvis, working in opposition as you pull the ball back towards you. Rolling up. Inhale there. Exhale. Start going down first. There's like a sit up.

Then once you need to start stretching out, reach the head towards the ball. Reached the tail away from the ball. Take that length through the body. Exhale, move the pelvis in the opposite direction. Talk, slide the shoulders downwards, down the hips as you press the hips towards the ball and roll yourself at a couple more times. Excellent. On the way down, staying heavy through the shoulder blades, stretching out through the back. Chrissy, you could think about maybe not coming down so low to the ball, but keep your body, maybe head in, chest above it. Does that feel better on your shoulder and then Xcel to come back? Yeah, that's better. Um, did you just look at you or two? You looked around and I think it might not be as easy as it could be. Go again.

So don't worry about going down a great deal. Once you start rounding, then go out your flat and just lift your tailbone up just a little bit. Perfect, gorgeous and roll back up. Do I one more has that enough when I've got my cow head, shoulders back. So I'm right about where my chest starts to. I don't know how to explain that. Where my shoulders start to come level with the ball. I suppose that's when I'm thinking about starting to move the pelvis out.

Head stays above the ball. It's like you're keeping it above water and then we come all the way back. All right. This is one of my favorite exercises of all time to say, you know, uh, your, you have two options. You can be on your knees. I think I've taught it to you before and you like to have straight legs. I personally prefer to be on my knees. So there is that.

What I am doing is positioning my body. So I'm on a diagonal, so I'm not right over the top of the ball, but it's out and I'm just in a place that feels comfortable to lie on. So I could really just reach over the ball and be and it would be easy to be here. All right, so how did the ball engaged? Slightly through the backs of the legs and definitely through the ads to support the pelvis. Then inhale, bring the arms out into a t shape. As you exhale, rotate the elbows forward and as you rotate, think about that turning is turning the chest up, slightly. Inhale to come back and Xcel reach around and had the ball.

So you inhale first bringing, you can tuck your toes or untuck your toes, arms out to your sides. As you go into extra rotation of your shoulders. That movement is sending the chest slightly forward. It doesn't have to be big, it needs to be strong. Inhale, come back so you're in a straight line and exhale, reach around and hug the ball. You guys look great. Do you like it? As much as I do. Inhale, arch. Exhale, just the littlest movement with the chest. Think of going forward more than arching and then back and reaching around the, and let's do that just about three more times. A routine, the arms, lifting the chest, all there, stretch the arms. Overhead, light, shoulder blades, easy arms. Reach the arms back out in here and exhale, go over the ball in how we're going to do that. Two more times, floating the arms.

Nothing else really changes until now. When we exhale and lift the chest and heel, the arms just float up overhead. The shoulders are heavy. Open the arms back out. Exhale. Inhale, lower to neutral. I just changed it on you and Xcel over the ball, but I needed to change the breath. Here we go. Last one. Inhale, arms. Exhale. Externally, rotate. Lift, chest. Inhale, guy this fine in the direction of the arms as they float overhead, reach them back out. As you exhale, lower the body back to neutral. Inhale, hug the ball. Exhale, and with that just climb onto your ball again or position yourself on your ball.

And once again, just look for a stretch. So the closer your ball is towards your face, more likely it is to be an upper back stretch, which we probably need a little bit of right now. And then as we move the ball more towards our belly or more towards our legs, and feel free to walk into it more towards the lower back anyway. Well let the knees be bent and just hang over the ball. No, we're just going to hold that or fold your favorite stretch. [inaudible] that's about the biggest train ever.

Or what I wanted to say was just letting the body be light and taking deep breaths filling like the body's filled with air, just like the ball. And then when you're ready to come down, do but do so carefully and at your own pace. Hmm. Love the ball. Um, things are playing. We're done. Yay. Fun.


Ted Johnson
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I am a fan of these ball classes because it gives me something to do with the giant workout ball in the corner of my guest room!
Great, challenging workout! I love using the ball in pilates - I haven't done that before - very nice!
More ball classes please!
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I agree w all comments above, nice challenging & fun way to do Pilates!
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I totally love your programme. Everyday I do different instructors. they are all good. thanks for having a wonderful programe. blanche.
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Dusted off my Swiss Ball especially for this class - love it!
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great class
Ted Johnson
How pumped up should my ball be? It's pretty soft and I'm just wondering if it should be more firm.
Ted you should probably have a 65 cm ball that feel firm to the touch, but "gives" when you push on it a bit. If it "mushy" give it a little bit of air. If the ball is old it may not fill up as much and be harder to balance on. Shorter people may need a smaller ball (55cm)
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Easy to follow and challenging. Janie
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