Class #2176

Mat Workout

45 min - Class


Get the most out of every exercise in this stabilizing Mat workout with Connie Borho. She adds a twist to the traditional Mat repertoire by adding the Overball the entire time. She also includes Reformer exercises like Stomach Massage and more!
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball

About This Video


My name is Connie borough and we are going to have a traditional classical mat class with balls. So you know you have to have balls to get through life. So here we have them. So I down...

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This was a great class! Awesome cueing as usual!
Loved this class. Connie's cues are impeccable. I enjoyed the variations and the teacher's great sense of humor. Hope to see Connie teach on the Cadillac and Chair.
Thank you
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Fun class! Paola took the words right out of my mouth! I really enjoyed this class and all the variations.
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Absolutely fantastic class. Thank you for all of the creative moves with the ball. Loved it!
This was incredible. I can't believe all the new space I found in my body using the over ball for a whole class. It really helped me find my 'golden triangle'. Thanks
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Wow! Do *I* have a new relationship to my sitz bones and inner thighs??? Oh yes I indeedy do!
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Thank you, Connie!
This was the first class with a traditional repertoire that made sense to my body. It was amazing!
Great class Connie! So glad golf was cancelled due to rain so I could do this class. Feeling well balanced!
Thank u 4 helping me find gold in my hips??.
The golden triangle is a great cue.
Loved this class??
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